Gaia Ascension Kundalini Rising ~ Sacred Golden Circles of the Sun ☀️ Kin 128: Yellow Spectral Star

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Gaia Ascension Kundalini Rising ~ Sacred Golden Circles of the Sun ☀️ Kin 128: Yellow Spectral Star

Grace Solaris

The importance of connecting with the earth´s kundalini for our ascension.

The Arcturians tells us, that it is critical that we change our perception of Gaia, that it is paramount to understand, that the planet itself is more than dense matter, she is a cosmic vibrant living field of consciousness, a galactic being, that our well-being and evolution depends on and that we need to align with to communicate and exchange energies with. The earth´s kundalini is playing a vital role for the ascension of the earth and the descension of spirit into matter. The earth´s kundalini is actually a powerful electrical conduit to assist the galactic consciousness of our multiple self(ves) to anchor into our lightbody merkabah and to stabilize us. It is a circuit to maintain the constant flow of the toroidal field of the planet, which you have a replica of within your chakric energy system. The tantric energy of Gaia is acting as a transducer of energies, that assist in clearing our kundalini channels to enable a continual flow and blend of cosmic energies and a persistent alignment with the planetary, stellar and universal grids. However to fully connect and ground with Gaia, turn within, understand she is within you, rather than you “standing on her”, which is a misconcept of the truth of matter. Instead hold the vision of Gaia within your heart and you will no longer feel ungrounded, but will anchor her into your being. She is a nurturing source for your well-being on all levels of your being, a divine intellegent field of love, that will always cater for your immediate needs as a galactic being, as she sees you as an extension of her, as inter-connected and so she will feel what you need. If you tune in and hold the divine intent to receive, she will provide you with the energies you need in any given moment. You can interact with her telepathically. When you feel scattered, anxious or nauseous go out and connect with her. Open your heart to feel, to listen and to intuit, it is your naturel way of communing and communicating with her and with all cosmic beings. The tantric energy which she emits from the star core of her being, is cosmic life force energy, that your body needs and uses to regenerate, rejuvenate and balance. Because of the gradual poleshift Gaia is going thru, we stress the importance of aligning yourself with the earth´s poles daily simply by stating your divine intent. Thru consistent practice a conscious thought will be enough to adjust your inner compass to the current “north” and the planets axis.

Grace Solaris


@Nick Bull Photography by Stonehenge Dronescapes


Alex Myles

Full Moon Blessing

Augusts Full Moon is the “eye of the storm” phase where all will feel calm and settled following the past few intense months.
It is also a time where we can finally take a breather, rest and reset, before cosmic energy heightens again from September through to the end of the year.

Although this Full Moon is in the sign of Aquarius, celestial energy will be affecting all zodiac signs, however, those with Aquarius in their chart will feel the impact more than others.

Aquarius’ energy can be rather detached when it comes to heavy emotions, feelings, and connections, so this means we will be taking a much needed break from any recent overwhelming or turbulent experiences.

This allows us to realign and recognise where we have been holding too tight to unfulfilling relationships, the material world and unhealthy societal structures.

The overall vibration of the Aquarius moon is freedom, so we will be wanting to liberate ourselves from anything constricting and limiting.

In particular our attachments to whatever or whoever causes drama, chaos, unrest or friction will be illuminated.

Aquarius is all about emotional intelligence and prompts us to seriously consider how and why we think and feel, about dynamics.

It also forces us to take a closer look at what we choose to be involved in, and to question the company we keep. Therefore, now is the time to pay close attention to the reasons we cling to old habits or connections we know no longer serve our soul, and to find the strength to distance and disconnect.

Aquarius is known as the social butterfly, and likes to talk, spread information and generally be the life and soul of the party.

Due to social restrictions currently in place across the world, this energy is not able to develop as it normally would during an Aquarius Full Moon, therefore, it is highly possible we will see news or possibly even gossip being contorted and misconstrued as it rapidly travels across social media over these next few days.

It is recommended that we don’t believe everything we read or hear at the moment, as the underlying motives and agendas behind the information may not carry the best intentions.

While Aquarius is known for disconnection, it is usually only with anything it doesn’t vibrate on the same frequency with. Despite being known for being emotionally reserved it is an extremely social energy, especially with regard to anything that feels nourishing and resonant.

This brings in a desire to reach out to the people we connect with on a deeper level, or if we don’t have those types of friendships in our lives, we may notice a strong longing to find our tribe.

The New Moon in Leo a couple of weeks ago was the intro to this Full Moon, as Leo’s fearless & fiery love energy sent shockwaves through our hearts and stirred emotions we thought had long died out.

Now, with the Sun in luminous, loving Leo shining on the cool, calm and collected Aquarius Moon, lunar energy again triggers a battle between the heart and the head.

Whatever has been weighing on our mind for the past couple of weeks will now begin to manifest into our reality and we may once again feel the rekindling of flames we believed had long burned out – which includes passion for others, along with a deeper love and acceptance for ourselves.

It will particularly focus our attention on aspects of our lives that have left us feeling disempowered and where our energy has drained through prioritizing other people’s needs and desires before our own.

Be prepared for a huge internal shift with these clashing and contrasting energies, as Leo’s powerful and forceful nature causes Aquarius’ logic to go out the window and for the heart to totally crack open.

We will see our relationships or connections from an entirely different perspective and our raw, suppressed emotions will want to spill out.

This means we will be far more vulnerable and truthful about what we feel for certain people, so we may either give or receive love declarations, as we finally find the courage to communicate or be open to how we really feel.

Aquarius is the thinker of the zodiac, it encourages us to perceive with clarity and to open our minds to new possibilities and opportunities.

It is the awakener, and will compel us to transform the way we have been viewing our surrounding environment, with emphasis on how we treat one another.

It also pulls us out of our comfort zone and will make us feel like falling in love with life once again, and to see there are infinite ways to alter the shape of the world and to entirely change how we are experiencing it.

This is the sign and time of rebellion and revolution, and it helps us see how it is imperative we look beyond restrictions and oppressions.

It allows us to recognise that together we can rise up and recreate new fairer systems and structures, to take the place of the old, outdated dismantled ones.

It supports our independence, as well as helping us recognise who we are in the world, so that we realign with what we know to be our truth, rather than what the media or other influences try to condition us to believe.

We will come out of this lunar energy with far more clarity, awareness and with renewed belief in ourselves, as well as having reaffirmed our beliefs about what we know to be true in the world – without biased outside interferences altering our truths.

Surreal and unexpected scenarios often arise during the Aquarius Full Moon, so be prepared for absolutely anything to happen, from a surprise meeting to revolutionary news that could shake and change everything as we currently know it.

Uranus goes retrograde on August 11th, and as it is now in its shadow period and is the ruler of Aquarius, it will also have a major impact on us during this Full Moon.

This means we should be ready for a sudden change of fate, disruptions to occur, and to not rely too heavily on anything remaining the same over the coming weeks.

Although Uranus is known for being the bearer of break-ups, as well as breakdowns, it is also the planet of miraculous breakthroughs.

Given the constantly challenging energies we have navigated over the past few months and how much we have already learned and transformed, there is a high possibility that many of us will sail through Uranus’ retrograde experiencing much-welcomed breakthrough after breakthrough.

This Full Aquarius Moon is timely placed right before Uranus’ retrograde, as it encourages us to do some long overdue internal work to clear out stagnant beliefs, and release tensions and painful memories that keep us trapped and suffering.
This allows us to be ten steps ahead of the upcoming retrograde and to be fully prepared to welcome, rather than fear, it’s arrival.

Aquarius carries a futuristic vibration, so this incredibly powerful energy will help us not only realize who we are in the world, it also offers a rare glimpse into the future, giving us clarity and insight so we can choose the manifestations that will work best, what our paths will offer us, our ultimate soul purpose and who we want journeying alongside us on the way.

Over this next week expect timelines to suddenly shift, as the intentions we have been setting miraculously start manifesting, our passions ignite and a life filled with love, magic and abundance begins to be created, as our innermost dreams rapidly become a reality.

Aquarius is the “Water Bearer” so to remain grounded and absorb as much of this lunar energy as possible, be sure to drink plenty of water, take a salt bath if possible, and if nearby, take a walk near a river, lake or the ocean.

~Alex Myles

Judith Kusel

Come Brothers and Sisters of the Light, and those who stand here in purity and Love,
Let us create the Sacred Golden Circles and let us stand in total sacred silent, and let us stand in humility and with our hearts and soul wide open, so that the Divine Love, Light and Power can totally fill us.
Let us remember the Power of Love, and the Immortal Powers of the Infinite Divine One within us, as we stand there, silently.
Let the mind still.
Let the Divine Breath, breathe you.
And then, allow yourself to be filled to the brim, as an outpouring of the Holy Spirit, the Shekinah, enters you now!
Feel yourself lifted beyond this realms into the Infinite State of the All-Seeing and then see how you are already standing firmly rooted in the New Earth, the New Humanity, and New Beginning.
Alpha and Omega!
Let the Power of Love now fill you.
Let the Power of Love expand within you.
Let the Power of Love radiate forth.
From this moment forward you ARE a totally NEW CREATION!
Embrace the fullness of your Soul Name, and henceforth live it, as you now are creating a totally new life and new beginnings.
The Old is no more!
Receive the blessing of this momentous moment!
Go forth and grow into the Fullness of the Higher Truth of your Soul!
Judith Kusel


Wildest storm I’ve ever seen in Montreal. #fromwhereidrone


Elizabeth Peru


Global energy is peaking right now. The Full Moon has just taken place, pressure has been released and the build-up has helped you to make some life-enhancing choices. PERSONAL POWER is pivotal now…

You’ve heard me saying (for quite some time now) that when you focus upon what you’re FOR and what you LOVE, rather than channeling your precious energy into what you’re against – that you naturally take back your power. It’s a considered choice to pause before you speak or pause before you choose to engage. That’s the mature and wise path that SO many in our community of light are now creating.

Considered choices have power behind them. And as I tune into the collective right now, I sense that many thousands have finally accepted their self-worth. They are finally VALUING who they are – no excuses, no dulling the light. Just being AUTHENTIC and true 💙

Thank you to your dedication to your life path. I feel honoured to have been with you on the path for the past 20 years and am feeling more aligned than ever in 2020. What a stellar opportunity we have over the next 5 months. I’m here for you, guiding and supporting each day in THE TIP-OFF. Visit my website to learn more and create your subscription today

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Daniel Scranton

Your Chakras, Ascension Symptoms & Support ∞The 9D Arcturian Council, Channeled by Daniel Scranton

“Greetings. We are the Arcturian Council. We are pleased to connect with all of you.

We are very satisfied with the progress we feel humanity making at this time, as you continue to open yourselves up to absorb the positive energy that is coming to you from throughout the galaxy. We have witnessed you opening your chakras as well and being willing to do the very hard work of removing the blockages and releasing the trauma that you have stored in those seven main chakras. Oftentimes, these letting go experiences will result in you taking on some pretty unpleasant ascension symptoms.

But the vast majority of you who are conscious enough to consciously open up those chakras, those beautiful energy centers, have also been answering the call that your bodies have made for better fuel, higher vibrational energy sources. We are talking about the food and the beverages, the supplements, and everything else that you put into your bodies. You have had to trust your guidance, your intuition, when it comes to your physical bodies, because if you look outside of yourself for advice, you will get different perspectives on just about everything that you could put into your body.

When you support yourselves, you also feel more supported. When you are allowing yourselves to be more sensitive, you are also more sensitive to the support that you receive from the nonphysical, from the higher dimensional, from the entire team of beings that you have working on your behalf. You are all awake enough to recognize when something serves you, and all you have to do now is trust that inner knowing that you have. Trust yourselves. Trust the wisdom that comes from within, and know that you are there to do more than just open up and clear your chakras out of all of the negative energy they have accumulated over your many, many lifetimes.

You are also there to decide what you want to replace that lower-vibrational energy with in your chakras, in your bodies, in your energy fields, and you are more than qualified to decide what is best for you to activate within yourselves. And all you need to do is take a little bit of your time every day to sense what is available to you, what you can download, what you can activate, and what you can become, as you are becoming a version of yourselves that includes much more of an emphasis on your infinite and eternal nature as a Source Energy Being.

Everything that you want to see happen there on Earth starts with you. It is up to you to be the leaders, to be the example to everyone else there on Earth, and you do that by letting go of what no longer serves and activating what you have determined does. It’s not any more complicated than that.

We are the Arcturian Council, and we have enjoyed connecting with you.”



Elaine Degiorgio

A time to come into your remembrance

Your participation in this mystical mission is totally voluntary. However, this transformational change on Earth is very rare and precious. Earth is spinning towards powerful evolution. You are being invited to embody as a global family on Earth. If you choose to accept this mission, you will have the opportunity to catalyze and synthesize everything you have learned during many incarnations and will experience a quantum leap of consciousness, rarely offered. It depends on you, as a myth maker, to choose how you will dance with Gaia and her children, as she completes her light and rise ceremony!”.

And so it was that the luminous beings formed the numerous alliances, federations and advice of beings in the stars who chose to embody on planet Earth to help with this crucial event, the awakening of dream awareness in matter, form and separation! As warned, many bright beings really forgot who they are and why they came to Earth, but there was a safety plan against failures to awaken these beings from the veil of oblivion that is so abundant on Earth. The enlightened ones who accepted auxiliary Gaia agreed to remind each other, about the mystical greatness of the cosmic light game in the great hologram, this was the victorious move.

Thus, these star seeds were coded in many ways with sounds, colors, lights, images, words and symbols, in the vibrational resonance that would help them remember their commitment to light. The celestial sounds of crystal singers would catalyze the deep memory of their star coding. It was agreed that these coded tracks would appear everywhere: in art and visionary music, in penetrating looks, speech and feelings, creating a deep yearning to awaken and become the incarnation of love. These symbols would act as an alarm, triggering, helping them to awaken and keeping them in joy. These destiny companions were coded into the cells of their bodies with the new galactic model of consciousness, awakening them to the power of their love and presence.

So this is why you, The Children of the Sun, are now being bathed in the waters of remembrance, prepared as rainbow warriors to fulfill the promise of the new and old myth that is happening.

You have the key to igniting awareness of unity on Earth, for Gaia and her children to wear their radiant robes of light. Know that the magic you were born with is really real. Light players are coming together at party to celebrate as ONE heart. By simply anchoring the presence of love on Earth, you carefully design the mantle of the gods, sending waves of healing and uplifting energy to the whole eagerly receptive body of Gaia. As you shine right now, your gifts awaken and empower others. Using the tools of laughter, music, dance, humor, joy, trust and love, you are creating the powerful wave of transformation that will transmute the limitations of the ancient myth of duality and separation into the light of the miracle of the miracle of the awareness of UNITY on Earth

The time is now, bright children of the sun. Incomparable is the joy of creation, as you feel summoned to gather in increasing circles in the mandala of light of the Great Heart, which will ignite a critical mass triggering a wave of power that will transmute matter into an upper octave. You are summoned to the vigil, Child of the Sun of the wonderful dawn. Rise up old star walker. Use your gifts in Gaia’s name. In a supernova of consciousness, Gaia and her children will rise in light robes, forming a body of bright love to reborn among the stars!

The so called mystic sounded, the mystical mission began. Awaken rainbow warriors, messengers of the sun, bright beings of the galactic rings, federations and advice of the stars! Former walkers of the stars, keep the beauty and power of your true identity as a gift of love to Gaia. Discard any questions about yourself. You are a divine son of the Sun! Go where your heart attracts you to share your great gifts. Give in to the magic you are like Love. And the miracle will manifest here on Earth! Return to holy garden. Return to the sun. Return to innocence. Return to ONE! Remember, we dance and sing here for One Heart!

(Text from the book ′′ The Mayan Oracle: Return Path to The Stars ′′ (′′ The Mayan Oracle The Return to The Stars ′′), by Ariel Spilsbury and Michael Bryner, adapted by Elaine DeGiorgio, collaborator of the Age of Light. )

Hare in the Moon Astrology


Tuesday August 4 2020

“Your attitude affects life events which is the first great Law of Magic” Richard Rudd

A heads up! Solar Winds are sparking geo-magnetic unrest.

Earth is inside a fast-moving stream of solar wind and this is causing geomagnetic unrest around the poles. The gaseous material is flowing from a northern hole in the sun’s atmosphere. Be alert for auroras on Aug. 3 – 4 as Earth passes through the stream.

Solar Cycle 25 is strengthening. There’s no longer any doubt. New Solar Cycle 25 is coming to life. The latest sign came today with the emergence of a new sunspot group.Provisionally numbered AR2770, the sunspot has two dark cores -each about the size of Mars- and is crackling with B-class solar flares. Its potential for even stronger flares will become clear in the days ahead as the sunspot turns toward Earth, more fully revealing its magnetic complexity.

The high frequency of the Uranian Aquarius Full Moon is amplified today by Mars square Jupiter, Mercury entering Leo and Venus conjunct the Node of Fate.

The August Gateway is wide open inside the 8:8 Lions Gate and the magnetic shifts are everywhere. The second half of the 2020 acceleration – which to many in the 3D world feels like a deceleration- is in play. As the Lions of Today and Tomorrow awaken, feel the time spirals intensifying.

As a Forerunner, you are needed to stabilise and anchor these profoundly extreme times and shifts by modelling Full Spectrum Being. You must have a presence, a strong physicality and be willing to be visible. No matter how flattened, ragged, bereft, raw, heartbroken or exhausted you feel, your very presence makes a difference.

Discover your unique rhythms of: “Online/Offline” windows of initiate/create/withdraw/rest/incubate and trust them

Physically clear your body template through consistent self-care

Just do the next right thing – one choice at a time.

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Chamtrul Rinpoche


We do not have to create the sun in order to see it. We just have to wait until the clouds have gone.

Likewise, we do not have to create emptiness, as it has always been the nature of reality. We just have to get rid of our layers of obscurations that cover our pure awareness, that prevent a nondual experience of reality.

In other words, once these layers of obscurations are gone, one will experience the indivisibility of pure awareness and emptiness.

That is the reason why this primordially pure awareness is also known as buddha nature. Because when you never fall from this state, you are a buddha – you are awake to reality.

~ Chamtrul Rinpoche


The Tzolkin Times


Kin 128 ~ Yellow Spectral Star

‘Spectral’ is the name for the number eleven and its key words are ‘Liberate, Release and Dissolve. We are traveling through the White Mirror wavespell currently and Yellow Star is the challenge of the Mirror. Because of the math involved in the Tzolkin, the 11th day is always the challenge. This means we get respite from whatever agenda was set at the beginning. So, release yourself from truth seeking, liberate yourself from this task.

Today is Yellow Star which represents ‘Beauty, Art and Elegance’. Celebrate beauty today. Indulge in star gazing, wear something that makes you feel beautiful. Spruce up your space and add some sparkle. Pass on a beautiful smile and make being alive an art form. Today is not about being serious, or digging deep into your soul or searching for truth. Appreciating the beautiful world about you and the people in your life is what it is all about. So be a star today and allow yourself to shine bright. You will feel liberated!

The Guide today is also Yellow Star, so follow that guiding starlight.

The Challenge is the White Mirror which represents ‘reflecting truth’. Also, this is the wavespell we are in and so in this challenging position the truth is hard to see today but that’s OK…phew… it’s great to have a break from all that self-reflection.

The Occult power today is the Red Skywalker which represents ‘Exploring, Wakefulness and Space.’ The open-minded Skywalker is so much fun when in this magical position. Explore beauty and art today and you shall be well rewarded for your efforts. The more open your mind is the more beauty you shall experience.

The Ally today is the Blue Monkey and when in this friendly position monkey is a wonderful friend to hang out with. Monkey has a natural gift for appreciating beauty and can offer much enthusiasm and motivation.

Tip of the Day: I just want to remind you that we are still in the ‘Squish’, and intense and powerful time. It’s important to remember this and it will make going through it easier. This is day 3 of the ‘Squish’…another 7 to go. Thanks for Reading!


Christina Papageorgiou

11 LAMAT – KIN 128
4 AUGUST 2020


Releasing ART
I seal the store of ELEGANCE
With the Spectral tone of LIBERATION
I AM guided by the power of MY OWN POWER DOUBLED!! 🌟🌟


4/8/2020 = 4/8/4 = 4/12 = 4/3 = 7

4 – Angelic code/Foundation/Structure/Form
8 – Abundance/Infinity/SOURCE Flow/In breathe-Outbreathe
3 – Holy Trinity/Joy/Creativity
7 – Majik/Mystic/Spiritual/Solitude/Initiation
KIN 128 = 11 = 2

11 Portal/Duality/Doorway
2 – Partnership/Cooperation

The SPECTRAL TONE is tone number 11 and KIN 128 adds up to 11!! So we have an 11:11 code as a doorway to release the past! A very POWERFUL day for LIBERATION from disharmonious relationships and toxic emotions!

The 4/8/4 code is about building a new foundation with a greater Harmonic FLOW of prosperity and happiness. Today’s code is overlighted with Angelic and DIVINE frequencies giving Divine blessings for harmonization and UNION to occur. It is TIME to heal all rifts! 💏💕


Day 11 in the WHITE MIRROR WAVESPELL of reflection, truth, illusion, endlessness, and magnification. Today we are focused on LIBERATING💫 our inner BEAUTY, through uncovering and dissolving discordant emotional patterns that WHITE MIRROR is reflecting in the CORE of our being 💎 particularly in relation to our partnerships and relationships. 💕

SPECTRAL is the 11th tone of creation. It operates in the EMOTIONAL realm and its actions are that of dissolving, releasing and liberating!💫 This is a very powerful opportunity to RELEASE CORE WOUNDING and move forward, FEARLESSLY FREE from obstructions. The SPECTRAL action together with the 2 and 11 codes, focuses on partnerships, putting your relationships under the magnifying glass🔎 for close examination. 🔬These very powerful energies work to create final CLOSURE, dissolving all impediments to you finally claiming your true BEAUTY.🌸🌼. Tone 11 SYMBOLIZES a gateway and polarity, inviting you to unfold your beautiful WINGS and FLY FREE into a NEW REALITY where TIME = ART 🎨.


CONSCIOUS SELF🌟: & HIGHER SELF/GUIDE:🌟 YELLOW STAR🌟 🌟 – LAMAT is self-guided today so we are DOUBLY blessed with BEAUTY and GRACE!🌹 LOT’S of HARMONY, BEAUTY and PEACE making codes.

LAMAT provides perfect energies for healing any disharmonious relationships with yourself or your kin today. We are able to release all the old energy that has built up, and allow ourselves to FEEL LIGHT and FREE, SHINY and BRIGHT once again. The central column of the Tzolkin/Mirror Wavespell is akin to the chrysalis from which we are emerging as the beautiful LIBERATED BUTTERFLY… free to explore a beautiful new world.

The YELLOW STAR ignites your creativity today and unleashes your store house of GOLDEN energy within your solar plexus chakra. Your POWER centre also releases your store of ABUNDANCE.. so August’s 8 code is ensuring the flood gates OPEN and are LIBERATING Universal funds for all – G.E.S.A.R.A. is on it’s way NOW. 💰💰💰

LAMAT is a brilliant vehicle for creative expression through Art, craft, singing, dancing and creating beautiful music All this beautiful energy will lead you to greater harmony within yourself and through your outer reflection in your relations with others.

LAMAT is the VENUS STAR of beauty, elegance, grace, harmony and PEACE. YELLOW STAR kin are gifted artisans and Artists, as well as BRILLIANT diplomats and PEACE keepers, which is where they really SHINE. LAMAT kin have undoubtably held positions as Galactic Ambassadors and Peace Diplomats. Many StarBlossoms who hail from Venusian💓 shores carrying Libran/Lamat codes are the Galactic Peacemakers🕊 who have journeyed to Earth with that grand purpose. Ironically many PEACE loving Librans/Yellow Stars attract dysfunctional relationships as part of their life’s lesson to find the BEAUTY amidst the chaos 🌀 They are very gentle and beautiful souls holding HUGE LIGHT packets within their pure vessels…sadly their partners usually play the shadow role in their midst…holding the balance needed in duality, in order for LAMAT to experience and know themselves as DIVINE LIGHT🎆This paradox is very evident in Twin Flame 💕relationships as identified in the Gemini 👫archetype – one twin is within the LIGHT and the other stands in the SHADOW…

On a global level the SPECTRAL STAR will reveal much chaos and discord in order for us to SEE THE LIGHT in the Hall of Mirrors, categorically rejecting the reflection of this illusion… and choosing to SEE and experience a new Harmonic reality.. So we have the codes to release and LIBERATE a better world today. Invite the gift of HARMONY into your life by allowing the BEAUTY of Creation to LIBERATE you through higher LOVE, JOY and BLISS.🌈💞


SUPPORT:BLUE MONKEY –🐒 CHUEN invites us to see beyond the veils of illusion and deception to reveal the purity of TRUTH. Discovering the Divine child in each of us – our PURE INNOCENCE.. Trusting in the divine patterns at play that LIBERATE joy and innocence. Rejoicing and celebrating through PLAY with our kin. Stepping through the boundaries into deeper and higher levels of FREEDOM from the old paradigm, into B-Earthing a beautiful new utopian world for ourselves, our children, and our future descendants.

OCCULT/HIDDEN POWER: RED ELECTRIC SKYWALKER 🚀– BEN enables us to activate our joy through exploring what it is to express our feelings. Allowing ourselves to DISCOVER our feelings that have long been hidden and lost. BEN can help us to soar to the Heavens and anchor these BLISS codes through our-cellves and our union with others. As we bond with our beloveds in Service to the Divine with the united mission of bridging Heaven and Earth.

BEN shows us that there is no LIMIT in this endless infinite Galaxy of creation to the BEAUTY we can create on this planet. So REACH for the STARS and spread your WINGS to fly on the Cosmic Currents and then bring the pillars of HEAVEN to anchor BLISS ON EARTH. 🌎💟🌏💟🌍


CHALLENGE/GIFT: WHITE SPECTRAL MIRROR –🔎 ETZNAB as the challenge gives us DOUBLE the power of TRUTH, endlessness and reflection today. Giving us the gift of accessing the endless order of Creation. The DOUBLE MIRROR energy POTENTLY reveals all that needs to be released and stripped away in our selves, our connections and our world. ETZNAB then challenges us to SEE the BEAUTY in all things and to hold LOVE AND COMPASSION in our hearts.💞 Allowing ourselves to release into the beauty, letting go of the endless order and seeing it reflected in the nature all around us, the elegant creation that stirs your heart and uplifts you with joy and BLISS! 💓🐬

So precious hearts laugh, dance and sing with your beloved kin 👫💓👭💓👬and enjoy this beautiful STARRY day, imagining a new Harmonic reality.

Today’s question is “What do I need to RELEASE and dissolve in order to LIBERATE more BEAUTY and ART in the new Harmonic Matrix?



I dedicate this post to my beloved soul siSTAR and Earth Angel Divi Walker – a YELLOW SPECTRAL STAR. 🌟🍥🌟
DIVI is a beautiful diplomatic STAR and peacekeeper who is brilliant at harmonizing emotional dramas. She is an absolute specialist at discovering, dissolving and releasing the root of any discordant emotional patterns and trauma from any dimension or realm in the time space continuum!!! She has been my number ONE, go to healer, counsellor and SAVIOUR for the past decade. I literally would not be here today to write these posts if it was not for her guardianship and protection, giving me the courage to endure my arduous journey. DIVINE GRATITUDE and eternal LOVE my beautiful Earth guardian. 💟💟💟


Divine blessings for a BEAUTY filled LIBERATION today! 

Namaste’ 🙏🙏🙏
In Lak’ech a la kin
Christina White Magnetic Worldbridger – KIN 66 🌏🌈

PICTURE CREDITS: Above Sea level – Vladimir Kush DIVINE GRATITUDE 🙏🙏🙏



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