41  Quantum Reality ~ OUR LADY of GRACE DAY ~ Virgin Mary ~ Crystalline DNA EXPANSION ~ Kin 55: Blue Electric Eagle

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41  Quantum Reality ~ OUR LADY of GRACE DAY ~ Virgin Mary ~ Crystalline DNA EXPANSION ~ Kin 55: Blue Electric Eagle

Right now: Moon at 2°58′ Capricorn, Sun at 19°32′ Aquarius

sabian symbols

Current Sabian Symbols

Current Sabian Symbol for the Sun

A large white dove bearing a message.
Sabian Symbol for 20º Aquarius

The current Sabian Symbol of the Sun is the symbol that characterizes the ongoing solar influence, the vital energy and the personality, or it’s just a symbol which characterizes this day, while the Sun’s position (rounded to the next degree) is 20º Aquarius.


Current Sabian Symbol for the Moon

Indians – some rowing a canoe and others dancing a war dance in it.
Sabian Symbol for 5º Capricorn

The current Sabian Symbol of the Moon is the symbol that characterizes the ongoing lunar influence, the emotional background, or it’s just a symbol which characterizes this moment, while the Moon’s position (rounded to the next degree) is 5º Capricorn.

source: www.astrologyweekly.com


February 7th is a very SPECIAL DIVINE DAY. It is the FEAST day celebrating OUR LADY of GRACE.
OUR LADY of GRACE is a title of Mother Mary – the mother of Yeshua/Jesus. This day is in honour of Mary and is a day when we can ASK for DIVINE INTERCESSION
✨ DIVINE GRACE is bestowed upon EARTH’s children.
One image associated with “Our Lady of Grace” is that displayed on the Miraculous Medal. Catherine Labouré, a French member of the Daughters of Charity of Saint Vincent de Paul, reported that in 1830, she experienced a vision of Mary in the convent chapel on the Rue du Bac, in Paris. Labouré said that Mary appeared standing upon the globe with her arms outstretched. As if from rings set with precious stones dazzling rays of light were emitted from her fingers. When asked why all the rings did not emit light, the apparition responded that these were graces for which people forget to ask. SOURCE: WIKIPEDIA
The RAINBOW RAYS emitted from Mary’s hands represent the DIVINE GRACES she is sending to those who ASK for assistance, forgiveness , mercy and blessings. The IMMACULATE HEART ❤ which intercedes for us.
When events appeared grim recently, Spirit told me not to worry and to HAVE FAITH that a MIRACLE ✨was coming for humanity, and we would have DIVINE INTERVENTION to STOP the tyranny and return to the DIVINE OUTCOME. So when I learned that FEBRUARY 7th was the feast day of OUR LADY of GRACE I had absolute TINGLES!!!
I did a GOOGLE SEARCH for this FEAST day and these words appeared on my screen
In order to RECEIVE this DIVINE GRACE – we must simply ASK FOR IT!
So TODAY on behalf of all EARTH CITIZEN’s we BOND together to ACTIVATE the BIG VISION for our beloved PLANET, and ASK that we receive a MIRACLE to secure our 5D timeline and fill our world with LOVE and BLISS
Please put your left hand on your HEART❤ and say out loud
“Dear beloved Mother Mary
we ask for your GRACE
and all her children,
so that we all may live in GLORIOUS PEACE.
AMEN ” ❤❤❤
P.S. You can also ASK for personal blessings too!
Christina White Magnetic Worldbridger – KIN 66
Our Atmosphere Was Hit Last Night With Fast, High Density Particles from the Sun, causing our Geomagnetic Storm.
That storm is now causing the Schumann Resonance to react in a big way.
That reaction is bringing in big upgrades, downloads and Ascension Symptoms straight to YOU.
As you know, we are right in the middle of the Ascension and these energies are bringing just what you need to make the changes.
That said, it’s not an easy path.
We go from tired to wired.
From Hot to Cold.
From blessed out to stressed out.
But try to remember, no matter what you’re experiencing in this now moment….
You took this mission, you KNEW it wouldn’t be easy, yet here you are DOING IT.
You Truly Are Amazing
Know your Crystalline DNA is a never ending Cascade of Light.
Dimensions apon dimensions of light levels, merging, integrating, uniting into a cosmic, rhythmic light relationship of infinite proportions. We bring through this discussion today to assist a greater perspective of your true origins, the true light language of who you are.
Let it be told the cryptic nature of your origins stems back to the same building blocks of life for all beings. For the encodement of your DNA is a universal life signature. A technique used throughout the galaxy to create all beings.
Know the multidimensional reality you reside in, the purpose of creation will ultimately determine the end product, the end form of encoded DNA, to play and be in your virtual reality.
The white hats of your world, simply the higher light beings who protect the good will of your community, are simply here to be guardians and anchor in the foreseeable changes that are encoded within the timeline of your reality.
As you are the ground dwellers of your reality, see us as the higher light dwellers, with a role like yourselves, For we follow through with the higher light requirements of your world in accordance with the Higher Light requirements of your fundamental reality.
Our role is simply to assist the evolution and to ensure your roles are brought forth collectively, to assist the awakened souls who are encoded with the higher light capabilities of creation.
As we collectively Align in a Wonderful Spectrum of Light, together in Unity.
Sending waves of Cosmic Love
The Arcturians & Karen Lithika ❤❤
Thank you Artist xo
Spaceweather is reporting a minor G1-class geomagnetic storm on Feb 7th as Earth enters a high-speed stream of solar wind. The gaseous material is flowing faster than 500 km/s from an equatorial hole in the Sun’s atmosphere.
The increased light activity of Solar Wind affects, not only the Earth’s electro-magnetic fields but our personal electro-magnetic or auric fields as well.
Plus, these light energies magnify whatever planetary aspects are currently taking place.
When Solar Wind, or other such light energy reaches the Earth, it amps up the ionic energy and the magnetic waves – dramatically increasing the effect of any planetary alignments that are happening at the same time. One of the visible results is seen in the magnificent auroras around the planet.
This means the Venus Saturn Conjunction still in close alignment and the Sun nearly conjunct retrograde Mercury are experiencing a magnifying affect to help us create new more expansive ways of perceiving our reality as we question what IS so we can experience radical evolutionary new ways of being within ourselves!
Posted by Cayelin K Castell
Feb 2021 photo by Ian Griffin
Beloved Ones,
The energy at the moment is being overwhelming for many of us who act as New Earth’s anchors, energy transmutators or any other role that involves to massively transmute energies, which in a way we all do this, as conscious beings whose main wish is not just evolve, at a personal level, but assist those who are willing to commit to this evolutionary journey too.
If you are one who are being challenged by the massive of opposite frequencies on the Planet, call upon your Guides team together with the Violet and White Flames to help you ease the burden. They are wondrous purifiers and cleaners and they will help you in both a personal level, and a global one, to continue with your mission without being drained and/or feeling physically disturbed by the current energies. For we are never alone or should be hopeless in this process, as there are many benevolent beings and energies helping us, co-creating with us, in the many purposes that we brought here.
At the moment, and as we all are envisioning from our loving space, there are more and more who are not just awakening to their soul’s passion and mission, but to new ways of living and how they would like to sustain themselves, in the physical, for once we are fully aware of who we are and our role within Creation, it is a matter of time that we align both and make our own jobs and ways to support ourselves.
This is what is taking place at the moment, when all may seem chaotic. However, it is nothing but the efforts that many, as One, are doing to conquer their shadows, and move into their light spaces, creating their own free ways to express their hearts in the world. In the macro, this planetary event is being represented by many events that are taking place in the following days. The first one is the North Node quintile Chiron. As you know, the North Node is what lies ahead of us, where we are heading in terms of personal mission, which is what many are considering now.
What brings you passion and joy? What you love doing the most?
What fulfills your heart and soul at the end of the day? What makes you feel at Home? Many are beginning to define the concept of what is possible now, understanding that if one chooses to move into a new world of infinite possibilities, regaining freedom and hence personal sovereignty, there is no such a thing as impossibility. There is only the will to create new ways of being and living, or fear, and hence, to continue living in the old. You decide.
A few days later, on February 9, we have Saturn as well sextile Chiron, followed by a New Moon in Aquarius and on February 17, Saturn, again, squaring Uranus, something that precisely happens every fourteen years, and that comes now to reassure the massive change that is meant to occur for us to continue moving into the desired harmonic dimension, making sure that all happens accordingly to the Divine’s Plan. Indeed planetary events to helps us with their potent energies to regain freedom, self-mastery, and hence, personal command of own’s reality.

Regarding the North Node, as you know both the North Node and Saturn asks us to move forward, to take responsibility and to do what it takes to fulfill our soul’s will. This is another message for us to become or initiate ourselves into further ways of our personal mission.

Will you embrace the healer that you are, using your power and light to bring restoration and healing to All? The time to do so, if you are ready and willing, has come, for it is now during this challenging transition that All needs of your compassion, love, wisdom and above all, healing Light.
Indeed both planetary aspects ask us to embrace the healer within and fulfill our role within Creation as bringers of love and compassion, for this is what we agreed to do once we become humans. There are though many distractions, we too knew, in this 3D plane that may have been impeding some to awake to their main roles.
However, as we are seeing in the collective the time for them to be conscious of who they are and personal missions has already come, and the massive riots and fights for freedom are nothing but the beginning of what will come in the following years, for we are just setting the main foundations to build a new society.
The ego will tell us that it cannot be possible to live as we desire, and many will actually quit, for it takes devotion, not just to our personal journey, but to All, as One Family. It takes courage to continue with our mission even in the most challenging conditions. However, there is only a way out, if, as I always say, there is the Will.
When our soul informs us of our mission, everything, even though we need to experience some hardships to grow, helps us achieving our main purpose, for it is the purpose of the Universe too, as it is expressing its wish to help others through us. Therefore there is always a benevolent Force that no matter what will help us moving forward and fulfil our destiny. Our main aim is not to decay and align with this kindly Force.
In these intense times, remember that all you feel passionate about, all that you love doing and that helps others, is what you are here for. There is no one that can tell you who you are and what you came here to share, for only you can know this. There is always a clear sign, often coming in the form of a feeling, that will let you know where and what you should be giving to bring more love and compassion.
There is always a whisper that many times we tend to cover due to our many fears and doubts that is incessantly telling us what do. And this whisper, unless you will continue to ignore it, will be always there to remind you the purpose of your human existence.
Will you choose to listen? Or will you choose to remain in denial?
Will you choose to embrace your power knowing you will have to take full responsibility for your human journey?
Will you choose to be the free sovereign being that you were born to be?
Within Infinite love,
Natalia Alba
Sunday February 7 2021
A heads up! Systems Overload and Overwriting….
As the air crackles and fritzes, your systems are being overloaded and overwritten because all the traditional Copernican planets -except for Mars-are stacked in Aquarius conjunct the Black Holes of Cygnus-X. That is a huge amount of Fixed Air in one part of your chart, all amplified by Mercury retrograde conjunct the Sun, square Mars and conjunct Venus and Jupiter.
The Wave of Revelation is unstoppable. To avoid feeling wired and tired, get offline as much as possible before your brain fries.
Thursday’s New Moon at 23 Aquarius is strung in a rare diamond necklace of 7 planets – Sun, Moon, Mercury Rx, Venus, Jupiter, Saturn and strategist Pallas Athene. On the day of this electric New Moon, Venus and Jupiter will be exactly conjunct in Aquarius – an entry point into a powerful period of social, cultural and philosophical change.
Jupiter in Aquarius is the vector of good fortune and will bring a year of exceptional opportunities. Knowing this, pay attention to your Big No/Big Yes signals which will be working overtime, tap insights, coincidences, synchronicities, make astute changes quickly, pin down the inklings – before they vanish into the ethers.
Trust that intuitive tweaks as opposed to linear planning will enhance your business/practice/service beyond your expectations. Be ready to shift habitual investments of time or energy, adjust projects towards a bigger purpose, especially those oriented to humanistic and planetary wellbeing. Follow the unstoppable momentum towards Green Swan sustainable living by being part of the Kindness economy.
The Chandra Symbol for New Moon 23° Aquarius: Ancient runes carved at random on grey rocks.
“Learning ultimate truths the hard way. A highly unusual gift accompanies this transmission. We are the meeting ground of worlds, the crossing point. Therefore, we can reveal, we can tap, we can attune to the myriad signatures of how each and every world intersects the other optimally. We know these things from inside and the only thing our mind can do is support and affirm what is right there to be witnessed with open eyes. We cannot get away from anything ever. No matter what we do, there we are facing ourselves with the next level of what we need to see. The only graceful response is to get into it, to be right there every time.” Inside degrees Elias Lonsdale.
Read the Week Ahead + Sign Forecasts for February 7-14 at: www.hareinthemoonastrology.co.uk
Venus in Aquarius square Uranus in Taurus – After yesterday’s prompt towards healing, today may see us recognising where change is needed. Instability around relationships or financial issues could lead us to question whether we are on the right track, or whether we need to take a different path. Right now, we desire creative freedom, the ability to stand or fall on our own terms, the space to be who we are. Feeling hemmed in could trigger sudden splits and revolts. Instead of feeling backed into a corner, take time to honestly appraise where life has got out of balance. Look for the most loving response to alleviate pain and pressure.
Make room for new experiences. Flout convention. Make money your own way. Send out gratitude to shift perspective. Awaken your heart. Radical self-love facilitates connection to higher consciousness.
Degrees and Time
Venus 06°Aq58′, Uranus 06°Ta58′ – 03:32 (UT)
Painting – ‘Mada Primavesi’ by Gustav Klimt
  • Kin 55 ~ Blue Electric Eagle
The number 3 is called ‘Electric’ and it’s key words are ‘Activate, Bond and Service’. A wavespell flows in a particular rhythm. Day one kicks things off, day two identifies the challenges and day three activates. It can be a real live wire of a day depending on which sign/glyph it combines with.
Today is Blue Eagle and key words associated with it are ‘Creativity, Mind and Vision’. The Eagle sees things from a higher perspective and then uses creativity to solve any problems it sees. This day is all about stepping back and considering the bigger picture. So how does this fit in with the current wavespell? We are journeying for 13 days with the Red Skywalker which asks us to get out of our comfort zone and be more adventurous. Today the Eagle can help you have a vision, and this can inspire you and show you the direction to go. If previously you were unsure of where this adventure was going to take you, Eagle has some creative ideas for you. As it is an ‘Electric’ day, the visions are activated resulting in a potentially electrifying experience!
The Guide today is Blue Storm which represents change, suggesting that this day is going to be very interesting and the visions that Eagle shows you will guide you to make some big changes in your life. You may not like what you see as you step back and see the bigger picture, but this vision has potential to really change your life.
If you are a Red Serpent today will challenge you. It’s hard to see the bigger picture sometimes and serpents, well, they crawl on the ground on their bellies….you can’t get more grounded than that. They can see the details up close and are very connected to the earth but sometimes they need to fly to see what’s going on in the vicinity.
The Occult power is the White Worldbridger which represents ‘Opportunity, Death and Equality’. When Worldbridger falls on an Occult day we have an opportunity to cross a magical bridge. This is a great partner for Eagle as flying high can help you locate the bridge you need to cross. There is magic to help you too and so be prepared for a shamanic experience.
The Ally is the Yellow Seed which represents ‘sowing awareness’. Today people born on Yellow Seed are of great help to everyone providing much need information.
3 MEN – KIN 55
Bonding MIND
I seal the output of VISION
With the ELECTRIC tone of SERVICE
I AM guided by the power of SELF-GENERATION.
⚡⚡ ⚡⚡
7/2/2021 = 7/2/5 = 7/7=14 =5
14- Media/Publicity/Recognition
5- FREEDOM/Change/Transformation/LIBERATION
2- Twins/Partnership/Cooperation
Woweee what a line-up of MAJIKAL LIBERATION codes
⚡⚡ ⚡⚡
SUMMARY of codes for 7 FEBRUARY, 2021
1.✨7/7 Majik code 5/5 Liberation code 14 – Media/Publicity code
2. ✨KIN 55 LIBERATION code
⚡⚡ ⚡⚡
BLUE ELECTRIC EAGLE DAY – KIN 55 is the 3rd day of the RED SKYWALKER Wavespell of AWAKENING, EXPANSION and EXPLORATION. TODAY we ACTIVATE our capacity to SEE into the EMOTIONAL plane, witnessing what creates the greatest amount of transformation for ourselves and our planet as we seek to CREATE this BIG NEW VISION as we AWAKEN our GLOBAL family with a BIG BLAST! .
NOTE: We also have 6 planets in the REVOLUTIONARY rebellious sign of AQUARIUS today heralding the NEW GOLDEN AGE of AQUARIUS.✨More detail here re zodiac alignments today…
On August 6th, 1945, BLUE ELECTRIC EAGLE ⚡ day, the United States of America changed the face of warfare when it dropped an ATOMIC BOMB on Hiroshima, Japan. Three days later on 9 August, 1945, WHITE RHYTHMIC MIRROR day, U.S. forces detonated a second ATOMIC BOMB over Nagasaki, Japan, forcing an END to World War 2. NOTE: The RHYTHMIC tone seeks EQUALITY, through the action of BALANCE. These bombings also occurred during the RHYTHMIC LIZARD Moon month, so BALANCE was very much a priority at the time. YELLOW STAR – restoring HARMONY and peace was both the challenge and gift of the day on August 9th, 1945. PEACE and HARMONY were restored on that day as World War 2 abruptly came to an end and everyone could return to their civilian lives once again so the ELECTRIC EAGLE heralded in a NEW ERA of PEACE to PLANET EARTH. ⚡ ❤
Today is BLUE ELECTRIC EAGLE DAY and 3 days later on 10 FEBRUARY 2021 the RHYTHMIC MIRROR code activates to restore HARMONY and BALANCE once again just as it did in 1945!
❓❓❓So will this BLUE ELECTRIC EAGLE DAY – again repeat the pattern and herald in a new era of GLOBAL PEACE – that of the new GOLDEN AGE???? We shall just have to wait and SEE!
BLUE ELECTRIC EAGLE day holds the POWER of a NUCLEAR BOMB as its codes are very potent. I have always believed that the ELECTRIC ⚡ ⚡ ⚡ tone is one of the most POWERFUL and thus also one of the most difficult to master due to its volatility. The analogy I use is like giving a bomb to a toddler! That is the potentiality of the ELECTRIC ⚡ tone, which I also call the “Tesla Power” ⚡ ⚡ ⚡ – how you use this energy source depends on your motives and level of consciousness. It can be used to cause great destruction, or great positive evolution and benefit for humanity. BLUE EAGLE gives us the POWER of great VISION and foresight, so utilizing this we should be able to make the BEST choices for our planet.
The ELECTRIC tone coupled with the BLUE EAGLE is a very potent force for SEERS to take the reigns and ACTIVATE this bigger VISION.
Today we are ENVISIONING how we can ACTIVATE our electrical power, ⚡ ⚡ ⚡ to send waves of pure charged energy to uplift and energize others through Divine Service.
⚡⚡ ⚡⚡
BLUE EAGLE holds the power of VISION throughout the whole SPECTRUM of the space/time continuum… the past, the present and the FUTURE… as well as parallel timelines and possibilities. BLUE EAGLE is the SEER and VISIONARY – who can fly up ahead and return as the Messenger – warning us of what lies in our future if we do not consciously CHOOSE to change our current course. As we course correct the BLUE EAGLE can identify WHERE each timeline will lead – the FINAL OUTCOME.. The ELECTRIC tone can ACTIVATE our FUTURE TIMELINE – it can very POWERFULLY DESTROY one path and set humanity on a new course altogether… such is the potent POWER of this ELECTRIC EAGLE!
BLUE EAGLE holds the codes for our collective PLANETARY MIND so today’s code has great influence in our Planetary LIBERATION. KIN 55 BONDS ALL MINDS together to ACTIVATE the BIG PICTURE!
So whatever transpires today has the power to AWAKEN and UNITE – all of HU-MAN-KIND!
✨✨The COLLECTIVE BIG VISION for our PLANET is being ACTIVATED today!✨✨
NOTE: February 7th is “coincidentally” the day of the SUPERBOWL in Florida, USA .. The kickoff is scheduled for 6.30 pm Eastern Standard Time with over 102 MILLION viewers! The teams playing are the Kansas City – CHIEFS versus the Tampa Bay -BUCCANEERS… Hmmm interesting that Buccaneer means a PIRATE.. so the Wizard of Oz – Emerald city risks being robbed by the pirates!! Very interesting symbolism – my money is on the CHIEFS for the VICTORY!!
With such a large “captive” audience – this is a great forum to DROP A TRUTH BOMB!! ✨
Fingers crossed
⚡⚡ ⚡⚡
BLUE ELECTRIC STORM CAUAC is in the HIGHER SELF/GUIDE position today causing TREMENDOUS cataclysmic transformation through the powers of purification, stirring the mud pit in order to clear the dross. Purely ALLOW the STORM energy itself to transform and LIBERATE us through the FREEDOM that is generated through chaos that dissolves ANY RESISTANCE to change. Absolutely BRILLIANT for SMASHING through any cognitive dissonance today.. this is CIRCUIT BREAKING with the ELECTRICAL tone – enabling NEW WIRING to be laid and connected!
The BLUE STORM holds the power of THE THUNDER-BEINGS cracking OPEN the old in order to dissolve and LIBERATE the new.. This is the POWER of Mjölnir-the hammer of the god Thor in Norse mythology, used both as a devastating weapon and as a divine instrument to provide blessings. And indeed many BLESSINGS come through the power of TRANSFORMATION that CAUAC brings.
CAUAC is blessing us with the power of regeneration today, a chance to change course and START ANEW! We may have some discomfort through the chaos, but this energy can then be catalyzed for tremendous Planetary transformation.
⚡⚡ ⚡⚡
YELLOW ELECTRIC SEED KAN is the supporting energy providing the impetus to TRANSFORM and GROW through this great change.. KAN and CAUAC are SHAKING you up, forcing you to AWAKEN and change course in order to embody the highest LIGHT and realize your full DIVINE potential as a STAR SEED/BLOSSOM.✨ The ELECTRIC SEED – has the POWER to FORCIBLY AWAKEN in order to STEP UP in the next stage of your Mission and our Planetary R-EVOLUTION!
On a PLANETARY LEVEL – KAN is holding the potential LIGHT packets which when released and ACTIVATED can SEED the HIGHER TIMELINE in our beautiful new reality. A POWERFUL support for HUMANITY’S AWAKENING.
⚡⚡ ⚡⚡
WHITE SPECTRAL WORLDBRIDGER CIMI is the OCCULT/hidden SUPER power today – sealing the store of DEATH and closing the cycle. This BRIDGE has a SPECTRAL tone, so it provides EXTRA nuclear force to DISSOLVE, RELEASE and LIBERATE The shackles are smashed to smithereens -..This DEATH could be literal, as in the case of the HIROSHIMA BOMB or rather symbolic – as in the DEATH of the old paradigm, old world and old Patriarchal control Matrix.. either way expect abrupt ENDINGS today!
These codes are POTENT for creating our Planetary transformation through radical LIBERATION.. LET GO and SURRENDER to the power of the STORM in bringing through the BIG PICTURE for our PLANET. CIMI can then build the RAINBOW BRIDGE to the NEW world we are creating.
NOTE: Japan holds the codes of CIMI the WHITE WORLDBRIDGER on the Planetary Holon Japan certainly felt the pain of DEATH, suffering, loss and grief on that life shattering day with the death of 100,000 Japanese citizens. . The SPECTRAL tone seeks to dissolve, and indeed it did just that, dissolving everything to DUST! On August 6th, 1945 the LAND of CIMI was LITERALLY dissolved with the HIROSHIMA BOMB – thus LIBERATING their nation (albeit in a tragic manner! ) ensuring they SURRENDER to the allies in WW2. A LITERAL translation of the script of the DREAMSPELL coding of that fateful day in our Planet’s her-story.
The karmic lesson for JAPAN was to SURRENDER and embrace FORGIVENESS ( a lesson of CIMI) for those that perpetrated great destruction on their country. Ironically currently the Japanese people are very compassionate, humble and peace loving having accepted their fate and moved forwards to thrive with their successful economy and technological inventions. (Although with a heavy reliance on NUCLEAR energy and the Fukushima disaster in 2011, it is questionable whether they have LEARNT their nuclear lessons!)
⚡⚡ ⚡⚡
CHALLENGE/GIFT: RED ELECTRIC SERPENT CHICCHAN is the CHALLENGE of KIN 55 and this Serpent is ELECTRIC ⚡ – think ELECTRIC ⚡ EEL – SHOCKING!!! ZAP ⚡ ZAP ⚡ ZAP ⚡ CHICCHAN holds the traits of FEAR, SURVIVAL, life force and instinct as well as KUNDALINI POWER!
Tragically all these themes played out to the letter on that fateful BLUE ELECTRIC EAGLE DAY in 1945. BLUE EAGLE brought an abrupt end to World War 2 by forcing our planet to look at the BIG PICTURE, the SURVIVAL and welfare of man-kind, our WHOLE PLANET was at stake.
❓Would our human species survive?
❓Would our PLANET survive or would it perish in a nuclear holocaust?
The Earth toddler had just detonated the electric toy it had been given, and now we had caught the attention of our GALACTIC broThors and siStars.. NUCLEAR WAR was not allowed and so began a period of greater surveillance and guidance from our Galactic brethren to ensure our survival. (NOTE: We have had Galactic intervention UPTEEN times preventing our PLANET being destroyed through nuclear weapons and disasters e.g. Chernobyl Nuclear Disaster in the USSR where witnesses reported the presence of a spaceship hovering above the REACTOR for 6 hours..negating the effect of the blast/meltdown)
IRONICALLY the Enola Gay, ✈was the name of the USAAF B-29 Superfortress bomber that carried “Little Boy”, the knick name given to this first atomic bomb to be used in an act of war. The name of the bomber itself was chosen by its pilot, Colonel Paul Tibbets, who named it after his mother, Enola Gay Tibbets, who had been named after the heroine of the novel Enola; or, Her fatal mistake.
In 1980 British group – OCD – Orchestral Manoeuvres in the Dark – released an Anti WAR song titled ENOLA GRAY – with the lyrics asking the question “Is mother proud of Little Boy today?” https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9ZUTNGTW18U…
INDEED how paradoxical – Pachamama was not too impressed with her Earth children on that day! What had we DONE!!
This catastrophic EVENT SHOCKED our world into AWAKENING to the GLOBAL PICTURE – a RUDE AWAKENING to STOP the warfare over geographical boundaries and power plays. If we destroyed our planet then there would be no countries to fight over. This is akin to the child “spitting the dummy” or knocking over the chess board!
It is GAME OVER, RED ROVER and there are no winners!
We all lose an unwinnable game. Ironically the ELECTRIC ⚡ tone, seeks to BOND through Service. It certainly did unite us as ONE PLANET fearful for our survival due to this one horrific abominable act of destruction.
Fast forward to four decades later to 16th August 1987. Jose and Lloydine Arguelles – Ascended Masters & twinflames who served as Father and Mother of the Dreamspell Calendar in a wonderful synchronized ceremonial act of majik, organized the FIRST GLOBALLY SYNCHRONIZED meditation on the HARMONIC CONVERGENCE of 1987. It was the day of the BLUE ELECTRIC EAGLE – KIN 55!
This global event was the panacea needed which was like a harmonic 4D injection into the karmic error of Hiroshima. The ELECTRIC SWITCH was flipped from GLOBAL DISASTER to GLOBAL PEACE – holding a BIGGER GLOBAL PICTURE to paint on a new canvas of possibility.. A world of BEAUTY, HARMONY and the bonding of broThors and siStars as ONE PLANETARY FAMILY.
NOTE: 2021 marks the 44th anniversary since the PEACE treaty of the HARMONIC CONVERGENCE was forged to align with the GOLDEN AGE timeline. ✨✨✨
BLUE EAGLE provides the power of VISION and fresh perspectives to avoid the mistakes of THE PAST! These fresh perspectives are revealed from our inner realms. Through the inner eye we see that all the wars we have fought and continue to fight are a PAST hologram projected into our present moment. By returning collectively to the present moment, we can spontaneously ACTIVATE our HIGHER TIMELINE and new reality.
NOTE: TODAY is also the celebration of ✨OUR LADY OF GRACE✨ day.. Meaning that we can ASK for DIVINE GRACE and DIVINE Intercession in our Planetary affairs to END the regime of suffering and pain.
We can ASK Mother Mary to bless us and our planet with her GRACES – the DIVINE RAINBOW LIGHT streaming through her fingers.
This HUGE INFLUX of RAINBOW RAYS are beaming LIGHT onto our planet containing holographic LIGHT codes for new potentialities. We can create a new holographic movie and wondrous new script for Mother Earth starting TODAY! ✨
“The future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams.” (Eleanor Roosevelt).
On this MAGNIFICENT BLUE ELECTRIC EAGLE DAY let us focus on WORLD PEACE and HARMONY✨ visualizing the beautiful rainbow bridge as butterfly wings around GAIA being energized by the ELECTRIC BLUE energy of the majestic BLUE EAGLE, flying above our planet, holding the BIG PICTURE and panoramic landscape of Nova Gaia, in his mind’s eye. The Mayan name for BLUE EAGLE is MEN!
✨May MEN hold this VISION to manifest a new wondrous world of everlasting peace amongst MAN-KIND.✨
NOTE: You can do your own meditation visualizing rainbow wings around GAIA or you can follow this video produced by the Planet Art Network
Here’s the Math! NUMBER CODES
Hiroshima bomb – 6 August 1945 6/8/10 = 24/6 6th Day and total adds up to 6 Double 6 code! 6:6 code!
6 represents BIG METAL also Heaven/Christ/Harmony
Nagasaki bomb – 9 August 1945 9/8/10 = 9 9th Day and total adds up to 9. Double 9 code! 9:9 code!
9 represents Closure of the cycle/endings/humanity/compassion/service
Harmonic Convergence 1987 year 1+9+8+7 = 25/7 7 – Spirituality/Alchemy/Majik
Global synchronized meditation – 7 August, 1987 = 7/8/7 = 22 The Architect of PEACE/Master Builder
KIN 55 = 10 MANIFESTATION of 5D – 5 CODE – change/transformation/5D
Our DIVINE MISSION is to REMEMBER the future: the Future of the New Time. In the new time, there is NO WAR. There is no pollution. There is no poverty. Love, synchronicity and imagination reign. PEACE PREVAILS ON EARTH. In the New Time we are given the facilities to create a new culture: galactic culture: a culture of wholeness, a culture of light, a culture of all-inclusive peace that recognizes our place in the cosmos.”
Let us all be the RAINBOW bridge and bring HEAVEN to EARTH during this SKYWALKER CYCLE!
Divine blessings for our SUCCESS!!
Namaste’ In Lak’ech a la kin (I AM another YOU)
Christina White Magnetic Worldbridger – KIN 66

Lee Parore

 Quantum Reality

Cosmic Hologram
Curved Space
Wave-Crystal Continuum
Universe split in two
Subject and Infinity
2 sides same coin
Flash-Point in-between
Refraction of Light
Electric model-universe
Chemical composition-alchemy
Positive attracts positive
Opposites repel discharge
Keeps you on your Game
Hieros Gamos template
Laws of physics-math
Everything expands as a Sphere
Everything contracts in Geometric-Form
Re-folds and Un-folds
Interstellar Space-Command
Temple of Light
Energy-Spin South to North
NE electric – magnetism SW
Harmonic Information-System
Born into it – Fractal-Light
Polarise Positive to Negative
Alpha-Omega Pendulum
Harmonic-wave re-sequencing
Scale in the Genome
DNA Resonant-Frequency
River of Life
Conscious Womb
Child of Light
Tetrahedron Unity-Space
Flashing Zero-Point Ignite
Curved Space Wave
Infinite Light-fractal flame
Energy re-boots itself
Golden Child Cascade
All Power for all People
Postal Mechanics-Laws
Omnipotent Love
Fantom-Matrix Construct
Euclidian Math 2D flat-plane
Fraudulent Conveyance Language
Physics breaks down
Unbalanced-Equation Inc
Slave to the Numbers Game
Bloodlines Planetary-Control
Doppelgänger out to get you
Cube of Space Clones



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