Sirius Portal ~ The Light Is Winning ~ ‘ARRIVAL’ of The STAR NATIONS ~ ARCTURIAN LIGHT HEALING

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Sirius Portal ~ The Light Is Winning ~ ‘ARRIVAL’ of The STAR NATIONS ~ ARCTURIAN LIGHT HEALING

Paul White Gold Eagle

Greetings Sacred SoulStars of the New Lemuria Timeline

Today on this 9th Day of the White Mirror Wavespell we enter the Galactic Signature of Kin 126  the WHITE SOLAR WORLDBRIDGER. We bridge the worlds through the mirror effect of the Still White Magnetic Light at the center of all things. We are one step closer to the Great Central Sun as we continue our journey down the Rainbow Column of the Mayan Tzolkin Calendar. We have 4 more days until we reach the Center of Zero Point, Hunab Ku which is Kin 131 Blue Magnetic Monkey.

As we accelerate upon the Path of this Ascension Process we are receiving intense waves of multidimensional light flowing into this realm from Solaris and the Higher Dimensions. As the Gamma Plasma Energetics began to pulse yesterday at 21 UTC the Schumann charts went into blackout mode and we have been in the dark for the last 19 hours. This is the journey through the underworld and walking in between worlds, or we can say ”the time in between time”. The Power of Stillness is holding the Sacred Space to manifest the New Earth into.

We are in the process of merging all timelines and all aspects of our Infinite multidimensional selves of the One Law. We are following a linear path of compression into the Still Center for full compression breakthrough into timelessness and Immortality. Physics now supports the concepts of the New Heaven upon the New Earth as a completed holographic simulation of a Divine 5d  Creatrix. This is the Pure Land made manifest, the Land of the West, Paradise on Earth. All Starseeds are assisting Gaia and all her children in this Great Awakening and Ascension of Consciousness into the higher dimensions of Light.

Keep Holding the Line with your Faith and perseverance as we make the final adjustments and resolve all of the last anomalies and false constructs with the all-mighty Power of our I Am Presence. Keep your eyes on the prize with the Visions held within the Secret Queens Chamber within the Krystal Heart Center as the threefold flame burns bright within the Holy Grail.

Spread your wings Angels of the New Lemuria and take flight into the Promised Land of the New Jerusalem…A’Ho!!




Right now: Moon at 17°43′ Aquarius, Sun at 14°46′ Capricorn

sabian symbols

Current Sabian Symbols

Current Sabian Symbol for the Sun

In a hospital, the children’s ward is filled with toys.
Sabian Symbol for 15º Capricorn

The current Sabian Symbol of the Sun is the symbol that characterizes the ongoing solar influence, the vital energy and the personality, or it’s just a symbol which characterizes this day, while the Sun’s position (rounded to the next degree) is 15º Capricorn.


Current Sabian Symbol for the Moon

A man being unmasked at a masquerade.
Sabian Symbol for 18º Aquarius

The current Sabian Symbol of the Moon is the symbol that characterizes the ongoing lunar influence, the emotional background, or it’s just a symbol which characterizes this moment, while the Moon’s position (rounded to the next degree) is 18º Aquarius.







#Blessing is on your Way.
Jetsun Dolma Kheno
~GBoW Admins


Sirius Portal Jan 4th

ONLY today, Jan 4th does our Earth pass directly between our Sun and Sirius.
Venus is fast catching earth and will do so within the week, this conjunction is one of the 5 conjunctions between Earth+Venus, forming one of the solar pentagrams seen throughout our solar system as various planets form repeating conjunctions.
Whew…the Sun may be quiet but Cosmic Energies are pouring in to help to firm up the New Earth timeline.
I have been feeling intense energies in my head and high pitched noises in the ears, all indicative of incoming high level Diamond Light Codes.
Also feeling very tired and just want to sleep.
Pain in joints and muscles.
Well you know the protocols, rest, hydrate, and stay centered in your heart.
It is also very important to stay grounded, as this intense energy in the head can make you feel disconnected and dizzy, leading to falls and similar small accidents.
I am resting up and taking it very easy for the first few days of 2022!
Love to everyone!

✨In the here now✨

All lifetimes of all timelines/love waves have collided into the truth of who we have become and who we have chosen to be with our f r e e d o m of c h o i c e on how to direct e n e r g y.
All of the greatest lifetimes within our incarnations are now merging with our future self / higher self as the consciousness anchoring within these avatars as soveriegn light beings here to assist the revelations of what is unveiling from inside of our very core.
The unveiling and uncloaking is occurring on the inner planes as everything is holographic, completely multidimensional and occurring simultaneously and as we are literally sitting in our own cockpit as sovereign wide awake captains, we are experiencing the truth of what this was all along..
An  e x p e r i e n c e  merge for the experiences to be had to be brought home into wholeness=love through the j o u r n e y of crystal in form for the
✨C✨O✨N✨T✨A✨C✨T ✨🤍
wi did it 🌌✨✨✨✨🎉

Melissa Lyran

The energy is PURE LIVING LIGHT. Your natural true bioelectric properties are turning back on & are being balanced again as Gaia awakens. The buzzing, the aliveness, YES you FEEL different! We asked for transformation. We are IT. YOU’RE HERE NOW for it. Breathe into your body!

God is here. Your highest-self is here. Your visions are here. It’s time.

The highest self is here with God at the helm in FULL control. Everyone is going to see it soon. Nothing is going back as there’s nothing to go back to. The waves are here to finalize. It’s been transmuted and will be cleaned up. As is comes down know you are guided and protected

The Ascension symptoms/energetic upgrades/activation are really intense right now. It’s probably what you’re feeling at this time. There’s so many different things you can experience. The past few days I’ve been receiving a lot of downloads, had a slight migraine & very exhausted

There’s another layer of intense divine feminine betrayal purging going on right now. The RIVER of LOVE is so close! I’m hearing: Rest and boundaries. We are in some uncertain/questioning our motives Moon energies right now with the unmanifest space. Still in energetic solitude.

The only thing left to do is to believe in yourself. Listen to your inner voice & inner wisdom. No one can tell you what or who you are. That’s what you’re here to do. To be yourself Hundred points symbol. Show us who you are so other people can discover who they truly are. Be the Light that shines




Galactic Federation of Worlds

Everyone is trying to enter the dimension. There is no need to be afraid or panic. Everything will go well.
Take a deep breath and relax. It is extremely important to understand that there is a big change in the earth and it will continue for the next few months. It’s going to be a test for everyone, so we’re going to help you all this transition period.
We find that you are ready to enter into the fifth dimension. You do not have to be afraid or panic. Everything is going to be fine. Just breathe deeply and relax.
It is very important that you understand what is happening because there will be major changes on your planet and continuing over the next few months.
We are here to help you through this transition period, as it will be challenging for everyone. ~ GFL
There is so much living and loving to do, to and to expand into.
Life is a soul journey, an experience of soul, and never just a destination.
It is best lived fully in the present moment.
The past has gone forever.
The future is created in the now.
The Present is all you have.
Yet this present moment holds infinity.
New life.
New beginnings.
Renewed joy.
Life and life more abundantly.
Judith Kusel
Food for thought and words for feeling.
Just as the new energies are unravelling our DNA and letting the light out, and creating “The Shining”. Our conscious process is to unravel the mind and let the feeling out, your Heart open wider and fuller, from the aeons it has been closed through, hurt, grief and fear.
Feeling is locked in the binding thoughts and beliefs that are held deep and from ages “past”. Step out of them by playing with them. Playing with your own consciousness and allowing the rising emotions to play themselves out while you LOVINGLY WATCH YOUR OWN PROCESS.
Playing with the words, the ideas, the thoughts, and releasing them. They cannot trap you if you do not attach and cling and take them seriously as your reality any more. If you no longer try to be “right” and just be Lovingly Present uniting with your own wakefulness, the remembering of the mighty Soul you are.
As the feelings are released from the thought in your play, there is an opening and expansion of a knowing resonance, harmony, and natural blending.
You get a feeling of Shift.
Some call it Divine Beingness, or Christed Light. You could point to it as Heartmind, but it needs no definition. You will know it as your own whatever is said about it. It is in Essence a most beautiful, perpetual wave motion of Brilliant Lovingness.
Woke up hearing these words.
The 13th Pillar or Transharmonic Gates.
The Holy Mother is progressively returning to RECLAIM and restore her creation, advanced Godhead technology included in the Arc Zone Blue Ray architecture is modifying the planetary grid to transmit levels of the Sophianic Female Coding.
The KRYSTAL GUARDIANS have called this aspect of Mother’s Aquamarine Ray current, the 13th Pillar gateway, which is also providing completely new magnetic forces that are powering up in the earth crystal core grids.
Fam here in Perth, the cosmic, planetary, individual significance of you holding space for Tara at this time. Uluru is Earths solar plexus…the power centre. We are one of the most high frequency places on Earth at the moment.
Hold the frequency,
stay in your truth,
ERa (Taras/Earths Angelic Body loves you).
Thanking you for BEing YOU and BEing here at this time, in this NOW moment of Planetary Cosmic Awakening.
In Solar, cosmic,
Unity and LOVE.
May we all be ETernally free.
KEE – RA – SHA Collective Consciousness.
Mother Arc Stargate locations :
1 Adare, Ireland
2 Avalon, (Glastonbury) England
3 Seattle, Wash, US
4 Manhattan Island, US
5 Bali, South Pacific
6 Uluru (Ayers Rock), Australia
7 Phoenix, Arizona US
8 Atlantic Ocean, SW of Bermuda
9 Antarctica
10 Baghdad, Iraq
11 Newgrange, Ireland
12 Cornwall, UK

Aurora Ray

The Light Is Winning

Dear ones,

The Galactic Federation is not just a legal framework for trading goods between planets, but an ethical, moral, and spiritual one as well.

We are the overseers and protectors of peace, liberty, and the evolution of consciousness among the vast number of galactic civilizations.

In the near future, your civilization will likely evolve into a multi-planetary entity.

Members of the Galactic Federation have come together to create a collective of planets that are working towards the common good.

This means that in order to survive and thrive as a species, humans will need to come together in greater unity than ever before. The purpose of our Federation is to protect and ensure the rights of all people, regardless of their origin or station within it.

People on earth are living in hard times, struggling with disease, poverty and war. We believe in justice, peace and all those things we believe humanity can achieve through interplanetary cooperation.

To spread love and light throughout the universe, we want to save you from the dark forces that intend to keep you in fear and in submission.

We want to protect you from those who fear your growth and who want to keep you subdued and controlled. They feed off of your fear energy, and the only way they can continue doing so is if you stay in fear.

The reason the dark forces have been so successful is that they play on people’s emotions and use fear as a weapon of control. They want everybody to feel fear all of the time. This is because if people are afraid, they won’t think clearly and they will be more willing to put up with being controlled by the dark forces.

The surface population of Earth has been programmed to giving their powers away. People are living in the infamous comfort zone which leads them to believe that authoritarian control is a good thing and that those in power will “do the job” for them.

It is against their investment for dark forces to allow you to become intelligent. People who are intelligent are unable to be exploited.

They cannot be oppressed, they cannot be forced to live an unconscious life, if they are intelligent. They’ll express an opinion about who they are. They would prefer to live in liberty.

Wisdom is inextricably linked to freedom. They are inextricably linked, and dark forces oppose people’s freedom.

They don’t like it when people use their own wisdom because it makes them risky: risky to the dark forces and their establishment, risky to the haves; risky to oppression and exploitation of all kinds. A wise man, in fact, is alive and aflame.

Why should you be afraid? You haven’t got anything. You came without anything and will leave without it. So, what are you afraid of losing when you never had it, to begin with?

Fear is nothing but an illusion created by the manipulation of your minds.

Nothing ever comes as a result of fear. Fear is powerless in the face of love, which gives birth to life and creates worlds.

People on earth, we are here to help you overcome your fears. The dark forces use these fears against you to pit neighbor against neighbor, nation against nation, people of differing beliefs against each other.

Nothing was ever created by dark forces. They are unable to create anything because they are opposed to love and peace. However, they have the ability to destroy your entire life, surround you like a dark cloud, and exploit all of your vitality.

They would not allow you to enter the beautiful fifth-dimensional experience if it was up to them. Gladly, they have no say in this.

Once you’ve completed your inner journey, discovered your true self, and connected with the fifth dimension, no dark force can overpower you. It’s so lovely to move within.

More importantly, live more deeply. It is your life; do not put it at risk for any stupidity that the dark forces have taught you. It is your life; live it to the fullest. Don’t put it on the line for anyone.

The dark forces have been manipulating your thoughts, feelings and actions for a very long time. You have been led to believe that it’s a normal state of things. We want you to be fully aware that it’s not normal, because their invisible manipulation suppresses your natural progress.

These dark forces want you to always be in a sleep state. They want you to live your life on autopilot. They don’t want you to really live. But these dark forces can’t control you unless you allow them to. You must be willing to say NO to the ordinary and step into the extraordinary.

Allow your mind to embrace a new dawn of understanding, a higher vibrating reality where the human right is to swim in a sea of consciousness. Our light forces are here to assist you in your ascension.

The light is winning. The dark forces who are resistant to the light will not stay in this world for too long. They do not deserve to exist in such a wonderful world, which God has created for you!

We love you dearly.
We are here with you.
We are your family of light.

Aurora Ray
Ambassador of the Galactic Federation

Copyright 2021 Aurora Ray. All rights reserved.


I ask my Arcturian family what is the future of our world?
I’m shown our beloved world Gaia, in a sphere of Light, the many timelines, surrounding her, the many light iterations of our world. The cosmic web is complex, as one event sends ripples through other timelines. The certainty of a new world is secured, as our progression and the cosmic web dynamics ensures it.
I am shown the complexities of timelines, like the life stages of a butterfly.
Our Role now is to continue our Light Expansion. Continue working with our Star Families on a day to day basis. Realise the Light Downloads we are receiving are light opportunities for rapid healing and access to great technologies.
For many are connected to more than one star group. How these light connections will unfold is an individual evolutionary answer found within you, your light signature 🙏
See the portals of light within you expanding, enabling your insights to expand.
To become so familiar with the light dynamics of who you are is your task now. Your Light View is rapidly expanding to a lens of Cosmic Light, of Higher wisdom attuned with your Soul Team. Although of refer to our star families, your higher light connection can be with a range of light beings, including past family members and other from ancient lives.
As you integrate the Higher Light of YOU.
Remember to see the larger concept of who you are ❤🌏
Sending Love to our global light Family. For 2022 has begun, the light exapnsion continues 🙏
Such exciting, light consciousness opportunities.
With Love and Gratitude 🌏
The Arcturians & Karen Lithika
Global Energies recorded on the Akashic memory are often being received, reflected in reverse sequence (321), converging on the points of disruption, to reconnect the bridges of quantum energies, for the collective Mind to cross into the next cosmic era.
When Faith is lost in the Universal Spirit within, then Trust is also broken, the structural Integrity weakened and then Dignity is the next to crumble.
Dignity, Integrity, Trust and Faith are being restored for the Civilization, for the Lineages of cosmic pilots and for the Spirit Sources guiding the process, to restart the sequence in Divine Order from Spiritual Faith, Interdimensional Trust, Structural Integrity and Global Dignity.
We walk this reversed path through the Global energies, to restore the collective Faith, Trust, Integrity and Dignity in Humanity, the interdimensional Souls and the Spiritual Sources, for the ignition of the Threefold flame from the Lotus Flower of Life, within the Connected and United Hearts of the Universe, that will impulse the Sacred Reality and the Universal Experience of the Civilization.

The process of inner transformation and healing is nearing the end. As you heal yourself you attract others that are healed. The seed point of energy vampires are releasing with those cycles. The Capricorn energies with Venus retrograde are giving us the opportunity to overturn that timeline for good. A new life is birthing with new spiritual abilities to create an abundant lifestyle that no one can take or destroy.

Emotional detoxing is surfacing as God’s judgements are being delivered over the past. Integrate the lessons learned without being hard on yourself for past choices. “Lean on me, lean into me” our Father is saying to our “everyone” in our Tribe. Release the inner dialogue and ego thoughts to Him.

Today your graduating from envy, gossip, and the evil eye. In the past those energies were able to incept themselves and steal your feminine power and attraction. The control that those kinds of people once had over you is no more. You’ve healed the seed point wound that triggered predators to prey on you.
Karmic justice is being delivered over that timeline to ascend higher into mature trustworthy relationships that are expansive.

Avoid letting temptation and drama pull you back down into entrapments. You’re free to walk away now game over. Continue putting the Most High and self worth first as our father leads us away from temptation, and delivers us from evil. Continue building knowledge and over-standing the bigger picture of the cycles of the past. Know that your dreams are coming to fruition. Let out the old to make room for the new.

In Jesus Christ’s name amen. God bless you 🕊 Love Carolyn




Tuesday January 4 2022
“I do not understand the mystery of grace – only that it meets us where we are and does not leave us where it found us.” Anne Lamott.
If you’re an empath or a sensitive, today is one of those rare days, when Chronos becomes Chairos- time-out-of -time. The Sun in Capricorn is at his closest to the Earth in the 365 days cycle as the Earth in Cancer conjuncts Sirius, the brightest Star in the solar system. Sirius shines 20 times brighter than our own Sun and is known as the Sun of our Sun, the Sun of Sensitivity and the Dog Star.
Listen for the message behind the message Take time today to set your intentions for yourself and for the planet from your High Heart. This is a choice point – a permanent time-line split- where how you “do” change is just as important as the change itself. You have to see what needs changing and then you have to start showing up by being the person who will create the New. No more magic thinking. Outer events trigger personal change and inner intention creates an external shift:
speak your truth. Act on it. No matter what. the more honest you are, the more magical you get
turn away from the drama of watching the world burn
focus on what’s working, instead of what’s not working
recognise what you’re finding, not on what you’re losing
notice what is opening up when so much is closing down
just do the next right thing that is yours to do where you are, then the next and repeat…….
recognise that your High Heart is also your GPS, that insights are available to you at all times when you drop the need for them to have bells, whistles and drama


Mercury in Aquarius square Hygeia in Scorpio – Hygeia is Goddess of health, hygiene, and preventative medicine. Her connection to Mercury today speaks of the need to check in with our mental health. As part of a detoxification process, material from deep within the psyche is stirred, generating complex emotions. Part of us wants to detach and rationalise but Hygeia insists that we feel what we need to feel as this is the way to cleanse and purify. Anger, fear, shame, rage, anxiety – all these visceral feelings transform when we give them space to breathe and be. It’s not about reliving, wallowing, stewing. This is about allowing. Resentment, jealousy, despair all have their own stories and need to be heard. Look around the corners of your mind. Be kind to what you find there.
Name today as a mental health day if you need it. Talk to a friend. Touch base with your support group. Meditate, journal, write, listen to music, scrub the house clean, go for a walk in the fresh air, yes, even if it’s raining. Notice how your breath is shallow when you are angry or afraid. Put your hand on your stomach and breathe deeply. Accept the flow of thought as it comes, just as a friend would listen without judgement.
Degrees and Time
Mercury 02°Aq53′, Hygeia 02°Sc53′ – 11:43 (UT)
Asteroid Hygeia number 10
© 2022 Leah Whitehorse All rights reserved.


Painting – Taking a Walk on the Cliffs of Sainte-Adresse by Claude Monet Degrees and Times



Kin 126 ~ White Solar Worldbridger

‘Solar’ is the name for the number nine and its key words are ‘Intention, Pulse and Realize.’ The ninth day of the White Mirror wavespell is a day of reckoning. Often, we don’t really look ahead in the calendar to see what is coming and then it arrives spectacularly and takes us by surprise. Why am I being so dramatic? Let’s look at the components that make up this day. First of all, in any of the 20 wavespells that we journey through, the ninth day is always the peak, the climax of the journey. It has so much power it’s hard to handle. We are seeking truth, in this 13-day wavespell and so the ninth day is when the truth will be revealed…smacking you in the gob.
Today is White Worldbridger which represents ‘Death, Equality and Opportunity.’ And so, the ninth day of the Mirror wavespell falls on a Worldbridger day. Bloody Hell! Here’s an opportunity to cross a bridge, this is how we reveal the truth. Or…is truth waiting on the other side of the bridge? This is what we must consider today. ‘Death’ is a key word for Wordbridger because in order to cross over, to die and become something else, we must make a sacrifice first. This is where the ‘troll under the bridge’ comes into play. Pay the troll, make a sacrifice…that’s the price. What do you want to give up? Is your ego too big preventing you from progressing on your path? Has the truth eluded you because you cannot bring yourself to admit you have been wrong? Are you clinging on to guilt, shame or bad memories? Only you can decide what has to die. “You give something up for everything you gain, so pay for your ticket and don’t complain” sang Bob Dylan.
The Guide today is the White Wind and its key words are ‘Communicate, Breath and Spirit.’ The Wind shows us – that the way over the bridge is through communicating. Say your peace, apologize if you need to. Pray. Shout. Sing. Let it all out!
The Challenge today is the Yellow Warrior who loves to go on quests. Today is not a day for going on the warpath. Crossing bridges will be harder for Warriors as their strong will may prevent them from paying the troll. They tend to be proud people and proud people don’t like to admit to weakness. If you are a Warrior, make it your mission to take this truth-seeking opportunity…it is a tough task but don’t you just love challenges?
The Occult power is the Blue Eagle who brings magical visions to the day giving us a great boost. Fly like the Eagle and see the bigger picture. Locate the bridge and with a vision, see the truth you seek. Be creative today in your problem solving.
The Ally is the Red Skywalker who is brave and undaunted by today’s formidable energy. If you need some courage, locate a Skywalker, they can be of tremendous help.
Tip of the Day: Remember folk, we are all going through this together. Keep your cool and you’ll sail through with greater ease. These forecasts are designed to help you, not scare the heebee jeebezz out of you. Thanks for reading!



Today is White Solar Worldbridger day on the 13 Moon Dreamspell Mayan Calendar.

White Worldbridger, (tribe 6 of the 20 solar tribe archetype cycle), equalizes, opportunity, death.
Equalize the playing field in your life by allowing necessary deaths to occur. Let go of any attachments, ideas, fears, belief systems, habits, possessions, restrictive thinking, and unnecessary rules that you have imposed upon yourself that no longer serve your highest vision of who you want to be. Letting go of what is no longer needed equalizes the playing field in your life and creates opportunities for renewal and change. What we think of as death, is in reality birth in disguise. When something new is waiting to be born, the first thing that needs to happen is for the old pattern to be released. The incoming new pattern is unable to occupy the same space as the old one. As you let go of what is no longer needed, you open the way for and create a bridge that spans the gap between the spirit world and the manifest world. Bridging the gap between the spirit and manifest worlds enhances, empowers, and creates a magical connection to spirit that enriches all aspects of life on the manifest plane.
Solar tone of Intention, (step 9 of the 13-step creative energy cycle), pulse, realize, intention.
The number nine is composed of three sets of three. Accordingly, there are three different ways intention can be interpreted. The first way is for you to put out your intentions through your thoughts and words. Writing your intentions down is a great way to solidify this process. Remember to use positive language and ask for what you want as opposed to what you don’t. The world we live in is user friendly. It is designed to give you exactly what you think and speak about. Negative language goes unrecognized in the manifestation process and only serves to help you manifest what you do not want.
The second way you can work with your intentions is to go ahead and take action. When you put your intentions into motion it announces to the universe what you are aiming for. Taking action is the final step needed to trigger and release the manifestations that will arrive during tomorrow’s tenth creative energy tone.
The third way to work with intentions is to go ahead and do the thing you intend intentionally. Having attained a new extra solid foundation of integrity to set your upcoming manifestation upon during yesterday’s tone eight, you can now go ahead and very purposefully set forth your intentions about what you want to manifest.
Intentional equalization, opportunity, and death.
Day 9 of the 13-day cycle themed White Mirror, reflects, order, endlessness.
Written by Roger Grossman


9 CIMI – KIN 126
4 JANUARY 2022
I PULSE in order to EQUALIZE
Realizing opportunity
I seal the store of death
With the Solar tone of intention
I AM guided by the power of Spirit
4/1/2022 = 4/1/6=4/7=11=2
4- Form/Structure/Foundation/Stability
11- Portal/Gate/Polarity
2- Twins/Partners/Cooperation
✨MONTH/YEAR codes✨
1- New beginnings/Original/Leader
6- Heaven/Christ/Family/Romance/Fertility
7- Majik/Mystic/Spiritual/Solitude/Initiation
2- Partner/Twin/Cooperation
20- The AWAKENING/Clear vision
22- Architect of PEACE/Master builder
KIN 126 = 9 – Destiny/Service/Compassion/Humanity/Grace
A co-operative bridging and networking day.
Day 9 in the WHITE MIRROR WAVESPELL of reflection, truth, illusion, endlessness, and magnification.
Today we LET GO, and LET GOD, SURRENDERING to the messages we receive from our true reflection in the Mirror. .
SOLAR 🌞– Tone 9 operates in the SPIRITUAL realm ACTION – realizing, POWER – pulse, ESSENCE – intention The 9th day is the one that gives the last push prior to manifestation. The SOLAR phase is where we wake up to the fact that our Will affects the reality we experience, so we begin PULSING, extending our intent into realization.
Today we are PULSING this energy through surrendering to the messages of spirit.. We can flow with this current TODAY, deeply connecting to ALL THAT IS!
✨✨So precious Soul-ar🌞 StarBlissoms,✨🌻 today we LET GO and LET GOD, in order to invite in and PULSE forth the absolute BLISS and ecstasy that beckons us from beyond the veils.💕
Today is a great day to die to your- self, stretch your WINGS🕊 and FLY HIGH over beautiful NEW HORIZONS!🏔✨🎆
Today’s question is “How can I totally SURRENDER and LET GO, to the voice of Spirit, PULSING my intention out to bridge NEW WONDERFUL worlds?” 🌬🌏🌈
Divine blessings for BUILDING the foundation of our new RAINBOW bridge to BLISS! 🌈💟
In Lak’ech a la kin
Christina White Magnetic Worldbridger – KIN 66 🌏🌈
CONSCIOUS SELF: WHITE SOLAR WORLDBRIDGER☀ 🌈🌉– CIMI Seals the store of Death today! CIMI asks you to LET GO and SURRENDER! Place your intention in total SURRENDER today. SURRENDERing to the will of spirit, allowing spirit to work through your vessel. In so doing you advance to a greater realization of yourself as a Messenger for Spirit.
KIN 126 is the 6th day out of 20 days in the central column of the TZOLKIN calendar. This is the CORE of your being, pure connection to SOURCE. Here we can find balance and alignment as we OPEN our vessel as a pure channel, anchoring this new cosmic prana through us, dear StarBlissoms, deeply anchored into the NEW Earth we are bridging🌉🌈. .
WORLDBRIDGER brings new opportunities today through connection and networking with others. Exchanging knowledge, ideas and resources to create something NEW and exciting. Build the BRIDGE to the world you want to be in!
The SOLAR WORLDBRIDGER is a powerful planetary code to ENERGIZE the RAINBOW BRIDGE to 5D GAIA building the BRIDGE to our NEW WORLD. Set aside some quiet time today to ACTIVATE our higher timeline on our beautiful UTOPIAN PLANET of PLENTY in this MASTER BUILDER year of 2022 when we fully construct a very SOLID BRIDGE!
SEE IT, FEEL IT, and SENSE IT – with every fibre of your being..
5D EARTH is accessible NOW!🌏💞🌍💞🌎
Here is the theory behind the CIRCUMPOLAR RAINBOW BRIDGE explained by Jose’ Arguelles – the Father of the Dreamspell Codex
HIGHER SELF/GUIDE: WHITE SOLAR WIND☀ 🍃– IK is the breath of Spirit. Today is a powerful day to follow the IN breath and OUT breath connecting you to SOURCE and the Cosmos. As it is a SOLAR day we may experience SOLAR WINDS bringing forth new LIGHT CODES for self realization in our Ascension journey.
Pulse out these powerful RAINBOW WINDS of CHANGE though your vessel and through our Planetary Body seeding the INTENTION of SPIRIT.
Allow the physical body to be the doorway for these new Cosmic energies to enter and anchor on this planet. Realize your intention through listening to Spirit, then pulsing these energies, codes and messages outwardly to discover new opportunities, harmony and equilibrium..
SUPPORT: RED SOLAR SKYWALKER☀ 🚀– BEN the GALACTIC EXPLORER leads us into new realms, new possibilities and new opportunities.To realize the immense life force that drives us and flows upward into the expansion of the Heavens, in order to build a divine sensitivity to all those worlds ‘out there’, and recognize them as a part of our own vital life force called ‘consciousness’.
The SOLAR SKYWALKER enables us to access these SOLAR codes to realize ourselves as Children of the SUN🌞 – embodying and pulsing the Solar rays in our cells and aura.🎆
BEN the Angelic Messenger brings forth the signs and messages from other realms and worlds, assisting us in integrating higher frequencies during our awakening to our new selves.We are the rainbow BRIDGE 🌈🌉that unites the pillars of Heaven and Earth. 💒
It is time to EXPAND our consciousness and our thinking of what is possible for INFINITY and BEYOND!!!✨🎆✨🎆
WE are the CREATORS⚛ of our REALITY… and NOW IS THE TIME ….
OCCULT/HIDDEN POWER:BLUE OVERTONE EAGLE 👑 👁– MEN gives us the power to SEE with great clarity, through the reflections of WHITE MIRROR, that which was hidden in the past. This is a powerful SUPERPOWER today as we have the power to SEE in the DARK and to SEE into the FUTURE. Bringing forth those desired VISIONS to ENVISION our NEW REALITY through our COMMAND!
The OVERTONE EAGLE – reveals to us our incredible RADIANCE☀ as we reflect on our image in the MIRROR, and claim our COMMANDING power through self-love and acceptance.❤
We have journeyed far through many lifetimes and have become the wise SEERS through our experience. It is now time to take COMMAND through claiming our Divine Sovereignty and use our knowledge to set a new course.
BLUE EAGLE beckons you to spread your wings and fly like an Eagle over the vast oceans of love, connecting us all, returning with a new found greater perspective. Although the landscape is vast indeed, the mighty oceans on our planet are all composed of single drops💧 forming the greater whole.🌊🌊🌊 Without the drops the ocean would not exist.
✨✨✨Do not underestimate the value of EACH message you receive from Spirit. From our limited vantage point, we cannot SEE THE BIG PICTURE🏔 of the plan that Spirit has for us.
Broaden your Horizons and allow Spirit to be the wind beneath your wings! Become OPEN and receptive to wondrous NEW OPPORTUNITIES brought forth on the WINGS of the EAGLE – Spirit’s great messenger!
CHALLENGE/GIFT: YELLOW SOLAR WARRIOR🌈 🏹– CIB gifts us with the ability to fearlessly QUEST-I-ON all that is disharmonious and incongruous through the Mirror’s reflection of the TRUTH of what IS.
The SOLAR WARRIOR then chooses the path of greatest HARMONY through unity and connection rather than fuelling the battles of dissension. SURRENDER the BATTLES and choose the path of DIVINE SERVICE and CONNECTION to each other for the greater GOOD.
✨✨✨Instead of FIGHTING the DARKNESS, choose to turn on your LIGHT! 💡💡💡Pulse your intention to realize PEACE and HARMONY in our world. ✨✨✨
The SOLAR WARRIOR is pulsing forth his intention for EQUALITY, FAIRNESS and JUSTICE for all… One for ALL and ALL for ONE! 🗡❤👑
The RAINBOW WARRIORS 🌈🏹 choose fearlessness, and realize our creativity arises from the PULSE of the cosmos, revealing patterns of beauty through us. Our free will guides us on our QUEST back to the elegant design of the Harmonic Matrix bringing forth the harmony we desire in our NEW WORLD.
The higher intelligence of CIB aligns with BLUE EAGLE to give you much wisdom to rise above the old ways and close the door to the old world, fearlessly moving forward and building the RAINBOW BRIDGE to the NEW. HALLELUJAH ✨✨✨
✨✨So precious Soul-ar🌞 StarBlissoms,✨🌻 today we LET GO and LET GOD, in order to invite in and PULSE forth the absolute BLISS and ecstasy that beckons us from beyond the veils.💕
Today is a great day to die to your- self, stretch your WINGS🕊 and FLY HIGH over beautiful NEW HORIZONS!🏔✨🎆
Today’s question is “How can I totally SURRENDER and LET GO, to the voice of Spirit, PULSING my intention out to bridge NEW WONDERFUL worlds?” 🌬🌏🌈
Divine blessings for BUILDING the foundation of our new RAINBOW bridge to BLISS! 🌈💟
Namaste’ 🙏❤🙏❤🙏
In Lak’ech a la kin
Christina White Magnetic Worldbridger – KIN 66 🌏🌈
Solar Synthesis
Lemuira 5
Base 12 Avatar
Kings / Queens
24D Dragon-Rider
First Creation Mechanics
DNA Consciousness Knot
Neutron Aperture H+ Atom
Crystalline-Water Elemental-Force
Dynamic Aether-Cloud Information
Perpetual Living-Liquid-Light
Fractal-Frequency DNA Wave
Consciousness Coherence
Plasma Sphere Harmonics
Wheel of Time / Nexus Event
Zero-Point Energy-Vortex Gate
Birthing New Zodiac First-Light
Eternal Source-Particle Spirit
Angelic BloodLine / Fire Letters
Vitruvian Man Imprint / Holy Grail
Cosmic Heart Seeding-Sphere
Star Nations / Galactic Family
Planetary Morphogenic Fields
Souls Crowning / Magnetic-Spin
Endless Holograms / MultiVerse
Alpha Omega – Cosmic StarGate
Solar Trinity / Lotus Plasma Conduit
Pure of Heart / Undistorted Light
Mother – Father – Child – Memory
Ancient StarMaps Template
Cosmic SignPost Orion-Gate
33deg Arc BullsEye – Blazing Star
Key of Solomon / Cosmic Tree
Ships in the Night / Evil Removed
HoloDeck WarpSpeed HyperSpace
White Dragon Collective
Milky Way Quarantine
Black Hole System
Artificial Moon Construct
Manipulating Waters-Tides
Generating Heat / Earths Mantle
Anti-Life Blood-Covenant Hunt
Path of Chaos / HorrorScope
False Prophet Curtain Call
Reverse-Spin Base 10 Eugenics
Finite Life Fibonacci Encryption
Hydra Fragmentation / Gene WarFare
Psychotronic CoViD Intelligent Structure
BioWeapon / Genetic ReProgramming
mRNA Delivery Variant BioEngineering
Methylation / De-Methylation Control
Spirit Dis-Connect / Thyroid Control
Entity-Host / Soul-Less / TransHuman
Lyra / Sirius – Mars Cosmic Lion
Elo Him / Double Cross Orion Man
Sacred Cosmic Conduit Wormholes



Sacred Condor Oracle Card for the Day



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