21 ~ Victory of the Light – Violet Flame Transmutation ~ Legions of Power and Protection

January 18, 2021

Share This: 21 ~ Victory of the Light – Violet Flame Transmutation ~ Legions of Power and Protection  A Girl in the Universe tSpftosnsore8hd  ·  HIGH VIBRATIONAL ENERGIES NOW LAYERING IN. Almost an Ethereal Magic feeling to them. Quick Update Schumann Resonance has been activated for several hours. We are begining to really feel the affects of those incoming energies. As they layer in, we are feeling the standard ascension…


Decree of Sovereignty of Mankind

June 14, 2019

Share This: Meditation to Decree the Sovereignty of Mankind and The End of Chimera Urgent call to all Light-Workers & Light-Warriors! In honor and custody of the Galactic Codex and in the name of the Forces of Light to which we are an operational part on the surface, we make a call to each AWAKENED SOUL in this Planet Earth and beyond, to participate in our Meditation to Decree the…


Victory Now

February 26, 2019

Share This: IT IS WITH GREAT JOY THAT I PRESENT THIS VICTORY OF THE LIGHT PROGRESS OVERVIEW TO YOU ~ Therese Zumi Victory of the Light Progress Report May 2015 Who exactly are the Allied Light Forces? Who is underground? Who is on the surface? Who is orbiting the planet? What is Galactic Codex? What is the current situation? What are the victories that we have had so far? This…


The Work is Completed and the Victory Won a Message from Sananda

April 24, 2016

A Group of Sages came together on a Mountaintop in the Mountains west of Santa Barbara, United States near the west coast March 31, April 1, April 2 and April 3rd, 2016. Sacred Vedic Ceremonies were performed for four long days which have not been done on Earth in thousands and thousands of years.

On the first day the 5 Elements were invoked together and made to lay the foundation for putting their Blessing on New Earth. The Galactics were present throughout on the ground and in the skies assisting with the manifestation of needed energies to move through the changes. The Diamond Energies merged with the 5 Elements to set the stage for what was to come.