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Christina Papageorgiou

10 – 22 OCTOBER 2021
KINS 40-52
YAHOOOOO! THE YELLOW SUN🌞 WAVESPELL has finally arrived and we are in for an incredible Ascension journey to EN-LIGHT💡ON-MENT!!
This new SOLAR☀ cycle commences with a BANG 🎇on the 🌟10/10 🌟MANIFESTATION PORTAL💫💫 – so AHAU means business in AWAKENING humanity to the CREATOR’S DIVINE PLANE.
We have just completed the Blue Hand🙌 Wavespell of HEALING🌿, and GLOBALLY we have accomplished great healing on our journey to wholeness during this cycle. More AWARENESS and TRUTH has been rising to the surface and the process of HEALING from the collective trauma has commenced.
As we journey with AHAU –🌞 the SUN in this 4th wavespell of the Tzolkin Calendar the energies should really LIGHTEN UP, brightening our moods and our lives as HOPE🕊🌺 rises on the HORIZON like the new DAWN🌅.
Keep your EYES on le soleil☀ for some spectacular LIGHT shows and Solar codes!✨✨✨
🌞☀In this cycle of the YELLOW SUN 🌞– AHAU we commence counting the days of radiant LIGHT✨. We are now changing our FOCUS from DARKNESS to LIGHT – as our days and MINDS are flooded with these SOLAR ASCENSION codes – continuing to ACTIVATE our ASCENSION.
☀The SUN symbolically represents the SON of GOD from whom all LIGHT shines and springs forth from our CREATOR. The SECOND COMING prophesizing the RETURN of CHRIST refers to the RISE of CHRIST CONSCIOUSNESS in all humanity..
This YELLOW SUN☀ WAVESPELL will trigger a GRAND RISING and AWAKENING heralding a NEW REVIVAL of this GOD CONSCIOUSNESS taking hold of our global family and leading us into a NEW GOLDEN ERA. A very potent and pivotal cycle in our Planetary Ascension!!! 🎉🎊🎇🎊🎉🎇
AHAU is EMPOWERING us ALL to become SOVEREIGN👑 beings, connected to SOURCE☀ and ALL THAT IS, as in-deep-endent Self! We shall complete our total metamorphosis and rise on the 13th day as YELLOW COSMIC ANGELIC HU-MANS!
Hold onto your HALO’S as our journey begins! ⛵
YELLOW SUN 🌞– AHAU the THEMES for this wavespell include: Illumination, Universal Fire, LIFE FORCE, Cosmic Christ Consciousness, Buddha wisdom, Bliss, Union, Wholeness, Solar Logos, Unconditional Love, Ecstasy, Enlightenment and Ascension.
The SHADOW ⛅themes of AHAU ☀which will be highlighted during this cycle, include examining any self-limiting beliefs that kept you contained and separated from your divinity. Any ideals – both personal and societal that do not embrace Universal law and Cosmic consciousness. Relationships that are based on conditional love will be under the spotlight too…
Anything that has kept you small, or limited you from embodying and becoming your Majestic ✨I AM presence✨ will be revealed in order to transcend and evolve into higher states of being. Onwards and UPwards we go!
The practise of Allowance, Compassion, Empathy, Acceptance and Unconditional love through expanded consciousness will be the keys needed to unlock the door to your re-union with your Divine Source. It is time as a species to return home to our SOURCE!
AHAU is tribe number 20, the final culmination of the journey through the solar seals, the highest vibratory frequency of all the 20 tribes. AHAU represents the sum total accumulation of all the preceding energies on the Ascension path to ultimate ENLIGHTENMENT.✨☀✨
This enables us to access all wisdom and light codes from all 20 tribes in the DREAMSPELL – very deep Universal wisdom. Huge upgrades through the over-LIGHT-ing and embodying of higher consciousness. Many walk-ins will use this cycle to make the soul transfer into human vessels, as existing souls choose to leave this realm.
AHAU is tribe number 20 = 2×10 commencing on the 10/10 PORTAL.💫💫
The number 2 represents partnership and co-creation, 2 individuals coming together as ONE entity. The number 0 represents SOURCE/GOD/ORIGIN☀ and spiritual POWER✨ The combination of the 2+0 signifies a ✨“PARTNERSHIP with SOURCE/GOD”✨ – reclaiming your divinity and returning to your roots/origins.
The number 20 is known as the number of ✨“THE AWAKENING”✨ – it is a strong call to action, reigniting a renewed sense of purpose, your Divine Mission and direction for your soul’s journey. A powerful call for the family of man to AWAKEN and take charge of our lives and collective destiny.
The colour of AHAU🌞 very fittingly is GOLD – the GOLDEN Solar rays☀ which are the key codes for elevating humanity to ✨CHRIST CONSCIOUSNESS.✨
The GOLDEN RAY raises your frequency activating your Golden Christed Solar Light Body☀✨✨. Meditating with the Golden ray and bathing in the Sun’s☀ rays is MANDATORY for this cycle, to absorb the divine nutrients needed by our soul’s thirst for evolution.
We commence this wavespell with the YELLOW MAGNETIC ☀SUN which is seeking to ATTRACT the codes for HUMANITY’s accelerated Ascension. The MAGNETIC forces are pulling us very strongly towards UNITY along our Ascension path to ONENESS. Our SUN is evolving into a MAGNETIC celestial body so the electrical charge and friction of duality and conflict will be dissolving and melting into the golden energy of Common -unity👫👬👭 and unconditional love.❤❤❤
Absolutely PERFECTO that this YELLOW SUN WAVESPELL highlighting UNITY, ONENESS and EN-LIGHT-ON-MENT is aligned with the beautiful romantic LIBRAN energies highlighting HARMONY, LOVE and partnership. 🌞🎆☀
🕊🕊🕊This is a BEAUTIFUL period for humanity to UNITE and heal the rift between people, families, colleagues and communities. A time for us all to come together with the common interests of the betterment of humanity in order to manifest a NEW PEACEFUL WORLD. 🕊🕊🕊
Your QUEST during this AHAU Wavespell will entail that you examine closely..
☀ Do you feel connected to the WEB of LIFE and ALL THAT IS?
☀ Is your INNER FLAME ignited by the UNIVERSAL FIRE of CREATION?
☀ Are you SHINING your LIGHT brightly, or have you burnt out?
☀ Do you believe that ENLIGHTENMENT is possible for all beings? Or just a chosen few?
☀ Are you ready to live an INSPIRED LIFE and share your gifts with the world?
✨HOW BEST can you CALL FORTH THE RESONANCE of your TRUE SOUL’S❤ ESSENCE, expressing yourself as a pure spark of the DIVINE! ✨
Your REWARD and holy grail 🏆 at the end of your journey is attaining BLISS 🐬 ECSTASY 💕and en-LIGHT💡ON- ment, through the expression of the unconditional love❤ that you embody as GOLDEN CHRISTED ANGELIC HU-MANS!
✨✨✨GOD SPEED💥 our journey to THE LIGHT💡 through the PORTAL of AHAU!🌞☀🌞
SOURCE CREDIT: The Mayan Oracle – Ariel Spilsbury & Michael Bryner
☀To be the SUN, I ignite my luminous body from the acceptance of my divinity.
☀From within the vastness of my inner Sun, I birth potential worlds.
☀Within the foundation of my human form, I awaken my star points within this heavenly body to touch all worlds and move in all dimensions.
☀My inner Sun blazes with unconditional LOVE, I ignite my heart❤ of self.
☀I feel the radiance of my embodied Sun. I taste its brilliance, now consuming my yearning, distilling my essence, revealing my original state of freedom and innocence.
☀ My Divine Child is birthed anew.
☀As I merge with the spirit of the Great Central 🌞Sun, I AM the return path to the stars.✨
Attracting LIFE
I seal the matrix of Universal Fire
With the Magnetic tone of Purpose
I AM guided by the power of MY OWN POWER DOUBLED
Divine blessings for the MAJIKAL attraction of absolute BLISS! 🐬💕🎆
Go forth and SHINE your LIGHT brightly dear STAR-BLOSSOMS! Bring forth your luminosity, in order to RADIATE and ENLIGHTEN those around you! ☀🌞🎆
Namaste’ 🙏❤🙏❤🙏
In Lak’ech a la kin
Christina White Magnetic Worldbridger – KIN 66 🌍🌈🌎🌈
PICTURE CREDIT: Rest in the dwelling – Unknown Artist Divine gratitude ❤🙏❤🙏❤


Today is the start of the 13 Day Yellow Sun Wavespell

The wavespell is the standard fractal unit of measure. In the term wavespell, wave refers to the power of movement, spell to the power one can gain by being in harmony with reality. Hence, to know and to ride a wavespell is to demonstrate augmented autonomous power through harmonic identification with fourth-dimensional time.
A wavespell is a fractal form-constant of 13 units. These 13 units represent a fourth- dimensional, 13-tone cosmology. In the fourth dimensional cosmology the 13 constituent units cannot be separated and understood apart from each other. The units are referred to as tones because the nature of the fourth-dimensional reality is purely vibrational, spectral and weightless.
Hence each tone represents a discrete cosmological sequence which describes a process of on-going creation. While each of the 13 positions holds the value of one kin, the value of each tone represents a creative power of resonance, each power building on the previous tone or sum of preceding tones.
In the whole system approach, the planetary level represents the minimum whole system; the unit kin represents one rotation of the planet on its axis. Since all elements of the planet from core to magnetosphere turn simultaneously together and interdependently on the same axis, one kin value incorporates the planetary whole system in all of its multitudinous components through one axial turn. For this reason the minimum kin value is one day-and- night, and the minimum wavespell value of 13 kin is the same as 13 days or 13 full rotations of Earth upon her axis.
This means that through conscious attunement to the wavespell the self-reflective component of the planetary system, the noosphere, will recapitulate in unceasing waves of 13-tone cosmology of the forth dimension. This is why the wavespell is referred to as a recapitulative and recombinant cosmology, and also as the primary template for evolutionary advancement provided by the codes of fourth-dimensional time. To understand the wavespell in its entirety is to reconstitute the epistemological bases and categorizations of human knowing.-The Call Of Pacal Votan
Yellow Sun is the one of the 20 aspects of our environment celebrated in the Tzolkin (soul count) 260~day calendar. The glyph image is of a face, but it’s different than a child’s drawing of the yellow sun smiling in the sky. This picture is of the ‘lord’ who guided the Maya through the calendar days and their ceremonies. Yellow Sun celebrates the center of our galaxy ~ fire, light, heat ~ but also the enlightened beings that illuminate our minds and hearts.
These 13 days is a celebration of the infinite source of divine light ~ we could choose to call this God ~ and of all the true prophets infused with its vibrancy here on planet Earth. You might be one of them. Who is your guide, godhead, deity, diamond~heart? Who helps you, reassures you, shields you, reminds you there is a path and models that next step? If you want to thank them or listen more closely, if you want to turn over your questions and concerns, want to cry because it hurts or you’re scared ~ then find them, keep their hologram in your mind’s eye. Don’t hold back because you’re not sure it’s real enough. The nice thing about the Yellow Sun Wavespell is it makes bright gold divinity seem natural, normal.
On the Tzolkin count, Yellow Sun is the both last and first of the 20 day signs. It’s the ultimate end and beginning, the fire of initiation and the ritual completion burn. It’s the farthest point from our cells and yet it allows our cells to grow us as large and bountiful as a summer garden harvest. It is a paradox of power and we face that now in our ecology: the Sun has saved us with its warmth might ignite us in the end. The glyph of the lord’s face has a telltale split down the center to remind us of the duality of sunshine, and all that is illuminated by it.
In Lak’ech a la kin

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