A Wake Up Call for ALL LightWorkers

A Wake Up Call for ALL LightWorkers

In this time of transition, the time of the Great shift moving beyond the Kali Yuga and into a Golden Age for all eternity.
all being incarnated on Earth presently are warriors of the Light but not all hear the calling…
If you are reading this you are one of the chosen to help all humanity walk into the light.
As a warrior of Light we live a path with heart.
My teachers Navajo teacher would tell him we are learning to be “real” human beings, which means living from the heart (or middle dan tian in Taoism) which means being connected to all things.
Although we are within a chaotic node we breath deep and ground ourselves into mother earth while bringing the heavens to earth. Hue-Mans are the brdge between heaven and earth.
when we all live from the heart we will manifest paradise into the matrix.
Smile,Smile, Smile….Ground,Ground, Ground…

The Pleiadian Message A Wake Up Call For the Family of Light

Lia Shapiro channels the (pleiadians), bringing New Messages of Hope, Light and Spiritual Growth. Accelerate Your Evolution now by opening yourself up to …
Nordics – (pleiadians)
The (pleiadians) are a collective of extraterrestrials from the star system Pleiades. … The (pleiadians) reside on the planet Erra, which is almost as large as Earth, …
(pleiadians). The (pleiadians) are alien beings from the star cluster in the constellation Taurus known as the Pleiades. Barbara Marciniak.
The (pleiadians) are said to resemble humans in form. (pleiadians) are extra-terrestrials whom originate from the planet Erra. Pleiadian Aliens are ancient Humans and others…
The Pleiadian Times Newsletter:
Barbara Marciniak and the (pleiadians). Books
The (pleiadians) Book – A Collection of Channelings
“The (pleiadians) Book”
Hand Clow 2012:
Our solar system is moving into the Photon Band, a realm of pure Pleiadian light. Many of you may feel over-energized, ungrounded, and disoriented now because this cosmic convergence has never happened before. We are in the midst of an evolutionary critical leap that inspires us to heal our bodies, transmute our emotional blocks, clarify our minds, and commune with our souls.

Kryon “The Transition Begins”


Published on Nov 4, 2015

Sunday – January 6, 2013
Live Channelling by Peggy Phoenix Dubro and Lee Carroll
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