Graduation MASTERSHIP – Transition Time of ‘Being in the World but not of it’ in real-time, in the human as well as Spirit

Graduation MASTERSHIP – Transition Time of ‘Being in the World but not of it’ in real-time, in the human as well as Spirit

March 23, 2018


Ascension Pioneer Energy Update

Anastacia-Blue Beyond – Graduation MASTERSHIP – Transition Time of ‘Being in the World but not of it’ in real-time, in the human as well as Spirit – 24th March


Is realising that many many others are not at ‘where you are at’ in what you feel and ‘know’ which is more than ‘believing’ in a sense as this is more than believing of energies and what is being written and shared – which is different to believing in oneself

This is the saying that was created of: “Knowing and Experiencing are world’s apart” – as that came from the Divine for me to share as I say this often and have for a few years now

And NOW it seems many have finally reached or GRADUATED in their MASTERSHIP at this time of TRANSITION of a NEW ERA of a MASS RESURRECTION as well as individually As recently we reached CRITICAL MASS which is SO HUGE….

Yet, not many reacted or responded to when I publicly shared this amazing email hence me pulling away from sharing on fb and in my private group to now here on this website (for now as new flash looking website being constructed) as guided as it was TIME to now create and share a new amazing energy on my website only and then others will be guided to read and share (or not) – as the Divine now has this in ‘hand’ – for those who have ‘found their way’ or have been guided to the latest unique and amazing Blue Beyond Ascension updates

As many of you are saying more and more to me that they read so many other posts and are not feeling them as they do to the Divine coming through in these Ascension Pioneer/Trailblazer ascension updates – as these are a timeline for humanity as a gift from me, the Divine to YOU

So thankYOU for finding your way ‘here’ and reading and FEELING this… FEELING DIFFERENT So back to what I first wrote…many have now found that that are feeling different and how do they blend back into the world….

As someone in the Ascension private group I had open wrote recently:

“What does it mean to be in/on my own Master-ship?

A year or so ago I thought (noticing I am using the word thought. Because thats what I did. Think. Instead of feel) that being a light worker as a ‘profession’.

I thought that making a living being a light worker is what we are supposed to do. Now I feel different.

I feel we can have or own human jobs, while also embracing our ground crew mission.

To shine unconditional love, Speak my truth while also being in the human day to day”


Another wrote:

“It feels like the world is about to split and those who are awakened will merge into a world where it’s an awakened dream state and life flows easily and abundantly and then those who are sill in a slumber will still work their way to that awakening but then again we all have to be merged as one for the process of growing and ebb and flow”

YES as well to this

When one shifts into 5D this is what this feels like!! Being consciously spirit and soul awake

The recent Critical Mass shift was the major shift of so many into 5D in the human To ‘be in the world but not of it’

To shine unconditional love, speak ones truth day to day, moment by moment actually flowing of, and with the Divine

And that unconditional love starts with ourselves FIRST!!

As when we do this and be ourselves we can be in the world but not of it


With realising that we need to protect our Energy morning and night…to clear the day and nights energies to regroup and pull our energy back into our own space or bubble and then in that bubble go about doing all we need to with others, in the world

And in that space going out and sort of observing others and their behaviours and actions and still being ourselves within this

And the KEY is realising that many are not at ‘where you are at’

Now this is very important as when one ‘goes out’ back into the world many have then been quite frustrated in not being ‘heard’ as others are in their own worlds…they are unable to feel what we ‘tell’ them…YET…they can FEEL of where and how we are at in shining our lights for ourselves from WITHIN

Even if they are unable to fully feel where you are at or coming from, yet they can resonate when you speak your truth of what something is for you (or not) either way, you are staying to YOUR truth

And also it is the space one comes from…of not stepping into others’ spaces or feeling pulled into their world of ego – as that is a big test for many – as their are still many lessons here when one is ‘tested’ in a way of taking what you feel and know personally and going amongst others – read that again as this is probably the BIGGEST testing for us As others are still mirrors for us and us for them… I know it was for me…as I was in 5D for 7years and a few years now in 6-7D…so I have had some years to be able to Master this to be able to guide and share as I do…I live what I share…this is the real me here and now…as I write as how I speak

Know that you are safe and protected and will be looked after!!

I shared recently how an appointment was created for me of the divine that usually doesn’t happen in the ‘outside’ magic and miracles are aplenty

So many things, items suddenly being discounted when you need to buy something…situations that could have been so much ‘worse’ in the past or in the ‘old world’ occur over and over
Keep feeling and following your inner guidance, that gut feeling and also the Divine within as well of signs and messages as they are constant if one really ‘pays attentions’ or tunes into guidance of the Divine…songs on the radio, animals that we see, on and on…living in the flow….
Another major thing is that when we are coming from unconditional love and speak our truths we may state boundaries and feel strongly about something yet when we do this from within from unconditional love it is a very empowering and powerful space to come from…that opens many doors!
I cannot put all the times here that when I do this, as it is all the time as I live my truth way and light of the Divine that offers and discounts and amazing things are gifted each and every time!
In the above comment of: “it’s an awakened dream state and life flows easily and abundantly“ – Yes it is…HOWEVER the lessons still continue!!
Change and growth is a constant until we ‘check out’
Its remaining consciously awake and aware and constantly being linked to the Divine. Shifting out of the head/ego which DOES TAKE TIME as remember this is a TRANSITION
Ascension does not just STOP when we shift into 5D lol
We keep going…as this is stepping into ones MASTERSHIP…as we then continue to ASCEND as MASTERS!
BEING AT ‘WORK’ – in the outside world (of just ourselves)

Many are needing to be in outside world employment..which is very challenging…as that is where one is needed to be to learn the lessons they are, with others (remember you chose) – and also did you realise this is about you SHINING YOUR LIGHT in where you are at there?

This is so huge as so many are assisting themselves and others in shining their lights…as people many work with are representing someone they were close to in the past that they have ‘unfinished business’ with that is not able to be healed with that actual person…so another is brought to you, through work for you to be able to help you to heal this for yourself and to also shine your light in that energy to assist others/humanity

IT IS TIME FOR MASTERS GRADUATING and now going out or back out into the world to BE THE LIGHTTo be in the world but not of it…To keep coming home, to a ‘safe landing space’ of the Divine within yourself…FAITH and TRUST is how one will DO thisTo now branch out and its time to really really grow now in ways of abundance, faith and trust like no other – that you are safe, that you are protected

As it is time to be VERY REALOf – I AM THE WAY, TRUTH and the LIGHT

Always starting with ourselves…keeping and protecting our heart of hearts as that link or connection is sacred and Divine within and of the DIVINE

Time to Shine our Lights!!
Remember to ASK THE DIVINE for guidance and assistance in ‘help me to help myself’ – in all you do…as when you do IT WILL COME…as often we need to get out of our own way …


As always I am right here with you
All I share and bring through is as a template for humanity in linking our Spirit to our Soul through our emotions from 23yrs of personal experience
Much Unconditional Love, Truth and Honesty
Anastacia Kompos
Ascension Pioneer/Trailblazer/WaySeer
Personal 1:1 Divine Guidance/Healings of self are available


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