Mercury Retrograde ~ Uranus Enters Taurus ~ New Moon and Merging into the Higher Self

Mercury Retrograde ~ Uranus Enters Taurus ~  New Moon and Merging into the Higher Self

Uranus Enters Taurus… March 6 2019 comes with one of the most anticipated events of the year. Something in your life will change, because when Uranus comes, he always brings change. Uranus is the planet of freedom, enlightenment, and liberation. You no longer what to live by society’s rules (Saturn). You want to live by your own rules and unleash your full creative potential.

Uranian energy shatters the illuminati control grids which have been erected around us and which are presently failing.
Getting Ready for this super special spectacular NEW MOON 🌚 in this month of March, the holy trinity month, before the Spring Equinox & the last few days of clearing, decluttering, detaching, demolishing, deprogramming, deactivating and …..etc to fully welcome SPRING with open heart ARMS 💝💝💝
International Women’s Day is on Friday & I Am honored to be interviewed on Magdalene Code show by Valeria Tignini – ValSecrets “Celebrating the Sacredness of Mary Magdalene”🌸💗🌸
The upgrades, uploads, downloads, solar flares, magnetic storms, portals, gateways & stargates have all got us to this point as we are all changing & transforming into our True Higher Selves in form to be of Service to Life thru the power of Divine Love. ❤️💝❤️ All of our bodies are merging into ONE so Primary ONE can house completely in us & mpve thru us from the LIGHT that has turned on. Thus, all has had its purpose & part of Divine Plan and we can extend the gratitude to it and LET IT GO 💝🙏🏼💝 and that includes objects, places & people.
Living from HEART ❤️ means to honor the Inner Heart and not go against it any longer.

If something cannot be HEARTED, then it must leave our vibration, system & environment so Truth of Its Fullness can BECOME. 💕💗💝💕💗💝💕💗💝
Celebrating with you all dear hearts
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Mercury Retrograde

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  1. Jogendra Nath Danturty

    Dear Paul, Alex, Pleiadians & Other Masters, who are sharing and contributing on this Prime Disclosure.
    I express my immense LOVE an Gratitude for your GREATEST WORK. So much healing is happening just by reading these Posts.

  2. Dr. Schavi M. Ali

    With the New Moon in Pisces today, March 6, 2019, conjuncting Neptune, and with Mercury Retrograde in Pisces, this is a wonderful and happy time in which to declare a personal retreat whose theme is “Sacred Sustenance”. We are being given the nutrition of “Cosmic Light” throughout our cells, atoms, molecules, and sub-atomic particles. The “Light” can do its work more profoundly if we eat fresh fruit and veggies and drink lots of spring water. Meditation is also a way in which to connect with the higher realms. A meditative process taught in the BHAGAVAD GITA ( “Celestial Song”) by the Avatar Sri Bhagavan Krishna is to focus into the third eye by actually concentrating on the end of the nose. Interestingly, this causes our physical eyes to lift upwards into the center of the forehead–the third eye. This is ancient Raja Yoga meditation. Breathe deeply in a relaxed fashion by pushing out the diaphragm on the inhalation and pulling it back on the exhalation. This is “Yogic Breathing”. Lighting Sandalwood incense during our meditation time sets spiritual ambiance. The smoke from incense represents the “Divine Breath”. A lighted candle will represent “Divine Illumination”. Holding a Clear Quartz Crystal (especially one with a rainbow) will remind us of the crystalline transformation that we are receiving through the cosmic events occurring. If weather permits, sitting outside in sunlight is a fabulous meditation experience. In such a case, push the sticks of incense directly into the ground. The lovely aroma is so sacred. I wish everyone a loving and peaceful elevation of consciousness. May you be blessed! Journal during the retrograde about your dreams, meditation messages, and daily experiences. This will provide further sustenance.

  3. Jogendra Nath Danturty

    Dr. Schavi,
    Sincere thanks for your contributions, I really enjoy reading your wisdom and look forward for more.
    Love and Gratitude

  4. Paul Butler

    Namaste Jogendra. I appreciate your kindness. Much Love and Blessings my friend….

  5. Paul Butler

    Namaste Dr. Schavi.
    Thank you for your support and kindness. I appreciate all you do. I will share your message in a future video. Much Love and Light my friend…..

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