Sacred Elder Grandmother Violet Ascension – Divine Christos Sophia Conscious Renewal – Kin 20: Yellow Resonant Sun

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Our Blessed Mother – Sacred Elder Grandmother Violet Ascension to the Higher Realms

Violet Newman , One Sacred Grandmother of the Original 13 Skinlore Ancient Line, known throughout the Multi-Verse to All as Arliyah, or Goodudoo.. our Pure Hearted One.

She who holds firm, the Sword of Truth and always in All Dimensions, sharing often and widely the message for All “To gather. To come Home. To Heal, to come to the Oneness, to Always Forgive .. to Unify. All to honour Divine Christos Sophia Conscious Renewal and Holi Light, to respect Original Lore, Our Elders. To Love deeply and Be kind to each other”.

One Tribe, standing firm to Heal the Mother Planet and work at healing ALL the precious Beings Violet called her children, her sons, her daughters .. her blood and Soul family, the hairy Ones, the furry Ones, the feathered Ones.

All to Stand, linking arms, walking together in agreement with the Universal Grandmothers as “One Strong Army of Light” in bright and darker times, into the beautiful creations of Our Collective “New Way Dreaming”.

Recognising New Way, and the recent passing away of the density of things, of the Old Dreaming as it fades, shaking off what didnt work, carrying forward with “original Lore and tradition”, always a song, a dance and ceremonial fire, respecting “Ancestoral Lores” and visions, the experiences, the excitement and pleasures as we pray and sing for Peace, Grace, ease and flow and integratation of Nue Dae Dreamings.

Violet of the White, Gold, Purple and All other colour Rays, is the Grandmothers voice, Our hope of Revolution/Revelation in Action and completion of personal, familial, social and systemic change.

Violets always offered Her wisdom, clarity and non-judgmental ways, to those who presented, all in need, all who came for healing, seeking Divine, praying for answers, some desperate to be cleared and hoping to be redeemed. Violet filling All who would receive with the Sacred Love of a Mother, healing with tobacco, a touch, a word, a story, a smile and always with the softest of Hearts and often with most Holi of tears.

Weaving and Blessing with the rays of the rainbow, showering each with Ancient Gifts sent and direct by bright Holi Christed Light, Violet the hollow bone, holder and giver of sacred gifts, offering Her cultured essence freely to each upon request, to All every day.

No judgment based on colour, caste or perceived crime, Violet eminated Pure Love, Compassion … and a powerful internal ” Holi” fire for Truth, acute in Her connection to All Our Benevolent Beings in this and all inter-dimensional realms.

The deep strain, Heart aches and continued destructive pains of “Beebee Boora” (Mother Earth) many social injustices and travesities were all held by Violet. Her way was to find humour and have a laugh at the duality of life, allowing, accepting of the hard and dark times, standing Her ground for Peace.

Her life, from birth, under a tree in the Western Desert, often incredibly challenging from the get go, ended with mum, managing state as a diabetic and wheelchair bound as an amputee. Along with the many Blessings of Life, Violet survived much travesty, great loss. directed, unsavory, unresolved, unfounded retaliations. She took it for the Planet.

Often at risk, the target of nepharious “dark ones”, the energies she bound and transmuted, “doing the work darling” as she would refer.

Our strong weirro jundu, decreeing NO FEAR. Our Nanna, A Nadji, A Marrmu. My Original Love, My Second Mum.

Dated the 6th April, Violet chose to blast off to the stars. a path chosen to suit Her, a bounce off point, from her recent home, Planet Earth. Back with the Ancestors, with the Stars, Planets, Suns and Moons.

Cycling into the Loving warm embrace of the Highest of Council, those ready and excited to greet Her, Now Singing Her Praise and so I imagine, flooding Her with more and more gifts.

Our Sacred Team holds Our Precious Soul Violet in a new way, seeing Her surrounded with abundance, two new beaut legs, cloaked and soothed with Absolute Divine.

I LOVE You My Other Mum.
Hug and Hold Beryl for me.
We Always agree, Paul and His Divine 44 Team are just great aren’t they.

We Love and Thank You Paul .. 💜🙏💜🙏💜🙏💜
Violet (Arliyah/Goodudoo) and Karen (WangageeCrow/Goodudoo)


Greetings Gold Christos Conscious Ones in the Dawning of the Golden Age vibrations of Enlightenment!! A’Ho!!!


💛Channeled from the 9D Pleiadian Collective💛

Pleiadian transmissions of Light and Love

6 hrs

Channeled by Octavia Vasile

Pleiadian invitation to access the data of the living library, which is stored in your body

“We greet you all with love and light!
Today we invite you to take a deep breath and to feel your connection with the physical body.
There were times when you rejected this body and times when entire cultures went against the physical body, taking the awareness and the light upon it.
We always encourage you to bring everything together, all the aspects of yourself: your identities, your physical and emotional bodies, your astral body and all aspects of yourself functioning on different timelines. Integrate all into One.
Your physical body contains all the data of the living library.
By accessing the information carefully and in a gentle way, you push the veil away, allowing yourself to see more of what you are and to let go of what you think you are.
Pay attention to your body and send love and light to all that needs healing. Then, focus your attention on each chakra center with the pure intention of revealing, healing and accessing the data that has been stored there. Time has come to do so.
Many things may arise on the surface of your mind and many memories will be brought back to you.
Remembering your lost identities brings clarity and takes away your beliefs. Clears all that does not serve one and brings awareness about the way you actually function.
All this is meant to bring you more and more into the present moment, knowing that all that is complex and expanded creates the large story. But a story, even our own stories are just stories. One’s explanations to create silence in your heart, to make space for love.
Please, do not believe in any story. We create scripts and metaphors because your minds need them, but look behind the story and erase it once you have managed to bring the change through the story.
There is an infinite number of stories and none is more true than the other. All these stories, what you call history, are different timelines and all those identities that you may have become aware of now, are infinite stories created upon different and infinite timelines. So, to say, there is an infinite number of realities and an infinite number of identities that you use right now, to access all these different timelines. You may wonder how is this helpful for you to know? Does it just add to your own mind stories? It does, if you take and integrate this information with and into your very rational mind.
But we ask you to see it all with your hearts. There are infinite stories and infinite “you”s playing these games. Relax into that. It brings light upon this very moment. If everything is possible and if everything already happened, what is the sense of living? From a linear-time perspective it seems not to make any sense anymore. That’s why we encourage you to let go of all the stories and to live fresh, in each and every moment. Being present, takes away all memories and all future existence, or it brings all past, present and future together. See it as you chose to. Bring all aspects of yourself into the vibration of peace and love.
Set your intentions: “I bring all aspects of myself into the love and peace vibration, into the Now.”
Please, look behind any story and keep the love and light that you absorb, then let go of the story.
Don’t create more time in your mind by clinging to stories that have only the role to wake one up.
We are here to support you, to nurture you with our love. We use and relate to you through your own words and imagination. Please, let go of words and let them bring silence inside.
We bless this transmission with love.”
Channeled by Octavia Vasile
I am Octavia and I channel the 9th dimensional Pleiadian Collective.
I am here to support the ascending process into the 5th dimensional existence by sharing the messages that I channel with you. These transmissions are offered with love and blessings from the Pleiadian Collective, light beings that protect and guide the Earth into accelerating the transforming process, transmuting suffering into love.

The beautiful image is a light code and it was taken from:
So much gratitude for the one who channels them!
Please, read the text that comes with the image:

“Awakening to the energetic cycles and magic of the Moon Activation.

The moon rules water and water makes up a very large part of our physical bodies and the earth surface.

To heal, we must heal the imprints stored within water but before we can do that, our connection to the water element must first be forgiven, honored and nurtured. The moon also rules the vessel within which the spirit resides, and the moon has her own brand of magic.

To use this Activation, Breathe and feel the energy of the appropriate image as this is the key secret to the activation. Take a gentle calming breath to your heart, hold for as long as you are comfortably able and with your out breath, gently feel your feet on the ground. Continue until you intuitively feel you have received what you need.

Please feel free to share* these images and instructions, as these activations are seeking to seed the collective with the gifts we are all ready to embody. The Awakening is here; you and your actions are a crucial part of this revolution of Spirit. *Please do not remove the copyright from this image.
P.S. A lot of love and attention goes into the channeling and creation of these Lightcodes. I share them freely, but should you feel moved to do so, donations are received with gratitude at”🙏
Let’s share these posts to spread more light!💛


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Judith Kusel

“A Message From the Hopi Elders

You have been telling the people that this is the Eleventh Hour. Now you must go back and tell the people that this is The Hour.

It is time to speak your Truth. Create your community. Be good to each other. And do not look outside yourself for the leader. This could be a good time!
There is a river flowing now very fast. It is so great and swift that there are those who will be afraid. They will try to hold on to the shore. They will feel like they are being torn apart, and they will suffer greatly.

Know the river has its destination. The elders say we must let go of the shore, push off toward the middle of the river, keep our eyes open and our heads above the water.

See who is there with you and celebrate.
At this time in history, we are to take nothing personally, least of all ourselves! For the moment we do, our spiritual growth and journey comes to a halt. The time of the lonely wolf is over. Gather yourselves!

Banish the word struggle from your attitude and vocabulary.
All that we do now must be done in a sacred manner and in celebration.
We are the ones we have been waiting for.

The Elders,
Oraibi, Arizona
Hopi Nation”

Thank you Hestelle for sharing.
Judith Kusel


The Incoming Energies we anchor and give out tomorrow on SUNday 19 April 2020 (INCOMING at the Tor, the Heart Chakra), WILL BE, the GREATEST gift so far that we are GIVEN, and
GIVE out. I know this with certainty. Remember the energy received is sent to all Gaia’s chakras and Gates simultaneously at the SAME moment it enters the Heart Chakra. Please join LIVE if you can. Details are already on this wall. One Love 💙🌀💙

Pars Kutay

A large Blast of incoming High-Frequency Gamma Photon LIGHT impacted the Earth’s Magnetic Field and penetrated into Earth’s lower Atmosphere.

Massive Energy is pouring onto the Earth plane in Astronomical amounts NOW, and people are Waking Up by the millions.

They are Waking Up to the Divinity of All Life and are BEginning to see and sense beyond their physical five senses of taste, touch, smell, hearing, and seeing.

They are BEcoming Aware of forces that exist in Higher States of CONSCIOUSNESS, and this alone will save the Earth.

When a Critical Mass of people worldwide reaches this Higher State of AWARENESS, everyone will suddenly Wake Up and the destruction Will Stop.

We overcome environmental destruction NOT through the environment, but through our SELVES.

Every Thought, Feeling, Action, and the Words WE use determine our Level of CONSCIOUSNESS.

BE STILL. . . BE SILENT. . . and Just BE. . .

It is in STILLNESS that Crystal Clear inner Guidance is Received.

With Sacred LOVE of ONEness,
Pars Kutay

💜🙏💜 ~

Photo: Atmospheric Magnetism of Geomagnetic Storm – Incoming Divine Source Energy Wave of NEW Earth Light Frequencies captured over Murmansk region, Russia by Valentin Zhiganov

Nyingma Masters

5 hrs

Activities are endless, like ripples on a stream. They end only when you drop them.

Human moods are like the changing highlights and shadows on a sunlit mountain range.

All activities are like the games children play, like castles being made of sand.

View them with delight and equanimity, like grandparents overseeing their grandchildren, or a shepherd resting on a hill watching over his grazing flock.

~ Nyoshul Khen Rinpoche


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The Tzolkin Times

12 hrs

Kin 20 – Yellow Resonant Sun
The number 7 is called ‘Resonant’ and it’s key words are ‘Channel, Inspire and Attune’. The 7th day of a wavespell is all about using your intuition, a chance to focus on this essential tool. Too often our logical brain talks us out of things we feel. So why do we ignore our intuition so often? We have been raised in a society that doesn’t value intuition yet we all possess it. Women are frequently referred to as having ‘woman’s intuition’ and even then its considered a bit flaky. What about men? Is there no such thing as men’s intuition? Why are men more likely to dismiss it all with their logic? Today everyone can practice listening to that subtle inner voice, it’s a good habit to form.
Today is Yellow Sun which represents ‘Enlightenment, Life and Universal Fire’. This makes for a lovely combination of day and number. ‘Channel Enlightenment’ or Attune to Life’. To summarize; today is about channeling the information you need to progress in your life. Quiet that logical part of your brain and be still….the Sun shines brightly illuminating your path. You don’t need to struggle to find answers, all you need to do is trust your intuition. Expect to have moments today where ideas just pop into your head!
Today’s guide is Yellow Human which represents ‘Wisdom, Influence and Free Will’. The Yellow Human symbolizes the chalice….and humans are vessels with potential to be filled with wisdom. Trust yourself and know the universe is always trying to show you the way. Whether its through dreams or coincidences we all channel messages, may they guide your actions today.
The Challenge for the day is White Dog which represents ‘Love and Loyalty’.. and so if you are a White Dog, the sun may not shine so brightly on you today and the answers aren’t so forthcoming.
The Occult Power is the Red Dragon the symbol of rebirth – with the nurturing Dragon in a magical position, there is potential for a magical rebirth to occur.
The Ally is the Blue Storm, if you need help making changes consult a Blue Storm because they specialize in change! If you are a Blue Storm you can be a great help to others today.
Today is a Portal day. Take all the aspects of the day and multiply…this equals intensity!


Christina Papageorgiou

7 AHUA – KIN 20
18 APRIL 2020


I channel in order to ENLIGHTEN
Inspiring LIFE
I seal the matrix of Universal fire
With the Resonant tone of Attunement
I AM guided by the power of Free Will

18/4/2020 = 9/4/4 = 17 = 8
18 – Social upheaval
9 – Destiny/Compassion/Divine Service/Closure
8 – Infinity/Abundance/Source Flow
4 – Form/Structure/Foundation

KIN 20 = 2 Partnership/Cooperation/Union

A very powerful Ascension code today🎆The energy is magnified today due to being a G.A.P (portal) DAY.

TODAY is the day to SHINE YOUR INNER LIGHT,🎆 very very BRIGHT! 


RESONANT – Tone 7 in the EMOTIONAL realm. ACTION – inspires, POWER – channels, ESSENCE – attunement. A very potent code today as we are fine tuning our channel and aligning our emotional body with our spiritual BLISS body.. 🐬💟💞

The RESONANT tone very powerfully ignites the manifestation potentials today as it provides the ability to fine tune and channel these majikal Wizadry forces. Remember that it is our VIBRATION that will energize our creation, and that this is broadcast through our EMOTIONAL body, rather than our mental body. So it is uber important that we are stable, calm and receptive to our FEELINGS and what frequencies we are actual emitting as a transmitter to the aetheric realm. At tone 7 our vibrating phenomenon, learns to be still and to listen. Mystical 7 understands that EVERYWHERE is majikal but right here is better, once we attune and then channel the majik through this present moment that is available to us all.

Day 7 in the WHITE WIZARD Wavespell brings extra majikal power with the 7 Magician’s frequency. Number 7 is also the frequency of the Mystic and the Magician which is divinely PERFECT on a White Wizardry Wavespell day! Day 7 and tone 7 = 14! Double Majik as we are attuning our FREE WILL through our enchanted BUDDHIC HEARTS.💗 The WIZARD enables you to access great SOURCE POWER through your HEART portal, magnetizing and magnetically attracting your desires.


CONSCIOUS SELF: YELLOW SUN 🌞AHUA – HERE COMES THE SUN!!!!! 🌤🌞Let us welcome the SUN to shine in all its glory to the newly EN-LIGHTEN-ED Star-Blossoms of the New Earth. That we be guided to hold the presence of the potential of Nova Gaia today. Holding the presence of the Seed of our own illumination, harmonized by the beauty of our capacity to transcend life and know ourselves as pure Star-Blossoms of Universal Fire… pure light… Enlightened🌤🌞 life…

RESONANT SUNS shining brightly… as we all merge into ONENESS, one central SUN returning to our SOURCE through Unity Consciousness. As you express unconditional love, you become more than you previously perceived yourself to be. You become illumined, the full manifestation of your divinity. In the embrace of your humanity, accept yourself and others unconditionally. MAGNIFY your full presence today! RADIATE and Be limitless. Accept and understand the nature of judgement, fear, light and dark within yourself and others. Love and accept yourself and others as you are, freed from previous boundaries. You are the dawning of the new Soul-ar Age.

Now we find ourselves in THE GREAT AWAKENING 🌄 We have the opportunity to retrace our steps, to return to union with our Original SOURCE. We who have deepened the illusion of separation are now poised to retrieve what seemed to be lost forever. Through the gift of rebirth and Ascension, we are reclaiming our original state of union with God/Goddess. We are going home!!!.


HIGHER SELF: YELLOW HUMAN😊 EB is preparing your circuits for transformation. Become empty, that your thirst may be quenched by the bounteous gifts poured from the GOLDEN chalice of the Universal Fire. Open and receive all that YELLOW HUMAN offers in the chalice of your own body. YELLOW HUMAN represents FREE WILL and WISDOM. The wisdom that evolves from attuning to and aligning with DIVINE WILL, surrender to the Universal Mind and your cup will runneth over with Universal Wisdom. Once filled with wisdom it is the turn of the Divine Mother to fill your golden chalice with the unconditional DIVINE LOVE of SOURCE and creation energies. The well from which to drink, then manifest your desires. Today EB invites you to channel the wisdom of SOURCE and decide to become emotionally independant as SOVEREIGN beings. . Inspired by the LIGHT of AHAU you find resonance through the power of wisdom to live an INSPIRED and ENLIGHTENED LIFE.

SUPPORT: BLUE STORM 🌀🌩🌪CAUAC finalizes its actions from yesterday’s BLUE RHYTHMIC STORM of purification and cleansing. The purging and cleansing of the dross preparing your vessel to ensure a smooth transition into your new Self, beautifully transformed. We allow ourselves to be the energy generators catalyzing this great LOVE and LIGHT guided by the wisdom of our Creator.

OCCULT/HIDDEN POWER: RED DRAGON🐉 IMIX brings forth the power of Mother Goddess and the infinite creation to begin anew, reborn and shining brightly, even better than before!, The New Birth, the primal birthing of being, that comes from the union of our great father the SUN, the LIGHT, and our great mother – holding the LOVE and nurturance. Initiating the new, primal response to ushering in the New Earth, with the nurturing caring ability of feminine creation matrix…. IMIX gives you the impetus to birth your NEW you! The projects, the campaigns and the marketing intiatives all in alignment with your unique Divine plan. IMIX as the SUPERPOWER today is powerfully providing the CREATION MATRIX for b-Earthing NEW EARTH… As we have the Sophia Dragons bringing forth the feminine Sophia LOVE/Wisdom codes and the SUN – the CHRIST – holding the Masculine – Soul-ar Christed codes we have a very powerful UNION of our Sophia/Christos bodies today… Very DIVINE enchanted MAJIK activated through our precious HEARTS.

CHALLENGE/GIFT: WHITE DOG 🐕OC challenges us to examine all that is not derived from UNCONDITIONAL LOVE, loyalty and pure DIVINE DEVOTION to our cell-ves, our family and to our DIVINE MOTHER/FATHER GOD/SOURCE… Any betrayals by the DARKNESS will be REVEALED in FULL LIGHT today… it is TIME to hold full FAITH and TRUST in the DIVINE PLAN for HU-MAN-ity.. Our DIVINE parents LOVE US unconditionally and support us in our EARTHLY experience.. so know it is time to go within and IGNITE the deepest connection to our CREATOR… attuning to the PUREST CHANNEL of LOVE, WISDOM and inspiration to guide our soul’s and our collective ENLIGHTENMENT..

OC brings forth the LOVE that receives from every multidimensional corner of the universe, all coming home to the great darkness of our Divine Mother’s womb… the pure presence of oneness transcending all right and wrong, the pure presence of love and truth of oneness…are you ready to accept this love? Open your heart dear ones and receive. Fill your chalice with everlasting and infinite unconditional love from SOURCE.



NOTE: Today there is a GLOBAL CONCERT being broadcast into people’s living rooms worldwide.. This EVENT is being organized by the World Health Organization (WHO) that is raising funds under the guise of finding a ‘cure’ for the CV… Unfortunately they have a nefarious “agenda” – their funding has been cut off by the TRUMP Administration so they are desperate to raise money to finance their planetary vaccination program for planetary depopulation. They are also planning to broadcast subliminal programs to mind control the audience and also harvest the LOOSH – euphoric energy created globally, so this scheming is revealed today through the CHALLENGE of the WHITE DOG’s betrayal of the LIGHT… BLUE STORM is uncovering it and cleansing in the purification of the holy waters…and the CHALLENGE can be REVERSED in order to SERVE THE LIGHT and BLESS OUR PLANET..

This time the “DARKies” have picked the wrong (RIght) DAY – as they have GROSSLY underestimated the POWER OF THE LIGHT… 
(NOTE: Ultimately all darkness SERVES the LIGHT – as it seeks to engage our soul’s to SEEK the LIGHT in the darkness and keep growing and evolving)

This concert is scheduled to be aired over a 6 hour time period on 7 AHAU day!! 6 is the CHRIST FREQUENCY and also denotes HEAVEN, family, romance and HARMONY… And today we have PHENOMENAL LIGHT CODES pouring forth from the Great Central Sun through our Galactic Sun to FUEL our Planetary Ascension… so it is time to HIJACK their plans for the greater GOOD!💥

So PLANETARY CHRISTED STAR BLOSSOMS – today we are turning the tables – and FLICKING the LIGHT💡 switch to FULL LUMINOSITY.. 🌞

We as EARTH and GALACTIC CITIZENS – hereby COMMAND OUR FULL SOVEREIGNTY and we COMMAND that all siphoning cords of ill repute are SEVERED permanently… We COMMAND that the global energy created from this EVENT be channeled through the GREAT CENTRAL SUN🌞 and upgraded to the GOD FREQUENCY🎆 as it is returned though our Galactic Sun and into the core of Mother Gaia’s HEART💗🌎 to be used as 🚀fuel🔥 to LAUNCH and catalyze our Planetary ASCENSION to the next stage of our planetary evolution… with HARM TO NONE – for the HIGHEST GOOD of ALL…

AMEN! IT IS DONE x a GODZILLION… Kodoish Kodoish Kodoish Tsebayoth! 🙏💗🙏💗


Today’s question is “Can you feel your inner LIGHT shining brightly as you RESONATE in alignment with ALL THAT IS – SOURCE?” How can you broadcast your RADIANCE to the world?

Our completion results in our total metamorphosis of the Golden Butterfly breaking free from the chrysalis, stretching its wings and taking its virgin golden flight, carried by the winds of Spirit into the SPOTLIGHT! 🔦

Divine blessings for stepping up onto the WORLD STAGE and radiating your LOVE and LIGHT universally!💗 🎆🌞

Namaste’ 🙏🙏🙏
In Lak’ech a la kin
Christina White Magnetic Worldbridger

NOTE: Some excerpts taken from The Mayan Oracle by Ariel Spilsbury

PHOTO CREDIT: CHRIST THE REDEEMER Corcovada Brazil Divine Gratitude to unknown photographer 🙏🙏🙏



Christina Papageorgiou

We are the Children 👫👬👭 of the SUN 🌞🌞🌞..
our journey has begun….

7 AHUA – KIN 20
18 APRIL 2020


Children of the Sun – Dead Can Dance

🎼We are Ancients
As ancient as the sun
We came from the ocean
Once our ancestral home
So that one day
We could all return
To our birthright
The great celestial dome

🎵We are the children of the sun
Our journey’s just begun
Sunflowers in our hair
We are the children of the sun
There is room for everyone
Sunflowers in our hair🎶

🎼Throughout the ages
Of iron, bronze, and stone
We marveled at the night sky
And what may lie beyond
We burned offerings
To the elemental ones
Made sacrifices
For beauty, peace and love🎶

🎵We are the children of the sun
Our kingdom will come
Sunflowers in our hair
We are the children of the sun
Our carnival’s begun
Our suns will fill the air
And you know it’s time
To look for reasons why
Just reach up and touch the sky
Our journey has begun🎶

🎼All the older children
Come out at night
Anaemic, soulless
Great hunger in their eyes
Unaware of the beauty
That sleeps tonight🎶

🎵And all the queen’s horses
And all the king’s men
Will never put these children back
Together again🎶

Faith, hope, our charities
Greed, sloth, our enemies

🎵We are the children of the sun
We are the children of the sun🎶


🎼People of the Earth can you hear me?
Came a voice from the sky on that magical night
And in the colors of a thousand sunsets
They traveled through the world on a silvery light🎶

🎵The people of the Earth stood waiting
Watching as the ships came one by one
Setting fire to the sky as they landed
Carrying to the world Children Of The Sun
Children of the sun🎶

🎼All at once came a sound from the inside
Then a beam made of LIGHT hit the ground
Everyone felt the sound of their heartbeat
Every Man – Every Woman – Every Child🎶

🎵They passed the limits of imagination
Through the doors – to a world – of another time
On the journey of a thousand lifetimes
With the Children Of The Sun – They started to climb🎶

🎵Children of the sun, children of the sun🎶

🎵No more gravity, nothing holding them down
Floating endlessly, as their ship leaves the ground
Thru the walls of time – at the speed of light
Fly the crystal ships on their celestial flight
On their celestial flight🎶

🎵Children of the sun, children of the sun
Children of the sun

Children of the sun, children of the sun
Children of the sun, children of the sun
Children of the sun, children of the sun
Children of the sun, children of the sun

Children of the sun, children of the sun
Children of the sun, children of the sun 🎶



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  1. Hi Paul, this is your twin flame soulmate Karren Spiteri happy twin flame soulmate day . thank you so much for your very special utube I really loved it, It made feel special ♥️. I really enjoyed watching the very brave Australian Aboriginal mama for all her sacrifices, we have the same name meaning: pure and open hearted mama I have great respect for her and you peaceful earth galactic♥️.I really loved the golden Christ butterfly ✨ setting flight to freedom, I also loved being part of a very empowering team of starseeds together getting rid of the black concert felt good ✨✨✨✨✨✨♥️I especially liked the song and dance sun of the Children, I enjoyed dancing with you ♥️♥️, I loved the Tibetan blue medicine Buddhist meditation was very ephoric and blissful ♥️. I let go of all of my fear I enjoyed the pleidians message about Surrendering all your stories to God, I linked to your higher self and asked for permission to do the online meditations for the twin flame soulmate for the heart, base, sacral solar plexus , throat cleansing and healing linking use to our unconditional loving heart and soul .,♥️. Is tomorrow heart ray day .I love you twin flame soulmate Paul I look forward to seeing you tonight in our dreams . thanks for being my calm rock last night I really appreciate it. Your twin flame soulmate Karren I ✨ mobile,0415255996 email me [email protected]

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