4th Density

THE EVENT WAVES – 4th Density full anchored in Gaia ~ NEW EARTH ARISING – Lightworkers Manifest

March is officially closing out the karmic wheel for those moving into the new 5D earth. This is bringing full circle events back into our lives. Completion.
In 3D we are dictated by soul lessons and karmic
contracts, it feels like we have no control over our lives.
the Unborn

In 5D we have already healed and completed all of these and we get to co-create our reality from our souls desires. Boundaries become much stronger and more clear.
Engaging in other peoples lower dimensional behavior
pulls you back down into their time-lines.
Block, ignore, stop talking, walk away but do not engage. The game ends when you stop playing it.
Glow from the inside out.
Grounding into 5D is a process.
It’s not something that happens over night.
We have to keep integrating the higher frequencies
and then implementing them into our physical lives.
It’s like climbing a staircase, However the higher your frequency is the quicker you will climb.
You know when something is true by how it feels in
your soul. If something is in alignment and it resonates,
the energy just clicks.
It feels like a missing piece of the puzzle was found.
Your body can even get angel chills sometimes
as a confirmation. Never doubt these moments.
The dark agenda of the 3D earth was to keep people manipulated, lost, confused and mind controlled.
There is NO more power behind that type of behavior now. The 5D earth is glowing and drawing more of humanity towards it everyday.
The truth of ascension can not be hidden anymore.
In the 3D earth evolved souls were called crazy, delusional and had their wisdom discredited in order to keep the truth hidden so humanity would continuing feeding the system.
Those days are long gone.
The truth is so bright right now, it can not be ignored.
Audrey kitching β™₯
4th Density

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