Ashtar:  “Is There Something More You Can Do?”

Ashtar On The Road Teleconference – July 26, 2016

“Greetings, Beloved Ones!  So much news – so much to uplift everyone -so much LoveLight energy coming in to Planet Earth to assist in your upliftment!  So I am here with you now to encourage you in every way to be a participant, to step up and answer the call.  Welcome the LoveLight energies coming in!  Add them to your own.  Empower yourselves with it and then it is the moment, as you measure time, for each and every one to say, ‘Is there something more that I can do to assist and facilitate?’
“You have seen an event.  I’m not talking about what you might call ‘the spectacle’ of the democratic convention.  You have seen an event of three* who occupy human bodies and yet are bringing so much LoveLight that you cannot help but feel that they, too, are masters, teachers, ambassadors, whatever you want to call it – the next President** of the United States of America is entirely appropriate!
“And it is no accident that she is a woman, because it is to bring into balance that institution which has too long been represented by the masculine energy.   It is only two presidents in your most recent past – three, we shall say – who have had the compassion, the love of the people they serve, indeed all of the Kingdoms they serve in the country of the United States of America to enable themselves to express from both their feminine and masculine sides!
“I am referring, of course, to Presidents John Fitzgerald Kennedy, Jimmy Carter and Barack dolphinworldObama.  The others were hand-in-glove with the ones whom I call the ‘dark hats.’  You know, I used to call them the ‘naughties’ and it was brought to my attention by this Voice that ‘naughty’ had a bit of a connotation – even though it was well understood that it was an abbreviation for ‘illumi-naughties’ – just perhaps a little shorter to hear and for me to say the word.  But, it might be construed to be judgmental. Even though I have never shied from acknowledging that their deeds have been motivated by low vibrational third dimensional programs, attitudes and, yes, some AI running, I still see them through the eyes of High Dimensional Compassion, Love, Forgiveness and Gratitude!!!  
“Look what you’ve learned!  Most of you – even if you were embodied then – you don’t have a lot of memories as far back as your World War II.  You may have seen World War I depicted.  It has become a rather popular subject in your entertainment media, but it tells Truth of the horrors of war.It shows how the women had to step up and into men’s jobs.
“But after that war there was a great sentiment Worldwide for women to ‘get back into their places,’ and the idea of a woman president was unheard of.  Even though there are women presidents and prime ministers and leaders of countries all over the World, the United States of American has been held tightly in the grasp of the ones I now call the dark hats – so as not to confuse anyone by casting a judgment out there in my messages -until now!
“It’s all changing, and it’s changing so fast that you just need to be prepared for whatever happens next.  And by that I mean greet it with an open Heart!  Greet it from the High Dimensional Perspective of Love, and know that everything is in Divine Order – even when these three individuals now so much in the spotlight,  Michelle, of course, Bernie and Elizabeth* – seem to be in accordance, marching in step, with what is being represented as the way things are, and the wave of the future, and so on, and so on.  Well, DON’T BUY INTO IT!!!
“And if you want to do something, then be a part of the changes!!! If you have been sitting back, waiting for someone else to do it – whatever it is, whether it is to learn a new healing modality, to bless your neighbor with some food that your neighbor could not otherwise afford, to send the LoveLight to the leaders who truly want enlightenment for everyone, whatever it is – support with your Hearts, in meditations and prayers with your minds, in asking yourselves, ‘What more can I do?’  And then getting the answers from your Hearts because that’s where your passion is!  That is where – when your Heart is connected with your Higher Self – that is where you find out what you’re really here to do!!!
“Now, you all know, you’re here to be Lightworkers.  If you’ve been hesitating because it’s raining outside, or you don’t have the energy, or whatever – give yourselves a little push of additional LoveLight.  Bring in more!  Energize yourselves and get with it!  Be a part of this grand, Worldwide movement which is, in its essence, all based in Love, Compassion, Forgiveness and Gratitude, and of course, which is bringing into Harmony the Divine Feminine and the Divine Masculine – and which is coming into the Golden Age so that it is no longer a place of violence, of war, of settling whatever differences there might be by escalating them into major disputes, conflicts and erupting into battles and wars, and so on, and so on.
THERE IS NOT GOING TO BE A WORLD WAR III, NOT AT ALL!!!  The technology is already here.  Dr. Keshe has it, President Putin has it, President Obama knows about it and knows where he can access it, even if there are those who are still pushing him, and pushing him to drop a nuke or two.  Yes, this is true!  You see, it is in destruction that the dark hats are able to continue.They turn people against each other.  That is why we are asking that you send LoveLight to all, even – even to the one you call ‘The Donald,’ and to Hillary, and to all of them.  They are so afraid of being unmasked, as it were – and yet they are!
“You remember the story about the emperor whose clever advisor suggested that he was dressed in the finest garments of all which, of course, he thought hid his physical features.  And he went out to march in a parade, or be in a parade – and he had no clothes on.  But he was so deluded that he thought that he was all covered up.
“Well! What are these – and I will say Beloved Ones – if not deluded?  They aren’t wearing any clothes!  They have no more rocks to hide under.The rocks are sending them back out! Mother Gaia says, ‘No, no, no, no!  We’re not going to hide you and your dark deeds any longer.  You are being put into the Light, the Light of Disclosure!’  And it is not an unloving one.It is a Light that says, ‘Well, thank you for showing us your true intentions and who you truly are, what you’re truly about, and this agenda that you have to keep the World perpetually involved in some kind of war,’ and so on and so on.
“And meanwhile, of course, you all know all about their other nefarious dealings, and they are nefarious, I shall say that!  I do not need to call a person ‘evil’ to say that they have done something that is evil in nature.  That’s another way of saying real low vibe 3D, out of integrity completely, thinking only of themselves, hidden agendas that some of them have never even been aware of!  They have been so programmed by others who wanted to keep this agenda going, this divisiveness, this separation, this violence, and yes, even to the point of regarding the majority of the World’s Humanity as ‘expendable’!
“They are scared.  They are starting to understand that they are seen for who they really are, and there is no place they can hideanymore!!!  They can’t leave the Planet.  We have it blockaded.The underground bases are almost gone, almost taken over.They’re even having trouble scurrying to the last of them in Antarctica because we have blockades, energy blockades.Nobody has to be hurt or killed.  We can do it all with energy!
“And remember, you’ve got 20 million Militia.  You’ve got the White Knights, and they all have light sabers to defend themselves – if somebody does manage to get through the energy fields.  So, it’s all about protection.  You may have seen some explosions in the sky, somewhat like fireworks.  Those are the dark hats ships hitting our energy fields.  They explode on impact and we don’t do anything to harm them directly – we don’t shoot them down.  It’s not about shooting them down!!!  It’s about the fact that they know what’s there.  It isn’t that we don’t tell them – we do!
“We are into total open and full disclosure!  Believe me, they know everything.  We share!  We share with all of them.  If they choose to not take us at our word, if they choose to still try to get through our energy shields or blockades, that’s their choice that they make.
“Everyone has a choice.  This is the Planet of free will.  That is why I am asking you to choose the Light and to choose for yourselves the High Road, the Path to the Golden Age, the Path to Ascension!  I am further asking you to choose for the rest of the World to get there with you.  That’s what I’m talking about here!   I’m saying, ‘WHAT CAN YOU DO?’  Can you tell someone about NESARA?  Perhaps you have a neighbor who is concerned about whether they can pay their mortgage.  Well, you could tell them about NESARA – but you could also tell them that for now the law is the way it is, and they need to find a way to be in integrity with it if they possibly can, because there is no timeframe.  Well, there is, but we cannot say anything except ‘NO DATES!’  We cannot tell you when NESARA will be announced.You’ve heard ‘soon’ on this call,very soon!!!***
“NESARA will be announced upon certain security measures being fully in place.  We found out on 9-11 that we needed to have more security measures in place, and we are doing it now by disabling, and disempowering  and putting the Light on all of the darkness – including the lies and the propaganda that you’ve been told.  I can tell you about a couple of other groups besides politicians who are very much in terror now.How about those banksters-the ones who have been playing various forms of shell games, and stealing, and so on and so on?  They’re scared!  You bet they’re scared!
“And how about the news reporters who are spreading the propaganda?  It’s not happening anywhere as much as it is in the United States of America!!!  I promise you that!  Even more Truth is leaking into the media in Canada, which pretty much goes along with the United States of America.  But they have a new Prime Minister, and there’s a lot more Light coming in there!
“There is an old song – I am very fond of it.  Sekhmet is stepping up and volunteering to sing it.We shall not allow that particular experience for everyone, but just suffice it to say that if you are interested in knowing, or reviewing it, or hearing it again, it is called ‘The Times They Are A’Changin’.****  Now this is a song that came out in the 1960’s and it is more relevant today than it has ever been!  And you can take my word for that!
“But all of the ones – the Militia, the Ashtar Command, the Wingmakers, the Ambassadors here from so many different planets and star systems, even galaxies – we know!  The Angels know, Mother Gaia knows, everyone knows!  So we ask you to step up on behalf of Humanity.  Be specific in your focus, bring in the LoveLight and then do whatever you can do to empower this coming together of all of Humanity, in the Higher levels of consciousness where there is Truth for all to see and hear and know, but it is Truth which is overlaid with the Love and all that the Love creates!!!
“And see for yourselves this grand coming together, this grand evolvement and upliftment, and be among the leaders of the Lightworkers in doing whatever it is that you have passion to do -and I will congratulate you for already doing it!  And I am only suggesting that you see if there is one more little thing that you might do – and of course, if you haven’t done anything yet, you might ask what one thing you could initiate for yourselves!
“This is, above all else, a celebration of YOU, Beloved Ones, and all that you have accomplished, because if it weren’t for you, we would not be able to be here doing what we’re doing!!!  So take it as a ‘Thank You’, a ‘Congratulations,’  and just give your support to that which is going on in this now-moment – and that which you are helping to bring forth in the next, and the next, and the next.  Because even though there is no time where I am, I observe it on Planet Earth, and I can assure you, Beloved Ones, everything is happening NOWand SOON, VERY SOON!!!
“So thank you for being with us.  It is with such Joy that we come together with you and we see even more Joy – unlimited, infinite and High Dimensional on the Path ahead for those of you who are choosingto enter into the Golden Age.  And we see that you are!And so it is.  Salut!”

*   From Tara and Rama’s 7-26-16

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