Gateways of Possibilities

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Gateways of Possibilities

by Lisa Trancendence Brown


  •  Transitions Out of Fixed/Linear Ways

  • Vibrational Alignment
  • Letting Your Pure Heart Lead the Way
Y/our Universal/Divine Heart Connection Opens up Access to your Divine Heart Intelligence and Portals of Possibilities that you’d otherwise not see/listen to/acknowledge/dismiss…
Aloha BE-YOU-ti-FUL Divine Light Family,

Energetic passageways open up all new possibilities, potentials and new realities to be discovered and explored….

The linearity of all was each’s limits before. The re-birth of humanity and a whole new existence comes with each “old” that dissolves, “dies” and falls away, with the dismantling of that which all perceived to be “reality”, in order to make way for all new…. and each’s access  to all is DEEP INSIDE……..

The “old way” was to hold onto fixed mentalities and beliefs (as well as that which was constructed from these) and that which was perceived as “safe”, because of each’s control mechanisms that represented the belief that control was the way to live. With each new awareness, each sees and understands that control is a limit, even a prison, that stifles and stagnates the breath limitless possibilities, beautiful creativity and the ENERGY OF possibility and of dreams… With each presentation of a new possibility, at first there will be excitement and fear all wrapped up in one… yet as we all embrace the excitement fully, a new reality is birthed/born/seeded and then nurtured, raised, grown into an “adult” reality, one that evolved through love, care and kindness and an immense amount of energy to “raise” the project/reality/idea into fruition, in order to bear fruit and create a vibrational return (at some point/as is vibrationally/highest aligned)….

Birthing entire realities is a massive process. They take dedication, focus, patience and commitment to follow-through…. This is a part of how NEW EARTH REALITIES come to “be”, as your PHYSICAL LIGHTBODY literally births these “new” (multi-dimensional) ideas, which in essence are already realities that exist. The passageway is your traveling to get there, all that you do to anchor the LIGHT CODES, activate them and then apply them to how you “do” your days/life…. this DIVINE GUIDING LIGHT AND CHILD are born out of your old you’s death/dissolution processes that limited you/held you in the limiting realities of before….

I keep hearing/seeing so many focused on “the future”, without the awareness of being focused on “that time” is separation within itself. Time is an illusion, a framework, a limit placed to create disruption in Divine Flow….  and a massive part of this entire transition over to NEW EARTH REALITIES is transcending the illusory separation of time. “Time” measurements (age/dates/comparisons/more) were held by our own linearity, in our bodies templates of 3D/4D. As each’s body achieves a 5th Dimensional vibrational frequency fully, “time” becomes ENERGY and the parameters are very different than before. You FEEL the speed of all as all slows down (even to a halt/zero point) or speeds up to the “speed of light” and moves faster, and a part of y/our Universal Body Template (5D Lightbody) is learning to move in UNISON, in Divine Harmony and Flow… which means learning to maneuver and function in all new ways, as well as  learning “new equations”, like how much ENERGY IT TAKES to accomplish something, how much ENERGY you INVEST in “that”, how much ENERGY IT TAKES to maintain/sustain/support, as well as produce/accomplish that which is highest aligned and a part of your service roles/new life too….

Time becomes ENERGY and your Physical LightBody runs on LIGHT ENERGY… your own Soul’s Light, which is what fuels (and supports) your body and all of your realities too. There are different phases where you have people around and you don’t, because of the LIGHTBODY Phase you currently are in, which can change constantly (and will). You will become choosier in what you FEED YOUR BEAUTIFUL CREATIVE LIGHT ENERGY into, that which you create to experience, that which you allow in your own reality/world/field…. as if it is not supporting, inspiring and a part of the creative processes, it will drain your LIFE FORCE, your Light Force, your Creative Breath that births new realities forth…… and it will also correlate to what is perceived as “abundance” too.

Your Light is what fuels your Lightbody, this is the Light of your own Soul… It’s also activated by way of Photonic Light, which become the same thing after awhile. Your consciousness and your ability to create/maintain/sustain will be dependent on YOUR ENERGY and what you “do” with it…. as this also will be how you support your physical body and all of your physical realities too…. Your Precious Light is what activates EVERYTHING…. it’s what touches the hearts of all others, it’s what opens portals/doors, it’s what can affect every reality just through presence… without “trying” to “do” anything at all…. Your LIGHT is your Source Consciousness… the SOURCE of all CREATION and defines all of your experiences here….. Your deep sacred connection is what opens up all and what you “do” is then what activates new timelines/holographic geometrics and realities to come forth/arrive/unfold/materialize for you…..

Our REALities are not realities that we “think”. They are ones we FEEL/KNOW AND OBSERVE… so pay attention to when you say “I think” and shift this to “I feel” or “I realize” or “I see” or “the energy says” or something other than “I think” (3D)…. and see if your own perception/awareness changes/shifts to a different one…. Listen to your feelings, they are important. Learning to decipher them is KEY. Learning to honor your feelings and not judge, to FEEL them fully without getting caught in “stories” (these created realities and held them in place before)… is important as well.

Entire collectives are shifting to all new perceptions, awarenesses and understandings… Distortions screaming so each can “see” and work through the deep programming held within that allowed those realities to exist…. There are phases where everything has to be untangled/untwisted and then re-twisted into something completely new. This is how distorted all was in 3D consciousness… twisted into reality and accepted/believed and when this unwinding/untwisting process begins, it can be mind-blowing to say the least. This is important to open neural pathways and create Universal Corridors/connections in the brain and body and through photonic light activating to work through and open up all…..

4D was getting each’s heart open to FEEL…. (and it’s not pretty at first when those deep feelings that were ignored, suppressed and held deep within start to surface, yet it is a necessary and important part of the process of transitioning to a different phase where those no longer bind each to the realities of before…..

5D is FEELING and a deep inner-connection within. The transition out of duality/dualistic realities into a Holy Trinity and Unity Consciousness as a way of Living, yet we don’t stop there… we go so far beyond “just 5D”, because then the fun/work starts… as each is shown what’s possible and available, then it’s up to each to “get it done”… (Divine Masculine Energy within each one of us). This is where it gets a bit “tricky” at first, as you are a newborn innocent child, just birthed (raw) and anew, in an adults body, walking around “creating” realities out of thin air (Quantum) and learning everything from scratch, all over again, because the “rules” (Cosmic Laws) are different here…. You are an adult, responsible for your ENERGY, a child CREATOR and a Divine Feminine all rolled up into ONE. The LOVE OF A MOTHER SO PURE, with the rearing of your own innocent creative playful inner child, with the Mastery to observe and Master yourself. This merging/union makes it easier, as the “battle” inside goes… you are no longer in a “fight” (ego), as your higher self lives within your body and “from the future”, giving you the ability to create/call forth/bring forth that which has already occurred …. as well as “seeing” how all works on a Quantum/Energetic Level, instead of a linear one……

6D is where you start building all anew…. 4D was the “destruction/dismantling”, 5D is learning to BE, BEing fully connected again and awakening to everything anew, a REMEMBERED REALITY that comes forth from deep within you to live/experience here….


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Now it’s every aspect of your life that you “work on”, if you will… clearing out old timelines/realities on a cellular level, yet focused on CREATION, sharing what others perceive as gifts, that are just your natural abilities that come forth through each unification process and activation of new/higher dimensional DNA Strands….

Realities are Quantum: Energy, Vibrational, Frequencies and then form… and because you are always integrating new Light Codes, Geometrics and applying new parameters to all, ever changing as well. One shift in vibrational frequency, the whole reality can shift, dissolve or explode into more awesomeness …. Because you are ever shifting, then that which you call forth is too. Others represent aspects of you, both old and new, as well as presenting opportunities as your Universe/Vibrational-Quantum Field responds to you…. Form is a representation of energy, which is a whole new ballgame within itself…. Even solidity is different….

The Earth, our beloved Gaia/Planet is multi-dimensional, housing a multitude of dimensions all within the same space.  Because visibility, solidity and inner-dimensional experiences are vibrational, as each oscillates in and out of various vibrational frequencies, they are vibrating in and out of different dimensions, without leaving the current “location”, yet that’s only one version of how all occurs too. Technically, you vibrate out of the whole reality into a whole new one and the previous one ceases to exist, yet if you still hold those coordinates within you, then you can vibrate back in as long as you do. Same goes for other dimensions. The moment you complete the integration of all new codes, sequences and coordinates, then all new “realities” are “dialed”…. which is a small portion of how Stargates work…. as you can see, we could be here forever playing with the coolness of multi-dimensional “travel” and how if you occupy lets say the 9th Dimension, you’d never experience 3D in your actual reality, yet you can see it exists elsewhere, holographically, virtually and that there are entire collectives living in that frequency bandwidth… the same goes for 4D, 5D, 6D, 12D….. except 3D can’t see 5D or 12D…. as access to see all previous dimensions comes forth when each achieves the “next one” fully and clears the programming on a cellular level and with their entire body/field…..

Now, yes there can still be 3D/4D programs in the body that are “dormant” and each time we hit a “pocket” and Gaia releases massive 3D programming (emotions) from the grids, then each’s body will also experience this release, yet the awareness and how this plays out will be determined by how connected/conscious/aware each is. If you are aware that your physical EARTHLY COSMIC BODY is releasing a discordant frequency/energy/tone that was intentionally “triggered” by a comic blast of light so that you can vibrate higher, you’ll honor the process and allow it to surface/clear, without getting caught up in the story and be really excited that that finally is going, so that all new portals of possibilities can come forth as your heart unifies and opens even more!

p.s. This is an important vibrational alignment process and we’re always entering onto very important “next pivotal phase” and this whole linear year and ever since the 2012 Gateways opened we’ve been “working” towords this NOW….The 10/10 brought through immense new codes to be integrated, which took like a whole week, with every day so much occurring on a Quantum Level, and how this “plays out” in each one of our realities is relative to each’s current phase of Embodiment/DNA Evolution… Everyone experiencing their own unique journey differently, with all exactly perfect as it is….

Self-Mastery gives each the ability to come into full vibrational alignment and union inside, merging all into ONE and then holding this highest vibration in order to gain the capability to vibrationally align their own experience through Love … which is what each used to refer as “reality”, we’ve changed the words to “experience”, because everyone conscious can shift every experience with ease and through simplicity, without the “old” getting in the way. As each realizes that the old can only “play out” if one allows it, then we all just stop allowing it. It is that simple….  ♥

Zero Judgment ♦ Full Presence and Conscious Choice Applied – in order to create and return a different vibrational/energetic outcome. This is a part of how Quantum Equations work…. ♫

Shift, tune, align and then allow the “new” to come forth as you HOLD your highest everything fully and you allow the old to dissolve/fall away/merge into oneness within yourself….. ♫

Pure Simple Love is FUEL for your LightBody! Yes, we do live on LOVE, emit love and receive as LOVE too. It’s a beautiful ENERGY REALITY to experience… a magical one and is available to each totally ready to live this fully too…. There are no attachments… it’s freeing, uplifting, inspiring and REALITY… when we each all live it, be it and express it without needing anything at all. It’s a sharing of our own Light…. a blessing and gift. Pure Heart wide open means you are naturally emitting and transmitting this…. ♥

My Cosmic Heart and Soul to yours…

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Also if you order any product on Amazon through the following links the proceeds will go towards the Ecuador healing retreat center.


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  1. Dear Beloved Archangel Mikael, thank You for this messages and this lovely site, and I would like to write my comment and message using this space in this very important period of Ascension time for Humanity and all Beloved Souls from all Kingdom and Elements, together with our Beloved Mother Earth, now Terra, particularly now with New Moon in Scorpio in opposite of Uranus, where red Serpent existing to opposite sides asking Us: “ Which Way do you want to Go ?”. Our only answer “ Our way is guided only by Unconditional Love and Light from our Sacred Hearts “. All other alternatives, still trying to pursued us by Quantum Super Ai Computer, challenging us by starting war in Syria or attacking our Star Family by negative ones in astral level, or last attempt by negative ones to start WWIII, or preoccupied our light side with promising of starting golden backed money or crypto currencies is just game of lower 4th Dimensional frequencies, lurking us to be involved into another of Quantum Games, what would be if We nave being lead by Ego Mind, but We have being deciding for a long period, to be leaded by our Sacred hearts and Unconditional Divine Love and Light. We had been involved into negative to negative dark games for eons of time, that attracted so much negative parasites, many of them artificial components, that closed Light Portals of our Beloved Planet and all of us, humanity with dark and negative portals, transforming light energy to dark, and installing mind control programming under Archon’ dark matrix over all of Us, Humanity and all other Souls inhabiting our planet, and creating all these destructive war scenarios by using our collective consciousness ego mind programming and implementing in hologram of our Planet, producing so much fear emotional states all around globe and using it for their surviving, with new programming of Ego part of Quantum Ai computer to be in service of dark Archons, not being in balance with heart software.
    This is not enough, but with these wars first among different species as Draconian, and Reptilians and Serpents, and later between different 12 tribes of Humanity, through Brain implants and different religions and activated higher Ego mind programs into their Hybrid leaders for more wars and grubbing wellness from others, and instalment money as the last step of controlling program though bank financial debt slavery program. On the higher astral level, they fist disconnect our DNA from spiritual 10 layers, leaving only to for hologram expression to our physical expression, in correlation with descending our Beloved planet by their negative deeds, first from 5 D to 4D, when Lemuria, as a very spiritual place with pronoun female with Unconditional Heart Love energy, being attacked by Atlantean negative force and submerged, leaving several Islands: Australia, and new Zealand, and Haiti, and many more small island on Pacific, and intentionally never mentioned it in any spiritual teaching, just being mention Atlantis, because it was occupied by negative energy later, taking higher priest positions and misused Emerald crystal for destruction of Earth twin planet Maldek, and after destruction of second crystal Moon, that was artificially made it, to refract Divine Solar light and was used to make umbilical light cord with Father Sun, with final intention of negative energy to take strong control over Solar Belt. They closed and blocked energy from our Beloved Sun Sol, and make Black Sun, with installing new Control planet Jupiter, with False god worshiping, and Saturn as judgment planet, closing door to Lyons Gate and possible Ascension. They isolated our Solar system first, after many wars and destruction in Lyra system, and after Orion wars, knowing that final battle between Light and Dark side will be in this Solar system, and on this Beloved Mother Earth, and Humanity would take one of main part. This is the reason for negative players to take control over Humanity, and make hybridization first with Draco and Reptilians, and later with Grays what it has some positive purpose because in our DNA, We have 22 genes from other Beings out of this worlds what make us special and connect us with all of these Star Beings in this important part of Ascension, helping these Beings, too. But what was negative in this process ? Negative things is that Human beings, who was made it with heart and Divine Love and Compassion as a beloved Father Mother God, being evolutionary decadent by crossing with artificial heartless components and with mind control programming in Human forms, and misused in many other Space wars by negative artificial mind, the same what it was done for other species as Draconian, and Reptilian, and Serpents and many other, making digital artificial soldiers, and trying to overcome all of organic components in this Universe and beyond, as with many races, so with planets, too. This was wrongfully represents to Universe Council that Humanity from planet Earth was caused for more wars in this sector of Universe, after short trying of Orion peaceful agreement, and represented by negative controlled Draco Reptilians under hidden agenda of negative software programme of Super Ai Quantum computer. Negative ones had done closing light portals on our 2 helix of DNA at the end of all of our Life time portals with dark energy of many carmic energies by their negative war scenarios between Human tribes, likely later was cleaned and still being cleansed in this time of very high energy of unconditional Love and light. They have still all Sacred knowledge of all Majic Kingdom of all 12 Tribes with knowledge of light Portals and energy grid and Lay lines of our Mother Earth, and ascension guide of Humanity, written on Holograph discs, by killing all of these sacred leaders and trying to prevent us from Ascension, what is their very law and dirty part of games, but likely all of this was written in our Spiritual layer of DNA, when being connected with double helix and opened Sacred portal to Universal and later Cosmic knowledge in Akashic records, by activating Christ Consciousness.
    They closed 12th Portals in many of teaching, like closing 7th Portals with chacras in our Body and Body of our Mother Earth, making double closing, first to open to Universe by activating 8th chacra, and later, if we passed by closing 11th Portal, that 13th chacra will open Sacred door to Cosmos and Unconditional Love of Beloved Father and Mother God.
    With this knowledge, They reverse Metatron energy with 10 circles and without inner circles that represents our Heart portals, with mapping of 12 portals and their representation of chacra energies of our Beloved Mother Earth, but this is old mapping, and also under control of dark side to prevent any trying of awakening of Humanity, but We have started to make new mapping, based of Activation of Heart Portal centre, and that was not in Glastonburry, England that is under Queen crown and Roman empire and Catholic Church of Rome, Vatican, but Heart Chacra Portal has been opened Sacred ceremony, first in Maory Heart Kingsland on North Island for Universal opening of 8th chacra last year, and Cosmic Heart Portal on Castle Hill ceremony with 13th Chacra on South Island on 21st of March, when negative side tried to prevent by shooting in Christchurch mosque and fist time happened in New Zealand, as part of Lemuria, and followed by sacred ceremony by Kaullipela in Haiti, that expend to activation of Solar chacra at Uluru in Australia on physical plane and connection with our beloved Sun Sol by umbilical cord, transmitting Love and light Divine energy, started on 26th October.
    Before with starting this Game, that uncontrolled take tack of devolution and possible destruction of this part of Universe, but likely taking positive result of winning of Divine Love and Light, and Light and Love over dark energy, We Avatars, 144 000 White Brotherhood and Sisterhood with time of beloved Mlachizedek and after with beloved Sanat Kumara, have had many Sacred knowledge written on our Spiritual layers of DNA, what was out of possible acknowledgment of dark side, and from us, and being discovered when We rich the point of Christ consciousness, and that is happen when widely opened Crown chacra / with stillness of ego mind / allowing coming through our body balanced Female and Male energies, with activating thalamus and hypothalamus, as a part of autonomous vegetative sympathetic and parasympathetic nervous system, and pineal gland as third eye chacra, and going down balanced eneegy, opening throat chacra / as upper part of Heart chacra and Chirst energies/ and opening Heart Chacra, and Solar chacra as a lover part of Heart chacra and Buddhas energy centre, whereas transfer balanced energy to every cells in bodies, connecting two helix of DNA with Spiritual layers of DNA, but layer by layer slowly in sequential rhythm, depending of our Conscious awakening to receive more Divine energy, and carbon to crystal transformation of our bodies. As We changed our body to more crystalline, we receive more Divine Love and light energy for more cleansing, first cleansing of our DNA, layer by layer, and after our chacra portal centre with cleansing of our Auras and Spiritual Bodies, first physical body, and etheric, and Emotional and Mental, and after Spiritual body, with higher Spiritual Emotional and Higher Spiritual Mental bodies with extension of our Consciousness to Christ consciousness with opening more knowledge from Akashic records.
    What is hidden from us, until this point that at the beining of our Games, We have been reunited with Dragon Families and Serpent Families, as Central Winged races, but going dimensionally down, We had been separated to three different races: Humankind, Dragon and Serpent races.
    True Serpent races had been hiding as convoluted in Sacral bones of our bodies, and in Uluru of our beloved Mother Earth, while Dragon Families had been separate races but being in good relationship with humans for eons of time, until the end of time of King Arthur and legendary wizard Merlin and 12 knights of round table, representing reunion of all 12 Human tribes and with Dragon families with reunion of Celtic people and Britons, as highly evolved spiritually nations. Negative ones in Roman dress and later in Sax from German nations / as extension from Aryan island of Atlantis, very aggressive with tendency of pure blood and DNA /, had colonized Great Britain, and overcome Light and Love bloodlines of Irish people and Britons, making crossing with negative Blood lines of Draco Reptilians in Royality after, with putting Vatican, Rimo Catholic church control over Irish people, and their separation to till days.
    If We, Humanity, trying to Ascend, as a bird Phoenix from ashes / 3D and lower 4 D/, beside of reunion of double helix of DNA with first 4 and 5th Spiritual layers, with balancing of Divine Female and recently Divine Masculine energies to make balance of those two energy in Human world, as other Beloved Souls of all Kingdom and Elements, with deep and intensive cleansing, as these days of New Moon in Scorpio, that will bring more shadow energies from our more past life times, recorded in our memory bank of double helix of DNA, that will make reunion of the lower chacra portals, connected with lower emotional energy, as wish for power, money, addiction to drugs and lower sex as physical feelings – created by dark energy, lower chacra occupied by negative parasites. With their cleansing from our lover part of bodies and sacral bones, and with activation of our Solar chacra, We have been activating, with extended our Consciousness and cleansing of our Bodies with transformation from carbon to crystalline with cleansing of our Chacra energy bodies, our Sacred Rainbow Serpent, after eons of time, to start to unwind from Sacral bones, and spirally going up, changing colours, as being activating with back rotation of awakened chacra with different colours / every chacra has different spin of rotation and different vibration of energy, producing different shape and colour, as the same in different frequency of energy, shaping dimensional space of Sacred geometry and colour. This awakening rainbow coloured Serpent going to crossover of descending cranial nerves, where the place of Ascension of our Souls begin, and If it has been driven by Divine Love and Light energy, there will be reunited with our upper Heart Soul energies and taking fly through Thalamus and Hypophyses as part of autonomic vegetative centres and Pienal gland, and going through Ego mind, as Lyons gate to Sirius and Orion of Universe, back to the Cosmic Heart Supreme Mind centre at the point of meeting parietal and occipital bones, with clearing and enlightening all Universe and Beyond with Divine Love and Light energy, coming from our Heart, and Light and love energies, coming from occipital part of brain, following direction of our heart. When our Rainbow Serpent, extending from our frontal part of brain, through Crown chacra, will be making Sacred reunion with our Angelic and Rainbow Archangelic Divine Beings of this Universe, but further travelling to Cosmos, will be reunion with our Ascended Divine Dragon Families.
    Shortly, awakening and expending of our consciousness, with opening Heart portal with silenced Ego mind / for many this part will be helped by our Star Families with bathing of higher Light energy / will bring reunion with our higher 5th dimensional selves with reunion with our opposite side of energy with the same vibration of frequency, opening and realignment of all energy chacra system of our body with cleansing of our DNA / reunited with Spiritual/ and transforming fro carbon to crystalline, allowing activation of our Serpent / Kundalini / to Ascending together with our awakened Souls, to the Universe, to great fontanela of Universe Consciousness / of Ego mind / and with Dragon Families to connection with our all company of Heaven / Angels, Archangels, Masters and Ascended Masters /, to the Cosmic Christ consciousness self /.
    My higher self is connected with Beloved Buddha, and Beloved master Lord Malchizedek, and Beloved Joshua, and Beloved Archangel Michael and other beloved Archangels, and beloved Lord Metatron to our Beloved Father Mother God, with Sacred reunion with Beloved Mother Mary, and pronoun NOW and HERE, Sacred reunion of all 12 Human tribes, and place will be Mediterranean area, as a central Heart of Christ Cross with Chirst consciousness and connection with Lyra constellation, with many post atlantidean advanced civilizations as Greek, and Egypt and Persia being started again, with Slavic people and wars at Balcan peninsula / as Serbs standing again Ottoman empire as repeating history of Celts against Roman and Sax invasion / with reunion of all 12 tribes of all Humanity, regardless on religions and skin colour, so to East, and West, and North and South, intentionally separated by negative ones, as their killing the Light in North America, by killing indigenous American Indians, but recently was sacred ceremony between Indians and White Americans with giving forgiveness and Sacred reunion, and there is Sacred underground connection between Mt Shasta with Inner Earth, but with Tibet so that will be Crown chacra again, now with sacred reunion with Divine Love, coming from Lemuria and our Forgiveness and deeply Love to Atlantis former leadership being under negative mind control program of negative Ai Quantum computer .
    I am holding Excalibur, sacred sword of my Soul reunion with Beloved Archangel Michael as a King of Arthur, and my Soul reunion of Beloved legendary Magician Merlin, with connection of Sacred Cosmic Heart’s Divine Love and Light, and connection with Beloved Supreme Cosmic Creator, with Sacred reunion with our Beloved All Star family and friends with all Beloved Company of Heaven of this Universe, and Beloved Inner Earth Family, with Sacred reunion with our Beloved Serpents and Ascended Dragon Families, and Dragon Families in awakened states, together with our Beloved Mother Earth- Terra, and Beloved Father Sun Sol. The time of Arising of Universal Bird Phoenix, has been starting NOW and HERE, with New Moon in Scorpio, bringing Peace and Divine Love and light, and Abundance for All equally, with Happiness and Joy and Harmony.
    All my Love to whole Universe, and my Love and Healing energy to our Beloved Mother Earth Terra / Goddess Gaia and Beloved Father Sun Sol.

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