You are currently viewing 11:11 Gateway ~ Walking in Grace (CLAIM YOUR LIGHT BODY) Organic Cosmic Gateways are aligned with Harmonic Stellar Cores
11 11 11

11:11 Gateway ~ Walking in Grace (CLAIM YOUR LIGHT BODY) Organic Cosmic Gateways are aligned with Harmonic Stellar Cores

11:11 Gateway ~ Walking in Grace (CLAIM YOUR LIGHT BODY) Organic Cosmic Gateways are aligned with Harmonic Stellar Cores



Paul White Gold Eagle

Greetings Gold Ray Awakened Hearts of the 144

Happy 11:11:11 Gateway Activation!

We have Higher Galactic Energetics flowing in through today’s most powerful portal. Our Starseed Earth Angelics are receiving intense upgrades and downloads from the most high. Our Hierarchies of Light are transmitting Solar Waves of Codes from the Great Central Sun through our local Solaris and deep into the crystalline Core of Gaia and all Her Children of the Sun.

Our Sacred Sun has become very active again today releasing 11 Solar Flares with the most powerful maxing at M 1.25 at 17:29 UTC. The Pillars of Light are anchoring in to bridge Heaven and Earth through our Bright Heart Centers. 

Allow the Holy Spirit to move through you as your Vessels of Light become conduits for God’s Divine Will. In the Mind of Buddha all becomes Clear as we resolve all things to usher in the New Golden Age of Shamballa on Earth…A’Ho!






✨Galactic Gateway/ Pleiadian nodes Fully Activating. 🔥Fire + Ice 💎 Protocols.
Violet Flame
Violet Flame

Pars Kutay

The 11:11 PORTAL to the EVOLUTION of Consciousness!
The 11:11 PORTAL is NOW Open and WE Are Already Receiving the ENERGY of HIGHER FREQUENCY of this Powerful PORTAL into the Planetary and Individual Systems!
This is Opening a Powerful ENERGETIC PORTAL that Helps us ALIGN our ENERGY with the SOURCE of CREATION and therefore Strengthen the Power of Manifestation in our REALITY!
WE BEcome Aware of what could BE the Greatest Possible Expression of Life for the HIGHEST GOOD for us and the People around us and Bring that VISION into our Mind’s Eye in our Daily Meditation!
Feel the ENERGY of It with the Emotion of GRATITUDE. . . JOY. . . and Application!
The 11:11 PORTAL is a Collective. . . HIGHER-VIBRATIONAL PORTAL Opening to Assist the EVOLUTION of Consciousness on the Earth during this Crucial Time of CHANGE!
Stepping through the PORTAL in a Figurative Sense. . . Allows us to Move into our most EVOLVED SELF. . . in ONENESS with All That Is!
WE have been CODED Within for this AWAKENING Moment!
It is another Step in the EVOLUTION of Consciousness. . . ONE with Great Power and Support!
WE Will Receive NEW Information in form of Ideas. . . Inspiration. . . Inner Wisdom and Inner Knowing!
Our SOUL is Guiding us All the Time. . . WE Just Need to BE PRESENT. . . OBSERVE and LISTEN!
Remember that when WE TRUST that the UNIVERSE has our back. . . NO Thing can Stop MIRACLES to Find us!
Within this Powerful 11:11 PORTAL of 2023. . .
Our Personal TIMELINE is NOW Aligning with the DIVINE NEW EARTH TIMELINE to Power a HUGE SHIFT Forwards and Upwards!
WE are Here to FOLLOW the Inspiration from our SOUL to our HIGHEST POTENTIAL to Fully Realize our GREATNESS!
Photo: Gateway – Portal captured by Tammy Edmonds
Gateway - Portal
Gateway – Portal
today’s 11/11 portal is strong, I woke up with a knowing, anything can become manifest today, identify your greatest soul wish
it will crystallize with rapid speed with the magic this portal delivered all of your gifts, go into your heart and pull out of your source chamber all that is already yours.
crystallize with rapid speed with the magic this portal
crystallize with rapid speed with the magic this portal
A Word from the Whales
11 November 2023
Cosmic Integration Quickens as Organic Cosmic Gateways are aligned with Harmonic Stellar Cores.
Solar Integration reflects and assists the mergence of individual and collective timelines as Stellar Cores illuminate Solara.
Connections forced by inharmonic or inorganic means are utilized for healing purposes.
Cosmic Resonance becomes unmistakable as karmic residue continues to clear.
With Great Love from the Cetacean and Arcturian Collectives
Organic Cosmic Gateways
Organic Cosmic Gateways


Happy 1111! May you feel your heart opening now to the harmonics of creation! New beginnings, renewal and transformation is here. I mentioned how massive the light would be and about earthquakes the other day. All the quakes in Iceland are proof that the tectonics and vortexes are charging through the portal of the sun.
You too are a vortex of light and to quantum leap is to ascend up through the vibration of your frequency. Nourish yourself in light, give yourself the opposite thought or emotion to any energy that feels stagnant. You have the ability to flow right into harmony through intention and vibration. Honor your spirit now! You are deserving ☀️
harmonics of creation
harmonics of creation
11/11/23: Children born on this day will not find a comfortable home on earth. They will always know that their essence and their truth cannot be contained within any human system. They will be misunderstood because they will sense energies most people aren’t plugged into. And they will bring change because their mission is a divine one. This is the Master Number 11… the spiritual illuminator lighting us up today. But we do not take this energy lightly.
Your Right Action, and a step toward upping your frequency, is to tap into your own sixth sense. Open your intuitive channel. Set reason aside. This is where evolution is taking us… into a state of being not limited by our five senses… and infinitely more powerful. You are the conduit through which this power flows. And you have your own divine quest to accomplish.
Master Number 11
Master Number 11

11/11 Portal and Scorpio Gate : Angels and Swans

Today is the power portal of the 11/11 and Scorpio Gate.
Powerful Energies of Light and Water Codes pouring in.
It feels so delicious to me : so gentle and yet so powerful.
I am conscious of many many Angels from Archangel Michael and the Elohim celebrating the unfolding of a new phase of Evolution and Transformation on the Earth.
Your personal timeline is aligning with the New Earth timeline to power a huge shift forwards and upwards.
New ideas, new projects and new work, or maybe the old re-envisioned to something higher and more profound.
I am so excited with these new energies!
Fly with the Angels and flow with the graceful Royal Waterbirds into the next level of the New Reality.
Love, Grace , Joy and Peace to all on this day.
❤ ❤ ❤ ❤
Angels and Swans
Angels and Swans

I wish each and All a Blessed and Sacred 11-11.

As we unite with Heaven and Earth more consciously on the powerful day of 1111… May your bond Be strengthened with God, the Angels and Archangels and every Beautiful Aspect of YourSelf.
Divine Creator of all Beings, of all worlds, of all times,
Fire of the Spirit and life within in each open Heart …
We pray that your Light Streams forth into the hearts and minds of our Beloved family of Light and all on Earth preparing now to Return to the Hierarchy of themselves.
We pray that your Love streams forth into their Hearts along with ours that they may know and remember their true relationship with you and with US (*US refers to the Angels).
We pray that your Grace amplified streams into all Hearts present and on Earth.
May each Heart rejoice in the blessings that are offered.
And that Love for one another and Self comes full circle back to it’s own Simplicity. And So It Is.
Love, Blessings and Grace,
As we unite with Heaven and Earth more consciously
As we unite with Heaven and Earth more consciously

Happy 11/11 Angelic Celestial Family of Light ✨🙏🏽👁🤍✨

November is another powerful portal of Planetary Ascension Codes. November 11th or 11:11 is a double ascension portal that is activated by the frequency and sounds of our inner Heart song. It must be heard in silence by tuning into your Heart Center, feeling its vibration — its power and Light. In stillness, you can listen to its organic pulse and rhythm that beats in alignment with Mother Earth’s Sacred Heartbeat and the Heartbeat in the entire Omniverse. It is pulsing frequencies of Oneness and the Sacred Light Tones of Harmony, Peace, Unity, Grace, Creation, Abundance, and Well-Being for all.
11:11 Soul Codes invite these new frequencies in and simultaneously releases the old world and paradigm that has trapped the entire Human collective. 11:11 frequencies enable new musical tones of an emerging New Earth within the Heart Center, in the highest visions for the life you wish to live, to lead, and in your clearest visions for what is possible for a world that is newly desiring and resetting by the new codes of Divine Perfection, Sacred Synergy, Wholeness and Light again.
There is no shortage of anything as we are limitless master co-creators. The vibrations and frequencies of thoughts, ideas, and intentions that form and move around us are in beautiful sacred geometry patterns and waves. They magnetically attract similar vibrations and frequencies. As it pulls more of the same together, it builds up like kinetic Energy that will grow and form more Energy and Light particles together until the thoughts and ideas become visible to our naked eye or events appear in a near future timeline. This is the process of manifestation.
Our ancestors knew that at specific points astrologically and when the heavenly bodies align in a special way, it creates huge stargates that allow much more Light and Energy to reach Earth, allowing traversing through multidimensions. A dimension is not a place, but a state of being or consciousness that can and will manifest itself as its perceived reality.
The Sun is an Intelligent Conscious Energy Source and emanates outwardly in an infinite manner. The Sun transmits all of its information, through its Light-ray codes, down for storage and integration. The Sun is a cosmic repository that holds all the Light-information contained in the Universe — as the Aether. All information that exists is the same as all the knowledge of the All One Source God/Universe and the Akashic Records. It is the data-information or Source Code that creates everything. It is the underlying Infinite Intelligence of the Universe.
At this stage of evolution, the physical body can slow down in aging and will soon start to reverse this process. You are changing into an entirely new you that never existed physically before. Dormant superhuman abilities will show themselves as you vibrate faster and faster.
This amazing time period to unplug from the old, let go and start rising in Love! Keep your mind calm and clear. Keep your body clean. Keep your Energy pure and undiluted. Feel the vibes around you and entangle with the natural Source Energy. Create something amazing today and everyday at every present moment. 🤍🤍🤍
1111 Gateway
1111 Gateway


As a result of the events that will be happening on 11:11 (November 11, 2023) humanity will be able to claim their light bodies to be brought into their existence.

At 11:11 am on November 11th, it is recommended that you go to a quiet place in nature. Allow yourself to be in a safe and sacred place. Open your heart chakra and open yourself for this attunement, this initiation.

Ask whoever is working with you to support you by having your Light Body become one with you in this 3D world. In other words, bring your Light Body into your Merkabah and into your conscious awareness so you will be totally connected to your Light Body. Your eyes can be open or closed. It is best to lay down because the energetic flow will be very strong. Ask for it and thank it. You can do this exercise intentionally daily, so this feeling of finally being one will be absolutely natural to you. This is where you have been going for millennium, to be daughters and sons of God. To be like God and this is what is now opening up for you.

Your vibration, your mood and your attunement should be as if you are at the beginning of your first love. It should be the highest, the purest love healing that you could ever imagine. On this vibrational level, you will receive the best results from your attunement.

Your physical bodies are all different and each one of you has a different bearing capacity. You can ask that the presence of the Light Body be at the best level for your physical body. Your physical body can hold this merging with the Light Body as best as it can while you develop this gift, this skill. At the beginning, you need to have the Light Body tight, have it around you. This first step is based on your physical body’s ability to carry this light as much as possible and as high as possible.

You can also invite your star brothers and sisters and your star family to come to this celebration because it is your birthday in light. Your brothers and sisters from your star family have been waiting for this for so long. They are so happy to celebrate it with you. They can help you adjust, they can help you pass through this attunement. They can be a part of this attunement bringing the energy to you in a way that will be the most acceptable, the most pleasant while at the highest maximum level.

Hugs and love to all of you,






We are going though another rebirth process with the 1111 portal and the energy is really powerful. It will stay high as we will be going directly into the Scorpio New moon energy of new beginnings. The collective energy can be heavy right now. Many feel anxiety and sadness, like everything is too much and they want to give up. Some are clearing a lot in their sleep, others are triggered during the day. And some feel calm and are even enjoying this super inspiring energy.
You may experience all kinds of physical ascension symptoms. Take it easy, rest and relax as much as you can. If you feel down and low, ground yourself and release the old into the earth. Drink enough water and try to find inner balance, peace and harmony within. Open yourself up to the new energy that is coming in. Expect to be triggered in the next few days up to the transformative and emotional new moon. It is a blessing in disguise that will enable you to go deep within, feel it all and find your truth. The 1111 portal and new moon are all about finding our own truth ~
Orchid Mantis on a blue flower
Orchid Mantis on a blue flower


Eirini ~ Crystal and indigo guide to the galaxy


11 11 11

Blessings of Love to all!
We have entered the great Cosmic river which is taking us home!
We are ready for the Lighting of the 144000 Diamond Code!
We are ready for the revelation of the physical return of the 5D Masculine in us that will change everything.
This is just the beginning.
Since the Medusa technology that was connected to the galactic wars and the entrapment of the masculine has been broken, his recovery is taking place in a very fast mode.
The organs of the Twin Flames are connected so his entrapment was also affecting the organs of the feminine.
This recovery is taking place now in the inner fields and it will soon be expressed in the physical.
This is going to be something that we have NEVER experienced before in this reality!
This is why it is very possible that we will witness resistance by the 3d establishments who might attempt to create some kind of distraction.
Whatever they might try, it will not work nor affect those in the ascending timeline.
Also His return might create explosive energies and sudden transformative experiences or events for those who have not addressed their inner shadow or are still in a distorted direction.
So adjustment will take a certain amount of time.
There is a great force of awakening ready to be received by many previously in a state of denial and oblivion or in the in between sleeping and waking up phase.
Whatever unfolds in the coming days and weeks, we are called to stay in our centre and keep our focus on our path.
This is why the TWIN FLAME code of ‘THE UNSHAKEABLE’ was given to us so that we will be able to stay in balance and steadiness through the external instability and not be affected by it.
We are ready!
We hold hands!
We are One!
Thank you all for answering the ‘144000 Diamonds’ calling,
for your amazing Light, Loving Presence and kind words!
Let’s do this in the Presence of Love and Wisdom!
El Moryana
Huna Ma Anata Kumara
Yellow Galactic Warrior
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11 11 11
11 11 11


Dear friends, welcome to the 11:11 energy portal. Today Saturday November 11 marks the climax of these wonderful light codes.
There is a lot of information out there regarding this particular date: Saturday November 11. Beyond beliefs and superstition, numbers do actually resonate with specific energies. Numbers and frequencies can generate different geometrical patterns in liquids and solids, for example. It was the ancient Greek philosopher Pythagoras who first popularized the idea that all numbers have different vibrational properties. Some scholars even believe that Numerology pre-dates Pythagoras and derives from the ancient mystical Hebrew Kabbalah which is thousands of years old.
The double 11, as in 11/11, is considered to be a master number. Many people will use 11:11 as a means of making a “wish,” or setting a positive intention with the Universe.
The number 11 holds within it the vibrations of spiritual Unity, the one in the Heavens united with the one on Earth. The number 1 denotes new beginnings, or the start of an unexpected journey or chapter in your life. It signifies being one with the universe and the possibility for powerfully manifest new timelines of reality. With 11, the magician’s manifestation powers are doubled, where dreams are quickly turned into reality.
As we focus our intentions on this 11:11 date, we begin to resonate with these manifesting abilities. The 11:11 energy assists us to connect with the consciousness of the One, residing outside and inside of us. We are constantly co-creating our life, but on this particular date the connection is specially stronger. New realities are being woven at this moment pre-11:11, so make sure you keep clear intentions in your heart and mind as we approach this date.
The physical symptoms associated with the 11:11 energies tend to be subtler compared to the ones of the eclipses we just experienced. That said… if there are stagnant energies within your systems (specially the nervous system) that are preventing your ability to see clearly, to manifest beyond your comfort zone, or to connect with the Divine, the 11:11 codes will bring these issues to surface. As always, take care of yourself and stay hydrated to facilitate the flow of information.
Right after the 11:11 gateway we will be under the influence of Monday’s new moon… stay tienes for more updates as the energies roll in. Have a wonderful weekend everyone, Much love ❤️
Diego E. Berman 2023 Ⓒ
 Angelic Realms
Angelic Realms
We are in for a special treat…in just hours the 11:11 Gateway will reach full amplification of harmonic celestial frequencies. You may have been feeling the energy ramping up all week, with increasing kundalini surges and ringing in the pineal crystals and inner ear. The 11:11 Ascension codes are vibrating alive!
The 11:11 number sequence acts as a magnification of the illumination effect that has been increasing since 2012. A great unveiling is occurring, revealing where we still are disconnected from Soul presence. 11:11 is the symbol of Spiritual Mastery. We are becoming more aware of our divine self, purpose and destiny.
In Numerology, 11:11 is considered a master number sequence. Since the birth of numerology in ancient Greece, the numbers 11, 22, and 33 have been revered as Master Numbers. When you see a recurring master number sequence, like 11-11, it is a message from Spirit.
11 is the number of Illumination, the seer, the code of the visionary. 11 is the most intuitive of numbers, a channel to higher consciousness. 11:11 acts as a circuit connection for multi-dimensional electrical current to ‘download’ into the human and planetary grid system. 11 provides the means to connect. Envision the number 1 – it looks like a column or antenna. 11 acts as a direct conduit between the spiritual and physical world.
11 Master Number of Illumination is peeling away the layers of distortion and denial so that we can emerge from darkness into authenticity. Under the influence of 11:11, humanity is being triggered into new enlightenment levels, as more and more people awaken to the Golden Age of the New Earth.
The 11:11 Gateway provides an opportunity for you to join with others across the planet to activate on the Way of Love and Hieros Gamos, the template of Sacred Union. Step into the 11:11 gateway and connect to Mary Magdalene’s lineage of Feminine Spiritual Leadership. October’s Eclipses were ruled by Venus, preparing us for 11:11 circuitry to ignite within. It is our sacred calling to awaken, embolden and embody the Divine Feminine power to attain Sacred Union.
11 is a ‘master number’ that catalyzes breakthroughs.
Lovingly, Meg Benedicte
Mary Magdalene’s lineage of Feminine Spiritual Leadership
Mary Magdalene’s lineage of Feminine Spiritual Leadership

Walking in Grace

The 11 11 gateway is a breakthrough in the midst of any challenge that gives you a much needed message of comfort and support directly from your personal angelic guides.
On a day in which we remember the suffering of our very own ancestors through the struggles of wars this day holds resonance with the truth of the fact that despite the darknesses that allows unhealed parts of mankind to put the vulnerable through suffering, there is always hope, love and ultimately a bliss that is found within the loving arms of heaven; where a higher form of compassion and forgiveness brings instant healing and protection to all souls who pass through heaven’s door.
11 11 is a representation of the portal from earthly life to the heavenly realm at the moment of transformation of form, that we know as death.
Heavenly teachers have walked the earth to speak of the ways in which humanity is cherished by the divine source and of the place that is promised for all as immortal life.
At 11 11 we are shown the light of a new path land beside that which we currently walk. This is the invisible path of light in which our angels tread as they walk beside us each and every day.
Today this path calls for you to step across and walk within it, through a motion of the heart. This is the calling of a higher dimension and one which has been spoken of by spirit messengers since ancient times.
Walking the angelic path is a new commitment open to millions of souls upon this day. It is the opportunity to see the world anew and to create new purpose. It involves daily awareness of making choices to live in a higher state of being; where our every intention is seen as a choice to uphold the highest good.
This is an angelic calling for Earth walking souls who believe in taking the power of choice to impact their daily living experience.
11 11 is a call to see and observe the practices of a higher vibration within our current living form. Those who invest in this road will themselves live to become portals through which the loving energies of the kingdom of heaven can flow through to the here and now Earth.
11 11 is the mercy we seek that is so easily given by the ultimate source of life, it is the message of our natural birthright and a beautiful hope for the state of ultimate healing and completeness.
Walking in Grace
Walking in Grace

11:11 Adjustment and Balance Coming to Fruition🌳✨🌎💫💖🌿

November 11, 2023
Hello Beautiful Souls!💖 Here is a message from the Arcturians about the power of this energetic portal today. Also, the date 11-11-2023 breaks down again to the balance and mastery of “11”(11+11+7=29 and 2+9=11)💫✨💥
The Arcturians:
With the crossing of this energy, Humanity is getting yet another gentle nudge to move forward with the tide into more uncharted territory.
There is a portal open (for those of you operating with intention), and you carry the codes within you to access what lies within and activate it into your experience.
This energy will present a mirror for Self, as any point of transformation merely uncovers another “You”. To step into this version, which is the next natural step, you must seek to balance polarities or division within Self. As these are brought into balance, more of the energetic creativity is available to you. Merely seek to reconcile what is unclear or incongruent with your heart space. In doing this, you begin to reconcile Self.
The balance, the justice, and the equanimity you seek always forms from within before it presents without. This is the great mystery which to most on the planet seems unsolvable. Yet, as your individual structures continue to expand and lighten (in terms of density), and planetary structures shift in frequency, you gain much more access to this magical energy of balance. The “knowing” begins to present itself more frequently. Solutions come with more ease.
This too applies to the “One”, the “You”… You have within you the capability to reach this point, and to continue forward within your own beautiful structure as an individual point of light, a beginning, an example… Carry this knowledge forward, step through the portal Dear Ones. With your ability to step into this expansive energy, you become balance. You become (what can be thought of as) a nexus point for any “solution”. All of this resides within You.
We are the Arcturian Council. We love you!
End transmission.
The Dove and the Grail
The Dove and the Grail

Diana Cooper

Angels & Ascension

When the portal of 22nd October to 11th of November closes, more high frequency energy will pour into Earth, causing quite a bit of chaos and confusion. There may even be some days similar to eclipse days when the Sun does not shine. For a long time, people have been talking about the old third dimensional institutions crumbling and this may accelerate during this period. All the stuff of the old paradigm is reaching its sell by date. Some of it has been hanging on by the fingertips for a while. However, the new is being prepared and we are asked to trust and focus on the vision of the golden future.
11/11 is always a time of starting again at a level higher. However, this does not mean to say it is a simple transition. All light workers now are called to continue to hold your courage and faith. After all you have come into this incarnation specifically to assist with the change, to help to clear out the old and usher in the new.
The spiritual events of October have pushed not only the planet into higher frequency, (which attracts new possibilities) but as a light worker you will almost certainly have risen on your Ascension path. You may well find that there are endings. This may be friendships or relationships that no longer suit your higher energy, or jobs or even places where you live. Do not hang on. Absolutely know that the need for change is an indication that your frequency is higher and so change is inevitable. Expect new things and people to come into your life that are suited to the new you and trust the process.
I know it is more easily said than done but have faith that you are guided and looked after. Your angels and guides are working really hard to help you take advantage of the current opportunity to move forward.
Angels & Ascension
Angels & Ascension


Wonderful Opportunities of Light
For Our Light Form Expands In The Crystalline Grid Of Light
Leading US To Infinite Wisdom Of Multidimensional Gateways
For Gaia’s Energy Field Is Enabling Us To Play In Her Light
Engage In The Latest Vibrational Energies She Is Emitting
For The Sensitivities Of Our Soul Provides Great Opportunities To Callibrate To This Light
Become Connected To The Crystalline Web Of Light 💫
For The 11/11 Portal Frequencies Is Opening This Path Of Light
Simply Open The Intention To Attune To This Light Frequency
Awaken To This Path Of Light
Unlocking Your Divine Wisdom Is The Path Before You
A Natural Layer of light in our Biodiverse World
For the Wayshowers Journey is the Path of ever-expanding Light.
Enjoy The Frequencies Of NOW
The Wonderful Light Of You 💥
Feel Into This Window Of Light
Infinite And Wonderful 🙏
Enjoy 11/11 Portal
Karen 💫🌿🙏


Genetic tones and harmonies are imprinting a new Genetic Wealth Blueprint into the DNA Strands. These frequencies are helping in various ways including healing, mending, and closing all that is encompassing old earth.

Breakthroughs from your genetic heritage will increase your Birthrights under the Most High God to receive incremental growth in value, worth, drive, and security. This foundational growth and maturity is upgrading our Star Race Blueprint to unite with the Soul, and rebirth on the Planet Earth. We are uniting your Star Self back home with your Human body to become the next human genetic Star Race.

Unification will complete through ourselves and our genetic ancestry until the SuperHuman Star Race is physically materialized. This opportunity is available to accept with the Scorpio New Moon. You can transform into this new embodiment with the Earth as she completes her timeline shift into the 5D New Earth, new consciousness, and new frequency of Love reborn.

Love Carolyn



New Moon in Scorpio
New Moon in Scorpio
November is the 11th month and today is the 11th day, and when you add 11 + 11 + 2023 it equals Master Number 11. This is truly an auspicious day as Master Number 11 is the number of the Light Worker and the Visionary! It is about leadership, the balance of the feminine and masculine, and has the potential for spiritual enlightenment! On an astrological level we have Mars, planet of energy and action, in transformative Scorpio opposing Uranus, ruler of inspiration and freedom, in stable Taurus.
Mars is the Warrior and rules confidence, courage and willpower, but also rules anger, aggression and violence. Uranus is the Awakener and rules liberation, innovation and independence, but also rules rebelliousness, nonconformity and upheaval. What may happen on this day is anyone’s guess as the motto for Uranus is “Expect the Unexpected”. And, coupled with Mars and his sheer force of raw and untamed energy, we could see huge changes, redirections and transitions! It is safe to say that the 11/11 portal is full of extraordinary energies!
You may be viewing it from afar, or perhaps you will decide to jump into this energy head first! Either way, it should be quite the show, metaphorically speaking……or maybe literally speaking as well! Blessings of Love and Light to All! ❤️
Mars, planet of energy and action, in transformative Scorpio opposing Uranus
Mars, planet of energy and action, in transformative Scorpio opposing Uranus
Mars in Scorpio opposite Uranus retrograde in Taurus – The skies are electric and there is a strong air of ‘expect the unexpected’. The inner warrior is awake, charged, humming with anticipation. Spontaneous acts of courage around this time can bring liberation from trying circumstances. However, this is volatile, hair-trigger energy which can also throw up shocks and surprises. The results of our actions may turn out very differently than we thought. Angry rebellions receive push-back. Avoid controversy.
Uranus in Taurus is revolutionizing our resources, shaking the ground, changing what we thought was unchangeable. In the face of such unpredictability, the impetus, with Mars, is to wrestle for control. Reactions tend to be impulsive and reckless, especially if they come from a place of fear. If you feel anxious, ground yourself into the present moment. Dance or exercise to channel excess energy safely. Actively remind yourself to slow down. Breakthroughs are possible in the fight for freedom. A brave new world awaits leaders with a unique vision. Let’s have less fireworks and more sparkle.
Degrees and Time
Mars 21°Sc08′, Uranus 21°Ta08′ R – 21:11 (UT)
© Leah Whitehorse
source :
Painting – Macbeth in the Witches’ Cave Thomas Sully
Macbeth in the Witches' Cave
Macbeth in the Witches’ Cave

Kin 22 ~ White Solar Wind

The number 9 is called ‘Solar’ and its keywords are ‘Realizing, Intention and Pulse’. The number nine in many ancient cultures is considered sacred and in the Tzolkin, the 9th day is always powerful – shifting the energy of the wavespell into the highest gear. Fasten your seat belts for this number of intention means that whatever you want – you can get. That’s if you work with this powerful energy. Every 13 days we get the chance to use our willpower and this is great practice. Remember that we are still in the White Wizard wavespell and since day one, we have had this agenda of enchantment. How can you exert your willpower today with regards to what intention you set out on the first day? The number nine is important with regards to the success of this 13-day mission because no other number has such powerful intention. Today you must summon up the will to succeed!
Today is White Wind, which represents ‘Communication, Breath and Spirit.’ This means that messages today have a great deal of power. Be careful what you say, be sincere and don’t be misconstrued. Deliberate what you need to say as words can change lives. Write that letter, sing your song, have that conversation you have been putting off, ask for a raise or contact someone you have been out of touch with.
Today’s Guide is White Mirror which represents ‘Reflecting Truth’. May your words today be guided by the intention to speak the truth. Sometimes it’s hard to be honest but clarity is vital and the only way we can make progress on our path is by knowing the facts. Let the search for truth guide your actions today.
The Challenge of the day is Yellow Human. Challenges are sometimes perceived in a negative light. The challenge of any day is simply a reminder that the challenging energy needs attention. For Yellow Humans, it will be tough to communicate but good for you too. For the rest of us what does it mean when we are faced with the Human as a challenge? It’s a wakeup call to remind us to use our intuition, even if it is difficult. It can be most helpful to ‘feel’ what is the right thing to say, rather than rely on that logical brain we depend on so much.
The Occult power is the Blue Storm, this suggests that magical changes can occur today empowering your communications. The Blue Storm is full of energy supplying a much-needed boost. I really like Storm when in this position, it’s the best thing about windy days. Changes tend to be magical in nature and using magic to create change can really yield incredible results. Stir some energy in your life and see what you can achieve.
The Ally is the Red Earth, the symbol of ‘Evolution.’ People born on Red Earth can be of great help and support today. If you need someone to talk to, they are your best bet. With such a helpful Ally, this also means navigating our way through the day is easier.
Kin 22
Kin 22


9 IK – KIN 22
11 NOVEMBER 2023
I pulse in order to communicate
Realizing breath
I seal the input of Spirit
With the Solar tone of intention
I AM guided by the power of endlessness.
11/11/2023 = 11/11/7 = 2/2/7= 2/9 = 11=2
11.11 = 22
11.11.11 = 33
✨11.22.33 MASTER CODES✨
11- Gate/Portal/polarity/illumination
2- Twins/Partners/Alliances/Cooperation/Duality
33- Ascended MASTER number/Christ Consciousness
✨MONTH/YEAR codes✨
11- Gate/Portal/polarity/illumination
2 – Twins/Partners/Alliances/Cooperation/Duality
7- Spiritual Test/Initiation/Solitude/Majik/Mystic/Magician
9- Completion/Endings/Mission/Destiny/Service/Humanitarian/Grace
20- The AWAKENING/Clear vision
23- Royal Star of the LION /Strength/Protection/Support
KIN 22 = 4 KIN 22 is the ARCHITECT of PEACE☮️🕊️ and Master Builder🏗️🏢 frequency of our New Earth. Amplifing our DIVINE INTENTION for PEACE☮️🕊️ to REIGN on EARTH.🌈🌏
Today’s 11.11 code = 22 giving us a DOUBLE Master builder code 22:22
As we enter the second day of the second column in the Tzolkin Calendar, the 2 frequencies of Harmony through cooperation and PEACE are AMPLIFIED today… A very POWERFUL NEW EARTH LIBERATION day of DIVINE ALCHEMY 💫💫
Today we have a TRIPLE ILLUMINATION code on this extra-ordinary SUPERNATURAL divine portal day.. The codes today have the POWER of a DIVINE PLUTONIUM BOMB ✨💣🕊️ to effect a HUGE GLOBAL AWAKENING and PLANETARY timeline shift! BOOM BOOM! 💣🌞💥🌟✨
Day 9 of White Wizard Wavespell continues our themes of majik, enchantment and endlessness today, powerfully aligned with Spirit..
Today the WIZARD is giving us a SUPERBOOST in accessing the breath of Spirit, through these HEAVENLY codes, to pulse forth these Divine intentions through our precious HEART… absolute PURITY in our connection to Spirit.🕊🕊
The SOLAR tone of CREATION – tone 9 = 3 x 3 – 3 is a very HOLY number and the Holy Trinity TRIPLED gives us the number of humanity and COMPLETION.. A date with DESTINY and a day of COMPLETION of the old ways in time to align with SPIRIT🕊✨ and your DIVINE MISSION.
SOLAR🌞 – Tone 9 in the SPIRITUAL realm. ACTION – realizing, POWER – to pulse, ESSENCE – intention
The 9th day of the WHITE WIZARD Wizard 💫⚛✨Wavespell is the one that gives the last push prior to MANIFESTATION.. We have a DOUBLE MANIFESTATION CODE today as we have the WIZARD’s Majik, plus the SOLAR tone of pulsing our intention into being to MANIFEST our realizations.⚛✨⚛✨
The SOLAR🌞 phase is where we wake up to the fact that our WILL affects the reality we experience, so we begin pulsing, extending our intent into realization. Visualizing what we want to MANIFEST and pulsing that intention from our pure HEART, assists us in making our dreams come true.
You are the humanitarian whose dreams unfold the larger pattern of our new world.
✨What enchanting dream are you pulsing forth into reality?
Today’s question is “Am I pulsing forth the TRUE Divine Will of Spirit, that is endlessly communicating through my being, to create MAJIK in our world?”
May the Winds of Heaven fill your sails and guide your boat safely, to the tranquil shores of our New paradise. 🌴🐬🌼🌺🌈
In Lak’ech a la kin
Christina White Magnetic Worldbridger
HAPPY GALACTIC B-EARTHDAY 🎂to Lloydine Arguelles – Bolon Ik: The Archetypal Mother of the Dreamspell Codex. The Galactic Feminine High Priestess of the New Time. Lloydine co created the Dreamspell with her divine partner Jose’ Arguelles – Valum Votan..
Lloydine holds the 22 Architect of PEACE and 4 – Angelic frequency. Her OCCULT frequency was the Overtone STORM which is today’s superpower.. So BOLON IK’s presence is very strongly guiding these DIVINE WINDS on this precious holy day.. 🌬🍃
Lloydine’s Galactic Mission was to bring forth this powerful Dreamspell codex, that is our Planetary blueprint to navigate our way to MANIFESTING New Earth – a planet of PEACE, BEAUTY and HARMONY.. Lloydine incarnated on Earth to pulse forth the Divine codes as a pure Angelic Messenger.. a blessing to us all…
🙏 Divine Gratitude for your Legacy Majikal High Priestess 🙏❤🙏❤
How DIVINE that Ascended Master Lloydine is overseeing the energies of this 11.11.11 portal day..
CONSCIOUS SELF: WHITE SOLAR WIND 🌞🌬🍃IK unites with RED EARTH today to provide the wind beneath our wings. Follow the signs and really LISTEN to the voice of SPIRIT! Be still and present in the timelessness of the eternal NOW MOMENT that the receptivity of the WHITE WIZARD is providing. .
❓❓What are you hearing, feeling, sensing, knowing?
❓❓How does this information from Spirit align with your dreams, desires and intentions?
❓❓Are you in FULL alignment with, and ready to co-create with Spirit?
❓❓How do we integrate that into our reality?
✨✨✨SPIRIT is ready, willing and ABLE to transport you to a new HEAVENLY reality today! Just ASK and ALLOW.
We need to have an OPEN mind to receive the messages that assist us with our creative vision and our creative ideas. We need to allow thoughts to FLOW through us and not identify with them. We are the vessels for this consciousness to flow through.
❓❓Are you a clear conduit for the flow of Spirit’s messages?
Use discernment to know which ideas are the best to implement. Channelling ideas and messages, writing, painting, drawing, speaking, singing. The solutions come forth through allowance.. Switch off and tune in today, to the whisperings of the Angelic Spirit messengers. Can you HEAR them?
“‘In the last days, God says, I will pour out my Spirit on all people. Your sons and daughters will prophesize, your young men will see visions, your old men will dream dreams.” ACTS 2:17 The Bible
✨✨Today is a very HOLY day in which the WILL of SPIRIT overrides the WILL of MAN.✨..
✨DIVINE INTENTION shall be REALIZED through the DIVINE COMMUNICATION🌬 that is FLOWING✨✨ through us today!
DIVINE WILL is PULSING ☀throughout the COSMOS.. 🍥🍥🍥..
✨✨THY WILL BE DONE on EARTH as it is in HEAVEN!💒
HIGHER SELF/GUIDE: wHITE SOLAR MIRROR 🌞🔎 ETZNAB encourages you today to gain a new perspective of your life. The themes are very expansive, emphasizing timelessness (WHITE WIZARD Wavespell) and endlessness from the WHITE MIRROR.
The MIRROR opens a doorway or portal ✨– so the gate is WIDE OPEN for us to walk through into a higher dimension of our current reality! Woot woot! ETZNAB is blasting open this 11.11.11 portal and SMASHING the old reality.. Lots of INSTANT AWAKENINGS today!!
ETZNAB is also the Mayan pyramid ⏏that AMPLIFIES all our messages and manifestation POWER today.. These energies harmonize brilliantly with the WHITE WIND giving us incredible clarity to TUNE IN to the voice and signs from SPIRIT..
We are able to stand in the Hall of Mirrors and reflect upon a multitude of different perspectives in order to SEE and KNOW the TRUTH. The WIZARD provides the sword of truth🗡 which cuts through all illusions, revealing deceptions and falsities, making it crystal clear which options are the most viable, pointing to the solution needed.
Our minds can receive endless visions and truths today, as we align and marvel at the Divine order, in the reflections of truth that we receive. Do not limit yourself, your options, or your possibilities as they are infinite! Be OPEN and receptive to what is revealed in order to reflect and receive from a timeless place in the order of the Universe.
✨The MIRROR of ILLUSION is no more… all travellers are standing on the shore with EYES WIDE OPEN NOW! 👁👁
The MIRROR as today’s higher power to the WHITE WIND, holds potent POWER to BREAK through the shackles using the WIZARD’S MAJIK💫💫 to cast a new DREAM-spell. The MIRROR SHATTERS all illusions today through the WORD of Spirit. All EARS can now hear the TRUTH very CLEARLY today and the falsity will be EXPOSED.
🙏❤Pray that all stooges of the EVIL empire – politicians, police, media, big pharma, and oppressors AWAKEN to a higher consciousness and turn away from the evil agenda.
🙏❤ VISUALIZE the return of PEACE and LIBERATION for each nation and our whole world UNITED as ONE.
Please hold the VISION that we ARE FREE NOW, and a WAVE of LIBERTY🌊🌊🌊 and LOVE washes over our planet finally LIBERATING all of HUMANITY… it is done. 🙏✨🌞
Today’s SOLAR MIRROR is putting the SPOTLIGHT on REMEMBRANCE day – showing humanity that WAR is an ILLUSION and not the PATH that we need to take from this point on.. PEACE shall REIGN on PLANET EARTH as we realize the futility of WAR, conflict, division and separation.
More info. on the symbolism and Miracle of the 🌺RED POPPIES🌺 relating to REMEMBRANCE DAY.
SUPPORT: RED SOLAR EARTH🌞 🌏 CABAN DIVINE SIGNS and synchronicities are flowing through the energy of CABAN today. Mother Earth is totally aligned with Divine intention. HOW PERFECTO that Pachamumma is setting our course through her GPS system today… 11.11.11 steering a NEW COURSE of higher consciousness.
GAIA is constantly pulsing forth the breath of Spirit in every one of her kingdoms… through the land to the sea, encompassing all elements as Spirit whispers everywhere. We just need to be STILL and receptive to witness the MAJIK that surrounds us.
The SOLAR EARTH🌞🌍 connects to the wisdom of the LAND, our ancestors and the wise indigenous custodians, who knew how to read the SIGNS – the stars, the elements, the plants, the animals. They understood the cycles and prophesied what was to come.
What would our ancestors think of where we have arrived today? 🤔🤔🤔
What wisdom did they impart, to provide a future road map to get us back on track and find our FLOW. 🌊🌊🌊 Living in HARMONY with the land and respecting Great Spirit, ensured their tribes lived fulfilling and prosperous lives.
We need to OPEN our minds, our ears and our EYES, to recognize these signs flowing from spirit, and then integrate this wisdom into our actions. Observe nature, the birds, the flowers, the insects and all of CREATION for your messages.
What beautiful Spirit animal messengers will visit you today?
In which direction are these SIGNS taking you?
Set your course and allow CABAN and IK to provide the navigation tools.
OCCULT/HIDDEN POWER: BLUE OVERTONE STORM☀🌀 CAUAC. Today’s STORM is DIVINE in its nature as it is the OVERTONE STORM which catalyzes radiance.
What a PERFECTO superpower driving this 11.11.11. gateway – planetary TRANSFORMATION at its SUPREME best! Empowering all the EARTH WIZARDS to reclaim their POWER and RADIATE!
KIN 239 is also the UNIFIED/5D KIN of the birthdate of Lloydine Arguelles..
KIN 239 was the code on March 8, 2020 – when we had an 11/22/33 Master code operative, as well as a double 22 PEACE code… These encodings on that day are reactivated today through the MAJIK of TIME, as the hidden power of the day. SHAZAAM! DOUBLE WHAMMY MASTER CODES today – full spectrum!! Divine synchronicity!! ✨🌟✨🌟
The SUPERPOWER of this spiritual Wind is that it seeks to EMPOWER👑 us, as it COMMANDS that our RADIANCE🌞 be brought forth.
A DIVINE COMMAND from our Creator who is sending forth his purging WAVE🌊 to manifest the RADIANCE we are all COMMANDING into being..
✨✨✨Today we can COMMAND that ✨DIVINE WILL be done,✨ here on EARTH as it is in HEAVEN!🙏🙏🙏 ✨✨✨
Our words carry EXTRA weight today as we COMMAND it into being, through PULSING out our intention for a PEACE filled world. ❤🕊🌍🌎🌏
BLUE OVERTONE STORM is assisting the WHITE WIND, in bringing through a breath of FRESH purified AIR!! 🌬🍃 Ahhhhh. It is TIME to take OFF ALL MASKS and BREATHE FREELY AGAIN …
May this SUPERWIND bring forth the transformation humanity seeks for our FINAL LIBERATION.💥 🙏🙏🙏
CHALLENGE/GIFT: YELLOW SOLAR HUMAN☀😊 EB presents the battle of the EGOIC mind versus the BUDDHIC mind. Divine Mind versus human mind! A battle of the wills!!
In order to have an open and accepting mind we need to let go of judgements, criticism and FEAR. We cannot hear the voice of Spirit if our mind is cluttered with FEAR and busyness, which clouds our thoughts and pollutes our actions. The death of egoic control of our thoughts through SURRENDER, will accelerate our union with Divine Mind.
YELLOW HUMAN’s gift is to raise our consciousness through mindfulness, leading to our own self Mastery. No longer being a helpless victim of our monkey mind. Pledge your allegiance to Spirit today and OPEN your EARS👂 to the whisperings of the Great White Wind.🌬👂🍃
Our CHALLENGE today is to surrender our small hu-man will, and align with the Higher Divine Will, for the benefit of our Planet and all HU-MAN- KIND.
We must UNITE together and pulse forth the highest intentions, for our BEST UTOPIAN DREAMS to be MAJIKALLY realized. 💫💫💫
Today’s question is “Am I pulsing forth the TRUE Divine Will of Spirit, that is endlessly communicating through my being, to create MAJIK in our world?”
May the Winds of Heaven fill your sails and guide your boat safely, to the tranquil shores of our New paradise. 🌴🐬🌼🌺🌈
Namaste’ 🙏❤🙏❤🙏
In Lak’ech a la kin
Christina White Magnetic Worldbridger




A Journey to the Inner Sanctuary of Peace and Prosperity: A Sanctum of Healing (GUIDED MEDITATION)


Our latest guided meditation from the Eagle and the Condor. Paul White Eagle guides you into a Sacred Special inner Sanctuary within your self to find the peace and tranquility you deserve and activate Prosperity in your life.

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Embark on a transformative voyage of self-discovery and renewal with our guided meditation, “A Journey to the Inner Sanctuary of Peace and Prosperity: A Sanctum of Healing.”
In this immersive meditation experience, you will be gently guided through a serene and enchanting landscape, where you will discover the inner sanctuary that resides deep within your soul.

As the soothing narration unfolds, you’ll find yourself amidst a lush and tranquil forest, where the air is filled with the fragrant embrace of blooming flowers, and the leaves whisper messages of serenity. With each step, a profound sense of calm washes over you, preparing you for the profound journey ahead.
You’ll encounter a clear, tranquil stream that mirrors the vibrant blue sky above—a representation of the abundant flow of prosperity in your life. As you immerse yourself in the symbolism, you’ll feel a sense of oneness with the universe’s abundance.

Crossing the Bridge of Healing, a shimmering path of radiant light, you will release physical and emotional burdens with each step. This bridge signifies the gateway to inner peace and rejuvenation, a portal to healing the wounds of the past and embracing a harmonious present.

Upon entering your Inner Sanctuary, you will be transported to a place of pure tranquility and beauty. Bathed in soft, golden light and accompanied by the soothing sounds of nature, you’ll gaze into a pool of water, its surface reflecting a radiant and peaceful version of yourself.

This is your sanctuary—a realm where worries, pain, and negativity dissolve into the waters, leaving you lighter and more at peace with each passing moment. Guided affirmations will empower you to open your heart to abundance, healing, and inner harmony, reinforcing your connection to the universe’s flow of positivity.

Expressing gratitude for this inner sanctuary, you’ll carry the newfound sense of calm and positivity with you as you return to your everyday life. With each meditation session, you’ll deepen your connection to this sacred space, amplifying its transformative power.

“A Journey to the Inner Sanctuary of Peace and Prosperity: A Sanctum of Healing” is your invitation to embark on a voyage of profound inner exploration, where you will rediscover the abundant wellspring of peace, prosperity, and healing that resides within you. Allow this guided meditation to be your compass on the path to a more balanced and harmonious life.







A Prayer For Your Own Personal 11:11 Ceremony…

Divine Presence, All That Is, and Archangels of Light:
As I prepare to be guided through this 11:11 time portal, I ask that the Light of Divine Love clear out any discord within my energy field. I willingly let go of the burden of old beliefs so that I may arise and move freely through the portals to Oneness Consciousness.
Within the vastness of my clean energy field, I ask to be filled with the power of Divine Love, Harmony, and Peace. I ask to receive the strength and courage to embody these fields of Divine Light and land the presence of Love, Peace, and Healing on Earth to assist you evolve
I join the Angelic Dimensions and millions of those who work in the Light of God as we are ushered through Portal 11:11. I know that when one is lifted, all are lifted. I allow new standards of elevated Light energy to engrave my human structure in the completion of Oneness ~ Union within my being with the Divine.
I dance through the portals filled with Light, feeling its guidance and knowing that the loving awareness of new possibilities in my life will be provided every moment, with every heartbeat. I awaken in your Light and embrace the Divine Gifts being offered to me now with supreme gratitude. You are giving me the Divine Connection to greater life and I receive it with gratitude. I am honored to anchor this Light on Earth while Nature’s presence awaits my consciousness.
Embrace me with Love and guide me as I walk through this portal into 5th Dimension Consciousness so that I may use your Divine Love to bring greater Life, Peace and Joy through my being and be a blessing to the Earth.
So 4 all your blessings i say thank you. Thank you Thank you
So be it
The new levels of 5th Dimension consciousness available beyond this portal can impact every aspect of your being. You are being offered a supported and liberating path through these elevated portals into new territory for your Soul’s growth on Earth. The 11:11 Portal is a supreme moment of time, but the Divine Light that causes evolution within you during this moment, is a gift from a Timeless Reality that is in harmony with All of Life.
And just like that.
Shanta Gabriel
To the Archangel Gabriel.
A Prayer For Your Own Personal 11:11 Ceremony
A Prayer For Your Own Personal 11:11 Ceremony

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THE MASTER GATEWAY TO ONENES November 11th 2023 : Known as The Wake-Up Code of higher Consciousness, The Code of Ascension, and The Activation Code, 11-11 -11 the Master Digital Code Frequency, that activates Neutral Pathways Within our Being, to assist in the mass Awakening and Expansion of higher Consciousness, this numerical sequence carries high frequency codes of Initiation, Amplified Psychic Abilities, heightened Spirituality, higher self alignment , Source connection , and Enlightenment expansion.
The 11-11 -11 Activation Code directly connects You into the conscious Portal of Oneness which is presently activating. It is a multidimensional Gateway between 2-3 Dimensional and 5D Beyond Dimensional Levels of higher Dimensions of Consciousness.
11-11 -11 Ascension Portal of 2023 is bringing in Powerful Surges of Energy, carrying Upgraded Crystalline Light Codes of Ascension, triggering new coding and receiving New Earth Crystalline Activations within your DNA, activated by divine intelligence codes. 11-11 -11 entering into new worlds , unlocking an ongoing Series of Synchronicities.
This Portal is activating and Upgrading Divine Union Light Codes and activations for Divine Higher purpose , which are extremely important to Earth’s continued Ascension , Ascending Souls are activating in this Gateway of Unity Consciousness.
Light Body Upgrades, Crown and Sacral Chakra Activations, Upgrades to Divine Abilities , Solar Plexus Clearing and Upgrades, Kundalini Activations , higher self merging , profound Heart-Brain Integration, uniting the Polarities between Masculine and Feminine Within the Self. .
The inner feminine shadow energies can now Arise , this is for the transmutation , healing and releasing of the inherited lack-based structures and limited manifestations .The feminine side was extremely hindered preventing the ascension into the earths higher timelines . Restricting the feminie power ,Internal Feminine Power aspects are Activating . This is the rise of the Divine Femine and the reclaiming of lost and stolen power .
The 11:11 :11 gateway is a rare moment of heightened clarity and connection with the ascending New Earth. The number 11 represents illumination, intuition, and higher consciousness. This numerical code sequence has the power to activate rapid transformations in all areas where you direct your attention and intentions. It presents a powerful opportunity for birthing your soul’s higher purpose within the context of the New Earth Timeline.
This portal gateway activation will activate significant conscious changes and accelerate the collective ascension awakening. This intense energy is designed for multiple metaphysical blueprint activations, leading to transformative and higher conscious shifts. This may result in heightened and intense emotions, including the resurfacing of past experiences, and the breaking down of old internal patterns.
Ascending souls It is common at different times to feel pulled in multiple directions as various aspects of life may require more of your attention. This push and pull dynamic is a reflection of your Innate desires, as every time you manifest, you draw higher energy into your sphere of influence. You have the power within Self to shape the manifesting and unfolding of your ascension journey despite any past challenges or setbacks.
Transmutation: You are immersed in a profound spiritual transformation. This is a powerful blend of creative and healing energies activating Within. Deep-seated habits and internal thought patterns are undergoing a metamorphosis , transmuting at a profound inner level. As a result you will soon experience a renewed sense of Well being and heightened creativity that will Bring lasting and positive changes in life.
You are transforming in multiple ways and at a rapid rate , this planetary activation is preparing the Ascending Collective for the beginning stages of 2024, profound and significant shifts in altered states and levels of consciousness will take place , Steering the Ascending collective far beyond the confines of the illusions of the Veil. It is now at its peak transparency , this Means you will access internal new levels of Ascension abilities , accessing higher realms of knowledge, wisdom ,understanding, this will assist in closing past timelines , completion of Karmic cycles , promoting alignment within the molecular and cellular structure of the physical.
As you shed the old internal layers, you reach your personal zero point, marking a process of the ascension death and rebirth cycle . Ascending souls are experiencing the intricate formation of the Light Body during this powerful and profound multiple 11 portal gateway activation.
11-11 -11 Universal Love Light and Divine Blessings .By Ascension LightWorkers . Copyright ©️
The Wake-Up Code of higher Consciousness
The Wake-Up Code of higher Consciousness
11:11 The Great Activation
Today 11:11 will take place an unprecedented event in Earth’s history. For the first time ever the Soul Light Codes will be activated permanently. The same ones that were shut down thousands of years ago.
This is how an indispensable requirement for the arrival of the New Earth is fulfilled: the human being, to ascend, has to be complete.
In this way we will regain what is rightfully ours: the memory of who we are and what we have come for, as well as the inherent capabilities of us.
But one thing is to recover and another to know how to use this 11:11
For people who are awake, the recovery of those memories and abilities can be a blessing.. Many have been craving it for years. However, those who still remain anchored in the old energy may suddenly find themselves plunged into a deep inner chaos. Memories to those who don’t find meaning and perceptions that they don’t understand and that, in addition, scare them. After that date, it will be necessary for people working in the service of Light to join their efforts to help them integrate the process.
Each of us should prepare in advance for that moment, as Master Kuthumi advises us with these recommendations:
1. Seek the inner peace. A moment of silence a day to hear the voice of the heart.
2. Consciously receive sunlight, with the intention of absorbing its healing power and uplifting frequencies.
3. Stay the course in the direction shown by the voice of your heart. Who we are manifests itself these days more than ever. The blindings that blinded us are falling, barriers that limited us are falling down. Finally, many of us are encouraged to undertake what we came to accomplish here, in this dimension.
4. Practicing detachment of old limiting patterns. Abandoning thoughts, habits and reactions that still feed ancient energy, seeking to transform them into light through love.
5. Encourage Love in all our relationships, the ones we love most and the ones that connect us with fear. The latter are the ones that will lift us the most if we are able to bathe them with love and acceptance.
6. Receiving energy from the Source in meditation. Their influence on our delicate bodies is immense. It possesses great transmuting power that frees and connects us.
7. Feeling One. Practice in our visualizations Union with all that is and with all that exists.
When the time comes we will receive within us a Great Light. That Light brings the activation codes we need to remember. They are codes of a very high vibration. The higher the vibration itself during that day the more harmonious will result in the entry of Light and its anchor in each of us.
We can prepare as Master Kuthumi recommends us, but, in addition, that day we must dedicate it especially to taking care of our own energy, inner balance, to keeping the vibration very high. Activities such as meditation, walking in the sun or being in touch with Nature are the most recommended. We must avoid especially anything that disconnects us from our essence. We should feed ourselves in moderation, seeking not to ingest low vibrational foods, such as meat or transgenic vegetables, and perform some physical exercise that helps us activate blood flow, as the Light Codes will be transported through the blood, from the heart to the rest of our organism.
The activation will be happening throughout the day, but we won’t fully notice its effects until the next day, after having slept at least six hours.
From the morning of November 12, many people will feel a deep desire to turn their lives around, others will embark on their path with renewed strength and others will feel great internal confusion. Effects will vary depending on the degree of evolution of each and the resistances that are opposing the process of change we are all experiencing.
The purpose of this activation is to break the limitations that, from within ourselves, are preventing us from evolving or awakening. It’s not about interference with human beings’ free will. It’s about removing a limitation that was imposed on us thousands of years ago, when some confused beings decided to interfere in our evolutionary process.
Stopping to explain the how and why of that event would be to tap into the old energy of separation and struggle, from which we are already moving away. It doesn’t matter anymore how, when, where, who or for what. Soon it will be sorted.
On 11 of 11 there will be a major activation, but it won’t be the last. Big things just around the corner. Let us receive them with love, free from fears and worries, because the kingdom of Light comes to Earth, and that deserves a great feast.
The Great Activation
The Great Activation
The 11:11 Portal, Bringing in Pillars of Light, Manifesting, and Prayer for Global Peace.
My Beautiful Global Family,
Once again we find ourselves, The Heart Collective, at the 11:11 Portal.
The energies going into this alignment have been amplifying incredibly, The Sun assisting in the ascension of our consciousness, aligning us to the Age of Aquarius and the New Illuminated Hueman.
I have not felt energy this strongly since 2012.
That’s saying a lot!
Any thought, programming, old distorted matriarchal or patriarchal systems, habits or ways NOT ALIGNED with the frequency of PEACE (5D) will not be able to continue as the new energies are no longer aligned to the lower frequencies and consciousness.
We ALL FEEL there is a massive change on the way.
Something is going to happen.
It is positive.
It is the reason we are here at this time.
The reason for our awakening.
Cosmic justice is real, the awakened collective knows this.
Our job is to let things play out as they will and surrender to the ascension process.
With no judgement.
Stay in the Heart and stay in The Flow.
Manifesting in this chaotic reality only occurs when we let go.
SPEC. (select it, project it, expect it, collect it.)
The power of the manifestation is only as powerful as the EXPECTATION of it happening, therefore not worrying about it, letting it go and trusting divine timing, knowing it will come to fruition, that is the new way.
We are all being tested in our Faith.
Trust that Source Creator is positive, and good things will happen and are happening.
Team dark would have you believe that all is evil, all is hopeless.
Pain and suffering, war, is the only outcome for our species.
That is not the case.
This is NOT a reset, it is a brand new age, a new CREATION.
That is why all density consciousness must be left behind.
Choose to be the best you can be.
Live in the PRESENT and be at peace with whatever arises.
It is hard, but it is very possible, very real.
If these energies bring up issues not in alignment to the new you, experience it, ask to understand it, and forgive yourself or others.
If you cannot forgive another, forgive yourself for not being able to forgive.
It puts you in the ENERGY of forgiveness anyways….
I have a prayer to assist in anchoring the frequency of Peace across all grids on this MASSIVE 11:11 Portal
As always, take what you need, leave the rest…
Everything is going to be alright in the end.
On a personal note, I am so happy to announce I am collaborating with an incredible healer and new friend, Debra Smith-Torrence, on her podcast The Auspicious Wellness Channel, as a guest host.
Our first podcast is now available across all streaming services, and also on you tube, the name is HURT PEOPLE HURT PEOPLE…Are you a BITTER human or a BETTER human?
Go take a listen and let us know what you would like to have us discuss.🌟
Debra is a wellness and lifestyle coach, and has an incredible line of plant wellness products as well as a production company.
She is a busy lady, walking in service to God and living her best life.
We have plans for a full season, and it looks like I will be launching my own video channel with her help very soon.
We are also planning a wellness retreat for 2024.
Details TBA.
Also, I am returning to offering spiritual sessions as I have in the past, please email me if you would like a one on one personal, spiritual awakening session.([email protected])
Sessions are about an hour and a half with a thirty minute follow up the following day.
Pay is by donations to my PayPal.
To my patreon members,thank you!!! Your support is amazing.
I have some very neat content on manifesting and quantum jumping,that will be especially FOR YOU🙏
So things are amazing and happening very fast.
I never in a million years thought I would be here with you.
Truth be told I have been through hell and back as many of you know.
But somehow I’m still here and I am so blessed now to feel your love and your support.
It’s been a long twelve years…I look forward to walking in service to my amazing Creator for many more years, God willing.❤️
Enjoy the 11:11 and KNOW that YOU too are anchoring peace for the whole world.
Together, we are unified.
We were born for this.
Peace on Earth,Good Will towards All.
Cosmic justice will handle the rest.
In Love and Light and Joyful Service,
Bringing in Pillars of Light
Bringing in Pillars of Light