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Paul White Gold Eagle

Greetings Awakened Masters of the New Earth Rising

Happy Mothers Day to all our Buddhist Goddesses out there. This is the day, the 22nd day of the 9th lunar month, Lord Buddha descended from Heaven to Earth after paying homage to his Mother Queen Maha Maya. We also have the Moon 4- Self Existing Owl Moon Within The 13 Moon Planetary Service Wavespell of The Electric Seed Year on the Mayan Calendar. The Owl is the Sacred Totem of La Luna.

On this auspicious day we have very Powerful Divine Feminine Goddess Energies flowing in with this watery Scorpio Alignment and Solar Activities. Over the last 17 hours Solaris has been in constant activation mode with multiple solar flares, CMEs and flashing pulses of Higher Light transmitting to Earth. This is the third day in a row of  Gamma Plasma Celestial Energetics coming in to this Realm appearing on the Schumann Charts as amplitudes of 20 and 40hz.

The White Dove has Returned in the form of the New Jerusalem for this Annunciation of the Return of the Kingdom of Christ Consciousness to this Sacred Domain. The Veils of the Heavenly Vault are parting to reign in the Divine Light of the Holy Spirit upon Mother Earth and all her children.

The Beluga Whales, the Great White Angels of the Sea, are connecting with your Heart Center Now to Activate you in the Bliss and Joy Codes and Lift your Spirit into the 5th Dimensional Frequencies. All our Ocean Angels are connecting to our ground Crew to assist us in this final breakthrough push of the Birthing of the New Lemuria, Heaven on Earth.

All New Earth Kings and Queens are Crowned and have been Enthroned with the Christos Sophia New Edenic Codes of the Eternal Golden Age of Enlightenment Timeline.

Goddess Tara Blesses us and surrounds us with her Holy Light…A’Ho!

Om Tara Tutara Tura Soha


Right now: Moon at 15°07′ Cancer, Sun at 3°57′ Scorpio

sabian symbols

Current Sabian Symbols

Current Sabian Symbol for the Sun

A youth holding a lighted candle in a devotional ritual.
Sabian Symbol for 4º Scorpio

The current Sabian Symbol of the Sun is the symbol that characterizes the ongoing solar influence, the vital energy and the personality, or it’s just a symbol which characterizes this day, while the Sun’s position (rounded to the next degree) is 4º Scorpio.


Current Sabian Symbol for the Moon

A man studying a mandala in front of him, with the help of a very ancient book.
Sabian Symbol for 16º Cancer

The current Sabian Symbol of the Moon is the symbol that characterizes the ongoing lunar influence, the emotional background, or it’s just a symbol which characterizes this moment, while the Moon’s position (rounded to the next degree) is 16º Cancer.








Great Beings of the World is feeling thankful.

#Happy_Mothers#Day to all mother Sentient beings.
According to Buddhism, Mother’s Day falls on 22nd day of the 9th lunar month which is an auspicious day. As on this day Lord Buddha descend from heaven to earth after paying gratitude towards his mother Queen Maha Maya(after 7 days of Buddha’s birth, Queen Maha Maya died and was reborn in heaven. After Lord Buddha’s enlightenment, Buddha wanted to pay his gratitude towards his mother’s kindness and love thus lord Buddha went to heaven and stayed there for a while and gave teachings to his mother, gods and goddesses there.)
Don’t limit your prayers only to the present Mother/s. From the countless life times, every sentient beings has been once our mother.
Bless all souls with love and compassion.
May the mother Tara, bless the entire universe with unconditional love and compassion.
Om Tara Tutara Tura Soha
MANTRA ”Om tare tuttare ture soha.” MANTRA TRANSLATION “I prostrate to the Liberator, Mother of all the Victorious Ones.”
~GBoW Admins
These most HOLY powerful Solar Flares & Schumann Resonance spikes/ REALITY/ Timeline SHIFTS are burning through the last layers of lies, manipulation, deceit, distortions, density & veils! Within & Without! ONLY TRUTH IS EVERLASTING! Buckle up Dorothy, ALL NEW World’s AWAITS! Stand tall in your Mastery! BE THE TRUTH! BE THE CHANGE! LET’S MAKE IT SO! 😉🥳💙🌍🌈
M1.3 Solar Flare was active during the super juicy period for us in the UK and similar time zoned countries. Whilst we were beginning to stir and our pineal glands were secreting melatonin a power packed solar flare erupted and it’s all go for collective stimulation, activation and some powerful possibilities opening as we shake our inhibitions and use this stunning reverberation to hold focus, hold the vision, and release from the fixation of the outside, if the releasing hasn’t yet become you, now is a super practice day in which we go deeper within, and wait patiently at the gateway point of the subconscious, consciously feeding it our commanding directions of how we now choose to operate and what is of most value,
to then hold patience and await our realisation to our connection to what sits beyond the gates, the Divine Feminine, the soul, the cosmic mind, the super conscious, in truth it’s a connection that already is, however there is most often a feeling coupled with a believing of disconnect and this is due to both the light awareness held and the value system which is most often back to front for what people truly desire, some people value outside more than in, some people aren’t aware of in or out, and some value in and then they find that as the connection opens it becomes the all, the entire thing, inside and outside all becomes known as one and the connection to the beyond has grounded and is actively aware and participating, and the value system has no split and works in the direction it was always intended, but until we get to that point we must create the silence,
hold the trust, and the patience, for us to be aware of the happening and to therefore receive the happening, as you 😉
An M Class flare is an opportunity, to play with the energies, to enhance, power up and witness as a torrent of growth.
Intention is everything
Attention is your sight, imagination and dream are your tools, and then await the instruction which will arise from a hunch, a “twist of fate”, intuition, that will be noticed, and unquestionable.
Please do share your stories, it’s magical to share and highlight what is possible when you play in the powers of nature.
Let’s make it #undeniable
Sending Waves of


Connect to our Crystalline Light
A Higher Light Tool to assist your
Light Frequency.
Aligned with every light being. Simply BE and Wear US in Global Light Unity.
Open your Heart to Amethyst Light to assist your Light Expansion, Dimensional Travel.💜 Your personal upgrades will ease and flow as you integrate the Higher Light Codes.
Love for your day Brothers and Sisters.
Expanding in a wonderful Harmonic Light Frequency.
Amethyst Harmonic LOVE 💜
Karen Lithika xo
Much clearing of core issues and deepest barred wounds Abandonment rejection denial distrust
Tracing emotions back to first experience/ childhood trauma will clear it at the root
🌟powerfully transformational energies providing opportunity to fully leave the old behind
🌟much activations, upgrades, enhancement of gifts, skills and abilities
Any energies connected to…
Ego issues, entitlement/service to self, self sacrifice/playing small, attachments to karmic relations, sexual distortion, guilt blame shame, fear, judgement,, division/separation, codependency,, conformity,, comparison, control, manipulation and the need for validation acceptance and approval all being revealed, presenting, surfacing for release
Your higherself has already chosen
Resistance is futile
Releasing resistance allows for a much smoother transition
Surrender allow flow
Lessons will continue to increase in intensity until all that no longer serves is releasesed
Much releasing of patriarchal mindset and rising of feminine energies within both masculine and feminine incarnates
Much releasing of hiarchical energies…
the need to be gods and goddesses
Much balancing, harmonizing and unification of masculine and feminine energies
Much embodiment of oneness and the pure unconditional love that we truly are
Much incoming clarity re
new purpose contribution mission
Many being called into action…
Step trust the path will unfold and know all will be provided
Let the true you glow
Let pure unconditinal love flow
As unique expressions of pure unconditional love there are no limits to what we can create…infinite potential in eternal expansion
Trust the unknown
Expect miracles always
Our time has come
We are golden


We are moving into a zone in space that is a band of photon energy. Our star moves into that band for about 2000 years, and this event happens about every 11000 years. The last time this happened, we were in Atlantis.
What is the Photon Belt?
The Photon Belt is a spiral formation that our galaxy passes through as it goes around its orbit of the galactic center.
It is also known as the Photon Band, and many spiritual people believe that the Earth will enter this band for 2000 years, creating a spiritual advancement known as the ‘Quickening‘ for the inhabitants of the Planet.
Can you feel it?
As the higher vibrational energies continue to make their way on the Earth, they naturally find their way into us too, shifting out the old, literally by shaking the sh!t out of us. Our only challenge is to allow it the best we can and to let go what ever is attempting to leave us.
No amount of ‘spraying’ can stop it..
Since May 1998, when Mother Gaia officially entered the 1st vortex, there is no turning back.
Within the next years, Mother Earth will be going through each of the twelve vortexes of that Light with the intensity required for her purification and preparation for her ascension process into the 5th dimension.
Since then, the Light from the Photon Belt’s various frequencies and intensity is no longer released at intervals. They are now bombarding the Earth much more intensively and continuously.
There are many adjustments to be made in this vortex before we can move to the next one.
The choice is entirely yours, and the opportunity is for all. Those who resist the new energy will not be able to make it through the twelve vortexes.
We know that many will choose at a soul level and at the conscious level to leave or vacate their physical bodies rather than let go of their fears, preconceived ideologies, and personal agendas that are not serving the highest good of all rather than lovingly allow themselves to go through the necessary steps of this transformation.
Some would be ready to come along for the ride, but they will be choosing to transform from the “other side” of the veil because of their age. This option is acceptable for those precious ones, and we ask you not to worry for those loved ones and allow them that choice.
Many of you are already feeling and noticing the effects of cellular and genetic levels in your physical and emotional bodies.
Many of you are experiencing new, unpleasant physical symptoms you never had before, such as headaches, heart pains, palpitations, chronic fatigue, dizziness, nausea, changing sleep patterns, ringing in the ears, blurring the vision, and many more.
You are also experiencing changes in your emotional state. Your bodies are evolving and cleansing themselves. All old, worn-out negative emotions and ways of thinking and perceiving things are coming to the surface to be examined, purified, and transformed.
Many of you are emotionally confused, and many of you feel “sick.”
I tell you, this is only temporary.
Just hang in there and remain in the frequency of ‘Love’ for yourself and others.
This is why you came here.
One Love. One Heart, One Breath as One✨😇💛😇✨
Daisy Foss Global
Immensely powerful surges of energetic shifts are pouring in and these are literally thrusting us out of the old and into the new.
It is a regenerative lifeforce and indeed is having an effect on all of life. It is vibrant and indeed 7th dimensional as the New Earth is ascending now at a rapid pace into the 7th dimensional state.
I have done intense clearing and healing for with my Students and those attending my webinar this weekend, mainly because I have been guided to do so. More than this, indeed unplugged them from the matrix.
As the Sun Discs from the 7th Central Sun of Illumination are now working at intense highest levels, with the White Flame, we  are going through a intense rebirth, morphing and transfiguration as never before.
It can bring about times of intense disorientation, and a sense of being in a whirlpool, for this is a spiraling telluric energy and it is literally spinning us into a much lighter body and pulling or sucking us up into higher frequency bands.
This is happening at  cellular, DNA, and deeply into every single atom, molecule and electron in our physical, emotional, mental and spiritual bodies.
I simply love this – for we have been waiting for this for many lifetimes and existences, and here we are now in the thick of things, where all is happening in the highest degrees!
This is why it is so very important to stay centered and not allow yourself to be pulled off course.
As more chakras open, we are moving beyond anything known before and stepping more and more into the unknown.
Allow the transfiguration to happen and allow yourself to be transformed, as you literally leave the old behind forever!
What a time to be alive and well and on planet earth!
The New Earth and the New Creation is here making itself felt on all levels now!
Judith Kusel
Photo: Ellen Vaman
Carolyn 144 GODCODE

Carolyn 144 GODCODE

Possibly you were once an open book, and shared yourself with the world. You may have learned that doing so however can put you in very vulnerable positions, when sharing with the wrong people. These were valuable lessons to help in the evolution and mature in your communication and self expression. This learning cycle is now ending. The new you is connected into your higher self and Source Spirit. Together you are moving into a higher octave and new timeline. Healing and protection surround you through this time of change and perseverance.

The seed point of trauma that created being too open, vulnerable, and needy has been broken. The body can be reflecting this release through detoxing and purifying toxins quickly, that can affect the blood, blood pressure, lymphatic system, and the skin. Tourmaline Crystal can help support healing. This release is clearing mental confusion, stress, and indecisions, especially in relationships, love, and marriage.

You are graduating and travelling into new evolved relationships, love, and marriage with others that are also healed, grown, and evolved like you. This is blessed change that brings new inspirations and exciting energy to confidently move forward, shoulders back, and head held high.

The Feminine within, and the Sisterhood of the Rose, are levelling up! You did the inner work to free yourself from being too vulnerable and letting people take your precious life force energy. Release these old stories and systems. Give old Earth to God to resolve on your behalf. There are New Earth anointed contracts, marriage, partnerships, and systems that are replacing all you have released.

In Jesus Christ’s name amen 🙏🏻

🕊 Love Carolyn


Scorpio is the great De-Numbing Agent of the Zodiac which means that this November with its Super New Moon plus Lunar Eclipse and intense Mars/Pluto activations, is not for the faint of heart. After long weary months of retrograde inertia, 2021 is going out with a big bang – prepare to be shaken and stirred!
A heads up from :
“SOMETHING FLARE-Y THIS WAY COMES: Suddenly, the north eastern limb of the sun is bursting with activity. NASA’s Solar Dynamics Observatory recorded this frenetic 5-hour sequence during the early hours of Oct. 26th:
At least half a dozen explosions occurred during that brief movie. The blast site is hidden just behind the edge of the sun. It’s almost certainly an unstable sunspot. The sun’s rotation will bring it into view within the next 24-48 hours, creating a geoeffective source of solar activity.”

By Daniel Giamario

Observations for the Week

Being the monsoon season in the Philippines, seeing the stars and planets has been hit and miss, mainly miss. However, this morning, I did see an unusually bright Mercury on my walk before sunrise. Hence, I am now inclined to tune in to Mercury yet again. As indicated last week, Mercury has now begun its Libran synodic overtone. Furthermore, today is its greatest elongation, at 18.4 degrees from the Sun, and at a quite bright -0.8 magnitude. This is the best morning apparition of the year for Northern Hemisphere dwellers. So, if you have not had much luck with seeing Mercury before, now is a really good chance for you.
I also can’t help yet again tuning into the United States Chart. Natally, the US Mercury is 24Cancer11 retrograde opposed by Pluto at 27Capricorn32. Today, Pluto is 24Capricorn24, and has been opposing the US Mercury within a few minutes of exactness for weeks! This 2021 alignment adds credence to the view of many, including now myself, that the US is already in its Pluto Return.
The US Cancerian Mercury retrograde, in a Pluto cycle, certainly can add to one of the main US “shadows”; the lack of capacity to self-reflect, be aware of the rest of the world, and an ability to move beyond a “we’re number one” childishness. Adding to the current transit’s initiatory imperative to go deeper, is the remarkable fact that the Trans-Plutonian planet, Eris, is 24Aries10 today, and near this degree all year, as she moves even slower than Pluto. The US Mercury is caught in the cross-wires of a Pluto opposition and an Eris square. Expect Chaos and the Irrational, all intended to transform the original Mercury placement.
It will become less possible to hide past and present deceptions, under the cover of “good intentions”, or of being the “good guy”.
In addition to the ingress of the Sun into Scorpio this past Friday, Mars enters Scorpio at 7:21AM PDT on Saturday, just hours after the square of the Sun with Saturn. Scorpionic themes will continue to dominate as we approach the emergence of Mars from the Underworld at 15Scorpio, on November 22nd. We can potentially expect to get clues from the October-November events of 1910, 1942, and 1989.
Meanwhile, Venus is making a spectacular show in the evening sky, at -4.4 magnitude, as she approaches galactic center. Jupiter and Saturn are now separated by about 15 degrees, with Jupiter shining brightly at -2.5 and Saturn 25 times dimmer at +0.6. Jupiter is at the tail of the Goat-Fish, and Saturn is at his head. It’s quite a good visual show for our sky-watchers.
Stay safe, and be prepared for any and all eventualities. Try your best to be in alignment with your life purpose, your true place on the wheel, and as best you can, to be in contact with your higher Self. Never forget, this accelerated time-frame is within the greater time of the Turning of the Ages and the deepest descent of the Kali Yuga.
Lunar aspects – The skies are quiet although aspects are building in the background. But for today, the Moon is in soft, sensitive, comfy Cancer and there’s a need for familiar surroundings and comfortable routines. Emotions are intensified and we may find the world ‘out there’ a little too loud, too busy, too heated, too competitive. We’re drawn to find a safe space to sit, cushioned, quiet. Allow time for recuperation, contemplation, time to read and daydream.
Ideally, rest if you can, even a five-minute meditation is better than nothing.
Cook a favourite but simple meal. Eat mindfully, consciously. Change bed linen. Sort out the kitchen cupboards. Bake a cake. Check in with what you need, not only physically but emotionally and spiritually too. Journal or think about ‘what nourishes me?’. Ask your inner child what they need from you to feel safe and content. Bless the walls of your house and thank the spirit of your home. Nurture your soul.
Degrees and Times
Moon 02°Cn54′, Sun 02°Sc54′ -3:54 (BST)
Moon 09°Cn38′, Chiron 09°Ar38′ R -17:33 (BST)


Painting – Cottage Interior (also known as Interior at Jersey) by Berthe Morisot

Today’s Galactic Signature is KIN 56 – Yellow Self-Existing Warrior – CAN CIB.

After Activation of the Electric Tone of Service comes the Defining of the Self-Existing Tone of Form.
Yellow Self-Existing Warrior – CAN CIB guides and teaches us to be the Spiritual Warriors of Grace, guided by our inner voice as we walk the sacred path of the “Cosmic Question Mark” in order to bring Form into existence. All Form follows vibration and all vibration follows Form. Therefore, since all Forms are essentially self-existing, when we allow ourselves to surrender to the natural intelligence of the Forms that we are manifesting, without control or manipulation, those Forms are birthed gracefully.
Yellow Self-Existing Warrior – CAN CIB reminds us that by correctly utilizing the energies of discernment, definition, and measure, we can bring Form into existence. We are also reminded that how we define things determines exactly how they will form.
Yellow Self-Existing Warrior – CAN CIB encourages us to question with Divine Intelligence as we bravely advance towards our fears. The essence of true spiritual warriorship is to never give up on anyone or anything. To be self-sustaining and self-maintaining is to be self-existing, or in other words, whole within one’s Self. A Spiritual Warrior must be schooled in this inner quieting.
The Cauldron of Creation is ever inviting us to give deep attention to how our existence is taking shape by asking ourselves some deep questions: Are we receiving the inherent wisdom of our own Form and developing our own autonomous nature?
Are we utilizing our own natural innate abilities of discernment and paying attention to the details of our existence? Are we claiming our innate powers of intuition and acknowledging and embracing the naturally occurring abundance that always exists all around us?
How are we co-choreographing our experience of the dream of our existence? Are we fearlessly questioning while guided by authenticity, clarity, and wholeness? Through this discernment, let us strengthen the foundational structure of who and what we really are as we enjoy the mystery of naturally unfolding cosmic order.
We are at an accelerated time in the evolution of consciousness where the underlying form of our perception is shifting. We are transitioning from a third-dimensional perspective of timespace into fourth/fifth-dimensional perspective.
As we collectively make this transition, it is not like the third dimension disappears (though it could), but according to your consciousness you begin to see & experience reality differently. In other words for any given timespace reality there are many overlapping parallel realities that exist simultaneously. You enter into these different parallel realities according to your level of consciousness which registers as a vibrational frequency.
The seeds of consciousness are present in all created forms,&are constantly pressing us upward, toward expansion into greater light. The Law of Time demonstrates how the entire universe is actually a vibrating, pulsating, resonant field with mathematical structures connecting everything with everything. We are all an integral part of one vast interconnected synchronic web.
As we raise our vibration we come into awareness of different beings both physical & non-physical, as well as knowledge that we would not have previously encountered until we were at the proper vibrational level. Those on a path of conscious evolution seek to surround themselves with kin of similar vibration, or higher, as we are here to evolve & expand beyond our current limitations.
In the wavespell, the fourth tone (and fourth moon) represents the first stage of the third-dimensional mind pulsar. Mind is understood as the medium for channeling different types of energy & consciousness; it is a link that connects our third-dimensional body with the invisible fourth/fifth-dimensional world.
This Moon’s totem animal is owl, the wise bird of the night symbolizing mystery & prophecy, often associated with magicians & wizards. Owl brings the power to penetrate the hidden mysteries, whispering to us the secrets to release light from matter (darkness), freeing our consciousness from the entrapment of the physical world.
Form is how a self-evolving universe makes its intrinsic structures perceptible
-Noosletter 29
Kin 56-Yellow Self Existing Warrior
Codon 56: VOYAGING
Zone: Zone of Initiation
MOAP Affirmation: Self-Existing Intelligence Ripens Magnetic Elegance
Moon 4- Self Existing Moon Within The 13 Moon Planetary Service Wavespell of The Electric Seed Year
Stage 4 of The 13 Stages Of The Manifestation of An Enlightenment Being
4. Buddha way is endless, I vow to follow it. (3rd-dimensional mind form pulsar − tones 4-8-12)
Whoever has thoroughly purified vision in the third stage enters the fourth stage. One attains this stage by ten entries into the light of the Teaching:
by entry into the light through contemplation of the realms of beings; by entry into the light through contemplation of the realms of the world; by entry into the light through contemplation of the realms of phenomena and principles; by entry into the light through contemplation of the realm of space; by entry into the light through contemplation of the realm of consciousness; by entry into the light through contemplation of the realm of desire; by entry into the light through contemplation of the realm of form: by entry into the light through contemplation of the realm of formlessness by entry into the light through contemplation of the realm of high-minded devotion ; and by entry into the light through contemplation of the realm of inclinations of the magnanimous mind. .
. ”Here, in this fourth stage, called Blazing, simultaneous with the attainment of this stage the enlightening beings are born in the family of buddhas, so as to attain the qualities proper to it by means of ten things that develop and mature knowledge: by nonregressing will; by ultimate unbreakable faith in the three treasures; by contemplation of the origination and extinction of conditioned things; by contemplation of the non-origination of inherent nature; by contemplation of the formation and disintegration of worlds; by contemplation of coming into existence due to actions; by contemplation of the mundane whirl and nirvana; by contemplation of actions of beings and lands; by contemplation of past and future; and by contemplation of nonbeing and nonannihalation.
Having embodied these ten things that mature knowledge, enlightening beings are beings that are born in the family of buddhas by attainment of the principles that are proper to it.
Many messengers, seers, sages, saints, and masters were sent to this Planet as light-houses and reminders to the people of the Original Plan or Mission. They were sent to give warnings and instructions on the Path back to the One. These Holy ones activat- ed the vibration of God and the memory of the new Light into the sincere, receptive seekers.
-9 Year Vision Map by Red Queen Kin 185 (
Cosmic History Quote for Moon 4, Day 9 – Once you have been granted wholeness, you will never be anywhere else but where you have always been.

Kin 56 ~ Yellow Self-Existing Warrior

‘Self-Existing’ is the name for the number 4 and it’s key words are ‘Definition, Form and Measure.’ The fourth day of any wavespell is about taking a closer look at the details. Reading the finer print and scrutinizing, so you may proceed armed with the knowledge necessary to move forward with the wavespell. Yesterday we flew with the Eagle and saw things from a higher perspective, now we must swoop in closer to see what is going on.
Today is Yellow Warrior and the key words associated with it are ‘Intelligence, Fearlessness and Questioning’. Yellow Warrior invites us to go on a mission, to accept a quest. Contemplate today what you could achieve using your willpower and thinking like the warrior. Wield a sword and don’t be shy about marching forth. As it is a number four day and that represents ‘definition’, today’s mission therefore will be about the quest for information. The Warrior loves to asks questions and it has a thirst for knowledge so the number goes very well with the day.
The Guide for the day is Yellow Human which represents ‘Channeling, Wisdom and Free Will’, this suggests that using your intuition to guide your actions today will lead your quest and help you discover the answers.
The Challenge of the day is White Worldbridger, so if you were born on Worldbridger day will find it tough going, like everyone else, you must use your will power and be a warrior. Yes, bridges may be difficult to cross today but if you read the details of the instructions…that will gain you permission to cross over.
The Occult power is the Red Serpent which invites you to shed your old skin and emerge feeling like a new person. In this magical position, the Serpent is powerful and can really help you transmute any poison within you. This symbolizes letting go of pain or fear or anything that does you no good.
The Ally is the Blue Night the dreamer of the Tzolkin. Consult one if you need help today, their dreams can inspire. If you are a Blue Night, you can be very helpful to others today influencing people with your great imagination.
4 CIB – KIN 56
26 OCTOBER 2021
I define in order to Question
Measuring Fearlessness
I seal the output of Intelligence
With the Self-existing tone of Form
I AM guided by the power of Free will.
26/10/2021 = 8/10/5 = 8/15=8/6= 14=5
26- Empowerment through compassion
8- Abundant infinite SOURCE flow
5- Change/Transformation/Freedom/Liberation
✨MONTH/YEAR codes✨
10- Manifestation/Authority/Power
1- New beginnings/Leader/Original
15- Spiritual Alchemy/Charisma/Magnetism
6- Heaven/Christ/Romance/Harmony
KIN 56 = 11 = 2
11- Portal/Gate/Polarity
2- Twins/Partnership/Cooperation
Another POTENT day continuing the gifts🎁 brought by yesterday’s BLUE EAGLE, calling us to ACTION our DREAMS and our DIVINE purpose.
Day 4 in the RED SKYWALKER WAVESPELL of awakening, exploration and NEW ADVENTURES! Today we are working on the MENTAL plane, and using our minds to QUESTION what it is we need to SURRENDER, 🏳in order to SHAPE our new reality, and EXPAND our consciousness!
Yesterday marked the CLOSE of the cycle of WAR and BATTLES on our beloved planet, GAIA! 🌍🌈🌎🌈🌏🏳
The RAINBOW🌈 WARRIORS 🗡🛡🏹 have gloriously ARISEN and are VICTORIOUSLY reclaiming this realm, in order to lead us into the LIGHT at the end of the RAINBOW. 🌈🌈🌈
SELF-EXISTING📦 Tone 4 operates in the MENTAL realm. ACTION – measures, POWER – defines, ESSENCE – form. SELF-EXISTING number 4 takes form and we have ourselves a square shape. Self-existing, measuring and defining, very intelligent, fascinated by self. We now have built a sturdy platform upon which further growth takes place.
The WARRIOR plus the SELF-EXISTING tone are a very MIND focused energy.. leading to much mental analysis, questioning and defining today. The WARRIOR will necessitate that you define what FORM your DREAMS and the collective DREAMING of our Planet shall take, in order to be created. It is time to build a SOLID FOUNDATION for New Earth together.
Today’s question is “What do I need to fearlessly SURRENDER, in order for my DIVINELY directed ideas and DREAMS to take FORM?”
Divine blessings for the realization of your great dreams to take FORM!🐬🌴💒🏝💕
In Lak’ech a la kin 🙏❤🙏❤🙏
Christina White Magnetic Worldbridger – KIN 66 🌏🌈
CONSCIOUS SELF: YELLOW SELF-EXISTING WARRIOR 🗡🛡 CIB is the Ancient COSMIC warrior who answered the CLARION CALL from GAIA to come from all corners of the Galaxy to assist her in Ascending to the New Golden Age. After a long, arduous battle, the RAINBOW WARRIORS have NOW fearlessly reclaimed their mighty SWORDS🗡 of POWER💥 and have RISEN in FULL SOVEREIGNTY👑 as the DIVINE WARRIORS of CHRIST☀ – fearlessly defending and creating the DIVINE PLAN for human-kind.
The WARRIOR is the brave revolutionary of ancient times, constantly QUEST-I-ON-ing our physical reality and the nature of our existence in order to LEAD us to a better world. CIB wields his SWORD of TRUTH🗡 and cuts through all the extraneous packaging in order to get to the CORE of the package deep inside the box. 📦
The Warrior uses his intelligence to cut through the ignorance of the illusory world by challenging the status quo. His fearless spirit cuts through obstacles and falsities along the way, so that others may follow paths of increasing intelligence.
The YELLOW WARRIOR banishes FEAR, so that you can see your true face bright and clear. Today you are asked to look at any MENTAL challenges and blocks.
❓❓What are those FEARS, beliefs, and old programs that are restricting you from building your new life.
❓❓What better thoughts can you construct that will assist you with majikally manifesting your goals?
❓❓How can you use your mental acuity to define and shape your existence into a better LIFE for one and ALL?
CIB fearlessly questions our actions in order to EXPAND and awaken to greater consciousness. The SELF EXISTING WARRIOR is extremely FOCUSED on redefining the world he experiences, until his DESIRED world is shaped and takes form.
HIGHER SELF/GUIDE: YELLOW SELF=EXISTING HUMAN☺ EB Influences others and emphasizes FREE WILL. EB and CIB are best mates, these two work in tandem as well as BEN and CIMI do. YELLOW HUMAN brings forth great mental capacity through his wisdom and intelligence, thus the WARRIOR has SUPER MENTAL abilities today as these two brothers combine their gifts.
The YELLOW TRIBES are the RIPENERS – they get things done and bring them into fruition through concentrated FOCUS of intent. YELLOW HUMAN is strongly guiding the WARRIOR to align with DIVINE WILL today – to ensure he is fearlessly defending the DIVINE PLAN and not just recklessly battling for his own agenda.
✨When the WARRIOR has a noble cause, he is elevated to DIVINE status as an instrument of the DIVINE –✨ A true WARRIOR of CHRIST. As such he is then afforded DIVINE PROTECTION as he carries out his QUEST for TRUTH and JUSTICE in GOD’S name. He thus becomes a beacon influencing others to join his crusade in the name of TRUTH and JUSTICE.
YELLOW HUMAN helps the WARRIOR to raise his vibe to open his golden chalice 🏆and let the wisdom of Spirit to flow through, melting any FEAR, doubt or self derision in order to find the confidence, courage and belief in his innate abilities to KNOW the right path to take. EB guides the CHOICES made by CIB leading to Divine outcomes so that the Will of God can take shape and form on this Earth realm.
SUPPORT: BLUE SELF-EXISTING NIGHT 🌃 AKBAL enables the WARRIOR to connect with his intuitive promptings which is necessary, as simply following the promptings of the MIND, can lead the Warrior astray. His MIND must align with his HEART❤ and be guided by his instinct and intuition, that is, his gut intelligence. If something does not sit right in his gut then his instincts are guiding him to CHALLENGE what is presenting. AKBAL will also reveal what lies deep in the abyss which takes great courage to unearth and FACE.
✨✨✨ 4 AKBAL is the galactic signature of Nikola Tesla✨✨🎁 – It holds very potent CREATION POWER!!🎆 The SELF-EXISTING tone carries the capacity to access the ELECTRICAL currents created the previous day – through the BLUE ELECTRIC EAGLE, harnessing that energy to fuel his desires, his inventions and his innate imaginings.
TESLA had incredible MIND POWER – whatever he invented or wished to create, eventuated out of a lengthy CREATION process.. The plans, drawings and structure of the inventions were all crafted in his GENIUS MIND first, modified and refined over and over until TESLA was sure he had a successful model in which to build.
✨POWERFUL minds SHAPE reality by honing and refining the details UNTIL it is perfected in the MIND’S EYE and made MANIFEST! KEEP BELIEVING in your DREAMS!⚛⚛⚛
BLUE NIGHT encourages the WARRIOR to pursue his DREAMS and knowingness, that there is a better path in which to tread. The WARRIOR will slash through the illusion and follow the yellow brick road to the treasures he intuitively knows lay on the path ahead.
The SELF-EXISTING WARRIOR is fearlessly INTENT on measuring and defining HOW this DREAM of a better life, and better world shall take SHAPE. This NEW DREAMING of the collective forms the basis of his valiant QUEST, the reason he volunteered for this QUEST, and he will FEARLESSLY defend this DREAM at all costs until it has been made MANIFEST!
OCCULT/HIDDEN POWER: RED PLANETARY SERPENT🌏🐍CHICCUAN represents your basic motivations, instincts, desires, and your innate movement toward wholeness. RED SERPENT asks you to release all your Battles (particularly your INNER battles) and your FEARS, shed the skin of your past and step into the fires of alchemical transmutation. In this, rebirth is revealed. This desire is an innate response encoded in the depths of your being.
RED SERPENT combines with BLUE NIGHT to ease your survival fears and old programmed instincts. We each hold a store house of chi within us. Unlock the VITALITY in your kundalini channel to release all blocks to your MANIFESTING the life and body of your DREAMS.
CHICCHAN is a PLANETARY SERPENT🌎🐍 so he has the POWER to enable your ideas and projections to easily be made MANIFEST in the physical world. The PLANETARY tone also highlights the COLLECTIVE DREAM and the DIVINE PLAN for the whole of humanity. CHICCHAN unleashes incredible PLANETARY POWER for the RAINBOW WARRIORS to succeed in their QUEST in creating this NEW WORLD.
A POWERhouse of creation energies exists within our being. Unleash the POWER, PASSION and LIFE FORCE that Chiccan provides to to fuel your desires and PERFECT the PLANETARY DREAM of PEACE ON EARTH for all Planetary kin. 🌈🌏💞
CHALLENGE/GIFT: WHITE SELF-EXISTING WORLDBRIDGER🌈🌉 CIMI The shadow challenges of WHITE WORLDBRIDGER include the FEAR of DEATH, endings and change. Reluctance or inability to LET GO and move forward, clinging to the old way of being. Death is a natural part of transformation. Sometimes we are brought to experience symbolic deaths such as loss, divorce, illness, or separation from others. Embrace these seemingly dark or difficult experiences; they will release you from attachments and expectations, clearing you to more fully receive the LIGHT🎆 creating more space for LOVE 💕to fill the void.
❓❓What are you afraid of in order to take the next step?
The transformation offered in CIMI is found in SURRENDER,🏳 release and forgiveness. Through DEFINING what is IMPORTANT, we can more easily LET GO of what does not align with our new VISION. By releasing what does not fit in our new form, we can move forward and CIMI can build the bridge to the new.🌉🌈 New relationships, connections, opportunities and grand new adventures, creating space for further soul expansion and growth to occur.
Sometimes the WARRIOR’S greatest act is to spare the life of his greatest enemy, surrendering his fate into the hands of the DIVINE. In this way he can release the pursuit of retribution and realign with a greater destiny and QUEST..
✨Knowing WHEN to SURRENDER, and change course, is a DIVINE act of humility and Spiritual maturity. ✨
Choose to LET GO, and choose HARMONY✨, PEACE🕊 and ABUNDANCE! 💰
Allow CIMI to send out new golden threads to all the wondrous new connections you will be making in your new chapter. Remember at all times to release FEAR and choose LOVE. 💕 Ironically to do this we usually have to accept the DEATH of something old in order to build this new bridge to LOVE!
Allow CIB the fearless Warrior to lead you over the rainbow bridge🌈🌉 on your new QUEST to manifest and shape the NEW WORLD of your DREAMS.
NOTE: 🚫 Warrior’s fearlessly charge into battle, so be wary of arguments, disputes and conflicts today. Thankfully the emotional charge is lessened today as the tone is in the MENTAL realm. However this may translate to VERBAL battles and arguments! 💥
🚫Do not engage in PERSONAL battles but save your energy for the greater good – your Divine Mission and the PLANETARY focus!
This elevates the focus of the Warrior to higher states of consciousness and thus accordingly his behaviour! WHITE WORLDBRIDGER can bring forth an end to battles in any arena. So disengage and FOCUS on PEACE and UNITY. OM AH OM! 🙏🙏🙏
Today’s question is “What do I need to fearlessly SURRENDER, in order for my DIVINELY directed ideas and DREAMS to take FORM?”
Divine blessings for the realization of your great dreams to take FORM!🐬🌴💒🏝💕
Namaste’ 🙏❤🙏❤🙏
In Lak’ech a la kin
Christina White Magnetic Worldbridger – KIN 66 🌏🌈

Today is Yellow Self-Existing Warrior day on the 13 Moon Dreamspell Mayan Calendar.

Yellow Warrior, (tribe 16 of the 20 solar tribe archetype cycle), questions, intelligence, fearlessness.
Yellow Warrior encourages you to advance toward your fears. All fears are illusions. Love is the only reality. If you are experiencing fear, it means that you are unable to perceive what is truly happening. Today you are being called upon to gracefully advance toward your fears. If you run away from your fears, you are actually running toward them, which will cause you to manifest the same fear pattern all over again. The manifestation principles at play in our world are designed to give you exactly what you want. Stay positive.
Even if you are in a super challenging situation, strive toward something better, (positive), rather than away from what you perceive as negative, (likely the source of your fear). As you gracefully advance toward your fears, you will begin to question them through divine, or higher intelligence perspectives that you are naturally connected to. All higher intelligence emanates from your heart. Your heart always knows the truth of things. Trust your gut feelings, instincts, and heart knowing regardless of the fearful story playing out in your mind. From a heart/love-based perspective, all fears are washed away, leaving you a clear understanding of what you are truly experiencing. Gracefully advancing toward our fears, questioning them through divine intelligence perspectives is how we free ourselves from their paralyzing illusions.
Self-Existing tone of Form, (step 4 of the 13-step creative energy tone cycle), define, measure, form.
All of life is built upon foundations of four. There are four sides, corners, seasons, elements, directions, (technically, there are 7 directions, including above below, and within, yet these still sit atop the cardinal foundation of four). There are four limbs on our bodies. We have 4 grandparents, the foundation of the family. Four represents a solid foundation that you can build upon in the creative energy cycle. Having acquired a position of strength during yesterday’s electric tone of service, you now find yourself sitting atop a solid foundation of four. On this foundation, you will find that you are self-existing, self-sustaining, self-maintaining, self-perpetuating, and whole within yourself. All outward manifestations act like mirrors showing you that everything you need to know is already contained inside of you.
Self-Existing, self-sustaining, self-maintaning, and self-perpetuating, questioning, intelligence, and fearlessness.
Day 4 of the 13-day cycle themed Red Skywalker, explores, wakefulness, space.
Written by Roger Grossman
Artwork by @willbl

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Divine Neutrality brings expansive clarity and Freedom.
To truly comprehend how this changes everything, we need to practice.
The photonic, coherent light rays and plasma will grow quite intense. It will change our realities.
We are walking through the experience of a dimensional shift. Dissolving the old realms is apparent and palpable.
All are presented with Soul integrity choice points.
The light amplifies revelation and best use of life force for all.
This is why protecting freedom of choice, body sovereignty, and the integrity of the soul’s journey is so present in the collective journey right now.
Creating harmony, balance, equanimity in your self affects the collective.
Everything you do affects the whole. This is a return to unified awareness.
We practice now – not putting off a choice point for an event down the timeline.
Until Divine Neutrality reveals your pure conduit self, assist your Heart in becoming an open Stargate of Source.
Train your heart and fields to be in optimal coherent condition during this phase.
Walk the middle path of non-judgment and compassion. Stand in your Divinity, open and kind, and apply higher choices in the moment.
Because #Ascension requires #DivineNeutrality

🌈Look at those Rainbow Wings 🌈

The Annunciation
Jan van Eyck, 1434
Seven rays of light descend from the upper window
The inscription reads: “Radiating from this symbol are seven rays of light representing the seven gifts of the Holy Ghost.”[3]

This article has 2 Comments

  1. Dear beloved families of Love and Light in form, or in formless from all Cosmos and beyond, we are now make huge movement toward reunion with our Source, or beloved Father Mother God / Prime Creator / as One, or quantum jumping in Consciousness of Humankind with all creations toward Divine Love and Light energy of Golden age of Aquarius, with Peace and Freedom, and Prosperity for all equally, and Abundance, and Harmony, and Respecting each other equally, with Happiness, and Joy, with freely exchange of new technology and ideas and creativity based on Love. The remnants of dark ones is trying, through cobwebs of 3 D matrix of “ C d” vaccination with implanting m-RNA and 5G to develop again feared based control program, but this will be totally unsuccessful, and will turn against them. Their plan to activate this program through “ Halloween” dark portal on 31. October, by dark ceremony toward Virgo and Hydra Constellation in consciousness of corticospinal tract toward to front brain of Ego mind, with repeating slavery controlling program of fear and domination with ruling of lower chacra desire will be prevented. Angelic 144 of New Lemuria with fully activated upper Heart chacra with open throat chacra to Universe, are steadily holding curse, leaded by Divine Love and Light energies, as stewards of beloved mother Earth, together with all Humankind, and all Souls in all Kingdom / Animal, and Plant, and Crystal Mineral, and Elementals /, with inner Earth and Space Families, as One, toward Great Attraction Hub of Shapley, A3584 / inner 13, outer 7 sum of number with all sum is 20, or balanced and rejoined male and female energies, cleared of any negative carma/. This is going though our Sun Portal / recently upgraded with special ceremony to Spiritual Sun, instead of Sirius / whose Jupiter portal is still compromised by negative reptilians from Rigel Star system and orion /, so our course is going through Sun portal, with highly magnetically attraction of Divine Love and light, through heart crystal centre of all Suns of 12 Zodiac constellation, toward to Great Central Sun, where is our beloved Prime Creator, toward Red sypercluster of Shapley. This supercluster of Shapley, A3584 as navigator of our Cosmic journey of collective Human quantum jumping of consciousness, is 13th flour of C.I.A, as open portal to 13 Dimensional level of Divine Love and Freedom, and Peace, not to be stack on 8th floor of physical C.I.A, control dark program point at false God at Jupiter, and Saturn /as old law hub portal/ pulling us back to repeat fear based controlled ego mind slavery program. This is going the other neural pathway in our brain, where balanced Male /sympatic/ and Female / para sympatic/ as a vegetative autonomic nerve fibres / bearing basic cosmic impulses connected with our God Souls/, rejoined together in Thalamus, as brain C.I.A of 13th flour/ C.I.A – as a Central and Integral Assimilation of all beings of love and light as One with our Prime Creator, of Mother Father God /, and going back through Thalamus-Cerebella neural pathways, through red cells in Mid Brain, and through Pons / Bridge / with reunion of all 12 cranial nerve and their autonomic vegetative nerves as a leaders of love and light sensation toward Cerebellum / as a vast of Cosmos /, and small fontanella at interconnection of posterior parietal and occipital bone, the portal of entering of our pure Divine God-Goddess Soul of unconditional Love and Light a in our physical bodies during conception of male and female DNA as a part of Cosmic DNA and forming life forms, with first activating our Heart chacra as a centre of our Souls. Our posterior part of brain / Cerebellum, and Midbrain and Medulla Oblongata as ascension point as spiritual awakening and ascension, is true old formation, but not reptilian, but as royal Draconian, in Ascension Dragon Collective, before fall to dark age being as One, so our sensation for Divine Love and light is the same. With reconnection of divine pathway of thalamus-cerebellum neural connection, we opening cosmic pathway to Great Attractor hub of Divine Love and Light, through our Spiritual Sun centre, together with all Beings and beloved Mother Earth, as a leaders to all planets and living beings in our Solar belt, and golden rose Universe, and Multiverse, and coing back and reunion with our beloved Prime Creator, and avoiding trap of repeating old pathway of 8th floor physical C.I.An control ego mind program of dark energy, going directly from thalamus to brain cortex, where ego mid of logic seated, created for logical and creative thinking, but corrupted by hologram “ realities” of AI, navigated by negative ones, to control our mind by forming our Ego as a centre, and putting under fear and competitive control program with raising our adrenalin / through simpathical vegetative autonomous nerve system/ as a source of their energy food. The game is finally over, and all global fear in global Governmental, and Economical and Financial and Social systems, with virus and vaccination will completely disappear from our physical plane, as disappeared from astral plane, from Now, Here and Ever, with establishing new Divine Golden Age, and real Divine Love and Light program of 5th and higher dimensional frequency. Let the Solar blast is starting now, progressively higher an higher, with clearing all effect of vaccination and all feared programs in all systems of our lives, with transforming or destroying extremely negative ones, who trying to slave or destroy of all of us, and our mother Earth. Their time on our planet is over, and starting of New Golden Age on our Planet and all Universe with Solar Blast of Love and Light, with the most high on 11/11, so Human in Scorio sign with Ascended Dragon societies and all being of Love and Light, becomes Condor-Eagle, and Phoenix ancient bird of reborn from ashes, so golden-rainbow bridge of 13th floor of C.I.A is established for All.
    Our forgiveness, and love, and compassion for all of our past lifetimes, and for fallen ones still into darkness, we are deleting all negative programs completely right now, the Golden Age of Gaia is starting NOW and HERE.
    All my Love to all Cosmos, and Love and Healing energy to beloved Mother Earth – Gaia Sophia and Father Son-Solaris.

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