You are currently viewing Grid Shift! 9 Andromedan Council’s ~ The Sphinx is Activated ~ The Pearlescent Flame
Dragon Queen

Grid Shift! 9 Andromedan Council’s ~ The Sphinx is Activated ~ The Pearlescent Flame

Grid Shift! 9 Andromedan Council’s ~ The Sphinx is Activated ~ The Pearlescent Flame



Paul White Gold Eagle

Greetings Starseed Rainbow ThunderBeings of the New Earth Evolution

We are lighting up, with multidimensional energetics of 5D and beyond.

With the powerful fire energies coming in from the Leo Full Moon Portal , the 2:2 Aquarius Gateway and the Blue Kachina our local Solaris joins in today with massive activity as he releases a multiple series of Solar Flares with over 12 C Class flares and a Trinity of major M Class flares in the last 24 hours. The most powerful being a M 6.39 Solar Flare at 23:07 UTC. This Event is encoded with our 37 into 73 code of Heaven on Earth and our 3:6:9 Code of our Divine Venusian BroThor of the Light Nikola Tesla and his Mysteries of the Universe. The Sunspots have also doubled since yesterday which is another sign of the coming Great Solar Flash.

All these intense energies flowing in from the Great central Sun and filtered through our local Solaris are bringing in the God Codes and Keys for the upgrading of our 12 Strand Crystalline DNA of the 144. We are on the precipice of our final Quantum Leap in Consciousness into Christos Sophia Luminous beings of Eternal Life. Together we usher in the New Golden Age for all Sentient beings of the Way. All nefarious entities and energies are being removed or resolved in this great Transformation and Shift of the Ages to bring in and bridge Heaven and Earth to Consciously Co-Create the New Eden of Eternal Bliss Consciousness.

The splitting of the timeline is like a splitting of an atom in the Zero Point Field to create the SuperNova expansion of Rainbow Body of our Earth Angelics to lead the Way into a better and brighter day for our Rainbow Tribe of the New Jerusalem. Nothing can stop this Great awakening as we are in the Revelation times where all is being revealed and exposed to be healed and integrated for all living beings to live in Peace, Prosperity and True Authenticity and a Global Community living in Unity and for the highest good of all. This is for our Ancestors and future generations so our Elders and Good People did not sacrifice and suffer in vain and we live the Way we want the world to be. For we are the world and we create our reality with our Divine Will, Pure Intent and hopes and dreams for a Utopian Planet of Galactic Allegiance to the Great Spirit and Life itself.

In God Consciousness being one with all things ,through our Still Source Center, we walk a path with Heart feeling our connection to all things and live from Buddha Mind of the Wisdom of the Ages. As we seek the inner sun the Light of Source we combine our energies in Unity and together we raise the frequency of this Realm to a Higher Plateau of Pure Awareness and together we assist Gaia and all her Children of the Sun in transforming this world into the Paradise she has always evolved to be.

Spread your Wings Rainbow Thunderbirds of the Phoenix Rising! It is time to take Flight…A’Ho!


Rainbow Thunderbird
Rainbow Thunderbird



Right now: Moon at 14°00′ Virgo, Sun at 19°00′ Aquarius

sabian symbols

Current Sabian Symbols

Current Sabian Symbol for the Sun

A large white dove bearing a message.
Sabian Symbol for 20º Aquarius

The current Sabian Symbol of the Sun is the symbol that characterizes the ongoing solar influence, the vital energy and the personality, or it’s just a symbol which characterizes this day, while the Sun’s position (rounded to the next degree) is 20º Aquarius.


Current Sabian Symbol for the Moon

A fine lace ornamental handkerchief.
Sabian Symbol for 15º Virgo

The current Sabian Symbol of the Moon is the symbol that characterizes the ongoing lunar influence, the emotional background, or it’s just a symbol which characterizes this moment, while the Moon’s position (rounded to the next degree) is 15º Virgo.






Valerie A. Elster


Zero Point DAY.
Big Clarity in the Field.
Ready for IN:PUT!🤩

Powerful Heart Field Created as we Enter into Zero Point.
Time for #creation




Whale Eye
Whale Eye


🔑3:33🔑– Signs You Are A Healer.
✨You feel the pain of others and have extreme empathy.
✨You do note that strangers open up to you easily.
✨You tend to have vivid dreams often.
✨ You need to help people, you don’t look any other way.
✨You can’t stand the crowds and get overwhelmed by them.
✨Do you think you are a spiritual person
✨You are an anxious person and you may have been diagnosed with anxiety.
✨ Have you experienced depression.
✨You can feel others energy, especially if it’s negative.



I visited the Sphinx in my Lightbody form last night to the exact place which has a hidden entrance into the subterranean chambers and worlds. The sphinx connects directly underground to the Great Pyramid.
The comet has activated the sphinx and it is buzzing with energy as ancient keys and codes are being released.
More than this, ancient sound technology, which is so high tech that we have totally forgotten about.
I was then taken to the Kings chamber, where what the information I downloaded in that chamber was reiterated, expanded and confirmed.
The granite box once held the Ark of the Covenant and far more.
The next hidden chambers have been fully activated via Sirius.
We are in for drastic changes on all fronts, as our ascension process is escalating.
333 – 144 – 11:44 – 12:12 – 888
13:13 – 12:13 Grid Shift!
Star Gates Dialing in 💃💃 All New 9 Andromedan Council’s Electronic Downloads
New Andromedan Parallel Galaxy Center’s Coming Online… New Galaxy Shift Core Center’s Repair…
Get Ready for the Collectives Light Golden Star Particle Dust Glitter Waves …. Coming in Strong 💪
144 – OverSoul Christed Sun OverSoul Systems – New OverSoul Consciousness Embodiment GridWork – All New Star Children Are Coming Online Fast …
New Souls Will Accelerate to Full Blown Christed Sun OverSouls Embodiment/ Consciousness Fast … Soo Much Love, Care , Nurturing, Hold Divine Space for them….
Shifting from Deep Veiled Unconsciousness to
Full Blown Online _ Awakening Will Be a Massive Conscious Shift for these Beautiful New Waver ….
So Much More…. Will Come Through
Key Frequency Bandwidths Vibrational Template’s –
*** God Source Consciousness Embodiment **
*** Avatar Soul Sun Star Consciousness Embodiment ***
*** Pure Christed Sun OverSoul Consciousness Union ****
*** Remembering You are God Consciousness Source Light Walking / Living/ Being of This Already ***
New Aquenous Andromeda Blue Flame Codes !
All New Aurora Andromedan Galactic Codes!!
New Merkaba Bodies Upgrades/ New Template’s!!
Grid Shift
Grid Shift
‘’Forces of evil are departing leaving space for truth.
Upon the return of the Orange Diamond Egg of Abundance
and the breath of the Solar Masculine,
the satanic, luciferian, and diabolical hidden forces
that were deceiving, keeping hostage, using and negatively
affecting the perception, energy, essence and awareness of the Twin Flames,
are obligated to depart and liberate the Twins from all previous occupations in their field.
There are high divine forces supporting this process
and the awakening Twin has a big team of support that supports both of them.
Twins are inseparable,
if one Twin is awakened then the other is saved too!
Please note that when healing and liberation are approaching the core of the trauma and the occupation,
things get more intense!
This is a very very different process than the previous one when you were dealing with the periphery/veils.
The core has not been even touched yet.
When the core will be touched,
it will be the time for full revelation to take place.
Nothing and no one can stop the Truth that is coming!
Save your focus for your mission.
Twins are victorious always and forever!’’
🟠 🟠 🟠
Thank you Twin Flames!
Blessings of Clear Perception!
Fb: Crystal and indigo guide to the galaxy
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Angel of Light
Angel of Light
Dear family of love and light, the Divine plan is working well. The planetary remapping has started. The Divine and the Company of heaven, along with an army of light workers, together have started a brand new phase for Gaia’s rebuilding process. The Divine plan for this new phase is to have the remapping preparation done so that Gaia’s remapping process will go in full force.
The Divine says that right now, the preparation of Gaia’s rebuilding is focused on the removal of the old. Gaia has directed this process. She knows where the old is and how the removal process needs to proceed and how the planet will be thoroughly cleared. Gaia has full confidence that the planet earth will be fully cleansed under the role of the Divine and the company of heaven. Gaia has given the authority to the Divine so that the Divine will be able to clear out the old energies and get the planet ready for the next phase.
During this cleansing and total clearing phase, there is a lot of collapsing happening. The Divine says that the collapsing will happen at all levels, Particularly at the energetic level. The Divine reminds us that there are so many happenings on the planet. It can be confusing for our light workers to navigate because nothing is what it seems to be. The Divine asks us to learn to look beyond the surface and look into the heart of the souls and things and situations and only then can you have a sense of what is really going on. So the best course of action is to follow the heart and use your discernment. Know that the cleansing is happening and the cleansing is happening in our light worker community as well.
Please let the expectations, the old familiar and old knowledge go and stay in the heart. Know that changes are inside out and changes are impacting all lives on earth. Hold on to nothing and just go with the flow. That is the advice the Divine gives to our light worker’s community.
Divine love and blessings to you always.
Linda Li the Divine and so it is.
Starfleet Commander
Starfleet Commander



Aurora Ray

Welcome To The Divine New Earth: An Introduction To The Changes And Transitions

We are transforming into new human beings of light.

Welcome to the New Earth! This post is a guide for all of you who are experiencing your physical, earth-bound lives from a slightly higher perspective.

As our divine spirits have incarnated here on this planet to learn and grow, we are now transitioning into being all that we truly are: divine beings of light who will be living out eternity here in the physical with others like us.

Though it may seem at times that things are dire on this planet, know that millions of us have been working for centuries to bring about these changes.

What you may view as “bad” in your life are areas where you need to learn to detach from limiting beliefs; these experiences are helping to make way for this new era where we will transcend the physical limitations of our current existence.

As humans in linear time and space, it can be hard to understand how things work at this level, but all is well and moving perfectly according to plan.

A lot is going on at the moment with everyone and everything around us.

As we collectively embrace the changes happening all across our planet, it’s important to remember that each of us is part of a greater whole.

It’s easy to get caught up in how we’re feeling as individuals or small groups, so now more than ever, we need to keep a broad perspective on what’s really going on here.

Labeling this era with terms like “apocalypse” or “rebirth,” while they might be apt descriptions of certain aspects, can also make things too confusing.

The reality is that we’re changing and shifting into new beings right along with everything else around us.

Some spiritual traditions have referred to this process as transcending the physical plane, entering higher dimensions, or vibrating into another frequency of existence, but no matter what you call it, each of these shifts has been taking place from the beginning of time until now—and will continue into perpetuity!

What better way for us human beings to become accustomed to this major transition than to welcome it?

In fact, I’d argue that welcoming these changes is essential for our survival as a species. It isn’t just about surviving—we’re also thriving during this time!

Surviving physically sucks compared with thriving on all levels—emotionally, mentally, physically, spiritually, energetically—you get the picture.

All four kingdoms (plant, animal, mineral, and human) are being energized and brought back into alignment through these phases.

If you’ve had any intuitive nudges lately about your purpose in life (or even if you haven’t), know that they’re coming from your soul-self as it awakens within your current body and mindset.

This is an exciting time! The only real question is whether you’ll fall back asleep or stay conscious enough to enjoy yourself while experiencing a grandiose shift in consciousness firsthand—complete with both its ups and downs.

So welcome to being human (again).

Everything is changing and transforming, and you’re in the middle of all of it.

Whether you realize it or not, your life has started to transform as your physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual dimensions are moving into a higher dimension.

Earth is ascending into the fifth dimension of light and love.

The good news is that these changes are only for the better because we’ve been at this point before many times throughout history; for example, Jesus ascended into heaven 2,000 years ago to raise our vibrations to move us forward even further (humans were only in the third dimension then).

Nothing bad will happen. Everything that’s happening now will make things better than they were before.

I know this sounds crazy and unbelievable because people have been changing their lives drastically with my guidance for so long now that they don’t even notice how different their lives are from a few years ago.

Their lives keep getting better every day! That’s why I’m writing this post—so you can get ready for what’s coming next and prepare yourself mentally, emotionally, physically, and spiritually!

The truth is, we are entering a whole new paradigm. It is not so much a new world as it is a Golden Grid. This Golden Grid has been here waiting for you, but the consciousness of some people could not attain it because their hearts were closed to it.

As the ego swells and rages, you will continue to see ever-greater possibilities open up before you: many of them seem unbelievable to the human mind that is still caught in the old paradigm.

We are almost there now. Like a child waking on Christmas morning, each new day will be even more wondrous than the last!

We love you dearly.
We are here with you.
We are your family of light.

Aurora Ray
Ambassador of the Galactic Federation

Copyright 2023 Aurora Ray. All rights reserved.



Galactic Federation
Galactic Federation




For the Light Forces of your World enable you to attune to a Higher Construct of Thought, a higher mode of thinking….awakening…
Expanding…the Gateway of Light…
We ask you to visualise this expansion, this concept occurring.
See this Light Metamorphsis Signalling a greater expansion of Thought…
The Expansion of Higher Intelligent Communication.
Day by day, you are taking leaps to reach Us
Understand the Light Moment is closer and closer.
For Cosmic Communication is occurring in leaps and bounds.
As More Wayshowers become Messengers of Light.
It is simply the Light Evolution Reaching you Incrementally Now 🙏
The process of following your inner light, attuning to your vibrational frequency.
Sending waves of Cosmic Love as we continue our Light Journey of awakening and expansion.
The Arcturians & Karen Lithika

The Human Elect are now being prepared to open up to a completely new emotionally fulfilling frequency. It is important to continue setting boundaries with patterns, cycles, and people that create emotional chaos during this transition. Temptation, love bombing, and triggers may try to pull you back into those traps. Choosing peace for yourself instead will continue your healing process.

This may mean releasing the belief that you must stay in chaos out of fear of losing control over another person. The conditioning that keeps you trapped with a person that is not reciprocating love equally can be healed now. The past life relationship cycles have come to an end, and you are free to focus on your own goals, rather than focusing on conflict. Connect with your higher self that is ready to ascend, meet new people, and have new healthy emotional experiences.

In Jesus Christ’s name amen. God bless you 🕊 Love Carolyn


Dragon Queen
Dragon Queen

Adrienne Elise

We are still feeling the intense energy of the Leo Full Moon for the next couple of days. The Sun is in square to Uranus and we are facing tension around coming into our full potential. The Leo energy is an activation of the creative gifts we each hold inside. Pressure is building to shine and express who we really are in the world.

Venus in Pisces in square to Mars is bringing up unexpressed energies in relationships. Venus is feeling overly sensitive and is feeling frustrated with the unconscious masculine. Mars now direct is ready to leap forward. But Venus says there are some details which need to get worked out. This square is about the role of the masculine and feminine. Coming to the understanding of the other can help us to overcome all that blocks our heart. Venus in Pisces says we must listen before we can really speak. We are figuring out how to overcome the duality within, in order to come back into greater balance.

Mars in Gemini says it has everything to do with being able to stand up for our self and spread out truth. With Jupiter progressing in Aries, frustration is brewing around where we haven’t been able to be in our truth as advanced beings expressing our creative potential. Venus in Pisces says it’s time to speak up in reverence and protection of what is innocent. The Year of the Rabbit is teaching us the yin secrets of co creation, and how to work with the elemental energies in order to amplify our energetic potential.

Mercury is coming to the end of the long story that has been his retrograde in Capricorn over the last six weeks. Mercury will make it back to 24 degrees, exiting retrograde shadow, on February 7th. Next Friday, February 10th,Mercury will finally catch up to Pluto at 28 degrees Capricorn. This is a showdown and a testing of what we have learned from this Mercury retrograde which has been about claiming our mental and energetic autonomy. This powerful conjunction between Mercury and Pluto at the end of Capricorn has an energy of being held back and pushed down, just when you thought you were getting somewhere. On the other hand this meeting of the mind with reality could bring some powerful insights about how to be who you really are.

Mercury will move over into the sign of Aquarius on February 12th, the same day that Pluto will make it to 29 degrees Capricorn. Together we are inching forward on the drastic changes that are needed in order to reconcile our physical and energetic realities. Mercury moving into Aquarius is bringing a for-shadowing of Pluto moving into Aquarius, which happens in March. A New World lies ahead. We must be brave warriors and use our voice to stand in the energy of what is right and good and true. It’s time to turn this world around.



Full moon in Leo
Full moon in Leo

art by Autumn Skye

But the aspect to Pluto reminds us that there are other energies at play – unconscious motivations, deep fears, unpleasant emotions, the terror of loss of control or power. We can’t wish away the shadows or escape them. In matters of love and money, set healthy boundaries, stay true to your values, know the difference between fantasy and reality, believe in miracles whilst keeping your feet firmly on the Earth. Let the river of truth flow through you.
Degrees and Times
Venus 13°Pi51′, Pluto 28°Cp51′ – 06:21 (UT)
© Leah Whitehorse
Painting – Water Lilies by Claude Monet
Water Lilies
Water Lilies

Kin 5 ~ Red Overtone Serpent

The number 5 is called ‘Overtone’ and its keywords are ‘Empower, Radiance and Command’. The 5th day really shifts the energy of the wavespell into higher gear and this intense number adds turbo power to whatever sign it combines with. If you are a number 5, you will enjoy ‘Overtone’ days because you are in your stride. This applies to everyone…when your number comes around, you’ll feel in sync with the day’s energy more so than on the other days of the wavespell. Whatever your number is, today you can really benefit from this supercharged energy. It’s an opportunity that you shouldn’t pass by.
Today is Red Serpent and key words associated with it are ‘Instinct, Survival and Life Force’. The Red Serpent is a complex energy representing many things including ‘transmuting poison’ which is a shamanic process of strengthening…if you can ‘survive’ the poisoned bite you will emerge stronger. The serpent is also the symbol for Kundalini energy which is said to be located in the base chakra. It is believed that enlightenment is achieved when all the chakras from base to crown align. If you choose to transmute your poison, you will feel very empowered. To be enlightened, you must strive for balance between heaven and earth! Be prepared to feel very sensitive today and potentially sensual as the snake in your base chakra tries to wriggle its way out.
Today’s Guide is Red Skywalker the explorer, suggesting that ‘thinking outside of the box’ and not being too afraid to try something new, is something we all could benefit from today. This can certainly help to empower you to be brave enough to transmute any poison. Naturally, whenever we get out of our comfort zones and expand our mind and widen our perspectives this leads to feeling more empowered. When Gandalf came knocking on Bilbo’s door and convinced him to go on an adventure, well this is Skywalker medicine. All it takes is the first step and who knows where that can lead!
The Challenge of the day is Blue Eagle and so seeing things from a higher perspective is difficult for us all but for Eagles, it is even harder. No flying today, sometimes your head is in the clouds too much anyway. The Serpent is a very grounding energy and it insists that you look at things up close rather than the bigger picture.
The Occult power today is the Yellow Warrior and so if you wish to take on a mission or quest today, there is magical power available to assist you. This suits well the beckoning of Skywalker in that guide position. The Warrior asks a lot of questions, so be prepared to feel compelled to want answers.
The Ally is the White Wizard, the enchanter of the Tzolkin. He can offer helpful spells and charms today if you need assistance. The Ally power is there to be your friend, so don’t forget to ask for help if you need it.
Kin 5
Kin 5
All reactions:



I empower in order to SURVIVE!!!
Commanding instinct
I seal the store of LIFE FORCE
With the Overtone tone of RADIANCE
I am guided by the power of SPACE
7/2/2023 = 7/2/7 = 7/9=16 =7
✨✨✨7.7.7. TRIPLE MAJIK✨✨✨
7- Majik/Mystic/solitude/Initiation/Spiritual
16- TOWER struck by lightning/Sudden unforeseen events
✨MONTH/YEAR codes✨
2- Twins/Partners/Alliances/Cooperation/Duality
7- Spiritual Test/Initiation/Solitude/Majik/Mystic/Magician
9- Completion/Endings/Mission/Destiny/Service/Humanitarian/Grace
20- The AWAKENING/Clear vision
23- Royal Star of the LION /Strength/Protection/Support
KIN 5 – Freedom/Liberation/Transformation
5.5.5. – 18 months ago KIN 5 occurred on 5th September – 2021 which was a -5/5 portal PLUS KIN 5 PLUS TONE 5 = 5/5/5/5 FREEDOM CODE – 💥💥💥💥 LIBERATING LIFE FORCE! 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥
9 months ago we also had a TRIPLE 5 FREEDOM CODE so KIN 5 is truly a LIBERATION KIN!!!
Today we have a 7.7.7. SPIRITUAL MAGICIAN’s code – breaking the EVIL DREAMSPELL to set us FREE!!!🌟✨🌟
Another divinely ordained day EMPOWERING👑 THE NEW EARTH SOVEREIGNS on this LEO FULL MOON energy!✨✨✨
Day 5 in the RED MOTHER DRAGON Wavespell 🐉 where we are incubating in the Womb🍥 of Creation… We are being guided to focus on nurturance and compassion, for ourselves and others, and our Planet.. Realizing the importance of self-love, in the giving and receiving of unconditional love, in order to grow and flourish and be born anew!🐣
Today we are mindful of those that are living in FEAR and fighting for SURVIVAL in this climate of oppression and uncertainty. The Overtone Serpent is bringing forth great healing, through the actions of loving, nurturing and caring for our kin, in order to EMPOWER them, so that they can become RADIANT beings..🎆
OVERTONE 👑🌞– Tone 5 in the SPIRITUAL realm. ACTION – commands, POWER – empowers, ESSENCE – radiance The emphasis is on Empowerment and Radiance through the Action of Command.
Number 5 represents the Center, core purpose, foundation and central intent. It is the CENTER of the wheel from which all the spokes emanate. This is the phase where the energy of Creation returns to the center and then RADIATES outwards. Overtones command the unbounded. 👑They order it to BE and so it becomes! Their POWER radiates from their soul essence through a pure connection to SOURCE, this is the true source of unlimited power.
Today we are EMPOWERING👑 ourselves and our kin, through rising above the FEAR and battle to SURVIVE on this Planet. Through COMMANDING back our POWER and SOVEREIGNTY as FREE souls, we are able to reclaim our confidence, strength, faith and inner LIGHT, thus healing ourselves and others through our RADIANT DIVINE LIGHT.☀
✨IT IS TIME TO TAKE COMMAND👑 OF YOUR LIFE, and EXPAND into unlimited new Horizons! 💥
The OVERTONE SERPENT👑🐍 is an enLIGHT💡ONed and very wise Serpent… combined with the EAGLE’S panoramic VISION and the SKYWALKERS BLISS codes, we have potent PLANETARY energies to RISE collectively ABOVE the doom and gloom and bring HEAVEN to EARTH…
BLUE EAGLE holds the codes for PLANETARY MIND – the sum total of our collective mind, held energetically in the NOOSPHERE.🌐🌏
NEWSFLASH! Today the OVERTONE EAGLE enables us to PURGE the collective unconscious FEAR from our PLANETARY MIND and RAISE IT UP to the level of CHRIST CONSCIOUSNESS – purged of ALL FEAR!!! Woweeeee that is PHENOMENAL NEWS!!!!!! 🎉🎊🌠🎇
Our PLANETARY SERPENTS 🐍🐍and GRID 🌐 are highly energized today and AMPING UP to the MAX! ☀🎇🔥🎆
In order to successfully LIBERATE our PLANET💥 and fully utilize the Celestial blessing💚🌠🎇 of these ✨LIBERATING CODES✨ – we must become FEARLESS in our QUEST. ..
We need a RADIANT and PURE HEART❤ to broadcast this energy into the PLANETARY MIND held by BLUE EAGLE and our Planetary battery/POWER centre – at ULURU – BUT first we MUST reclaim our personal, national and global SOVEREIGNTY👑🌞 and COMMAND back our FULL SOUL-AR POWER 👑☀🎆
This POWER BOOST – is RADIANTLY empowering all souls who tap into this GRID, to get the extra boost needed to recharge their own life-force,☀ PASSION🔥 and vitality✨ and then RADIATE☀ this out to others and GAIA in return. 🌏🎇🌎🎆🌍
✨✨✨✨ESPAVO – thankyou PLANETARY KIN for taking back our, and GAIA’S POWER today!!!!! 👑🌏👏✨
Today’s question is ” How can I EMPOWER👑 myself to rise above all FEAR and survival challenges, to become a RADIANT sovereign being and wayshower?
🐬🌈 ❤🐬🌈❤🐬🌈❤🐬🌈❤
Divine blessings for your RADIANT EMPOWERMENT ☀☀☀
In Lak’ech a la kin
Christina White Magnetic Worldbridger – KIN 66 🌏🌈
CONSCIOUS SELF: RED OVERTONE SERPENT👑 🐍– CHICCHAN highlights FEAR, SURVIVAL, life force, kundalini, passion, vitality and healing..
The SERPENT holds incredible wisdom, life-force and vitality – it’s toxic bite – can end your LIFE!!! RED SERPENT, and the whole SNAKE reptilian species, evoke very primal FEAR responses in humans – particularly the FEAR of DEATH – and our mortality…. These are HUGE limiting thoughts and collective patterns, held in our psyche and reptilian brains, which were programmed to PROTECT us from DANGER – through our FIGHT or FLIGHT response mechanism! When placed in a situation of danger – whether real or perceived, many rational people can degenerate quickly, due to primal FEAR and instinctual responses. .
The OVERTONE SERPENT gives us the POWER to transmute any VENOM today – both at a personal and collective level.. Anything that has been POISONING our body, mind and Spirit, that of our Collective Mind, and our Planetary Mind/Body, can be HEALED today…
The antidote to FEAR is through the POWER of LOVE❤ and nurturance..💕. This is the anti-venom and true panacea for all that ails us! Through conscious AWARENESS we can COMMAND it to BE – and then it shall be!
✨By SHINING our LIGHT✨ and commanding back our essence, we can EMPOWER that the DARKNESS be transmuted into LIGHT…. All will dissolve in the RADIANCE of our collective LIGHT..🎆☀🎆
Allow the OVERTONE SERPENT 🐍👑 to clear and transmute any instinctual SURVIVAL responses – transcending the old primitive reptilian brain, being guided by the BLUE EAGLE to operate from the HIGHER perspective – viewing from our HIGHER God mind and intuitive responses.
✨Through LOVE and WISDOM, all FEAR can be HEALED..✨
Once we are HEALED, we can take COMMAND of the incredible POTENT life force energy that CHICCHAN offers, to raise our kundalini – and our PLANETARY KUNDALINI, in order for HU-MAN-KIND to RISE from the ashes.🎇🔥
Call on the RAINBOW SERPENT🌈🐍 energies today to EMPOWER your QUEST and COMMAND back your POWER! 👑🌟🌞
HIGHER SELF: RED OVERTONE SKYWALKER 🌟 ☁🚶BEN is literally the SKYWALKER, the Galactic Shaman and Angelic Messenger who can access all realms and dimensions throughout the space/time reality. As the HIGHER SELF today, BEN is doing a BRILLIANT JOB in LIFTING us out of the DROSS… taking us up through SPACE to EXPLORE new solutions which will remove our instinctual FEAR response replacing them with LOVE, TRUST and FAITH.
💚🌠🚶✨ 💚🌠🚶✨ 💚🌠🚶✨
Use your OVERTONE SKYWALKER POWERS ✨🚶today, to EXPLORE SPACE, and connect with our benevolent VISITOR – GREEN COMET🌠🌠🌠 – ZTF 💚🌠 and call forth the celestial HEALING LIGHT from the skies…
✨✨✨NOTE: COMET ZTF🌠🌠🌠🌠 was first discovered on 2 MARCH 2022 ( an 11/2 portal day!) which was KIN 183 -BLUE MAGNETIC NIGHT commencing the BLUE NIGHT DREAMING wavespell – a prophetic SIGN that this healing LIGHT will make our PLANETARY DREAMS come true!! HALLELUJAH!
The BLUE NIGHT governs the deep dark abyss where our greatest FEARS dwell, and our insecurity and low self worth.. Once this is HEALED we can rise from the pit, claim our POWER and our LIGHT, and call forth our rightful inheritance – our DIVINE ABUNDANCE.. This is the immense GIFT that COMET ZTF is bringing humanity. 🎁🎁🎁
💚🌠🚶✨ 💚🌠🚶✨ 💚🌠🚶✨
When CAPTIVE animals are released from their cages, they are FREED from the confines of that PRISON, and can EXPAND into a whole new landscape.. That is once they have the COURAGE to step out of the “safety” of their familiar cage and into the unknown. New opportunities present and then one can relax, once the DANGER has passed and you feel SAFE and LOVED once more. TRUST is the key element here.
We can cling to what is familiar through a FEAR of the unknown… but if we dare not venture out of our cages … we will never know what DE-LIGHTS await us in our future! Be BRAVE and dare to venture beyond your cage, and beyond the FAMILIAR – take that LEAP OF FAITH into NEW TERRITORY and NEW ADVENTURES. The POWER of this LEO FULL MOON will give you that COURAGE to venture into NEW SPACE and explore the limitless opportunities!
BEN is the conduit who brings the Pillars of HEAVEN to unite with the PILLARS of EARTH.. he is reminding you today – that YOU are the HU-man conduit through which these energies flow… but in order to be a clear conduit for the current to flow – we must reclaim our POWER and switch on our LIGHT!💡
✨🌟✨Only then can we transcend the clutches of FEAR and soar – UNTOUCHABLE in the HIGHER REALMS..🕊
“They the fallen, shall be the first to rise up to the heights of heaven,
for they have known the depths of despair.
They shall be the ones to bring light to the darkest of places,
for they have tread there and gone beyond their fear.
They walk where angels fear to tread,
for after the depths of hell,
there are only the heights of heaven.”
– Leo Plaw – Artist – ARISE
NOTEl His name is LEO – on LEO FULL MOON giving us COURAGE to RISE UP!!
✨🌟✨🌟✨🌟✨The EVIL DREAM-SPELL is now BROKEN🌟✨🌟✨🌟 and humanity is FREE from the AI MIND CONTROL. 🍥🌟✨🍥🌟✨🍥🌟
The HIVE QUEEN👑🐝 has died on this FULL MOON IN LEO🦁🌝.. when the STAR BLISS SUNS have RISEN as the true sovereigns – KINGS👑 and QUEENS👑 of NEW EARTH to claim the THRONE !!
NOTE: The SIGNS of this occurring have been flowing in from many sources 🙏🙏🙏
🌟 1. Beloved sistar Raeline Sqs Brady who had this DREAM
🌟2. Beloved broThor Spiro Tzelios – who had a DEAD QUEEN BEE/WASP 👑🐝 at his feet yesterday (SPIRO has a LEO SUN🦁🌞 and MOON🦁🌝 in his chart – so HE used his POWER💪💪💪 to overthrow the false AI QUEEN)
And today my son saw a poster for the new MARVEL movie – ANTMAN and the WASP – and I replied that I didn’t like the WASP!!!
🌟 3. Pleiadian siStar Elena Danaan who posted this video on the AI HIVE MIND yesterday!!!
So by the POWER of 3✨✨✨ – I take this to be the FINAL CONFIRMATION that the EVIL QUEEN is DEAD and humanity is finally FREED from the mass MIND CONTROL program…🎉 🎊🎇
HIP HIP HOORAY – the NEW LIGHT💚 from COMET ZTF 🌠🌠🌠– has really set us FREE!!! 🎇
The OVERTONE WIZARD enables us to be STILL and receptive today. Through being STILL and introspective we can calm our reptilian instinctual responses – much as the dangerous cobras are charmed through the tunes of the mystical Snake “charmers”. Indeed calming and charming, is a brilliant soothing panacea for the PANIC response engendered through the Serpentine energies..
WHITE WIZARD utilizes the POWER of his PURE RADIANT HEART❤ – in order to call forth great WHITE MAJIK💫 and remove any threat of evil, or danger.. We can all use the power of our loving and pure hearts to protect us and our kin, and remove us from any perceived dangers.
Indeed when we are in our HEART SPACE❤ and LOVING what we do, scientific studies have proven we are immune from toxins and even RADIATION, affecting us in our work environments. LOVE is the safety blanket that we all have at our disposal! 😍😍😍
✨Be still and become RADIANT dear HEARTS.✨.
IX brings forth great wisdom through many realms providing the miraculous power for your alchemical transformation..take COMMAND of your LIGHT and expect great MAJIK to happen! 💫💫
OCCULT/HIDDEN POWER: YELLOW SOLAR WARRIOR🌞 🌈🏹 CIB is the courageous and brave, fearless warrior who supports you in your QUEST… He can SMASH through any FEAR barrier by fearlessly PULSING out the RADIANT POWER through his HEART❤ and confidence through his Solar -Plexus – his inner reservoir of soul power! 🌞💥✨
When the WARRIOR arrives to take COMMAND, the people can feel SAFE again, reassured that everything is going to be OKAY. The RAINBOW WARRIORS🌈🏹 have taken on this role for humanity – “fighting the darkness” until the END – protecting the masses, who do not even have the awareness of the Spiritual battle that is raging.
Now that the SPELL IS BROKEN – many will AWAKEN as LOST and CONFUSED. NOW is the TIME for the RAINBOW WARRIORS to take charge, reassuring and LEADING these frightened souls, to reconnect with their own LIGHT and POWER!
The RAINBOW WARRIORS🌈🏹 have pledged to perform this Planetary DIVINE MISSION as their QUEST – both personally and collectively … Of course they are the bravest of souls, and must face their own human fears as they are tested along the path. ..
As the EYES of the RAINBOW WARRIOR are continually on the BIG PRIZE🏆 he draws on the strength and power needed to catapult past any dangerous hurdles and claim his final VICTORY!!
Call on your inner Rainbow Warrior 🌈🏹today to help you rise above any irrational FEAR responses… Allow CIB to bring you the courage and fortitude for your journey through the flames of transmutation and transfiguration, for your majestic REBIRTH 🐣and that of our PLANET!🌈🌎
We can often fall into the TRAP of believing what is presented before our eyes… which is usually DISTORTED! However that creation is due to our PAST beliefs, programs and responses which have shaped our NOW reality. By changing our viewpoint and our perspective, we can RECREATE our reality, and CHANGE OUR FUTURE to that which we DESIRE… instead of that which we FEAR..
Don’t sweat the small stuff today…..
❓How can you empower👑 yourself to rise above the FEAR and survival challenges? 💪
BLUE EAGLE is the challenge that strengthens your resolve, to overcome the darkness and FEAR based living… To RISE ABOVE and CHOOSE to LIVE and VIEW life, from the higher realms and dimensions, where souls are truly FREE to soar!
BLUE EAGLE beckons you to raise your VISION, and keep your finely tuned FOCUS always on the BIGGER PICTURE,🏔🖼 that is, the final outcome. 🏆🌈🌴🌈🌎
Rather than choosing to wither and die from SCAR-CITY and lack, choose to regenerate and GROW stronger 💪each day.
Focus on the BIG PICTURE 🗻 to detach from FEAR and hold the vision👁👁 of an expansive and beautiful outcome. The EAGLE’S blessing is a truly Divine gift today. 🎁Tap into the Eagle’s power to create Miraculous progress and transformation.
Eagles soar in the skies, and Serpents thrive on the Earth. Ironically EAGLES feed on SNAKES,🐍 proving that GREAT VISION 👁and IN-SIGHT always conquers FEAR…
STAND up TALL and view LIFE from the HIGHER PLANES… 🏔
✨IT IS TIME TO TAKE COMMAND👑 OF YOUR LIFE, and EXPAND into unlimited new Horizons! 💥
The OVERTONE SERPENT👑🐍 is an enLIGHT💡ONed and very wise Serpent… combined with the EAGLE’S panoramic VISION and the SKYWALKERS BLISS codes, we have potent PLANETARY energies to RISE collectively ABOVE the doom and gloom and bring HEAVEN to EARTH…
BLUE EAGLE holds the codes for PLANETARY MIND – the sum total of our collective mind, held energetically in the NOOSPHERE.🌐🌏
NEWSFLASH! Today the OVERTONE EAGLE enables us to PURGE the collective unconscious FEAR from our PLANETARY MIND and RAISE IT UP to the level of CHRIST CONSCIOUSNESS – purged of ALL FEAR!!! Woweeeee that is PHENOMENAL NEWS!!!!!! 🎉🎊🌠🎇
Our PLANETARY SERPENTS 🐍🐍and GRID 🌐 are highly energized today and AMPING UP to the MAX! ☀🎇🔥🎆
In order to successfully LIBERATE our PLANET💥 and fully utilize the Celestial blessing💚🌠🎇 of these ✨LIBERATING CODES✨ – we must become FEARLESS in our QUEST. ..
We need a RADIANT and PURE HEART❤ to broadcast this energy into the PLANETARY MIND held by BLUE EAGLE and our Planetary battery/POWER centre – at ULURU – BUT first we MUST reclaim our personal, national and global SOVEREIGNTY👑🌞 and COMMAND back our FULL SOUL-AR POWER 👑☀🎆
This POWER BOOST – is RADIANTLY empowering all souls who tap into this GRID, to get the extra boost needed to recharge their own life-force,☀ PASSION🔥 and vitality✨ and then RADIATE☀ this out to others and GAIA in return. 🌏🎇🌎🎆🌍
✨✨✨✨ESPAVO – thankyou PLANETARY KIN for taking back our, and GAIA’S POWER today!!!!! 👑🌏👏✨
Today’s question is ” How can I EMPOWER👑 myself to rise above all FEAR and survival challenges, to become a RADIANT sovereign being and wayshower?
🐬🌈 ❤🐬🌈❤🐬🌈❤🐬🌈❤
Divine blessings for your RADIANT EMPOWERMENT ☀☀☀
Namaste’ 🙏❤🙏❤🙏
In Lak’ech a la kin
Christina White Magnetic Worldbridger – KIN 66 🌏🌈




🔥 Implant Removal Ceremony 🔥


Cutting all Chords and Soul Contracts ~ Freedom from all False Programs, implants, inserts and overlays:





Invocation of the Pearlescent Flame

The Pearlescent Flame comes through the 10th divine higher ray of light. It has the multifaceted colors of pure silvery-white light mixed with pale pink, pale blue, pale yellow and pale green. It shimmers as a pale luminous rainbow-colored light.
The Pearlescent Flame is brought to Gaia with the assistance of The Ascended Master of Meditation, Lord Gautama Buddha. The ray exudes calmness; it implies a meditative state and brings harmony to the divine masculine and feminine within oneself. It brings serenity to one’s ascending light body.
With the illusion of a chaos playing around in the hologram prism where we reside, the pearlescent divine ray brings a bubble of beauty and stability.
Other ascended masters who help with the Pearlescent Ray are Lady Andromeda, Lady Karashu and Alla Gobi.
The Pearlescent Flame has properties to balance the mental and emotional bodies and fill the light body with serene peace.
Meditation on the Pearlescent Flame
I invoke the Pearlescent Flame of the 10th Ray of the Divine and bring the Serenity of Shekinah down through the stellar gateway, into my galactic chakra and universal chakra. I see the pale rainbow light mixed with the silver white light of the Pearlescent Flame. I visualize it moving steadily around the galactic chakra and then into the Universal Chakra where it then sparks open my Soul Star.
From the Soul Star I see it cleansing karmic residue and going into my higher mind and third eye where it enflame’s my pineal gland in pearlescent colored light.
The Pearlescent Flame then moves into the occipital cortex and allows my astral and higher vision to become more clear. Instead of seeing murky water, the lens through which I see the higher realms, becomes calm and still as if it was recently cleaned.
I bring the Pearlescent Flame to my higher heart and feel a sense of joy and gratitude for its light to be residing within me. It is a light from Source, bringing a gift to my heart.
I allow the Pearlescent Fire to descend into my solar plexus and sacral chakra. Inside my sacral chakra, I visualize the Pearlescent, pale rainbow flecked light alive and harmonizing energy within.
I Invoke the Pearlescent Flame around my physical, etheric, mental, Emotional and Light Body where I feel encapsulated in a large egg-shaped sphere of beautiful pearl colored light.
I then ask the Pearlescent Flame to descend from the highest possible dimension onto my home, my neighborhood, my state, my country, my continent and then over Gaia in her entirety. I ask for the Pearlescent Flame to encircle our moon, Luna, to help in her healing as well. I claim Gaia and Luna on behalf of Source, as they ascend and make their journeys to the Christed Realms.
St Germain’s I AM Statement for the Pearlescent Flame
I AM Serene.
I AM Balanced.
I AM Insightful.
I AM Calm.
I AM Conscious.
I AM Joy.
I AM Peace.
Blessings from the calm center, from the eye of the storm,
Emily Kate, Ashnia-Ala
Pearlescent Flame
Pearlescent Flame

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4 DAYS ago, we completed a perfect fractal of 13000 KIN of the New Dispensation of Time and started a NEW Galactic Spin of 260 DAYS. TODAY, the passage from the Resonant Moon of Attunement (the 7th Moon of the 13-Moon year) and the Galactic Moon of Integrity (the 8th Moon of the 13-Moon Year) is enshrined by a beautiful synchronization of the two essential mathematical proportions present within the synchronic order.
How is this?
TODAY, February 6, 2023 marks DAY #28 of the 7th MOON at the HEART of the 13-MOON year. Day #28 also corresponds to the 7th DAY of the 28th HEPTAD (WEEK) of the year. This 28:28 portal corresponds to KIN 4 4 Seed on the 13:20 Tzolkin Matrix, marking the 4th DAY out of 20 cycles of 13 DAYS each. This first 13-DAY cycle will close on KIN 13, 13 Skywalker (Seal #13, Tone #13) These are ALL the KEY NUMBERS governing the synchronic order: 4, 7, 13, 20, 28. In Jose Arguelles words:
“ The vastness of the universal order of time is knowable through simple mathematical codes and laws, the most basic being the ratio formulation:
4 : 7 : : 7 : 1 3
Coded within this formulation is the ratio of the universal frequency of synchronization: 13:20.
All numbers are composites and/or factors of each other. The primal numbers of time are 4, 7, 13 and 20. The frequency of the Law of Time is 13:20 – between the 13 and 20 is the SEVEN. Between 1 and 7 is the FOUR. Herein lies the form constant that establishes the ratio 4 : 7 : : 7 : 1 3 . FOUR is the root, SEVEN is the stem and THIRTEEN is the fruit. This is the primal ratio and cosmology of the Law of Time.
At its source, the synchronic order is pure mathematics; the mathematics of the fourth dimension. Number precedes consciousness. Number is supramental – beyond mind. Number is what gives mind its sense of order, harmony and organization. The synchronic order is based on a set of fourth-dimensional mathematical constants. The 13:7 Wheel of the Law of Time demonstrates the complete mathematical principles of fourth-dimensional time.” – Jose Arguelles
In simple words: #4 is the HEART of 7, and #7 is at the HEART of 13.
This harmonic alignment of numbers is followed tomorrow, February 7, 2023 by the entrance to the 8th MOON of the 13-Moon year: the Galactic Moon of Integrity and Harmony. On the Tzolkin Count this entrance corresponds to KIN 5 5 Serpent! These are the KEY NUMBERS governing the logarithmic spiral of creation: 5:8:13!!!
This 8th Moon holds therefore a UNIQUE HARMONIC QUALITY:
In an analog way as the 8th Moon of last year (NS1.34) this is a 28-DAY harmonization window enshrined by the Golden Proportion from START to END. How is this?
φ • Precisely ONE year ago, in a remarkable synchronization, DAY #1 of this 8th MOON of the 13-MOON Year, synchronized with the Golden Section of the 13:20 Matrix (KIN 160) and DAY #28 marked the Golden Section of the 13:28 Matrix. (
φ • On the 13-Moon count DAYS 224–225 correspond always to the last DAY of the 8th MOON of the 13-MOON year and the first DAY of the 9th MOON, marking 5 remaining MOONS of 28 DAYS to complete the 13-MOON YEAR. 5:8:13.
φ • In other words: DAYS 224–225 mark the Golden Section of ONE 365-DAY cycle. This is because 365/225≈ϕ. DAY 224/365 marks therefore the PERFECT OCTAVE of the 13-MOON YEAR. 8:13::224:365
φ • Eight creates the diatonic octave + 13 create the chromatic octave. Diatonic (😎 + chromatic (13) = 21, basis of the totality of the 441 matrix (21 x 21).
On the 13-Moon radial diagram we can appreciate that the intersections of the 2 Golden Sections/Intervals of the year (completion of Moons 5 and 8 create the perfect geometry of the PEACE symbol ☮️ adopted by the nuclear disarmament movement in the 1960`s. The original symbol is based on a combination of the semaphore signals for the letters ‘N’ and ‘D’, standing for Nuclear Disarmament. ☮️
Every YEAR, this Golden Section/Interval synchronizes with the start of the 33rd week of 7 days. It also synchronizes with the 9th week (3 x 3) and the 3rd month on the Gregorian calendar.
9=3×3 and 33 is considered a Master Number.
Within the harmonic count of the 13-Moon, 28-day calendar system, each of the thirteen months (moons) is coded with a quality, power, and action for personal and planetary attunement, by which we begin to synchronize our consciousness with the cycles and creative patterns in Nature. Familiarize yourself with the name, power and action for each month and you will connect at a deeper level with the flow and rhythm of the creative sequence in the 13:28 frequency. Each month also includes a question for self-reflection.
Magnetic Moon (Month 1) asked:
“What is my purpose?”
Lunar Moon (Month 2) asked:
“What is my challenge?”
Electric Moon (Month 3) asked:
“How can I best serve?”…
Self-Existing Moon (Month 4) asked:
“What is the Form my service will take?”…
Overtone Moon (Month 5) asked:
“How can I best empower myself and others?”…
Rhytmic Moon (Month 6) asked:
“How can I extend equality to myself and others?”…
Resonant Moon (Month 7) asked:
“How can I/We attune my/our service to others?…
Now we are starting the 8th Month/Moon of the year: the GALACTIC Moon of INTEGRITY (February 7 to March 6, 2023). During this 28-day window we NOW have the chance to ask ourselves the question:
“Do I/We live what I/We believe ?
Take some time to contemplate each leading question throughout each moon and see what emerges for you.
1. the quality of being honest and having strong moral principles; moral uprightness.
“he is known to be a man of integrity”
2. the state of being whole and undivided. “upholding territorial integrity and national sovereignty”
Each year, as we cycle through the 13 moons (months) in motion, the ongoing journey reflecting Nature’s inherent creative flow, the GALACTIC MOON (Month#8 OF INTEGRITY, in particular, speaks volumes because, immediately upon consideration of its qualities and the enormity it represents, we are compelled to recognize our actual place in time, space, and circumstance within the larger context of the greater galactic whole. We often hear humans speak about the importance of having integrity, yet, only when we contemplate the constitution and makeup of the Cosmos, do we really begin to witness actual, reliable integrity operating as the undivided whole, from moment to moment, without wavering. Could it be that in our efforts to live by integrity, though it may be difficult to maintain, we have galactic aspirations?
The ultimate purpose of calendar reform and the promotion of the 13-month, 28-day calendar system is to help restore our human cognition to wholeness (making the unconscious conscious), in order to establish greater balance and harmony with Nature and our natural relations. In other words, the 13:28 calendar is a tool by which integrity (awareness of oneness) may be realized, amplified, synthesized, and normalized, individually, socially, and as a planetary species.
The galaxy, which we are a part of, does not know separation. The galaxy operates as a function of unitary consciousness. This, ultimately, is integrity in essence and action, without deviation. Our opportunity as human beings in this Earth school is to endeavor to remember who we are, which is to remember our wholeness and our oneness with all life at all times. With each successive passage through the 13 moons/months of creation, we increasingly become more and more conscious of this reality, until it becomes ‘second nature’, so to speak.
This is a good moment to note that, in order to achieve the integrity, accuracy, and effectiveness of natural time-keeping, utilization of multiple calendar counts was/is required.
The 13:28 (13 x 28 = 364 days) is but one frequency. Another relevant and consequential cycle that has been long-observed by the Ancients is the 260-day count (13 x 20 = 260 days). This is the ‘galactic count’, known to the Maya as the T’zolkin (sacred count of days), that essentially tracks the human gestation period. In this #naturaltime perspective, everyone has a ‘galactic signature’, according to their date of birth. Through these distinct and interlacing cycles (13:28 and 13:20), we have a more clear and accurate lens by which to observe ourselves in meaningful, relational arrangement with others. Transiting 2022, as we presently are, and given the qualitative meaning of numbers generally, our individual and collective clarity (and integrity) can only increase.
These Golden alignments are opening once again a perfect window of opportunity to look up to the sky and tune in to the larger picture. Let’s elevate our focus of attention to rise above the current climate of fear propagated by the old paradigm. With so much chaos transpiring around our planet now, it is wise to take some time to focus our attention on the sacred ratios and proportions of the synchronic order and enter into resonance with the larger harmonic patterns and cycles of time.
“The 13-moon/28-day calendar establishes the 52-year Sirian cycle because of the perfect meshing of the 365-day third-dimensional solar cycle with the 260-day fourth-dimensional galactic cycle [Tzolkin] precisely every 52 years. This program establishes the matrix of the synchronic order, the cosmic field patterns of synchronicity and hence, these calendrical instruments may also be known as noosphere time measures.“
– José Argüelles, Manifesto for the Noosphere
The 13-Moon, 28-Day Calendar establishes a new harmonic standard for timekeeping that promotes greater access to our inherent creativity and capacity to live in harmony with each other and the planet.
The proactive choice now is to change the calendar yourself. That’s right! The way to change the old paradigm is to begin to live by a timing standard that is a harmonic reflection of the cycles of nature. The 13-Month/Moon 28-Day Calendar is an indigenous calendar for a sovereign humanity, a new harmonic calendar for a new time of peace and harmony!
To sign and support an open petition for Calendar Referendum and Declaration of Universal World Peace, and to ensure that a critical mass of humanity adopts and implements the 13-Month, 28-Day Calendar as a new Harmonic Standard by 2028, please go to:
To download a PDF copy of the 2022–23 transitional 13-Month, 28-Day WALL Calendar please go to:
May Peace, Harmony and Beauty prevail on Earth!