Grounding Higher Cosmic Light

Fear, Shame and Worry – NO MORE!

by Sananda

Today is another special assignment.  As you probably realize, the fundamental emotional tone on Earth for thousands of years has been Worry, Shame and Fear. This is what we are healing Now.

Fear, shame and worry are the predominant atmosphere across the planet, in every village, every house, not matter what the social or economic status of the people involved.  Everyone is afflicted by the feelings that begin with fear of not having enough, not accomplishing enough, not being strong enough or steady enough or resourceful enough to get ahead, stay even, prevent disaster, stay ahead of the impending suffering that is just around the corner, lurking.

It is so pervasive that no one is immune, not even the cabal or their minions who have perpetrated the conditions to create these fears.

This deadly combination of fear, shame and worry combined are what people call “stress”.  It is not a true concept – stress – it is simply the sum total of these feelings that lead to a general feeling of dread, without knowing what the dread is really about, where it originates.  It makes people feel quan-yin-beautiful-newconfused and helpless because the feeling persists even when – or sometimes especially when – things are going well.

This background feeling has become so familiar that most people just think, “That’s life,” and give it no thought because it seems so inevitable as to be unquestionable.  Now, we ask you to not only question it, but see it before you, separate from you as well as familiar, a part of what you have known in this life, and the thing you will now make conscious, obvious and clearly framed in such a way that you can put outside yourself completely.

 When you see its roots and acknowledge that you are protected, loved and cherished and that you will not experience unforeseen suffering or trauma any longer in this lifetime, you can truly put it where it belongs – in the difficult and traumatic past.  It is now done, because we rise together to a higher frequency where these things do not exist.

With the act of putting these feelings outside yourself, seeing them for what they were, and that there is no longer need nor reason to experience them, you are creating the New World you have longed for.  Are you beginning to understand how that is possible, inevitable and necessary for you to accomplish this now?  In fact, if you continue to immerse yourself in these feelings, you are truly recreating, moment by moment, the Matrix of thoughts and feelings that caused the insecurity in the first place.

So, dear family, we need your participation now, because you are the ones with the great resources of joy, dedication and inclination to see the Light in all things.  This is our moment.  We have worked together diligently, especially during these recent days, when Lightworkers all over the planet are doing their assignments with all their might.  It is working, Beloved Ones.

We are in a crescendo of exhilaration, joyful participation and triumph, as each one accomplishes their assigned Mission, whether they realize this is what they are doing or not.  The sense of synergy, intense energy and fulfillment flows across Surface Earth, as all join together in minds and hearts.  This is the time we have all trained for, prepared for for many, many lifetimes, and we are all coming together now, some consciously, many just beginning to feel their magnetic attraction to being with their fellow Lightworkers.  The feeling is like finding an oasis in the desert:  joy, relief, celebration and increased resolve.

We are creating this together, Beloved Brothers and Sisters.  This time will live in the memory of humankind forever.

We are Love.

I am your Sananda

Transcribed by Dr. Kathryn E. May, October 4, 2015

“Grounding Higher Cosmic Light”
by Hilarion through Marlene Swetlishoff

October 4-11, 2015


Beloved Ones,



The grounding of the higher cosmic light into and upon the planet has moved into its next phase.  Those who have been doing this work are now moving into position to offer divine truths to those who now awaken.  The awakening ones come to seek that which they need to bring them into a quicker integration with the new energies and the new consciousness.  As beacons of the higher light and truth, the lightworkers of the world are working together at the higher levels of being to coordinate their efforts.  In unity, they work on the transformation of the planet and all her inhabitants to proceed in a way that allows the opening of consciousness and awareness in the greatest number of souls. It is the time to make light beingslearning fun and enlightening at the same time. Many of you who have established your spiritual presence and credentials are now able to do this with a greater ease and grace. As the universe works with you, through you and for you, synchronistic events take place in miraculous and truly magical ways.



The old world structures continue to crumble and decay because the new and higher energies no longer support them. You are seeing evidence of this every day and there is now a desperate attempt to maintain them through the methods that used to work before. Those who employ these methods will not succeed in their efforts, for the structure to maintain this effort is no longer viable. It is the spiritual perspective which now comes to the forefront of consciousness as people become aware that there is more to life on Earth than they previously believed. The intensity of their spirit seeks to manifest through them into the world and as this occurs, their hearts open to greater understanding and perspective. The energy and power of love creates powerful awakenings to blossom from within. As people feel and express more love, joy and peaceful intention towards one another, a higher expression in interaction with each other becomes commonplace.



As people let go of the limiting concepts of duality such as division, enmity and competition and begin to express the higher qualities of their soul, they see that life returns to them what they themselves put into it. They enter into a new phase of living in alignment with spirit and the divine within. This movement frees them and creates a greater degree of expansion and an expression of new creative energy and consciousness. They begin to see their life filled with unlimited opportunities to express their unique soul qualities, talents and abilities. They see that they can choose their life experience to manifest for them in ways they previously did not imagine. This in turn creates greater harmony within them and as this personal harmony radiates outwardly, it creates a joyful interaction with the world and this brings them a sense of greater fulfillment in their personal endeavors.



As their understanding increases in the process of bridging and uniting two realities, they find new gateways of truth which touch all facets of their lives. These in turn, create a lightness of spirit, bringing joy and laughter and a greater awareness of the richness that lives within them. They feel the joy of creation as they manifest the wealth of knowledge, experience and understanding that lies within them and they share it with the world. As the collective wonders that they hold within them are brought into the light of their new consciousness, it begins a new phase, a new birth into a greater reality which empowers and enriches everyone. The seeds of love and wisdom emanating from within their being are planted within the collective consciousness to heal, bless and enable their sisters and brothers to move into the new reality with them.



As life unfolds in the new consciousness and reality, there is a greater unity with all beings that takes place. There is also a greater respect and reverence for the divinity within each human heart and this will facilitate a greater desire to serve others in some capacity. As they align to their divine essence and follow the guidance and promptings being given, their world opens to new dimensions previously unimagined. New vistas open before them which pave the way to ever greater perspectives of the infinite richness of the universe that they dwell in. They also understand that they have only touched the surface of the infinite well of abundance that comprises their individual spirit and that there is more that can be made manifest. As they find the courage to share this with others, more knowledge at ever deeper levels becomes available through them to go out into the world.



Until next week…


I AM Hilarion

©2009-2015 Marlene Swetlishoff/Tsu-tana (Soo-tam-ah) Keeper of the Symphonies of Grace


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“You Are Living in a Wondrous Age in which the Illusion is already Starting to Dissolve”

Jesus through John Smallman

Here in the spiritual realms we are cheering you (humanity) onwards towards your inevitable awakening into your natural fully conscious state where the energy field of Love, the life-force, maintains you eternally alive, vibrant, joyful, and creatively motivated in every moment. That state is the only state in which existence occurs, it is Reality, your permanent presence in the Presence of God, oneness with God in everlasting joy. There is nowhere else, there is only that infinite state of being one with God, where separation and the illusion it maintains – with all its suffering, sickness, scarcity, competition, and war – are unknown because they are unreal.
Within the illusion, where humanity experiences life as a constant struggle against seemingly overwhelming odds just in order to survive, the concept of a state of perpetual peace, joy, and love seems insane, impossible, a wild dream that can never be realized. We, of course, keep telling you that this is not the case, that there is nothing but Reality, and deep within yourselves you know that this is true. That is why you have such powerful yearnings for something far better than the life you are undergoing. Those yearnings are the result of extremely brief flashes of memory of the intense joy of life in the eternal Presence of God, flashes so brief that you often wonder if they are real. They are, but they have to be very brief because their energy for more than the briefest instant would overwhelm your physical forms.Divine-Feminine-Logo
Of course you have never left God’s Presence! There is nowhere to go! However, you did build the illusion and immersed yourselves in it, making it appear very real, and since that moment, which truly occurred but a moment ago, you have been seeking the way Home to Reality, yearning to find the “Holy Grail,” the “End of the Rainbow,” your “soul-mate,” in fact the Love that is God.
Well, as we have so often told you, you are already there, never having left, and your only task is to awaken from the deep sleep in which all the horrific events of life on Earth seem to be taking place. That task means letting go of all that you have built into your environment to protect you from . . . LOVE! All defenses, all barriers – psychological or physical – and the weapons you have invented and built to support them need to be taken down and discarded.
You are all afraid of Love! It appears to you to be a limitless commitment to give endlessly to others while depriving yourselves of anything you might value, including your lives, in a meaningless altruistic sacrifice. This extreme misconception is a major aspect of the illusion and has, over the eons, terrified you into rejecting Love in favor of self centered ambition that you hope will satisfactorily replace the irreplaceable . . Love.
There is only Love, It is offered to you in every moment, but you are mostly unable to receive or accept It because you are clinging so tightly to all that is alien to It. If you would allow your hearts to open to receive It all your fears and anxieties would dissolve and instantly you would see that defenses of any kind and in any circumstances are utterly insane.
However, within the illusion you have been trained to be suspicious, to view others as possible enemies, and so you expect to encounter enemies, and, miraculously, they appear! The only way out of this intolerable situation is to expect to meet friends and to offer only love to all with whom you interact. And that is difficult for you because, within the illusion, every culture and many religions believe that that is an insane way to behave. They then attempt to prove the insanity of it by pointing to the ever ongoing wars and conflicts in which humanity has been engaged since the beginning of time.
But the insanity is the expectation of betrayal, conflict, war, and the therefore seemingly essential need for weapons and defenses. Distrust breeds distrust, and your task in awakening is to let go of distrust and offer only love. Some of you are already doing this and finding that it works. Love flows and envelops all in Its path, and all you have to do is to allow It to flow through you.
The free flow of Love is a grass roots movement, it cannot start at the top with worldly leaders of any kind – political, commercial, national, ethnic, or religious – because all those “leaders” are in truth followers, desperately attempting to ascertain the mood and wishes of those they purportedly lead so that they can appear before them in a favorable light and maintain their privileged positions.
And of course most of humanity has, over the eons, been well-trained to be suitably subservient to these leaders enabling these “chosen” or just lucky ones to remain in power. The secret to maintaining power is to convince those beneath that there is a threat from “enemies” in other cultures or nations and that only they, the ones in power, can do an adequate job of providing protection from these perceived enemies. Sometimes it seems that a more moderate and honest candidate for high office might do a better job, and elections are held in the hope of finding a new and suitable leader. But the system is designed to disable anyone who, on getting into a position of authority, appears to be making progress towards peace and trust.
Change starts at the grass roots level, that is one person at a time. It may sound a little optimistic to expect that sort of change to make any real impression across the world, but, as you are well aware, there have been a number of successful grass roots movements over the last few decades that have succeeded in achieving their most admirable goals. And all of them were initially guided by Love. However, success often led to arrogance, negative judgments, and then to internal disagreements after the fact, and many of these movements disbanded or disintegrated.
BUT the members of many of these movements were changed as a result of their successes and they realized that love and cooperation were the only meaningful ways forward. They have not changed their minds, and many of them are today very actively promoting peaceful, respectful, listening to divergent viewpoints having realized that there are always points of agreement, and that all basically want peaceful solutions to the issues with which they are dealing, solutions which make each side a winner.
At the grass roots level a refusal to engage in combat would result in the suspension of military engagements, and I can assure you that there are powerful movements in many parts of the world working most effectively towards this end. What you see and hear in the mainstream media are heavily censored reports that leave out all that would inspire and uplift you, as their intent is to maintain or intensify the level of fear that various governments depend on for their survival.
But these grass roots movements working for peace and respect for all of humanity are growing in strength and effectiveness all over the world, very much helped by the prayers, meditations, and loving intentions of you Light bearers and Light workers, and by us as we too offer assistance and encouragement to all from here in the spiritual realms.
The divine plan is for humanity to awaken, and absolutely nothing can prevent that from occurring. You are living in a wondrous age in which the illusion is already starting to dissolve, so keep on taking time out daily to enter your inner sanctuary to ask for guidance, assistance, and a love squeeze. I assure you that we will respond to each of you as you do so, because what you are doing is an essential aspect of this divine plan as it nears completion.

Your loving brother, Jesus.


“Today I will attend to the voiceless longings of my deep inner being.”

                                                                  ~ Master Djwhal Khul

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