All of Humanity is going thru Upgrades

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All of Humanity is going thru Upgrades

Rosie Neal

and a Restructuring of our Bodies from Carbon based to Crystaline… It has been ongoing but it is moving Faster now then ever before…The feeling of being Disconnected is associated with Humanity’s Amplified Aptitude to imagine Conceptualized, intangible Conditions and Stipulations that Create Separation in the midst of Unity.
But the more You Open and Embrace these changes and Invest in this Work, and the Work being your Own Personal Work. Just know Whatever Triggers you are Feeling is Where you Need to do the Work. And the Faster these Triggers are being Released the Faster this Transformation is advancing. Shift your focus from your Ambitions, Purposes and Objectives as there is No longer a need for them. Refocus on New Horizon in which Everything is Possible; where there is Abundance Everywhere &, at the same time, Nothing really matters any more.

What is being offer is intensive work related to Specific area of our Body Make up… Upgrades, Activations, Rewiring and Recalibrations depending on your Current Light Frequency. This Work is Individual & is Frequency Specific depending on how much Work you have previously done and catered to your individual needs. You cannot put a 100 Watt bulb in a socket that is only able to light up 30 Watts. Those that have Worked intensively on Clearing their System of Dense Energy, (Negative Emotions) and Blocked Energy are of a Higher Vibration. They can Now receive Higher Frequencies of Light, when the Kundalini Channels and Meridians are Cleared the Energy can flow Freely. The Work will be Matched to your Specific needs and take you to the Next Level from where you currently are. These Monthly Tansmissions are building on each other and is an ongoing Expansion into your Highest Soul Potential and a Opening of your Spiritual Gifts and Talents to Assist You in every aspect of your Life & your Ascension which I refer to more of your Souls I AM Presence Technology becoming Active in your avatar “Physical Body” or as I prefer to call it “Inner-cension” so that You may Live your Divine Purpose & Essence on this Planet and assist in Creating the Next Level. There will be Nothing from your Past that can be Used as a Reference Point to Understand where you are Going. You will be Creating Everything from Moment to Moment. Allow things to Flow Synchronistically through your Life.
Reality is gradually Apprehended by the Empty Mind and not by the analysis of the Thinking Process. The Rambling throught Perception was a way of a denser Frequency that is No longer needed.

Try to Break away from Repeated Patterns and Programs they keep you Locked in a Paradigm that will No Longer Serve You. It is Time to let Go of All the Old Stories & Wounds that have Kept you Locked in a Paradigm that has Not Served Your Greatest Potential. I have an Exceptionally difficult time with Structure because I prefer to be guided by Spirit in each Moment.

We are at a Point of Creating what has Never been Created Before. The Higher Frequencies will be pulled TOGETHER as the Denser Frequencies will Fall from your Reality & Reference Point. This may include Friends, Relationships, Employment, Living Conditions, Residency ect. Everything that holds you back & are Not Capable of handling the Higher Frequencies will simply Fall away from your current Awareness. As this Process begins to Happen it will just occur very Smoothly. You will Become Aware of the Shifting & the Change taking Place but it will just happen so Cohesively some won’t even Notice & those that Notice won’t Worry. You will begin to Lose Moments in Time. Know All is Well. There is No Judgement as All is being guided from that of your Souls Point of View. No One is in a Greater Position then the Next as Each is in a Perfect Place based on what is Needed from your Souls Point of Reference. Each will be exactly where they Need to Be or Geographically Moved to a Location which will Serve & assist them to Achieve their highest Potential in this Life. There will be many of Us that will be Traveling extensively or even abroad this Year. Some of those that Travel abroad are there to either be the Receiver of Frequencies in order to bring Frequency Specific Frequencies back to our area or location. And there will be a few that will be going to other Denser Locations to Play the role of a Transducer.


All will be Divinely guided & in Perfect order for each BEing. Allow time to just Be. No Meditation, No Thought Processing. Just BE.. Just allow something Greater then the You that is normally in Control to Surrender to something that is much Greater then the miscue Personality that you think You are. And believe me You will be allowing a Intergration of the Greatest & Highest aspect of your Soul to enter. All the Years of Analyzing through Analytical thought Process will Slowly Disapatate as You move into another Level of Density. This will be a Upgrade as there will No Longer be a Need of utilizing the Old Ways of a Rambling thought Process. You will Step into a Place of Knowing. You will recognize this Shift by the quietness of the Minds Thought Process. All the Ramblings of the Past & Future will Not Exist.

You will Live in the Present Eternal Moment of Now. Now when You go to look up a Past Memory it will be as use as a Reference Point of View. There will be No Emotional attachment to the Memories Experience as it would be before the Shift. It will be much Equvilant to Going to a Library Reference Catalog & you will Pull the necessary Information up for a Point of Reference that you Need in the Now Moment.. That Analyzer part of You will Cease to Exist. You will No Longer Need it. You will not have a Desire to be Chasing another’s Information as another Frequency of Information will Not be applicable from Your Perception or Necessary for your Future Path. As you continue to Raise in Frequency you will Choose What Experiences You may want to Embrace.

You are Learning how to Step into Sovereignty. But it will Not Happen Overnight. It will be a Gentle & Cohesive Transition. You are Stepping into a State of just Being & Knowing what needs to be done in Each Moment. You have Never been here before and are being fully Supported as You move forward. You are Creating it as You go. I refer to this as a State of GRACE. The Work is just Finding the Comfort Zone to Surrender to the Old Ways that No Longer Serve You. As You make Way for that of the New. BREATHE let Go & let God guide. Many on the Edge of NEW BEGINNINGS. From my Heart to each of Yours 💖💕~ Rosie Neal
March 1

If you order any product on Amazon through the following links the proceeds will go towards the Ecuador healing retreat center.

Judith Kusel

The world is a state of immensely powerful transitions, and it means that we need to be adjustable and flexible.

The energies are working at very deep level and in ways we never experienced before.

I am finding that I am literally buzzing with energy – in ways I have never done before!

Travelling today, I was literally being shown how Mother Earth is buzzing and nature too. There is a vibrancy now, and renewal at the highest levels.
With will find that something deep inside of us is shifting rapidly. We will not always be able to put our fingers on it, but we will literally feel it.

As said before, our physical bodies are being upgraded to the highest extend and with it will come food intolerance. I personally, had started to live on smoothies, lots of fruits and vegetables and as plain and simple as possible, because I seem not to able to stomach dense food anymore. My Higher Guides told me that the vibrational frequency is rapidly rising, and thus fruit and vegetables, are bountiful gifts from Nature and do not have chemicals etc. added. With it, to bless the food and bless the water.

I read something by St. Germain, the Ascended Master the other day, which really struck me and I am practicing this since then: “If you wish more vitality, you must visualize already having that vitality – your muscles ripping with God’s energy, your mind brimming over with vital ideas, tingling with life and light and love,” he say. “You must feel and know that the energies of God are flowing through your fingertips and toes, emanating into space the glow of abundant health and transfiguring countenance.” (Creative Abundance” By Elizabeth Clare Prophet and Mark L. Prophet)

We need now to step into higher degrees of mastery, and truly this is a time where we will need to allow the transformation to occur on all levels!
Judith Kusel

Be Ready, Hard Time Line Shift Imminent, Thwarting a Timeline Hijack, Three Giant Assignments

Archangelic Calendar

Today’s date on the Archangelic Calendar is


Gaia continues to remain Water Dominant for the second straight day. You may notice that the complete Shrine is very active and is steadily moving in the Calendar as it is by the design of our incredible Dragon Legion and for that we wholeheartedly thank them. They are an extremely hard working legion whom is always ready willing and able, despite what the legends of old claim them to be

We are RAPIDLY approaching the hard time line jump that we have been asked to implement by Archangel Michael. This timeline is in our absolute best interests but it is not without consequence. We must point out that the reality we are switching to, is much better than the alternative. This must be done at the precise date and time coordinated by Michael, and all signs indicate it will be by the next calendar date or the one after but no later than that, so be ready!

There is an attempt to hijack our timelines,  and we are going to be doing a hard pivot to avoid this pitfall and intern their miss will propel us at very fast speeds in a very unstable way. This instability will be directly linked to our ability to focus throughout all of the chaos.

Those who opted in to the optional galactic upgrades are feeling very sluggish and have a bit of ringing in their ears, as this is procedural for an upgrade of this nature. These upgrades will be giving us new and improved abilities manifesting mostly in our upper chakras.

Oprah has been quoted in private as saying that something unnatural pushed her down during her recent and very infamous fall. There is nothing unnatural about the forces that are chasing Her. In fact, they are all divinely ordained and naturally occurring energies of Infinitely Expanding Creator Source. There were many Children that she knowingly shoved into the arms of predators, this incident was administered by many parties, including her higher self, in a symbolic gesture to what is to come for her and her camp.

We don’t care for politics, our view is that the entire system needs to be ripped out from its core, but the atrocities against humanity performed by certain individuals therein can not be overlooked. This should, in no way should be construed as us involving ourselves in the political process. Even though there are pure hearts within the current administration, that’s not the majority, and it most certainly does not mean it will continue with their successors. On our current timeline, we have a tremendous concern as to what will be left behind when the smoke all clears, but this is very subject to change after the hard time line jump that we are about to experience.

I must assert this statement before continuing; the first assignment today, has nothing to do with politics, even though it could be construed as such in a certain light. These crimes have crossed all political boundaries and have gotten the attention of divinity in a very direct way. We could only hope for a day that no politics exist whatsoever, and we will continue to judge each being by the weight of their hearts, and not the colors that they wear.

Our first mission is done for the sake of the dark beings, as well as the victims they abuse. The darkness could never atone for the atrocities they have committed and thus their spirit is in an awful place of insurmountable Karma Based Debt (for lack of a better term). Stopping them is compassion in its highest regard, because we are putting an end to the suffering of all parties involved. I will digress in the name of procedure and we will reconvene this topic in assignment number one.


Most of humanities 7.8 Billion People do not have enough belief in their ability to work metaphysically as of yet. If that is not the case (and for most Light-workers it is not), feel free to use your own tools and abilities for assignments. For the others, the tools below will help you bridge the belief gap, as your belief in the said being would come into play as well.

The following tools will only be available until the mark of the next Archangelic Day (next days official post) if you are catching this on a later date. You can use the current daily tools for previous assignments. Envision yourself using said tools with a pure heart and pure intentions. Just remember imagination plus emotion, will give you the best results.

A warning to all who try to yield unworthy, these things have their own will.

Please make a mental note of what you wish to equip.

Passive = No intention needed to use or arm, it will work on its own when you accept its presence. All you need to do is give permission and it will work on your behalf.

Active = Intention Needed to use.

Aggressive = Will attack before anything has a chance to do any harm to you.

(Active, Passive and Aggressive anywhere within the universe)
The Violet Flame team has shifted to 9 from 3, this was very unexpected.

The Violet flame team is as follows, and is in no particular order Archangel Germaine, Archangel Ansiel, Archangel Orion, Archangel Emmanuel, Archangel Bathkol, Archangel Adonai, Archangel Uzziel, Archangel Aeshma, Archangel Galizur, Archangel AF, Archangel Raguel, Archangel Zadiekiel, Archangel Gzrel, Archangel Vahrmiel, Archangel Cerviel, Archangel Agla, Archangel Tatrasiel, Archangel Abrasdarhon,

(Active Long Range – Passive, Active and Aggressive Short Range)
Archangel Issac’s Radiant field looks a lot like Magnetos forcefield and it reacts to any life form with either loving energy, or a with transmutation-al blast of vast power.

(Passive and Aggressive, Long or Short Range anything in your jurisdiction)
Archangel Leo’s Swords of plenty, is a passive and aggressive attack sword that has a complete will of it’s own. Do not try to yield at all, you will only get in the way, just equip and go about your day.

(Active, Passive and Aggressive )
Archangel Pesngiyah’s Omaha shield is a great sword of reveal as it acts very aggressively upon your behalf. It does not yield at all and will go.out of its way to clear lower timelines and make all situations go in your favor.

(Passive and Aggressive Short Range)
Archangel Baruchiels orb is a great to encourage the healing of old wounds. This orb can is perfect for supporting your dreams and ambitions but it can also knock beings into another galaxy when necessary.

(Passive and Aggressive Short Range)
Archangel Balthioul’s spinning blades can thwart any distress that you may experience and it can also keep all your enemies stay at bay. The spinning blades are EXTREMELY active and when equipped with Asteraoth’s wand, it can dramatically change our daily lives through timeline manipulation.

(Active and Passive)
Archangel Pathiel’s Portal Key can open or close any portal with a simple turn of the wrist, clockwise opens them and counter clock wise closes them. When equiped it also stops portals from opening up around you without your permission.

PLEASE Note the next 3 tools are meant to be used in combination. They are sent to us to help us sustain our physical bodies. Please keep using this tool daily” we are starting to remove the energy blockages surrounding abundance.

If you need help using the below tools. Envision gold bars Using Archangel Ariel’s Wand and set it on fire using Archangel Nasaragiel’s and Archangel Israfil’s Swords. I say envision Gold because Gaia controls gold and cash money, well ya know that story. Also, the galactic federation trades in gold and manifesting in this method also aligns with their currency methods and any divinity based currency system.

Archangel Ariel’s wand of comforts, helps you summon any necessity you may have. It is a wonderful and comforting tool when equipped.

(Active, Aggressive and Passive Long and Short Range)
Archangel Israfil’s Flaming Sword can protect you against all things directed to you on a Macro or Micro Scale. It can also speed up the time in which something you wish to manifest will come to fruition.

(Active, Aggressive and Passive Long and Short Range)
Archangel Nasaragiel’s Flaming Sword can bring any negative energy to its knees. It also has the ability to remove any and all obstacles that are in the way of something that you wish to manifest.

The assignments are valid any day, please make sure you are using todays current weaponry if you are seeing this 30 or so hours after this was posted, please use your intuition

Archangel Tzedekiel’s staff of justice is a tool that is best used on a Macro level and can help move things along that are stagnant. It can also summon and maintain force fields for protection purposes.

(Passive and Aggressive)
Archangel Shepard’s orb is a presence of divinity that allows anyone that you are engaged with a clear path to forgiveness or a direct audience with infinitely expanding creator source on the matter. This is a truly compassionate tool of divine orchestration.

Archangel ZagZagel’s staff of heavenly might, rains large crystal masses upon a targeted area. Great for large targets, works on the physical and non physical as well.

Archangelic Calendar
The question was about today’s assignments

The assignments are valid any day, please make sure you are using today’s current weaponry if you are seeing this 30 or so hours after this was posted, please use your intuition.

1) We have seen the crimes against the innocent that Hil-lary Clin-ton, Joh-n Pod-Esta and company have committed, and for that,  and that alone we are giving the thumbs up to this assignment, which will be in cooperation with the Templar, Archangelic, Royal Guard and Galactic Legions.

Every time Hillary or any one of their cult, is in the Hot Seat, they summon their finest demons. These entities are unauthorised, and are not allowed on this plane of existence.

First, We must shut the portal that summons these entities in Atlanta, Houston and New York City. There are the only three left that they know how to use, these would be them. Do not attempt to destroy these portals, only close them.

Then we must uncloak Hill-ary’s essence, and force her to face her deliberations in a forthcoming way with no tricks this time. You must use an advanced and eclectic attack of metaphysical tools, so feel your way through it.

Her true essence is not humanoid, and even as her clone, she will project many tentacles, and that’s how you know when you may discontinue. She is trying to also block the many Videos that are in the Justice Department’s hands from entering public view, when we have completed this, it will prevent any cloaking of that information as well.

2) The corruption in NASA runs deep and this specific cover up is utterly useless to even their own agenda. They are projecting a false sky via satellite to ensure that we do not see the many sky anomalies that are about to occur. They know this affects us in a very real way, because the last time such an anomaly took place the image was etched in the hearts of mankind for every generation to follow, and every time the symbol is seen, it reminds them of this cataclysm which changed their lives forever event. If you are wondering what that symbol is, it would be the Eye of Horus.

This cosmic event was completely covered up by NASA as to not admit the physics that they presented are based upon the misconstrued theory of Gravity, when it should be solidly based upon the principles of Electricity. This is a huge topic of exploration and I encourage you to research the “Electric Universe Theory” if you wish to know more, but I must digress for the sake of time.

There are 32 false imagining satellites that are floating around in the Sky. They are specifically worried about the Beatleguese explosion that is set to take place hitting the mind’s eyes of mankind. Please be advised that this trick is not exclusive to this purpose, as it is a known to hide federation starships as well, so do not go in guns blazing.

You will be able to identify these satellites with ease, as they are the only glowing blue orbs in our orbit but you will need pin point accuracy to handle this properly as they are very shifty.

We have had great success taking satellites down in the past, and we will continue to have similar success on today’s assignment. Use everything you got, and do not stop until you see their lights go out.


3) Behind the Right Ear of the Sphinx is a lever that opens up the left Paw of the sphinx to reveal a great chamber. This also unlocks a tremendous amount of hidden knowledge, and the more people who do this, the more treasures of knowledge that shall come to humanities way, soon thereafter.


Today is day Two of 18 Meditations Inspired by the 18 Archangelic Legions

If you order any product on Amazon through the following links the proceeds will go towards the Ecuador healing retreat center.

The Wave

Dearest one, you are standing on the precipice of yet another immense shift.  Imagine the ocean prior to a tsunami.  All the water is being pulled out to sea as that wave gathers strength and speed.  You may be left standing on the wet sand, wondering what is happening. (Smiling)

This is the time to release fear, gather your resources, allowing yourself to be centered and peaceful.  With The Universe as your ‘wing-person’, you will be able to move through it with grace and ease.  Use the gifts and knowledge without reservation to assist yourself and others through this interesting time. ~ Creator


Pars Kutay

This continuing High Frequency Energy… Higher Dimensional Divine SOURCE Light Wave… is raising the Consciousness of every living BEing on our planet, Enhancing our planet’s Leaps in Consciousness, in Harnessing the Power of Creation in our NEW 5D Earth.

March will BE known as the month of Enforcement. Not just on Earth but in the other Dimensions surrounding Earth.

The Electromagnetic Light Spectrum has increased exponentially, and the Great Central Sun connected to all the other Suns has pulsed it’s message.

This is a Great Awakening into 5D which is occurring in our NOW time of March 2020…

With Sacred LOVE of ONEness,

💜🙏💜 ~

Elizabeth Peru

15 hrs

With only 6 MORE days left of MERCURY RETROGRADE, you’re still in the ideal period of the year to uncover and then clear up any misunderstandings that you’ve had, in any important life area. Have you been finding this?

HEALTH & HEALING are two major areas that Mercury’s backward glance can bring to the fore. And we’re certainly seeing that happening globally. If you’re being tested, I’m here to assist you in today’s TIP-OFF Energy Forecast 💗 Stay focused and high-vibration with cosmic knowledge that you can use and apply to great effect! Join us…



The Tzolkin Times

13 hrs

Kin 235 ~ Blue Magnetic Eagle

Today is the first day of the Blue Eagle wavespell. The first day is called ‘Magnetic’ and it’s key words are ‘Unify, Purpose and Attract’. It’s always helpful to start a wavespell intentionally and because this wavespell is a 13 day period of ‘Vision and Creativity’ …its a great time to start a creative project. Spend some time today contemplating what you could make a start of.

Today is Blue Eagle, the creative energy starts here as the Eagle is now in flight. Follow the Eagle if you want to see things from that bird’s eye view. When you combine the meaning of both the number and day the result is ‘unify vision or attract to create.’ To summarize; Today is about vision…what do you see? Be inspired to be creative with the visions you experience. Beware, Eagle power is very strong with sharp talons… the ‘visions’ eagle may show you has the potential to shred your reality to pieces.

Today’s guide is also Blue Eagle and therefore it is a double dose of Eagle medicine.

If you are a Red Serpent, today will challenge you. Eagle is your polar opposite and where as you see things very up close and in detail you don’t always see the bigger picture. Fly like an eagle if you dare and grasp that elusive bigger picture. For the rest of us, we may lack grounding and should be wary of flying too high.

The Occult power is the White Worldbridger which represents ‘Opportunity, Death and Equality’. When Worldbridger falls on an Occult day we have an opportunity to cross a magical bridge. This is a great partner for Eagle as flying high can help you locate the bridge you need to cross. There is magic to help you too and so be prepared for a shamanic experience.

The Ally today is the Yellow Seed and so their energy is very supportive, if you need a friend go find a Yellow Seed, the love to share their wisdom and this can really be useful.



Christina Papageorgiou

1 MEN – KIN 235
4 MARCH 2020


I Unify in order to Create
Attracting Mind
I seal the output of VISION
With the Magnetic tone of Purpose
I AM guided by the power of MY OWN POWER DOUBLED.


4/3/2020 = 4/3/4 = 11 =2

4 – Angelic/Earth/Form/Foundation
3 – Holy Trinity/Joy/Creativity
11 – Portal/Doorway/Polarity
2 – Partnership/Cooperation/Unity

4/3/4 – code continues the Master Builder theme (22) as we build a new foundation based on with the 11 we have a portal day – a gate opening for cooperative team builders and twins to form this new structure and ENVISION this NEW WORLD.🌈🌏🌍🌎


The 2020 – AWAKENING code is amplified today (and the next 13 days) combining with BLUE EAGLE to give us X-RAY VISION…what was hidden and UNSEEN will now be REVEALED!! So GET READY – for HUGE PLANETARY REVELATIONS as the evolutionary🎡 wheel turns to FULL THROTTLE!! 💥💥💥

This is the first day of the BLUE EAGLE Wavespell, thus in effect we have a TRIPLE EAGLE DAY 👁👁👁bringing forth great VISIONARY POWERS as your 3rd EYE is AWAKENED and ACTIVATED! During the WHITE WIND wavespell we were forging a stronger connection to Spirit and now we are taking the next step by amplifying the flow of VISIONS and messages from Spirit…through the BLUE EAGLE…

During this Wavespell of the BLUE EAGLE, the purpose is to DETACH from the mundane in order to EXPAND your vision and SEE 👁 the BIG PICTURE in order to create it. What do you see? 👁 Is your path clear? Do you have uninterrupted views and room to fly?

MAGNETIC – Tone 1 in the SPIRITUAL realm. We commence a new cycle with the theme of MAGNETIZING and UNIFYING through your greater PURPOSE. ACTION – attracts, POWER – unify, ESSENCE – purpose MAGNETIC energy encompasses Unconditional love, the one heart, indivisible essence, core vibration, new beginnings, chalice of the infinite, All That Is. One is the ray of unity with self and Source. Call forth the resonance of your true vibration. Feel the pulse of this ecstatic frequency of the ONE. You are being offered profound awakenings and the exquisite radiance of unconditional love. This is a time of new beginnings in your life. Be active in your individual expression, committed to the evolution of your soul’s vision.
The MAGNETIC BLUE EAGLE is guiding you to focus on CREATING your greatest VISION… and UNIFYING with your kin to magnetically attract all that you need to fulfill your future vision… so set forth your greatest intentions for this 13 day cycle..


CONSCIOUS SELF & HIGHER SELF: BLUE EAGLE 👁 – MEN. We have DOUBLE power of BLUE EAGLE, as well as the wavespell power today TRIPLING your VISIONARY POWERS.. the key trait of the majestic WISE BLUE EAGLE is holding the POWER to CREATE the GREATER VISION held in the MIND’S EYE….. BLUE EAGLE is the prophet, the SEER, the WISE ONE who can look far into the future and SEE the outcome, discerning which timeline to CREATE, from the incoming VISIONS… BLUE EAGLE is a channel for the Planetary & Universal MIND – encoded with God’s greatest DIVINE PLAN for humanity… EAGLE holds the key to our evolution 🔑 as he can SEE the outcome, the end of the road where we are headed, he can fly far ahead and bring forth great solutions to current problems and warn us of unforseen DANGER on our PATH…

Invite BLUE EAGLE to be your GUIDE for this wavespell revealing to you all that needs to be SEEN for the highest good of your soul…be prepared to FACE whatever is uncovered as it may not be all “wine and roses”. The EAGLE – like RED SERPENT is unrelenting in his purpose to get you on your highest path – so be prepared to EXAMINE what is revealed through the magnifying lens of the ALL SEEING EYE! (Last year on this day a beautiful lady commented that she literally had an EAGLE FLY into her car windscreen!! Many people reported SEEING actual EAGLES too and also DREAMING of EAGLES – so take note of when/where and WHAT the EAGLE is showing you!)

This is an opportune time to expand your psychic powers of clairvision, remote viewing and manifesting through VISUALIZATION. Clearing, opening and upgrading your 3rd eye/pineal chakra will be easier during this wavespell. It is important that you hold the DREAM in your mind’s eye, in order to bring it forth into your reality. If you can ENVISION it, you CAN CREATE IT!!

SUPPORT: YELLOW SEED 🌾 KAN – Be willing to break open the constraining shells of past patterns, the shackles of belief structures in order to reach your Highest potential… Call forth your creative involvement with life. This involvement frees and awakens the powerful energy of the life force, shifting your perceptions and experience, catalyzing the manifestation of your dreams. Participate spontaneously in your growth, unrestricted by the illusion of old structures that once provided safety. Move forward into the LIGHT of new possibilities. YELLOW SEED provides the ripening power, for your VISIONS to be planted and blossom. The VISIONS that come forth need to be enacted, creating the new beginnings for your new projects, career and creations. Offer your DREAM-Seed to the universe.

OCCULT/HIDDEN POWER: WHITE WORLDBRIDGER🌈🌉 CIMI seals the store of DEATH…. calling forth CLOSURE of the old cycle and your old SELF… with every death comes a New beginning, so prepare to walk through the new doors that CIMI is opening… WORLD BRIDGER is a brilliant networker and allows for new teams and communities to come together and share the VISION. Collectively we can all hold the global vision for our new world, new systems, innovative technologies and ideas and better ways of living. Allow CIMI to be the bridge that connects you to all you need to CREATE your highest VISION..

CHALLENGE/GIFT: RED SERPENT🐍 CHICCHAN represents the reptilian brain. This part of the brain that thrives on routine, pattern and predictability. If you are in the shadow of RED SERPENT, you may be living your life on “automatic pilot,” appearing to be separated from choices motivated by your soul. You may also be challenged with survival issues, FEAR and self-doubt feeling paralyzed to follow your DREAMS… Utilitze the power of RED SERPENT to tap into the LIFE FORCE, VITALITY and PASSION that Chicchan gifts you with today… Welcome the spontaneity and novelty, freeing the predictability of the routine and habitual. Escape the mundane and seek new horizons. Allow the wisdom of Chicchan combined with BLUE EAGLE to direct the FOCUS of your greatest VISION… Envision it, Believe it and then you can CREATE IT!

DREAM BIG precious StarSeeds and BELIEVE in a grander vision. What else is possible for me?

Today’s question is “How can I CREATE the highest VISION for my life, fulfilling my higher Divine purpose?” What do I need to ATTRACT?

🐬🌈 🐬🌈🐬🌈🐬🌈

Divine blessings for the wondrous unfoldment of your GRAND VISION.

Namaste’ 🙏🙏🙏
In Lak’ech a la kin
Christina White Magnetic Worldbridger – KIN 66 🌏🌈

Some excerpts taken from “The Mayan Oracle – Return Path to the Stars” by Ariel Spilsbury & Michael Bryner 🙏🙏🙏



If you order any product on Amazon through the following links the proceeds will go towards the Ecuador healing retreat center.


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