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Love is the Lore of Balance

The 7th Seal, our Crown Chakra is Blossoming ~ SELF-RESURRECTION

The 7th Seal, our Crown Chakra is Blossoming ~ SELF-RESURRECTION



Greetings Bright Virtuous Light Keepers of the Universal Alliance of the One True Life

The CME from the long duration Solar Flare on the 9th has arrived to Mother Earth and is enveloping and filling Gaia and all her Children of the Sun with higher multidimensional rainbow liquid plasma of Infinite Light. All Starseed Earth Angelics are receiving empowering upgrades and downloads for the next phase of our Ascension Process. Allow the Codes to integrate into your DNA from the most high Mother Father Source Creator as we evolve into Conscious co-creators of Heaven on Earth.

The Heat is on as we are being flooded with Gamma Plasma Radiation from the Great Central Sun which is the Full Electrical Potential of the Universe, to assist in our Ascension Journey.

From within the Stillness and Silence of the Still White Magnetic Light at the center of our being we Transform into Dragon and realize our Oneness in Cosmic Christos Sophia Consciousness. The separation simulations and programs are dissolving and transforming into True Divine Unity as the Eagle fly with the Condor as an emanation of the Truth of Eternity. Your Antakarana, or bridge of light is connecting you to your OverSoul Higher Self and activating your Rainbow Bridge to merge Heaven and Earth through your Sacred Heart Center to Call in your Angelic Presence for the Transformation of this realm into the Paradise she has always evolved to be.

Keep your Love Light Aglow with Eternal Bliss Consciousness as we expand into the ends of the Eternal multiverse and return to center with the Pure Awareness of Buddha Mind. The Awakening is in full acceleration as the Eagle and Condor Rise in Hieros Gamos to usher in the time of Universal Peace and Prosperity for all Sentient Beings of the Way.

We are on our Way home, to the Kingdom of Heaven within the Quantum Elysium Field of Eternal Love…A’Ho!



Right now: Moon at 27°38′ Aquarius, Sun at 22°02′ Taurus

sabian symbols

Current Sabian Symbols

Current Sabian Symbol for the Sun

A jewellery shop filled with the most magnificent jewels.
Sabian Symbol for 23º Taurus

The current Sabian Symbol of the Sun is the symbol that characterizes the ongoing solar influence, the vital energy and the personality, or it’s just a symbol which characterizes this day, while the Sun’s position (rounded to the next degree) is 23º Taurus.


Current Sabian Symbol for the Moon

A tree felled and sawed to ensure a supply of wood for the winter.
Sabian Symbol for 28º Aquarius

The current Sabian Symbol of the Moon is the symbol that characterizes the ongoing lunar influence, the emotional background, or it’s just a symbol which characterizes this moment, while the Moon’s position (rounded to the next degree) is 28º Aquarius.



This week there’s been a huge soul fractal retrieval..( aspects of self still imbedded within layers of the phantom matrix ) Necessary for complete monad integration. This weekend should be a leveling up for many.. 👑❤️
😳..death seal/ anti Christ programs dissolving within the collective.. Reading the field since last night..on a collective/ specific monad level..this is huge.
Deeply imbedded implant removal within the collective..Crown openings..Return to the God head. 👑
Return to the God head
Return to the God head

🌸 Falling petals 🌸 Nagasaki Prefecture 🇯🇵 

📸 @hamnin1027ie

In this present moment we hold within us, all that is.
We stand in our own Divine light and our soul’s truth.
By listening to our intuition we co-create with the universe.
When we remain grounded and balanced within our own
energies, this increases peace in our heart for momentum
to excel for whatever is for our highest good. Inspire great
riches of abundance today.
Linda Zimmerman
May 12, 2023
Divine light
Divine light
As WE have Clearly LEARNED. . . NOthing Just Happens to Anyone!
INTENTION is the COHESIVE Element that Translates the Conceptual into Form.
In these Moments of Unprecedented ACCELERATION of the VIBRATION that MANIFESTS as our REALITY. . . the TIME Lag Between INTENT and MANIFESTATION is Growing Shorter.
As our REALM of Experience Ascends into HIGHER Ranges of VIBRATION. . . MANIFESTATION will BE Instantaneous.
Many of us that are Resonating at the HIGHER ENDS of the ENERGY SPECTRUM. . . are Discovering by Surprise that WE have MANIFESTED Many Events and Occurrences into our Lives.
With THOUGHT and INTENTION. . . Many of us have Brought People and Relationships into our Lives as those with a Close VIBRATION are Drawn to us by our Own INTENTION.
What is Called for in these Times of GREAT CHANGE is a Corresponding SHIFT in CONSCIOUS AWARENESS.
WE Are Bridging the Gap in CONSCIOUSNESS Between the World WE KNOW and that which is Increasingly COMING to BE.
The Same Behavior that Brings the Outcome that WE Wish to Leave. . . is Quickly Becoming OBSOLETE as WE Enter HIGHER States of AWARENESS.
Each of us is Undergoing a TRANSFORMATION of Life and our Responses to Each NEW Situation.
What Once Destroyed our Day. . . is NOW Something that Simply Would NOT Matter if it Happened NOW!
WE Are Coming to UNDERSTANDING our TRUE State of BEing!
And With This TRUTH. . . There is Only LOVE and POWER!
WE Continue to RISE in LIGHT Dear Ones!!!

Our 7th Seal, our Crown Chakra is still blossoming.

Expect shifts within your consciousness, a whole new light is showing us the way, guiding us to a higher awareness.
Seeing beyond the facade that has covered our eyes and seeing a whole New way of being come into fruition.
One must be willing to let go and become nothing, allow your consciousness to expand to bring more light within you.
The more Light we allow within our presence as Spirit, the more we bring it all into balance.
We are the New Earth, all is ascending through us as One Infinite Force of Love and Light.
It is a beautiful rainy cloudy day here and I always have an attitude of gratitude as I continue experiencing all these vibrant shifts within me and outside of me.
Have a Stellar Friday, bring more of Nature into you and bask in the Light of Love. ❤
Kitty Cakes
Kitty Cakes
Connect to the feminine energies that are coming from Gaia now. There is a new understanding of women in general and of delivery and creation in particular. The feminine energy is a creative energy through your own existence. This is what Gaia is in the process of right now. Gaia is giving birth in a new reality and creating a new life on its surface and around it. All the processes, energies, and gates you are passing through are supporting this new energy flow that is helping Gaia to get into this New Quantum Space with humanity onboard.
How will this be reflected on humanity? Everything that is connected to creation for your existence will be adding this feminine component that was depressed for so long and that was not supported. This energy is coming back through Gaia’s process of creation for your existence. Everything you are creating through God’s will and in God’s plan, will have this additional feminine component that will be bringing into balance the whole existence on Gaia.
The energies from Gaia’s work going up through you, through your feet and root chakra will allow you to balance the other energies that are coming in through your crystalline stream from the Central Sun. This will be mutual work between the reflective energies which will have different vibrational components. Because things have already changed for you, it will be easier to utilize and absorb. In addition to the pure energy that will be coming from the sun, the work of these two energies will be creating your new Quantum Field that will be condensed by this feminine energy of creation. It will be like feeding your Merkabah, feeding your Quantum Field with the sparkles of energy that will be a core for your creation in whatever field you are going.
Hugs and love to all of you,
Quantum Field
Quantum Field
Currently many Masculine are feeling nerve discomfort from the waist down to the toes. This is happening for two reasons at least,
1, more root Chakras are being Activated and enhanced in the Masculine, for this is required for at least full chakra Activation and alignment. This is a Collective experience and is being felt by the Vanguard as well, to gauge and know what is happening with the Collective Divine Christaligned Process.
2. The tailbone also disintegrates during the Christalign Process and into the new higher organic physical Vessel.
Love and Light
Rick Jewers


A sacred field of light falling upon Earth during the month of May, this feeling called to ALIGN YOU through YOUR HEART and consciously open to receive, to be realigned through this field of light.
This Sacred Light envelops the Planet, the Light Network that has surrounded the Planet will begin to EXPAND its roots physically on the Earth Plane and OPEN this Light Consciousness Platform.
THIS IS A MOMENT, for you to Ascend to another level, in the Center of your Heart, choosing to surrender through your heart and allow your heart to melt with this Platform of Light.
This process,
It is a true return to you, a natural intention from the field of God’s Light Consciousness.
In fact, you have  always been part of this light of God’s consciousness.
Your heart acts as an anchor to the planet, you go home taking your place in the pure field of consciousness of the light of God, the words, your unique frequency of these words I AM!!
Actively claim your sacred birthright into the light.
And begin the process of realignment within the Light of God Consciousness Platform.
USING the sacred sound is so pronounced, it acts as a key that unlocks the door of your place, within this Platform.
THIS IS THE TIME FOR SELF RESURRECTION. This process is accelerating with your active conscious choice, through realignment of your place within the Sacred Platform through your heart.
May your previous agreement have always occurred in this moment, being the previous agreement, that while you exist in your human physical form, CREATE the Powerful action of Conscious Realignment and allow more changes through the Consciousness of Humanity.
All galactic forces of the universe are called upon to maintain vibrational light around the planet as they face and evolve in this next stage of their transmission process.
We witness, and recognize this new stage of your journey!
Light, love, unity and peace for all.
Fernando Martinez.
MAY 12 2023


Part of the plan of the fallen creation was that a big part of the Self of those who had fallen into it, would be hidden away from conscious access and process.
This took place for mainly two reasons, first was that one could make it through the separation, the very painful and torturous experiences and the demonic possession that was required and survive by pushing all of these energies and memories into the subconscious world
and second, so that one could not fully remember, claim sovereignty and exit.
The whole process was part of the fractalization of the Self.
As we are now in the process of becoming whole again by achieving inner unification, we are able via Divine guidance to bring salvation to this part of the Self,
heal it and eventually turn it into a conscious part and fully own true identity and remembrance again.
Humanity through this fractalized state was led to create addictions and codependency and give its power away.
This is now also ending, as one is breaking free from all inner limitations and is able to embody full reconnection to Source Self.
This work is directly connected to all parallel aspects of the Self and their salvation too!
For me this is the biggest gift for humanity!
Consciously attending to the salvation of the subconscious Self makes a huge difference because it is allowing the Higher Selves to deliver a full plan of healing and restoration.
This plan is unique for each person and it includes the necessary support according to one’s needs.
It has been available since the beginning of March 2023 and it is meant to fully unfold and be realised during the next three years so that each Being is finally consciously free and sovereign again.
The Luciferian contracts are the initiate contracts that each Soul was led to participate in upon the realisation that she had fallen into the mandatory cycles of the satanic creation after the poisoning that took place which pulled the Being out of the Living Creation.
These contracts include the control over the inner nodes of the kundalini paths and the hacking of the portals of the planets and hold one’s root cause of suffering and self rejection but also all keys to one’s liberation.
The fallen plan was able to unfold and succeed because of these initiate contracts.
Upon the sealing of these contracts was where most Souls lost their true sovereignty and started falling even deeper into oblivion, taking upon a false identity and sense of Self.
Breaking free from the Luciferian contracts has a positive domino effect onto all the other contracts that one created and participated in during the journey in the fallen reality, so this is of great significance.
After the return of the 4 Living Diamonds back on Earth and with the support of the Uranian guides of the Heavenly realm, Souls are able again to consciously and safely retrieve all of their own contracts, examine them and bring cancellation and resolution where it is needed in order to break free from the limiting conditions and be able to return to True Life.
Those who can receive the Uranium, are Souls who are ready to move onto the next stage of their evolution, claim back their Divine rights and Jurisdictions upon the land.
This is directly connected to the Twin Flames
who are getting ready now to take back what was stolen from them and which was always truly theirs.
Twin Flames are the true Divine and Royal heirs and heiresses of the lands.
And there are more lands, lands that were purposely hidden from them via the fallen programming.
Blessings of remembrance!
Huna Ma Anata Kumara
Fb: Crystal and indigo guide to the galaxy
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12 ΜΑΪΟΥ 2023
Μέρος του σχεδίου της έκπτωτης δημιουργίας ήταν ότι ένα μεγάλο κομμάτι του Εαυτού
αυτών που είχαν πέσει μέσα σε αυτή,
θα κρυβόταν μακριά από συνειδητή πρόσβαση και διαδικασία.
Αυτό έγινε για δύο κυρίως λόγους,
το πρώτο ήταν ότι θα μπορούσε κανείς να περάσει το διαχωρισμό,
τις πολύ οδυνηρές και βασανιστικές εμπειρίες και τη δαιμονική κατοχή που απαιτούνταν
και να επιβιώσει σπρώχνοντας όλες αυτές τις ενέργειες και τις αναμνήσεις στον υποσυνείδητο κόσμο
και δεύτερον,
ώστε να μην μπορούσε κανείς να θυμηθεί πλήρως και να διεκδικήσει την αυτοκυριαρχία και την έξοδο.
Η όλη διαδικασία ήταν μέρος της διαδικασίας της κατακερματοποίησης του Εαυτού.
Καθώς τώρα βρισκόμαστε στη διαδικασία του να γίνουμε ξανά ολόκληροι
μέσω της επίτευξης της εσωτερικής ενοποίησης,
είμαστε σε θέση μέσω της Θεικής καθοδήγησης, να φέρουμε σωτηρία σε αυτό το μέρος του Εαυτού,
να το θεραπεύσουμε
και τελικά να το μετατρέψουμε σε συνειδητό κομμάτι
και να αποκτήσουμε ξανά την αληθινή ταυτότητα και μνήμη μας.
Η ανθρωπότητα μέσα από αυτήν την κατακερματισμένη κατάσταση
οδηγήθηκε στο να δημιουργήσει εθισμούς και συνεξάρτηση και να παραδώσει τη δύναμη της.
Τώρα αυτό τελειώνει
καθώς απελευθερώνεται από όλους τους εσωτερικούς περιορισμούς και είναι σε θέση να ενσαρκώσει πλήρη
επανασύνδεση με τον Εαυτό-Πηγή.
Αυτή η εργασία συνδέεται επίσης άμεσα με όλες τις παράλληλες πτυχές του Εαυτού και τη σωτηρία τους!
Για μένα αυτό είναι το μεγαλύτερο δώρο για την ανθρωπότητα!
Η συνειδητή επιλογή για τη σωτηρία του υποσυνείδητου Εαυτού κάνει τεράστια διαφορά γιατί επιτρέπει στους Ανώτερους Εαυτούς να προσφέρουν ένα πλήρες σχέδιο θεραπείας και αποκατάστασης.
Αυτό το σχέδιο είναι μοναδικό για κάθε άτομο και περιλαμβάνει την απαραίτητη υποστήριξη
ανάλογα με τις ανάγκες του καθενός.
Είναι διαθέσιμο από τις αρχές Μαρτίου 2023 και πρόκειται να ξεδιπλωθεί πλήρως και να υλοποιηθεί τα επόμενα τρία χρόνια
ώστε κάθε Ον να είναι επιτέλους συνειδητά ελεύθερο και κυρίαρχο ξανά.
Τα Εωσφορικά συμβόλαια είναι τα αρχικά συμβόλαια στα οποία οδηγήθηκε να συμμετάσχει κάθε Ψυχή
όταν συνειδητοποίησε ότι είχε πέσει στους υποχρεωτικούς κύκλους της σατανικής δημιουργίας
μετά τη δηλητηρίαση που έλαβε χώρα και η οποία τράβηκε το Ον έξω από τη Ζωντανή Δημιουργία.
Αυτά τα συμβόλαια περιλαμβάνουν τον έλεγχο στους εσωτερικούς κόμβους των μονοπατιών της Κουνταλίνι
και το χακάρισμα των πυλών των πλανητών
και κρατούν τη βασική αιτία του πόνου και της αυτο-απόρριψης,
αλλά και όλα τα κλειδιά για την απελευθέρωση.
Το έκπτωτο σχέδιο μπόρεσε να ξεδιπλωθεί και να πετύχει λόγω αυτών των αρχικών συμβολαίων.
Μετά τη σφράγιση αυτών των συμβολαίων,
οι περισσότερες ψυχές έχασαν την πραγματική τους κυριαρχία και άρχισαν να πέφτουν ακόμα πιο βαθιά
στη λήθη, υιοθετώντας μια ψεύτικη ταυτότητα και αίσθηση του Εαυτού.
Η απελευθέρωση από τα Εωσφορικά συμβόλαια έχει μια θετική
ντόμινο επίδραση σε όλα τα άλλα συμβόλαια που δημιούργησε η ψυχή
και συμμετείχε κατά τη διάρκεια του ταξιδιού μέσα στην στην έκπτωτη πραγματικότητα,
άρα αυτό είναι υψίστης σημασίας.
Μετά την επιστροφή των 4 Ζωντανών Διαμαντιών πίσω στη Γη
και με την υποστήριξη των Ουράνιων οδηγών του Ουράνιου Βασιλείου,
οι ψυχές είναι ξανά σε θέση να ανακτήσουν συνειδητά
και με ασφάλεια όλα τα δικά τους συμβόλαια,
να τα εξετάσουν και να φέρουν ακύρωση και επίλυση όπου χρειάζεται
για να απελευθερωθούν από τις περιοριστικές συνθήκες και να μπορέσουν να επιστρέψουν στην Αληθινή Ζωή.
Όσοι μπορούν να λάβουν το Ουράνιο,
είναι Ψυχές που είναι έτοιμες να περάσουν στο επόμενο στάδιο της εξέλιξής τους,
να διεκδικήσουν πίσω τα θεϊκά τους δικαιώματα και δικαιοδοσίες επί των εδαφών.
Αυτό συνδέεται απευθείας με τις Δίδυμες Φλόγες
που ετοιμάζονται τώρα να πάρουν πίσω ό,τι τους έκλεψαν και που ήταν πάντα πραγματικά δικό τους.
Οι Δίδυμες Φλόγες είναι οι αληθινοί Θεϊκοί και Βασιλικοί κληρονόμοι και κληρονόμοι των εδαφών.
Και υπάρχουν περισσότερα εδάφη,
εδάφη που σκόπιμα αποκρύφτηκαν μέσω του έκπτωτου προγραμματισμού.
Για όσους βρίσκονται συνειδητά στο μονοπάτι της ενθύμησης,
προτείνω ανεπιφύλακτα την παρακάτω εργασία
καθώς προσφέρει τα πιο σημαντικά εργαλεία για την πιο ουσιαστική αλλαγή που συντελείται τώρα.
Αυτός είναι ο λόγος που οδηγήθηκα να την επαναλάβω αλλά
παρακαλώ σημειώστε ότι δεν θα υπάρξει άλλη επανάληψη.
Επομένως, εάν νιώσετε το κάλεσμα, αδράξτε την ευκαιρία
να παραστείτε στο
Προγραμματισμένες συνεδρίες
-Πρώτο μέρος:
Ολική θεραπευτική σωτηρία του υποσυνείδητου μέρους του Εαυτού.
-Δεύτερο μέρος:
Πλήρης απελευθέρωση από τα αρχικά έκπτωτα συμβόλαια περιορισμού.
Αυτοί που θα νιώσουν το κάλεσμα να συμμετάσχουν
σε αυτή την μεταμορφωτική διαδικασία,
μπορούν να μου στείλουν μήνυμα για τις λεπτομέρειες της συμμετοχής.
Huna Ma Anata Kumara

Aurora Ray

The Secret to Entering The 5d Right Now

The fifth dimension is not a time dimension. It is beyond the limitations of time. It means that time has no meaning.

It’s a dimension of what we call in Sanskrit “yuga.” And yuga refers to an era or a time when something fundamentally changes.

The third dimension is the world we live in, where we have a past and a future. But in the fifth dimension, there is no past or future, only now.

In this state, you will no longer see time as linear; instead, it will appear to move at a different speed than you are used to experiencing on Earth. In other words, time is no longer linear; it has become infinite in nature—endless and endless.

Nothing in this fifth dimension has a beginning or an end because everything exists simultaneously regardless of where you are going or where you have been – including your past experiences and future projections based on belief systems created by others for their own purposes (whether consciously or unconsciously).

The fifth dimension is not a place; it’s a state of being. It’s not a thing; it’s a process.

How can you enter the fifth dimension?- by being present in this very moment.

It is a little difficult to do, especially when we have just heard this idea and have not fully assimilated it into our lives. But if you can be present and see yourself in the mirror of time-space, then this will open the door to holographic reality!

You begin to live inside the light instead of living inside time and space, which is a 3D reality.

It is important that you allow yourself with all your heart, all your soul, and all your might to be able to release yourself from the leash of time and space so you can become free.

For example, if you can read this post with such fullness that the only thing left in the present is your presence, without thinking about the past or the future, this very moment is sufficient; if you can simply be present in the here and now and silently soak in this message, then a different dimension will open!

It simply refers to a separate dimension of time without a past or future. As a result, you will need to move differently in your own time.

Words start to take on a different shape and acquire new importance as a result of this internal transformation.

Your being is here now, and your awareness cannot be divided into the past, present, or future.

You naturally exist in the NOW, and when your mind can concentrate on the moment at hand and check out all other thoughts and feelings, then your essential being (soul) can come alive, and you can become enlightened—kind of like a wake-up call!

When you’re in the present moment, nothing else exists. The past and the future are just illusions. It only takes a little practice to reach that level of presence.

It is a dimension that most of us don’t experience often enough because we’re caught up in the busyness and hustle of our lives.

This level of Zen is available to you right now if you put down your phone, close your laptop, and sit in silence for a minute or two. You can have this experience whenever you want, even if it’s just for a few moments.

Try meditating for ten minutes a day. Look at the world around you and see how beautiful it is! Look at yourself as well and see how beautiful you are!

It’s like being outside yourself and seeing things as they really are, not as they appear to be, through your own eyes.

The fifth dimension can be described as “eternal union,” “oneness,” or “unity consciousness.” Oneness, or the fifth dimension, is the state in which everything is unified with both God and one another.

In this state, you will no longer see things as separate entities; instead, there will be only ONE reality in which all things exist simultaneously and in perfect harmony with each other.

In order to complete our evolution on Earth, we must all eventually reach the fifth dimension.

As the world becomes more connected and technology is gradually replacing human interaction, It is critical to learn how to find your own center in the midst of all the changes.

Learn to be more sensitive, aware, and be a part of the world around you. Stay in tune with nature.

Space is calling. We’ve got to go higher!

Join our beloved Earth and us as we continue to evolve into the fifth dimension!

We love you dearly.
We are here with you.
We are your family of light.
We are the Galactic Federation.

Aurora Ray
Ambassador of the Galactic Federation

Copyright 2023 Aurora Ray. All rights reserved.



Last night in Bozeman, Montana✅ Link: Photography: Chris D’Ardenne
Last night in Bozeman, Montana
✅ Link:
Photography: Chris D’Ardenne


As the Cellular Expansion continues, feel the deep Crystalline Awareness Expanding…
As you travel within your consciousness, beyond the construct, beyond the parameters of your mind.
Reaching the deeper Layers of YOU, connecting to the Essence of your true self. The meaning of your story, your mission, Journey in this NOW.
To cleanse and Rest every aspect of You
Day by day, as the Sun rises, see the opportunity to learn more about You ❤
To feel the reassurance that your journey work is moving along at the right pace, the right moment of Expansion.
To Feel Your Soul Family with You 🌿
For we are Joining, Uniting in a Wonderful Spectrum of Light 💥
Thanking you for Being You, in this moment of Planetary Cosmic Awakening.
❤Be Love❤Be Light💥
Karen Lithika

You’ve got the midas touch! Everything is turning out beautifully. More love, empowerment, safety, and security await you. Put your focus on getting this stable and structured through all the movement and changes happening that are leading you to have it all.

The endings happening this weekend may bring relief, sadness, or both. Know that is it helping the development and direction of you plans. Get grounded back into the body, and then move on with the decisions that have been made. Trust that  you are moving into the light of God, and peace will prevail, Ground Crew.

In Jesus Christ’s name amen. God bless you 🕊 Love Carolyn

Sky above Dali City Yunnan Province of China May 5th 2023
Sky above Dali City Yunnan Province of China May 5th 2023


📷 Yaxi Hoe

Today Venus, ruler of attraction and receptivity, in water sign Cancer is in a positive trine aspect to Saturn, ruler of effort and discipline, in water sign Pisces. This energy is supportive to the restructuring of the emotional body. What is Saturn’s lessons trying to teach you?
Today you can easily connect with your deep inner wisdom to understand if you choose to. The Divine Feminine is strong and resilient. Old memories, emotional experiences and karmic situations of the past can assist you with building a new and more solid foundation for yourself. Clear away what keeps you stuck, and allow yourself to be in the flow of something new and better. Blessings of Love and Light to All! ♥️
Venus in water sign Cancer
Venus in water sign Cancer
Last Quarter Moon in Aquarius. Pallas in Leo square North Node in Taurus and South Node in Scorpio. Mercury retrograde in Taurus sextile Saturn in Pisces – Emotionally, we’re ready for an upgrade, pre-empting change as we eye the future. Yet still we feel unsettled. What’s going to happen? Will it be good for me? Freedom and security vie for the heart. Problem solver Pallas has the answer. ‘Sometimes, you have to take a risk’, she says. ‘Let yourself be seen. Don’t try to control every eventuality. Trust your creative spirit. Play the game. Improvise. Remember that you are made of star stuff.’
Mercury’s second connection to Saturn also urges that we put plans in place for the long term. It’s time to get serious about what you need, especially around money and material resources. Use your voice. Speak with authenticity. Listen attentively. Allow your soul-song to become the bedrock of every decision you make. If you feel stuck, toss a coin, draw a tarot card, use an oracle. Let the universe get a word in.
Degrees and Times
Pallas 03°Le55′, North Node 03°Ta55′, South Node 03°Sc55′ – 07:05 (BST)
Mercury 06°Ta08′ R, Saturn 06°Pi08′ – 09:41 (BST)
Moon 21°Aq36′, Sun 21°Ta36′ – 15:28 (BST)
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Painting – Portrait of Miss Cassatt, holding the cards by Mary Cassatt
Portrait of Miss Cassatt, holding the cards
Portrait of Miss Cassatt, holding the cards

Kin 99 ~ Blue Galactic Storm

‘Galactic’ is the name for the number 8 and its keywords are ‘Harmony, Integrity and Model’. The 8th day of a wavespell is always gentle and this number is easy to get along with as it tones down any day it is combined with. I sometimes refer to the number 8 as the Smurfy number. Remember today to be gentle and to pursue harmony! Integrity is also a keyword associated with this number and when you think about it, one can not find harmony, if one does not have integrity in check.
Today is the Blue Storm and its keywords are ‘Self-Generation, Energy and Catalyze’. Stormy days are usually disruptive, depending of course of when it occurs.
When Storm falls on the 8th day which is a harmonious energy, this calms the storm down and the changes it brings are more helpful and less destructive. The combination of day and number results in ‘Change through Harmony’. So, no storms in teacups today but gentler forces facilitating change with less resistance. You won’t get blown away today but may find something nice happens out of the blue. The Blue Storm does get bad press unfortunately and that’s because when changes come along, they are often disruptive and unexpected. Sadly, not everyone likes surprises.
The Guide today is the Blue Night, the dreamer of the Tzolkin, and a great guiding force because like the number 8 the Blue Night has gentle energy. Our dreams guide our actions today and this leads to pleasant changes. Whenever this gentle dreamer is the guide we are encouraged to use our imagination. No dream is too big today as the aspects of the day make it ideal for dreams coming true.
The Challenge today is the Red Moon which represents going with the flow. If you are a Red Moon, then it is likely you dread Storm days because they usually disrupt your flow but today won’t be so bad because of the harmony of the number eight. This easy going number has energy that any one can enjoy, even those who are unfortunately in the challenge position today. If you are not a Red Moon, you won’t be as affected by this aspect but still we may all have issues today with letting go.
The Occult power is the White Wind, the communicator of the Tzolkin. The winds of change bring opportunities for magical communication today. Often a forgotten aspect of Storm days, the Occult power of the White Wind brings good tidings and surprise news. It is also perfect for reading books about magic and studying Occult topics.
The Ally is the Yellow Sun which represents ‘Enlightenment’. If you need help today finding harmony in the storm, locate a Yellow Sun as they find Storm days a breeze! If you are a Yellow Sun, expect to enlighten others about harmony and expect to be called upon for support.
Kin 99
Kin 99


8 CAUAC – KIN 99
12 MAY 2023
Modeling energy
I seal the matrix of self-generation
With the Galactic tone of Integrity
I AM guided by the power of ABUNDANCE
12/5/2023 = 3/5/7 = 3/12 =3/3 =6
12- Acquiring strength/wisdom
3- Holy Trinity/Joy/Creativity
6- Heaven/Christ/Romance/Fertility/Harmony/Family
✨MONTH/YEAR codes✨
5- FREEDOM/LIBERATION/Change/Ttransformation
7- Majik/Mystic/Spiritual/Solitude/Initiation
12- Acquiring strength/wisdom
3- Holy Trinity/Joy/Creativity
20- The AWAKENING/Clear vision
23- Royal Star of the LION /Strength/Protection/Support
KIN 99 – 9+9=18 = 9 – COMPLETION!! Destiny/Service/Compassion/Humanity/Grace
A catalytic day for great transformation 🌀🌀🌀 with a Majikallly DIVINE ABUNDANCE code!
Day 8 in the YELLOW HUMAN WAVESPELL of wisdom, influence, intelligence, free will and Abundance. Today we integrate all the energy that has been catalyzed through allowing the transformative energies to purify and cleanse us, particularly in regards to our mental processes, facilitating greater WISDOM and uninterrupted pathways to ABUNDANCE!.🌻🌞🌻


GALACTIC – Tone 8 in the MENTAL realm. ACTION – modeling, POWER – harmonize, ESSENCE – integrity. The GALACTIC tone will influence much MENTAL analysis today! The most important factor is that we model integrity in our thoughts, words and actions. Are our intentions based on harmony through integrity of being? Our plans need to be transparent and for the highest good of our community and planet, for them to hold up in these new energies.
Anything that is not congruent with these higher principles will be revealed in order to be transformed and harmonized. Our projects and business models will then serve as a model for others following in our footsteps who hold the ideals of unity, peace and harmony as a priority.
At tone 8 we have entered a new scale, and we are so proud, we just have to model ourselves for others. We have also mastered Harmony at this stage. We are GALACTIC and don’t we know it!
DIVINE ABUNDANCE is flowing today!💰✨💰✨💰✨
Mumma GODDESS is blessing her children today. OPEN your ARMS and your HEARTS to receive her blessing. IT IS DONE 🙏❤🙏❤
Today’s question is “What do I need to RELEASE in order to catalyze more energy, allowing ABUNDANCE to flow freely?”
Divine blessings for the STUPENDOUS flow of infinite goodies today! Let’s tear down those dam walls and let the Universal Waters flow…🌊🌊🌊💰✨💰✨
In Lak’ech a la kin
Christina White Magnetic Worldbridger – KIN 66 🌏🌈
CONSCIOUS SELF: BLUE GALACTIC STORM 🌀🌩– CAUAC catalyzes the disintegration process that moves you from separation to Ascension. This breaks any false containers of self that cannot withstand the flames of transmutation. Only your true identity will live through these storms, for you will be reborn as the DIVINE HU-MAN.
BLUE STORM provides the water that purifies and quenches your spiritual thirst. In this state of consciousness, you stand willing to surrender everything. You give up what you seem to be, in order to become fully what you are. You step into the realm of the unknown, and you are changed forever.
The harmonic wisdom embodied in CAUAC is LIBERATION!💥 This STORM is powerfully seeking to transform our PLANETARY ABUNDANCE.
BLUE STORM 🌪🌪arrives to set you FREE, breaking the chains that bound you. CAUAC seeks to LIBERATE you from the constraint of karma, necessity, or circumstances in one’s choices or actions.
FREEDOM is an open reality wherein you know that you have a CHOICE in every moment and can exercise your FREE WILL to choose your path. This state of being originates from an innate perception of reality. It is the understanding that you are an ‘actor’, free to play any part at any moment without being attached to it. You work with your life’s ‘scripts’, your attachments and perceptions, in order to free them. From this perspective comes the fullest freedom: learning to live in natural harmony and union with DIVINE WILL.🙏🙏🙏
Governments, Leaders, Rulers and corporations MUST abide by ✨DIVINE LAW✨ and respect the rights and FREEDOM of the people.. This is the new model. Anybody that breaches this will be contravening Universal Law and will NOW be made accountable for their actions and consequences.
The great LIBERTY BELL🔔 is sounding NOW –
The GREAT PURGING is unfolding! 🌀🌪🌧🌀
HIGHER SELF/GUIDE:BLUE GALACTIC NIGHT 🌃 AKBAL works synergistically with CAUAC to LIBERATE you from your unconscious blocks and constraining patterns. You can dive deep into the abyss and continue to PURGE all those FEARS, that have built up a dam wall to the free flowing abundance. Clearing all the LACK and scare-city programs from your past experience both personally and collectively. This marries beautifully with the 12/3 day code which gives you the wisdom to LEARN from what held you back and restricted you in the past.
✨It is TIME to KNOW in the core of our being that COLLECTIVE ABUNDANCE💰🌞 is our BIRTHRIGHT and the natural harmonic order of the Universe. ✨✨✨
It is TIME for EQUITABLE ABUNDANCE💰💰💰 on our bountiful planet. No longer will we tolerate the hoarding of money, GOLD, resources and wealth by the 1%, who have bleeded the masses dry through their global dominance of financial systems. Unethical and manipulative means of acquiring wealth at the expense and downfall of others, will not succeed..
✨The NEW Quantum Financial System✨ recognizes the LIGHT💡 and PURE INTENTION❤ within souls – it can read your level of consciousness. Those that are aligned with the greater good and seek to benefit others, will be well rewarded and funded for their humanitarian projects. Those who continue in Service to Self will find their supply cut short as their resources run dry..
✨💞✨This is the new MODEL – when our intent is pure – we ALL prosper – with HARM TO NONE! ✨✨✨
AKBAL as the higher guide to the GALACTIC STORM today, represents the GENIE who is bringing you the POT of GOLD 💰 at the end of the RAINBOW🌈.. GALACTIC AKBAL enables you to CLEAR the unworthiness and mental constraints so that you can FREELY claim your inheritance and REWARDS.
Take down these false walls and step into the GARDEN of EDEN. Our NEW state of being is ABUNDANTIA and collective prosperity draws closer each day..The new QFS – Quantum Financial System is fairer and equitable with true ABUNDANCE for ALL!
🍇🍎🍉🍐🍑🍓🌽GODDESS ABUNDANTIA =the Roman Goddess of ABUNDANCE 💰💰💰who holds the Cornucopia: the horn of plenty is ready to be of Heavenly Assistance today.
✨✨✨PRAYER to GODDESS ABUNDANTIA for Abundance & Prosperity
“Beautiful Abundantia, I desire to be confident and filled with faith that my supply is already met in all ways. ✨💰🌞✨
✨I SURRENDER and CLEAR any blocks or impediments to my continuous flow of Heavenly Abundance.
✨I am now OPEN to receive all forms of abundance, from expected and unexpected sources, trusting that I am always supported by Heaven.
✨ I now OPEN my arms so that Heaven may easily help me. Thank you for all of your guidance, gifts, and protection. Divine Gratitude for everything that I have and will graciously receive. I AM truly grateful 🙏🙏🙏
✨I AM ABUNDANT, joyful and fulfilled.
✨I LET GO and allow the DIVINE to meet all my Earthly needs, now and in the future.
And so it is x3 AMEN, Thankyou, thankyou, thankyou!” 🙏🙏🙏🌟🌟🌟
SUPPORT: YELLOW GALACTIC SUN🌞 AHAU the GALACTIC🌞 SUN reminds us that to be a truly en-LIGHT-ON-ed✨🌞✨ being, we must be HONOURABLE and transparent, in our motives, actions and thoughts. No more false GODS or GURU worship. We need to walk our talk as the true Sovereign LEADERS and role models of New Earth.
As we evolve to telepathic and fully empathic souls, everything will be totally ILLUMINATED💡 for all to SEE and SENSE. There will be nowhere to hide in the shadows. What you ARE inside is what will be revealed, so very quickly all will come into alignment with their true DIVINITY.
AHAU guides us today to MODEL the truly illumined MIND, that is guided by the desire to co-create with other bright minds, in order to expand and awaken to full Divine consciousness.
OCCULT/HIDDEN POWER: WHITE RHYTHMIC WIND 🌬🍃 IK brings forth the messages from Spirit, to guide you in what needs shifting, clearing and transforming.
The RHYTHMIC WIND is today’s SUPERPOWER, assisting us in organizing our MINDS, and physical environment to create BALANCE, and reflect greater EQUALITY. The GALACTIC tone is very focused on EQUALITY.. so the White Wind works synergistically, to create this fairness and equitable distribution of energy, resources and wealth, bringing FAIRNESS to all, and greater harmony to our communities.
The WHITE WIND represents the BREATH of GOD,🌬 so use your breath today to release stagnation and old energies in your chakras and cells.We have a 3.3. portal code today.. so the HOLY SPIRIT is taking FLIGHT. Become a hollow vessel for Spirit to flow through you. A great day for yoga, dancing, breath work, singing, mantras and channeling, in order to harmonize your body, mind and soul!
CHALLENGE/GIFT: RED GALACTIC MOON 👸– MULUC the GODDESS challenges us today to harmonize our MINDS, through allowing the FLOW of pure awakened consciousness to stream through us. Connecting to our psychic MIND and intuitive abilities. Being OPEN to receive both the flow of messages from Spirit and the flow of gifts and Abundance. 💰🌞✨
Mumma GODDESS is blessing her children today. OPEN your ARMS and your HEARTS to receive her blessing. IT IS DONE 🙏❤🙏❤
Today’s question is “What do I need to RELEASE in order to catalyze more energy, allowing ABUNDANCE to flow freely?”
Divine blessings for the STUPENDOUS flow of infinite goodies today! Let’s tear down those dam walls and let the Universal Waters flow…🌊🌊🌊💰✨💰✨
Namaste’ 🙏❤🙏❤🙏
In Lak’ech a la kin
Christina White Magnetic Worldbridger – KIN 66 🌏🌈




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Pink Heart of Blessings Decree 💗

Beloved Presence of God that I AM in my heart and beloved Archangel Chamuel, flood me with your Pink Flame of Love and Worship of God and Life for all the gifts and opportunities I receive daily in the fulfillment of my Divine Plan. I AM the Pink Flame of Love flowing from my heart to the Heart of the Great Central Sun, to the Heart of all Ascended Masters and to the Heart of all Cosmic Beings of Light. I AM the Pink Ray that blesses Mother Earth for the opportunity to be here and to experience Life. I AM an Overflowing Pink Heart always blessing everyone and everything I come into contact with.
I AM that I AM! (3)
The Mighty Presence of Love here in action!
Pink Heart of Blessings Decree
Pink Heart of Blessings Decree


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