No Matter How Much you Love a Flower it Withers and Dies

July 22, 2017

No Matter How Much you Love a Flower it Withers and Dies

A great Chinese Proverb. No matter how much you love and appreciate the blooming flower it still withers and dies and no matter how much you hate the wee it still thrive and flourishes. The world works in mysterious ways. It is the impermanence of things that helps us to appreciate them even more.


Ongoing Upgrades ~ Our Cells, DNA and All that We Are is Accelerating

July 22, 2017

So much is happening! Our cells, DNA and all that we are is accelerating. This brings up all that is not Love. These can be attachments to the old, to others and anything that you think is true, yet isn’t. (Illusions.) Our physical bodies are especially feeling this upgrade. This, of course, is absolutely aligned with all we have released mentally and emotionally, as all our bodies are one unit. When experiencing something in the physical, many may label this as “illness;” yet it is important to shift focus from illness to Wholeness. We are wholing and not healing. We are not fixing what is broken; static1.squarespacewe are evolving all our bodies to be congruent with our Souls. We are not merely restructuring; we are creating anew. Restructuring indicates that we are re-turning to something. We are not returning; we are creating. We are much like the Butterfly. The Butterfly isn’t just a caterpillar with wings. In the chrysalis (Christ Consciousness) stage, the entire caterpillar is broken down and from this mush state, new DNA is created. This new DNA thus manifests the Butterfly. And isn’t this what we’ve been doing?


Matrix Update- Magical Activation Coming That Will Positively Alter Timelines

July 10, 2017

Your Ascension Is Proceeding Very Well. So many, and more everyday, are becoming stronger and stronger as the Divine Beings You truly are. This Ascension has thrown many challenges at You, yet You continue to persevere handsomely. Prior to 2012, not only were You presented with Divinely orchestrated experience, but there was also, a directed suppression from a resistance to Your development.
A Spiritual war was indeed occurring prior to 2012, with everything imaginable, thrown at the strongest Ones by the resistance, in efforts to prevent You from advancing this far. Many of You were tracked, followed, spied upon, intentionally burdened, You name it. You were not paranoid, You were not crazy, You were/are correct. Since 2012, any “bad” experience was thrown at You by Yourself and Divinity as a whole, to assist in propelling You forward quickly, to this Now.


New Moon Action: Renewal for the Earth During The Time of the Black Jaguar

May 25, 2017

About Our New Moon Actions

In many time-honored cultures, the New Moon symbolizes potential and embodies a portal for a new vision. The moon’s 28-day cycle from New Moon to Full Moon mirrors the powerful feminine energy, epitomizing the process of creation to manifestation. Working in consort with these cycles is a powerful way to realize our dreams. From this space, on a monthly basis, Pachamama Alliance offers practices and actions to realign with our values for a thriving, just, and sustainable world for all.

For the upcoming New Moon, we invite you to experience The Time of the Black Jaguar, a book by Indigenous leader Arkan Lushwala. Arkan’s words are infused with truth, peace, and a steady power. He wishes to share, with all people on Earth, the Indigenous perspective that he has learned from a lifetime of experiences as well as teachings from the wisdom of the Elders.


False & True Lightworkers

May 17, 2017

Greetings Dear Ones, I AM here to provide information on the status of the lightworkers and assist the collective consciousness. There has been much being brought up into the forefront within each of your lives and on collective level. We have mentioned before, all that doesn’t resonate with your soul is being revealed, as opportunities for transformation and growth. Many have grown stronger from these experiences. We wish to share the changes from this growth and transformation, as many are feeling the difference. A great change within… This journey is about the inner healing, which in turns affect the collective. Let us delve deeper into these changes, and how it affect the lightworker community, both in service to Love and those not in service. As always, awareness transforms into consciousness.


True Happiness

April 21, 2017

Share This: True Happiness written by Matt Kahn True happiness is not actually a positive emotional state. It is an internal reclaiming of power that allows each outcome to be experienced in the most pure and unaltered way. In order to be happy, you must reclaim your power from the people, places, and things that are used to define your existence. It doesn’t mean you shouldn’t be pleased or displeased…


Archangel Michael ~ Enormous Changes Are in Front of You and All Humanity

April 13, 2017

Enormous changes are just out in front of you and all humanity. You have strived to bring about all that is transpiring.

The physical exhaustion continues as you realise what an incredible metamorphose you are all experiencing.

Many times we have spoken of your desire and eligibility to be present as these momentous shifts were to take place, and which are occurring within your physicality and within Gaia herself.


Message from the Masters ~ Creating with the Mind of God

April 9, 2017

It is God in you who is the Source of Love and oversees the bringing in of authentic higher awareness. Mother/Father God and no one else can accomplish the opening and integration of this awareness, as well as the restructuring of the molecular energies as they transition into their true crystalline or All-Christ inheritance.


Anchoring New Creation – April Ascension Energies and Light Language DNA Activation – Jamye Price

April 1, 2017


We are evolving through an exciting time of conscious interaction with the subtle realms. They’ve always been there, but humanity has been more consciously interacting with the physical realm. It has some different rules than the subtle realm. This leads us into the energies of April.

April Ascension Energies are about Anchoring New Creation. Change is constant in life. We change all the time. The core difference is are we changing in ways that we truly want, or are we creating a new illusion that seems like change, but really repeats an unwanted pattern.


Our Fifth Dimension Experience ~ Light, Love, and Harmony

March 31, 2017

Our Soul’s Spiritual Purpose is defined as the experience of connecting our Soul into the entirety of the Universe. Most of the time in our past experiences within Mother Earth’s Third and Fourth Dimensions, we may have felt our Soul’s Spiritual Purpose was somewhat passive, subdued, or even muted in achieving everything our Lightworker Souls were fully capable of accomplishing.


Energy Update ~ Burn Out Warning, Hot Flash Ahead!

March 30, 2017

With Equinox energies coming in we are at the dawn of our new solar year – which, judging by collective energetic precursors, will literally feel like a SOLAR HOT FLASH – bringing light into the shadows of our human collective and forcing us reclaim our INNER POWER AND SOVEREIGNTY as spiritual beings, as well as citizens, consumers, producers, family members, relationship partners, workers or business owners. There is no stone that will be left unturned this year.

“Where there is Light there is Shadow”


Adama of Telos ~ Energy Update, Higher Dimensional Energy Body Activation

March 29, 2017

We are most joyous to connect with you here, today, and we send you our utmost Love from the heart of Telos.

With the intense energies of the Spring Equinox, you are leaving layers of your lower dimensional energy body behind, and are now activating higher dimensional energy bodies.

This might have caused emotions of sadness and letting go for some of you, as you have released this lower dimensional energy body.

Now, the higher dimensional energy body was activated and is being integrated into your being.

What do we mean by energy body?


Special Announcement! Planet Earth Has Been Returned To Prime Creator, Great Spirit, Mother of Creation: Special Message From Archangel Michael & St Germain ~ March Equinox Energies & Unity Consciousness

March 26, 2017

Share This: Special Announcement! Planet Earth Has Been Returned To Prime Creator, Great Spirit, Mother of Creation: Special Message From Archangel Michael & St Germain ~ March Equinox Energies & Unity Consciousness   Wow earthlings… it’s looking like the Light is about to ‘snowball’ all across this planet… as the dark grid is literally removed from this planet, and transferred to a holographic environment, to allow humans who wish to control…


Archangel Michael! Large Celestial Bodies Passing Over Will Turn Off Power Grid For 4 Months! Grand Cosmic Announcement Forthcoming, 3D Earth Grid Coming Down, 5D Crystal Earth Matrix In Place, March 20-June 20 Last Ascension Window!

March 26, 2017

Great beings of the Earth, as the 2017 spring sun gate prepares to open on Monday, March 20, to the kingdom of heaven, the last of the final mass ascension wave of this planet will walk across the great rainbow bridge, even beyond death and experience a brand new paradigm for the first time. A grand cosmic announcement of freedom for the earth is about to be proclaimed and I am privileged to be a part of this magnificent event! There are incredible Earth changes under way as Gaia purges and cleanses all remaining old energy and great bodies in the heavens are showing themselves as they move ‘to and fro’ allowing huge amounts of magnetic white ionized light to flow into the earth for the grand climax of ‘The Event Horizon.’


Through Ascension, The Dark Energies Are Leaving the Earth Realm

March 25, 2017

We live in a temporary duality in the 3D world. Those of us that have been dedicated to the Ascension process for many years and even decades have been able to attain 5D-12D consciousness with the body while still in 3D . This is the way it has to happen first. You may remember the old 3D saying about landing a promotion, you must act, dress and become the very thing you want before you will be able manifest it. This is also the law of attraction and it is correct.


Energy Update March 2017 ~ Up-Leveling Your Frequency

March 24, 2017

Over the past week or so, I have intuitively sensed a palpable increase in crystalline light entering the energy fields of lightworkers worldwide. As I tune into this higher frequency, it feels like a time of energetic preparation for dramatic leaps forward in consciousness. It’s as if the external changes you’ve been dreaming to implement or act upon are being foreshadowed by the inner changes that must occur first. As a result, a variety of interesting symptoms are arising, as evidence of a global up-leveling in heart-centered frequency. Often times, the adverse symptoms are not signs of a lower vibrational reality, but indicative of how smooth or tumultuous of a time your energy field is having in synthesizing and integrating newer frequencies as outdated energies are purged.