Being Present

“Being Present Has Nothing to Do With Time”

Being Present is a state of consciousness.
It has nothing to do with time.

Being present in the now moment is the eternal flow of pure being, that knows itself only as that.
What is related to time and is not yet consciously hooked up fully to the eternal as holy union ~ is karma and its deeply entrenched energy responses held as memory in the subconscious mind, in the blueprint and in cellular consciousness. DNA.
This may be referred to as garbage held onto, preparing itself for recycling. This is what takes place through reincarnation.
One may consciously begin to enter the path of recycling this garbage (baggage carried over lifetime to lifetime) through being honest with oneself.
Through observing all thoughts and actions.
Through facing those areas of fear within ones consciousness.
Through uniting with the observer and releasing attachment to the “ONE” immersed in drama, fear, pain and separation. In other words, releasing attachment to the one who wants to hold on to the garbage.
One continues on this path of integrating the observer by relinquishing all resistance to facing THIS truth.
That is to say, you allow all to be witnessed through the observer, NO matter what the “resistant self” has to say about it.
Because like a loving parent to yourself, you know that all that is great for you eternally, may not always be what feels like fun to the attachment and resistance BEING called out and observed.
So what aspect of consciousness are you playing out, you may ask yourself. And which voice answers?
In those dark recesses of the hidden, lay beautiful gems of light, when opened without resistance or attachment, you find the treasure.
As this openness and acceptance of what is, that one is afraid to see, is SEEN, through the eyes of the observer, melts it into love.
Recycled energy as once the garbage of limitation and heavy weight being carried around. Becomes the crown of Glory ~ who knew?
And here we are.
WE activate you now, in love, as the holy guardian angel embraces its presence, so too the embodiment of Glory is inescapable ~ to all that SEE.
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In love,
L’Aura Pleiadian

Elizabeth Peru

THE 5D NEW EARTH & SELF-LOVE…It seems to me, that as we become ever more immersed with the fifth dimensional frequency on Earth, that the NEED to LOVE who we are, as we are is becoming an exceptional call. Self-love as a concept is nothing NEW, but self-love that carries with it SELF-RESPONSIBILITY, now that is of the highest order.

If you’re taking your frustrations or seeming inadequacies out on others, STOP. Consider that you’re actually sending that energy back to yourself. As an aware, conscious being of the light – YOU know better – so act that way…
THE NEXT 24 HOURS: COSMIC ENERGY SHIFT, OK, have you noticed that all of your work, growth and LESSONS of the past 4 weeks (since the second Super New Moon of 2019) are now bearing FRUIT? 2019 may have seemed challenging (thus far) but with good reason – we’re in full prep mode for 2020 – and our maturity will be a necessity…

Over the coming 24 hours, there IS a positive way to handle this and I’ve detailed for you, how 💖

Last Friday, I reported that Earth’s resonant heart beat (The Schumann resonance) SHOT up to 99Hz – we’re nearly cycling at 100Hz now (compared to base level of 7.83Hz). This coincided with the #FridaysForFuture rallies all across the globe, as millions of souls came together for Earth’s future. This is a true outcropping and direct reflection of the NEW Earth 5D energy template, now well underway…

This Friday, with further rallies, we can see the resonance soar high again, given that this weekend, it’s also the final Super New Moon for 2019. As electrical beings of the light, see the evidence right in front of us, that when we come together As ONE – with heartfelt intent, we can shift Earth and the entire cosmos, onto a positive wave.
In a few hours from NOW, I’ll be publishing the ALL-NEW Tip-Off Global Energy Forecast for the next 7-days. Make sure that you have a good read or listen to me speaking the forecasts. As we move into October, your VISIONARY powers are going to be on fire. Let’s use them wisely…
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Dreamspell Journey by Valum Votan & Bolon Ik

Day 10: Manifest Challenge

KIN 75: Blue Planetary Eagle

I perfect in order to create
Producing mind
I seal the output of vision
With the planetary tone of manifestation
I am guided by the power of abundance
I am a polar kin, I extend the blue galactic spectrum
Harmonic 19: Spectral Output
Express intelligence of liberation
* Journey:
– Tzolkin: Day 75. Column 4 of the Solar Dragon.
– Wavespell of the White WorldBridger: Day 10.
– Planetary Chamber (Tone 10): Manifest Challenge.
– White Northern Castle of Crossing: Court of Death.
– Galactic Season of the Eagle: Blue Sky. Power of Vision.
* Kin Synthesis: 10 Eagle
Solar Seal 15 = Eagle
– Action: Create
– Essence: Mind
– Power: Vision
Galactic Tone 10 = Planetary
– Function: Manifestation
– Creative Power: Perfect
– Action: Produce
* Oracle:
– Guide: 10 Night (Kin 23)
– Analog: 10 Seed (Kin 244)
– Antipode: 10 Serpent (Kin 205)
– Occult: 4 WorldBridger (Kin 186)
* Root Race:
– Blue Family of the Blue Root Race.
– The Transformers. Key note: Abundance.
– Blue Members: Night, Hand, Monkey, Eagle, Storm
* Earth Family:
– Polar Family: Sound the Chromatics.
– Members: Yellow Sun, Red Serpent, White Dog, Blue Eagle.
* Chromatic Clan:
– Blue Sky Clan.
– Position: Crown. Action: Receive.
* RealTime:
Original Sacred Count of the Maya.
– 3 Muluk = 3 Moon, Kin 29
– Muluk = Water, Jade, Offering, Water Animals
– Trecena of Manik’ = Hand Wavespell

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  1. Sandy Bella

    I’m very connected to Ashtar Sheran (Osiris) over last 20 hours. I reconnected with the Giant Yellow Andara Crystal again yesterday evening and last night when I went to bed, I was inside the Giant Yellow Andara with Ashtar Sheran. It was healing – not all comfortable though. Osiris is with me and I’m able to still access the Yellow Andara to rest in right now to aide my Healing. I’m so strongly connected with him. My body feels like a Lump of Lead.

  2. Sandy Bella

    Holy Union

  3. Dr. Schavi M. Ali

    The original name of the Greek term “Osiris” is ” Asar” in the ancient Kemetic (Egyptian) language of “Medu Neter” ( “Sacred Speech”) which Greeks called “Heiroglyphics” which translates as “Word Pictures”. Asar was married to “Aset” ( “Isis” in Greek), and their son was “Heru” ( “Horus” in Greek). “Asar” translates as “remembered” and as “resurrected”. “Aset” translates as “Throne”. “Heru” translates as “Day of the Hero”. How wonderful that connections are being made to these ancient “Neteru” ( “Divine Forces of Nature”)! One of the most sacred holy books of ancient Kemet was the PER EM HERU which translates as “Book of Coming Forth By Day”. May all of creation’s DNA come forth crystallized with SOURCE LIGHT and all cellular records be resurrected with Divine Truth. Blessings to Everyone as we head into the New Moon on September 28th!

  4. Sandy Bella

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