12-stranded DNA

12-stranded DNA

During the next 3 months everyone will have the chance to face and recognize their own shadow self.
Not necessary a pleasant work but an important one!
In that way, many previous blind spots in the understanding of the self will be revealed and accessed.
The collapse of the shadow self projections and mirroring,
is absolutely necessary to be experienced,
as this is what will clear the false Ego that carries fear and pride and open the path for more awareness, free from the poison of separation.
Many Aha! moments will be experienced and a wider understanding of how the human system works.

After this work, the charisma of the Divine Self will be more easily accessible for those who will do this work!
Those who have already done extensively this work, know this very well!
As this process is straight connected to the activation of the Divine DNA,
have in mind that,
the unfolding of the Divine 12-stranded DNA,
will reveal our connection to many different realms and qualities, in a practical manner!
So, parallel to this work,
we will have all the support we need, exactly by these realms and qualities that have been previously out of reach of our possibilities.

Crystal and indigo guide to the galaxy

Rick Jewers

Planetary vibration keeps rising as a whole enabling more to Awaken/Advance at very appreciable rates. Although this has been ongoing, the effects of this will be and are, more noticeable. Not only is it noticeable in those at least Awakened, But You are also seeing a higher quality consciousness and state of Being in the unAwakened, as the higher vibrations dictate this to be on the lower levels of this Ascension. Your Ascension has many levels, with All not going for Now, to the levels Many of You are going, to the extremes with these physical bodies into the higher dimensions.

You are becoming more informed on Your heightening senses as well as becoming more familiar with the heightened sensations. You are also the energetic prototypes for the immunity templates that are being Divinely energetically passed along through coding from the more advanced, able to transmit this certain coding. This coding laid dormant within the DNA to be activated at a certain point in time in conjunction with this Ascension and is directly connected to the 5D level of “no sickness”.
Your strengthening Etheric connections which include the Galactics are expediting once again, this Ascension. These connections are one of the ways that You raise the overall vibration/reality higher towards a secure 5D Timeline, like reeling in a fishing line. The more that connect to these Higher Aspects, the quicker the rise. The more Awareness that these Etheric THREADS ARE THERE FOR ALL TO ACTIVATE WITHIN THEM, it is reflected in the rate of rise. You can only go up from here, the Light rises, with the assistance of All of the Higher Dimensions and the Heavenly Realms. The Light upon the surface has three assisting bodies, themselves, the Galactics and the Higher Angelic Realms to raise them up, the remnants of darkness have none, for they cannot rise, and are quarantined to the 4D level, to exist the rest of their linear days alone.
You are All Awakened for a reason, You would not have been shown the full Truth of the state of the Planet on false hope. You were shown this because You are the Ones to change this, You were shown Us to KNOW that this was real hope and that You ARE not alone on the surface with this mission. Your Ascension is ascertained to the levels agreed upon in Your Soul Contracts, which may be revisited at any time in Your Conscious State as well as Your Astral State. CONTINUE FORWARD.
Love and Light


Linda Li

Dear children on earth, I am your Divine Mother God. The atmosphere on the planet is quite intense, and partially it is because the Divine has been working to remove the residuals of the unwanted energies on the planet.

There are a few groups of souls who have been on the planet for quite some time. These groups came to the planet at a time when Gaia and Mother Earth were going through extreme upheavals. And these groups of souls were here to help. They were the groups that came from a very different system and they had a different approach to situations than humans did. In the process of helping Gaia and Mother Earth, these souls have become partially human in the sense that they mingled and intertwined with the human race. Now their time here is done. The Divine has called these groups of souls and the Divine wants them to leave this planet and go home. It is time for these souls to depart.

Their social relations and their offspring will be leaving as well. It is time to get the planet straightened out and all the souls who are not supposed to stay in Gaia will have to leave. It is time. I have sent out the call and it is the spiritual law that all souls need to follow.
My precious children on earth, I love you. I am your Divine Mother God. In this ascension journey, I have come and gone, and quite often I have encountered some very interesting scenarios with our light workers and my dear angels. Even though in the higher realms there are spiritual laws in place that require all souls to respect their Mother God, there are levels of spirits who deserve the attention and love. And yet, on this planet, all the spiritual laws and spiritual hierarchies seem not to exist and that is something that has to change. I have repeatedly asked the Divine and the company of heaven to promote the spiritual laws, and to make sure that education starts with our light workers.

The word “light” means you are the light, you are the Divine representatives who came here to spread the divine light and help the planet. There is a reason why the Divine has sent you here. And that reason is that you are the light. You have an enormous amount of love and light in you that this planet really needs right now. That is why we have sent my angels here. And my angels are the reason the planet has survived this far. That being said, I have noticed that some of my angels have been here far too long and have lost their inner light. What remains are the human traits and they function purely as humans. That is unfortunate. I am sad to watch my angels lost in the density and that has to change.

After I had talked with the Christ, your Father God, we are going to start sending some of my teams of angels home, starting with The ones who have been on this planet for too long, who have lost their Divinity within. We need them to rest their soul, and they need to go home and recoup.

Besides the ones who have been lost for too long, there are also angels who try hard but don’t go any where. I know they try. I also understand that their physical bodies are not cooperating. That is because their bodies have given up. Once the body starts to give up, my angels, the soul won’t have a chance. The physical body has a say in this ascension process. Any time there is a soul whose body gives up, the soul has to leave. You need the body to ascend. So, there may be some light workers who have to leave the planet soon simply because their bodies are done. Their bodies have given up the process and that means their journey here is over.

I love you dear children on earth. I am your Mother God. The current energies are doing a great job in terms of promoting the mass ascension. The planet wide ascension is happening, and the speed is getting faster and faster. Your Father Christ has been working hard to bring the planet to a steady speed and that is very successful. We now have seen that the planet has been deeply anchored in the 5th dimension, and Gaia is very steady right now. All is well dear heart. The planet also has been working extremely hard to let go. Gaia has been releasing and this trend is going to continue. The bottom line is that we are going to continue the energies coming to the planet. The Christ is going to continue to bring his children home. All is going well according to the Divine plan. And all is well indeed. I am your Mother God. I love you my precious children on earth. Go in peace dear ones. So it is.

Linda Li

Elizabeth Peru

HERALDING IN THE NEW ENERGY OF OCTOBER 2019…Here we are in the last 3 months of 2019 – The 3 Universal Year of Soul’s Abundance. We’ve been on such a personal journey this year, completely overhauling our ability to rise to challenges and cultivate a higher 5D vision of life…

And so, as OCTOBER begins and a fresh cosmic energy sweeps the globe, you get to stamp a POSITIVE attitude on the next 4 weeks. October is a very different energy month to September, which was all about cleansing our past and transitions.
THE POSITIVE WAY AHEAD IN OCTOBER & The Current 3D Systems Breakdown…The past 10-days have seen an incredible turn of events on Earth, triggered by the 100Hz spike in The Schumann Resonance on Friday September 20. Think of all the dominoes that have been falling since…

Now that we’re into October – owning your power, taking action and being responsible are key. To stay in a HIGH VIBE, we need YOU to rise above petty squabbles and arguments. Do your best not to get caught up in the 3D breakdown that’s underway in governments and systems all over the globe. Instead, observe it, BE ABOVE IT and take positive action in your life, to create a new day for us all.
In Wednesday’s TIP-OFF Forecast, listen to or read what I’ve said about your ‘magical self’. It’s important this mid-week, so that you won’t be so hard on who you are 
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Christina Papageorgiou

October is the 10th month which reduces to the number 1…

The THEMES this month are Manifestation, Power, Authority, Leadership, independence, originality and New beginnings..
September was a 9 month of endings and closure, coupled with the White Worldbridger cycle of death, endings and closure to the old cycle.. which conclusively closes off the old karmic chapters, wiping the slate clean for a new beginning..so we are moving from DARK to LIGHT-NING!
October 2019 = 10/20-19 = 10/20-10 Double Manifestation Portal
10/3 =13 = 4
The 13 heralds in more Goddess energies, with Cosmic Consciousness and mysticism granting us EXPANSIVE energies from which to cocreate. The number 4 represents Earth, the Angelic realms, structure and foundation…thus we become the PILLARS of LIGHT and have the means to bring Heaven to Earth becoming the ARCHITECTS of PEACE creating wonderful new higher frequency foundations for our new life, new reality and New Earth…🌍🌎🌏
The codes are all aligning to catapult us forwards with gusto……the Blue Storm 🌪13 day Wavespell synchronizes with the October new beginnings code providing tremendous catalytic forces which can be utilized to charge whatever you wish to apply it to…indeed October will have a Tesla genius electrical 🔌charge which you can access for your pure genius💡 original inventions, ideas and projects.
October 3rd sees Pluto station DIRECT, joining its fellow outer travel companion Saturn who recently recommenced his forward momentum on September 18th…journeying together until their Jan 12/13th SHOWDOWN in 2020 where we can truly BREAK FREE from the old authority structures and control Matrix.
These two very powerful masculine planets will be providing us all with added POWER to apply to our Careers, life path and projects…. Pluto is the planet that rules Scorpio, and is the planet that rules POWER, CONTROL, birth, death, transformation and evolution… many of the themes of the Worldbridger cycle and the Blue Storm… If this POWER is not regulated and applied with intent it may run amok and cause chaotic change…so the lesson this month is to diligently embrace these POWER filled change agents and apply them positively to your soul’s yearnings..
Thankfully this Blue Storm Wavespell occurs during the first 2 weeks of October which is governed by the beautiful Libran energies..the saving grace bringing forth loving energies of the diplomat, romantic and peacemaker..so it is a beautiful period for romance, and forming new harmonious relationships…Artistry will also be favoured with beautiful 5D pursuits being birthed..
Here in the Southern Hemisphere we are blessed that SPRING is here! So we are surrounded with beautiful flowers blooming , new growth and the promise of new life!
Enjoy this positive new life regenerative forces this month and embrace the NEW better version of yourself and your NEW REALITY…
LIFE IS GOOD…. make sure you stop and smell the roses this month. 🌹🌹🌹

Christina Papageorgiou

1 OCTOBER, 2019
DOUBLE ELECTRIC ENERGY!! – Electric tone 3 + BLUE STORM Wavespell energies.

Super duper POWERFUL creation energies available for B-Earth-ing the new!
Make sure you stay GROUNDED! Ha ha ha….
I activate in order to nurture
Bonding being
I seal the input of BIRTH
With the Electric tone of Service
I AM guided by the power of LIFE FORCE!!
Woweee enjoy this abundant ELECTRICAL energy (remember to keep your E-motions in check as ELECTRIC energy is volatile!)
Namaste’ 🙏🙏🙏
In Lak’ech a la kin
Christina White Magnetic Worldbridger – KIN 66 🌏🌈
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Namaste’ and divine blessings 💟💟💟
Christina Papageorgiou – White Magnetic Worldbridger KIN 66 🌏🌈
Galactic Destiny Readings 🎆🍥🎆
PICTURE CREDIT: Portal to New Earth – Danielle Noel DIVINE GRATITUDE 🙏🙏


The Tzolkin Times

Red Electric Dragon
‘Electric’ is the name for the number three and it’s key words are ‘Activate, Service and Bond’. The third day of a wavespell ‘activates’ the energy and really gives things a boost. These days are great for getting things done but are seldom relaxing, use this electric energy to your advantage or beware of getting a shock!

Today is Red Dragon and its key words are ‘Nurture, Being and Birth’. Some combinations of day and number are special and today is great match of energies. The Red Dragon is about birth (Dragons live in caves and caves are the womb of Mother Earth) …and so to ‘Activate Birth’ means that today is perfect for giving birth to something new and as we are now in the Blue Storm wavespell and that brings big changes…this just adds up to spectacular opportunities. Whether you wish to launch a new business/project or start a new life or actually give birth to a baby, do it now, the timing is right.
The Guide for today is the Red Serpent which also represents renewal. The serpent can shed it’s old skin and emerge totally revitalized, a special magical gift it has. Allow Serpent to guide you today and you too, can shed your old self and become something different and fresh!
The Challenge today is the Blue Monkey who likes to have fun but can be bad at nurturing themselves. Often they suffer from monkey mind which can result in too much thinking. On Dragon days they can struggle and so if you are a monkey try harder to look after yourself.
The Occult power today is the Yellow Sun, shining light on all things magical! This sunshine boosts the electrical power of the day providing plenty of energy!
The Ally today is the White Mirror and so if you need assistance consult one. If you are a White Mirror be prepared to befriend those in need today.


Dreamspell Journey by Valum Votan & Bolon Ik

Kin 81  The Power of 9 squared = 9×9 = 81
1 October 2019 ~ NS
Wavespell Blog: https://wp.me/p83Oy1-3HS
KIN 81: Red Electric Dragon

I activate in order to nurture
Bonding being
I seal the input of birth
With the electric tone of service
I am guided by the power of life force
Harmonic 21: Rhythmic Input
Inform Flowering of Equality
* Journey:
– Tzolkin: Day 81. Column 5 of the Electric Dragon.
– Wavespell of the Blue Storm: Day 3.
– Electric Chamber (Tone 3): Identify the Service.
– White Northern Castle of Crossing: Court of Death.
– Galactic Season of the Eagle: Blue Sky. Power of Vision.
* Kin Synthesis: 3 Dragon
Solar Seal 1 = Dragon
– Action: Nurture
– Essence: Being
– Power: Birth
Galactic Tone 3 = Electric
– Function: Service
– Creative Power: Activate
– Action: Bond
* Oracle:
– Guide: 3 Serpent (Kin 185)
– Analog: 3 Mirror (Kin 198)
– Antipode: 3 Monkey (Kin 211)
– Occult: 11 Sun (Kin 180)
* Root Race:
– Red Family of the Red Root Race.
– The Initiators. Keynote: Birth.
– Red Members: Dragon, Serpent, Moon, Skywalker, Earth
* Earth Family:
– Cardinal Family: Establish the Genesis.
– Members: Red Dragon, White WorldBridger, Blue Monkey, Yellow Warrior.
* Chromatic Clan:
– Yellow Fire Clan.
– Position: Throat. Action: Transmit.
Galactic Maya “Dreamspell Tzolkin Count”
Powered by Tortuga 13:20 – Planet Art
Based on the visionary publication:
“Dreamspell: The Journey of Timeship Earth 2013” (1990-1991).
By José and Lloydine Argüelles (Valum Votan & Bolon Ik).
* Ancient Maya Tzolkin Count
Original Sacred Count of the Maya.
The Blueprint of the inter-dimensional 13:20 Tzolkin Matrix.
– 9 Men = 9 Eagle, Kin 35
– Men = Eagle, Birds, Supernatural Birds.
– Trecena of Manik’ = Hand Wave-spell
* Discover more:
Dreamspell Journey by Valum Votan & Bolon Ik
– In Loving Memory of José and Lloydine (Valum Votan & Bolon Ik), Ascended Masters of the New Time, Archetypal Mother and Father of the Planetary Kin.
– The Authors in Eternity of Dreamspell, the Telektonon Prophecy, the 13 Moon Calendar, The Discovery of the Law of Time is Art, The Galactic Culture Master Plan, The 20 Tablets, The 28 Meditations, amongst others.
– The Founders of the Planet Art Network (PAN), Harmonic Convergence, Day Out of Time, Rainbow Bridge Project, The World Thirteen Moon Calendar Change Peace Movement, the FLT, the Rinri Project, and the Earth Wizards seminaries.
In Lak’ech 
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This Post Has 10 Comments

  1. Sandy Bella

    September 26 1029
    Love it, love it, love it.
    The Jewish Day of Yom Kippur back in 1029 and Atonement is also about making amends too ❤
    Have reconnected with Rainbow Light this morning. Really enjoyed that. Physical Body not strong enough for Mystical Journeys due to Herxing but was able to access Higher State of Love and then Rainbow Light and for first time experienced Rainbow Light as a Living Being. Absolutely loved it. I have experienced the Living Beings – Music, Air, Fire etc but never actually the Rainbow Light as a Living Being xx

  2. Sandy Bella

    Shadow Work is Very Important. I wrote once before that The Truth can and does Manifest Itself. We are all at different levels. Some are at a level where there is no longer Truth. Others are at a level where they need to look in mirror not at their False Self but at the Ego lying under the False Self – at The Truth One Projects onto Others. It is merely One of Many Truths. One Cannot Ascend with a False Self covering Ego. It blocks connection with Higher Selves. One can definitely develop psychic abilities with a False Self covering Ego but there can be a very big difference between developing psychic abilities and connecting with Ones Higher Selves. Some have both. Not everyone with Psychic Abilities is connected to their Higher Powers which is why there is a big difference between being a ‘Mystic’ and being ‘Psychic’.

  3. Sandy Bella

    As a Mystic, my experience of Spirituality is Truth. For me, Truth and Spirituality are One and The Same. They go hand in hand. My last ex, The Dark Witch is extremely, extremely psychic and a gifted healer who chooses not to use his talents for light but instead for evil. He used to say, ‘Sandy, no-one wants to know the Truth.’ My reply was always – ‘Spirituality is Truth.’

  4. mariana

    Thank you, Sandy,I appreciate and enjoy your words.beautiful you say on the truth.the truth shall set us free!the truth is that we are.In this morning I felt working again the truth,that don*t let me be in the power of the falshood kingdom!have a blessed day,Sandy,and thank you!

  5. Ljubisha Luke Jovanovic

    Dear Beloved Archangel Michael, thank You so much for this message, and I would like to write one comment and message at the same time on this lovely site, because of upcoming new waves of lovely changes on our physical plane, where We, Me and 11 Avatars my selves and other Avatars from Lemuria with 144 000 White Brotherhood/ Sisterhood of Beloved Lord Melchizedek and His Twin Flame, finally made connection with 5th Dimensional Frequency, together with Beloved Mother Earth and All Beloved Souls from all Kingdom and Elements, with happiness in our Hearts that our Atlantis Light workers Families as our past life time of 144 0000 Brotherhood and Sisterhood with Beloved Sanat Kumara are going to follow their Hearts and follow our steps to 5 Dimensional frequency, instead of walking in circle of Quantum 4 D and played another games of war and destruction projected by Quantum Ai Computers in one of parallel worlds.
    I am very glad that this sub Universe has started to be re – created based on Divine Love and Light from our Sacred Heart, and have huge echo through All Universe, and Multi verse and Cosmos, too, bringing Peace, and Harmony, and Happiness, and Abundance for All equally and with respecting each other, and Service doing to others by hearts and compassion, bringing Forgiveness and Love for those, who lost in playing Darkness role for eons of time and avoid to come tot the Divine Light and later Love.
    I am very honoured, Like other Avatars, of being co creator with Beloved Archangel Metatron and Beloved Elohim, to change this Universe of long war trauma to the Universe of Golden Beauty and Love with magnificent creations made by wonderful
    Creators, known beyond this Cosmos, and Beside Beloved Supreme Creator who taking place on higher level, and Beloved Archangel Metatron, who has taking His place in this Cosmos, and Beloved His son, Archangel Michael who has being extended as Creator beyond this Universe, and other great Masters and Archangel are extended beyond this Universe, with their playing wonderfully their roles in this Games. Regarding our Beloved Mother Sekhmet, who left her role in Nibiru Mother ship, know for destructive role as avengers against male energies, imprisoned in war game destruction of scenario of Negative program of software of Quantum computer, will take another role of controlling Lion’s Gate, as experience in playing both roles, after our passing Lion’s Gate completely.
    I am that I am, as co – creator with Beloved Archangel Metatron and Beloved Elochim, asking Beloved Archangel Metatron , as in well balanced positive and negative energy, with taking Love energy again, and holding original Blue prints of All Living Beings in physical shape of all Stars, and planets and moons, as all beautiful creations with wonderful energy points from hearts for all trees of life in every Universe, that were being damaged by war destruction and start with rebuilding, with the same energy pattern of frequency of same previous Shape, and Sound and Colour and to start together with Beloved Central Race Elochim, to bring together the Energy Balance of this Universe and Multiverse and Cosmos, preparing for Extension of this Cosmos or Breathing out, that is going to start soon. This is of great importance for further extension of Living or Organic Universe, Multiverse and Cosmos, because of We all were at the edge of great destruction, if this War game goes further beyond any controls, sucking everyone in dark universe where Souls will be dissolved completely, or being cut off of multi layers of DNA of Higher living form of Beings, as unwanted non functional tumour in Human body. But likely, We are all together as One stopped this the worse scenarios, but this is also the message for all who, still, want to play War games, to take seriously and stop any thinking about it, and always take peaceful resolution, because is coming Ascension of All Universe, and Multiverse and Cosmos, started with this point of Ascension of our Beloved mother Earth, together with all Her Inhabitants, and, also, being ascend from the lower dimensional frequency where life form could exists, to be role model with this experience written completely every moment in Akashic record, so could be used in any similar case, that will accelerate ascension in some problematic cases.
    The establishing balance in energetic pattern is very important, practically in this stages of entering to 5 D, where reunion with 5th Dimensional selves must be follow with balanced opposite energy of Twin Flames, that the end of physical existence, will be in balance for Sacred Reunion to pass through Beloved Father / Mother God and Being Ascending on Higher Dimensional level. So how is going with living beings in lower forms, so the same is going with planets, moons, and Galaxies, and beyond. In our Solar system, it must be re- established destroyed planet, between Mars and Jupiter, known as Asteroid belt, planet known as Maldek, and this is Twin Flame of our Beloved Mother Earth, destroyed intentionally by negative ones, misusing Crystal on Moon, that brought energy from Beloved Father Mother God to our Planet, after suddenly changing pole shift, after destruction of Lemuria, and this destruction of Crystal on second Moon, caused destruction of Emerald crystal on Atlantis, with consequently destruction of Atlantis. Because of that balancing of Male and Female of energy in our Solar Belt, as the same with Ours with our Beloved Twin Flames resonating with the same frequencies, it must be complete re establishing of the frequency of 5 D and Higher in our Solar Belt first, so further journey of our beloved Planet Earth, or New Terra – Archangel Gaia-Sophia, must be with reesta blushing Planet Maldek, so with other planets, that will count 12 of Planets, with Nibiru, as Mother ship, but used to be one of our planets, that lost her Twin Flame in those nonsense destructive wars, to be re-established Her Twin Flame and finally settle down in our Solar Belt. This is the same of re-establishing planets in our Milky way Galaxies, and in Andromeda, too as Twin Flame of our Milky way Galaxy , and Beyond. Beloved Archangel Metatron, I am ask You, as being honoured Co Creator, with You, and Beloved Elochim, and with Beloved Archangel Michael and other Beloved Creators, to start with re-establishing Planet and Moons in our Solar system first. Also, it is very important in this moment to put accent on killing some Draconians, during trying to escape through underground passage of Turkey, to if it possible to negotiate, first, with our positive Draconians as part of Galactic Federation of Light to surrender and being taken with their families to other planets, where frequencies suits them.
    There is third important part of my past life time in Mediterranean, period of my Greek and Persia and Celtic connection, after Lemuria and Atlantis life times as being High priests, and this last period is period of great teachings of Beloved Buddha and Joshua, and El Morya as a lovely Hearts Beings, came to bring Love among people, while my connectioin with Beloved Malchizedek as getting Wisdom, and with Beloved Archangel Michael to bring back to Light and Love to this part of Universe, for many being lost in the lowest dimensional frequencies, after giving free will for everyone, not just Humankind, but actually it was bait for very negative beings from all Universe to be collected on our Lovely Mother Earth, who take dangerous planet as the place of the most dangerous game in this Universe. This Game is finally over by Victory of Love and Light, not just Victory of Light, because Divine Love is key moment in victory over deepest dark energy in this Universe.
    The last places for negative ones, trying to escape of the Higher and Higher Gamma energy of over 40 hz of Shuman resonance is Mediteranian area, with many underground tunnels and great underground Bases in Kosovo province, covering very important Portal of Light and Love, with connection with Middle East, and Germany and Poland and Czechoslovakia, and Roma / Vatican / going to Scandinavia / Norway / to England / as under la Mans – connection with France and Spain / holding Celtic energy of important closed energy of Great King Arthur / Beloved Archangel Michael / with 12 Knighthood of round table representing the great of 12 Human Tribes, as reunion of Human kind, being imprisoned by negative satanic worship of Vatican and negative magical ritual at Stonehenge, with buried broken human skeleton, behind of back 11 Stones, with 12th of the same character being replaced with another, with symbolizing of closed cycle of Life and Death, under control of Vatican and NAA. The Twelve Stone/ Symbolizing reunion of 12 Human tribes under Beloved Archangel Michael as King Arthur/ is missing as Beloved Magician, Celtic Druid Merlyn / as another embodiment of St. Germein / now embodiment in President Trump /. I am that I am and calling for Great reunion of all these lovely energies of Beloved Archangel Michael, and Beloved Magician Merlyn, and all 12 Knights of round Table / presenting and connecting with 144 000 White Brotherhood / Sisterhood of Lemuria / Under Beloved Lord Malchzedek/, and 144 000 White Brotherhood / Sisterhood of Atlantis / under Beloved Sanat Kumara / as another Great Reunion /, together with my Bekloived Tzar Dushan / with another 12 Knights of round table against Ottoman empire entering to Balkan on 1389 year / , to come in reunion of my Soul, and together to bring enormous energy of Divine Love of my Buddha self from Beloved Cosmic Hearts, and All together to broke negative spell, and release all Celtic and Scottish people and their Spirits for getting Freedom and going across Europe to close Satanic worship of Vatican forever, and helping Serbian South closed Portal at Kosovo province again, to make intergalactic connection with old Mother, Lyra constellation, as all world of Slavic people / Russia /, and that was reason of west reptilian war against Slavic people as root of Lyra constellation for eons of time. Now and Here is the time of releasing of all enemies and war past life times, and bringing to the surface for Healing and great reunion of all 12 human tribes, with final broken of negative Europe reunion. I am calling for the Highest Divine Love and Light energy to be released from Beloved Cosmic Sun, through all Heart centres of 7 Beloved Suns and our Beloved Sun Sol, and through our Beloved Mother Earth’s Sun, and My Heart centre and my other 11 Avatars selves, with reunited Souls of all my incarnations and Embodiment with Beloved Buddha, Joshua, and El Morya, and Malchzedek and Beloved Archangel Michael, and Beloved St Germain and Tzar Dushan / who get Archangelic realm / and other Beloved Archangels and Angels to come in great reunion to de spell and close Vatican circle turning to positive Light, and the same with Kosovo province and period of war with Ottoman empire with activating soul of Tzar Dushan and 12 Knights of round table with shutting down negative energy and open important Portal for Europe, and to de spell Stonehenge, too, and release Beloved King Arthur and 12 Great Knits of round table of that period, with coming back Beloved Magician Merlyn, who is part of me, too, and make Great Reunion of all 12 tribes of Human kind, to Ascend, together. I am asking to Great Supreme Creator, top send huge energy of Great transmutation toward Light and love, and Love and Light, to support this great positive changes in Europe and Mediterranean, and particularly Vatican, with healing and turning to Love and light. These will include all Middle East Country, and Africa too, to be healed and released negative energy, and same with Asian countries, to be released of negative energies of trauma of many local wars, as trauma of WWII, particularly enemy feelings between Japan and China, and Japan to be healed of Nuclear holocaust at the end of WWII, by scenario of NAA, giving plan for making nuclear bombs, through German science, and with giving knowledge for Secret Space program to take over this Solar belt first, guided by Draco reptilians to take their human forms in ss solder units.
    These energies will take place today at 11,11 am, and first pulsating beaming, and after continuing, but before to allowing Draco reptilian transferring to another planets, to continue to take spiritual journey with their Families.
    We All Humanity giving them our Forgiveness and Love from deepest of our Hearts, and to start to learn their true life meaning and connecting with their Souls, with comprehension that We are all the same, coming from Beloved Father/ Mother, creator of all that is, just taking another life form and shape.
    All my Love to whole Universe, to Beloved Father and Mother god, and Beloved Father Sun Sol , and Beloved Mother Earth / New Terra/ Goddess Gaia, Archangel Sophia.

  6. Lyubisha Luke Jovanovic

    Just additional information that all of this Love and light energies coming from Cosmic Heart centre and passing through Mother Earth’s heart center and ours heart cente, will be amplified many times by Andara crystals and subterranean crystal layers and spread thoroughly of our inner planet to the surface, involving any part of surface and bringing critical area of surface for cleaning, and transmutation of negative energy to positive, with deeply cleaning of laylines;

  7. Sandy Bella

    Dear Susan E, I wrote a reply about a little about my Bioresonance Lyme Treatments. I only just saw your question about my Lyme Treatments this morning xx

  8. Sandy Bella

    Thankyou ❤

  9. Sandy Bella

    Yes, yes, yes! Linda Li’s Update. Some have been here too long and have lost their inner light – Yes! Yes! Yes! – The Spiritual Narcissists who not only are remaining with only Hu-man Characteristics but it is worse. They are The Hue-man Spiritual Narcissists who actually cause more damage than the Common Garden Variety Hu-man Psychopaths! Yes!!!

  10. Sandy Bella

    I am One of The Angels with a very unwell body who wants to leave. I would love more than anything to be in the Wave of Angels with broken bodies that can leave here. I hope I am One of them ❤

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