New Dark Moon in Cancer Conjunct Isis ~ Potent Gateway to Release Core Mother Wounding ~ Releasing and Forgiveness ~ INNER SANCTUARY

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New Dark Moon in Cancer Conjunct Isis ~ Potent Gateway to Release Core Mother Wounding ~ Releasing and Forgiveness ~ INNER SANCTUARY



Paul White Gold Eagle

Greetings Divine Earth Angelics of the 144

Happy New Moon in Cancer. With the Sirius Portal and the Divine Feminine Dark Moon energies aligning we had a Massive Wave of 5d Gamma Photonic Light flowing in. These came in as two 30 hz amplitude waves and a 71 hz in between them creating a 3/3 Portal and 37 into the 73 Heaven on Earth Codes. We also had a 17 hz pulse coming in the mirror of the 71. This is symbolic of Q – The  Quantum field or Quelle, German for Source. Also 7117 the 77 Portal with a 11 Gateway in the Middle, connected with the Vortex, Heart Center and Still Magnetic Light in the Center, which is everywhere.

Today is also a 9/9 Portal of Destiny on the Mayan Calendar being Kin 207 ~ Blue Crystal Hand. KIN 207  OPENED the ASCENSION PORTAL on Solstice December 21, 2021 the frequency HARMONIC of our planetary evolutionary SHIFT. Today shopping at the market my total bill was $20.12 Synchronic with this timeline gateway merge with the Great Day of the New Time.

With these Source Codes flowing in from the Great Central Sun we are being Activated in the deepest most pofound Ways. In this Great Shift of Consciousness the Christos within is being shaken Awake and Synchronically Pachamama is going through a  Great Shake Up with over 346 M1.5 or greater Earth Quakes all over this realm. The most powerful today was a M6.1 in Indonesia on the Ring of Fire. Another 7 Code of the Great Mystery.

As we rise into the Glory of a New Dawn as the Golden Age Transmissions keep Downloading into our Sacred Vessels which are containers for the Heavenly Frequencies. Our DNA Codons are being upgraded into the 5d Crystalline Codes of 144 of the New Earth Resonance…A’Ho!!



Right now: Moon at 19°03′ Cancer, Sun at 18°07′ Cancer

sabian symbols

Current Sabian Symbols

Current Sabian Symbol for the Moon

Venetian gondoliers in a serenade.
Sabian Symbol for 20º Cancer

The current Sabian Symbol of the Moon is the symbol that characterizes the ongoing lunar influence, the emotional background, or it’s just a symbol which characterizes this moment, while the Moon’s position (rounded to the next degree) is 20º Cancer.

Current Sabian Symbol for the Sun

A priest performing a marriage ceremony.
Sabian Symbol for 19º Cancer

The current Sabian Symbol of the Sun is the symbol that characterizes the ongoing solar influence, the vital energy and the personality, or it’s just a symbol which characterizes this day, while the Sun’s position (rounded to the next degree) is 19º Cancer.








7/7 Sirius Blue Solar Gate ✨💎✨💦💦💦
Terra’s Collective frequency is raising and has been since the past 9 Solstices with HU-man-ETs adjusting to the new cosmic color tones.
Indeed, the Sol is preparing for Ascension
Stay in your Heart and ask to receive assistance from your cosmic family.
A New earth requires Coherence and Alignment of the Body-Mind-Soul and with the UNIFIED Divine principles.
When questions arise, your Heart is the place to go, it contains all the answer you seek.
Your heart is the connector between your Soul innate Template and your physical DNA Template. It is where you can begin the processes of activating reprogramming your DNA and accessing crystalline codes within your bodies
Your Divine Innate Template MERKABA access your Soul’s Library Akashic Wisdom-Knowledge.
TRUST you can do this
You are Masters of Light just remember…
Love Bliss and Blessings
All things, all of life, all of the creation is part of one original thought
In Oneness
Love Joy Peace 💙💎✨
Deeaia An Ra’Sha
Gratitude to the Artist Karen Elsworth Extra Dimensional Art
July 9 th , Sirius- Star of Isis, conjuncts the Dark / New Moon. Isis, Goddess of Resurrection and Rebirth , is presently hidden from our sight as she undergoes her own rebirth and resurrection as she travels with the Sun for 70 days till her Helical Rising on August 11 ( traditionally 26 July) which is the celebrated as the Planetary New Year’s Day.
This Dark Moon / Isis conjunction hence serves as a potent gateway to be released of our core wounds- The Mother Wound. The core wound each and everyone of us carries to some extent.
The Wound Itself does NOT define us…it is HOW we move beyond these woundings :-the lessons in courage, independence, self healing + self preservation +self reliance + self belief+ self protection. HOW we rebrand our Uniqueness into our strengths instead of sabotaging/ abandoning or trading them for the sake of acceptance or fitting IN ( which has its roots in the Mother Wound). HOW we REgain our Sense of Self Worth, Our Light and Voice….For these very Wounds Hold the Keys to your Light, your Path and your Purpose and ultimately your Bliss…IF you move beyond the hurt , grief, unforgivness and Victimhood and decide to BE your Own Mother/ ReParent Yourself.
So use this Dark Moon Sirius Conjunction to be Released of all that keeps you chained to your Mother Wounds so that you may resurrect your self in the Highest Aspect of the Mother with the New Moon in Cancer , not only for yourself but also for the New Earth that you are seeding, anchoring and building the blueprint for.
EnLight ,InGrace, InJoy
Be The Change You Want To See
Sa Kei Na

“New Moon in Cancer, July 9th, 2021 ~ INNER SANCTUARY”

It is Cancer season starting with the New Moon in Cancer on Friday July 9th, at 10:16pm ADT, for some of you this will take place on the 10th.
This is Sun conjunct Moon and a New beginning with the focus on home and your inner sanctuary which is your eternal home.
Spending time (so called time) with your inner self and home beautifying things within will feel beneficial and therepuetic.
There are also are some aspects which influence this New Moon and therefore the next month, till the next New Moon in August.
People with their Ascendent in Cancer will feel very at home during this Cancer season. The Moon rules cancer and this energy is very fluctuating and intuitive, like the energies of the Moon. Of course the clarity of all of this takes place at the pure level when the filters are not through the emotional body, instead through the purity of the heart. The eternal home, the eternal self, the HEART.
A beneficial aspect of frequency is the New Moon is sextile Uranus. Potential surprises, exciting changes and huge potentials exist. Your BLUEPRINT interacts in this hologram based on your own frequency.
So where your Cancer is in your blueprint, your Moon and your Uranus in CONNECTION to the New Moon frequencies is what will be impacted or NOT for you. This gets very specific down to many minute details and frequencies.
Venus conjunct Mars, Venus opposite Saturn, Venus square Uranus and Saturn square Uranus all have a very strong impact in the New Moon frequencies and chart. Potential strong passion, appropriate or not. Feelings of loneliness taking over or mastery of feelings. Unexpected changes can lead to uncomfortable situations, or not. Potential challenge for the desired changes also, may be experienced, felt or overcome.
Meanwhile The Cancer Sun and Moon want comfort, home and nurturing.
These may be general things you start to notice in the world or may impact you more personally. Again, it is specific to your OWN UNIQUE BLUEPRINT and the interaction with the stars in that exact moment.
All we can KNOW for sure is that everything unfolds perfectly even if you have not yet m mastered your inner world. You cannot actually KNOW this till experienced. So in trust and faith in your eternal self, you will come to KNOW this in this lifetime or not. Even that is perfect also.
For those on the true path to transformation, this inner home sanctuary will be your focus. The heart becomes more HOME in your awareness with greater ease and this will become a constant flow and place of BEING as you continue to focus your awareness on your HEART.
No matter what get comfy in your inner space. The more you can look in the mirror and see the eternal you through your eyes the more you become aware also of this eternal home.
Your Heart, focus there even now. Feel your heartbeat without checking your pulse on your wrist.
Breathe in the love and beauty of the heart.
Get to know your inner eternal sanctuary more and more.
It isn’t out there, out there is only a reflection of your inner world.
Blessing you all in all of this now, with the Divine Council of Overseers, always present, always here, always, now, in love.
In eternal love and bliss,

Ra James

Tonight’s Cancer New Moon is super powerful as it’s charged with the energies of this weeks 7:7 Portal.  We are going to continue to see a huge surge of Galactic Energies with tonight’s Cancer New Moon.  Expect the energies of Sirius to continue to be really felt this month.  We are still very much in the middle of Cancer Season, so these Energies will help us anchor into it furtherly.  This New Moon may be really shaking things up in your life.  Cancer is the Mother of the zodiac, it’s the Divine Feminine.  

If you have karmic wounds around the Feminine, these energies may be pulling them up for you to heal at this time.  It’s a great time to work on your connection with your mother or any sisters you may have.  Cancer is also the only sign ruled by the Moon.  That makes this New Moon extra powerful.  We are going to be feeling these energies a little extra.  Cancer is a master manifestor that is incredibly intuitive.  You may be feeling more open emotionally or even more empathic.  If your picking up on other people feelings or emotions make sure your doing more energy clearing work.  If your feeling over emotional know your meant to channel it into something positive. 

 Expect an increase in synchronicity right now.  Make sure your really reading the signs.  They may come to you through things your hearing, seeing, or in your dreams.  This Cancer New Moon is all about Self Care and doing some Cleansing.  Make sure your home and energy is really clean and clear.  It’s a great time to do some energy work and saging.  Tonight’s Cancer New Moon is also extra powerful for setting intentions and manifesting.  It’s a great time to make a crystal grid.  This can help you harness the energies of the New Moon.  It’s very important that your really taking care of yourself right now.  Expect the upgrades to really continue this month.  July is also an amazing month for seeing shooting stars and meteors.



Completion with the New Moon:: Energetic shifts, including magnetic field adjustments, have been strong during this open Stargate.
This week is amplified with the completion of the Eclipse-Solstice passage, which ends with the New Moon this Friday (6:17pm PDT). It’s also the completion of our first Stargate opening for July.⁠
Solar flares are active this day. Schumann spikes as well. PLUS, there are quakes in the Mono Lake CA area again, where the Stargate which initiated the Freedom Codes in 2019 is located. Mono Lake is also associated with global magnetic shifts.
You may be feeling the Solar expansion and magnetic field fluctuations. My Team noted the magnetic adjustments to the entire Solar system happening in this Now.
This is palpable in the physical, as we become a new expression of physicality. Whirling sensations, vertigo, and grand expansion of awareness can make our realities seem more surreal. Loosening of magnetic fields opens us to higher experiences, more influxes. Take care of the physical, it is our vehicle for transformation.⁠
Our focus throughout July is on Freedom codes. These stargate openings deliver powerful amplifications for our #Ascension.

Cancer New Moon July 2021

A new lunar cycle begins with the Cancer New Moon on July 9-10, 2021. The start of this new cycle brings a welcome break from the Eclipse energy we have been working with and represents the first few steps on the new path the Eclipses have laid for us.
Eclipses are potent rebirthing portals. They can close doors, open doors, and shake up our lives in an effort to push us to a path of higher consciousness.
This new and higher path laid by the Eclipses has now arrived, and this July New Moon represents the first stage on our journey.
As we set out on this new journey, the July New Moon is the perfect opportunity to set intentions around what we wish to embody as we begin this new chapter.
What energies do you wish to call in? How do you wish to navigate this new chapter that is now before you?
Take a moment to close your eyes and visualize the type of energies you wish to embrace, carry, and imprint onto this new pathway. Imagine these energies flowing through your body and sinking deep into the Earth. The Cancerian energy of this New Moon can also serve as a guide, helping us to navigate the early stages of this new path.
Cancer is ruled by the crab. The crab is compassionate and nurturing, but also fearlessly loyal and protective. The hard outer shell represents the crab’s ability to protect not only its self, but those that it loves. The soft interior represents the sensitive, loving heart that the crab is often motivated by.
How can you find a balance between the softness of the heart and the hard boundaries that are needed to feel safe and protected?
The crab also carries its home on its back, which represents its desire to always feel safe and secure. Under these New Moon energies, we too can think about ways to feel more secure and “at home” with wherever we have landed.
Feeling at home is really about acceptance. It is about embracing that this is where we need to be, even though we may feel challenged, fearful, or at odds with what lies before us.
Under the energies of the July New Moon, think about how you can embrace this idea of feeling at home within yourself. How can you shift to a state of love and peace in both your inner and outer worlds?
Practicing radical and unwavering self-care by being gentle with yourself, standing up for yourself, setting boundaries, and moving from a place of compassion, are all tools that are going serve us well under this July Cancer New Moon.
Along with the beautiful, sensitive energies that the Cancer zodiac brings, there are other energies to take note of under this New Moon.
At the time of this New Moon, we are still working with the energies of the T-Square. A T-Square is a configuration of three planets, in this case we are working with the energies of Mars, Saturn, and Uranus.
Even though this T-Square energy is something we have already been working with in the lead up to this New Moon, we may feel some of its tension.
T-Squares tend to inspire action, however this action is sometimes created through feeling pushed up against a wall or through frustration.
T-Squares can trigger us to reach a breaking point or an endpoint, finally forcing us to step up and change our ways. T-Squares can certainly trigger us, but they can also lead to huge breakthroughs.
If you are feeling this energy under the New Moon, think about how you can connect with the fearless warrior within. You may also find guidance by asking yourself the question- How can I lead with love rather than fear?
Another energy active on this New Moon is Chiron. Chiron is an asteroid known as the wounded healer. It is also said to represent the bridge between one state of consciousness and the next.
Chiron brings a healing quality to this New Moon. This is a gentle, supportive energy which we can use to help ease any pain around old wounds.
We may find ourselves viewing these wounds in a new light, and seeing the strength and wisdom they have granted us, rather than the hurt and sadness. We may even find ourselves embracing our own inner wounded healer, and allowing our wounds to become powerful tools of healing for ourselves and others.
If you are seeking healing energy in your life for whatever reason, welcome the energies of this New Moon. Set an intention for these healing energies to flow through the crown of your head and out the end of your feet. Embrace the softening that occurs.
Overall, the Cancer New Moon of July is a welcome change to the intensity of the previous lunar cycles we have been working with.
While it may stir some tension and trigger old wounds, it also offers us healing breakthroughs, inspiring us to push past our fears and lead with love.
However you feel the energies of this New Moon, remember that self-love, self-nourishment, and feeling at home within yourself and this new path that has now arrived are all supportive ways to flow through this lunar cycle.




Happy New Moon ! Its 11:11 as I begin today’s card 🤩. The Divine is fully focused on healing you to bring you unity in the heart. Cultural, religious, and societal norms for us are being removed, so we may unify in ONENESS through our hearts. Love, compassion, truth, sincerity is the new earth expression towards others, in this unified field. Your diligent efforts to love and nurture yourself first is bringing all of us success. The “new normal” is you being ONE with the Most High. This stems from your genetics, which you have healed, to return home to this resting place.

The Most High has dropped the sickle to free you completely from the devil. This has taken team work, time, and layers to complete. Past life marriage contracts have collapsed, rewarding you with this portal gateway to move forward into your Kingdom reality. Your role has been setting boundaries over and over, until your boundaries stopped being challenged. This success has cleared the path to continue forward into a new way of thriving.

You’ve outgrown the past. It’s time to go Beloveds. Past Mars, Mercury, and Venus retrogrades have excelled this growth spurt out of the karmic loop. A lot of nostalgia and reflection of the past, especially in love relationships that never evolved, are surfacing around this time. You can see the bigger picture more accurately, and may notice that you would not tolerate now what you used to. Compassion, forgiveness, understanding the lessons, and closure are all that’s needed. Sunlight and fresh air are supporting your chakra healing, and elimination of past memories that have been stored within.

This is a major ending to the original seed point of what’s brought third party karmics into your life, self, union. Ascension is happening bringing you rewards of great freedom and enlightenment. Purification has commenced as part of the DNA Upgrades that are now taking place.

Be patient with this healing and upgrade process. Experience the gentle daily movement forward down this path home that has opened. You are waking up and remembering who you really are, God’s Golden Gift to the World. Let your light shine bright FirstFruits!

In Jesus Christ’s name amen 🙏🏻

🕊 Love Carolyn




New Moon in Cancer- Embracing Your Sensitivities with Care, Re-Inventing What Nourishes Your Soul, The Love You Seek Is Also Seeking You

On July 9th/10th, we have the watery and emotional New Moon at 18 degrees of Cancer. The days leading up to a new moon can be tense and uneasy. This is mainly due to the fact that we have no moonlight to guide our tender spirits and hearts. As humans, we are over 70% water and the moon’s gravitational pull affects us more than we realize. This “dark moon” phase is a good time to go within and become still and contemplative. The New Moon always represents a reprieve from such emotions and heralds a time of wiping the slate clean, fresh perspectives and a renewal of energy levels. Cancer, the 4th zodiac sign deals with the family, the home, the mother, sensitivity, nurturing and our deepest emotions.

The New Moon in Cancer is here to allow ourselves to feel nourished and protected, even amongst the crazy times we currently find ourselves in. A loving and safe flood of emotional awareness will be the theme of this powerful New Moon. The moon loves to be in the sign of Cancer, as this is where her home is. When planets or celestial bodies return to the sign of their rulership, a natural and effortless ease returns to the cosmos. Spirit is asking that we return to our inner garden of emotional recognition and softness. No other sign can make us feel as tender and in touch with our feelings as Cancer. Being that Cancer rules the 4th house of family and home will bring up our deepest sentiments and nostalgic remembrances from our childhood.

Many could discover how to tap into their inner femininity with this gracious new moon. This applies to both men and women as we hold both frequencies( femininity and masculinity). The universe is asking for our softness and our ability to BE with our feelings, instead of running and hiding from them. Recognizing and allowing ourselves to honor our emotions is a brave and noble act of service to the self and to the world. In a world dominated by patriarchal principles, this awareness will be even more crucial and important. This is a wonderful new moon to begin a new cycle of emotional closeness with our family and folks that feel like our family. New beginnings connected to our home and purchasing property, renovating our current abode and are also favored at this time.

The New Moon in Cancer will be making a couple super supportive and loving aspects to her other planetary brothers and sisters. 

The first will be a positive and insightful sextile( 60 degree aspect) to Uranus, the planet of invention, shocks and freedom, who is currently in the earth sign of Taurus. The New Moon sextile Uranus is a wonderful boost of the inventive powers that lie within our abilities to recreate what tenderness and emotional availability mean in our lives. Many could receive flashes of brilliance and our intuitive powers will be particularly strong at this time. If you feel a nudge from the universe to create a masterpiece, even if it seems a little out of the box or unusual, this aspect will give you the green light to go make it happen. This aspect could bring on sudden sparks of emotional genius that happen almost out of the blue. If you have felt restrained emotionally, then this pair up will create a space of independence and freedom from such repressed feelings. Shocks and surprises connected to our home and family could also be possible. Due to the positive flow between the New Moon and Uranus however these shocks and surprises will forward the progress of such areas, even if they are slightly jarring at first.

The second aspect will be a loving and healing trine(120 degree aspect) to Neptune, the planet of spirituality, healing and transcendence who is also in her home sign of Pisces. The New Moon in a trine with Neptune will further emphasize our intuitive and psychic awareness and gifts. A gentle and ultra soothing beam of protection and comfort will be felt by all. Many could have intense visions and this ethereal pair up is excellent for healers and artists of all sorts. Beginning a healing practice whether professionally or personally is also indicated by this aspect. We will be all up in the feels and a loving and tender flow of divine’s love will be felt and noticed. 

The New Moon in Cancer is here to bring you back home to the foundation of your heart and soul. A beautiful and loving presence of your inner momma wants to be recognized and acknowledged. This New Moon wants you to be ok with your deepest feelings and to use them as fuel for your soul’s growth and expansion. What makes you feel safe and secure? Who do you want to get closer to and how can you be more vulnerable + open? What does home mean to you and can you create an inner sanctuary wherever you are? These questions could come up during this next lunar phase.

The New Moon in the crab’s den wants you to become still and to nourish your deepest feelings with a tender hug of loving awareness. In a world that wants to make you tough, it is your own recognition of your tender nature that will make you invincible and courageous. Let your tears up and out and honor them for cleansing your spirit + for liberating your pain. The New Moon in Cancer is here to allow yourself to recognize what truly matters to your soul, re-establish bonds with your family and home and remind you of the power and nobility of honoring your most tender and authentic heart.


© Astromomma, 2021 

Image: Aurora Eventide via Kamille Freske

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Venus is in exact square with Uranus in Taurus. It is time to re-invent the feminine. With Black Moon Lilith at the end of Taurus, at 29 degrees, the female in all of us is getting a major upgrade in self worth. Perfect timing for Venus to meet up with Mars in shiny Leo for a beautiful and epic conjunction, visible in the night sky.

This is a celebration of the empowerment of both the masculine and the feminine, urging us to reach up to experience and express our full potential. A sacred marriage within brings a perfect balance of the male and female and opens the heart. This Leo conjunction says the way forward is to love our way through it. It is time for humanity to see beyond the lines that divide us. We are being invited to rise up beyond the dualities of this world, and breathe into our greater spiritual connection.

Today’s New Moon in Cancer is a fresh start for nurturing and compassion. The Moon will be visible as a brand new crescent, next to Mars and Venus in the coming days. It’s a rebirth for humanity, out of divide and conquer lower matrix, and into the expression of the cosmic love that we are.

The Moon, and then the Sun, will go on to make a sweet trine with Neptune, and then oppose Pluto. We are figuring out who we are outside of the lower grid. Most people live in a very contracted state, compared to the truth of who we really are as consciousness in a body, aware of itself. This Astrology is inviting us to reach out of our everyday narrow reality, and expand back into this ecstatic divine union. Are You A SuperNova Soul?



New Moon in Cancer – The lights align to draw us back to our roots, the past, home, family. “Where do you come from?” sings the sky. “Where do you belong?”. In Cancer we want to huddle within the safety of our four walls, eat, sleep, dream but Pluto looms opposite the Moon. It sends a shiver through our bones as old fears curl up like smoke. We can’t sidle around it. We can’t beat it. So, we retreat further. Everything feels so out of control.
And yet, if we ask our intuition, it might tell us that the Lord of the Underworld is a helper in disguise. Fears are powers turned on their head. Fear makes us cling to what is known and familiar but now is the time to free ourselves from the past. It’s time to release that which no longer serves so that history does not keep repeating itself. For things to be different, we need to move beyond the same patterns of response. Embrace your vulnerable inner child. Midwife this transformation into being. In darkness, new seeds sprout to life, echoes of stars.
Degrees and Times
New Moon 18°Cn01′ – 02:16 (BST)
Painting – Hut in the forest by Ivan Shishkin
Kin 207 ~ Blue Crystal Hand
‘Crystal’ is the name for the number 12 and its key words are ‘Dedicate, Cooperate and Universalize’. The 12th day of the Yellow Warrior wavespell is all about getting together with others to share your experiences. A chance to talk about our missions and get some feedback. We shall be holding Crystal Court here….hold your own court and get together with like-minded folk. It is always insightful to share with others.
Today is Blue Hand which represents ‘Healing, Accomplishment and Knowing’. Blue Hand days are for healing and as it is a ‘Crystal’ day this suggests that healing can take place in a group setting. Another key word is ‘Accomplishment’ and today represents well how much can be accomplished when we work together.
The Guide today is the Blue Storm which symbolizes big changes and when Storm leads the way expect to be pulled along towards a big change in your life…disruptive potentially but of course in this context, change is created through co-operating with others. Today’s changes happen when we gather together!
The Challenge today is the Red Earth which represents ‘Evolution.’ It is hard to make progress on days like this but not impossible, we just have to try harder. If you are a Red Earth you may not look forward to Blue Hand days but you can use your navigating skills to plot a course through the day.
The Occult power is the White Wizard which is the symbol of Enchantment. The Wizard’s spells work well when in this powerful position. You can tap into this energy and be charming too. But look out…it is very easy to find yourself down a rabbit hole or drinking the Kool-Aid today. Instead of being put under a spell, be the spell bounder and practise your Wizardry skills as if you were at Hogwarts.
The Ally is the Yellow Human. If you need help – ask one. If you are one, you will be sought out for support today.
Today is Blue Crystal Hand day on the 13 Moon Dreamspell Mayan Calendar.
Blue Hand, (tribe 7 of the 20 tribe solar archetype cycle), knows, healing, accomplishment.
Blue Hand encourages you to work with your hands. Hands create, hands destroy, hands heal. Having allowed necessary deaths to occur during yesterday’s White Worldbridger archetype, you are now ready to heal. What is the first thing you do when incurring an injury to your body? You may well shout out loud, but at the same time, you automatically place your hand or hands atop the injured area. The reason you do this is that it feels better. Rubbing your temples to ease a headache, putting your hands atop your belly when you have a stomachache, etc… Massage therapy, Reiki, and healing touch are all healing modalities that are transferred through hands. Use your hands to create something. It is a good time to work on those handyman projects or to lend someone else a hand.
Your inner knowing is especially prominent today. You know what you know. The tricky part about knowing, is that you likely have know idea how, or why you know these things, you just know, you know? If you try to figure out how or why you know what you know, your mind may well talk you out of what you already knew. Knowing comes from the gut and the heart. Remain mindful of your mind, because unless it is working for your heart, it will play tricks on you. Trust your inner knowing because it is always correct. All of that knowing, handiwork, and healing pay off in the form of accomplishments. Acknowledge and celebrate the many accomplishments you achieve throughout the day.
Crystal tone of Cooperation, (step 12 of the 13-step creative energy tone cycle), dedicate, universalize, cooperation.
Having liberated yourself yesterday through equalizing, opportunity, and death, (White Worldbridger), you are now ready to re-crystallize and reform into a higher order. The Crystal tone of Cooperation encourages you to step into and work within the group dynamic. As you work in cooperation with others in group situations, you become a catalyst for the entire group, and every individual in the group, including yourself, to have an exponential experience. Experience the synergy brought on by working in cooperation with and celebrating the gifts that each individual has to share with the collective. Combine your energies with others to experience exponential group knowing, healing, and accomplishments.
Exponential group knowing, healing, and accomplishment.
Day 12 of the 13-day cycle themed Yellow Warrior, questions, intelligence, fearlessness.
Written by Roger Grossman
12 MANIK – KIN 207
9 JULY 2021
I DEDICATE in order to KNOW
Universalizing Healing
I seal the store of accomplishment
With the Crystal tone of cooperation
I AM guided by the power of self-generation
9/7/2021 = 9/7/5 =9/12=9/3=12=3
9- Endings/Destiny/Service/Humanity
7- Mystic/Majik/Spiritual/Initiation/Solitude
5- Freedom/Change/Transformation/Liberation
12- Acquiring strength/wisdom
3- Holy trinity/Joy/Creativity
KIN 207 = 9 – Double 9 DESTINY CODE!
BLUE CRYSTAL💎 HAND🙌 is a PORTAL KIN – and another very POWERFUL planetary Ascension code..
✨9 months ago it occured on October 22, 2020 – which was the 22/22 PEACE gateway.
✨18 months ago it occured on 4th February, 2020 – which was a 4/4 PORTAL – building the foundation for NEW EARTH.
✨KIN 207 is the kin that OPENED the ASCENSION PORTAL on Solstice December 21, 2012 the frequency HARMONIC of our planetary evolutionary SHIFT. We are reconnected to this EVENT through the Harmonic Grid today.
✨✨✨We have a direct connection to that pivotal MAYAN PROPHECIZED GATEWAY that was the catalyst for many StarSeeds to rapidly AWAKEN! Perhaps today it will be the catalyst to AWAKEN the remaining sleepers! Stay TUNED and watch the CME’s and Schumann charts today! ✨✨✨
KIN 207 solidifies the CRYSTAL conduit and ensures we ACCOMPLISH this new Planetary foundation of PEACE through HEALING the collective of HARM. We are currently ASCENDING and transcending the old ways. as we move from HARM – to HARM-ONY!
With a 9/3 coding today the emphasis is on DIVINE blessings. We have been given all the energetic tools we need to accomplish this GREAT Mission as wayshowers and Rainbow Warriors on our unified QUEST – FORGING A NEW PATH TO GREATNESS!🌈🌏🌐
Another BIG day to JUMP START our Planetary Divine Missions!! 🚀🎆
Day 12 in the YELLOW WARRIOR WAVESPELL🏹🌈 of fearlessly QUEST-I-ONing everything in our path, with a profound intelligence, disabling the old paradigm and fully focused on forging a new path to a brave New World.
Today we DEDICATE ourselves to supporting each other, by sharing transformative knowledge, that the yellow Warrior has acquired through actively QUEST-I-ONing what IS. A day that allows the collective, to work together in UNISON, as One Mind – dedicated to GLOBAL PEACE and HARMONY!.
CRYSTAL 💎– Tone 12 in the MENTAL realm. ACTION – universalizes, POWER – dedicates, ESSENCE – cooperation. The CRYSTAL tone 12 is the highest level of the mind (MENTAL realm) The other two MENTAL tones are tone 4 Self-existing and tone 8 Galactic. Yesterday we focused on dissolving and releasing any blocks/old patterns in order to LIBERATE new opportunities on our QUEST for a better life. Through the space and freedom engendered by the Spectral phase (of dissolution and release), new space is created for something new to emerge.
At the CRYSTAL level of MIND we have the capacity to cooperate, or operate with other minds. Just as a crystal can be programmed, so too can we program our minds on this day. Today we are joining and merging with other MINDS through the power of HEALING🙌 and transformation. We are reprogramming GAIA’s crystalline grid🌐 to a much higher octave of PURE consciousness – this time our PLANETARY GRID🌐 is fully programmed for PEACE, vitality and HEALING, so the giant super planetary computer will be broadcasting these codes to all who have their “receivers” tuned in to that station/frequency.
Focus on the CRYSTAL CLARITY of our minds today, through the power of cooperation with others, to transmit and receive these potent codes. A day of greater CONNECT-I -ON to each other through our precious HEARTS💓 and highest Collective MINDS and to Mother Gaia!
NOTE: CRYSTAL💎 days are the days you schedule meetings, negotiations, contractual agreements, brainstorming, writing, channeling, meditating and communicating. CRYSTAL tone people are fantastic advisors, thinkers, counsellors, tarot/card readers, writers, speakers, inventors etc as they have a very clear and direct access to information.
CRYSTAL tone people have a natural affinity with the CRYSTAL💎 mineral realm and can easily connect and communicate with the crystal deva, thus making them fantastic Crystal Healers, Gridworkers and the like. Interesting that many are also very adept at working with computers and IT that have a Crystal chip.
TODAY is a BRILLIANT day to connect in any way, shape or form and use your crystal allies to effect great healing.
CONSCIOUS SELF: BLUE CRYSTAL HAND 🙌– MANIK brings forth miraculous healing power with WHITE WIZARD’s superpowers in ending your pain, suffering and dis-ease on the road to WELLNESS. 🌱 Today we attract this new HEALING frequency accompanied by a sense of accomplishment. Resources and solutions will appear as you gain satisfaction in knowing you are finally making significant progress in your healing journey – whatever form that may take, be it physical, mental, emotional or mental. You can finally uncover the solutions needed to dissolve the dis-ease and release all suffering, LIBERATING you to truly LIVE a joyous life again.
MANIK ensures you accomplish your desires.Today is a wonderful time TO GET THINGS DONE, to volunteer, to assist others and to offer a helping hand. A great day for using your HANDS as tools to accomplish whatever needs doing! Lend a hand to others that are ailing, or conversely REACH OUT and ask for HELP if you need it. Get out your TO DO list, or your BUCKET LIST and start prioritizing your tasks to ensure you fully maximize the incredible gifts that MANIK bestows upon you today..
The CRYSTAL tone of today enhances our connections. We are all connected and our HANDS are one of the best parts of our bodies to physically connect with our kin. Let us all hold each other’s hand as we walk together through the portals in these evolutionary, transitional times. 👭💥👬💥👫💥
HIGHER SELF: BLUE CRYSTAL STORM 🌀 CAUAC is our HIGHER GUIDE today with the focus on TRANSFORMATION and PROGRESS – the necessity to keep moving forward and evolving. CAUAC brings forth the powers of transformation and self-generation through HEALING. A lovely synergy working with MANIK to return you to wholeness once again.
The STORM combined with the YELLOW WARRIOR wavespell, is a formidable force facilitating RAPID change! As we are in the last throws of the LUNAR STORM YEAR – the STORM energies are AMPLIFIED to achieve their maximum purpose today – it’s EVOLUTION TIME FOLKS!!! The TIMES they are a CHANGING!.
Allow the STORM waters to wash away all that no longer serves, FLUSHING it all away and cleansing your MIND and hence your LIFE of all discordant thoughts and patterns. CAUAC is the catalyst to hurl you forwards in an accelerated manner to where Spirit needs you to be! Using your tools and accumulated wisdom to apply this great power today to affect incredible transformation and evolutionary progress for HU-MAN-ITY.
SUPPORT: YELLOW CRYSTAL HUMAN 😊– EB supports us in FEARLESSLY CHOOSING to do the healing work that will set us FREE, reclaiming our FREE WILL to navigate our future path. Using our intelligent MINDS we have all the wisdom and knowledge today to elevate ourselves beyond the limitations of our physical HU-MAN vessel and raise our cellular frequency to that of the Divine HU-MAN.
As we align with DIVINE WILL we can elevate our consciousness to the level of the DIVINE MIND. Our ANGELIC GOLDEN SOPHIA-CHRISTED lightbodies can be accessed through the healing codes prevalent today.
EB also provides the power of INFLUENCE, so we may be influenced by others, or alternatively we can influence others to take the healing journey to wellness and accomplishment. . Using our Divine wisdom to evolve past the wounds, patterns of suffering and the old paradigm in our communities. Being open and willing to push past the old boundaries and mental blocks so that we can co-create and seed the NEW TIME, free to influence others in a positive way towards wholeness and harmony.
EB also holds the keys to Abundance, so today is a potent day for healing your scare-city blocks and poverty consciousness, allowing your golden chalice🏆 to overflow from the COSMIC BANK of INFINITE ABUNDANCE 💰💰💰, providing for all your needs on your QUEST to the New Kingdom..
OCCULT/HIDDEN POWER: WHITE LUNAR WIZARD🔮 – IX allows us to be receptive to the TRUTH of what presents today. IX allows us to access the wisdom, knowledge and healing flowing through the portals from multi-dimensional realms today.
The LUNAR WIZARD will reveal the polarity challenges today and the discord that is interfering with you finding a place of HARMONY – both inner and outer, but mostly within your MIND. The conflict that causes SEPARATION and DIVISION which interferes with the RAINBOW WARRIOR’S QUEST for unification and greater connection.
WHITE WIZARD also enables us to OPEN our HEARTS💓 and our MINDS, becoming more receptive and willing to allow all the wondrous new energies to enter our bodies, and fulfill our needs, connecting with other minds as ONE GREAT UNIFIED MIND. Redefining what it is to LIVE on this PLANET with new found MAJIKAL powers. 💫
WHITE WIZARD provides great MAJIK as today’s SUPERPOWER giving you the POWER to transcend the OLD TIME and be uplifted into a HIGHER LIGHT through our cooperative and infinite MINDS. The telepathic grid 🌐is fully operative today!
CHALLENGE/GIFT: RED CRYSTAL EARTH 🌏-CABAN challenges us to surrender fearlessly, by anchoring deeply into the Earth and flowing with her cycles and the synchronicities that occur when we listen deeply to Mother Earth and flow with her messages. Today’s CHALLENGE is asking you to carefully decide the DIRECTION of your actions and accomplishments. Observe and interpret the signs and synchronicities, to know where to focus your energies today.
CABAN also connects us to our ancestors, so today is a great day to heal our DNA and purify our ancestral bloodlines, finally freeing ourselves, our families and HU-MAN-ity from repeating patterns and cycles.
Connect to TERRA NOVA🌈🌎 today and GO WITH HER FLOW, 🌫release all resistance to FULLY HEALING every aspect of your life, and allow yourself to enjoy the ride on her back, as we all collectively forge ahead into the NEW TIME. ✨🌏✨🌍✨
BLUE CRYSTAL HAND 💎✋ day, makes for a very powerful HEALING 🙌day which can be duly leveraged to accomplish SIGNIFICANT transformation today – both on a personal and collective level!
Today’s question is “How can we dedicate our collective knowledge, to accomplish TRANSFORMATIVE Planetary and self -HEALING?”.
🐬🌈 ❤🐬🌈❤🐬🌈❤🐬🌈❤
Divine blessings for accomplishing great transformative soul Healing today!✨✨
Namaste’ 🙏❤🙏❤🙏
In Lak’ech a la kin
Christina White Magnetic Worldbridger – KIN 66 🌏🌈
PICTURE CREDITS: Stargate DIVINE GRATITUDE to Unknown Artists 🙏❤🙏❤🙏

Pleiades 1 Messages July 9 2021

P1 calling Terrans for origins recognition! Attention for calls in PVSE / SdE !!

Hyperactive Nevic Chamber! Crystalline Elevating Codes in intensive.

Solar Waves intensify transformations.

Pleiadians unify Old Kingdoms.

Siriusans align DNA.

Unlocks of Goods in full swing.

*Sentinel Protocols in progress.

*OSECCT: Pleiadian performances and reverberations in progress. 79% (non-regressive).

special layer reconstructions of OB [Low Orbit] in progress.

Attention *FDH! Support of SPECIAL Projector initiated: 69% (non-regressive).

Internal heats increase with Divine Etheric Fire.

Astral Parasites from *Tube B [New Glossary Term] – – Recorx being removed.

Codes for Tube B illumination – – Recorx enabled.

*MiD decentralization in progress.

Temporarily, end of transmission.


* Item in Glossary




Cancer new moon Goddess chant:

Beloved Ixchel, fill my womb with your vitality until it overflows.
Beloved Yemanya, fill my heart with your love until it overflows.
Beloved Mary, fill my soul with your grace until it overflows.
Beloved Aphrodite, fill my life with your pleasure until it overflows.
Beloved Lakshmi, fill my life with your abundance until it overflows.
Fill me Goddesses with your beautiful blessings until they overflow.
I am ready. I am receptive. I am grateful.
So be it. So it is. 💙

New Moon in Cancer Puja (Prayer, Blessing, Workshop Etc.)

Instructions are in between the (((( )))), and the words to speak are in the “parenthesis” feel free to change this as your instincts tell you; allow your inner self to be the administrator. But, if a direction is present, please face the corresponding view.

We use nature as a rhythmic reminder, a friend, an ally, and an inspiration. Everything said and done can be done in a “divine light” if we keep this underlying tone. The following words hail from many different traditions.

The New Moon in Cancer 18°

Providential Partnerships ~ Divine Dance of Destiny

Specific Points of Interest from the “Macro Goddess Collective.”

  • “Chiron conjunct BML in Taurus” continues to dig deep into healing “Collective Shadows” regarding how we value family and community roles in the caretaking of innocents (animals, children, elderly, vulnerable due to health issues).
  • “Venus and Mars conjunct in Leo” encourages passionate intention setting for the future in partnerships of all types.
  • “Jupiter and Neptune Retrograde in Pisces” assists in awakening and activating our most profound truths, dreams, desires, and spiritual gifts.
  • The current cosmic dance between “Sun and Moon in Cancer” inspires our energies of comfort, home, and our closest loved ones. At the same time, the one in “Leo between the Goddess of Love Venus and Her Warrior Counterpart Mars” “Sets Alight” our deepest intentions regarding our unions. 

(Face East)

“I face my mind, body, and divine spirit to East. The new moon sparks new beginnings. I intend to bring new and exciting energy to our reality. It is with great joy that I create a better tomorrow by evoking the element of air!”

((( Engulf physical reality (and all its dimensions) with the following “Breezes:” White, Pink, Light Blue, Gold, Yellow, Green, Red, Teal, Rose Gold, Silver, Orange, Indigo, Violet, Platinum, Diamond, and Rainbow. )))

(Face Southeast)

“I face my mind, body, and divine spirit to the Southeast. I am one with all things, and I say these words for myself and all life. I create a better tomorrow for all existence with this blessing.”

(((Feel and envision yourself rising, then imagine a peaceful and beautiful reality for all to share, this is very effective when you choose to picture this in 1st person)))

(Face South)

“I face my mind, body, and divine spirit to the South. I am aware that something must change to manifest something new. I vow to keep mindful that “Transmutation” is the vehicle for manifestation.” 

((( Engulf physical reality with the following “Flames:” White, Pink, Light Blue, Gold, Yellow, Green, Red, Teal, Rose Gold, Silver, Orange, Indigo, Violet, Platinum, Diamond, and Rainbow. )))

(Face Southwest) 

“I face my mind, body, and divine spirit to the Southwest. It is with great pride that I bring forth my inner divine to manifest positive circumstances for all life.”

((( Envision yourself being the best version of yourself, then envision how being that person would affect those around you and the world )))

(Face West)

“I face my mind, body, and divine spirit to the West. Some goals require perseverance and a longevous mindset to achieve them. I will stay conscious of this and enjoy the journey as this is the treasure of existence.”

((( List the things you are grateful for, then send them into the “Quantum Field” using the following “Waters:” White, Pink, Light Blue, Gold, Yellow, Green, Red, Teal, Rose Gold, Silver, Orange, Indigo, Violet, Platinum, Diamond, and Rainbow. )))

(Face Northwest)

“I face my mind, body, and divine spirit to the Northwest. I can do amazing things when I take care of my body; to do so, I request sustaining energy for health and healing purposes from all celestial bodies.”

((( Envision yourself recharging and gaining energy from the stars, then envision the same happening to planet Earth )))

(Face North)

“I face my mind, body, and divine spirit to the North. I ask that Gaia bless and support this prayer for peace, sustaining energy, and joy.”

((( Envision the following “Plasmas” engulfing planet Earth “Plasmas:” White, Pink, Light Blue, Gold, Yellow, Green, Red, Teal, Rose Gold, Silver, Orange, Indigo, Violet, Platinum, Diamond, and Rainbow. )))

(Face Northeast)

“I face my mind, body, and divine spirit to the Northeast. It is apparent that we are all swimming in a sea of “Infinitely Expanding Creator Source” with this connection, I bless the “Sum of the Whole.”

((( Bless “Infinitely Expanding Creator Source” with the following “Lights” originating from your “Heart Chakra.” “Lights:” White, Pink, Light Blue, Gold, Yellow, Green, Red, Teal, Rose Gold, Silver, Orange, Indigo, Violet, Platinum, Diamond, and Rainbow. )))

“I face my mind, body, and divine spirit in all the unnamed directions. I am at peace with all of reality. As a sign of peace, I send rainbows throughout the Earth. In this effort, I wake the subconscious minds of all.”

((( Envision “Rainbows” in great abundance throughout the Earth, then engulf the Earth in “Rainbow Light.” )))

“I face my mind, body, and divine spirit within and find that the “Sum of The Whole” lives as me.”


((( Please speak the following aloud as you come out or meditation “Mitakuye, Oyasin, AHO!” )))



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