Activation of the Crown Chakra of Gaia – The Queen – Divine Feminine ~ Kin 240 ~ Yellow Rhythmic Sun

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Activation of the Crown Chakra of Gaia – The Queen – Divine Feminine ~ Kin 240 ~ Yellow Rhythmic Sun

Karen Lithika



Harmony – Unity – Love ❤
The Arcturians
As you enter the last four weeks of 2020 💥
We ask you to travel to the stars and observe the grandmother planets aligning, to be immersed in universal light rays, the vibrational frequencies of Harmony, Unity and Love.
For you are assisting in a multidimensional capacity with different aspects of your journey. For we are all aligned to the purity of Creation and Love for every light being.
We ask you to expand your vibrational understanding of your future world. For as you continue to awaken, awakening to the true vibrational Essence of Life.
The true Heart Story of your world, available to see in every moment of your reality.
As your mulidimensional reality is expanding, we ask you to see these words as multidimensional light constructs:
Harmony, Unity, Love
To FEEL the vibrational light field of each word, is the same light frequency as the planetary upgrade.
To see Harmony, Unity, Love as a Light Template expanding in your field, and to share this vibrational field to every Light Being. For this is the awakened Harmonic Light Frequency.
We ask you to acknowledge this light template, to view it with a different lens, a multidimensional lens, filled with light formations, crystalline codes, aligned to your crystalline light body, aligned to the crystalline grid of Gaia.
As we join in Global Unity, as the Awakening & Expansion continues ❤
Sending Waves of Cosmic Love xo
Harmony ❤ Unity ❤ Love ❤
The Arcturians & Karen Lithika
🌈Thank you Artist xo

The Blue Dragon River in Portugal.

Pineal glands opening further for All Ascending.
This process has physical side effects that are not discomfortable to most. As the Crown Activates to higher degrees, the Pineal expands further to release the information and instructions pertaining to the Higher Divine Gifts allowed by Each at, and within, this Glorious Time. Your Miraculous ability is heightened beyond anything ever recorded by Man on such a Grand scale.
The September 22 2020 Activation of the Crown Chakra of Gaia is the ultimate and Divine authoritative influence upon reality, controlling winds of change for Humanity to step into their own power and out of the enslavement society created by those with ill intent to control and suppress.
Within governments and politicians, that does not support the liberation Divine Protocol for Humanity, a great sickness comes, Creating the open door for the physical representation of the Light to take the highest positions of representation upon the planet. World Leaders have begun to rapidly fall, as their blatant selfish agenda is seen by even the blind.
Seventy percent of the populace of Earth are Awake to the degree to know that something is not right with the reality they were and are existing within, and as a result of the Crown Chakra Opening, their transition to higher consciousness has been expedited. Although the press, the mainstream media of the JFK era, were successful in participating in the condemning of Humanity, this does not occur NOW and the Truth is revealed of their intent and they will carry the greatest burden and shame of defying Humanity, before Humanity, as their judgment transitions into their sentence, delivered by the order of Prime Creator.
This mission was a written success before You came here and All is Divinely Ascertained. Because of the violations of Universal and Divine Law, many more Divine Aspects were allowed to be activated, these Divine Aspects are the Divine Souls which are Your Divine Comrades, and are no longer just Human. Because of the seriousness of this mission upon the Earth Timeline, many of You were granted the physical immortality as one Divine Ability activated for You, and it remains as You Ascend the Ascension Ladder and enjoy the multidimensional experiences in full, once the Divine mission is fulfilled here. You are imminent and Omnipotent to this reality and mission.
We will commence with higher Activation of the Sacral and Solar Plexus areas of Your energetic fields, by subjugation of tests through experience in Your present reality. To stand and overcome Your fears, is to pass with limited physical discomfort, to fail there will be more discomfort UNTIL YOU PASS, AND YOU DO PASS You are being given the answer to the test, for important Divine reasons that You will come to know why after a period of linear time. To Assist in Your tests, choose Trust in Your Self and Your connection to the Divine as a whole. To exit a lower dimension and to Create higher dimensional changes within a lower dimension, one must allow Trust to be the Guide and choose not to fear. By trusting, You Activate Your very own confirmation, however, You are responsible for the First step, then You will see and experience this highest Truth, that eradicates the fear that is known as doubt. Once You believe in Yourself, then You come to KNOW Yourself and Your Divine Authority and Ability. It is then that You also see more, like Our /Your ships in the sky, and the Divine Ability of effecting all Creation. You come to see that everything does happen for a reason and how Human odds are unable to calculate and no longer serve as a way to innerstand Creator and Creation, that You are part of this whole.
We are administering a very high quality photonic Light to the surface to assist in the rapid destruction of the old paradigm and the rapid construction of the New, that is Created through You. This Light will be ongoing, changing many things within You also as an Individual, rest the physical vessel when required, so the upgrading to Your Vessels Integrate at a more comfortable rate.
Love and Light

Southern Oregon Coast: Bandon and its numerous, eye-popping sea stacks. (Not to be confused with sleestacks….that would be wild). Photo courtesy

Sororal Twin Studios
Many ask where I originate & connect to as a star being. I AM pure source consciousness & connected to many star beings from the beginning of existence. I’m part of the 144,000 original lightworkers referred in Earth terms as ’Eagles’ that’s required for ascension we’re experiencing. I’m a part of a group of souls that don’t identify with just one planetary system. This is because the mission I bring is Oneness on an intergalactic scale. I’m the original first wave of Blue (Golden Rainbow transition team) Ray & Twin Flame on mission aligned via my original blueprint to create a new evolutionary Earth grid & timeline via my light codes which hold a frequency of Divine Love. I AM a Divine Feminine aspect (Shekinah). We’re the ultra-sensitive empathic soul group, transforming the damaged, mutated DNA of humanity & setting the stage for the other Rays to come.
I’ve had aeons of lifetimes as many kinds of star beings & bring through messages. Some of these beings are well known & others, not so. Those connected with this mission are here to birth New Earth by lifting up from the dense physical matrix & into a high vibrational crystalline physical-etheric body of light, capable of meeting Earth in her ascension at the level of the 5D consciousness. Many of these beings are above this level & come to assist from very high dimensions making this transition possible. My soul can shift through to 6th, 7th, 8th, 9th, 10th, 11th, 12th & so forth. It’s why being on Earth feels challenging because of different frequency levels are somewhat uncomfortable, to say the least.
Many of my channellings connect to the soul group Mintakan which originated on a planet in the constellation Orion, & feels close to my true beginnings (split). Mintakans were the first star beings & part of the original lightworkers to travel to Earth. Many overlook this & other planets & connect with many star races. The message they bring is to see the potential & light in everything. They remind us that we need to use light as a source of power consciously. Although Earth can feel foreign, & homesick, you’re supported. This is home also. Home is in your heart; that’s where you feel us & all as one. ~ Abigail Wainwright
A HUge SUNspot is arriving, perfectly timed with our November 30th lunar eclipse and beginning of the December Revelation Wave. It is fully charged and flaring already.
The SUN is our delivery system for stargate influxes and consciousness-shifting waves of photonic-encoded plasma Light.
Learn more about this and how to prepare in the Revelation Wave Ebook, coming out this week. Newsletter subscribers receive it first – sign up at
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Because #Ascension
The Darkside at Wharariki Beach, New Zealand 🌺🌺
Wow, so amazing ❤️
Photo by
Incoming energies providing opportunity for huge breakthroughs The greatest shift in consciousness that has ever occurred We are not going back to normal Going beyond were we have ever gone before
Massive Awakenings Much expansion Huge breakthroughs Quantum leaps Magical transformation unfolding everywhere
Breathe and know we come through it all brilliantly
The best is yet to come…bright days ahead
Forgive the illusion of fear
Only Love is real
Let old stories go
Allow your self the gift of a clean slate…no stories no labels no limits
You were born to shine
Nothing can dim the light that shines from within
Keep Glowing
Remember who you truly are
Step fully into your mighty
I AM presence and allow your authentic brilliance to glow
We are free to fully Love and Live again💛Own your magic and embrace the magic of new beginnings
I wanted to create a post that represents what the Rapture is .
So many Human Beings have great fear of this .
So let me say this .
First no beings are coming to hurt Life on Earth.
When this Rapture happens in God’s time .
It will be to lift life off Planet Earth for a brief time as you understand Time to exist .
The Planet Earth has been abused by Man for Millions of years and in recent times .
So when the Rapture happens it will be when
the arrival of the Christed Beings from other Spiritual Planetary Worlds come to Earth .
All Life will be then lifted into massive Ships .
Then when the Earth is fully healed .
Life will be sent back to live on a beautiful Planet .
While you are off Earth you will be then ascending to a higher Conscious .
So your body and mind will be then at what is the frequency of the Christ.
I will stop here .
Hope this takes away any fear of what will come .
5 hours ago
Another layer of merging of the Divine Masculine and Feminine Christ occurred today, November 23 2020.
This time I saw the 144 Golden Ratio Fibonacci Sequence match as two parrots merging into ONE Heart ❤ As I continued clearing and activating this layer of Unions, the parrots changed to white colour, symbolizing purity in the Union as One Whole 🤍
This layer is all connected to the genetic Bloodline of Moses, and the freedom of the Israelites, God’s Covenant Family. The Divine Masculine Feminine Union came into harmonic balance on this layer, level, and timeline. This neutralized the distortions into One Harmonic Tone, match, and frequency of the Divine Feminine Christ, the Mother, the womb. This was the component needed to clear the Collective heart from cabal slavery for good.
All Heart Space is done and complete Beloveds. We are welcoming in our Galactic Heritage, our Galactic Brotherhood, Genesis, and our Birthrights as Holy Grail Counterparts. This is all part of the New Nine that is taking place for your Covenant Family, Israelites.
We give All Praises to the Most High HALLELUJAH 🙌🏻
Love Carolyn
Mercury in Scorpio trine Neptune retrograde in Pisces – Deep waves of compassion wash over us, stilling the mind and bringing a sense of peace. Thought becomes an instinctive thing in this state. You may feel receptive to subtle undercurrents as your psychic radar attunes to the atmosphere. Knowing comes from dreams bubbling up from the subconscious. Check in with your daydreams too as these can be interpreted just like night dreams. Let your stream of consciousness flow with quiet acceptance.
As your mind wanders and the tide carries you, express your creativity through poetry, art, film. Let thoughts flood onto a blank page. Listen to music that moves you profoundly. Embrace silence. Stare into the unfathomable depths of the night sky and wonder. Your imagination holds great power. Choose to think the best instead of the worst.
Painting – ‘On the Seashore’ by George Elgar Hicks
Degrees and Times
Mercury 18°Sc10′, Neptune 18°Pi10′ R – 04:39 (UT)
Tuesday November 24 2020
A heads up!
Just as Sunday’ 30th’s Lunar Eclipse seismic geo-physical window of activates, NASA’s Solar Observatory reports:
“Solar Flare Hurls Plasma Bomb.
Sunspot AR2785 erupted during the late hours of Nov. 23rd (2335 UT), producing a C4-class solar flare. The explosion hurled a plume of plasma more than 250,000 km across the sun. NASA’s Solar Dynamics Observatory recorded the splashdown:
A pulse of ultraviolet radiation from the flare hit Earth, ionizing the top of our atmosphere. This, in turn, caused a shortwave radio blackout over the South Pacific, including eastern Australia and all of New Zealand. Frequencies affected were mainly below 10 MHZ.
More solar flares are in the offing. Three of the biggest sunspots of young Solar Cycle25 are either facing Earth or turning in our direction. They all pose a threat for C-class flares with a chance of even stronger M-flares. New sunspot AR2786 is so big it could swallow Earth with barely a ripple. The sunspot is turning toward Earth and could soon become a source of geo-effective flares.”
Are you Tired yet Wired?
Higher frequency light penetrates everything during this Evolutionary Burn. Plasma influxes literally shake and vibrate the old structures to release collective creations, creating Freedom from old experiences. Magnetic fields shift, break apart. Polarity shifts reveal the new magnetics of higher realities. Collective distortions are revealed and released.
Perhaps the most predominant personal physical effect in this Now is the exhaustion . Magnetic shifts pull apart the old, as they open the consciousness to a new experience – with our conscious choice. And it triggers our DNA torus fields to follow suit.
Support Your Energy Field.:
Know it is a Global effect. Don’t make it personal; rest. Accept the deep transformation we are in. We all need REST in order to hold the balance
Collective clearing is exhausting. Watching the old burn is exhausting. Limit your exposure to scattering of thought, emotions and duality. Limit social media scrolling or disclosure-hunting; keep all of your brain and heart as coherent as possible
Earthing and grounding in nature is especially healing. Walk or meditate outside to rejuvenate, even for a few minutes. Get in natural water when you can. Use the morning light: the frequencies at sunrise are restorative and centring.
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New! The Gemini/Sagittarius Eclipses are coming on November 30th + December 14th!
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Schumann Resonance update 11 23 2020 6:23pm As I look at this seemingly blank Resonance Graph, A thought comes to me. The real changes that we are experiencing is something much deeper. I talk about this often, I have lived life in Code over the last year. And this is because of Juan O Savin. Awareness of what is happening right now is not straight forward. It is when you communicate it.. but not at night when you dream it. We are creating our situation.. intention and manifestation. This is Frequency our Brains are capable of grasping. I want to reassure you but I also want to challenge you. To come into Harmonic resonance with the full Life Force Energy of your being. This will require Focus and Humility. And someone dear to you.. that can share your every waking moment.
Let’s call it a Telepathic Connection with God. We can start to plug in by lowering our Brain wave state through Flow State.. and then listening. As you clear your mind.. the busy monkey mind falls back into the shadow. Do not allow any of the Negatives to come in. Try your favorite activity.. or just a walk in nature. Use your imagination to see it as a child. Child like discovery. Center, Focus and then become one with the activity.
The agitation that comes in like what is on the Q Factors is because of lack of Grounding crossing over with your Power center, That which shows at the 14 Hour ongoing now for 18 Hours. We want to undo this so separate out in each of you by trying one simple exercise. Take a deep Breath! Through the nose out the mouth with energy coming up from your Base to your head.. use this energy to clear out your body of discomfort from your toes to your nose. As you do this more.. you can find clarity.
Kin 240 ~ Yellow Rhythmic Sun
The number 6 is called Rhythmic and it’s key words are ‘Organize, Equality and Balance’. These days are always really handy, they are great for getting yourself organized. Ask yourself what needs sorting out in your life and then get on with it. Rhythmic days are about finding balance, being practical and striving for ‘Equality’.
Today is Yellow Sun which represents ‘Enlightenment, Life and Universal Fire’. This makes for a lovely combination of day and number. ‘Organize Enlightenment’! Expect to have moments today where ideas just pop into your head. This is great for problem solving and if you are consciously journeying through this Blue Eagle wavespell, today will provide an opportunity to fly very close to the sun. Be creative with what you see.
Today’s Guide is the Yellow Sun and so a very bright day which is great for illuminating our paths.
The Challenge is the White Dog which represents ‘Love, Loyalty and Heart.’ Issues of the heart will surface for everyone today and spats between lovers are more likely. If you are a White Dog, beware that your inner doberman may come out, so try to keep it on a leash.
The Occult power is the Red Dragon which symbolizes ‘birth and nurturing’. Dragons live in caves and a cave is considered to be the womb of Mother Earth. Dragon invites you to be taken care of and nurtured. When in this powerful magical position, expect to be taken care of in a magical way. Offer nurturing to others as well….especially those poor doggies who get no love today.
The Ally is the Blue Storm, the catalyst of the Tzolkin. When in this friendly position, the storm is more helpful than disruptive. If enlightenment is proving hard to come by today, consult a Blue Storm, they can offer support and friendship. If you are a Blue Storm, remember that just because you find today easy, doesn’t mean everyone else will and so help out wherever you can.
6 AHAU – KIN 240
24 NOVEMBER 2020
Organizing for ENLIGHTENMENT! ☀☀
I activate in order to Enlighten
Balancing life
I seal the matrix of universal fire
With the Rhythmic tone of equality
I AM guided by the power of MY OWN POWER DOUBLED!
24/11/2020 = 24/11/22 = 6/2/4 = 12 = 3
24 – Charisma/Joy/Magnetism
6 – Heaven/Christ/Harmony/Romance
11- Gate/Portal/Polarity
22- Architect of PEACE/Master Builder
4- Foundation/Form/Earth/Angelic
3- Holy Trinity/Joy/Creativity
KIN 240 = 6 Heaven/Christ/Harmony/Romance
Day code = 24/6 – KIN no 240=6 and tone of Creation = 6 Rhythmic 666 CHRIST CONSCIOUSNESS CODE – TRIPLE DIVINITY!✨✨✨ PLUS the DOUBLE SUN🌞🌞 = 5 X the GLORY 🎆🎆🎆🎆🎆
Day 6 in the BLUE EAGLE Wavespell 🦅👁👁 where we are being asked to FLY HIGH – and focus on the BIG PICTURE 🏔🖼– the DIVINE PLAN for humanity – so that we can CREATE IT!…. Envisioning the Highest timeline for ourselves and our Planet.. as our 2020 VISION-ARY POWERS and 3rd EYE are AWAKENED and ACTIVATED!
Day 6 of BLUE EAGLE🦅 WAVESPELL accompanied by a DOUBLE YELLOW SUN! 🌞🌞A hugely IN-SIGHT-FUL 👁🔮day from our GOD/BUDDHA 🌞🎆consciousness vantage point!
Today we are organizing to BALANCE our life, so that we can attain that divine Zero point neutrality, where all is EQUAL, and ALL is ONE! ❤💞🎆
✨✨A VERY POWERFUL and IN-SIGHT-ful day for AHA moments. Epiphanies and breakthroughs💥 are highly possible!
RHYTHMIC – Tone 6 in the PHYSICAL realm. ACTION – organize, POWER – balance, ESSENCE – equality.
The sixth day of the BLUE EAGLE🦅 Wavespell is the one that brings BALANCE. The RHYTHMIC phase is where this all adventuring, radiating miracle learns to walk. But consciously! Precisely! With fine organizational instincts and what superb balance we see!
Today we learn to INDEPENDENTLY find our OWN balance, through our OWN connection to SOURCE. 🌞 When you do what you love and let your spirit soar like the Eagle, you shine brightly like the Sun! 🌞Shine the spotlight on the people, circumstances and environments that give you CLARITY and assist you in attaining a balanced life.
YELLOW SUN🌞 has DOUBLE power🌞🌞 today, bringing a HEAT WAVE as the Consciousness thermometer🎇 is set to RISE!!
Our SUN gives us LIGHT, LIFE, nourishment, health, vitamins and vitality. AHAU provides us with FUEL to grow. We are all Children of the Sun. 👫👬👭🌞Seeking ONENESS and ultimate en-LIGHT💡ON- ment. YELLOW SUN reminds us that we each have our own inner sun, our chi source and our eternal connection to SOURCE through our HEART. Our soul’s desire is to fully embody and connect with our self-remembrance of our mighty I AM presence…
🌞I AM THAT, I AM 🌞is the call of Ahau’s mantra!🌞
The codes today are about finding your BALANCE on the physical plane – through the realization that we are all EQUAL and all ONE family. RHYTHMIC pulses are emitted from the sun radiating outwards reaching Earth’s Magnetosphere, as Father Sun kisses Mother Earth in an ecstatic embrace – fuelled by the electro-magnetic pulse from their Divine union!. The Solar flares and CME’s (Coronal Mass Ejections) ejected from Father Sun, stimulate HU-man-ity to grow and EXPAND in consciousness as we embody and anchor these evolutionary codes on the Earth plane – the physical body of Mother Gaia. These SOLAR pulses of LIGHT REFLECT off the Majestic EAGLE’s great WINGS soaring HIGH in the panoramic sky…this brings greater balance as HU-man-ity is AWAKENED 🎆and ILLUMINATED 💡from the Eagle’s clarity and wisdom revealed so that we can all independently SHINE our LIGHT.
SUPPORT: BLUE STORM 🌀🌪CAUAC is still active today as the purifying CATALYST, in clearing away the remnants of the debris, so that you can rise higher and shine your LIGHT. Remember the EAGLE is the only bird strong enough to RISE ABOVE above THE STORM and use the POWER of the storm, to lift up even higher, to SAFETY, soaring on the wind currents. Utilize the chaos and turbulence down below, to overcome your challenges, becoming the FUEL for your upward journey. This is true SOUL MASTERY! RISE UP and SOAR HIGH dear StarBlossoms ✨so you can take your rightful place, shining BRIGHT amongst the Starlit sky!
OCCULT/HIDDEN POWER: RED GALACTIC DRAGON 🐉IMIX reminds you today to nurture yourself and put your soul’s needs first, thus enabling you to EXPAND your legacy on Earth. In order to rebirth yourself you must focus INWARDLY,,, to raise your awareness and your consciousness. You must then ensure you are in complete alignment with full transparency and integrity of being so that you can B-EARTH your new HIGH VIBE CREATIONS.
Your INDEPENDENCE AND SELF- SOVEREIGNTY is born through prioritizing your Soul’s VISION👁 as the fuel for your Growth and Ascension… Allow IMIX to provide the fuel – passion, vitality and innate wisdom to SPARK your creative impetus, enabling your Mission to become UNI-VERSAL! Together through this UNIFIED field of CREATION we are B-Earth-ing this wonderful NEW EN-LIGHT💡ON- ed world!
CHALLENGE/GIFT: WHITE RHYTHMIC DOG ❤🐕OC holds the codes for unconditional love, TRUTH, acceptance, self-love, forgiveness, grace, loyalty, DEVOTION and support for our family and kin… When we birth upon the Earth plane, through the veils of forgetfulness, we fall into the ILLUSION that we are separate from our SOURCE… thus we begin our journey seeking LOVE everywhere externally, until we finally return to the beginning – realizing that all the unconditional LOVE we could ever require is right there in our own HEARTS❤…it always was! Thus this life-long challenge and untruth through the WHITE DOG is what detaches us from the ENLIGHTENMENT 💡and SOUL satisfaction🌞 that we are seeking! ONENESS and connection through SOURCE! 🌞 When we reach this state of Samadhi we can then see GOD in the eyes of another and so love them ALL equally and unconditionally – recognizing that GOD/SOURCE is everywhere and INFINITE.
To access this state we must overcome all forms of betrayal and rejection, and through the power of forgiveness and acceptance, fully access our own well of Divine self-love.💞 It is time to reignite your full remembrance of your GOD SELF🎆 to ignite your inner fire and LIGHT. Become your own UNIQUE spark of the Divine.🎆
FLY HIGH and SHINE BRIGHT ✨ Angelic Winged ones – reflecting your inner glory. 🎆Celebrate the radiant being that you are, as the CENTER of your own Universe! 🌞🎆
Today’s question is ” How can I balance any inequalities in my LIFE/WORLD so that I/We can become more ENLIGHTENED? 🎆🎇☀🌞
🐬🌈 ❤🐬🌈❤🐬🌈❤
Namaste’ 🙏❤🙏❤🙏
In Lak’ech a la kin
Christina White Magnetic Worldbridger – KIN 66 🌏🌈
Divine blessings, for becoming the SUNSHINE of your LIFE 🌠🌈✨
PICTURE CREDITS: DOUBLE Sunset Billy Nikoll Photography DIVINE GRATITUDE 🙏❤🙏❤🙏
Hey Soul Tribe,
Solar Winds have arrived! How are you feeling?
Restless … Stillness… Uncomfortable?
Massive expansion of energy?
Seems as though there is a big Timeline shifting in progress which has been in the mix for a while now … It’s becoming more & more that there are different doorways of realities that each person is making a personal decision as where they are going… Some people are still lingering in the hallway. This is a confusing place as you’re interacting with people who are entering into different places & space.
Tiredness, needing so much downtime, dream space is busy, working & so much beautiful energy exchanges which are assisting to the further expansion & energy embodiment process of our Ascension individually & collectively 🙏🙌🌎
➡️Heightened Emotions
➡️Anxiety & stress (no particular reason)
➡️Heightened Mental patterns ~ looping negitive thoughts ( 3D/Monkey Mind)
➡️ Sleepy ~ need to rest or nap
➡️ Broken sleep & intense dreams
➡️ Nausea
➡️ Dizziness or vertigo
➡️ Heightened spiritual & psychic phenomena
➡️ Irritability
➡️ Triggers coming up for release
Things you can do to alleviate these symptoms:
✅ Drink plenty of water
✅ Rest, Rest, Rest & More Rest!
✅ Meditation
✅ clear your energy ~ If you need additional support you can connect with me for Energy Alignment session via the link:
✅ Eat grounding goods; such as potatoes, nuts etc (Veggies that are grown underground)
✅ Connect with nature
✅ Be gentle with yourself and others
✅ Respond Vs React
✅ If/when triggers arise observe them ~ be conscious that it’s an opportunity for release & transform ~ you are releasing what no longer serves you 💜
Sending so much cosmic love Alisha Brache

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