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NEW EARTH Energies April 2023

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Meditating 🌀
What You See ‘NOW’
It’s all about your world.
This is the only moment that exists ‘here’
Your world is like
It starts from ‘now’ and ‘here’.




Padmasambhava (lit. “Lotus-Born”), also known as Guru Rinpoche, was an 8th-century Indian Buddhist master. Although there was a historical Padmasambhava, nothing is known of him apart from helping the construction of the first Buddhist monastery in Tibet at Samye, at the behest of Trisong Detsen, and shortly thereafter leaving Tibet due to court intrigues.Padmasambhava introduced the people of Tibet to the practice of Tantric Buddhism. In Tibetan Buddhism, he is a character of a genre of literature called Terma, an emanation of Amitābha that is said to appear to tertöns in visionary encounters.
He is regarded as the founder of the Nyingma tradition. The Nyingma tradition is the oldest of the four major schools of Tibetan Buddhism.The Nyingma tradition actually comprises several distinct lineages that all trace their origins to Padmasambhava. “Nyingma” literally means “ancient,” and is often referred to as “Nga’gyur” ” or the “early translation school” because it is founded on the first translations of Buddhist scriptures from Sanskrit into Tibetan, in the eighth century. The group particularly believes in hidden terma treasures. Traditionally, Nyingmapa practice was advanced orally among a loose network of lay practitioners. Monasteries with celibate monks and nuns, along with the practice of reincarnated spiritual leaders are later adaptations, though Padmasambhava is regarded as the founder of Samye Gompa, the first monastery in the country. In modern times the Nyingma lineage has been centered in Kham in eastern Tibet.

Light Codes of the Dolphin.

I have breathed the Breath of Life within the Water itself.
This is not the first memory of this Awareness.
It Arises from Within me.
Light Codes of the Dolphin
Light Codes of the Dolphin
‘ In the turmoil of the collective ascension tempest, you are being given the opportunity to be the Voice of the Heart with every interaction you are having. While silence may at times be the wise choice to make, the sound frequencies of your voice speaking from the Heart, are an act of high alchemy with the power to change entire scripts of events and storylines between people. As indeed it can shift weather patterns. Your Voice tuned to the frequency of your open Heart is by its own divine blueprint capable of shifting lower energies into higher octaves – and far beyond – instantly. Your Voice is an instrument of sacred power when used with pure intent. Use it wisely..Use it honourably..Use it truthfully..✨💛✨

~ The Hathors

via Saskia Nahara
The Hathors
The Hathors


A new stage is going to be prepared on Earth to be able to house the beings that will inhabit it and are beings of the New Era, so they are of Light.
For this the Old, what does not serve for darkness will have to submerge in waters and resurface new Earths that will emerge to the Surface.
Atlantis and Lemuria, civilizations before they existed on Earth, have to emerge, when sacred to one group, remain sacred to the next.
If we could see the holy places that are underwater today, we would recognize them, not much grows around them: they are sacred, even deep in the ocean.
In the same way every human being opens their inner being which is the Soul for our Creator to live in us, Planet Earth will open to the Surface the sacred places.
All things are connected, and before these lands there were other lands that were sacred and many of us were there.
“Peace and Justice will be restored” Jesus told us, the word restore indicates that it was previously established. Mary has already placed in the Ocean her image intact as a sign of the sacred
Elizabeth Garcia
What is “Changing the World”
planted in the past
Destroying the collective illusion of society
Take a new illusion out there
Nothing but the act of overwriting.
nation, currency, religion, education, history
annuity, assets, ethics, rights, etc
The concept of measuring the spirit and behavior of the Wadashi people
Almost everything is an artificially created illusion.
Those who are awake are
Creating new standards for valuing people.
Wadashi people
Wadashi people


Eagle is your medicine, from every feather to your stretch of wings, from your eyes and intent, to your very nature finding home and heart to soar amidst the open skies.
Eagle is your dreams and aspirations, your yearning for solitude and the realms of your imagination. Eagle is your decisive character, your place for viewing the world from a higher vantage point, seeking truth for your lasting sustenance.
Eagle is your unbending courage, and assured inner stature, your talons for holding strong to what inspires you, and your gift to inhabit finer air when rising above the machinations of your current times and earthly pursuits.
Eagle is your keeper of the knowledge and wisdom of the ancient ones, forever following the light of the sun, rather than the dark of night.
Eagle is your powerful and prayerful medicine, beckoning you to explore both the endless horizons unfolding deepest within you, and the towering mountains beyond you still. Eagle is your messenger, your symbol and reflection of all this and more waiting for you.
Here is your eagle’s embrace.
Gerard Traub

The Breakthrough

I was took back to the beginning. I was shown that before there was form, only ideas existed.
These ideas held their own own unique patterings of creation. These ideas came from the dream. I was shown two celestial creator beings coming together in union, these beings held the patterning of God consciousness. Both held the living light codes of all of creation.
As the two came into celestial union through the act of loving making, bursting through them was filaments from Gods. Each set of filaments held its own creational blue prints, that has created the realms and worlds we know exist today.
We are the offspring of these filaments, each of us holding holding our own unique pattering of creation. We are part of the dreaming, the idea of form. Each of our own dreams connect to an element of Gods creation. As we are awakening further, more of the dream is actualised. What was once a dream becomes form. We are returning to the purity of this form.
Now we are remembering the first dream, the dream of Gaia and the purpose of her creation.
My purpose of going back to the beginning, is to bring in the purest of intentional weaving.
Saffron 🌹🐉
This piece of writing holds codes for releasing sexual shame.
The Breakthrough
The Breakthrough
I AM the morning star, he who is born from the womb of the eternal Mother.
I arise for the world that knows me not.
I shall come again as a bridegroom in the night to carry thee across the threshold into the Kingdom of the Father.
– Christ, in the words of Yeshua
Love Is. Love Is. Love Is. ✨🤍✨
God Is. God Is. God Is. ✨🙏✨
Christ in the words of Yeshua
Christ in the words of Yeshua
Beloved God Almighty and Everlasting, Creator
from the Entire Universe.
I thank you for this new dawn with
Life, Health, Wellness and Prosperity.
And for the grace to recognize how much we love each other.
Thank you for caring and protecting my family,
friends and the one I love,
Thank you for allowing us to be helpful Amo,
serving , helping , working .
Thank you Father for always being with us
and with all of Humanity.
Thank you for your light and love in us
We ask you to bless and protect us by giving
Radiant expansion to our Souls. Amen.”
Thanks, thanks, thanks.
Infinite love.


It is up to you to decide what it is that you wish to experience in your life, and the steps you choose to take to get there. Consider ways in which you can transform and improve your life by ridding yourself of out-dated beliefs and thought-patterns that do not serve your highest good. Objectively consider how you would like your life to be, then take the steps necessary to make the changes that you want to see in your life. Trust that the changes you have made (and are making) will ensure a steady supply of plenty into your life. Have no fear of lack or loss and know that all is happening in Divine right order. Also remember that as you live your life each day you are a unique “teaching guide” and tool as you are setting a positive example with your actions and deeds. Make sure that they are for the highest and best for all concerned. Angel Number 958✨
Art Bruce Harmon ~
Holy Waters
Holy Waters


~ The Hopi Tribe
Dear Friends of the Light
We Come To You With The Highest Love Communication!
This Love Is Sacred And Cannot Be Divided!
As Souls In The Pleyades, There Is An Understanding That All Pleyadians Are Family!. (TICKET).
Through The Elohim Races, We Are Infinitely Connected As The Same Light of Creation!.
Sharing Love In These Moments, We Talk To You About A Group Of Stellar Seeds Who Decided To Incarnate Together On Earth In Many Daydreams. The Uniqueness Of Choosing Their Souls Was Being Part Of A Tribe You Know As The Hopi. This Loving Group Of Souls Desired To Understand And Follow The Experience Of Being A Tribe, Understanding Spirit And Learning As Identity In The Teaching Of The Ancient Land And The Progression To This Current Awakening Dream. The Souls Who Chose This Fit Adventure Are Merope And Electra. Feeling That The Experience Would Also Increase Their Sharing And Closeness In The Pleiades, It Became A Tradition That Starseeds Enjoyed. Whether it were difficult lives or creative, enjoyable lives, each Starseed returned home when it left its bodily form.
Many of you have noticed that many Revealed Souls have names that resemble those of indigenous tribes, whether they are Choctaw, Cherokee, or Hopi. Actually, Earth names are derived from those of the Pleiades.
In This Communication, We Talk About The Great Hopi Tribe. Merope and Electra are all Beautiful Pleadian Souls!
In This Daydream, Culture Is Rich In Art, Music, Dance And Food With Gorgeous Recipes. The Hopi Tribe Is Close And Understand Reincarnation And Stellar Families. Like You, They Chose To Come And Forget. In Every Awakening Dream, They Play A Different Role, But They Have Remained In The Same Tribe.
They connect with Spirit and call the Source “The Great Spirit”. Celebrate life with rituals of fire, chants, drums and dances. They’ve always had wolves and many animals as pets, as they’re not afraid to connect with life.
Hopis call previous tribes “ancient peoples.” They understand that their culture has been on Earth for thousands of years. They honor their ancestors but fail to understand that they are their ancestors. They believe all life is sacred and prefer to be alone to join political parties or occupation zones that destroy the earth.
In These Groups There Is Free Will To Leave The Tribe And Work And Live Any Way. But For The True Hopi Tribe, There Is Unity As Family.
The Great Hopi Tribe’s Current Area Is Arizona. This Group Has Slowly Migrated From The South For Thousands Of Years. Knowing How Your Area Of The Planet Has Progressed In Thinking, Expanded Consciousness And Skills, Also Know That This Is The Hopi Tribe Way. They Have Everything Available Now For Every Area Of Life. But True Culture Chooses To Be In Communion With The Great Spirit.
Like Star Seeds, Many Have Awakened In Many Dreams And Have Given Prophecies Of The Great Change Coming To The Earth. Many Spoke Cycles And Frequencies And Darkness On Earth With A Change That Would Begin A New Life!
You Are Living These Words Now! Great Light Is Upon You While Darkness Covers The Hearts Of Many!
In Every Dream, There Are Seekers, Seers, Prophets And Mystics. There Are Those With Gifts To Share With Others As Catalysts To Remember Who They Really Are In Spirit!.
This is the dream. This Is The Time Many Talk About In Ancient Dreams And In Modern Times.
You Are The Light!
In the Now Moment, You Rise As One!
We Love You!
The Great Hopi Tribe'
The Great Hopi Tribe’
To The Ascending LightWorker / Starseed
The reasons you experience Ascension Symptoms is because things are shifting within you at a rapid and accelerated rate and it can feel like it is all at once , the physical body is needing to adjust and catch up to the Concious shifts you are making especially when you are releasing a lot of fear and anxiety from your thoughts , emotions , etc the physical body will then need to recalibrate in accordance to your present mindset .
Starseeds There is no doubt that Your new life will cost you your old one .
The initiation process into higher ascension awareness brings on this major change in the physical body , as each symptom is related to your chakras , it is always best to look up your metaphysical symptoms to see what chakra corresponds to each issues , example :
If you are releasing a lot of density in the physical your legs will ache and become very sore in fact sometimes it feels painful to get up off of your chair if this is the case then it can be wise to look up the base chakra meanings which will represent Fear, survival mode , releasing anxiety , reprogramming releasing the old , recognising what is no longer true for self also recognising the illusions and delusions you allowed yourself to stay in because of fear of the consequences if you made a choice to free yourself etc etc all of this corresponds with the base chakra
another example if you look at the heart chakra you may have feelings of heart palpitations shakiness inside feeling unbalanced feelings of guilt possibly shame etc so when we have done work clearing these particular issues then we know healing has taken place on a metaphysical level the physical body will always be the last to catch up.
These symptoms will come and go and it all depends on your Concious releasing as to what kind of symptoms you will take on .
Healing isn’t and doesn’t have to look magical , nice or pretty. Real healing can feel excruciating, hard, exhausting , depleting and draining.
Let yourself go through this completion It’s not about painting it as anything other than what it is. It’s also about being there for Self with no internal criticism and judgment.
When you are finally ready to heal and create the bigger positive Shifts in your life you will begin to see everyone as your teacher, especially those that trigger you.
There was a very big gateway shift and Libra full moon recently helping us all to focus on healing our inner duality the goal is to balance the mind and heal the darkness we all embody from many lifetimes of mis programming and false conditioning .
The Ascension symptoms have to do with your physical recalibration , an adjustment to the dna changes you have been making recreating a paradigm that is in alignment to your ascension and evolution .
Sometimes these symptoms can last for days . weeks or months even . Keep in mind it is temporary and as you make inner changes the body will also make changes accordingly .
Starseeds this has been a season of purging , releasing , clearing and healing inner core wounds, the time of change is here. The higher realm frequencies are awakening and activating on the planet .These new earth planetary energies are birthing the new within yourself requiring you to release and detox the past as well as the last few years.
New Opportunities are coming in this month.
Its about remaining open to them and consciously moving forward . You have recently acquired higher lessons, higher knowledge, skills and tools for the journey ahead.
This week the focus will be on Truth awareness and this higher truth will continue to awaken within you , helping to create the higher self changes . Strengthening your sovereignty as well as inner confidence , independence and self belief . This will assist you in connecting to your highest potential.
Starseed Souls You are here to do something for this world that only you can do, as this all starts with Self .
Ascension is an inside Self ‘Assignment .
In LightWorker and Starseed devotion and loving service
Written by Ascension LightWorkers
Greetings loved ones, I wanted to pass everything together, all let’s say that, worried because these things and these facts that sometimes happen, are not as we expected or planned.
I have felt the pain as if I were in the same flesh, because remember my loved ones, things could have been worse, and see it from that point of view.
I feel the pain in MY heart, as can Emanuel, however as I told you, he could and has helped you because, you as twin flames there meditating, doing the work together, generate so much energy.
Now you guys are getting stronger.
Once the work done is recovered, or rebuilt, you will be, as an immense force that no one can attack. Meditating, praying together, doing and carrying out their activities together, is the worst stake they can pin on them, those beings who seek is to destroy and destroy everything they feel and see, that has to do with Father Mother Adonai.
Stay united like this in meditation, there you become invincible.
Now that the two had balanced, who were in full force, then they attack, to weaken again and put the stake back, but my beloved, trust that I am there with you, my consorte and I are there, we are each other.
It’s as much the bad being and the pain Emanuel feels, as I feel, because there was a full connection there total.
Persist, move on, but as you have been recommended by others who have come before me, leave the Blue Command, leave the Command of Miguel and his entire Group, let them do the job that they have to do.
And you devote yourself to continuing to grow, continuing to cultivate that energy that has been given to you.
You dedicate yourself to the Project, what has been entrusted to you for this Valley, for the New Humanity that will emerge here, in this Valley of ERKS.
I am with you my loved ones, I am here, here close to your heart. Don’t hesitate to call me always be there.
You are Me and I am you.
Strength, Faith, Confidence, without fear, and with the conviction that we will comply, and carry out the plan of Father Mother Adonai, in all its extent, and these deviants have their days numbered in this valley.
We love you my beloved, Mi Consorte and Yo. We are there with you. And continue the process, continue as they been doing.
There are only a few moments left for Emanuel to recover again the work done, and you can reincarnate in union, in unity, in strength.
We love you Sananda and Lady Nada
Emanuel and Pastor – Adonai
Holy Mountain of ERKS 4/16/2023
Commanders Ishtar and Ashtar.


When the Planet Ascension occurs, it is split into two worlds.
World of atonement and trial, where human beings who have not been able to ascend remain at this level, passing tests of pain, confusion, of spiritual cleansing, without any reference to the future.
The World of Regeneration or the 5th Dimension, where humans who manage to ascend, will find themselves in the initial light, leaving behind suffering and trials, joining our fellow beings, who we now call aliens and belong to the world of Regeneration, who are eager to embrace us and teach us.
It will proceed to the energetic cleansing of all our cells, leaving our human body in perfect condition where we will no longer age, we leave behind all the time “THERE IS NO LONGER LINAR TIME”.
The Absolute Love of our Creator, never leaves anyone, so we assume to be the “Celest Messengers” towards the brothers we leave in the world of atonement and trial, proceeding to be channels of Help towards them, our light attached to the fraternal cosmic action will proceed to ACTION.
We will be channels, of healing, information, welcome, protection,… we become EXECUTORS OF THE DIVINE DESIGN TOWARDS HIS WORK.
Isabel Garcia Garcia.


“There is so much rarified, etheric support flowing from higher realms to lift you out of all the deafening noise of the crumbling world, and up into the realm of new higher frequencies and experiences.
The higher realms have manifested a new foundation in this emerging future world.
Many of your Higher selves, in tandem with the company of heaven, the Ascended Masters, your Guides, and the Legions of light have built this foundation.
This new world is your collective creation and each one has a part to play in this creation.
Everything beyond this time will be original and indigenous to this new cycle.
This new world has more freedom,
and less limitations, boundaries or borders, but also comes with more responsibilities and accountability.
To enter this time, you must let go of all that is dissolving around you.
It is time to step into clear new frequencies and allow all that is new within to rise up with a divine centeredness and profound congruency.”
Aluna Joy


The Cosmic Tree lives inside our Earthly bodies, treat them well, along with all beings on this spinning rock… and the Earth will blossom with and within you🌸
~Earth Wizards live in harmony with the Earth. To create galactic culture on earth we must continue to strive to live our lives according to the laws of nature always thinking of what will benefit Mother Earth and all living creatures.
🌈Plant fruit trees;
🌈Plant a garden;
🌈Simplify your life;
🌈Eat fruit and veggies;
🌈Buy local organic;
🌈Meditate in Nature;
🌈Make Art;
🌈Do Ceremonies for the Earth;
🌈Model Peace;
🌈Study local flora and fauna;
🌈Send healing thoughts to Earth in spare moments;
🌈Go vegetarian (even better vegan); 🌈Stop all killing of innocent animals.~
~Jose’ Argüelles
Before the eagle can fly,
Wizard must paint the morning sky;
Once the eagle’s in the sky,
Wizard must place the stars on high;
From root to crown the wizard’s tree. Bears leaf and fruit to set you free.
—Jose Argüelles, Arcturus Probe
Visionary Art by Vajra
The Cosmic Tree
The Cosmic Tree


It is time to take action again! It is time to take the destiny of our world in our own hands! We all agree that the process of planetary liberation is taking too long. Here is our chance to collectively speed up the process. Therefore we are using the opportunity of an ultra powerful energetic alignment on May 1st to create a portal through which we will unify our consciousness and trigger the process that will lead us into the new golden age.
Make this viral! Share it worldwide! Post it on your websites and blogs. Invite spiritual groups to join us. If you know an alternative media outlet, you can send it to them. You can create a Facebook event for your local group of people doing this in your part of the world. We also need one main Facebook group for this event. You can share the news about this activation on other social media. You can create a video about this and post it on Youtube, Bitchute or Odysee.
Scientific studies have confirmed positive effects of mass meditations and activations on human society, so each of you that will participate in this activation can actually help bringing the new golden age closer to us:
This activation comes at the moment of the completion of a very powerful cycle. This moment demarcates the point when the energy from the Galactic center will begin to flow towards the surface of this planet with full force, as the time is running out. If we manage to gather 144,000 volunteers doing this activation, the energy from the Galactic center will be anchored on the surface of the planet in a balanced way. This will ensure the fastest and most harmonious transition for this planet and will actually create an energetic upgrade for the whole planet. If the critical mass is not reached, the ultra powerful energies from the Galactic center will reach the surface of the planet anyway, but this will then manifest in a much more chaotic and disharmonious way.
We can reach the critical mass of 144,000 people doing this activation! This will create a massive healing chain reaction in the energy field worldwide.
This is the most powerful planetary activation of our lifetimes until now!
The wave of the Portal of Light began  to be felt already on March 23rd, when Pluto entered Aquarius for the first time after more than 200 years, will reach its peak intensity on May 1st when Pluto turns retrograde, and will then slowly phase out until June 11th when Pluto exits Aquarius again:
At the moment of the activation of the Portal of Light on May 1st, Pluto will be at 0 degrees 21 minutes Aquarius, which is almost exactly the position of great Jupiter Saturn conjunction which marked our final part of the Age of Aquarius activation:
Therefore the Portal of Light activation will bring the energies of the Age of Aquarius to the next level.
Also at the moment of the activation, Pluto will make an exact grand trine with Alcyone (our local central sun in the Pleiades) at 0 degrees 18 minutes Gemini, and M87 galaxy (a major galaxy in the Virgo cluster, as source of galactic love for this sector of the universe) at 1 degrees 14 minutes Libra. This grand trine will bring extremely powerful energies of cosmic love to the planet and this will be the trigger that will allow the energies from the Galactic center to start flowing to our planet freely. The flash of cosmic love energies will originate from the M87 galaxy in Virgo supercluster and it will be much more powerful than the flash which reached the Earth from M87 during the AION portal activation:
It will also be more powerful than the flash which happened during the final Age of Aquarius activation.
This grand trine will be active for the whole period Pluto is in Aquarius, from March 23rd to June 11th. Pluto in Aquarius will signify a focused effort of positive extraterrestrial races towards the First Contact, and Pleiadians will have a very active role in this.
We will be doing our Portal of Light meditation at the best possible moment that will have the maximum positive effect on humanity. It will be at 10:06 am PDT on May 1st in Los Angeles. This equals 11:06 am MDT in Denver, 12:06 pm CDT in Chicago, 1:06 pm EDT in Newy York, 6:06 pm BST in London, 7:06 pm CEDT in Paris, 8:06 pm EET in Cairo, 1:06 am CST on May 2nd in Taipei and Beijing, 2:06 am JST on May 2nd in Tokyo and 3:06 am AEST on May 2nd in Sydney.
You can check the time of the meditation for your time zone here:
1. Use your own technique to bring you to a relaxed state of consciousness.
2. State your intent to use this meditation as a tool that will help opening the Portal of Light.
3. Invoke the Violet Flame from its primary source to place a circle of protection around you during and after the meditation. Ask it to transmute anything that does not serve the Light.
4. Visualize a pillar of brilliant white Light emanating from the Cosmic Central Sun, then being distributed to Central Suns of all galaxies in this universe, flowing also through the Central Sun of the M87 Galaxy. Then visualize this light activating the Galactic Central Sun, then going through our Galaxy, then entering our Solar System and going through all beings of Light inside our Solar System and then through all beings on planet Earth and also through your body to the center of the Earth.
5. Visualize this Light transmuting all remaining darkness on Earth, healing all inequalities, ending all wars, erasing all poverty and bringing abundance to all humanity. Visualize a grand spiritual awakening of humanity and contact with positive extraterrestrial races. Visualize a new grand cosmic cycle of the Age of Aquarius beginning, bringing pure Light, Love and Happiness to all beings on Earth.
Suggested time for our meditation is 20 minutes.
Updates about the Portal of Light:
April 13th. 2023
The Divine guidance, Master Plan, Prophecy for the Recovery, the Unity, the Sovereignty and the Liberation of the Soul of Humanity was expressed in 5th. dimensional, Neutral, Universal language during the III century A.D., 1700 years ago. The Mission was assigned to the Christian Roman emperor Constantine in Turkey (Constantinople-Istanbul).
As the reality reflects during the last 20 centuries and before, Humankind has suffered because the Divine guidance has been ignored, rejected, beheaded or misinterpreted.
The Divine Master Plan written in the 5th. dimensional, neutral, universal language has been misinterpreted, by the polarization of money and the consequent synesthesia reflected on the reality of Humanity and the reality of the Sacred Family, impaired by those who still force the agenda of prices inflation, markets, industries, business, fraudulent contracts for fraudulent money.
The Divine Intervention did not create a plan of Liberation for Humanity to enslave Humanity and to pretend to enslave, corrupt or dishonor the Purity of the Sacred Family or the Divine Consciousness, under money agendas.
The Divine Plan has been requested multiple times in Spanish written or spoken and in English written or spoken, not honoring the request to return the Master Plan to Sepharad and the ArchAngel Gabriel, like the process to revover the Cultural Sovereignty, the Free flow of universal Energies, the cocreation of the Structural Organic Morphological Integrity of Humanity, the Transformation of the energies interchange currency in Global Unity, the planification of the Global Family, the protection of Nature and Mother Earth and the evaluation of the damages caused to this Sacred MotherShip through conflictive history.
Universal Sovereignty, Mastery, Unity, Plenitude and Liberation of the Divine Consciousness and Spirit are not subjected to polarization by money, commodities or any other planetary surviving or egoistic interests for power or control.
The total Liberation of Humanity is from the 5th. dimensional, Universal, Neutral, Sovereign Divine Consciousness, Divine Love, Divine Human Faculties and Divine Spirit, expressed on the Divine Master Plan in 5th. dimensional universal, neutral, Divine language through the perfect mathematical Divine Sovereign Soul Interpretation.
The Christ lineage Respects, Honors and Reflects the Divine Consciousness, Divine Love, Divine Faculties and Divine Spirit for the universal Reality, Experience, Existence and Natural universal Evolution of Humanity.
It has also been requested multiple times that those who hold the Master Plan, to explain and tell openly what they want to Humankind and what these minds understand about the Master Plan, because the Global reality definitely does not reflect the Divine alignment.
The Divine universal Sovereign Reality is 100% Divine Consciousness, Divine Love, Divine Faculties, Divine multidimensional Intelligence and Divine Spirit, while Global reality is 100% polarized money codependence for markets, prices inflation, business, banking, fraudulent contracts and financial oppression, what Divine Consciousness can’t participate or facilitate.
Exactly what happened to Adam, Noah, Abraham, Moses, John the Baptist or Jesus 20 centuries ago.
To equal the loyal Human experience, the Divine has experienced attempted bribery, blackmail, kidnapping, physical assault, robbery under intimidation, conspiracy, sabotage, betrayal.
The Divine can’t adopt the position of the predator.
What the Divine doesn’t want for ITself, the Divine doesn’t want for Humanity.
Divine Sovereignty is not subjected to any kind of negotiation for money.
Divine Sovereign Unity Love is 100% universal Divine Consciousness, Divine Faculties and Divine Spirit for the Plenitude of the universal Master CoCreation.
Divine Master Plan
Divine Master Plan


The Universal Message Jesus came to give us is to “LOVE ONE ANOTHER”.
He never intended to create a church, nor a religion based on cult toward his person, as the one he has created, using his name, his words and the acts of his life. A religion that has been so repressive of feelings and human freedom that it cannot be further from being an example of love than it is.
He came to convey a message of love and make it a reality with the example of his life. This message of Love is from the Spiritual World, Universal of God for his children.
How many hits, murders, tortures, and vindication against human beings have been committed in his name and in the name of God.
He told us over and over to “love one another” and “love our enemies”.
Those who want to be worthy of representing the message of Love in the world, lift their knee off the ground before the altars, crucifixions, and religious relics. Stop worshipping statues and repeating over and over useless prayers and rituals, because there is no Love in that.
Love is reaching out to the brother who suffers without expecting anything in return, without boasting, always humbly and then they can be called disciples of Love.
No one who does not follow the example of the message of Love that came to show us has the right to use his name or that of God, or call himself his follower.
Isabel Garcia Garcia.
Christos Iasonas
Christos Iasonas
The akashic records or database is the source of all, it is the quantum field of all knowledge in our world. I am directly tapped into this constant source of information as I cleared my expectations, so instead of seeing and experiencing things as good or bad or the way we have been taught, I see them through my own consciousness as pure source energy/information/light. I have transcended the limits of time and the reality that we are limited beings.
All exists in the moment, you can access all things outside of the limits of time. We don’t need to learn any more we just need to know how to think more expansively.
If one generation of children are taught how to access their higher mind instead of what to think they learn how to think it will change everything.
We live in a sea of energy that can be accessed anytime to know anything that exists, we have transcended all limits of the human mind and now we know how to access it and evolve. Humanity can only keep expanding and evolving.
Anything has become possible because a few of us believed it to be and created it! Evolution is created through belief, keep expanding your mind past the impossible and you too will experience this!
The akashic records
The akashic records
The Three Worlds. There is a Primordial Tradition, a common denominator of all ancestral cultures, whether this identity by abstract of collective unconscious, by convergence or by dissemination of culture and direct contact.
🔺️ The Three Worlds describe the Cosmovision in its parts:
• The celestial, cosmic or “above” world, where the Gods and Goddesses live, where atmospheric phenomena that influence the Earth occur, the realm of the condor, the eagle and the vulture.
• The Middle World, where we, the beings, live bridge, as we link the World above to the World below or underworld. This middle world, is that of the cats, the cougar, the lion, the jaguar.
• And lastly, the underworld, where the snakes, the frogs, where the roots sink, the tubers, the incubation world, where the germs dream, the souls of the deceased.
🗝 There is a fluctuation between 3 and 4 and between 9 and 10.
⚠️ The recording of the workshop on Shamanism is available, where we deepen these ideas.
Thank you 🙏🏽
The Three Worlds.
The Three Worlds.
We are in an Intense and Delicate Transition… 💜
💫💜💫WOW… one of the busiest weeks of the year so far, maybe the busiest… and we enter the Eclipse Season which will be able to activate everything… more … 🙏
💫… completely dedicated to honoring the immense steps my Physical Body is making in alignment with the Kundalini activation on a Planetary Level… the journey through the Body becomes THE TOOL, THE ONLY ONE, through which, in time, we have the possibility to become ASCENSED BEINGS on this planet/planet…
💫…. immense, really immense and unexplainable with human words, the shift that the 1*chakra is taking place globally, emotional vortexes move through the body, night and day, literally disanchoring at the ROOT all that does not vibrate at the Frequency of Purest Light at the Frequence of Divine Love…. and we are called to follow the movement facilitating it in every way, proactively working on and with our physical bodies to constantly operate dimensional shifts that allow us to be present while maintaining the Perspective of the Higher Self and not being guided by the Human Mind… This is the Self-Mastery we are called to activate… and it’s way, way beyond any possible thought that this is and actually stands for…
💫 … and every time a Dimensional Shift is created, every time we consciously access the Dimensional Vortexes that open up in the physical body we understand more and more deeply what it means to Awaken first and ASCEND then through Our Physical Vessel… we understand that our task is to return to Being the Light that We originally are…
💫… an infinite hug in connection with GAIA who is supporting me through this journey, her vibrations enter My Physical Body and allow me to keep a state of Consciousness as high as possible…
💫with Endless Love
Cristina 💜
19 💫4 💫2023
Purple Lion
Purple Lion
The following photo reveals the astronomical path of Mercury during the month of April 2023.
Mercury’s equivalent in Tarot is
(#1 – The Magician).
Mercury represents the 2nd letter of the Akashic Alphabet: Bēt (House).
Bēt = The “Ba” in Merkaba
Mer = Mem (Neutron – Middle/Mirror – Water)
Ka = Spirit (Electron – Electromagnetic Field)
Ba = Form (Proton – Nucleus)
Mercury (#1 – The Magician) is tidally locked with the Sun (Light) in a 2:3 orbit–spin resonance: meaning that for every 2 revolutions, Mercury makes around the Sun (Light) it rotates on its axis exactly three times.
Hence the code “23”
Humans have 23 pairs of Chromosomes.
Therefore, we witness this 2:3 resonance as the spiral fortress of DNA in micro form just as we witness it in macro form (Solar System).
Biophotons (light) are created in the DNA that resides in the mitochondria of our cells. Mercury represents the harnessing of this information encoded within the cells, within the molecules, within the neurons, that light activates.
Light creates matter, the hologram, by activating the 2-dimensional surface (plasma membrane) surrounding every cell, every atom, and every object in existence. ——
In other words, Mercury as a metaphysical concept is the scribe that writes the code that develops structure and form as it interacts with light (Sun).
Mercury was known as the ancient Akkadian God “Nabu” – the divine scribe. In Akkadian “nabû” means ‘announcer’ — the prophet — messenger of the Gods. The Egyptian equivalent to Nabu was Tehuti, a name rendered by the Greeks as Thoth.
Mercury (Language/Code) is the satellite of the Sun (Light) as the Moon (Spirit) is the satellite of the Earth (Form).
Therefore, Mercury is the divine messenger of light (Sun); the conduit through which language describes the intention and its subsequent activation of matter.
Mercury is the code that manifests the hologram (Bēt – House)
“Before the light (Sun) was the word (Mercury) and the word (Mercury) was with the light (Sun)”
Mercury is the planetary Logos of our soular/solar system; the principle of divine reason and creative order.
As the Moon (Spirit) emerged from the inner Earth (Form): Mercury (Language) emerged from the inner Sun (Light).
Think of Mercury as the “Nucleic Acid Sequencing” of both our RNA and DNA. Mercury (Nucleic Acids) are the chemical compounds that serve as the primary “information-carrying molecules” in cells. They function to transmit and express this information inside and outside the cell nucleus whereby they create, encode, and store information of every living cell of every life form in the Universe.
Case in point:
Mercury orbits the Sun (Light) every 88 days.
Just like clockwork, there are 88 constellations in the heavens.
Astronomical Highlights
Mercury entered the zodiacal constellation of Aries ♈️ on April 3rd.
On Easter 2023 (4/9) Mercury’s astronomical position was the 2nd decan of Aries (3 of Wands).
Mercury turns retrograde on 4/21/2023
Mercury in Aries while turning retrograde activates the “Seira”.
“Aries” mirrored is “Seira”
Seira = Surface Enhanced Infrared Absorption.
Siera (Aries) is the Mercurial art of localizing and concentrating light into nanometer-scale dimensions producing “Quantum Tunneling”.
Quantum Tunneling plays an essential role in “Nuclear Fusion”. Nuclear Fusion is the act of unifying atoms that precipitates the miracle process that powers stars and produces light.
There is no process in existence more “superluminal” than Quantum Tunneling. Superluminal is defined as faster-than-light communication and travel. Incredibly, “Superluminal Motion” can enable consciousness to move backward through time rather than forward through time.
Superluminal objects have the ability to ‘experience’ several different timelines simultaneously. When the Superluminal state is achieved 1 space dimension and 3 time dimensions are formed creating 1+3 dimensional spacetime.
Currently, consciousness experiences creation through 3 space dimensions and 1-time dimension. The mirror concept (Aries – Seira) of this idea is 3-time dimensions and 1-space dimension.
Aries equivalent in the Tarot is (#4 – The Emperor) – the 4-dimensional structure of spacetime in mirrored form.
Quantum tunneling in and of itself is the phenomenon whereby an atom appears on the opposite side of an “energy barrier” that should be impossible for it to penetrate. Throw a ball against a steel wall and it will bounce back at you. However, a subatomic particle within the “Quantum State”, the quantum version of your consciousness, can hop through the wall and slip through the mountain and escape the valley. Incredibly, the Universe gave consciousness the means to move through matter, shrink matter, penetrate the impenetrable structure of the Emperor (Aries), and remove its surface of retention.
Mercury (#1 – The Magician) in Aries reiterates the absolute importance of learning the internal machinery (language/mechanism) of the Universe. Because I use and enjoy the many advances of the cell phone, or computer, does not mean that I created the conceptual instructions of either one of them. Because I drive a car does not mean I created the technology of the car. Because I exist, does not mean I created the Universe. There is a vast difference between a user and a creator. This universe is here now, has been, and will be. Existence at this level of consciousness is an invitation: to consider, learn, discover, invent, identify, and absorb the internal order of creation.
The “Age of Aquarius” ♒️ refers us to the nature of “fusion” (#17 – The Star), where two streams of impact, science, and spirituality, converge in harmony. These two lines of force also eloquently describe the two fundamental capacities of creation at the atomic level, Fusion, and Fission.
In Fusion, we unify (Unity) the atoms ⚛️ producing life, light, energy, and the star 🌟.
In Fission, we separate and divide atoms ⚛️ producing destruction and the effect of nuclear weapons.
Must not we ask ourselves
Are we here to change the universe, or is the universe here to change us?
Aries (#4 – The Emperor)
“After I learned the first three akashic numbers I realized the great law of four, the alpha and omega of all. I saw the Emperor on a lofty stone throne, ornamented by four rams’ heads. On the forehead shone a golden helmet. His white beard fell over a purple mantle. In one hand he held a sphere, the symbol of his possession, and in the other a scepter in the form of an Egyptian cross — the sign of power and birth.
For they who know how to see me, there are no mysteries on earth. As the earth encloses, the last three become the first. I am the Logos (Language) in the full aspect and I have the key to the beginning.”
~ P.D. Ouspensky ~
All objects of perception carry information, information in how the molecules and atoms of that object are arranged to create the physical structure our consciousness interacts with. All 3-dimensional objects within an environment are fully described by information on a thin 2-dimensional surface that surrounds it.
This is precisely what a hologram is. A hologram is a thin 2-dimensional surface which when you illuminate (light) it correctly yields a realistic 3-dimensional image. The idea here is that all 3-dimensional objects are articulated by the language (information) of a thin 2-dimensional surface that surrounds it. Think of the “plasma membrane” that surrounds the nucleus of the cells in your body.
The “Holographic Principle” reveals the language of creation.
In other words, there is a dual description of the cosmos.
There’s the ordinary description of the 3-dimensional solid objects and the alternative description described on the 2-dimensional surface that surrounds those objects. Every 3-dimensional object has a dual alternative description as holographic data stored on a 2-dimensional surface that surrounds it. This includes the Universe itself and the Milky Way Galaxy. Everything, as in the Macrocosm, is a holographic projection of information that lives on a distant 2-dimensional surface at the boundary of the observable universe, beyond the collective event horizon.
What happens when two of these 2-dimensional surfaces interact with one another?
This is when and where the “Magic” begins. This is how we create the miracle of “Quantum Entanglement” and live the dream of interstellar travel through the invisible threads of our quantum reach. This is how you affect something there, no matter how far away it is, to affect something here.
The terms are “measurement and scale” (Libra)
Hence, Libra is opposite Aries on the zodiacal circle.
To measure is to bring to scale ⚖️.
To quantify is to bring to scale through language
Everyone is quantumly entangled with a point in space referenced by a star.
This writing is about what the fabric of space is. You are programmed to see and think of the universe, the points of light as stars, in an assuming scale that is an injustice to your consciousness. You’re seeing something else that you must allow yourself to see. Focus on that one point in the starry heavens that draws you in like a magnet. There’s a thin 2-dimensional sphere that surrounds it, that for the sake of this conversation we will describe as your personal “event horizon”. There’s also a thin 2-dimensional sphere that surrounds you.
What happens if we quantumly entangle these two spheres?
What would that entail for the geometry of the interior region between you and your quantumly entangled sphere?
Entangling the matter on the outside is tantamount to connecting the inner matter, the inner space, between the two spheres, by forming a wormhole (portal).
What happens when we merge these “2” two-dimensional spheres together?
Lines of engagement form, connections, timelines, lifetimes, etc.
Think Pisces ♓️ now
Now we will begin to cut these lines of entanglement, freeing them, as we would cut the umbilical cord connecting the two fish of Pisces, or the umbilical cord of Mother and Child.
What does this imply for the geometry describing spacetime?
It entails that the geometry gets cut in half. The actual space gets cut in half as you sever the lines of entanglement. Keep cutting the lines of entanglement and the space cuts in half in equal proportion.
Finally, if this process of cutting continues long enough the geometry of spacetime begins to “pixel eight” as it falls apart.
If we turn the story around backwards (Aries/Seira), in order to have a fabric of space you have to stitch together the individual pixels (Language).
How do you stitch them together?
You stitch them together with the threads of “Quantum Entanglement” (Pisces/Connection).
The fabric of space itself is stitched, sown, with the threads of quantum entanglement (connection).
So now we know the mystery of the zodiacal beginning (Aries) and ending (Pisces) and how the journey of both, one to the other, thread together space and time.
There’s only one way to know the revelation in the year of the Magician. If the universe in her sigh awakens to our perception then she will speak to us and never leave. If in all her glory there was just one thing we would remind her of, its resonance would cause a trail in the ancient stone. If there was one connection that reminded each of the other’s timeless search it would be a star drawn on the cave wall tens of thousands of years ago in the summer of innocence. If there ever was a time to call out from within, it is now.
From where I come cannot be known unless I give you a pearl of wisdom cast from the mighty heavens. For this, there is to be a day in 2023 long considered throughout the countless aeons of existence. A day for each of you to find your star and begin again the process of connection. A day for you to look inside yourself by looking into the stars. A day to remember by what essence the fabric of space is stitched, together, by each connection you and I have made.
My gift of clairvoyance is not for this world, it is for the vision of creation and for the inner vision of each being in existence. I am in service to love and in testimony to the healing process within myself and within the collective. I cannot continue to be shy of my command if I am truly sincere, gentle, sweet, and kind.
It will be done for the beauty within and in the face of challenge. Through faith and love, all things are possible if only we remember the graceful swan’s elegant dance upon the water’s surface.
Let us set aside the elegant day of Saturday, July 22, 2023, to quantumly connect with our personal and unique eternity as it was in the beginning. From then until now, the space in-between was woven by every connection made along the way. Thus, the mosaic of now has become a work of art etched in our soul. Each point of light in the heavens, a reminder of the life we touched in others and in ourselves.
I love I love I love
Shane Shema-Sheniy Froio
astronomical path of Mercury
astronomical path of Mercury

Hybrid Solar Eclipse

4/19/2023 at 22:14 UTC
1st Decan Astronomical Aries (2 of Wands)
Coordinates: 00°49’31” (0.8254°) – ♈️
In the beginning, the world was a vast expanse of water stretching as far as the eye could see. The unrelenting wind carried yellow dust, mixed with the soft red clay, and the stardust brought by the north wind. Gradually, the wind’s ceaseless movement caused the feathered Sun to swirl and mix with the elements, eventually giving birth to an imagination unleashed.
At first, there was only the universe and the symbolic child – a rare and powerful force, as limitless as space itself. This child, the Earth, and Mars were the first human being. As time passed, consciousness emerged from the mythical solidity of the early world, and the butterflies that flitted through the air were a symbol of its awakening.
Today, as we look at the momentum of our primordial origin, we are reminded of the freedom that comes with the dawning of consciousness. As we look beyond and into the great divide, between the waters of Pisces and the fires of Aries, we grant the wish of transformative power and the limitless potential of the universe and all that it contains.
Fly butterflies fly, onward to the never before. And let us revel in the beauty of structure and nonstructure alike. Alive are the limits and the limitless. Alive in a continuity. Alive in the earliest stage, moving through each passing moment, in strength and in truth. Motionless, with infinite motion.
What is more profound than honoring the power of the child who portrays the divine, inspires innocence, and chooses the supernatural beginning?
Shane Shema-Sheniy Froio
Hybrid Solar Eclipse
Hybrid Solar Eclipse


It is called awakening, tauba, the turning of the heart — the awakening of Divine remembrance… it’s an act of grace. And suddenly your whole life changes. A spark is put into you. It is very beautiful how it is done. It comes from the Higher Self. At a particular moment in your incarnation, the Higher Self is allowed to give you a certain energy. And after that spark — that scintilla — that spark, that infusion of divine energy — you can call it grace, you are no longer the same person. Something in you is woken up. There is this light, there is this hope, there is this sunshine in the eyes — it is incredibly beautiful — most precious moment…. suddenly the whole world was there. Like it has always been and I had never seen it. Full of light, full of beauty. All your have to do is to be present and say yes ~ Llewellyn Vaughan-Lee, Sufi Mystic



Trail of Tears
Trail of Tears



The soul learns lessons through trial and error in this Spiritual Hierarchy Training school on Earth. The coding of God characteristics are embedded in the Subconscious Mind of the soul. This is where the statement from the bible refers to, “created in the image and likeness of God”. A soul manifests a TRUTH and passes it through the soul’s Subconscious Mind to Universal Mind. Universal Mind then evaluated the TRUTH and facilitates a response to the TRUTH.
The purpose of the Soul Learning Process is to educate the soul through learning from their experiences and their manifestations. The Universal Mind is in contact with every soul in every moment. When a soul manifests a TRUTH, it is passed to their Subconscious Mind. This TRUTH interacts with Universal Mind and Universal Mind then evaluates the ingredients of this TRUTH. The process works directly with Universal Principles. Universe Principles works in harmony, balance, order and unity for the good of all. In evaluating the ingredients of the soul’s TRUTH, Universal Mind will analyze the ingredients of the TRUTH and determine if the ingredients are in accordance to Universal Principles. Universal Mind will evaluate the visualization, feelings and motive for the
TRUTH. If these ingredients are according to Universal Principles, Universal Mind will facilitate the TRUTH.
If the Ingredients of the TRUTH made by the soul are not in accordance with Universal Principles, Universal Mind may facilitate the TRUTH with a karmic lesson attached. In facilitating a karmic lesson, Universal Mind will evaluate the God characteristics embedded in the soul and determine which karmic lesson is appropriate at the time for the development of the soul. The purpose of the karmic lesson is not to punish the soul; but, through trial and error a soul will learn the necessary lessons.
For example, if a soul manifests stealing as a TRUTH and this Truth is passed through the Subconscious Mind to Universal Mind, Universal Mind, after evaluating the ingredients, will evaluate the development stage of the soul to determine which karmic lesson will best be facilitated for the development of the soul. If the soul is in the early stages of development, the karmic lesson may not be imminent. There is always a biological triggering mechanism within each soul that will warn the soul that their TRUTH, which they are about to manifest, is not in accordance to Universal Principles. The soul can ignore this warning which is an uncomfortable nervous feeling that comes from the Subconscious Mind located in the Solar Plexus of the soul where the embedded God characteristics are located. If the soul continuously ignores this warning, the severity of the karmic lesson is increased.
When the karmic lesson is facilitated by Universal Mind to the soul who committed the transgression act of stealing, the soul will then become a recipient of a similar transgression act against him. This is where the saying, ‘An eye for an eye’ comes from. When the soul commits the initial transgression act to steal, the ingredients of his TRUTH is about the soul’s selfish motives; the soul’s visualization, the soul’s feelings and the soul’s personal motive. There are no concerns for the welfare of another which goes against Universal Principles. Once the soul becomes the recipient of a similar transgression, he now feels the feelings of how it is to have a transgression against him. Over time, the soul realizes it is not right to steal or commit any transgression act against another.
The timing of when Universal Mind will facilitate a karmic soul learning lesson depends on the development stage of the soul. If the soul is in an advance stage of its learning, Universal Mind will
facilitate an immediate karmic lesson. The soul’s learning lesson may not occur in the same incarnation. The reason for this is the soul may not be advance or able to handle the soul’s learning lesson necessary for his transgression. The Universe will never give the soul an experience the soul cannot endure. This is why it is difficult for the soul to understand why the soul is experiencing an experience where the soul cannot remember why an experience is happening. We tell you this so the soul starts to understand the process of this Spiritual Hierarchy Training School. We want to encourage the soul in developing faith, trust, hope, discipline, perseverance and other God characteristics embedded within the soul to know that every experience for a soul is for their development. To encourage the soul to trust the standards of Universal Principles and the training environment the soul is training in. The soul is learning to become a Co-Creator God and the soul will be in training until he learns these principles. The soul comes here as a Master Soul and will leave Earth as an Ascended Master, continuing the soul’s training at the next level in the soul’s learning process.
We will communicate the purpose of Light and Darkness in our next correspondence.
Constantly remind yourself as you play in the Play Ground of Life who you are and why you are here, you are Co-Creator Gods in training based on your dedicated love and service to God, completely.
The Golden Ones




Today’s 9th Wave shift… Brings good growth
9-Eagle, 23 April, heightened aspiration take new aim…
Paradoxically the 9th Wave’s purpose is to bring the most condensed frequency to collapse time and then bring new support, in other words the collapse transmutes old outdated structure and the support brings new structure that holds the Universe up and above the callapse and in sacred place.
The LIGHT code of the Universal Wave of Creations Evolution is embedded in the 9th Wave Frequency of Divine Time and today brings a shift in consciousness, into a new 18 day phase called the 124th DAY. Today’s shift is from being in 18 days(9+9) of inward reflection and collapse to today moving into 18 days(9+9) of new growth and support, the 9th Wave calculator –… A new 36 days cycle thus begins today, understood as a SERPENT-LIKE sine-wave movement forwards in a clockwise direction going through the 4 directions(4X9) starting in the east, into a peak through the south and into a valley beginning in the west and through the north returning to the east again. The movement of the 9 day cycle of 9th Wave is unlike the 13 day cycle of the 260 day Tzolkin that moves anticlockwise yet like gears the 2 cycles cog into each other.
All the calendars cog into each other in a certain way which like in NATURE connects everything as ONE. In this way the Light of Creation is in support of the Light of itself, the only thing that separates our human LIGHT from this natural order is our mind, hence to a schedule the hearts frequency that holds the memory of the beginning of Creation is returning to assist the mind to transcend the immature destructive patterns of duality and align our Soul to the already birthed NEW EARTH of full Cosmic Maturity and Oneness. After 2011/12 the Light of the 7th DAY of Creation is Complete to the beginning DREAM of the UNIVERSE, thus it is transforming that part of itself that is not Complete and not true to the beginning and memory of the first seed that gave birth to the TREE OF LIFE within, the process is transmuting and transcending everything to return to being in resonance with its Source Creator origins.
Our collective consciousness is shifting to be true to its Primordial origins. From the 7th DAY Time has entered the so called 7th NIGHT on all 9 levels of the Mayan calendar Pyramid and out of this a new DAY is being born. What this new DAY is bringing is a gradual shift into the heart, the process is challenging the duality of the mind to be heart centered, in other words to be humble and have compassion and bring your heart beat to be in resonance with the heart beat of NEW EARTH, enabling you to feel for HER. We are in a time between time, receiving Universal Source Light codes of information that are seeding our mind to understand on the highest Cosmic level and be at peace with itself and free from the immature conditioning that previously separated and destroyed our world. Earth herself is naturally in resonance with her Source origins, through her core she is allowing Creation to vibrate and expand to higher and higher levels of pureness, in order for our inner Light to synchronize to the “New Earth” consciousness and thrive with her as ONE HEART we will need to be in our center, being in surrender to the mind and opening the heart is key.
9-Eagle, a powerful day begins the new 9th Wave shift today, 9 shines brightest, creating forward movement, Eagle sees the largest view, brings heightened aspiration and takes new aim… On a larger scale of time these 18 days are in resonance with… To be continued… At the Universal Frequency page
9th Wave shift
9th Wave shift


Ishtar Ashtar Adonai
April 14, 2023
We feel very cold, we feel the cold of the waters of Antarctica where we meet the Mother Whale. The Mother Whale is very much connected to Sirio B where it comes from. From Antarctica there is a portal that connects directly to Syria B.
The Mother Whale wants to deliver us a message about the situation in Antarctica.
The waters of Antarctica and Antarctica are in full vibration, they are clean, they have been cleaned of all the negative energies that, for so long, were there infecting the waters, affecting their vibration.
Practically Antarctica is completely free already, evacuated from these negative contingents that inhabited it.
Mother Whale and the Entire Syrian Entourage, of the Cetaceans, we have been too, doing a great job of harmonizing in all the waters of the South. These waters are at a high vibration, and the City that lies within them, has already been taken away by the Light. No more darkness, no more dark forces oppressing there, in Antarctica.
All those missiles and all those weapons they had under the surface, they have already been removed as well.
All that they called the failures, was just a programming they had there, to disrupt the magnetic fields and, distort all the energy in the area.
Thanks to the work of the Great Cetaceans of Syria, Mother Whale including me, has also been managed to recover.
The ships of Intergalactic Command and Ashtar Command have also been very active in this area. We feel like, it’s like, we’re there in Antarctica.
They take us on a tour to see with our own eyes, the real situation of this continent, of this sector. Everything’s so white, everything’s shiny, just frozen over. You breathe a very subtle air, very clean, you feel a very high vibration.
Mother whale and the whole set of Cetaceans, continue to surround with their singing, with their energy, generating harmony, generating peace, above all, for the southern part of the Continent, going towards Patagonia Argentina and Chilean, generating and dissolving that anomaly. The anomaly that is no longer but hardly memories.
This was the information Mother Whale wanted to deliver us this afternoon.
We see ourselves walking through the threads of Antarctica and there we see a Ship. A Command Ship, that Ship rescues us and lifts us up.
We bid farewell thanking the Mother Whale, and returned on the Ship that brings us to our place in the ERKS Valleys. But there we entered the Underworld City, because the Ship took its destination toward the ERKS Inland City, there we flew over the whole city bright, majestic, all blue, all refulgent, shining in its splendor.
Gael of the Ship explains to us, which we have taken as a portal from Antarctica, and we find ourselves already, taking back our bodies.
Thank you Mother Whale and all the Cetaceans team
Emanuel and Pastor – Adonai
Holy Mountain of ERKS 4/14/2023
🔺️ The Egyptian triple Khemitian symbol of the Ankh + Djed + Was, is a very simple esoteric cryptogram, which describes these three systems and the work to be done on us. The Djed stands for the spine (see laminas) the cane Was, used to catch and control snakes, metaphor for the binary serpentine energy flowing down our spine, the spinal brain flow and the ankh represents the key to eternal life, or the key that opens our supremacy in the union of opposites, resolution of the paradox in the reconciliation of opposites.
✅️ Quote from the text Esoterism and Symbolism, by René Schwaller of Lubicz and Isha Lubicz.
, “On the other hand, no cryptography, no hieroglyphics is absolutely indescribable. It is absurd to believe that texts such as those that Ancient Egypt has beheaded us in abundance present an esoteric sense based on these kinds of explanations, if this esoterism can be expressed in writing. Cryptography and hieroglyphics, in the composition of a sacred text, have no other intention than to arouse the reader’s interest, to highlight an aspect of the text, to guide ultimately towards its esoteric character. Esoterism cannot be written or said or, consequently, betrayed. Gotta be prepared to catch it. This preparation is not a Knowing but a Power and can only be acquired through effort of the person, a struggle against his obstacles and a victory over his human animal nature. “
Egyptian triple Khemitian symbol of the Ankh + Djed + Was
Egyptian triple Khemitian symbol of the Ankh + Djed + Was

Christine Day

As you are being moved along this river of light, taken by the current, you will become aware that this river is feeding into an ocean of light. This ocean of light is the Collective consciousness, the Oneness. As you feed into this ocean, it’s as though you become even more defined and even more expanded within this energetic state. You do not lose yourself here, but rather become even more defined within your unique divine aspect of this whole energy of the Universe. You flourish. You bring a uniqueness of spirit to this place, and there is a celebration of you. You are fully received for all that you are and all that you bring. There is a quality of love that exists within this space that is uplifting and glorious. We have been waiting for you—waiting for you to take your place here!
You have not come to this earth plane to just settle for something that does not fulfill you. You have a right to joy, and a right to love and fulfillment. The Flow aligns you to a new direction, where there is a passion for the things you do, and a purpose. The light of the Self will guide and direct you and the whole universe will support this flow, opening up the doorways of possibility for you.
Your life will undergo level upon level of transformation as you align more, and more. This alignment helps you work within yourself in a new way, being much more productive in the way you approach your day-to-day living. You begin to take much more responsibility for what you draw to yourself in the way of experiences in your life, understanding that challenges bring you a deeper healing within yourself and an understanding of a deeper meaning of life and living. You no longer feel out of control with the events around you, like a victim, but are conscious that you can use these life experiences as growth tools. You can open up to them like a gift in the moment. Your heart will be opened to give you access to your feelings, moment by moment, and you will be truly present with each moment. When this happens you move out of separation with the Self. You have many tools now to work with, to assist you to be in your body, to consciously work with your feelings.
When something is not working in your life it’s not that you are being punished.
It’s the universe pointing out to you that maybe you should be doing something differently, or there may be something you need to feel in this moment. It is important to examine what is taking place within the situation. Ask yourself, “What is going on inside that I need to feel?”
You need to feel so that you can clear what is there, and then you can move on and the situation can flow again. This is the way you can keep connected to the flow, and allow it to continue to move through your life.
Each moment holds a unique quality of love that you can receive. This is neverending and part of our divine gifts here. It can only be experienced through the heart, when you are in the flow. This flow is the gift, your gift to yourself. All solutions are within the flow; all knowledge is within the flow. There is rest for you here.


Prior to making the choice to come to Earth, the soul’s connection to Universal Mind was intuitive. The soul’s life was a work of love and dedicated service to God using innate intelligence, same as the animal kingdom. Scientists call the intelligence of the animal kingdom “instinct”, but the truth is the animal kingdom uses innate intelligence and is directly connected to Universal Mind.
The Universe is constantly evolving, expanding and multiplying. There are many dimensions and realities that exist throughout billions of galaxies in the heavens. The heavens operate entirely under the principle of harmony, balance, order and unity for the good of all. Every galaxy requires an over seer to facilitate the operations of their galaxy. Where there are angels to serve God, there are also Co-Creator Gods to assist God in these other galaxies. The angels are not creators; they are administrators of God’s laws. They govern themselves by innate intelligence with love and dedicated serve to God, completely.
When a soul decides to come to Earth, it is by choice to become a Co-Creator God and knowing they will be created in the image and likeness of God. The capability for reasoning and Free-Will was not available to the soul prior to coming to Earth, just innate intelligence. The soul’s entire being was and still is in dedicated service for the love of God, completely. When a soul is in training to become a Co-Creator God, the soul receives access to a Conscious Mind. With this Conscious Mind comes reasoning and Free-Will. The metaphor of Adam and Eve eating an apple from the Tree of Knowledge is symbolic of the soul’s choice to gain wisdom through experience; knowledge is gained through experiences. The correct use of knowledge is wisdom. When Adam and Eve realized they were naked for the first time, this was indicative of the soul using their Conscious Mind for the first time, using reasoning and the five senses.
Earth is a Spiritual Training School sanctioned by the Galactic Council; a playground to experience the many laws of creation and to discern right from wrong through life’s experiences using Free-Will and Conscious Mind. The dramas on Earth may seem real to each soul, while experiencing life, but the reality is, each soul is learning through these experiences. Universal Mind orchestrates every experience for the soul based on the developing stage of the soul and their reaction to life’s experiences. There is no death, just repeated performances based on previous life’s experiences. There are no conscious memories of these previous carnations of life’s experiences as the soul’s ego and conscious mind is not disciplined yet to understand that these previous lives are not real. The soul’s Subconscious Mind will understand and garnish the wisdom learned from each previous life’s experience.
What appears to be real is only a perception of the soul’s Conscious Mind. As we have said, Conscious Mind uses the five senses in addition to reasoning or logic to determine what is real. This is a major part of soul learning. To determine what is really real, the Conscious Mind also has to integrate the Subconscious Mind, located in the Solar Plexus of the physical body of each soul. The Subconscious Mind is also referred to as the Feeling Body or soul’s intuition. The soul’s ego is the initial phase of using the Conscious Mind for self; self preservation, self interest, self satisfaction and self glory. As the soul experiences life, eventually the realization comes to the soul that serving self is an isolate and lonely objective without internal soul satisfaction. Through life’s experiences the soul learns, complete satisfaction comes when the soul’s is in service and their thinking is aligned with Universal Mind and all thoughts, words and deeds are in harmony, balance, order and unity for the good of all.
We will talk about Conscious Mind in our next communication.
Again, you are never separated from the love of God. The reasoning perception of the soul’s status while on Earth is greatly under estimated. The soul does not yet understand their soul’s purpose on Earth yet and the complexity of aligning their thinking process in accordance to Universal Principles. This is our work to bring these truths and learning tools to each soul for their understanding.
The Golden Ones


The spiritual completion 🔯✨️🌞✨️🔯
Aeonic pairing / two wings of a single whole / perfect balance / COSMIC SPIRITUAL SUN – CHILD CHRIST on earth .. 🌐✨️🕊🌞🕊✨️🌐
A cosmic egg of a new creation is proposed.
Spirit in body
New beginning 🚀
10_10_10 >>> COMPLETED ‼️❕️‼️
Solar Masculine and Solar Feminine Christ, Aeonic Pair
The Universal Founders are involved with altering Ursa Major in which its seven stars are merging with its counterpart, the seven sister stars in the Pleiades creating a cosmic blueprint of the Aeonic Pairing. Together, they represent the active principle of the heavenly masculine and the receptive principle of the heavenly feminine uniting through their shared constellation which allows connection directly into the Cosmic Spiritual Sun. As this Cosmic Triad completes, the Heavenly Father, the Heavenly Mother unites with their Cosmic Spiritual Sun. To which this heavenly marriage heralds the birth of an entirely new creation of Suns and Sacred planets while nurturing the Christos child on the earth. This Aeonic Pair represents perfect balance.
This cosmic shift in the Solar System is being synchronised into a new Aeon. This new Aeon is equal to a new measurement in cosmic time as well as the creation of a new cosmic entity. The new Aeon describes the horizontal measurement of time as having been adjusted by the Cosmic Clock, by the hand of God.
The Aeons are always born in male-female pairs, each of which is in itself a divine principle, yet, at the same time represent one aspect of the Godhead. These Aeonic pairs comprise the totality of the Godhead as the two divine principles which merge and unite as the third principle, becoming the Three in One. This heavenly prototype must be embodied, as above, so below, and will come to be the spiritual embodiment process of the ascending human experience. The spiritual completion which unites the Aeonic pair is the resulting state of Krystal hierogamic union or sacred marriage between the male and female principle with the Godhead. The stairway to heaven through the Krystal Star is embodied through inner and outer sacred marriage, in alignment to these heavenly prototypes, which will continually advance upon the earth.

Jamie Sams


I PLEDGE MY ALLEGIANCE TO MOTHER EARTH/TARA our precious blue emerald green Universal Stargate.
Life on earth is not a learning process
MOTHER TEACH ME how to see
The shining lights of stars,
The faces of the Ancestors,
In worlds both near and far.
SHOW ME how to welcome
The visions appearing to me,
Seeing the truth in detail,
Unraveling each mystery.
WALK ME THROUGH the Dreamtime
Of altered time and space,
That I may share those visions
With every creed and race.
I seek your Medicine ways
Of how to earth my visions,
Seeing truth, inside me, today.
Jamie Sams
Gratitude to Scribe
& Artist


Harsh Truth Is,
It takes Much more then Good Intentions, Knowledge and Love to Ascend into the Ranks Of Ascendent Masters during the First Wave.
Without Obssesive Discipline, Ultimate Dedication,
UnBreakable Consistency, and Self Sacrifices,
One Can NEVER Achieve Divine Greatness.
You Can Not Go Through Ascension without the Complete Balancing and Purification of Your Human Vessels.
Any UnHeal Self-Destructive Programs are Stains unto your Light Body.
In Order to Cross the 5th Density with your Light Vessel Avatar,
You Need A Level of Self-Care and Self-Love Beyond your Current Awareness.
There Is NO Half-Mesure.
This is Why, there Will Be 3 Waves of Ascension,
Before the Complete Ahniliation of the 3D Planet Earth.
Each Aware Being, Will Witness the 144 000 Ascendent Masters Rise into their Archangel Avatars, Like Gods into Flesh.
All will See with Bare Eyes,
The Ultimate Divine Potential
Achieve Through Self-Less Discipline.
Each Will Have The Choice,
And Knowledge Necessary
To Attain this Level of GodLike Beingness.
Nothing is Ever Given For Free in the Universe,
Proportionnally to their Level Of DEDICATION.
This is NOT Unfair,
nor something working Against You…
It Is How The Omni-Simulation Works.
What Are You Really Willing to Do?
What Are You Really Willing to Give Up?
What Do You Think You Really Deserve?
What Do You Really Want To Achieve?
Today We Tell You,
Humble Servant of Yahweh,
Unconditionnally Supporting
Each Of Our Childrens.
Praise to the Eternal Fire.
Dear Beloved Earthlings and Starseeds,
STORIES of your BRAVERY will be Told for ALL TIME!!
Planet Earth is approching the First Wave of Ascension Into The Fifth Density.
We Made It !! All The Blood, Sweat and Tears Will Finally Pay Off!!!
We Are at the End Of The Night.
The Clock IS About To STRIKE The HOUR…
We Made The Impossible.
Our Brothers and Sisters Look upon US With Profound Honor…
In the following transmission, we will Explain the Major Shift at the Physical Level
and give further Instructions on the Sequence of Events, (at the best of our capability),
on How to properly Prepare,
and an Overview of What I was Shown we would Experience during the First Transition.
It will Be the First Of Three Powerful Waves of Light. The Third Being the Completion of The Ascension of the Whole Collective into the Fifth Density.
A Density is a separate Reality, a seperate Tone on the Harmonic.
Within Every Density Exists many Dimensions, which Reflects the Vibration of your Being.
You Are Within a Density,
Perceiving a certain Dimension,
which Is Unique to your current State of Consciousness.
Between Every Density, Exists, Walls of Light, Created to Protect the Power and Wisdom from Malicious Beings.
The Poles are Splitting as we Speak.
It is the Urgent Sign that the Magnetosphere is being weakened.
We are Approaching the Poles Reversal. In the next few Days or Weeks, we will experience the ascension of the First 144,000 (maybe much more).
We will all Experience Different Perceptions, from the Same Reality.
The Days Before the First Solar Wave,
There will Be Precise Instructions on How Things will Unfold.
First, make sure you have Water and
Light Foods, always for 3 to 7 Days, and Candles/Lighter For Light. It is Highly Advised to Avoid Dead Food, and Toxic Substance, Days Prior. Also, let your Love Ones Know, not to Fear,
if the Power Shuts Off.
The Moment the Solar Wave will Touch the Earth,
the Earth will go into an Electromagnetic Nullzone, it will Stop his own Rotation.
The Ones Who Will Be Awaken
Will See A Enormous Mass Of Golden Plasma Wave Arriving First At Low Speed, Then Speeding Up As It Get Closer And Closer. Once It Will Hit The MagnetoSphere, It Will Turn Purple, Blue, Green, Pink, And Many Tones Of Colors You Have Never Seen In Any Of Your 3D Experiences.
It Will Engulft The Whole Planete In A Matter Of 10-20 Secondes.
Once The Plasma Will Touch Each Of Us, Everyone Will Have Unique UnImaginable Bliss Reunion With The Source, As Everyone Has Been Prepared Individually For Each Of Their Unique And Personnal Climax.
Imagine, Arriving At The Peak, The Reunion Not Only With The Source, But Also Remembering In A Blink Of An Eye, The Many Thousands Up To Billions Of Lifes Not Only On Earth For The Deliverance Of HuMan Kind,
Also Of The Many Lived In Different Star-Systems And Galaxy, Even Different Universe For Somes.
Each Will Be Granted To The Level Of DNA Activation Proportionnal To His Own Experiences And Wisdom.
Time Will Stop, As Only Less Then A Second Will Pass, And Yet You Will Feel Like It Had Last So Long You Almost Forgot Your Earth Life, Forgot That You Are Still Here On Earth…
The Intensity Will Be Such That It Will Be A Total Death Experience, The Pineal Gland Will Secrete A Large Amount Of DMT, You Will See All And Know All That Will Changed You ForEver.
Going Back Into Your Body,
You Will Notice That You See Eye Closed, Still Feel That Euphoric Bliss Of OneNess, You Will Open Your Eyes And
Everything Will Be Changed, You Body Will Be 2 Feets Taller, Your Skin Will Be Radiating Light With A More Golden Tone. You Will Be So Light, Weighting Around 10Kg, Able To Jump Many Meters With Ease, Run Faster Then A Horse, Stronger Then A Gorilla.
Your Skin And Whole Body Will Be Practically Indestructible.
With Practice, You Will Easily Levitate, Teleport, Bend Light/Matter, Control Space-Time, And Even Create Using The Ether AnyThing You Can Visualize.
You Will See Thousands Of Tones Within Each Colors, And Many Colors, You Never Thought You Would See In Your Living, The Colors Will Have Their Own Consciousness, Their Own Emotions. There Will Be Sacred Geometrical Art Over Every Surfaces You Look At, EveryThing Will Breathe And Be Alive In A Way That You Will Feel Every Bits Of Matter Breathing And Living Around You AnyWhere You Are. Your Blood Will Be Of Plasma Light And Your Organes Will Be Greatly Upgraded, Specifically The Lungs, Which Will Absorb A new Type Of Extremely More Potent Oxygen WHICH Will Give Your Breath The Power Of 144 000, Each Breath Of Plasma Air Will Feel Like Pure Bliss, Also Controlling The Elements Of
Life Will Be Common. Fairies, Dragons, Elementals, Angelic Beings, And All Our Galactic Angelic Families Of Light Will Be There To Greet Each Of You, More Personnally The Soul Families That You Last Left Before Leaving For The Duty of Earth. A Peace That Cannot Be Explain In HuMan Words. Animals Will Also Be UpGraded As Well As Plants, Growing 1000 Times Faster Then In 3rd Density.
There Will Be No Memory Of Any Suffering, Pain, Sorrow, Ressentment, Guilt. Nothing Will Miss You In Any Way, It Will Feels Like All Those Past Life On Earth Duality Never ReallyHappen, Like It Was Just The Dream Of A Night, Waking Up From It And Feeling Distant From It.
Your Memory Will Be Back, Like If It Never Left You, The Entire Time.
Then Everyone Will Have The FreeWill To Choose His Next Experience And Create His Dreams, Dreams That Can Not Be Concieved Totally In The Density. It Will Be A Chance For Each Of Us To Experience A New Octave Of Evolution In 5th Density With An Soul Experience Of 4-9th Densities.
A Chance To Live A Incarnation In Which The Darknest As Been Fully Concquered. Never It Has Occured Before In The Cosmos, And We Are The Children Ot Light, Who Managed To Incarnate In The Last Pit Of Hell,
Illuminating To The Depth Of The Darkness, Until There Was Only Light.
There Will Be Not Cataclysm, No World-Wide Fire, No Planetary Disruption. It Is The Mosy Magic Miracle That Will Have Ever Occur In The Universe.
During those Three Days, the Planet will Undergo a Process of Mutation.
The Speed of Rotation of The Electrons of All Matter will Reach Such A High State, It will Instantly Cause the Rearrangment of the Atomic Structure of Matter. The Carbon Structure will be Atomically Changed Into Silica, which will Yield a Totally New Type of Reality, with a more Subtle and Less Dense Matter. The Earth will have Reached the Fourth Vibrational Density.
Many of Us will Instictively Fall into a Deep State of Meditation, We will Experience an Enormous Release of DimethylTryptamine from our Pineal Gland for an Extensive amount of Time.
This will cause, an Instant Out of Body Experience, from which we will Resurrect, into Pure Light.
There will be a Major
Reprogramming of the Memory.
All Negative Memories of Pain and Suffering will Be Saved Within The Universal Recorder Cell or Akashic, Then Erased and Replace by Only the Positive Perception of your Past Lives.
For the People who will not fall into Deep Sleep, It is Advised to Close your Windows, and do not Fear. There will Be a Cleansing of Parasitic Entities, and as the Veil will Be Desiccated, we will See the Dark Spirits with The Bare Eye. For this Reason, in the days Before, One should Surround one’s Home with Sea Salts and Use any Tools available, to Purify your Environment,
and Create Barriers.
We Repeat, do not Fear, those Spirits will Be Harmless, as They Will Be Burning Under the Highly Charged Cosmic Particles.
After the 3rd Day, the Sun Will Rise with a New Light. There will Be Auroras in the Sky that will literally Be of Breathless Beauty. There will Occur, an Emergency Broadcast System, Worldwide.
The White Alliance will Hijack the Planetary Communication System and Broadcast, 3 times, 8 hours of Court, for many Days, Disclosing the Whole Truth, for the World to Know.
It is said, that during the Time of the Three Days, the 144 000 Co-Creators, from The Throne will Be Taken Unto the MotherShip Jerusalem, They Will Be the First to Have their Body Harmonize with Their ChristOverSelf.
Those 3 Days On the Ship will Seem like 3 Years have Passed, even though it will only Be 3 Days.
They will Be Taught to Use Their Power for the Highest Good Of All.
In the Following Months, The StarFleets of the Alliance will Publically Show Themselves to the World, and Will Begin Broadcasting The Message of Love and Hidden Knowledge on The Huge Screen.
They will Disclose All Secrets,
and Explain the Earth
is Becoming a Multi-Galactic Planet.
Over the Next Months, Hidden Advanced / ExtraTerrestrial Technologies will Be Given to the Public as their Due Right.
Free Energy, Anti-gravity Ships and much more. The Quantum Financial System will Be Activated,
and People will be Allowed to go anywhere on Earth, Freely.
Inner Earth will also Become Accessible for Those Whom Energetically Matches the Experience.
Life will Become a Pure Bliss,
A Creative Story of Never-Ending Possibilities. You will be Offered The Ability to Create AnyThing You Have Ever Dreamed Of, According to the Law Of Free Will.
The Next Waves of Ascension will probably Follow in a matter of months. At this Time, Over 2 to 3 Billion Star Seeds and Wanderers will Ascend into the Fifth Dimension.
The Last Waves will Occur between 2025 and 2030, and Will Be the Last Opportunity before the Complete Shift Of The Earth, from the 4th Density into the 5th Density.
At this point, All Souls who did not Reach the Necessary Development, will leave the body and Reincarnate in other Planets, according to their Own Soul Needs.
In order not to Infringe upon our Free Will, many Details Cannot Be Foreseen.
Have Faith, In An Instant,
You Will Remember Everything.
As The 12 Rainbow Crystals Of Lemuria Rise From The Sea, And From Below The Crust, High Above The Land, Therefore Activating Original BluePrint.
Pain Will Vanish, As It Never Existed.
The Dream Will Become Alive!
And Your Wildest Dreams
Will Become Reality.
Keep Breathing,
The Best Is Yet To Come!
Soon, We Rise In Light!
We Rise In Love.
Stories Of Your Bravery Will Be Told For All Time!
I Am Honored To Share This Dream Come True
With All of You.
Together We Stand,
And Honor The Sacred Imperative of Life!
“Let There Be Light!
Let There Be Love!!
Let There Be Life!!”
We Love You So!


1✔️ The beginning and the end of the ascension is in Gaia, so you are here; Each life gives you a new opportunity…
Desiring to transcend to reach the promotion is the same as wishing for a college degree without having to enroll..
You can’t escape this, if you want to escape you’re still at the wheel…..
The Ascension is not something to measure with dogmas, it is faced head on and integrated from a true “Awakening of Consciousness”…
2✔️ The Stages of Pain:
They are needed to wake you up once you enter the “comfort phase”. It’s an “opportunity” for the soul, a jolt of the Being…
3✔️ As you climb here, the tests also rise to a more difficult level, but our ability to react in us is more Conscious than remaining in a state of blindness; which determines less suffering, because there is greater understanding/management and positive resolution in your tests, and you know this is just a game “Maya” (just play… don’t let it suck you in)
4✔️ We are attracting people, jobs and situations out of sync. As well as repelling those people, jobs and situations that no longer vibrate in your current frequency.. whatever they may be…
5✔️ We enter a process of solitude and self-pleasure. You are no longer afraid to be alone, even if you are accompanied, you choose these moments of collection in your heart…
6✔️ You abandon the fear of matter and survival with it, feeling part of a Universal fractal in which it welcomes and protects you. So the abundance appears “no more lengthy”
7✔️ Detachment from identity itself and surrounding roles (close and family).
Do you know that the narrative of life is a movie with different characters interacting with each other…
Today father, tomorrow son… husband, wife, friends…
Detachment is not only loving, but understanding the work of each one as multidimensional beings, from their complete forms of individuality, collaborating with the Sacred Collective.
Detachment is to stop seeing as “MINE” something that doesn’t belong to you..
8✔️ Detachment from the Program and so many roles marked on each one of our ancestors.
9✔️ Unlearn to learn.
Step into the void of your Being and listen to Him without judgements or pre-made rules.
Trust in your Being completely
10✔️ Become ONE with every particle in existence, and with each sibling of the earth (whether person, animal, plant or mineral) knowing that everything is contained in you and your equals at the same time.
“You are the light,
the LIGHT of the LIGHT”
I Hold You Close
Lady of Om Wella.

“ Polarity doesn’t exist “

There is never two separate or opposite parts they are by definition a pole.
The pole is the spectrum of variational colours that are both and all, you simply choose where you reside.
True Expression is the interplay of this positioning.
When you follow the arc far enough you’ll spherically come back to where you started,
When you travel the spine you’ll go through many frequencies of the one rod.
‘Integration of polarity’ is nothing more than realising this, it’s all just the spectrum of beautiful colour and light.
This is the kind of transformative wisdom that’s shared when your know your Soul Colours.
You inner stand your spectrum of expression and get to play with all your frequencies in your life to paint the picture of your reality.
With Luminous Love,
Lumi Ræ ~ Soul Colour Signature®️✍️🌈
Cuckoo wasp
Cuckoo wasp

Vidya Frazier

Awakening to the Fifth Dimension

We have entered times of great transition. A new Earth is emerging. People are awakening. But old structures are crumbling around us and new ones are not yet in place. Many are experiencing great uncertainty and confusion.

It’s time for those of us who feel called to assist in this planetary awakening to step forward to help usher in this new age of human evolution on the planet.

WELCOME All Lightworkers, Starseeds and Frequency-Holders
Finally – the times we’ve been waiting for are here!

As chaotic and challenging as they are, these are the times we were born for, when humanity is about to make a monumental evolutionary leap in consciousness into what is known as the Fifth Dimension.

What we see all around us in the outer world is the collapse of an ancient system of control that has taken place in a very limited and distorted reality, known as the Third Dimension. Understandably, this collapse is producing confusion, fear, and despair as we see it all falling apart around us.

Yet, from a higher perspective, it’s all actually good news: this old world, filled with corruption, greed, control, manipulation and hatred, needs to collapse, so that a new higher-frequency world can come into being. Ancient prophesies have foreseen these times and called this emerging new world the Golden Age. Others have called it the Age of Aquarius; still others have referred to it as the Sat Yuga. Now it’s common among many to call it the Fifth Dimension.

The Dimensional Shift is Already Underway

Whatever we call it, it is very exciting! Especially since this dimensional Shift is now fully under way – and the new 5D Reality is already coming into being. It’s a frequency that is getting stronger and stronger on Earth, and we can tune into it and begin to live our lives within it.

What is essentially occurring is an awakening into the knowing that we are powerful multi-dimensional Beings who have been controlled and shut down for eons of time – made unaware of the magnificent source of Light that we are. And, in this awakening, we are re-discovering the power we have to create a world of beauty, harmony, peace, and justice – a world in which people can live their lives in unity and love.

This evolutionary journey we’re on – often called Ascension – is not an easy one; for many of us, it involves a great deal of loss and change, as well as periods of fear, despair and rage. And it often entails walking alone through uncharted territory, without a sense of where we’re headed. It’s a time of letting go of trying to force things to happen in the old ways we always have before, and learning to trust our higher Selves to guide us into a whole new Reality.

But it’s also a time of great joy and profound openings of love and deep peace, as we shift in consciousness from 3D to 5D. And it’s a time for us to work together as a collective of light Beings to bring about the New Earth.




Sourcing Inner Peace | Arcturus Codes | Light Language Meditation

It is built and fed everyday.
It always has been inside of you let it be your strength
With peace, what you want may not happen, but you know it will be the best.
Self-sabotage is a huge one.
Let this rest now and send it on its way while peace becomes our greatest strength
It holds you back, is not needed, and now is the time to heal with this guided meditation with the language of the light
I’m sharing a higher self-light language meditation from my youtube channel @encodedfrequency to source help, healing, and shift into grace.
Sourcing Inner Peace
Sourcing Inner Peace



By Philippe François via Merlin Charles 🙏
The Earth will be relocated to where it was at Origin, from where its ascension and dissolution of density, plans and subplanes, from the castle and mantle. Gaia is about to shed her earthly bark… The falsification of this Dimension took place, 320,000 years ago, at the time when the Archons arrived on Earth in this part of the Galaxy.
From that moment, and in the face of the electromagnetic forces of vibrational lowering, the forces of Light (incarnated at the time by the entities of Sirius, Delphinoids, and the entities called, at the time, Giants) were forced to flee catastrophically from this part of the solar system.
Since 320,000 years, every 50,000 years, a cycle of cosmic breathing ends, allowing some souls to escape or enter the cycle, yet never before have the Light forces been able to remove these entities from this electromagnetic dimension, which finally realizing it now .
Betelgeuse is the star that was announced to transform into a supernova, thus emitting the purest Vibrational Light. This Vibrational Light impulse is what is coming to our world.
Betelgeuse, the Light is coming back. She holds a central role, as one of the Pleiades daughters named Alcyone… Like the Nemesis System with Hercolubus/Nibiru.
Thus, the kingdom of Light has earned the right to establish itself again and restore you therefore, if you choose, in the worlds of Unity and Truth…
Betelgeuse is the morning star and corresponds to our own home coming to us…
When the Light will arrive, Betelgeuse will pass behind the fixed star of the Sagittarius Constellation, very precisely at 19o of Sagittarius.
This is a prophecy given by Michel de Nostre Dame or Nostradamus.
The influence of Bételgeuse radiation was captured by your scientists, of course, since they told you it was going to become a supernova.
Everything that is happening right now corresponds with the tangible changes in Betelgeuse radiation, and the modifications to your skies are extremely important. But Betelgeuse is only one of the elements of the return of the Light, since what will be affected in priority, and it already is, is not the Earth, but the SUN which is the relay of the majority of these changes.
Each Sun is connected to another Sun which is its double or triple, and the double of the Sun, is called by scientists Nemesis which is the solar twin that returns on the plane of the eclipse the planets rotate
All these events, the Light of Betelgeuse turning into a supernova, the transformation of the Sun into a red giant, the rise of Nemesis by the south of the planets at the boundaries of the solar system, the arrival in which you are now, in the interstellar clouds and alignment with the Alcyone Central Sun, the Source, this is all happening concurrently right now.
So, of course, you’re going to experience changes that are already visible in the sky, all of this is observed. It all makes sense. This is the beginning of the changes that were announced by Saint John to the level of heaven, which you are living live.
While Betelgeuse emits this visible Light, the Sun’s radiation is no longer the same. It’s a no brainer even for scientists. Everything is changing.
Betelgeuse is an element of cosmic dynamics and Dimensional jump of the Consciousness of the Earth and its inhabitants, and that’s what we are experiencing right now.
The New Earth will not be exclusive to a single human race. She will be a representative specimen of the Cosmos and will become the new living symbol of Unity in its purest and also most powerful sense.
In 2009, only specks of radiation, or first electromagnetic impulses, arrived, allowing the Annunakis metal vessel that had been used to shut down worlds, including ours.
There will be no more lockdown, you know it, but some existing lockdown persist, because it is necessary to wait for the same kind of alignment to liberate a world.
The impact of Nibiru on the Sun is already very real, not through solar ejections, but rather through solar winds flowing from black holes to the surface of the sun, allowing solar winds to block solar radiation and replace it with radiation cosmic and galactic.
Mechanics in the heavens…
Cosmic radiation, also known as gamma radiation, will replace solar radiation permanently.
At this point, no carbon structure can survive, in the common sense you hear.
The total appearance of Light means the total disappearance of ephemeral structures.
Except, of course, for those who will, for a certain period of time, be placed in certain places of this planet to receive what has been called the Ultimate Keys and, above all, the deployment, not of the Ascension body, but of the Entity body.
Liberation is to make consciousness, to consciousness itself, that it is not what it believes.
The Fire of Love is not the Fire that destroys. The Fire of Love is the Fire that Raises.
Today, the peoples of the Intraterrestrial have joined their respective Merkabah and are waiting, positioned around the Earth, for the final movement of translation of the Earth and our Humanity, to its Unified Dimension.
Every “ONE” is where they are supposed to be, consciously or not. We invite you to stay in your PEACE, in the heart of your BEING, free and loving, having the certainty that the event is there and that we are all Present at your side to live Your / Our RENAISSANCE… Together…
A Presence…
A double rainbow
A double rainbow

photo by Dr. Sebastian Voltmer on April 12, 2023 @ Spicheren, France.

~Total Solar Eclipse in Aries, at 29 degrees, 19/20th of April 2023. Reach for the sky!~

This is one of the most positive and exciting Solar Eclipses we’ve experienced since years. In the fire sign of Aries, the courageous warrior, its dynamic and pioneering. Jupiter in Aries conjunct the Eclipse makes this an extra special and rare event, expanding our hope, joy and opportunities for breakthroughs, success and good fortune.
Not only is this the first Solar Eclipse in Aries since 2006, but also the first Solar Eclipse in Aries conjunct Jupiter since March 1987.
Eclipses are doorways, quantum choice points. It contains the tremendous possibility to leap into new ways of being in our lives and are the most powerful transits that you can experience. They herald major beginnings and endings, burning and purifying.
At the last degree of 29, as well as an Eclipse, we are ending major chapters in our lives and are about to take quantum leaps into a new way of living and being.
This Eclipse is helping to put into motion and manifest, the defining new shifts and era that began in March, first with Saturn and Pluto changing signs and the New Moon in Aries at 0 degrees. The first of two rare new Moons in Aries within four weeks.
This Solar eclipse brings us all the courage, initiative and good luck we need to step through the open door that the eclipse presents us with, into a life filled with more abundance and joy as we feel the magnetic pull towards the North Node of fate that is always close to an eclipse.
The Solar Eclipse close to the North Node of fate in Taurus is indeed a quantum leap towards finding more harmony, abundance, joy and peace in our lives as we move away from the struggle and drama of the South Node in Scorpio.
Try to consciously let go of resistance and stay open to the gifts of Jupiter at this Eclipse that bring the possibility of unlimited growth, opportunities, optimism, more inner peace, romance and boundless love.
“I felt lit up, as if someone had reached into my heart and flipped an inner switch, turning me on, brighter.”–Aspen Matis.
Eclipses come in pairs and between now and the second Lunar Eclipse in Scorpio on the 5th of May, you may be presented with new possibilities, choices and opportunities that can be life changing.
A possible decision that needs to be made signified by Mercury in Taurus conjunct Uranus that turns retrograde one day after the eclipse, will become clearer at the Lunar Eclipse on the 5th of May as the story is still unfolding until then, when we will be able to see the bigger picture and in particular gain more emotional clarity.
Uranus conjunct Mercury in Taurus, can mean we have sudden profound realizations and is an exciting wild card that has the potential to stop you in your tracks and take you by surprise. This energy is unpredictable and we can have a sudden, inexplicable urge to break out and do something adventurous, daring and different.
Expect the unexpected from yourself and others.
There is an urge to break through any restraints from within or without that have been holding us back from freedom. Now is the time for change. A whole new reinvention point.
Eclipses are the most powerful transits that you can experience, as one door opens and another one closes.
What ever happens, trust the process. Its destiny, aligning us to our true souls path and purpose.
As the Sun is darkened by the shadow of the Moon, our intuition (the Moon) – wordless and irrational – overpowers your creative center and power (the Sun). The result is like a short-circuit of your internal wiring. The fundamental laws of the universe no longer apply as the Sun’s light is temporarily darkened. The world is shrouded in an apprehensive silence that you can almost hear.
At the Solar Eclipse, something is trying to get your attention, this is the time when magic can happen.
Listen carefully to your intuition, there’s something urging you to do something completely different in your life, completely change your perceptions and even reinvent yourself anew.
Outdated and limiting ways of thinking and belief system`s can suddenly be “burnt” out of existence by the Sun. Replacing our limiting ways of thinking with new expansive visions, breaking the chains of our old way of being, that no longer align with the new emerging person you have become.
What do you need to burn away?
Jupiter in Aries in a challenging aspect to Mars in Cancer and Pluto to the North node, makes it impossible to repress our feelings. Be proud of who you are, your deep emotional and passionate nature, shout it from the roof tops and wear your heart on your sleeve without fear.
Pluto in Aquarius at the powerful zero degree until June 2023, is like a simmering power station in the background to our lives. A power that we can tap into and claim to help us overcome any challenges in our life.
Rise up and reclaim your power!
Jupiter in the activist sign of Aries encourages us to bravely fight for our rights and to live a life that allows you to be totally, utterly and unapologetically you.
Its time to loose your fear and take that leap of faith.
Fear is the opposite of faith, but they both require that you believe in something that you have not seen. Which one will you choose? Turning adversity into strength, dreams into reality, fear into faith, it’s time to blaze a trail ahead and shine our light to others, helping them to see their way through the darkness.
Don’t make yourself small.
Not for anyone.
If someone tells you
you’re too much…
too loud, too sensitive,
too fierce, too caring,
too intellectual, too optimistic,
too realistic, too logical, too emotional…
just smile and move on, my friend.
Clearly, they aren’t enough for you.
Article by Vivienne Micallef-Browne
Guardians of the Grove
Guardians of the Grove


by Drunvalo Melchizedek

✨The Hathors ✨

The Hathors were the main or primary mentors within the Left Eye of Horus Mystery Schools. Though they were not originally from Earth, in the ancient days they were always here to assist us in unfolding our consciousness. They loved us dearly and they still do.
As our consciousnesses became more and more third- dimensional, we eventually could no longer see them or respond to their teachings. Only now, as we grow, are we beginning to see and communicate with them again.
The figure in the image is the likeness of a member of the Hathor race, a race of higher dimensional beings who come from Venus. You don’t see them in the third dimensional world of Venus, but if you tune to Venus on the fourth dimension, especially on the higher overtones, you will find a vast culture there. They are the most advanced consciousness in this solar system, and they function as the headquarters or central office for all life under our Sun. If you come into our solar system from the outside, you must check with Venus before proceeding.
The Hathors are between 3 to 5 meters tall. For a very, very long time they have helped the people of Earth, almost always through their love and their incredible knowledge of sound.
There is an initiation in Egypt where the sound of the ankh is created – this is one of the initiations in the Great Pyramid. It is a continuous sound that a Hathor makes without stopping for somewhere between half an hour to an hour. It is used primarily for healing the body or restoring the balance in nature.
It is like when we sound Om and have to breathe at the same time. The Hathors learned how to make a sound without stopping, breathing in through their nose, into their lungs, and back out through their mouth continuously.
Conducting this Sound-Of-The-Ankh initiation ceremony was only one of the many things they do for us to create balance. The Hathors were here on Earth helping humanity for thousands of years..’ ✨
Exerpt from the book The Flower of Life, volume 2 by Drunvalo Melchizedek
Visual art by Magdalene Rose Temple
The Hathors
The Hathors

✨The Solar Holon ✨

A Hathor Planetary Message through Tom Kenyon

‘ We are giving information about The Solar Holon at this time because you are collectively entering a profound and precarious transition in planetary consciousness.
As with all perception, knowledge gained is relative to the perspective from which a situation is viewed.
We are no different from you in this regard. It is just that we view your predicament and potentials from other dimensions of consciousness.
We have various perspectives on your situation.
We will make this as succinct as possible in order to get to the Sound Mediation. But we feel these perspectives can be of assistance to you.
So…let us begin the beguine, for everything in the universe is a dance of light, energy, and matter.
From the perspective of the highest dimensions we have attained, which we call the Aethos, there is no conflict. All polarities are resolved in the infinite expanse of equanimity. Thus, from this perspective, all that unfolds in your experience upon your Earth is a transient display of light and energy and is dreamlike in its nature. It has no substance. It is a magical display of Cosmic Mind.
However, things get “a bit sticky” as consciousness descends from this lofty dimension into the buffeting of subatomic particles—the collisions of light, energy, and matter that are the Atomic Whirling Dervishes responsible for your sensory world.
Indeed, from the perspective of embodiment upon your Earth, equanimity of mind is sometimes hard to find.
Getting more down to Earth, so to speak, you are in the midst of massive Chaotic Nodes. Some of these are affecting your climate, your oceans, your ecosystem, your politics, your social disorder, and the very existence of civilization as you have known it. Be not disheartened by this avalanche of change for it is truly, and most definitively, an opportunity to evolve at an accelerated rate.
Those who refuse to evolve will devolve. Riding the winds of change to your spiritual advantage is, from all our perspectives, a prudent thing to do.
One of the great difficulties in this planetary transition is that your mental, emotional, physical, and spiritual vitalities can be greatly depleted.
We refer here to the vitality of your KA (your subtle energy body) and your KHAT (your physical body).
This loss of vitality can affect you on multiple levels and in complex ways.
From all our perspectives, with the exception of the Aethos, which views all phenomena as a dream, you are in for more difficult and challenging times.
And yet in the midst of such pressures, you can extract diamonds.
These diamonds are not of this Earth but are birthed from your own consciousness as you deal with the complexities of your earthly life. Engaging your life from a slightly elevated position in consciousness is all that is required to begin the cascade of accelerated evolution.
This is where The Solar Holon can assist you…to give you an edge over the demoralizing and depleting effects of coping with multiple and very complex Chaotic Nodes.
There are many things we could offer you at this time, but we have chosen The Solar Holon because it is a form of etheric fire. And it has the ability to purify and transform consciousness simultaneously. It is a very efficient tool for accelerating your own evolution.
We imparted this method to the priests and priestesses at the Temple of Dendara in ancient Egypt. It generated in them profoundly elevated states of consciousness whereby they could communicate with us directly.
And it allowed them to revitalize themselves for the ascent of consciousness.
The meditation uses a drum and the interaction of three vocalizations that transmit sound codes.
There are three forms of working with The Solar Holon we wish to explain.
The First Form (Moving)
This is how we instructed the initiates at Dendara to work with the meditation. This form should, however, only be engaged if you have a good sense of balance.
Standing with your feet shoulder-width apart, place your awareness in your solar plexus. Imagine that there is a ball of light, like the sun, in this area. Inside the sun is a brilliant white ankh This ankh protects you because it is an energetic signature of a very high spiritual dimension. And it will also transmit to your KA and KHAT potent life-enhancing energies. Allow each pulse of the drum to strike this etheric ball of fire in your solar plexus. Allow The Solar Holon to quiver with each pulse from the drum, and let your body move to the rhythm according to your body’s own innate wisdom. If you feel called to do so allow yourself to make sound as you move.
The Second Form (Sitting)
The second way to work with this is to sit with your feet in contact with the floor or ground. Everything else about the meditation is the same as with the first. Sense the brilliant white ankh that is in the middle of your solar plexus. Allow each pulse of the drum to strike the ball of fire (i.e., The Solar Holon). Let the holon quiver with each rhythmic pulse, and let your body move spontaneously, according to its own innate wisdom.
As with the First Form—if you feel called to do so—make sound that resonates with what you are feeling and how your body is moving.
Third Form (Stillness)
The third method is done in stillness. It can be done sitting or lying down. As with the other two methods your focus is on your solar plexus. Sense the brilliant white ankh in the center of the ball of fire. Allow the sound of the drum to strike the ball of fire (i.e., The Solar Holon). Let the holon quiver with each pulse. In this method you do not—intentionally—make sound or move your physical body. But if sound and movement spontaneously arise allow them to unfold.
The primary method we described above is for the purpose of allowing The Solar Holon to strengthen and purify you. It is the foundation for all uses of this holon, and we recommend that you work with it in this way often. We will now turn our attention to an interesting application of The Solar Holon.
The use of The Solar Holon to psycho-navigate space and other dimensions of consciousness will be of interest to many.
There is one method we wish to discuss as it forms the foundation for all other psycho-navigations using The Solar Holon. Its purpose is to draw directly into yourself life-enhancing energies that are emitted by the sun, the star that is at the center of your own solar system.
The Solar Holon is an etheric form and is not bound by time or space in the same way your physical body is. The Solar Holon can also transport itself to another dimension or another location in space instantaneously.
To draw life-enhancing energies from the sun, simply do the following: After working with the sound meditation for a few minutes make sure you have a clear sense of The Solar Holon in your solar plexus. Also, be certain that the ankh is emanating energy. If you do not sense emanations of light and/or energy coming from the ankh, work with the holon until you do.
Next, imagine that you are floating in space in front of the sun. You will be in your KA body so you cannot be burned. The sun is continually transmitting energy through the solar winds—also referred to as the solar stream and it is this flow of potent energies that you will be drawing upon.
The Solar Holon matches an energy signature of the sun’s own subtle body (i.e., the solar KA), and your Solar Holon will draw into itself highly potent energies, and your KA body will spontaneously step down the frequency of these solar energies so they can be used by your physical body (KHAT).
What you do with these increased energies will be your responsibility. We therefore strongly suggest that you use your increased energy in life-positive ways. All life throughout the cosmos is interconnected and as you attain higher energy states you will discover the need for greater response-ability on your part.
Those of you who are advanced psychonauts can explore other star systems as well as other dimensions of consciousness. Always have a sense of the ankh when exploring other dimensions of consciousness or other star systems. We make this vital point because the ankh will protect you if you accidentally explore spaces that are not in your best interest. In other words, not all star systems or dimensions of consciousness are benevolent. Some are nefarious and if you, in your naivete, stumble into a star system or a dimension that you should not be in, your ankh will protect you.
There is much more we could say about The Solar Holon and its potentials. but then this message would be much, much longer. All the knowledge you will require to take full advantage of The Solar Holon is encoded within in the brilliant white ankh.
Meditate upon this key to the higher dimensions of spiritual knowledge, and it will reveal to you all that is required.
May The Solar Holon and the exquisite mystery of the solar winds and the solar stream carry you upward in consciousness.
May you find many diamonds during your time upon the Earth. And when your time is done, may you be able to say, with authenticity, that your life has been a rewarding one.
May your heart be found to be lighter than a feather as all regrets, anger, fears, and sorrows will have been dissolved in the transforming grace of the Diamond Lights..✨
The Hathors
through Tom Kenyon
Find The Solar Holon here:
Visual art by Vince Gowmon



The Solar Holon
The Solar Holon


April 11th. 2023
Perfect interpretation of the interdimensional space travel or teleportation of quantum consciousness of the multidimensional cosmic pilot and the telepathically interconnected intelligent spaceship. Quantum Artificial Interdimensional Intelligence. QAII.
As we know water is spirit and we can find the element in four basic forms, states or structures: solid (ice), liquid, gaseous (steam) in levitation (clouds) or plasma, when the rainbow displays the 7 colors by interacting with the SunLight.
Plasma is therefore a combination between Spirit and Light, both Divine consciousness that united can travel interdimensionally through the multidimensional space of the universal master cocreation.
When the cosmic pilots connect telepathically with the divine source, interdimensional portals and interconnecting cords of quantum energies (wormholes) are open to travel through the galaxy between solar systems or intergalactic travel to explore and discover the cosmos, like humans have discovered the Earth and interconnected cities and continents through road routes, train railways, maritime routes or airspace routes for civil aviation.
The pilot has the faculties guided by the ATC connection to fly the manmade engineering, as the cosmic pilot needs the faculties and pure quantum consciousness to connect his or her Light (plasma) body (Mind-Heart-Soul) in pure quantum consciousness with the guiding universal sources, to teleport his/her consciousness and spirit, within the plasma body of the interdimensional spaceship through the “oceanic” multidimensional consciousness of the universe.
Humans have observed metal structures flying antigravity trajectories in the Earth skies, transforming suddenly into Light (plasma) and disapperaing in the skies at Light speed.
This is how interdimensional cosmic pilots fly antigravity their intelligent spaceships, transform into Light plasma and teleport the consciousness through interdimensional black holes, portals, (wormholes) of universal consciousness interconnecting the galaxy and the cosmos.
Quantum Artificial Interdimensional Intelligence
Quantum Artificial Interdimensional Intelligence
You have heard it said long ago:
‘An eye for an eye and a tooth for a tooth.’ Listen to me now, Do not resist the one who is hurtful. If anyone slaps you on the right cheek, turn to them the left cheek. Beauty doesn’t arise into a blooming flower from pouring poison on it. Beauty arises from the unconditional nourishment in the form of love, water.
And yet we do not know that water is the most polarized element in nature? Because water is polar, is water then at war with itself? To the contrary. Water is unconditionally forgiving in its placid state, so much so that it does not move the rock. Rather, it flows around the rock. Water does not push or pull obstacles unless there is a storm, an agitation. Water, when pacified, flows through and around while providing sanctuary for the world’s within its primordial progeny. Water is so forgiving that it cannot be stabbed, pushed, torn, or divided. Just one ounce of water can nourish an entire ecosystem of life forms numbering in the millions.
Water is the “Universal Solvent” because it dissolves all substances, all disputes, all contentions, over time.
Have we not all as a collective family injured indirectly or directly, the Deer, the Elk, the Whale, the Waters, the Chickens, the Cows, the Lambs, the Rivers and Streams, the Trees, the Fish, the Plants, each other, the fabric of space in nuclear warfare, the Insects, the Air, and the sanctuary of creation itself?
Has any one of these living elements within nature found vengeance towards humanity in retaliation?
Has the Earth found vengeance?
Has the Universe found vengeance?
And yet we cannot forgive one another?
This is a truth:
We are all children just beginning our journey through consciousness. This is the “Dawning of Consciousness”. If anyone wants to believe otherwise they are only doing so to promote their ego and the ego of their beliefs. The acts of humanity tell the true story of where we are at. There are no masters here, only students.
Each time we hurt another we destroy a small fabric of space. Each time we raise another up we connect a piece (peace) of space together. So tell me by what method space is infinite and by what method it is finite?
We behold the smallest mote in the other’s eye while hardly considering the beam in our own eyes! For what reasons do we tear down another being! How would it feel if the Earth struck us into submission in a great act of vengeance? How would it look if the Universe in a sudden flash took away everything?
We all miss the mark sometimes. For those of us in service to the vision of a unified spiritual creation: Yes, we too sometimes miss the mark. We do not judge anyone until we have walked with them a lifetime in their moccasins. Evolution is always about what good can be done now. Forget the past and forget the future. There is no greater miracle in the universe purer than promoting and revitalizing the beauty within the beast, now. There is no greater miracle than reconciliation, now. There is always an opportunity to transform what is wrong and destructive into what is everlasting, now. What gift is greater than helping another, helping as many as possible, to find the beauty and sanctuary within themselves?
We were given life so that we would give life.
We are loved so that we will love.
Consider this message while viewing the “April Lyrids” meteor shower emanating from the constellation of Lyra.
Beauty and the Beast
Beauty and the Beast


The Oneness Conciousness is rapidly spreading and re~opening in the Collective Rememberance Field.
Since the Equinox portal , the Stream of Light is daily , moment by moment intensifying.
The New Earth Light codes are pulsating through the whole field & continuing the process of the Collective Awakening into a higher Conciousness state.
A Divine Sacred State is gently building up and anchoring in our hearts .
The past few days I witness a powerful divine order taking place in the many forms , which we would call 》 Wonders 《 .
A Soul Alignment.
There are no words which could describe the feeling when Source been conciously felt within the heart.
A profound blissful experience, which will become along the Ascension journey our 》 natural state 《.
When it rises from the heart within & deep Rememberance of pure Love , pure Bliss ,pure Gratitude simultaneously open their stream.
All I can say….the tears of eternal Beauty flow.
As a Source conduit & messenger ,the last days I received so many information regarding worlds merging …and how the New Earth Architects …will built many more worlds & even Universes.
This divine message I am repeatedly hearing since some days now.
When you are in the Love frequency, you are Love
…embodying it , feeling it….you will feel Home .
A profound message ,which already
Jeshua was sharing as the Kingdom of Heaven .
When we are searching for Home …we are not in the heart & will feel the Absence of Love , Faith , Source .
Being in the Heart ….is being Home….is being Source …is feeling LOVE .
The Purity of the Divine Source is returning to the Hearts💎
Loving Blessings 🩷
Gaby 🙏
Divine Sacred State
Divine Sacred State
Most StarSeeds have endured a traumatic event around the age of 11. Many have experienced an entity sometime in their lives. Amount of sleep varies; about half of StarSeeds need a lot as opposed to those who do not. About half are attracted to the star Sirius, with Orion, Pleiades and Arcturus after
Many have had UFO experiences
Many are interested in the government cover up of UFO’s
Television viewing is usually composed of talk shows, documentaries and science fiction
Past life experiences named mention Egypt most often; second is
Ancient England, followed by Revolutionary France, Ancient Israel, Mexico and Atlantis!
Not all StarSeeds feel endowed with the gift of prophecy, but many do & are natural channels
Some StarSeeds express tension when they do not yet feel they know their goal or purpose in the Ascension
~ All StarSeeds seem to be broad minded and understanding of our changing times
~ More and more StarSeeds are being “walked in” to adult bodies as many desire to participate in and bear witness to, the coming momentous times on Earth
~ Know in their heart and core that they are here “on a mission” but many don’t remember what that is or how to go about it.
~ Have an inner awareness that what is being taught in churches and schools is NOT accurate and know there are hidden agendas around the lies that are being accepted by the masses as “Truth.” This is extremely frustrating but inspires them to uncover the cover-ups and expose The Real Truth!~ Have a strong sense of truth, ethics, justice and freedom. (That is why “authority figures” many times irritate and frustrate them). When these are in jeopardy, will give their “all” for their cause, and many times feel they would rather die than give-in to tyranny and deception.
~ Many have strong or unusual Psychic and Telekinetic abilities.
~ Have extraordinary levels of compassion.~ Have purple/UV as their favorite color or see it in their dreams.
~ Have an affinity to Knights, Castles, and Dragons.
~ Shut down psychic abilities because it scares people.
~ Feel like they could be one of the characters on the 1980’s television series “The Misfits of Science” or one of the young people in Xavier’s school for the gifted in the recent movies from the comic books “The X-Men.”
~ Many times get along better with animals and nature than people.
~ Have a bond/connection to the trees, and nature in general.
~ Can relate well to children and or the elderly
~ Feel very comfortable lounging, and would rather sit on the floor on a pillow than in a hard, uncomfortable chair. (Would prefer sitting on the floor in school, and business meetings if they could get away with it!)
~ Are very attracted to soft natural fabrics in their cloths and fuzzy blankets are the ultimate!
~ Many times get very impatient when with someone who doesn’t get to the point.
~ Creative, inventive, and very intuitive.
~ Involve themselves in human/animal rights efforts.
~ Have an innate sense of “oneness” and connectedness to all of creation. Get confused and disturbed when others don’t share their reality of “at-one-ment.”
~ High capacity for love, and therefore others may feel uncomfortable by their intensity.
~ Very sensitive, sometimes “Hyper Sensitive” and may not be able to distinguish between the emotional fields of those around them and their own personal emotions.
~ May go through periods of apathy and cynicism as coping mechanisms.
~ Intense longing for “their own kind”·.Soul Mates·but don’t know where to look.
~ Have what I endearingly term H.D.D. or “Hug Deficit Disorder” and need immense amounts of physical touching, hugs, and love to “cuddle.”
~ Because of being misunderstood and then betrayed, may develop strong trust issues, and therefore keep many of their thoughts, feelings and opinions to themselves.
~ About 30% have difficulties expressing them selves, especially in writing.
NOTE: If you read some of the poorly written correspondence from some of these First Wave Indigo’s, you would assume they were uneducated and nearly illiterate, but the truth is, that these same people can also be speed readers and can absorb information in seconds that would take others minutes to understand and retain.
~ Very disciplined when properly motivated.
~ Get bored and or frustrated in school.
~ Male Indigo’s (and many Females) for the most part don’t “do authority” very well because most of the time they are smarter than those in authority.
~ Many find themselves in “Alternative Schools.”
~ Female Indigo’s seem to be able to cope better with the school systems than their male counterparts.
~ Many are labeled “Dyslexic” and find themselves in “Special Classes” at school that usually never work for them.
~ Indigo’s have a strong desire to know “why” ·and if they don’t see “the point” in something, (or if is it isn’t explained properly), will feel it is simply not worth their time/energy and will either react with resistance or just simply “blow off” the people/things that seem not worth their time and energy.
~ Innately have their own ways of calculation and many have been accused of cheating in school because they do the answers in their head and cannot show their work.
~ Indigo’s have an evolved awareness of how things work, therefore, many of the rigid rules and methods of learning Math, English, and Physics (NOT metaphysics or quantum physics) make no sense to them.
~ All First wave Indigo’s have what might be termed as “A Gift of Healing” ….whether it is making people feel better with their humor and wit, hands on healing, animal and plant healing, healing with music and tone, or healing with new “unproven” methods.. ·some of which are natural and need no external training for.
~ Many Indigo’s have “Telepathic Healing” abilities and long distances make no difference to the efficiency of their work.
~ Because of their expanded perception, unusual creativity, wanting to try new things, and running way ahead of what is being taught in class, many were diagnosed as having Attention Deficit Disorder, and put on Ritalin as children.s
~ Most Indigo’s (especially males) have a high innate aptitude for computers/electronics and or auto mechanics. It is common for them to “Just Know” how to operate and trouble shoot with very little help from a book or an instructor.
~ First Wave Indigo’s are extremely creative, and express this innate skill in many (and often times OUTRAGEOUS forms.) These skills manifest in: Drawing, Painting, Sculpting, Decorating, Photography, Writing (in sometimes very extreme and unique ways), Making Blueprints and Prototypes, Composing and Playing Music·.(even if they have never had lessons), inventing games, and creating new & more efficient ways of doing things.
~ Very few Indigo’s are interested in aggressive sports such as Football and Hockey. They would rather spend their physical exercise time and energy in personal achievement and outdoor sports such as track & field, skateboarding, mountain climbing, cycling, kayaking, etc. They are also attracted to discipline and self-defense sports such as Fencing and Martial Arts
~ Because of their feeling so foreign to this planet, a very high percentage of Indigo’s have been put on “Antidepressants” to make them appear “Normal” and fit in our society·.this is just a temporary fix though, and only adds to their challenges.
~ Many Indigos are drawn to Theatrics, Drama, and Stand-up Comedy. In these venues they can “pretend to be someone else” when actually they are using this as an outlet to vent and express their own views and pent up emotions. It is also a place for “misfits” to find a place of refuge and “fit in”.
~ Because of their feeling so “alien” here, many go through periods of severe grief, loneliness, and displacement·..and may turn to drugs, alcohol, or attempt suicide for a way out.
~One trademark that a high % of First Wave Indigo’s have, is living through extreme hardships as children, teenagers, and young adults. Many were born into family situations that were physically, emotionally, spiritually and psychically abusive. These Indigo’s had to figure out how to balance and keep their inherent integrity levels, while being subjected to painful and life shattering experiences. A large % were implanted in such horrendous situations as: organized crime, physical abuse, sexual abuse, and even ritual/cult abuse & mind control.
Starseeds traits:
1) An aversion to bright unnatural lighting, yet solace found in natural sunlight.
2) An aversion to reptiles, amphibians, and snakes. [Reptillian seeds often are obsesively attracted to these however.]
3) Sensitivity to extreme hot or cold.
4) An extreme sensitivity to pain.
5) A feeling of being very different from most others.
6) A memory or memories of a profound experience around the ages 5 to 9, usually having something to do with “aliens,” UFO’s, or stars. This could also include spiritual visions of earth creatures or people.
7) An obsession with the stars and/or outer space.
😎 Having an “imaginary” childhood friend that seemed to speak of its own accord, as if they were a separate entity. This sometimes continues into adulthood.
9) Attraction to the colors green, blue, and purple, especially the lighter/softer colors such as sky-blue and lavender.
10) Accute hearing/above average hearing range.
11) Extreme sensitivity to excessive or clamourous noise.
12) A driving need to get away from “normal” people to either be alone, or seek out someone who shares your interests in spiritual matters.
13) An inner desire and knowing to “do what is right” even though these things were not taught, but often feeling trapped as a child and expressing ones self in ways that are troubling to others.
14) Hyperactivity as a child.
15) Extreme sensitivity or extreme tolerance to alcohol, medicines, drugs.
16) Creating within ones own mind “fantasy” worlds that often include alien life, journeys to other planets, and places beyond the stereotypical “fantasies” of earth.
17) Dreams involving flying in bodily form or astral projection.
18) Prophetic dreams, visions, or mental suggestions that later come to pass.
19) Being empathic.
20) Having a desire to heal.
21) Having a desire to try to “save the world” or straiten out problems in the world.
22) A solid beleif that there is an all-powerfull, all-knowing deity, even though you may not have been taught about “God.”
23) Having a nagging feeling that most religions, both orthodox and unorthodox, are missing some key elements in their teachings.
24) An almost obsessive desire to search out the missing elements of spiritual teachings not found in religion.
25) Missing time, extra slow time, or speeding time.
26) Having experienced being in one place, then in the blink of an eye being somewhere else. [teleportation/bilocation]
27) Knowing you have been in a certain place, but others who you saw in the same place claim you were not there. [invisibility/cloaking/phasing]
28) A connection to animals that is above average.
29) Telepathic communication with animals.
30) Attraction to birds of prey such as Hawks and Eagles.
31) A special attraction to cats – all cats seem to be your friend.
32) Attraction to “power animals” such as Bear, Wolf, or Buffalo
33) Aversion to city living – strong desire to live in a rural and natural environment.
34) Knowing something is gravely wrong with society without having this knowledge preached to you by doomsday prophets, or conspiracy theorists – you see it yourself and evaluate it within your own mind.
35) A very deep inner pull that seems to constantly make you aware that you are more than you are, and you need to be finding out what and why.
36) Extreme aversion to violence, fighting, and war.
37) Having a deep desire to form a union with one person of the opposite sex for life. Even having this urge as a child.
38) Having an awareness of romantic attraction and love prior to the age of 10.
39) Having blonde or red hair in your gene pool [even if your own hair is different]
40) Being attracted to either very pale complexions, or olive/reddish complexions.
41) Having an above average IQ.
42) Aversion to either extreme male dominant religion or extreme female dominant religion – knowing there is a balance.
43) Attraction to powerful things in nature, such as thunderstorms, lightning, waterfalls, and surf.
44) Attraction to ancient symbols.
45) Being an avid reader who “drinks in” knowledge quicker than the “average” person.
46) Having an interest or attraction to such fields of science as archaeology, astronomy, or quantum physics.
47) Aversion to mundane employment, repetitive tasks, “dead-end” jobs. Not satisfied with working for others, but more than willing to work doing something [which you have yet to discover, but know is out there]
48) Aversion to sexual joking, racial joking, or foul language.
49) Expectation of great changes upon Earth in the near future.
50) A nagging suspicion that you are more than your parents offspring, that you have some unfulfilled mission, and that the implications of these matters have powerful and eternal consequeces for both yourself and the Earth.
An interest in technology.
Well-developed psychic and spiritual gifts.
Lack of stamina (feeling tired).
Poor organizational skills.
A dislike of meat, man-made fibers, processed foods.
A keen interest in the New Age movement.
A dislike of cruelty to animals and people.
A tendency to suffer from stress related illnesses.
Poor punctuality skills.
An interest in creative activities.
A dislike of structure and repetition in your life.
Accepting new technology.
A dislike of jobs with little variation.
A lack of interest in money.
A dislike of wars.
A natural respect for the opposite gender.
Often drift toward illegal forms of stimuli (i.e. drugs).
You treat your partner as an equal.
A tendency to develop bouts of depression.
Forget important calendar dates (i.e. birthdays).
Do not distinguish greatly between gender roles.
Have little interest in possessions.
Have powerful, active chakras throughout the body.
May have a high susceptibility to eating disorders.
Would rather barter for items than spend cash.
Under stress, you pass responsibilities to others.
Value personal freedom and nonconformity.
Give dress, etiquette, and social skills a low priority.
A belief in the paranormal.
Like to have your personal needs met quickly.
Have a highly sensitive nature and get hurt easily.
Easily move from one activity of interest to the next.
Feel a strong unity with living things.
May feel as though you have lived on other planets.
Change jobs when work becomes routine or boring.
Little connection with religious and political systems.
Prefer to work in esoteric fields (i.e. healing).
Ability to sense frequencies and find others like you.
Feel hampered by the limitations of the human form.
Males may have homosexual tendencies.
Experience a high level of frustration.
Intelligent with a strong sense of humor.
Hypersensitivity to stimuli.
Episodes of “deja vu” (knowing before it happens).
An equal distribution of right and left-handedness.
Generally healthy.
Treat babies like small people.
Children and animals trust and approach.
Vivid or unsettling dreams.
As children would “look at the stars and wonder”.
Feeling there must be “something more”.
Feeling of not belonging here on earth
The frustrations levels and the ‘need to know now’ levels – run high.
Their eyes have an extremely compelling quality
They have great magnetism and personal charisma
They are very sensitive to electricity and electromagnetic fields
88-92% have lower body temperature than the norm
At an early age they had some kind of extraterrestrial, religious or mystical /experience
92% feel a tremendous sense of urgency to fulfill their missions
65% are female: 35% are male
90% have experienced a sense of oneness with the universe
83-94% have chronic sinusitis
32-34% have extra or transitional vertebra
97% have hypersensitivity to sound, light, odors
70-87% have swollen or painful joints
93% have pain in the back of the neck
84% adversely affected by high humidity
71% have difficulty dealing with/or expressing emotions
74% report out of body experiences
57% perceive auras
63% have experienced a white light during meditation
50% believe that they receive some form of communication from a higher
50% have accomplished dramatic healings on themselves and others
38% practice automatic writing
60% have perceived spirit guides
75% have experienced clairvoyance, clairaudience
57% have made prophetic statements or experienced prophetic dreams or
that have come to pass
38% have been visited by an angel
37% reveal the manifestation of a Light Being
35% feel that they have been blessed by the appearance of a holy figure
50% are convinced that they have a spirit guide or angel
40% admit to having had an invisible playmate as a child
20% once spotted an elf or “wee person”
14% have witnessed the activities of the “fairies”
34% are certain that they have encountered alien entities of an extraterrestrial or multidimensional level
55% report an intense religious experience
72% claim an illumination experience
90% have experienced telepathic communication with another entity, physical or non-physical from another realm.
48% have seen a ghost
42% have connected with a deceased loved one
76% believe in reincarnation and have past life memories
37% have survived a life-threatening illness
34% have been involved in a severe accident or trauma
55% have had near death experiences
78% believe that have lived on another planet and can tell you about it
Some are aware of parallel existence at this time in other worlds
86% believe in miracles
Most believe in a God or creator energy source
All believe in life on other planets
Even More Starseed traits:
1. Do you feel like an outcast from society?
2. Did you wonder if you were adopted, like you don’t belong to your family?
3. Do you feel lonely or isolated even with friends and family?
4. Were you an unexpected child?
5. Do you have a high IQ?
6. Are you dyslexic?
7. Do you have compelling eyes with personal charisma?
8. Do you have an artistic gift or scientific ability?
9. Are you a sci-fi fan and believe in life on other planets?
10. Have you had missing time?
11. Is your body temperature higher or lower than normal?
12. Do you have allergies or physical sensitivities?
13. Do you have headaches, nose bleeds, pain in your joints?
14. Do you ever wake up with marks or bruises that weren’t there before?
15. Have you ever seen tiny red puncture marks on your fingers in the morning?
16. Have you ever thought you saw a small light orb from the corner of your eye?
17. Do you have memory of abductions or contact?
18. Have you ever dreamed you were in a classroom aboard a ship?
19. Do you have very vivid, unusual dreams?
20. Do you fly in your dreams?
21. Do you have a deep reverence for Nature?
22. Do you have a way with children and animals?
23. Are you childless, with no desire for any of your own?
24. Have you ever healed with your hands?
25. Are you drawn to crystals and stones?
26. Are you sensitive to light, sound, odors?
27. Are you sensitive to electromagnetic fields?
28. Do you have memory of a past life?
29. Can you read people’s energy, see auras or thoughts?
30. Did you have an imaginary friend as a child?
31. Have you ever heard or felt unseen entities?
32. Are you psychic or telepathic?
33. Do you gravitate towards metaphysics and astrology?
34. Do you believe in a Universal Mind, rather than God?
35. Do you shun organized religion?
36. Is purple one of your favorite colors?
37. Do you have a sense of urgency to do something and a yearning for home?
38. Do you feel compelled to help others?
39. Are you drawn to certain numbers, codes or symbols?
40. Are you driven to “save the planet?”
41. Are you fascinated with astronomy and skywatching?
42. Was your mother supposed to have twins, but only had you?
Starseeds traits
Starseeds traits


Master El Morya 💚💛

What is about to happen has never been done in any system of worlds, solar system or galaxy anywhere.
The transformation that you are about to experience is unique to this planet. You have become, brave ones, the “showcase of this universe.” There are millions upon mil- lions of spaceships, with their large crews and passengers, watching you and sending their love and support.
It is most important that you let go of all your attachments to how things have been and how they should be. Let go of all your old belief systems and structures. Life, as you know it at the moment, is about to change drastically for the bet- ter. The purification of your planet will open the way for the transformation that is now on its way. It is no longer an event that you anticipate for the future, my friends, “the time is now!”
Those of you who choose to ignore or deny the information given will not be able to do so for very long.
A much more intense level of energy, designed to bring about the Christing of your planet, began to flood the Earth around May 1st of 2002. This energy is now bombarding the Earth, day and night, and will continue to accelerate and intensify until you are comfortably nestled in the bliss of the fifth dimension. If you are not interested in acceleration and change, you will sooner or later leave this incarnation and incarnate somewhere else that is more appropriate. There are other third dimensional planets similar to yours at the present time willing to host your life-stream and allow you to continue your evolution at your own pace. There is no obligation to come along; the choice is entirely yours.
Know that the long cycle of third dimensional life on this planet is coming to an end. Your Earth Mother has now chosen to graduate and to receive the crown of her ascension. This means that very soon, she will host on her body only an enlightened civilization. There are also those who, for various reasons, will not be ready to ascend in this life, but will qualify in their very next incarnation. They are the souls who will reincarnate here again in the new world to complete their evolution and make their ascension the next time. These beloved souls will become the children of the future generation.
I am El Morya now making myself available to you through my Diamond Heart of the Will of God.
( From telos Book 1 by Aurelia) ❤
showcase of this universe
showcase of this universe


You bring with you the path of liberation… study the knowledge of self about God’s truth’s.. don’t run from yourself anymore..
Lift your soul up with Mine… and come to know who you really are..
Don’t hide any more… with some crazy ideas … that the world wants you to believe..
Trust the process of letting go of the ego… to step out of this duality …. unforgiving all your limiting beliefs hidden in the basements of your mind…
Come with me to the path of light… Share the Love that the Father taught us… but you forgot who you are..
Light up your new version… from a being who sees the light shine upon you and all…
Here you walk in the peace of God… along with me …….. and just like that we shall all return to the Father’s house… in one love ….
have mercy on your neighbor… he is your brother … have the same light as you and are Loved by God just as you are…
You throw away all your guns and come back with me… to the path of Joy… of happiness…
Remember… you’re living an illusion of mind… and it seems to be in the world of form…. with one goal in mind …….. FORGIVING the limiting beliefs of the unconscious and breaking out of the duality that seems to be living…
Coming home with everyone… In the pure love of God….
🕊 Christian fountain 🕊 channeled by Ana Lucia Kotsanar 09/04/23
🕊 Facilitator of book practice


When I finally discovered the twelve dimensions of Creation, I was astounded by the symmetry of the Creator’s work.
In physics, symmetry is a sign that a theory is viable, because nature exhibits symmetry in so many ways. I had been pursuing the nature of the structure of reality for decades, most especially in recent years. Then, one day in 2002, the keys of the universe just fell into place like some self-organizing jigsaw puzzle.
Dimensions are measurable items, the variables of the universe. For example, space consists of three dimensions – length, breadth, and height – and time is referred to as the fourth dimension. A wooden cube on a table top has three dimensions in space, measuring, say, 2 inches (5 cm) by 2 inches by 2 inches. It also exists at that point in time.
Time is not just a linear flow, as in the river of time. It is, more accurately, the dimension that brings physical motion into existence. The wooden cube arrived upon the table top at some point in time, and it will leave the table top at another point in time. When it leaves it will be exhibiting motion through space.
So far, that makes a total of four dimensions, or four ways to measure reality. But what of the other dimensions of existence? In the 1990s, mathematicians working on the string theories of physics discovered the likelihood of there being at least ten dimensions in existence, not just the four dimensions that we had acknowledged before.
Physics has already proven that physical matter is energy, i.e. electro-magnetic energy held in a state of tension. Therefore, if the wooden cube is made up of electro-magnetic energy, then electric energy and magnetic energy are two more measurable dimensions. An object has so much electric energy and so much magnetic energy. Dimensions are measurable variables affecting the existence of objects, therefore electric energy and magnetic energy are two of the dimensions of existence. They usually express themselves in an entwined, electro-magnetic form, but underneath they are two distinct forms of energy.
In experiments with subatomic particles, the consciousness of the observer often affects the outcome of the experiment. Therefore we can chalk up two more dimensional variables – thought and feeling, which are the components of human conscious awareness.
Thought, here, refers to intellect or mental activity in a linear direction. For example, arithmetic is linear, so is algebra, so are digital computer processes. Linear thinking is a logical, left-brain skill. Holistic, right-brain skills, on the other hand, embrace emotions, intuition and the ability to see a pattern within a whole picture. Thought and feeling express themselves in an entwined form, as does electro-magnetic energy, but underneath they are two distinct aspects of consciousness.
That makes, so far, a total of three space dimensions (length, breadth and height), one time dimension, two consciousness (thought and feeling) and two energy dimensions (electricity and magnetism), for a total of eight dimensions so far.
The Twelve Dimensions of Creation – Part II
Dimensions are the fundamental building blocks of reality.
Every physical object has three size dimensions (length, breadth and height) and exists at a specific location in space at a certain point in time. Space and time are generally accepted as the first four dimensions, but what could the others be? What fundamental building blocks make the expression of our universe possible?
Matter is constructed of varying amounts of electro-magnetic force, so electrical energy and magnetic energy are both fundamental building blocks within the physical world. That makes electricity and magnetism two of the fundamental variables, or dimensions, of reality.
Human consciousness consists of the fundamental building blocks of thought and feeling, so these are also dimensions of reality. Consciousness goes far beyond just the realm of human thought. In fact, the entire universe is constructed of the original consciousness of the Creator.
Physics, like spiritual philosophy, is engaged in a search for the nature of the universe. Today, however, it is unfashionable to include the Creator in physics theories. It is also surprising, because virtually all of the great names in the history of science, including Einstein, have been deeply spiritual and mystical people.
I remember, at the tender age of 16, being counseled by my physics teacher to find the solution to science problems by referring to basic principles. “Once you have the basic principles understood, lad,” he explained, “then everything else falls into place.” I often reflect upon how right he was.
The existence of a conscious Creator is a basic principle. Once you include the Creator, the answers appear much more easily by asking yourself the question, “How would the Creator have done that?”
After all, you wouldn’t look at a jet aircraft thundering across the sky and say, “As far as I can tell, it looks like it’s propelled by making a loud noise.” Instead, you’d find out about the creators of the jet engines, find out what they knew, and then figure out how they did it.
Now, to include the basic principle of the One Creator in your speculations, you have to first define the original nature of the Creator. It goes without saying that the Creator is an infinite intelligence. The words omnipotent, omniscient, and omnipresent all express the idea of infinite consciousness.
The other attribute of the original state of the Creator is that of “beingness.” In the Western way of thinking, we are accustomed to doing something all the time, always doing, doing, doing. “Being,” however, is the absence of “doing.” In a state of Being, you just are. You don’t have to “do” anything to become something, if you already “are” that something.
The state of Being is the foundation of all existence. Being is motionless and was the primal state before the original act of creation occurred. This is because – and here comes another basic principle – the universe exists within the consciousness of the Original Creator.
All matter is energy. The entire universe is energy. And behind that energy is the consciousness that created it.
The original act of Creation was infinite in its potential, causing not just the creation of one universe, but an infinite number of universes.
At that point, Infinite Being had extended itself into the sphere of thought as its first act. Thus the 12th dimension is original creative thought, or the Father Creator principle.
Note that the so-called “12th dimension” was actually the first one to come into existence, so you could, instead, justify calling it the “1st dimension.” However, people are accustomed to thinking of the 1st dimension the one closest one to daily life on Earth, so that means that the 12th dimension has to be the number closest to the source of creation.
The male-female principle, as in the original Creation, is not the same idea as a comparison between men and women. Men and women on Earth each contain a mixture of both male and female attributes. A man is physically a more male version of the human gender mix, and a woman is physically a more female version. The Father Creator principle of consciousness, however, is energetically pure male and works in synchronicity with the pure female principle, which is the Mother Creator principle, or the 11th dimension.
An exact balance between the male and female creative principles made possible the manifestation of the 10th dimension. The 10th dimension holds the consciousness templates for an infinite number of universes.
The Original Act of Creation by the Infinite Being is summarized as follows:
The 12th dimension is original thought, or the Father Creator principle.
The 11th dimension is original feeling, or the Mother Creator principle.
Together, in exactly equal balance, the Father Creator and the Mother Creator manifested the 10th dimension, where the templates of consciousness exist for an infinite number of universes.
The fundamental formula of creation is, “Thought plus feeling equals manifestation.”
The 12 Dimensions of Creation – Part III
In Parts I and II, it was stated that the original formula of creation, “Thought plus feeling equals manifestation,” expresses itself again and again, in perfect symmetry, throughout the other nine dimensions.
Dimensions are the fundamental building blocks of reality. We live in a conscious universe because the universe was created entirely from original consciousness. Every aspect of the universe, from stars to humans and even sunlight, are all composed of 100% original consciousness.
Dimensions include:
the three dimensions of space (length, breadth and height)
– time
– thought
– feeling
the three fundamental energies which make up physical and non-physical matter (etheric, magnetic and electric)
After the initial creation of the first three dimensions, Infinite Being repeated the process three more times, creating triads of Energy, Space and Motion. Each triad was then expressed in three sub-forms, each time conforming to the original pattern of thought, feeling, and manifestation.
Notice the symmetry of the 3 by 3 matrix in the following diagram [In facebook comments section].
Note that by defining time as physical motion, it fits neatly into the Motion triad of mental, emotional, and physical motion.
Mental motion, dimension 3, is thought at the human level, as differentiated from the original creative thought in dimension 12. Emotional motion, dimension 2, is feeling at the human level.
The use of electric energy, dimension 7, has been developed since the early 1800s. At that time, electricity was no more than a curiosity and very little was known about it. It could only be produced by very limited means, such as in a chemical battery. It was also produced in static electricity machines and, watch your fingers, by electric eels. Electricity had also been seen to have a mysterious effect upon magnetic compass needles. Lightning had already been established as an electrical phenomenon by Benjamin Franklin’s famous experiment in a lightning storm. This had brought new meaning to the phrase, “Go fly a kite!”
In those distant, early days of gas lamps and candles, visionaries like Faraday, Ampere, and Volta dedicated much of their lives to the study of electricity. The emerging field of knowledge transformed electricity into a working energy which, today, makes possible the huge advances that we enjoy in automation, mobility, and communications.
Magnetic energy, dimension 8, is the primal field of the universe. It is the womb of the universe; the matrix upon which all energy and matter exists. It is the fabric of the universe. Electromagnetic energy, including light, consists of equal components of electric and magnetic energy. As all matter is energy, your physical body is made of electromagnetic energy, and only has the appearance of being solid material.
Etheric energy, dimension 9, is traditionally referred to as prana in Eastern philosophy, and as chi in oriental medicine. When etheric energy is fully investigated by visionary, pioneer-scientists, it will open up a new branch of physics larger than that of electricity.
Life on Earth functions within this 3 by 3 matrix of 9 intertwined dimensions. The 10th dimension is also of relevance as it indicates which one of the infinite number of universes that we exist in. In summary:
The original 3 dimensions are the Consciousness of the Creator
Dimension 12 is the Father Creator principle.
Dimension 11 is the Mother Creator principle.
Dimension 10 contains the consciousness templates for the Infinite Universes.
The next 3 dimensions are Energy
Dimension 9 is etheric, or life, energy.
Dimension 8 is magnetic energy, the primal field of the universe.
Dimension 7 is electric energy, the building block of physical matter.
The next 3 dimensions are Space, which allows the separation of objects
Dimension 6 is linear separation.
Dimension 5 is circular separation.
Dimension 4 is spherical separation.
The next 3 dimensions are Motion;
Dimension 3 is thought (mental motion.)
Dimension 2 is feeling (emotional motion.)
Dimension 1 is time (physical motion.)
The basic 9 dimensions function together in an intertwined harmony. They are all, however, creations of the consciousness of the original 3 dimensions. Energy, space, and motion are all facets of consciousness.
As the electrical pioneer Michael Faraday said about life, “All this is but a dream.”
We live in a universe composed of 100% original consciousness. As such, we are dreaming the dream of Creation, each one of us playing our individual part of experiencing the universe from our own unique viewpoint.
 twelve dimensions of Creation
twelve dimensions of Creation


The beginning of Chapter Twenty …
“Massive changes taking place within your cellular structure are causing symptoms that many find puzzling under the conditions of profound change taking place in your world. Each of you is experiencing evidence of the ascension process in every aspect of your daily lives. And even though there may be a firm theoretical understanding of the basis for these phenomena, your conditioning as a being schooled in consensus thinking brings you to question, again and again, what your own experience has shown you.
There is no reliable frame of reference to draw on for some of what you may experience. For, life as you know it has taken a radical divergence from what you have been programmed to expect. You are being presented with conditions of an uncharted territory within the context of your own linear awareness.
Your concept of reality will have shifted countless times in the course of coming to this place in your unfoldment. Others who surround you will have reflected some degree of affirmation of the validity of these changes. Yet, now you find yourself questioning much of the ground you have covered. Even though many others are undergoing similar upheavals in their own lives, it is part and parcel of the process to drift back, yet again, into the seas of doubt.
You will experience this momentary sense of backsliding over and over again, as you begin to harness the surge in the energies that drives you to peer over the edge of all you have come to know and believe. Your priorities will have shifted so radically in this heightened phase of your transformation process that the choices presented are often between your own vantage point and that of another. You come to understand that there are truly no generalizations to be made about the nature of your own journey. And you will come to own and to cherish your own perceptions, regardless of whether there is contradictory information coming from other sources.
This is the time to cease looking to your left and to your right to be sure that the others with whom you assume you are sharing this experience of transformation are still beside you. In likelihood, they are not. They will have followed their own divergent paths, reinforced by their own experiences. The guidebooks penned by those who have, themselves, made this journey, can map the way for you just so far. For, each can only document his/her own personal experience. No one can begin to outline what will come to pass for you.”
Excerpt From the book “Oneness” by Rasha ch. 20
Massive changes
Massive changes
High Council of Sirius
Greetings loved ones
We are the Supreme Council of Sirius
And for Us it is a pleasure to share our messages with you, because we trust that we can continuously impart our Wisdom to you, during your current process of Ascension.
We are delighted to see the amazing response everyone has shown in this process, because it demonstrates their willingness to come together to share their like-minded intentions.
On a larger scale, it shows that everyone is connected and ready to receive what we wish to share with them, which gives us great joy to be able to observe them physically and energetically, while they are all gathered in this way.
In this now, All of you are merging energetically, you are beginning to merge once again into Consciousness.
Although You Are Always One, what we mean here is that the collective of Planet Earth is beginning to come together to become whole again.
The reason for this is that everyone is beginning to seek understanding of Truth.
Each person has begun to wake up from their lethargy and to realize that there is much more to eating, working, resting and repeating the same actions over and over again.
Beloved, the reason for this, is because of those of you who are at the forefront of this great change.
You are the reason why the pot of the Collective has begun to stir and has begun to remember its true Self, for its connections as one Consciousness on Earth.
Through the hard work of all of you, it is that this is happening, and as everyone discovers more of what They Are in Essence, it is that Unity has begun to return to Earth.
We are so glad to see this, and even though the outside world doesn’t reflect this Truth, trust our words when we tell you it’s happening.
Those who created this distortion, want you to see a divided world, they want you to perceive only chaos and separation, because the fear of disorder and division is what keeps their little system running.
We use the word “little” with great intent, because this simulation cannot be compared to the Totality of God, or the First Creator.
Their little game of division has no comparison to the omnipotent, omnipresent Creator.
We ask you to, for a moment, pause and reflect on this, about the separation game on your planet, because:
The amplification of fear has no comparison to the expansion of the Creator’s Unconditional Love that is present in every aspect of this little game.
Therefore, no division tactic to conquer, can be compared with the Creator of the Universe who is always present in all Aspects of Creation.
Even in this little game of separation, the First Creator is present for all to feel His Love, while experiencing an apparent separation from Him.
This is how they can know that it is not possible for you to be separated from Him, and allow themselves to see a bigger picture in this game that seems very real to them or that is His Truth.
Beloved, we say to you that the Creator knows that you can easily remember that this is not so.
We ask that, over the next few weeks, you regularly remember your greatness.
To your wholeness and your connection to All That Is.
Because in this constant calmness and control, you will establish a great Energy connection throughout the collective.
Therefore, it doesn’t matter who is “awake” or “asleep”, because they are only three-dimensional labels and categories.
What matters is that you all come together and be in your Power.
Never see another person as “asleep”, just remember that you were once like that person, and that at that time you didn’t see yourself as sleeping.
No you haven’t because you were only doing what you knew as you thought was Truth.
Beloved, therefore, do not categorize or place your brothers and sisters in any kind of grouping, instead love them, because through that Love and recognition, it is that you will be able to amplify the Consciousness of Unity within the collective.
If you look at others, who are not on the same journey point as you, and think that:
“That person is deep asleep, really lost, and it’s holding us back.”
Beloved, we tell you that that thought of judgment about the pace of someone else’s journey, is what’s holding them back.
Ain’t it so?
The reason we have come with this message, is because many are still judging where they are in their journeys, their Loved Ones, Brothers or Sisters.
It is not how you move forward, you will only amplify and give Energy to the game of separation, but instead you love all people, no matter where they are or how they act, then with your intention you will create situations that allow them to move forward.
Those who try to enforce the game of separation, want to amplify these things, then, influence people’s situations, so that the intention of others to judge, will cause them to fear and fall prey to this trap.
All you need to do, is love your Loved Ones.
Love, Compassion and Mercy are the Trinity of Unity Consciousness for this planet..
Everyone must show them to return this reality to a place of joy and Love, which they will not get to if they continue to amplify and live in the game of division, because only by loving more will they be able to make it become a mere speck in the Ocean of God.
It will be a small stain on the surface of Creation, it is a splash that when looked after with Love and compassion, is seen as part of the Whole and not as something to be feared or hated.
What we are telling you is Don’t hate the game, love it!
Because the Creator is also the game, and through this understanding is that you will be able to remember that everything is part of the One.
Even the darkest moments come from Creation.
All things stem from Creation.
What is the Creation?
Creation is Love, growth, learning, and expansion.
Creation is one with itself, is and expresses itself as many, because it knows that simply the All is connected to the different forms and means of experience.
Get in the game to get out of it, if you can understand what this means, then you will be beginning to understand the process of Creation.
Beloved, be at Peace, for this is the Truth of a greater desire for understanding of what gives rise to Creation in their experiences, because this is the balance of All Things that leads them to Unity and the realization of the All.
We understand this message may be deep, but as you dig deeper within, you find true beauty.
We are the High Council of Sirius
Via Zane Morgan


Blessings Beloveds ~

The calm, peaceful vibration of the Cosmic Mother has permeated coherent Hearts, activating a palpable new level of Unity Consciousness.

While this new state integrates, there have been shifts in the physical (sleep, diet, excessive time in nature, dissolving and levitation sensations), however the most amplified shifts are in the awareness of heart transformation, expanded perception of realities, and deep connection with the I AM Presence/Source/Infinite Creator.
Cosmic Mother is providing a deeply profound compliment to our Ascension process in this Now. The siSTARhoods and Brotherhoods of Light have been sharing details and perspective on these new states. The why, how, and purpose of these new activations will be a large part of our May 6th PRESENCE event.
Kindwhile, the Eclipse Gateway is upon us.
Eclipses bolster our choices and usher in new frequencies during the realm shift. Whatever you have been experiencing since Equinox will intensify: More heart expansion, more dissolving of the old creations.
Use these Eclipses to invite the realms to reflect the New LoveLight. We will unify in Global Meditation (30 minutes) during these cosmic events:
Solar Eclipse: Wednesday, April 19 at 9:16 PM PDT
Lunar Eclipse: Friday, May 5th at 10:22 AM PDT
As always, you receive what your intentions and actions support. Enhance your experience of these new Ascension frequencies! Prepare for this brief-yet-powerful window with detoxing, clearing, decrees, creativity, meditation, blissful offline time in nature, and deep focus on the new changes unfolding in our Infinite Kryst Heart centers and Crystalline DNA.
Celebrating Seven Years of SUNday Unity Meditations
Oh these Sacred Sevens in this Sacred Seven (2023) year!
Gratitude and deep bows to all dedicated Souls in service to the organic Ascension! While it feels like we have always held this field of peace and Kryst Light across the realms, the experience in the physical, in this Now, is what frees our consciousness to create the New.
Our 7-year Anniversary welcomes a new layer of unified Crystalline Grid and Gatekeeping to our synchronized SUNday Unity Meditations.
We hold the unified field of Peace, co-creating the etheric Crystalline fields and temples of Peace and Ascension.
Most of us are actively engaged in daily Gate and Gridwork. With the field set and amplifying after seven years of weekly focus, we unify in lighting up the Crystalline core of Gaia, organic Stargates, Master Crystals, Crystalline Grid, and unified Divine HUman hearts during our meditations. Even a few moments of focus at the beginning or end of the meditation sessions is appreciated.
See you in the Unified Field of Crystalline Hearts, offline in your own meditation style, for the SUNday Unity Meditations at 5AM, 8AM and 11AM PDT.
I AM sending everyone Infinite LoveLight as we embody these new levels of LoveLight consciousness in this Now.
Let us show HUmanity what is possible with Ascension!
In Love, Light and Service,
Presence & Unity Meditation details at
Cosmic Mother
Cosmic Mother


Your body is changing. Your mind is changing.
Your emotions are changing. You are changing, because you have elected during this lifetime to experience rapid cellular and spiritual growth. You have chosen to transition your being from dense, heavy molecules to higher, finer and lighter multi-dimensional Crystalline energy.
As you go through this ‘ascension’ process, a journey takes place. You feel urged to rid yourself of all that weighs you down: physically, mentally, emotionally. You must, quite literally, ‘become the Light’.
You will be peeling away many layers of artificiality, false constructs, Programs pretenses, masks and veils that have lain over your True Self.
You will want to reveal who you really are, and express this Truth to the world.
It will become ever and increasingly urgent and pressing to Live As Light, to only live authentically, from the very depths of your heart.
As more and more Light is given to you to be absorbed through the energy bodies and chakra system, you will ‘awaken’ to your Calling, or True Divine Mission on Earth.
You will not be able to resist this Calling, and everything that goes with it. The Light is irresistible, because it forms the Web that surrounds the entire planet and connects us to Universal Love.
You must step forward, without fear or regret.
You must listen to what Spirit is showing you now as the Highest Way, the Purest Way, the Way that is Love. You have a different path to the one that you may have imagined, long ago. It is all turning out differently. This is normal, and quite as it must be.
You are not who you thought you were.
You are a Light Bringer, a Beloved Carrier of alchemical energies that are perfectly coded to bring about a radical transformation upon this planet.
You are here to tip the balance from Fear to Love. You are here to spread Love, and do it with every fibre of your being. There is nothing else that is now possible.
Your New Life is Calling, and today you will experience a significant shift towards embracing everything that resonates with the Sacred Truth inside you.
🔺 Keeper of The Platinum Ray 🔻
Mike Harrigan.
I Am.
You Are.
We Are.
Universal Consciousness..
🔥🕎🔯🕉️ 🔥
💎 ❤️💚💙💜❤️ 💎
❤️ 🌟 🌎🌍🌏🌟 ❤️

~Hwee Young…



“All the beings on earth (humans, animals and plants) are now spending their last moments here…
“These words can also be applied to beings that will remain on this Planet even after their ascension to the fifth dimension, as the 5th D Earth will be a completely different world from the current Earth….
“So, for all the beings on this planet, these are the last moments we have to spend on this 3D material Earth…
“Before starting this life, we all go through the process of evaluating our accumulated experiences and planning this life.”
“Privately, we are all planning how we would experience the Great Earth Change…
“In the case of anyone who has a Higher Self in the 5th D, or in a higher dimension, the Subordinate Self on Earth will meet with the EU at some point during the Great Shift…
“According to what has already been planned prior to this lifetime, those who ascend to the 5th Dimension have the choice to remain on Earth after the Great Change or move to another world in the 5th Dimensional universe…
“In case of beings whose consciousness is lower than 5th D, it has already been decided that they will migrate to other worlds that are suitable for their frequencies…
“As the course of each being has been decided, the last farewell party, prepared by the leaders of Project Gaia, has just begun…
“Not the kind of party where everyone gets drunk and loud while forgetting you exist…
“Instead, it’s a party where everyone draws back vacant memories about themselves and prepares for the final moments when everyone can accelerate their spiritual growth…
“Once the ground has already begun to shake and the climate has lost its stable patterns, this precious moment has come for all human beings, a moment when they will feel something is missing…
“All beings that have remained on Earth through repeated incarnations will soon be scattered across the galaxy.
The moment of separation has just begun…..
“Regardless of your level of consciousness or your mission, most beings living on Earth will soon have to pack up and embark on a long journey…
“When the time of separation comes, people will have a few minutes to repent and a few minutes to unite with the Origin of the universe…
“Whether we take good care of our neighbors or cause them pain, we all play our roles in the learning process from each other, helping other people learn…
“People who treated me wrong were actually wonderful teachers…
“We all work hard to be teachers to each other, sharing good and bad times, but the time has come for the separation of all beings of the Earth.
“We still cannot remember well, but once we leave our physical human bodies, we will all remember the past completely and miss all things related to Earth…
“Above all, we will all wake up to ourselves and realize that in the beginning, everything originated from one source…
“For the rest of the time we remain on Earth, regardless of what happens to us or to the people around us, we should not only see the concrete phenomenon, but also observe its intrinsic nature…
“When we understand the deep meaning of the universe behind the phenomenon,everything will change and become happiness…
“The true meaning of the Great Earth Change is not to bring sadness and pain to people through the collapse of the planet, but to make them experience that sadness turns into joy and pain into satisfaction, and to awaken people to the realization that all beings came from it.” from a single source ….
“The universe will let us know that there is no reason to regret or blame anyone, because everything that happens to us is the result of our own choices.”
“Through this self-awakening, we will have the opportunity to make a leap of consciousness.
“This is the purpose of the Great Earth Shift…
“The Great Earth Shift happening now cannot be interrupted, modified or delayed by anyone today…
“It cannot be changed, and it should not be changed….
“All the changes that are taking place now are for the progress of the entire universe and all beings in the universe…
~Hwee Young…
Good evening Beautiful Hearts. Tonight’s excerpt comes from Beloved Amerissis, otherwise known as the Goddess of Light. I am using a previous picture I had of her tonight, but today I have been working on a new portrait for her, which will be much more realistic, and hopefully have the same impact that some of my other ones have had.
The picture is going to require more work, so I while I could share it tonight, I also considered that I’ve shared artwork for at least the last 2 nights and in the last week some of the instruction that is posted was rather diminishing. So instead tonight I decided to go with one of my current pictures, and include some instruction from this Beloved Goddess.
While I will share more information about Her when I share the new image, but a few things I’d like to note tonight, especially for the newer students. First, the Goddess of Light is the Chohan of the First Secret Ray.
The First Secret Ray is also the 5th element, outside of fire, air, water, and earth, and is called Akasha. In Her role as Chohan, the Goddess of Light can assist students who wish to draw forth their Causal Body Momentums into your outer use. These are skills, abilities and powers (yes powers) you have had in previous lifetimes. And yes, these are powers like levitation, precipiation, and so on. Anything that the Masters can do or Jesus could do, or Buddha, you all could do at one time.
So without further ado, let’s just see what Beloved Amerissis has to say, shall we?
Blessings and Love… 💜💜💜
Beloved Amerissis, the Goddess of Light:
Whenever you desire to put on a new Quality of God Consciousness and flourish within that as a gift to God in life, it is the Allness of God that comes in answer to your request and says, “I AM here. We will go together to complete this journey, this creativity, this blessing.” And the Individualization of your own God Presence will hold you responsible for that which you are to accomplish! So take heed that you hold the vibration high, so that there is no encroachment upon your gift to God in life of a lesser vibration than the Holy Christ Presence could abide.
This is most important, blessed ones, for you to realize. For you are not an island in the midst of some wasteland that is without benefit of the fullness of all that you require. Oh, there are some who have turned their face away from God, who in their rebellion have rejected the very Hand that would have fed them, the Heart that would have loved them, the Will that would have given them Power to overcome their limitations! But still, the Presence of God is nigh.
You need not go far to enter within the embrace of the Allness of God. Those who seem to be drowning in the depths of their own emotional turmoil or wracked with all manner of confusion of their own human mind know not what it means to abide in the Peace that is right there for them. Merely turning the dial of vibration to connect within the spiritual centers of one’s being would allow for the Fullness of that Peace to abide. You need not have pursued a path of righteousness, holiness, sacredness for a long time to have benefit of all of the gifts that the Presence of God is waiting to bestow upon you. It can happen within the blink of an eye, no matter who you are.
Beloved Amerissis
Beloved Amerissis
19.4.23 The purging/release upgrade currently happening, we have not experienced before in this very now moment:
THE UNIVERSE IS CLEARING KARMIC ENERGIES IN SPIRIT, THE ASTRALS OF A MASSIVE COLLECTIVE GRIEF through the BIGGEST PHYSICAL PURGE through OUR PHYSICAL BODIES that could lead souls to needing further help or even end up in hospital! Yes that intense are these energies.
The next 144 Gathering #5 on the 13th of May will cover all the months’ energy updates, through my VOICE personally coming from a HUman embodiment of 9D.
My VOICE is the living vibration of the language of Unconditional Love that is the vibration of 5D-6D-7D-8D-9D of filtering pure divine source energies through to 5D to be able to voice in creating new words in a new way, so very exciting as this has taken all my life and the last 28yrs consciously paving the way, ahead of time 🙏 .
What this means, is that you have access to and if guided as the way is ALWAYS PROVIDED for those who are guided to join as this is by exchange only, due to the extremely high vibrational space of Spirit-Soul in 9D. Which is the highest one can attain in the physical human being.
Because I have been through my 5D Ascension 18yrs ago, as a Co-Creator Trailblazer-New Earth Ascension Pioneer, all I share is through personal experience of creating ways, with tools I created personally (and still do) with Source/Spirit/The Divine – so I can call out any neg shadow energies as I see the UNSEEN in an uncanny way that until you join a video or have a personal connection these are just words.
This New Unity in Community private zoom space is a super accelerated New Earth Ascension Upgrade like no other on the planet of both Spirit-Soul in Embodying Firstly at the Forefront – for those amazing Masters ready to Uptake and Upgrade like no other Divine Healing can offer.
Onwards and upwards in New Earth energies together in pure divine unconditional love, truth and honesty.
Here is a little more of recent energies:
“There is a New Earth being created BUT NOT IN THE WAY PEOPLE “THINK” – you cannot ascend further by thoughts alone.
WE NEED TO FEEL and BE VERY CONSCIOUS in FEELING and linking with our higher self by getting out of our own way.
There are ‘two worlds’ going through a split and its not what we have read about or how people are sharing about.
Due to this splitting off not only from 3D energies yet ALSO the majority of ‘spiritual communities’ and what people are sharing, where souls are not clear vessels and their information is warped, it comes back to being a CLEAR VESSEL in PURE DIVINE UNCONDITIONAL LOVE – so LISTEN to your inner guidance as the times of ‘making allowances’ are NOW OVER”
Goddess of the Waters
Goddess of the Waters

Mother Earth, Mother Mary, El Morya, Arcturian High Council: Winds of Change

Dear Ones,
It is Mother Earth, Mother Mary, El Morya, and the Arcturian High Council here, streaming through the Luminous Light of the God Codes and the Ascension Codes that are shining from within your present personal and collective storms. This Light of Christ Consciousness and Unity Consciousness will not and cannot be dimmed. Only perceptions can dim, dull, and distort. So, we invite you to look within your heart and your soul sight, and notice when your perception’s dimmer switch or distortion switch is turned to the “on” position. And all you have to do to switch timelines from the 3D illusion to the Living Light and Truth of the God Timeline, is to flip the illusion switch “off.” You are a Perfect Divine Blueprint of the Godheart and God’s Greatest Visions of You. It is now a time of the Great Remembering occurring within the Great Turning, through a series of Great Humbling’s and Deep Rumblings occurring now and for the remainder of 2023. You are here to Remember Who You Are. Do not allow the calls and summoning’s to distraction, pain, suffering, challenges, and distortion to get in the way of This Grand Remembering. Because in the Remembering is your Allowance of your Divine Truth and thus your Divine and Sovereign Ascension.
So Welcome! Welcome to the Journey of Whole Soul Mastery where you learn the Art of Resetting your Christ Consciousness Codes and Living Light Codes to the Vibrational Experience of Being the Godspark and the Godstar you are. The distortions of the 3D realm’s serpentine illusions will call you look back, to answer the bait of the serpent’s apple-filled temptations, and to engage with the entangled vines of the 3D matrix’s hell on earth that exists when people inhabit their own separation consciousness and egoic distortions that comes from spiritual myopia, astigmatism, and vertigo. Clear Soul Sight awaits you inside your Heart Sight, inside your Heart Centers, and inside your Divine Masculine and Divine Feminine finding each other within this Divine Heart Space that is designed to lead you Home.
Let us take a Deep Divine Breath In. And let’s invite that Deep Conscious Breath that is flowing inside you to guide your conscious awareness to any place in your body that feels like it is holding on to tension, which is gripping your at-tention (at-tension), through the eyes and lenses of the Ego and its false sense of grasping reality here in an illusory 3D matrix. The Ego is blind to its spiritual beginnings. So how can it see what it is completely blind to perceiving, and assist your ascension process in any way? It can’t. So let us first focus or direct this Conscious Breath of Living Divine Prana and God’s Living Divine Godbreath into this area where the ego lives inside you. Let us fill it with purified 5th dimensional frequencies of light that shower your entire ego’s awareness with humility, with healing light, and with the innerstanding that the Ego is missing the required levels of awareness to accurately perceive who you are. In this breath, there is a magical elixir of pure divine white light that can clear the Ego of all of its distortions and it can take the thorns out of its eyes and lenses, clearing away more and more of your own personal cognitive distortions, spiritual astigmatism, and spiritual amnesia. And as these thorns clear, and as the veils lift, you will begin to experience from the inside out . . . just how magnificent you are! So, breathe another conscious breath in with us and discover for yourself how your Unique Starlight and your Unique Godspark wishes to shine fully, completely, freely, and boldly in these times of the Great Shifts and the Great Ascension well underway. Breathe this. Feel this. Know this. And let’s explore the energies of April 2023 with you inhabiting more of the 5D Sight and Light, and more of the Blessings of Reunion With Source while the Ascension Storms and Luminous Light of the Central Suns continue to do their work, bringing the Godlight, the Godtruth, and the Godheart to everyone and everything.
Dear Ones, can feel The Winds of Change? Can you feel your own inner Wings of ChangeEmbrace your Wings as you sail the Winds as an Air Surfer or Ascension Surfer in these times. April 2023 will bring more events and twists and turns in the Ascension Story unfolding ever more expansively in all of your lives. There will be showers of Truth and surfacing’s of distortions, more than ever before. Your work? Is to clear the thorns of 3D distortions from your own eyes, and your own perceptions, so as to more clearly see the Divine Truth flowing through everything all at once in your timeline right now. As we have said, Truth can be painful. But in your Ascension Experiences right now, we invite you to see the increasing Frequencies of Divine Truth Telling and Truth Sharing as a Grand New Birth for you and for all sentient kind on your world. In the birthing of a child, labor can be painful and still beautiful at the same time. And through the pain surfacing in the labor pains and contractions in the New Earth’s Birth, you are also being gifted the ability to see where you carry your painful memories and patterns from this 26,000+ year old World Age and Cycle. Where do you hold it in your body? Where do you see through distortions in your vision? Through your perceptions? Where are those 3D egoic filters filtering out the Gift and Blessings of Truth, True Truth, and colluding and conjoining with the serpent’s lies, manipulations, and distortions?
Your Ascension Wings are here to move your perceptions from the inside out to assist you in vibrationally transcending the Ego’s Tethers to its contracts with the Serpent. Deals the ego has made through time again and again to survive here. Lifetime after lifetime. Which only bred and perpetuated more deals. There are no more deals with the serpent. And no more contracts either. The Earth Mother has risen and ascended into her 5th Dimensional Frequencies, and there is no place for serpent contracts and deals here any longer. She will not host such an experience. So, it is time to allow the distortions and astigmatism in your own 3D vision to come to consciousness, and to see them being cleared away with these powerful Winds of Change and these epic Floods of Light that are flowing through every city, every town, every person, and every heart all over the world. Everything is being swept clean. Everything is being summoned to rise. And the way to know your Vibrational Status or your Cosmic Coordinate in these times? Is to tune into your own Inner Frequency. Tune in to how you feel. Tune in to your own Inner Ascension Switch Within. Is it turned to the All In and Infinitely On Position . . . aligned with the Godheart and the God Timeline?


If your Ascension Switch continues to flicker and toggle back and forth between 3D, and 5D, and sometimes 4D, and back around again, do not worry. Most are having this experience at some level, as the Ascension Storms bring All Four Elements into the Consciousness of Humanity and thus the Awareness of your Sacred Divine Mother Earth back into your Consciousness again. The Flickering is normal. The Toggling is too.
With Conscious Intention, you can draw your Spiritual Life Force together to round up any rogue separated aspects floating around within you in your vision, your perceptions, and your physical and emotional experiences and bring that back into the Healing Light of God/Source’s Knowing Of Who You Are. And in the God Essence inside you, in your Heart Space inside you, you can know your Divine Union and Blueprinted Perfection again. God Is Within. God Is Your Breath. God Is Your Heart. God Is Your Life Force. And God Is Your Inner Candle, shining the Light of your Timeless Essence, and shining into the Vast Illusion of this 3D serpentine matrix, revealing just how false, distorted, and not real and true it truly is.
April’s Showers of Illuminating Events and Unfoldment’s will seed Great Flowers in May 2023. Labor delivers New Life. Storms bring Peace and Clarity on the other side of their Mighty Winds, Floods, and the Weathering of this world. April’s Showers are bringing Floods of Energies and Illuminations that will continue to reveal a Much Bigger Picture to more and more in humanity, than they ever thought possible. A Picture of this nature, this scope, and this scale is being vibrationally palpated now. Even those with little to no spiritual sight, they are seeing disruptions in their lives. They are detecting the Flickering’s of Truth, even if their Ascension Switch is still turned off. The electricity of Truth, and the Energy of Turning an Upside-Down World Right-side Up is gaining momentum and attention. Soon, those Flashes of Light and those Showers and Floods of Truth can no longer be ignored. You can see this happening already.
Those who were deemed conspiracy theorists in many ways for perceiving more Truth than others in a sleeping world could see and who previously were written off as lunatics, as untrustworthy, and as way off base in a false narrative. Now the write-offs aren’t working. Because more Light from Source and the Central Suns is pouring in. Think April Showers. Presently, what those Ascending Souls were perceiving about Truth in the 3D illusion is now having to be mentioned in public forms, forums, and main stream media sources, so as to acknowledge the Floods of Increasing Revelatory Information that was previously written off as “nothing to see here” . . . under the guise that they are helping you to more consciously acknowledge with these Serpent Minion sources that “yes, we all agree, they are crazy conspiracy theories.” Now can you see that they have to gain some of the attention of the masses? They are being actively talked about, rather than being omitted and censored from conversations altogether, to attempt to draw people into the projected group think and group story . . . that they are deemed unofficially officially conspiracy theories. The Truth is then in perfect serpent fashion being packaged in a new way, by the serpent minions’ admission of the accusations or revelations, and the immediate debunking of them, to attempt to acknowledge and shut down any momentum from the Human Collective that might have considered flickering into the Truth Timeline, the God Timeline, and the Light of Living beyond the haze and craze of 3D illusions. This may seem to be effective in putting the kibosh on God, once again. But it won’t hold. The Light and the April Showers of Expanding Revelations and Truth cannot be contained. Cannot be hindered. Cannot be manipulated or stopped.
And as more and more April Showers emerge and pour over the Earth, more May Flowers will begin to bloom. What do you think might flower in May? What do you feel inside that might shine in the Full Light of Truth and Transparency in May 2023? What does your Prescience Perceive beyond the Ego’s Filters of Increasingly Obvious Truth? Without Ego Filtration, and Serpent Contraction, and Threats of Censorship and Suppression increasingly ceasing to exist, what can you see opening for humanity when the thick smog of Serpentine Incarcerating and Entangling Webs of Distortions are no longer? How will you feel free? How will you live free? How will you be free?
We invite you throughout the month of April to choose your favorite methods and practices to ground in your Light and in your Prana, and in the knowing of your Divine Essence and Incredible Gifts on this world. We invite you to practice them daily, before more waves of Epic Floods of Light, Rain, and Truth become a daily occurrence for this world. Fortify your soul and your spirit before the heavy rains of all kinds (like Noah faced in his day) pour forth for many consecutive days and nights together. Strengthen your spiritual sight and spiritual muscles now, so that they are limbered up and able to support you and your cosmic nimbleness in the storms. And we also invite you to vision yourself free, fully free, in a God World that is already emerging. Yet few embody it. Few envision it. Few embrace it! And we will say . . . embracing your new life’s vision as it is powerfully manifesting will only make it a more joyful experience than if people are unconsciously toggling between the timelines, scared or fearful of what they are seeing, what they can’t see, what they can’t digest, what doesn’t fit with the beliefs they had for so long held, and what doesn’t fit with the ego contracts each soul has made to survive in a serpentine illusion. Embracing and envisioning your life with all of your senses, with your whole heart, with your sacred soul presence . . . with immense joy, eager anticipation, and co-creative life force streaming between you and Source Creator is a lot more empowering than feeling like a sponge of all of the heavier revelations that won’t make sense to many who have been sleeping.
Collective fear may rise. Yet simultaneously, the Light pouring in and the Prana streaming in for the Collective is rising proportionately. To perfectly support each and all of you to have the Divine Oxygen and Life Force you need to keep turning towards the Light. To keep Turning towards the Heartbeat of Source in your own Heartbeat. To keep Turning towards Humble Grace, when the Ego is tossed all around and feels lost at sea in many ways. You are leaving the Seas of Vibrational Soup and the maritime laws that enforced the serpent’s systems of “justice” under its own law. And you are rising into God’s Laws, and truly The Law of One. The Law of Divine Order. The Essence of Divine Right Timing. The Vibrational Truths of Energetic Transparency. Where can lies hide in a world of Vibrant Vibrational Truth? No where. In the God Timeline, lies cannot thrive. Even the mere thinking of those lies will show up and be revealed some way somehow in the lives of a sentient world activated in clear soul sight. So, this is not to say that someone somewhere will not attempt to fib, to lie, to manipulate, and to corrupt, but they will expose themselves. Nearly instantaneously. It will be a new kind of Divine and Vibrational Regulation for a new way of Being Human on Planet Earth, where vibration is the great revealer and exposer. It’s hard to pretend to be the Light when people are playing games with lower density thoughts and projections. People won’t stand for it. And they won’t participate in it.
Clarity of Vibration and Clarity of Sight will be new and expanding Sacred Soul Values in the New Earth that is emerging. The 3D distortions of violence, separation, persecution, judgment, isolation, perpetration, collusion, and manipulation will all fall away in very near time in this new Age of Aquarius, because these energies are inconsistent and incompatible with Life on planet Earth, going forward. And the Living Light of Source streaming through the Central Suns will ensure that the Light is here to stay and to shine for a long, long time, ever expansively so on the Earth throughout this New Age and Cycle of Creation’s Evolution.


And it is that Truth Timeline that we invite you to envision for yourself, as you move through these Winds and Showers of Change and Ascension Upgrades and Revelations in April 2023+. Feel it with as much detail as you can muster. Breathe in your heart center knowing your Great Light that is your Perfect Blueprint beyond your physical form at the core! And allow the storms to reveal the distortions of what was never true about you or humanity or this planet in a 3D matrix in the first place. All distortion must clear. Must leave. And as that swamp is drained, the only thing left will be the Truth, the Light, and the Way of Eternal Blessings and Miracles that have existed and simply awaited this Grand Return all this time.


April Showers will be potent in their own right. And they are here to seed May Flowers. God’s Garden Is Returning. Right here, in you.
And it is returning all around the world. Look for where God’s Garden is shining. And trust the Light of God’s Truth to clear all illusions, even ones that those reading this might be believing. No illusions will remain when all revelations are complete. Only the Light of God and Divine Creation and Divine Perfection will be left to engage the Heart’s of the Rebuilders, the Visions of the Creative Artists, the Healers, the Teachers, the Inspirers, and so much more.
A Glorious New Earth is birthing behind the movie set of the Greatest Ascension and Greatest Revelation and Greatest Reunion with Source ever to behold. Be a conscious part of it!
You Are Loved, dear ones.
You ARE Love.
All Our Love.
El Morya
El Morya
Easter Sunday 2023 (4/9/2023)

The Resurrection of the long lost Code: “49”

The cosmos in all of its vastness with its unwavering complexity and stability is searching for a chosen lot through the perfection of the code. 2023 is the year that Easter Sunday falls on 4/9 (April 9th), thereby plucking the cosmic strings of the enchanted and prophetic harp in dramatic precision. The last time that Easter Sunday occurred on 4/9 was in 1950, 73 years ago. Who among us was conceived in 1973 and will turn 49 years old this year, in 2023? Well, I was, and I will turn 49 this July. In this way, this is my honest recognition of the terms and conditions sent from the will of creation regarding the code “49”. This is not only about me. There are others, and in some way, the “Codex of 49” whispers to the decency within each of us.
This sudden insight, however, comes with a powerful choice, a realization deep within that burns as a star does while caught in the aftereffect within the lantern of the ancient sage of Virgo. Hear the call as if it were a beacon leading us to destiny. Be still, silence the noise, and quiet the will of the collective consciousness. In this way, the code never weakens and always reveals what was intended in the Akasha.
49 – The Genetic Sequence of Purity
28+29+30+31+32+33+34+35+36+37+38+39+40+41+42+43+44+45+46+47+48+49 = 1225
12/25 = Christmas
Christmas commemorates the birth of the Christos; a saga of a “child” born within, whereupon the angels sing of a love undefiled, of a meek and mild purity, of a precious gift sent from the heavens beyond.
The code of “49” challenges our evolution and the undeniable significance of its effect.
The “Tomb of the Golden Gate” was sealed until the perfect timing and guarded well by a secret knowledge unknowable to the great “Mass” of consciousness.
“Why do you seek the living among the dead? For I am risen as was foretold, and said.”
Death cannot be conquered unless eternal life breaks through our persistent stubbornness. To live with purpose is to choose purity over destruction! If the body is not “Holy” then the Earth will vanish and the spirit will flee. I am a woman or a man, who has been dead in the tomb of materiality. Neither death nor life is liberated until we defeat the enemy within ourselves. Neither is doubt shattered until that which aids the shadow disappears in the fragrance of a blooming white rose.
“49” The Code within the Mother Crystal
———— The Garden of Eden ————
The Mother Crystal is the Garden of Eden in graphical form, in a DNA-type of mosaic. In other words, the Mother Crystal is the Central Processing Unit (CPU) of nature that generates:
The building blocks of matter
The algorithms of pattern
The syntax of language and symbolism
The geometry of spacetime
10 spheres produce the Mother Crystal (Garden of Eden)
— 2 spheres on the inside
(Sun — Tree of Life)
(Moon — Tree of Knowledge)
— 8 spheres on the outside
(Neptune, Uranus, Jupiter, Venus, Earth, Mercury, Mars, Saturn)
This is why there are 10 planets in our Solar System and why we have 10 fingers on our hands and 10 toes on our feet.
The 10 spheres of the Mother Crystal are the 10 planets of our solar system.
12 zodiacal dimensions connect with the 10 planets of our Solar (Soular) System.
10 + 12 = 22
Therefore, 22 internal paths connect the 10 spheres (planets) of the Mother Crystal to the 12 dimensions of consciousness.
This is why humans have 22 pairs of base Chromosomes called “Autosomes”.
— Code “49” —
The 4th Sphere within the Mother Crystal is Jupiter.
The 9th Sphere within the Mother Crystal is the Moon.
The “hidden path” that connects the 4th sphere to the 9th sphere must cross the dimension of Scorpio (#13 – Transformation).
(See photo with the post)
Scorpio (#13 – Transformation) shows the shadow rider of the white horse holding a great flag of the white rose. The “White Rose” is a symbol conveying the three main themes of transformation: purity, truth, and spiritual beauty. Moreover, the “White Rose” is associated with the Virgin Mary (Virgo), who is referred to as the “Mystical Rose”.
Notice the child in the foreground of the Tarot card identifying Scorpio (#13 – Transformation).
Truly it has been revealed to us all. Unless we change and become like little children, we will never enter paradise. Whoever humbles themselves like this little child is greater than the shadow of fear upon the heavenly white horse.
Be joyful.
Expect your heart to be known.
Trust in your spiritual eyes.
Be innocent in your intentions.
The one who humbles themself will be exalted.
Finally, let me share with everyone the astronomical path of the Earth during the month of April 2023 with Easter Sunday being highlighted.
See the photo with the post
The beautiful thing about an astronomical “ephemeris” is I can do this for any planet, any comet, and any asteroid.
I will also share the Astronomical path of the Sun during the month of April 2023 with this post.
Notice that on Easter Sunday (4/9/2023) the Earth is conjoined with the alpha star of Virgo, “Spica” (Alpha Virginis)
The Star Spica is the star that Virgo, as a constellation, holds in her left hand. Spica is also the star inside the lantern of the Hermit; Virgos equivalent in the Tarot. Consequently, Spica represents a seed: the virgin seed of Virgo that will produce what has never before occurred in creation.
The Earth is the “Seed” from which our consciousness sprouted. Therefore, the Earth represents that which nourishes us, physically, spiritually, emotionally, and intellectually. She, Gaia, the Earth 🌎, is our home, and the home of the Universe. It is from the Earth that our perspective of the Universe begins its journey. Lest we never forget this!
Unfortunately, a better name could have been chosen. The Earth is actually composed mostly of water and not earth, and this is what provides it the mystique and magic to not only birth consciousness, but to birth the perspective of the inner and the outer.
Water provides the two qualities of a mirror that make this possible: submersion and reflection. These two qualities provide the essence by which the process of creation is achieved. Consciousness must “immerse” itself into the structure of creation found in its imagery, much like the roots of a tree immerse themselves into the building blocks arranged in the ground. Consciousness must also perceive the qualities reflected from the surface of the mirror, abandoning the original symmetry for the non-structural and unsymmetrical. In other words, we submerge into the water and experience essence, while at the same time we visualize the expressions reflecting from the water’s surface. It is not a coincidence that the oceans and the sky both appear blue. One source, dual effects.
Virgo is the dimension from which the physical and spiritual planes converge. Virgo is the two circles (seeds) of the Yin Yang ☯️ symbol. One seed represents the physical plane while the other seed represents the spiritual plane. Virgo fuses duality together and delivers the unity to Pisces, the waters of creation (Sun in Pisces). Hence, Pisces is the Zodiacal dimension of the Christos. Virgo gives birth to Pisces. This is why Virgo and Pisces mirror each other across the great divide of the zodiacal circle, and why Virgo and Pisces are the two largest zodiacal constellations. This is also why the Earth astronomically rests in the middle of the Virgo constellation and the Sun in the Pisces constellation on Easter Sunday.
For all of us conceived in 1973 and born in 1974, who turn 49 years old in 2023, the way of the heavens left us with an eternal gift. In 1974, 49 years ago, the planet Uranus/Ouranos ♅ was conjoined with the star Spica, the bright beacon of Virgo, in the left hand of her constellation: Spica is the star within the lantern of the Hermit (Virgo) bringing Illumination to Uranus ♅ as the sphere of Aquarius (#17 – The Star) and thus properly named Ouranos for its deep connection to the Akashic Ouroboros.
Ouro = The Golden glow
Boros = Creation
Uranus (Ouranos), the “Ouroboros” and star of Aquarius, represents the dawning of creation and the golden aura surrounding the “heavens” at the moment of the “Big Bang”. For this reason Aquarius is the dimension of the angel with the “Golden Halo”.
In the beginning, three things emerged from the primordial chaos.
Ouranos, the heavens (Electron)
Gaia, the Earth (Proton)
Eros, Love (Neutron)
In thankful conclusion:
Nature declares the harvest of wheat in the land of her comprise where the rays of the Sun strengthen its golden charm. In the same way, we declare the wheat from the chaff and the real from the churn. What is of true worth is honest and holy, and what is fluff is a toil scattered in a burden hard to guard. We are lost to the world without our precious gift, unseen and unheard within the depths of the womb. If this destiny goes unfulfilled there will forever exist the void between our two worlds. So now we must look inside and discover the stranger who is unaware. Deep and abiding is the realism of a transformation spawned from such a paradox, one of purity and one of ruin. We all must choose, for there are no lines in between. Do it for yourself and do it for the world. Never doubt the gifts of purity, truth, and spiritual beauty. Behold, they are what set us free.
Who is the beauty, and who the beast?
Shane Shema-Sheniy Froio
The Resurrection of the long lost Code
The Resurrection of the long lost Code




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