Lions Gate is still Roaring down Energy – New Time Spiral – Kin 136 ~ Yellow Rhythmic Warrior

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Lions Gate is still Roaring down Energy – New Time Spiral – Kin 136: Yellow Rhythmic Warrior

Ra James


Today is the last day of the Lions Gate Portal as Sirius gets ready to reposition.

The Lions Gate Portal opened on July 26th as Sirius began to rise in the sky.

This creates a Powerful Alignment with the Pyramids of Giza and our Ley Line Grids.

The Lions Gate Portal has been in the process of closing since 8/8 and will close fully today.

We have received a ton of LIGHT CODES and a ton of DNA Activations.

This is really HIGH Frequency Energy that may take a minute to integrate. Rest of you need it.

Many have been feeling the effects within the Heart Chakra.

Many are Clearing some deep Wounds, many from past lives.

The Perseids Meteor Shower also peaks today.

Earth is still passing through the path of Comet Swift Tuttle. We can expect 100 meteors per hour.

This is a Good Time to Recharge. The Energy tonight is really much like the Energies of a Winter Solstice.

It’s Powerful for Healing and Magic. The Stars are very much Aligned for you today.

They are very much adding to the Power of today’s Energy.

Powerful Frequencies are coming in right NOW, so it’s a Good Time to make some Big SHIFTS in your life.

We are seeing some Huge Cosmic Events along with this Ascension.

These Cosmic Events are also bringing with them a lot of information.

Any StarSeeds should be receiving a ton of Downloads right NOW.

The Energy of the Lions Gate Portal can really blur the lines between different dimensions.

It’s a lot easier to cross over into another Dimension or to even Astral Travel right NOW.

Pay attention to any Dreams you may be remembering. Many Messages are coming through right NOW.

Since we are Electromagnetic when a Solar Flare or Geomagnetic Storm occurs it’s affecting our Consciousness.

Today’s Solar Codes are also amazing for charging or working with your Crystals.

Tune into the Sun when you have time. Meditation or some Reiki will really help you in integrating all of these energies.

It’s an Amazing Time for some SELF Care.

Ra James 💜

Maureen Moss


Lions Gate Closes/More Energies Incoming

Today the Lions Gate Portal closes though the Light Codes continue to pour in. What the Sirians had said to me prior to the Lions Gate gathering was “the energies will continue to stream from the Great Central Sun (which is in direct alignment with Sirius,) in and through the 13th…and more to follow. When entire new realities are birthed it is a Massive undertaking requiring coordination from above and on the ground, not subject to specific dates…though greatly heightened then.”

During this Lions Gate more energy and Light Codes were released than any I had experienced during any portal opening to date. Much of the code that came in were DNA activators (and definitely Heart Chakra activators,) which is going to take a bit of time to adjust to, as it will induce us to begin functioning in entirely new ways.

ArchAngel Metatron said during the Lions Gate that not only would many of the incoming codes awaken our dormant DNA, though there would be some re-writes as well. Each, he said, to consciously re-connect us with our Sacred Soul Monad Ray (which has laid dormant in most,) that when activated, the awakened shall Remember their unquestionable Unity with God and one another.

All of the above being something we shall need to find our Joyful Alignment with and then Expression of. Our activating these new Lightcodes are the foundation of our forever going forward and spiraling upward Divine Soul Led Lives…quite different than our human led lives. We are in for many new experiences that may seem to come from out of the blue…though they are not coming from there. They are however coming from our Soul Self taking over.

So here we go Beloveds into the true New Human/New Earth Realities. When we went through the Lions Gate, there was no going back to our yesterdays.

May we go with Grace and with Love and Together.

One Heart, One Humanity, One Love,

Image of Incoming Light Codes from Gretchen R. Gusky

Celia Fenn

The Lions Gate is still Roaring down Energy.
Wow! So powerful.
And all of us who are awake and aware are setting intentions as we choose to experience and create at a higher level of consciousness.
As we initiate this new Time Spiral, we are rising…ascending…evolving.
Determined not to just go around in another circle of the same old same old…
But to rise up and experience something ….
Something New and Wonderful that is being birthed!
The energy will still be high even though we are now moving into the final days of the portal.
And Regulus, the Star known as “Alpha Leonis” or the “Heart of the Lion”, is now in the early degrees of Virgo, so we will feel this power into September and into the Equinox.
As I mentioned in the previous post, this is a Time of Purification and Mastery.
Everything that is not in alignment with your new Energy/Time Spiral will fall away. It will “burn off” in the Violet Flame.
You will dance your life with absolute Mastery because this is what you have chosen in the Dance of Ascension.



Lisa Marie Wright


We have cleared all lifetimes this lifetime and fully anchored in the New Golden Age of Abundance of all forms
Huge Accomplishment
All which is playing out is dense energy being eternally purged from the hearts of humanity and the planet.
As it all plays out and we fully clear trauma and stories of the past/experience of good and evil still held in the vessel and return to heart centered BEing, our original Divine blueprint, we are crystalining our DNA and manifesting what we have already created energetically onto the physical plane
The old is fully crumbling…let it crumble. It all needs to playout to be fully released.
Focusing on your own transformation and that which you wish to create for you and all…huge shifts
All not aligned with Pure Unconditional Love in service to the highest good of all surfacing/presenting for release
See the Mirror… opportunity for growth in all
Much clearing of control abandonment distrust fear lack struggle suffering seperation codependency boxes label limits…
Allowing it all to come up and out, allowing Love to flow thru you and letting the True You Glow will lead to much expansion peace joy abundance and huge shifts in you tangible reality.
Releasing the need to be all knowing/understand it all and trusting the process and what flows thru you will allow all to flow with greater grace and ease.
It’s all becoming crystal clear
Much is being revealed…deeper clarity Trust you, your heart and intuition, what flows thru you.
Flow and Glow
Much confusion and distortion presenting. Not all are who they claim to be. Not all have chosen the New. Trusting you and validating all within regardless of source is key
Let it all go
Let it be done
Allow your self a clean slate…bring forward only the wisdom of your heart
Keep Glowing
We are Golden

There is No judgment with Creative SOURCE.

The Creative SOURCE who created you out of LOVE…

placed a piece of ITself into you called a SOUL…

and LOVEs this SOUL as ITself.

~ Kryon


Elizabeth Peru


Just imagine a time on Earth where people everywhere honoured, respected, upheld and called upon the feminine aspect of nature. The GODDESS was a key component of sacred, divine connection in nearly every ancient culture on Earth. We used to openly speak with her in our temples and homes, ask her for assistance and align with the wisdom, strength and all-knowing leadership of the cosmic feminine 

Each day, I connect with The Goddess. I ask her to become me and work through me. I INVOKE THE GODDESS WITHIN. And so can you…




Ancient Archangel, You are the President, 23 Million Lost, Moving on Up

The day is now 72 hours and starts and ends at 3 PM after it has hit the 3 AM meditation bells three times prior.

The launch time of this post is the east coast US 8:08 morning gate, on the 3D date 81220, the following 3: PM will start this new day. Simply follow this parallel around the globe until it hits your local time at three PM.

If you are conscious that a new day has begun, it is customary to send love and kindness to someone.

Today’s date on the Archangelic Calendar is:


Calendar Legend

YouTube ~ English ~ 中文版 ~ Polski ~ German

Русская ~ Italiano ~ Français ~ 한국어 ~ Portuguesa

Español ~ Ελληνικά ~ نسخه های فارسی ~ हिन्दी日本人 ~ עברית


The Calendar:

– Gaia in a “Fire-Spirit” dominant setting, and it is indicative of the mood. Fire is transmuting as spirit guides the direction of the flames. Divinity is exceptionally pleased with the effort in regards to helping the helpless. Thus a significant momentum is coming the way of the “Pure Hearts.”

– In many ways, the archangelic calendar exists because of the need to take over the control “The Linear Calendar” had on humanity. Substantially, the “Save the Children” movement is doing the same, and the same source will guide them. The legions signify that this is the time to inject some mojo into this movement, and we will do our best in today’s assignments.



– We are upgrading like never before, our bodies are in perfect unison with the earth, as they are making a swift move upward. This advancement will cause sudden heatwaves for the body, but fear not, they are signs of an evolving human body. Suppressed trauma will be coming up in extreme ways as a consequence of these energies. The painful events of our past, can not come with us to tomorrow, the appropriate actions to heal them will happen, so look within.

– The boomerang earthquake under the Atlantic and the Pacific’s volcanic activity is a normal consequence of the two giant continents rising. Atlantis and Lumeria are levitating fast; just ask North Carolina and the people of San Andreas.

– We see more quantum grid anomalies as we see more quantum positions intertwined. For example, every single one of us is the POTUS in an alternative reality, and everyone on alternative timelines which is doing that job is affecting the one in the position elsewhere. If you can control your superpositions, you can have dynamic effects on our current reality.

– Many have noticed the teeth of the shapeshifters going back to the original form. This design flaw also indicates that the sustaining organs are not functioning correctly either. There are great beings and not so great beings in this grouping, but what remains consistent is that they will not be able to inhabit the earth without being forthcoming about themselves and asking for assistance.

– The energy just doesn’t disappear even in the case of a “never was” the being returns to a reset point at source where the being will reset to factory settings.


5D News:

– This timeline does not have any political assassinations—plenty of clone assassinations, but no sentient political life.

– Don’t look at someone as color; they are so much more than that. Choose not to look at people as any other title than expressions of “Infinitely Expanding Creator Source,” Then, you will aid in embodying of that notion.

– We have assigned Archangel Briathos to protect Falun Dafa. The halls of this sacred practice need constant cleaning; he is omnipotent and has unlimited resources.

– For those new to “Saving the Children,” “Infinitely Expanding Creator Source” (god, divinity, source, etc..), and our legions have been on this for a long time. To all who are new to this fight, we welcome you to our armies; you have the power of “all that is” behind you. Humanity has passed the test, humanity congratulations on your righteousness.

– The Angels will display personal acts of protection, and you will feel a bracelet on your left hand. It is individual to you and is a promise always to protect you. If you are ever cognizant of this bracelet, that promise will hold for eternity.

– Humanity is welcome to wake up and not be afraid of the day anymore. We are to assume nothing but the fact that we are very safe. Things can not change and stay the same at the same time, so motions must happen. Again, you safe within divinity.

Star News:

– The use of nuclear weapons has attracted many new star races to our vicinity. The use of atomic weaponry is strictly prohibited; the second it is launched, the galactic community points proverbial guns at the administrating parties’ head.

– Our chakras have evolved to a duel spin method; the following crop circle depicts precisely that. The location of this crop circle is exactly 51.7612° N, 1.2465° W, and if we add the sum and check the “Gematria,” we get incredible results. There is so much information coming in from the crop circles that we would need a considerable effort to monitor it, any volunteers?


3D News:

– Drinking the blood of a fictitious enemy is pointless at best. Some of the things that “Organized Darkness” does defies metaphysics and logic altogether. To combine that with millennia of using this practice, you have one very confused section of theology.

– Archangel Zophiel’s intelligence states that there are 23 million “gone” in China, and the numbers are climbing. You can quickly check this stat by cellphone data, as their phones are not in use any longer.

– Society has been severely perverted, so much so that when people interact, sex becomes the undertone. The foundation we should be building upon is friendship, as this is an unbiased acceptance of each other. This brainwashing happened to many when they were very young; it will take time for this to purge from the minds of humanity; we must hold great examples through ourselves.

– Nasa is a hilarious organization; they have all the answers until they face quantum physical astrophysics, then they play the ignorant card. Can we please have a legitimate organization in charge of space?

– Fighting for your basic needs and wants are two very different things. In the same way, humanity has mistaken racism for classism.


Food for thought:

– “Osiris” became a dragon and reborn as “Horus” simultaneously. The evolution process has no boundaries.

– I encountered an “Ancient Archangel” that eventually becomes an Elohim, it had many words of encouragement, but the undertone of the sentiment was humbling. It was trying to tell us how holy we are, if you can imagine the most sacred auspicious thing that you have ever encountered and multiply it time a billion, that will be what other people will feel when they meet us.

After counsel, we have an option for us to ponder. A conceptual society that would have an opportunity to provide service for your planet based upon your skillset. Crudely put, someone would work with the body up until a certain age and then have the option to work in a field related to the mind at a certain age, and then there will be a point where spiritual service would take precedence. Again, all of this is voluntary, but the availability to make such changes would be at the individuals’ fingertips. It seems that if in our shoes, some star races would implement a system of learning and growth based upon the skill set and the abilities inherent to the body at the time.


Today’s Tools:

Tools will be active until the next post.

Use the legend below to help you decipher how to best use today’s weapons.

(Passive) = No intention needed to use or arm. It will work on its own when you accept its presence. All you need to do is give permission, and it will work on your behalf.

(Active) = intention Needed to use

(Aggressive) = Will attack before anything has a chance to harm you.

Do not try to wield weaponry if there is no pure love in your heart for your motions and the beings that are attached.

The Violet Flame is in a setting for 6 (24 AAs, 2 +4); This setting is for the transmutation of the energies in progress. In other words, its a change we can instantly see.

The Violet Flame Team is as follows and is in no particular order: Archangel Germaine, Archangel Zadeikiel, Archangel Ansiel, Archangel Raguel, Archangel Orion, Archangel Bathkol, Archangel Daiquiri, Archangel Sablo, Archangel Briathos, Archangel Agla, Archangel Abraxos, Archangel Cerviel, Archangel Harahel, Archangel Bazazath, Archangel Saniel, Archangel Vahrmiel, Archangel Sizouze, Archangel Adonai, Archangel Galizur, Archangel AF, Archangel Nuriel, Archangel Machdiel, Archangel Abasdarhon, and Archangel Aeshma.


Archangel Michael’s legendary sword can handle anything, as it is entirely omnipotent, no level of consciousness can block this divine weapon. It is also a fantastic weapon against electronics and technology as it can override any circuitry.

(Passive, Active and Aggressive)

Archangel Issac’s Radiant field looks a lot like Magnetos forcefield, and it reacts to any life form with either loving energy or a transmutation-al blast of vast power.

(Passive and Aggressive)

Archangel Leo’s Swords of plenty is a passive and aggressive attack sword with a complete will. Do not try to wield at all; you will only get in the way, equip and go.


Archangel Sorush’s sword of transmutation is only for evil energies. A tool that is far too powerful to wield lightly, it handles the worst of the worst.

(Active and Passive)

Archangel Dubbiel’s staff of bear medicine can heal all natural things. This staff is also a powerful ally against all items that may obstruct you.

(Active &Passive)

Chayyliel’s Horn summons an army of unimaginable power to your location. It is a hypersensitive tool, and it will adapt to current events in your life and on a global scale as well.


Archangel Vahu Mana’s timepiece allows you to savor a positive feeling or thought. It brings an element of majesty to your everyday moments, and it prevents the interference of harmful time travelers.

(Passive, Active & Aggressive)

Archangel Chamuel’s radiant peace allows you to be secluded in a peaceful bubble, no matter what is happening around you. It also allows those in your heart to have protection as well.

(Passive and Active)

Archangel Jerimiel’s enhanced intuition, allows the voices of your soul to become louder; it enables the judges of spirit to be more evident than ever.

PLEASE NOTE the following three tools are healing modalities and can be sent remotely to loved ones.

(Passive and Aggressive)

Archangel Kaleziel’s Radiant Rays of health can ward off all diseases and illnesses. It can also aid in the recovery of conditions already inflicted; it is valid on land masses and living beings.

PLEASE Note the following three tools work cooperatively. They are sent to us to help us sustain our physical bodies.


Archangel Ariel’s wand of comforts, helps you summon any necessity you may have. It is a beautiful and comforting tool when equipped.

(Active, Aggressive and Passive)

Archangel Israfil’s Flaming Sword can protect you against all things directed to you on a Macro or Micro Scale. It can also speed up the time in which something you wish to manifest will come to fruition.

(Active, Aggressive and Passive)

Archangel Nasaragiel’s Flaming Sword can bring any negative energy to its knees. It also can remove all obstacles in the way of something you wish to manifest.


Today’s Assignments:

We are still working on a macro level, and thus the format will stay consistent, please use today’s current tools if you need assistance performing the tasks below. Nothing is requiring you to do the following, if you are ready, your higher self will call you to duty, if not, then skip to the Meditation.

When you turn on a light switch darkness runs, that is quite literally what we are doing.

* There is a mass burning of evidence taking place across the globe send orange flame to the lower timelines of earth.

* Dubai is a mess; energetically speaking, the locals are not able to contain their sector. They need assistance immediately; please send them an intense violet flame. If you notice anything come to the surface, feel free to handle it with sword and shield.

* There is a “Dark Mist” that almost looks like sand that is the pure form of the most “Malevolent Shapeshifters” in existence. They live near the asteroid belt, make sure they do not return to earth, use sword and shield, and portal them back to “Infinitely Expanding Creator Source.”

* Several “Draconian motherships” are attacking galactic forces of the earth. Luckily, they are very susceptible to our attacks. Many different modalities work, but with ships that size, it is best to go into the engine room and tear it up.

* We have a betrayer of divinity directly related to the Traitor King, he is wearing the same garb and located on the same throne in Israel. Handle him with sword and shield, remove his essence from planet earth.

* Let’s take the “Save the Children” movement one step further. We will bless the voices speaking on behalf of the children with golden light, and their words will echo throughout time, their intentions will move mountains. Then we will handle all those who oppose this motion with violet flame and metaphysical sword and shield.

* It seems as if we have picked up many new personalities from the 3D lion’s gate, and thus, we are moving on to another timeline. We will be going to an even higher calendar, and it is incredible to see how much we can handle as a coordinated effort.

The new portal codes are “11123-32111” The easiest ways to implement this is the “Circle Spiral Method,” or “Bullseye in Circular Layers,” each will have this code attached. There are countless other ways to do this, so please feel free.

* Open the golden portals, for those who know what that is, do it immediately.

* In closing, Engulf the earth in the following flames for a 72 count Pink – White – Gold – Red – Yellow – Green. The Following Lights for a 72 Count Violet- Pink – Red – Indigo – Platinum – Gold – Rainbow and then finish with “Rainbow Plasma” for a 72 count





Chamtrul Rinpoche


Consider the fact that no matter how many planets and stars are reflected in a lake, these reflections are encompassed within the water itself. And that no matter how many universes there are, they are encompassed within a single space. And that no matter how vast and how numerous the sensory appearances of samsara and nirvana may be, they are encompassed within the single nature of mind.

~ Dudjom Lingpa

(Chamtrul Rinpoche’s famous monastery in Tibet was the home to Dudjom Lingpa, a great yogi and master of Dzogchen, who lived from 1835 to 1904)



The Tzolkin Times


Kin 136 ~ Yellow Rhythmic Warrior

‘Rhythmic’ is the name for the number six and its key words are ‘Balance, Organize and Equality.’ The sixth day of a wavespell is about taking care of practical things. These grounding practices help us to re balance. It’s not healthy to be away with the fairies all the time, you have a body and life to take care of and today is a great day to do just that.

Today is Yellow Warrior which represents ‘Intelligence, Questioning and Fearlessness.’ Warrior invites us on a quest today and as it is a ‘Rhythmic’ day, this quest is about getting things done. This number combines well with Warrior as both are very practical. Get into your Rhythm today, organize a quest or make it your mission to be more organized. Be brave about and tackle things you’ve been afraid of. Warrior lends us courage today.

The Guide today is also Yellow Warrior, and so we have a double helping of this fearless energy.

The Challenge is the White Worldbridger which represents ‘Death, Opportunity and Equality.’ Today’s challenge is less in your face than usual because both the number six and Worldbridger have in common, the key word ‘Equality’. Re Balance yourself and take the opportunity to cross over a bridge.

The Occult power is the Red Serpent which represents ‘Life Force, Instinct and Survival.’ When in this magical position the Serpent offers the chance to magically transmute any poison you may be holding on to. This powerful trans-formative process is very healing. Imagine any snake bites you’ve had in the past, any painful emotional injuries… imagine the venom leaving your body and dissipating.

The Ally is the Blue Night which symbolizes dreaming. Before you take on a quest today find a Blue Night to help you. With their fertile imagination they make create companions to take on a mission.

We are now out of the ‘squish’ but not yet out of the woods. Things will start feeling better soon folks! Thanks for reading.



Christina Papageorgiou

6 CIB – KIN 136
12 AUGUST 2020


I organize in order to QUESTION
I seal the output of intelligence
With the Rhythmic tone of EQUALITY
I AM guided by the power of MY OWN POWER DOUBLED


12/8/2020 = 12/8/22= 3/8/4 = 3/12 = 3/3 = 6

12 – Acquiring knowledge and STRENGTH
3 – Holy Spirit/Joy/Creativity
8 – Infinity/Abundance/Eternity/Source FLOW
4 – Form/Structure/Foundation/Earth
6 – Heaven/Christ/Family/Harmony

A day for seeking DIVINE TRUTH!



A momentous day for the RAINBOW WARRIORS 🌈🏹 to release and SURRENDER🏳 their battle💣 over DARKNESS and LIGHT!💡🏴🏳🏁

Whatever your life long battle/challenge has been – TODAY IS THE DAY to SURRENDER🏳 it to the DIVINE! 🎆🎆🎆

This day is VERY SIGNIFICANT – especially for any planetary kin that have the YELLOW WARRIOR anywhere in their Galactic Signature (particularly in the Conscious self or CHALLENGE/GIFT position)


Day 6 in the BLUE MONKEY WAVESPELL of MAJIK, Joy, Bliss, Play, Merriment and a return to Innocence.

Today we are organizing our PHYSICAL reality for more BALANCE, by SURRENDERING the FIGHT, in order to PLAY. We are organizing the available resources to PLAY with MAJIK and allow for more BLISS, JOY and ABUNDANCE🌈 to manifest in our lives and our beautiful new world. 🌈🌏🎆 .

RHYTHMIC – Tone 6 in the PHYSICAL realm. ACTION – balances, POWER – organizes, ESSENCE – equality. The Rhythmic phase is the one where this all adventuring and radiating miracle that is you, learns to WALK! But consciously! Precisely! With fine organisational instincts. And what superb balance we see! Very soon you have mastered walking, and are up and running! Go forth and explore your territory!

Today is a great day to find BALANCE in your physical reality/body by clearing and releasing any energetic blocks that have kept you bound in a continuous battle for SURVIVAL. Surrendering and organizing for greater alignment to Divine ABUNDANCE and JOY! 🐬

Today we are organizing our physical reality for greater BALANCE and more EQUALITY. A FANTASTIC DAY – for decluttering your house/space, organizing your office, attending to your schedule, activating your Wealth/Career areas with Feng Shui, creating a VISION BOARD, journalling, planning or reflecting on your GOALS 💠and DREAMS.💬💭 It is time to ACTION💥 your DREAMS bringing them forth into your PHYSICAL REALITY!



CONSCIOUS SELF: & HIGHER SELF/GUIDE: YELLOW WARRIOR –🌈🏹 CIB power is DOUBLED today! CIB- is the FEARLESS WARRIOR who leads us on a courageous QUEST-I -ON. In the biggest battle which is the battle with our cell-ves we fearlessly LISTEN to our body’s intelligence today. Picking up cues and messages in order to bring the body back into homeostasis, which it is naturally designed to do. Facing head on any FEARS that arise, and trusting that we can use MAJIK to move beyond the FEAR back to a state of wholeness. SURRENDERING our battles with DARKNESS in any shape or form – wherever that existed in our reality.

The RHYTHMIC WARRIOR seeks to BALANCE everything that appears in his path, by questioning what is necessary or not, in the ongoing creation of Majik. Today we are super focused on our QUEST, our Divine Missions, questioning the very nature of our physical reality in order to stay focused on the manifestation of our dream. The YELLOW WARRIOR applies focused intention on discovering the BEST choices and the BEST road to travel, reaching to the desired destination of collective and personal ABUNDANCE and EQUALITY for ALL! . Allow your Yellow Warrior to reveal the LIGHT💡 in your life to find your best road forward to your desired destination.

🗡🏹🛡 🌈🗡🏹🛡 🌈🗡🏹🛡 🌈

The GLOBAL SPOTLIGHT will be on MELBOURNE, AUSTRALIA today – WHO will ARISE in the battle for FREEDOM and LIBERTY to QUESTION the oppressive dictators – in order to bring our people back to a state of HARMONY and BALANCE. Where ALL CITIZENS are honoured and respected as EQUALS… These are very potent codes for REVOLUTION and PEOPLE POWER – so let us PRAY that DAVID will arise victorious🏆 against the GOLIATH of these self proclaimed Gestapo dictators!! WWG1 WGA – TOGETHER WE STAND UNITED! 💪💪💪

🙏🙏🙏PLEASE SEND PRAYERS AND BLESSINGS and VISUALIZE AUSTRALIA as the beautiful LUCKY HAPPY country that we once were!

🗡🏹🛡 🌈🗡🏹🛡 🌈🗡🏹🛡 🌈

SUPPORT: BLUE NIGHT 🌃– AKBAL holds the keys to the Inner Kingdom of GOD! The RHYTHMIC NIGHT brings balance to the ABUNDANCE in our life. Using our intuition we are guided to where we need to equalise the imbalances, surrendering our inner darkness in the depths of the abyss. Wherever we struggled with SURVIVAL issues -safety, shelter, comfort, what debts need paying, where does energy need to come back to us? How can we balance and equalize this flow?

AKBAL reveals any unconscious FEARS that we hold and teams with CIB so that we can FEARLESSLY face any resistance to bringing more BALANCE and EQUALITY in our lives.

AKBAL holds the DREAMING code 🌈for the collective that the WARRIOR will FEARLESSLY DEFEND 🗡 until it is made manifest in all its RAINBOW splendour. That is our unified QUEST as the shining ones – the RADIANT CHRISTED,🎆 STARSEEDS leading the way to the NEW PARADIGM.🌈🌏🐬


OCCULT/HIDDEN POWER: RED GALACTIC SERPENT🐍 – CHICCAN gives us the power to FEARLESSLY face our FEARS in order to grow. Our primal mind reveals what needs purifying in order to find our state of balance – our EQUAL-cib-rium. Facing any FEARS of lack, poverty, hunger and scar-city. Trusting instinctively that GOD WILL PROVIDE for all our needs. 🎆 SERPENT provides the much needed vitality🎇 and lifeforce🔥 that the WARRIOR channels into his QUEST of stamina and endurance, to come home VICTORIOUS!👍🎉🎊🎆

The GALACTIC SERPENT will call for total transparency and full alignment with righteousness. Any treachery and poisonous betrayal will be duly squashed by the SERPENT’S mighty bite. Only those who are pure of HEART will pass the GALACTIC SERPENT’S test!

CHALLENGE/GIFT: WHITE RHYTHMIC WORLDBRIDGER –🌈🌉 CIMI’s challenge today is to LET GO and SURRENDER, releasing all cords and attachments so that we are FREED to come into balance and alignment. SURRENDER the BATTLE – allow the cycle to END – accepting the DEATH of the old you, and your old life of struggle. Letting go of any attachment to the material world – the false celebrity, glam and glitter. Getting REAL and focusing on what our soul wants to create. Focused on our Divine Mission of creating a beautiful balanced world, filled with divine joy and EQUALITY for all!

Allow CIMI to close the OLD CYCLE, sealing the store of DEATH. Only then can Cimi build the bridge from the old world to the new, revealing the true path to travel in order to reach the promised land – GOD’S Royal KING/QUEEN-DOM👑 for the sovereign leaders of Nova Gaia.

So precious hearts, a very powerful day to FEARLESSLY face and SURRENDER,🏳 what needs addressing and rebalancing in your physical world, in order to manifest greater ABUNDANCE, JOY and happiness .🐬🌈🎈

Today’s question is “What battle do I need to SURRENDER, in order to ORGANIZE my physical reality for greater balance and fearless ABUNDANCE?”

🐬🌈 🐬🌈🐬🌈🐬🌈

Divine blessings for the manifestation of greater balance, BLISS and JOY in all aspects of your physical reality. 💟💟💟

Namaste’ 🙏🙏🙏
In Lak’ech a la kin
Christina White Magnetic Worldbridger – KIN 66 🌏🌈




Christina Papageorgiou

12 AUGUST 2020




Tthe original story of David and Goliath in the Bible is found in 1 Samuel 17, the youngest and lowliest of Jesse’s sons takes on the number one enemy of the Israelite people: the Philistine giant Goliath.

The Israelites were at war with the Philistines, one of the most intimidating enemies to challenge the people of God. The Philistines sent for their greatest challenger to battle the mightiest soldier from Israel. Whichever champion won would subject the other peoples.
For 40 days, Goliath repeats this challenge, but when the Israelites observe his stature, they refuse to challenge him.

David, a young shepherd boy, is sent by his father to bring his soldier brothers food. When he spots Goliath challenging the Israelites, and realizes no one has challenged him, he offers himself.

After some hemming and hawing from the King of Israel, Saul, he sends David on his way to defeat Goliath. David plucks some stones from a river, slings one right into Goliath’s forehead, and cuts Goliath’s head off with Goliath’s sword.

DAVID WON the impossible battle!🎉

Israel triumphs over the Philistines.🎆🎆

Who Was David in the Bible & What Was He Best Known For?

Anointed as king by Samuel (the last judge of Israel) when he was just in his teens (1 Samuel 16:13), David was the underdog no one expected. The youngest of seven brothers, he had a lot to live up to (1 Chronicles 2:13-15).

Although he spent some time shepherding the family sheep, he did some part-time work playing the harp for King Saul and being the King’s armor bearer (1 Samuel 16:21).

But, most of all, David, throughout his life was known as a man after God’s own heart (Acts 13:22). From having the faith to take on Goliath to trusting God throughout a tumultuous life, he exemplified faith and obedience.

Why Was it Remarkable that David Beat Goliath?
Although David’s age was disputed as to when he defeated Goliath, a guess in his mid-teens would be logical, as argued on this hermeneutics site. Not only had he not reached the age of manhood, but the youngest (and at that time, considered the least) of a family to challenge Israel’s number one enemy would’ve been unheard of.

Furthermore, although King Saul attempted to give David some armor pre-fight, none of it would fit. Instead, David chooses his weapon, a slingshot and five smooth stones. Even Goliath mocks this when he sees who Israel chose as their champion and what they chose to give him as a weapon (1 Samuel 17:43).

Who Was Goliath in the Bible & Was He Really That Scary?

Now, we have to take a look at this challenger the Philistines set forth. We often hear about his height, but just how tall was he?

Different interpretations of the text have lent to different heights: anything from six feet six inches to nine feet six inches. No matter what his height, we have to keep in mind he wore armor that weighed 125 pounds (1 Samuel 17:5). Some have linked his heritage from the Nephilim, a group of people who had demon DNA, and who were known to be gigantic. This man was big.

Also, we have to look at the Philistines themselves to understand why the Israelites cowered. Although the Philistines might have hired Goliath as a mercenary from Gath, the Philistines themselves likely had links to the Sea Peoples who wreaked havoc in the Mediterranean and brought about the first Dark Age, as stated in this article.

This wasn’t the typical army (or challenger) to confront Israel. They were ruthless, warmongering, and continued to plague Israel throughout their history.

In short, yes, he was that scary, and probably scarier than we can imagine today.



1. Be bigger than your fears
2. Size doesn’t matter
3. Make use of what you already have
4. Believe it’s possible
5. Don’t underestimate your capabilities


What Does the Story of David and Goliath Teach US Today?

First, we can derive the application that God can help us confront any giant he sets before us, often with the tools he has previously given us. David had used that sling before Goliath. He slung rocks at wolves and any other beasts that attempted to take away part of the flock he shepherded.

No matter what giant we have before us, God can work through us.

Second, we can see how this story points to Jesus. Jesus wasn’t what the Israelites expected in a champion. They thought they would receive a warrior who would topple the Romans. Instead, he takes on the true number one enemy of Israel (and the world): sin.

And he defeated it in an unexpected way, through dying for our sins on the cross.

This story is still relevant because we face giants every day. Whether financial strain is tearing our family apart, or we don’t know how our marriages will stay together, obstacles confront us that we don’t see ourselves capable of overcoming.

Nevertheless, God is able. When we put our trust in him, he is able to do immeasurably more than we think or ask.

Third, GOD CAN USE ANYONE. David was the youngest in his family and the least likely contender to take on the number one enemy of Israel, but God worked through him to save the Israelite people.

Jesus can do the same. No matter what giants confront us, we can place our TRUST in the Lord, knowing that he overcome the biggest giant of them all.…/who-are-david-and-goliath-in-th…



Divine blessings

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