You are currently viewing Crystal Zero Point Is Emerging ~ The Rose Spiral * The Bonds of Love Can Never Be Broken! Adamantine Energies
Beautiful Waves of Light Healing

Crystal Zero Point Is Emerging ~ The Rose Spiral * The Bonds of Love Can Never Be Broken! Adamantine Energies

Crystal Zero Point Is Emerging ~ The Rose Spiral * The Bonds of Love Can Never Be Broken! Adamantine Energies




Paul White Gold Eagle

Greetings Solar Diamond Avatars of our Golden Age of Shambhala

We began this magical mystical month of May with a Big Bang and we end it with another massive Wave of Higher Energetics flowing in from the Great Central Sun.

Our local Solaris has become very active again releasing 9 C Class Solar Flares, 4 M Class Flares and a powerful X Class Solar Flare maxing at X 1.45 at 7;37 PST (14:37 UTC) Great Spirit encodes this one with our Heaven on Earth Code of 37 into the 73. This came from our old friend sunspot 3664 which has been renamed as sunspot 3697 as he made his Journey around the farside of the Sun.

Mother Earth and all Her Children of the Sun are being flooded with Extreme ultraviolet radiation as the Violet Ray of St Germain transforms and transfigures all on its Path to Freedom.

We also have massive white pulses of Light on the Schumann Charts today as Gaia’s “heartbeat” reached amplitudes of 39 hz, 52 hz, 59 hz, 60 hz, 61 hz and a big blast of white light at 82 hz. 5th Dimensional energies fully anchored in and rising to our New Earth frequency.

Our Blue Ray Starseed Energy sensitives may be feeling this in their Higher Heart and Throat Chakra. Also opening and pulsing in the Crown Chakra as our Higher Self pulses in more LoveLight of our Great Awakened Consciousness.

Keep feeling through these intense activations and downloads of Higher Resonance. Meditation, grounding in earth (earthing), walk in nature, add electrolytes to your water, magnesium, rest and stay hydrated. You got this Angels of the New Eden. We are at the precipice of our Great Breakthrough into the Light of Infinite Source Creator… A’Ho!













Many truths coming out
The land is speaking
Clouds are communicating
Animals are emoting
The Human tribes are gathering!
The land is speaking
The land is speaking

Tender Word From The Rose Spiral Of The Grandmothers

“As The Crystal Zero Point Is Emerging,
It Is Imperative To Allow Pure Frequency
To Clarify And Guide You.
There Are Certain Dynamics
You Won’t Be Able To Be A Part Of
And People You Will Have To Release.
The Best You Can Hope For Is That You Might Catch Each other The Next Time Round.
Keep Coming Back To The Crystal Core,
Sending Out The Crystal Spiral,
And Leave A Door Open,
That They May Catch The Spiral
Next Time Around
Don’t Stop Opening And Unfolding.
Follow Your Freedom,
Follow Ease, Grace, Truth, Joy, Bliss,
Love And Beauty”
Rose Spiral
Rose Spiral




The veil of the system is thinner and will soon break through.
The crystalline and adamantine energies in which we are being bathed also have the purpose of awakening the dormant divine brilliance within us and reminding us of who we really are. This will remind us that we were never separated and that this was just an experience we accepted living here in Gaia
We will see that good and evil are just polarities, judgements and that it all depends on which side you are on. We will feel that only love is real, that only love that withstands anything for the primordial divine source is the pure love that was and will be eternal.
The truth will soon surface, not the outer part that many are looking for, because it is already in front of your eyes. The real truth is revealed in the deepest part of your heart, in the awakening of your Consciousness!
primordial divine source
primordial divine source


It’s Ok to make the highest decisions for you, your nervous system, your mental health, your inner peace. It’s also Ok if that implies changing your mind. It’s actually amazing that you self-respect yourself so much that you’re able to allow yourself to feel into things, feel your truth, over and over, evolve and shift.
You are not selfish. You are loving yourself. You are your own best friend. You are allowing yourself to become. Never apologize for this. ❤️
Beautiful Waves of Light Healing
Beautiful Waves of Light Healing

The Light of God’s Love ✨️

Ascended Being The Rose of Light describes the radiant energy that is the Love of God and His Plan for each of us.
“Let everyone understand that there is a divine plan for each lifestream and that this plan is beautiful beyond description. It is like a golden glowing rose saturated with light, each petal pulsing with the power of momentary renewal as the divine heartbeat surges out from the center of the universe, from the source of all life, into monadic expression anywhere and everywhere.”
Pearls of Wisdom vol. 11 No. 29 – Rose of Light – July 21, 1968
The Bonds of Love Can Never Be Broken
The Bonds of Love Can Never Be Broken
The Bonds of Love Can Never Be Broken


The integration is going to step up to another level now, it might also bring another level of spaced out, exhausted, in another dimension, that said we will also have nearly a week of huge heart codes. Heart sensations, flutters, might be very prevalent over the coming days. Remember your light body is bigger than your physical body is, so as it expands and increases it can feel uncomfortable. If you are getting the heart feels, know that incoding is hitting us now for a few days. Adjust life style accordingly. Some of you will have a jaw that is tight. Relax it and breath. Here we go!
Rainbow at Giza Pyramids today at 11:11 AM in the morning ❤🙏
Rainbow at Giza Pyramids today at 11:11 AM in the morning ❤🙏

photo by Eslam Amun


It feels like we are going through another death and rebirth process.
These waves of energies are waking up dormant strands of DNA as well as bringing up everything we haven’t let go of yet.
You can literally feel this energy coursing through your body and at times it can cause a bit of anxiety. Mainly because we are feeling things we never felt before.
Whatever we have left in us that must be healed and released is going to continue showing itself until we have completely detached from certain emotions about it.
It feels like we are constantly straddling two worlds and it can be exhausting at times, I think this is why I am wanting to sleep a lot.
Amazing dreams though, when I am sleeping it is like I am already on the New Earth as if I am bringing balance to the lower dimensions so humanity can begin the journey of stepping into the 5th Dimensional World we are all creating together.
Time will continue to feel as if it is sped up as long as we are aligned into the higher vibrations, sometimes when we go back down to the lower densities time seems to slow down.
It is wild witnessing all this and how it is affecting Nature as well.
Our bodies are taking in a lot of proton radiation as well as plasma energies mixed in. One minute I get chilled, the next I am so hot I have to put a cold washcloth on my face.
It is truly the wildest ride I have had with this physical body.
Embracing more of my human side, haven’t been grounding with my shoes off because the energies coming from Earth feel very strong. My feet turn red sometimes and get real hot. Wild and trippy it is.
All an all staying aligned with the divine, readjusting constantly and again some days it feels exhausting.
Ready for this purge to settle down a bit, but from what I am reading and feeling the Sun will continue helping our Divine Mother and all of humanity to shift out of this separation game we have all had to endure.
Have a Beautiful day dear ones. Hard to keep up I know.
That is why I just stay in the Flow.
Love to all. ❤


5th Dimensional World
5th Dimensional World


5/29/24: Give a hug, get a hug. A hug is needed today. A kind word. A forgiveness. A helping hand. An honest smile. Also, throw in a thank you, a couple of compliments, maybe a bit of praise. We think no one cares. They’re not watching anyway, what does it matter? It matters.
If you radiate love, appreciation, and approval in any form, it matters. Because you win when you generate it and you win when it comes back to you. And it does come back. Love is never wasted or lost or missing. The more you share, the more is created.
All the universe is watching today for the goodness you’re capable of… that we’re all capable of. We just have to do it, be it, share it.

MAY 29 2024


‘’The New Living field is here!
All processes for the Living Ones will be focusing on physically adjusting to it while gradually fully dropping the old one.
This is the result of the hatched egg/opening of the seal of the apocalypse.
This new field is functioning as a filter of protection/liberation from the low vibrational energies/demonic presences and as a supporting embrace from Spirit’s Love for Remembrance, Upliftment and Abundance.
True Abundance has many different elements that a Living Being needs for a fulfilling and creative Life.
Now is the time for a deep correction of all those distorted beliefs on the meaning and essence of Abundance.
Self Love, Gratefulness and Generosity are important keys to unlocking the new level of Abundance.
One can align to it via both inner and ancestral work in self awareness and realisation and in synchronicity and surrendering to Spirits version of Abundance!’’
On April 22nd – 24th the Seal opened.
On April 30th the Masculine aligned to the Mother’s clock of time and the organic flows.
On May 5th we hatched the egg in the physical and we received the drop of Life.
On May 18th we released the anti-matter part of the egg and the inner Sun Trinity resurrected back into this world.
Between the 1st and the 3rd of June we are fully releasing the hatched egg.
There is a lot that will take place upon this and
I also believe that in this 3-day period
(the 2nd of June is also the day that comet 12P/Pons–Brooks will be the closest to earth)
the energy of the moon will undergo some kind of transmutation and Mars will activate a new phase of its energy that was previously hidden or unopened.
This will be perceived differently by the ascending and the descending flows, so the experience will depend on One’s frequency and alignment.
I was told that the brain might experience all kinds of different symptoms like skipping phases, deja-vu moments, confusion, placebo effects etc.
I do not know when or how this will be expressed in the physical but this will energetically take place during these 3 days and we will work on its embodiment in the upcoming session.
On the 6th of June is the return of the Holy Grail.
This is now possible because of the return of the SON of the SUN and the resurrection of the Inner Sun Trinity.
After the breaking of the Medusa t,ech/no/logy and the masculine’s liberation last year, in February 2024, we began the process of the physical return of the Twin Flames via their rebirth.
From then until now all of their lines have been undergoing a total correction.
The Twin Flames now, via certain alchemical processes, are becoming the Phoenixes!
Let us all walk through these days in awareness and gratitude for how far we have come together and how successful we have been in our efforts while holding a deep faith and let us really stay focused and nurture ourselves in the best and highest way possible and gracefully receive Spirit’s unprecedented Divine Gifts and Blessings in our lives!
Blessings of gratitude to all!
Amalthea Athor
Haar Zeronia
Huna Ma Anata Kumara
Yellow Galactic Warrior
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The Community of Sensitive individuals are to undergo a spiritual experience of `motherhood`.

As the energies of the New Earth and the New Jerusalem descend, so do the energies of the Ascended form of the earthly presented Holy Mother, to reach the human aspect. She who is of a divine lineage, our universal mother, our cosmic feminine, the heart of the sacred, rewrites our recognition of her place in our own lived in space and time.
In our current awareness we are asked to remember that Spiritual Warfare is a very real phenomenon and is, at this time, manifested physically in a very powerful way on Planet Earth.
Therefore do not be surprised if, as a Sensitive individual, you find yourself dropping into the emotional awareness of a spiritual felt frequency that is as the mother of loss, the grieving mother. In religious aspect this might be recognised as Our Lady of Sorrows, although my channelled work is of non religious intention.
Currently a huge amount of souls are crossing the veil, directly due to spiritual warfare. The sense of loss of lives, of innocent lives, of loving families broken may strongly be felt by those who sense such spiritual disturbances through their physical body reactivity and through their high reaching sensing of the frequency of compassion.
Individuals have been working to develop their own sense of empathy and the ability to connect with the emotions of others, many of whom through navigating their own emotional challenges have learned to hold understanding for the experiences of others, outside of that of the Self. For these individuals the Holy Mother descends her energy to drop into the heart at the frequency of compassion.
If you are feeling the energies of a grieving mother, know that it is an experience brought to us, protected and in offering of healing, with the chance to further grow our awareness of compassion to be felt at a higher frequency. In this way we allow for the great emotional evolutionary transformation of human kind.
At this time the Sensitive Community are leading this aspect of human development. It is very challenging for truly sensitive people to think that they are leading anything, because it is not of their nature. Many Sensitive people choose to live quietly their experiences. Up until very recent times their knowledge of any spiritual experience has been misunderstood, challenged or even lost, as invisible.
But if the Sensitive Community could understand that as they evolve and rise in their own frequency, so to will the rest of humanity be offered that opportunity. This is the energy of a seed growing through soil to find the light.

Cleansing for your rebirth is completing. There may have been a lot of healing and clearings in the Earth Star, Root, and Sacral chakras that was required for you to create a solid foundation for yourself in the 5D New Earth.

All of that hard work has been to prepare your body to receive all the major activations that are coming this Summer. It is a season of receiving, healing, and beginning your New Earth destiny.

Be patient, faithful, and keep putting in the work to get to these rewards. Mother Earth is with you helping you ground in your roots so you are strong, stable and ready for all that’s coming. Continue following your inner guidance that’s helping you make wise choices. Keep moving forward following your truth.

In Jesus Christ’s name amen 🙏

God bless you 🕊 Love Carolyn

Purple Goddess
Purple Goddess
Today we have Mars + Chiron hitting the peak of their conjunction at 22 Degrees Aries. There is a deep healing of the masculine energies occuring now, as the wounded warrior finally surrenders to the heart. In many ways Aries also represents the inner child, as the first zodiac sign. The inner child is filled with life force energy, innocence, excitement, and play. The fire of Aries has been dimmed over thousands of years and turned into what it was never meant to be… an angry warrior who had to put his heart aside and be “strong”, dominant and violent in order to get his needs met. Remember, all of the zodiac signs are returning to their higher archetypes and purging their shadows, all sister signs are coming into harmony and balance without polarity.
Aries is the sister sign of Libra, so in his heart, Aries has been and always will be a lover. The power of our hearts was forgotten in the name of competition, winning, forcing and over powering. Aries never wanted to be hardened, and now he can return to his true place which is being a warrior of love. In turn, Libra never wanted to become a door mat, or a co-dependent people pleaser, but it was not in her nature to meet force with force, so she submitted. Now, Libra can return to her rightful place as well, Lady Justice. She fights for what is right, and yet she is graceful and true lover of harmony.
This represents a much deeper healing going on between the masculine and feminine energies, both within and without. As the Moon progresses into Pisces this evening, we close out the month on a full circle cosmic note. It is time to let go of the old paradigm, for it no longer exists. June will be filled with an energy of “new” we have not felt in a long time. This is a whole new experience of being Human and in order to embrace and fully immerse in this new experience, we have to fully let go of the past.
Divine Mirror
Divine Mirror
On Wednesday, May 29th, the Moon, ruler of our emotions, is in detached Aquarius, the Water Bearer, for most of the day. She is challenging Mercury, ruler of the mental realm, and Uranus, planet of change and redirection. We may have a difficult time with our feelings and communications.
We are fixed in our ideas and opinions, and so is everyone else. The Moon will shift into spiritual, water sign Pisces at 8:33pm and challenge Jupiter, ruler of expansion and higher perceptions, who is newly in ungrounded Gemini. In fact, we have the Sun, Venus, Jupiter, and soon Mercury, all in this chargeable sign of the Twins.
We need to adopt a “go with the flow” attitude as there seems to be no focus or rhyme or reason to what is unfolding. Today is also the day that Mars, the warrior, is connecting with Chiron, the wounded healer, in fiery Aries. Old karmic wounds and challenges regarding our self-identity, confidence and independence are activated now.
Clear, release, let go……stabilize, ground and center.
Blessings of Love and Light to All! ❤
the Moon, ruler of our emotions, is in detached Aquarius, the Water Bearer
the Moon, ruler of our emotions, is in detached Aquarius, the Water Bearer
Mars conjunct Chiron in Aries – We may be feeling battle weary and war wounded. Perhaps it’s time to take a rest from fighting the good fight to speed up recovery. Unconscious anger can undermine progress if we continuously flog ourselves to keep going when all we want to do is stop. Whether conflicts are external or internal, they take a toll on the spirit as well as the body. Energy depletion is a sign to sit up and take notice of what you’re doing and why.
If your goals are hurting you, reassessment is required. Activate your inner mentor to take charge of your healing process. Consciously channel your will with intention. Initiate plans for your wellbeing. Relight your spark with experiences that inspire you. Chronic problems can’t always be fixed quickly. Giving yourself the time you need is not a sign of weakness. Save your strength.
Degree and Time
Mars, Chiron 22°Ar09′ – 18:08 (BST)
© Leah Whitehorse
source :
Painting – A Cavalier At Rest by Eugène Joseph Verboeckhoven
A Cavalier At Rest
A Cavalier At Rest

Kin 221 ~ Red Cosmic Dragon

‘Cosmic’ is the name for the number 13 and its keywords are ‘Endure, Transcend and Presence’. This is the last day of the Red Moon wavespell. The 13th day concludes the journey and we must now absorb and contemplate the lessons learnt before embarking on another one. The number 13 is very powerful but it can be overpowering adding intensity to the day. There’s just so much to take in and really we do have to endure to transcend.
Today is Red Dragon which represents ‘Nurturing, Being and Birth’. So today we endure so we may be reborn. The Dragon always offers us the opportunity to enter the cave, receive some nurturing and emerge feeling renewed. However, since it is a ‘Cosmic’ day, this nurturing may be hard to come by and the birth process can be very painful. Yesterday, the Dragon was in the position of the Occult and if you made use of that, you would have given yourself a head start today and that should lessen the enduring aspect. This is the last day of the wavespell of the Red Moon. Did you manage to go with it the whole time or was surrendering to the Universe harder than you thought? You may need nurturing after all that but only after you’ve transcended the lessons.
The Guide today is the Red Serpent who when leads, is enticing us to shed our old skin. The Dragon and Serpent are very alike in their renewal symbolism and today can really create a significant shift. Necessary but not easy. This is the end result of the Red Moon’s influence. We arrive on the last day of the journey to the place of rebirth. The guiding aspect today aids that process.
The Challenge today is the Blue Monkey who symbolizes magic and when in the challenging position is quite weakened. We could really do with some monkey magic on this enduring day but it isn’t forthcoming. If you are a Blue Monkey you’ll be glad when the day is over. You need to take care of yourself but you resist as always. Today is not just your challenge but also it is the 13th day and so that can add to your pain.
The Occult power is the Yellow Sun, the symbol of ‘enlightenment’. When in this position expect light bulb moments to occur throughout the day which will really help the enduring aspect of the day. After yesterday’s sunny day, we are currently getting a lot of information!
The Ally is the White Mirror which is the symbol of truth. If you need help today consult a Mirror, those home truths will help a great deal. If you don’t know a Mirror, be honest with yourself and that will help you move forward. If you are a Mirror, expect to be called upon for clarity.
Kin 221
Kin 221


13 IMIX – KIN 221
29 MAY 2024
I endure in order to nurture
Transcending being
I seal the output of birth
With the Cosmic tone of presence
I am guided by the power of life force
11/5/2024 = 2/5/8 =2/13=2/4=6
11- Portal/Gate/Polarity/Illumination
2- Twins/Partner/Cooperation/Alliance/Duality
6- Heaven/Christ/Family/Fertility/Romance
✨MONTH/YEAR codes✨
8- Infinite Abundant Source Flow
13- Goddess/Cosmic Consciousness/Natural Lore/Synchronic time
4- Form/Structure/Foundation/Earth/Angelic
20- The AWAKENING/Clear vision
24- Charisma/Happiness/Healing/Joy
Another HEAVENLY code on this momentous day as we walk through the GATES to a NEW CREATION..
Today we have successfully completed our 40 day Spiritual Rite of Passage facing our darkness and passing through the two 🌟 STARGATES🌟 admitting us to the NEW TIME.✨🍥⏳🌺.
Very POWERFUL new BEGINNINGS today as we start atop the 12th column in the Sacred Tzolkin Calendar as we prepare to B-earth Cosmic Consciousness. 🍥💥🎆
Huge 5D Sophia🌹/Christ Consciousness🌞 codes today aligning with this CHRIST-CONSCIOUSNESS portal on an 11 portal code – another synchronic date with DESTINY!
Today is a DEEPLY SPIRITUAL day indeed.. we have a 6 HEAVEN/CHRIST day code which highlights our entry into the HEAVENLY realms.. We are completing our spiritual tests and initiations as we prepare to birth our new DESTINY.. learning from our 40 day passage, as well as the past that has brought us to this NOW moment.
We also arrive at the 🍥COSMIC🍥 tone today – this is tone number 13 – which is the HIGHEST OCTAVE of Spiritual energy – the culmination of the Tones of Creation… so many layers of potent SPIRITUAL CODES enabling us to have a truly transcendent experience today, breaking FREE from the old humdrum and elevating humanity to COSMIC CONSCIOUSNESS… HALLELUJAH broThors and Sistars. 🎉🎊🎈🎇🎉🎊🎈🎇
Day 13 in the RED MOON WAVESPELL of the GODDESS, 👸who is enhancing our intuition and sensitivity as we PURIFY our vessels in order to find our natural FLOW. 13 represents the COSMOS and Natural Lore. 13 also represents the GODDESS.. so in effect we have a DOUBLE GODDESS day bringing forth this beautiful birthing of DIVINE FEMININE SOPHIA consciousness through KIN 221 today.
Today is the final day of this 13 day wavespell.We commenced our journey with the Magnetic Moon 🌛Triple Goddess👸👸👸 and conclude with her RED SISTAR the midwife – the COSMIC DRAGON. The GODDESS is seeking to PURIFY and CLEANSE all that is not of LOVE in order to find our Divine Flow and B-EARTH the new.🌫
Today we arrive at KIN 221 the COSMIC DRAGON🍥🐉 – the DIVINE Mother Sophia Creation Goddess🍥🐉 where we discover the power of divine NURTURANCE and B-Earthing the NEW – thus reaching the ultimate state of the Cosmic all encompassing Goddess – PURE INFINITE LOVE.🌫❤💞
COSMIC🎆 is the last and final tone of creation. The highest octave. Tone 13 operates in the SPIRITUAL realm. 13 is the GODDESS code, it is the frequency of the natural world, the 13 moon calendar, synchronic order, the COSMOS and ALL THAT IS!🎆
The Cosmic power is that of presence, existing in the eternal NOW moment. COSMIC is the fourth and final of the SPIRITUAL realm tones (notably all the other realms – Physical, Mental and Emotional only have 3 tones). COSMIC ACTION – transcends POWER – endures ESSENCE – presence
We commence and end the dance of the 13 tones with spiritual energies from Magnetic, through to Cosmic completion. The COSMIC tone operates through the action of TRANSCENDENCE, evolving through each level of being until you simply ARE!
Through your 13 DAY journey of purification, cleansing and connecting with your intuition and feminine gifts, you have become the embodiment of THE PURE GODDESS! 👸
Today you have incredible SPIRITUAL POWER at your disposal to transcend the old you, the old paradigm, the old world and old reality. They all dissolve into the Cosmic mists!🍥💥
Absolutely PERFECTO as we accelerate through this LEGENDARY ASCENSION SHIFT. 🌞🚀🚀🚀
We can transform them by our pure intelligent presence, translating into pure Harmony and beauty. We have arrived – ADSUM I AM HERE!. This is the stage of having transcended the physical, emotional and mental realms and arriving at COSMIC CONSCIOUSNESS. ✨🍥✨
Today we can be still and realize the connectedness of all things through the SACRED womb of creation.🍥🐣 Transcending all but the power of pure Divine harmony and Grace through the frequency of pure internal presence!
It is time to realign with your Universal Goddess presence and upgrade your consciousness through your new and EXPANDED Divine purpose. ✨✨✨
13 is the final Tone of Creation bringing us to COMPLETION through LIBERATION 💥– and MANIFESTATION of your WILL into majikal NEW BEGINNINGS..
Today is a day of endings and new beginnings all wrapped into one! The alpha and the omega, one continuous eternal cycle repeating over and over, the in breath and the out breath of Creator forever flowing, expanding and contracting in the eternal cosmic dance of creation. 💃🍥
Enjoy your DIVINE SOPHIA/CHRISTOS HEAVENLY day and REJOICE at our arrival at COSMIC CONSCIOUSNESS today. 🍥🌟✨🌞🎇
Today’s question is “How can I transcend the old illusions and suffering, birthing new realities of BLISS 💞 through elevating my being to COSMIC SOPHIA/CHRIST CONSCIOUSNESS. ✨✨
And so we CONCLUDE the cycle of the RED MOON, Goddess wavespell.👸
The GODDESS has provided the soothing balm for our wounds, she has cleansed us, nurtured us and empowered us, all through the healing power of DIVINE LOVE. 💞 Now our journey through the Universal cleansing waters of the Goddess is complete and the FINAL RINSE is OVER!!! .
The PURIFICATION has enabled greater SOLAR🌞 consciousness to FLOW through our PURIFIED vessel, and now her job is done.
The GODDESS delivers us born anew, into the hands of our Creator, the GREAT WHITE WIND,🌬🍃 which represents the FATHER GOD aspect of Source. She releases us knowing that we are in the safe and loving hands of our Father. AMEN 🙏🙏🙏
Tomorrow we commence a brand new Wavespell with IK (pronounced eesh) – the Whispering White Wind🌬🍃 – whereupon we will be forging stronger communication channels with Spirit, becoming PURE DIVINE CONDUITS.
SPIRIT will be SUPPORTING us, and guiding our journey through this exceptional ASCENSION transition into the NEW TIME…
The WINDS of CHANGE🍃 will steer humanity in a NEW DIVINE DIRECTION!!🌬 ⛵⛵⛵ 🌫🌫🌫
And so our journey through the DREAMSPELL continues…….
Divine blessings for your transcendance into BIRTHING new BLISS filled REALITIES, through your pure COSMIC presence!
Aho…dear ones! What a tremendous adventure we are having!! 🍥🍥🍥
In Lak’ech a la kin
Christina White Magnetic Worldbridger – KIN 66 🌏🌈
9 months ago/Last Galactic spin – KIN 221 occurred on 11 September 2023 – 9/11 ..
which was the 22nd Anniversary of that horrific event!
KIN 221 – the COSMIC MOTHER arrived on that significant anniversary to cradle humanity in her arms and FLIP it
into a day of LOVE, COMPASSION and nurturing each other! The epitome of the signature vibration of KIN 221.
Here is a summary of the energy and codes of that day last Galactic spin!
✨9/11 – LET’S FLIP IT!✨
ADSUM I AM HERE! And so we arrive here on the 22nd Anniversary of ✨ 9/11 ✨ .. The 22 is a MASTER number and ARCHITECT of PEACE.. and so today on this potent BIRTHING day we can infuse the energies of PEACE and NEW CREATION through this portal to diffuse and transform the trauma, horror and atrocity to one of LOVE, PEACE and JOY, through the art of FORGIVENESS through remembrance of what has been sacrificed on this day. Lessons learnt and EYES wide open as we awaken to the TRUTH of what was perpetrated on humanity. VOWING to never again be fooled by such acts and instead using our divine powers to transmute these dense energies and apply them for the purposes of CREATION.. .
From the ashes of destruction and decay – the PHOENIX RISES and takes FLIGHT as the GOLDEN EAGLE!
18 MOONS AGO – 2 Galactic spins – KIN 221 occurred on CHRIST-MASS DAY – a very glorious day for humanity to come together and celebrate the birth of CHRIST/CHRISTOS energies.. And so today through the majik of the DREAMSPELL we can revisit the CELEBRATIONS and celebrate our HOME-COMING..🏠. and the BIRTH of CHRIST CONSCIOUSNESS. How DIVINELY MAGNIFICENT – from DARK to LIGHT… HALLELUJAH ✨ HALLELUJAH ✨ HALLELUJAH✨
MERRY CHRIST-Consciousness❤🎁 beloved planetary kin, may all your days be happy and BRIGHT. 😍🌞🌟🎁
Christ-mass day – and 9/11 energies all interwoven through KIN 221 – WOW – what a contrast! From DARK to LIGHT indeed! Shining the LIGHT of SOPHIA/CHRISTOS consciousness heals all wounds!
CONSCIOUS SELF: RED COSMIC DRAGON🍥🐉 IMIX represents the Divine Mother aspect of GOD. The DRAGON kin hold the CREATION energies, B-Earthing the whole of creation through the sacred primordial COSMIC WOMB. 🍥🐣 They initiate and lead the way for new beginnings to FLOW into your life.
Today the GOLDEN DRAGON🐉 and COSMIC SERPENT’S EGGS 🐍 are hatching,🐣 as our NEW WORLD – the NEW TIME is being B-EARTH-ed on this majikal, wondrous, deeply SPIRITUAL DAY… How exciting!!
The RED DRAGON represents the root source of life, the nurturance and support of your primary being.
❓❓Where are you receiving love and nurturing from?
❓❓Are you over giving and not receiving? Red Dragon reminds you to fill up your cup first, before offering it to others to drink from.
The COSMIC DRAGON🍥🐉 calls us all to STEP up and accept responsibility for our collective journey..
❓❓WHERE ARE WE NOW?… and WHERE are we going?
❓❓What do we need to BIRTH in order to rise again from the ashes as FREE SPIRITS?
IMIX holds the Sophia🌹 WISDOM codes – the feminine aspect of CHRIST CONSCIOUSNESS☀ that has been fully B-EARTH-ED🐣 today. .How PERFECTO! 👏
Today our PLANETARY R-Evolution accelerates to a new spiral of consciousness.🍥⏳🍥. Further UP the ladder we go, as we SHED the old and claim our new state of Cosmic being.🍥✨
HIGHER SELF/GUIDE: RED COSMIC SERPENT🍥🐍 CHICCAN – is highlighting our primal instinct, survival, life force, and kundalini – our natural flow of energy. The RED SERPENT reminds us to focus on our primary needs. Our foundations must be strong upon which to build a nest to nurture our family.
Our basic needs will be a high priority needing attention, as we gather with our families and CELEBRATE LIFE, all coming together to enjoy the basics of life on EARTH that bring us JOY.
Today is a day to respond in the moment to our instincts and go with the new FLOW.🌫🌫
The COSMIC DRAGON🍥🐉 and COSMIC SERPENT 🍥🐍 are a formidable partnership – AWAKENING and ACTIVATING our PLANETARY SERPENTS/DRAGONS into a synchronic COSMIC FLOW through a dance with beautiful AURORA.🌈💃 🍥🐉🍥🐍🌫
The COSMIC SERPENT🍥🐍 will AWAKEN and elevate our personal kundalini and that of our PLANETARY🌍🌎🌏 body through the Rainbow Serpent and Feathered Serpent/Quetzacoatl energies.🌈 🐍 Gaia’s ley lines and GRID will be surging with life force… waiting to be tapped by those who walk the land and sing her song.
The accelerated FLOW 🌫of these vital forces will EXPAND through our CROWN chakra🌋 enabling us to reach COSMIC AWARENESS 🍥✨ through transcending the entrapment of the lower “survival” chakras… LET HER RIP🌪 – and get ready for a psychedelic rainbow EXPLOSION of NEW LIGHT! 🌈💥
SUPPORT WHITE COSMIC MIRROR 🍥🔎⏏ ETZNAB is the supporting energy today, magnifying and adding power to the prevailing energies. The MIRROR will allow you to reflect and decipher where to channel your passion, focus and attention today. Respond to the pathway of LOVE and nurturance to escape the old paradigm of illusion, suffering and lack.
The MIRROR WORLD is RAPIDLY cracking as we birth the NEW TIME✨🐣✨. The COSMIC MIRROR will reveal the falsity of the old matrix and little box that has kept your soul contained. As we BREAK FREE of this conditioning we can reflect on the endless infinite order of CREATION being birthed through us.
✨We are ETERNAL beings and we have INFINITE POWER of creation to BIRTH our DREAMS. ✨
The Cosmos is a very loving, nurturing and abundant realm in which we can THRIVE, and not just survive!
OCCULT/HIDDEN POWER: YELLOW MAGNETIC SUN🌞 AHAU is back today as the Hidden/Occult – SUPERPOWER energy ILLUMINATING our path, revealing the Higher truth and bringing forth greater wisdom on our journey through SELF – realization and ENLIGHT-ON-MENT. .
Yellow Sun elevates the primal reactive response of the Red Serpent, to come from a place of LOVE, faith and trust, rather than FEAR. Spirit really does have your back. Believe it to be so and the path will open before you.
YELLOW SUN🌞 will MAGNETIZE the Solar particles beaming through your vessel to raise your frequency and awareness. The ASCENSION marathon is nearing the GRAND FINALE as EARTH is pummeled with a constant stream of plasma energies fuelling our new LIGHT BODIES.
The SUN symbolizes the SON of GOD – Yeshua the CHRIST, bringing forth the new GOLDEN ERA of CHRIST CONSCIOUSNESS.. being birthed NOW through all the radiant STAR🌟 BLISS🐬 SUPERNOVA SUNS,🌞 the CHILDREN of the SUN.👫🌞👬🌞👭.
The MAGNETIC SUN☀ enables us to attract all that is needed to accelerate UNITY CONSCIOUSNESS on this holy day of remembrance… As we EXPAND our being into COSMIC CONSCIOUSNESS we UNITE will ALL THAT IS – through the infinite ZERO POINT FIELD of eternalness… the true VOID OF CREATION🍥🎇 – where MIRACLES are birthed!✨🍥🐣
CHALLENGE/GIFT: BLUE COSMIC MONKEY🍥 🐒 CHUEN today brings forth a field of unfathomable MAJIK.💫💫💫 The MIRACLE of BIRTH is indeed very majikal – how something can be brought into being, from no-thing, from a pure SPARK🎇 in the void of Creation. 🐣🍥✨
“The gateway into the primordial birthplace of all life is your INNOCENCE” – through your Divine Child which CHUEN represents.
“To return to innocence is to return to your original quintessence.” CODE 20 – ✨ 33 CODES✨ – Blueprint for the New Earth🌈🌎 – Adi Lamborn
The COSMIC MONKEY🍥🐒 is the TIMELORD⏳🍥 of all CREATION – having access to all realms, dimensions and timelines, through the Art of BEING.. Knowing that you can connect to everything, and anything in the Cosmos, through the innocence and purity of your precious HEART. BLISS💞 is the catalyst for COSMIC JOURNEYING and CHUEN anchors these codes.
Look for the majik and synchronicity at PLAY to point the direction in which to travel. Keep it LIGHT, nurture your Divine Child and stay in your HEART, reacting with what feels right and true to you. Laugh at any of your illusionary problems and know that tomorrow will be an even better day!
TRUST THAT ALL IS WELL✨ – and your SOUL is relishing this GRAND PLAYFUL EARTH ADVENTURE.🐵. 🌈🌍🌎🌏💞
Keep it LIGHT and JOVIAL as you gather with your kin today, be like a CHILD and view the world through wonderment and DE-LIGHT.. Forgive and forget any disharmony, sorrow and suffering, as you join together celebrating each other through your pure eternal presence in this beautiful NOW moment..
Enjoy your DIVINE SOPHIA/CHRISTOS HEAVENLY day and REJOICE at our arrival at COSMIC CONSCIOUSNESS today. 🍥🌟✨🌞🎇
Today’s question is “How can I transcend the old illusions and suffering, birthing new realities of BLISS 💞 through elevating my being to COSMIC SOPHIA/CHRIST CONSCIOUSNESS. ✨✨
And so we CONCLUDE the cycle of the RED MOON, Goddess wavespell.👸
The GODDESS has provided the soothing balm for our wounds, she has cleansed us, nurtured us and empowered us, all through the healing power of DIVINE LOVE. 💞 Now our journey through the Universal cleansing waters of the Goddess is complete and the FINAL RINSE is OVER!!! .
The PURIFICATION has enabled greater SOLAR🌞 consciousness to FLOW through our PURIFIED vessel, and now her job is done.
The GODDESS delivers us born anew, into the hands of our Creator, the GREAT WHITE WIND,🌬🍃 which represents the FATHER GOD aspect of Source. She releases us knowing that we are in the safe and loving hands of our Father. AMEN 🙏🙏🙏
Tomorrow we commence a brand new Wavespell with IK (pronounced eesh) – the Whispering White Wind🌬🍃 – whereupon we will be forging stronger communication channels with Spirit, becoming PURE DIVINE CONDUITS.
SPIRIT will be SUPPORTING us, and guiding our journey through this exceptional ASCENSION transition into the NEW TIME…
The WINDS of CHANGE🍃 will steer humanity in a NEW DIVINE DIRECTION!!🌬 ⛵⛵⛵ 🌫🌫🌫
And so our journey through the DREAMSPELL continues…….
Divine blessings for your transcendance into BIRTHING new BLISS filled REALITIES, through your pure COSMIC presence!
Aho…dear ones! What a tremendous adventure we are having!! 🍥🍥🍥
Namaste’ 🙏❤🙏❤🙏
In Lak’ech a la kin
Christina White Magnetic Worldbridger – KIN 66 🌏🌈






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Kodoish, Kodoish, Kodoish Adonai Tsebayoth!!

Pronunciación: Kadosh Kadosh Kadosh Adonai Zevaoth
If at any point in your life or day, you feel that darkness is enveloping you, turn to this mantra. Protect you and open a channel of light to the heavenly hosts of the Father Mother God. The darkness will dissolve and the dark forces that were intimidating you move away.
If you are one of those who are attacked in dreams, chant this mantra for 21 days so that the light seals your energy and if you were intimidated in dreams, the day you take power in the middle of that psychic dream and chant in the, Kodoish, Kodoish Adonai Know them all!! in no more than three chances, you will never again be intimidated by the Grace of God.
Kodoish, kodoish, Kodoish Adonai Tsebayoth means “Holy, holy, holy is the Lord God King of the Universe” or “Holy, holy , holy Lord is the Lord God of the Heavenly Hosts”.
The pronunciation is: “Kadosh Kadosh Kadosh Adonai Zevaoth”.
The trinitarian power of the Kodoish, Kodoish, kodoish creates a column of energy that connects us to Divine Intelligence.
The energy pillar created permeates the enclosure where you find yourself elevating the energy of the place and your spiritual bodies immediately. This will allow you to heal or perform any other practice or work you need with the highest vibration.
This mantra generates protection because its invocation attracts the Heavenly Hierarchies or Heavenly Hosts of Father Mother God. These beings will come to your call and together with you, they will praise God the Father and Mother. There is no energy of darkness that resists this nor energy of light that would make deaf ears to this invocation!
If you want to protect your spiritual bodies while you sleep, sing it before you sleep and also throughout your day, whenever and wherever you need it.

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