Pleiadian Message

Pleiadian Message February 2018

by Christine Day

Beloved ones we greet you, This is a sacred time on the planet where a series of expanded rays from the Sun are creating a ‘resurrection essence’ that is anchoring within the cells of your body and opening new energetic pathways within your Heart chamber. Patterns of light that embody a pure form of love are creating revelations and doorways that have been closed to you, are now reopening.
Your light can glow brighter within you like a beacon of light, which shines forth from your Heart outwards to humanity.
There is a call going out to all of you to let go and move forward, taking one step at a time within the moment. And at this time you will not necessarily know or understand your process. This is your time to simply trust, not looking ahead or behind you. Not trying to work out what is going on. Instead being willing to align within your own Heart Pleiadian Messagechamber.
A key aspect of the ‘New Dawning’ prophesies is coming to fruition: this is the time for the illusion of separation to be over. This transformational process of rejoining the sacred of Self begins with the focused alignment within your Heart.
The internal wars you have created within your self through self-judgment and self-condemnation has been a perpetuator of the illusion of separation in your life. And now is the time for you to consciously choose differently through a refocusing within the vastness of your Heart chamber.
The energetic transformation of your Earth plane is now holding this frequency design for your mass transformation. This design is to lift illusion, like a curtain moving up from a stage, revealing a new way of sacred living on your planet.
Each one of you who are on a conscious path has essential roles to play within this transformational phase. One of these is your conscious choice of living within your Heart. This means that you commit to moving away from the clamoring ego mind illusion and choose the way of your Heart.
As you choose your Heart connection you choose to align beyond illusion to Truth. This conscious choice action by you shifts old cycles within your life, and you begin a new pathway in your life.
This does not mean that you will do things perfectly, that is an ego mind agenda. Instead it is essential to remember you are ‘perfectly imperfect’ within your human nature. You have come here in this lifetime to have this human experience and to awaken. This means that you choose Truth, you choose to move away from the everyday drama and you choose to let go and trust in your process.
Knowing you have your human element, and that you will have moments of imperfection and in those moments you hold yourself with love, compassion and patience.
This is a time of great opportunity for self-realization of your Heart, for the expression of your own Hearts song. You are original. No other has the same frequency settings within the Heart cells as you. We recognize you through your unique divine frequency.
We hold you as you take your next steps towards Home.
The Pleiadians
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