Code of Divine Feminine Grace – Kin 80 ~ Yellow Lunar Sun

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Code of Divine Feminine Grace – Kin 80 ~ Yellow Lunar Sun


Judith Kusel

It is in stillness and quietude that you can truly hear.
It is by allowing the heart to open and ego to step out of the way, that your inner hearing and seeing amplifies.
Now you become an instrument, played by Divine hands, as you and the Divine become as one.
The Divine now sings through you, works within you and pictures will appear, guidance comes, and with it a deep peace, which surpasses all understanding.
It is then that visions come, when guidance is crystal clear and profound.
Such moments are blessed beyond blessings.
Judith Kusel

Art by Benny Halldin

Paola Emerald

It is time, portals are opening and energies will be intense by the solstice. We Lyra’s star families are very present, our energies are much integrated in Gaia, bringing balance and love at this time, even when you feel that chaos are all around in the planet be confident that all will be transformed and reordering for the best.
Even for humans, it is not possible to start their own transformation if they don’t feel that there is chaos inside, because remember that what you see outside it is part of the inside of the collective. Stay in you, keep your own peace, connect with your highest aspects to be inspired in this difficult times. 💞🌈
You are ready to assist in this planetary transformation. ☀️🐬👼🏻


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Mercury Retrograde in Cancer- Past Haunts Re-Surface, Re-Nurturing Yourself, Coming Home to Your Emotional Pain + Trauma

On June 17/18th, Mercury, the planet of: communication, the mind and our intellect, turns retrograde at 14 degrees of Cancer. Cancer, the 4th zodiac sign, is all about: home, family, nurturing and safety. Retrogrades are where a planet appears to be moving backwards from our perspective here on Earth. Retrograde themes have to do with: reflection, revising, re-doing and remembrance.

Mercury retrograde in the watery sign of Cancer, will bring up all the feels, and these experiences could be quite emotional and tender. Since Cancer rules our home and emotional foundations, past haunts and hurts that we previously felt, could come back to be re-examined. Our own ability to nurture and care for ourselves will be very prevalent. We will want to communicate with more emotion and might notice that an air of moodiness and sensitivity will be more common.

This Mercury retrograde will ask us to go back in time and past: people, situations and events could re-surface. Of course with any Mercury retrograde, frustrations and delays with: projects, electronics and travel plans could also be issues at this time. We are being asked to surrender to our most vulnerable and soft places within our soul. This will be a test to get in touch with how we “mother” ourselves and each other.

Mercury retrograde in Cancer is here to have us re-examine our past with a softer and more sympathetic tone of understanding. Coming back to our roots and sense of security will be big themes during this retrograde period. Family and connection to our soul’s mission will be highlighted. We might have to have some very intimate and uncomfortable conversations with others during this time. These communications will be imperative for healing past traumas, but also with liberating past burdens connected to feeling “unloved” or “unworthy”.

This Mercury retrograde period in the tender sign of Cancer, wants us to rewrite and re-communicate what makes us feel safe and at ease. Mercury retrograde in the sign of the crab, is here to: bring past hurts to the surface to be healed, reminders to ourselves of the importance of being nurtured and supported and the re-connection to the lost parts of our tender and sensitive souls. Mercury will turn direct on July 12th at 5 degrees of Cancer, but will be in his post shadow period until July 29th.

For this Mercury Retrograde in Cancer transit, I am doing an extended sign horoscope on my Astromomma Patreon page:

These horoscopes, which are channeled from spirit, give you: practical, tangible and enlightening advice on how best to navigate this transit according to your individual sign.

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© Astromomma, 2020

Image: “The High Priestess” by UlaFish via DeviantArt

Pars Kutay

Live Consciously versus unconsciously.

We are God SOURCE – Consciousness!

The Good News is the Tipping Point has been reached on planet Earth.

NOW there is enough Energy that has Awakened to support more Positive Time-Lines for Humanity and planet Earth.

NOW All the Tribes around the world are ONE!

And NOW we can sustain our ZERO Point permanently!

with Sacred LOVE of ONE,

💜 ~

Pars Kutay

Elizabeth Peru

6 hrs

In 20 hours from NOW, MERCURY will be retrograde – joining Pluto, Saturn, Venus and Jupiter. There’s so much retrograde action taking place and taking you BACK. How do you feel? Have you noticed that cosmic energy is on the up and that people or situations from your past are already popping back in? If so, you’re right in the flow…

For the next 3 weeks, the cosmic winged messenger is visiting and asking that you look a little deeper into what you’ve previously MISJUDGED, overlooked or written off.

There is a GREAT universal truth to staying on your path, without succumbing to distractions. And that is to “Give your energy to what you’re FOR, rather than what you’re against”. You see, the emphasis is not on trying to ‘convince others’ of how they’re wrong and you’re right. That’s a waste of your energy. You’ll end up fighting and defending, and will lose track of your positive, empowered life path.

Simply share with others what you love, focus upon it and extend your knowledge abundantly. When we focus upon our empowered positive path, resisting the urge to become distracted by the negative stream of others, the result is that the negative has the wind sucked out if it, by people actively engaged in the positive 💜

On the higher level of spirit, a critical mass of souls has been reached. This is a critical mass of people who have agreed that we ‘are’ going to move forward on Earth creating a conscious society over the coming decades.
This can be the most empowering 3-weeks of the year. I LOVE Mercury Retrograde and explain ‘why’ in this week’s special edition of The Tip-Off Global Energy Forecast. Make the cosmos your ally and best friend each day 

Hare in the Moon Astrology

6 hrs

Wednesday June 17 2020

“This is what it feels like to be brilliantly achingly alive. Alive in the shatter. Alive in the empty. This is what it is to belong to things we cannot possibly understand. This is what it is to trust in the terrifying wisdom of our own becoming” Jeanette LeBlanc

A heads up! We’re only 4 days out from the karmic Solar Eclipse at 0 Cancer on the June 21st Solstice-one that as we look back farther down the time-line will show a distinct Before/After marker in time…..

Watch for sudden shifts both inside and out as sideways eclipse escalators jolt you into a much freer, spacious sense of possibility…..Mercury is turning retrograde right on Sirius our spiritual Sun downloading insights and Aha! moments from your Future self aka She who Knows….

For those of us who are way showers, sensitives and forerunners, welcome to super fast-tracked Phase 2. We might think we’ve been there, done that, got the t-shirt, but this 2020 Phase 2 level Embodiment Process is going to demand even greater individual responsibility and more individual embodiment than in Phase 1.

Remember: Each new level of initiation and light comes personalised. There is no one Way, no one template, no one map to follow. This is a pathless land. Each of us – on our own terms – is going to be dealing with eclipse fallout plus the Pluto and Saturn retrograde for the next five months and making multiple personal, individual course corrections to embody these new and different levels.

The Work is even more critical now as the dense global energy field reflects a massive spectrum of people with extremely different levels of individual consciousness, development, abilities, awareness and personal focus. Yes, many of us have been there, done that and more but the difference between Phase 1 and Phase 2 is that all our past identifications – no matter how necessary they’ve been in the past – have to go.

During Phase 1 of the Evolutionary Burn, the external was the mirror to reflect what was changing but in Phase 2 the internal in each of us is the most important and powerful location.

As outliers we have been intuitively “social distancing” long before this to keep our energy fields sovereign

We now have to become clear containers, energetically free from collective viral thinking

Old ways of being, thinking and working are suddenly unavailable, dead in the water

Old service modalities are now defunct – we’ve crossed the Bridge from relying on old 3D spiritual tools to 5D Presencing

This is the start of the long-awaited Re-Set from Seeker to Creator – dropping all fixed positions to grow, learn, experiment and collaborate in emergent thinking

As you begin moving in the direction of your own values, dreams and instincts, the emergence of fresh new thinking and unexpected synchronicities is 100% reliable and 98% unpredictable.

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“Just brilliant, brilliant, keep shining that searing truth at us. Your 5d Reports have been so reassuring, allowing me to accept the extraordinary changes and experiences within and without me for some time now. Thank you for ever Sally R UK


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Nyingma Masters

Illusion immediately becomes more workable when we acknowledge it as simply an illusion. The Western habit is to work against the grain and to try and organize the illusory into something solid and structured.

In the stressful attempt to nail down the illusory nature of things, our chance to be at ease, spacious, awake, and free, which already exists within ourselves, gets lost.

~ Tsoknyi Rinpoche



The Tzolkin Times

6 hrs

Kin 80 ~ Yellow Lunar Sun

‘Lunar’ is the name for the number 2 and it’s key words are ‘Challenge, Polarize and Stabilize.’ It is interesting that this Lunar day falls on a Yellow Sun day because the moon and sun are opposites. So energy wise today is a bit like an eclipse. The second day of a wavespell is always challenging – one must identify the obstacles in the way so one may proceed. Which day the number two falls on however affects how challenging it can be.

Today is ‘Yellow Sun’ which represents ‘Enlightenment, Universal Fire and Life.’ When combined with the ‘Lunar’ energy this can result in difficulties in seeing the light at the end of the tunnel. Illumination can be elusive and answers lurk in the shadows. If you need to shine bright today it can be done but expect to meet with resistance. Clouds will get in the way of the sunshine today.

The Guide today is the Yellow Human, the psychic of the Tzolkin suggesting that allowing our intuition to guide us today is the best course of action. If you can’t see the solutions to your challenges today …feel your way.

The Challenge is the White Dog which represents ‘Love, Loyalty and Heart.’ Issues of the heart will surface for everyone today and spats between lovers are more likely. If you are a White Dog beware that your inner doberman may come out, so try to keep it on a leash.

The Occult power is the Red Dragon, the nurturer which gives this difficult day hope. Take care of yourself and others and the challenges will seem easier.

The Ally is the Blue Storm and so if you need help today consult one as they can offer support and guidance and a shoulder to cry on.


Christina Papageorgiou

2 AHAU – KIN 80
17 JUNE 2020


Stabilizing life
I seal the matrix of Universal fire
With the Lunar tone of challenge
I AM guided by the power of free will

17/6/2020 = 17/6/22 = 8/6/4 = 18 = 9

17 – Immortality/Legacy/Q
8 – Infinity/Abundance/Source Flow
9 – Destiny/Compassion/Service/Humanity/Closure
6 – Heaven/Christ/Harmony/Family
4 – Form/Structure/Foundation/Earth

KIN 80 = 8 DOUBLE 8 code today!

The powerful energy continues today, amidst the turbulence, seek out the SUN! Today is a day of facing the challenges that arise, that have been impeding your soul’s evolution and journey to EN-LIGHT-enment.

Day 2 in the BLUE STORM WAVESPELL of purification, cleansing, transformation and evolution. NOTE: Planetary Storms are PHYSICALLY and energetically brewing, so be prepared for lots of purging of density through visible and not so visible signs. HOLD onto your HATS we have 13 days of STORM energy to endure! It is only DAY 2 and many locations on EARTH are experiencing FLASH STORMS 🌩🌩🌪 as GAIA is purifying and transforming her Planetary body.

LUNAR🌓 Tone 2 in the PHYSICAL realm. The LUNAR tone represents the sacred twins, cooperation, relationship, polarity of male and female and duality. It’s ACTION – polarizes, POWER – challenges, ESSENCE – stabilizing. Yesterday we MAGNETIZED and attracted spiritual energy and today we anchor that energy in our PHYSICAL bodies. The SUN helps us anchor the LIGHT codes in our cells. The LUNAR tone may also reveal challenges, through the storm catalyst in order to recognize and release anything stopping us from SHINING BRIGHTLY.


CONSCIOUS SELF: YELLOW SUN 🌞 AHAU is bringing THE LIGHT within the darkness. BLUE STORM is generating much power and energy today. Instead of being pulled into the midst of chaos through the challenges that arise it is time to stand our ground. We are being initiated in our capacity to ANCHOR THE LIGHT 💡🎆 no matter what turbulence surrounds us.🌀 The LIGHTHOUSE is built upon a rocky tor and is thrashed by the wild seas but it continues to stand SOLID and SHINE THE LIGHT, as a beacon for all to SEE and find their way to safety.

Today be THE LIGHT🎆 for all those around you who are lost in the fog! Believe in your LIGHT and claim your sovereignty as a GOLDEN SOUL-AR being.The SUN is our SOURCE of LIFE, our direct energy that nourishes and sustains us. The solar flares. CME’S and Solar codes transmitted by our SUN bring constant change, IGNITING our DNA and increasing our frequency. As we rise, so too does the frequency of GAIA on our collective journey to EN-LIGHT-enment.

HIGHER SELF/GUIDE: YELLOW HUMAN  EB enables us to face the challenges that polarise change by honouring our FREE WILL and making choices that reflect our physical independence as intelligent and AWAKENED HU-MANS. As we evolve we align our human will with that of the DIVINE. AWAKENED souls can SEE more clearly from a HIGHER DIVINE perspective, thus making WISER choices which benefit our lives and influence others. The DIVINE viewpoint gives us the intelligence to realize which path to follow for our highest evolution, not reacting to the TRIGGERS of the polarity game which operate to keep us trapped in 3D consciousness.

We celebrate and honour all those great souls that came before us and faced challenges as catalysts for change. The CHANGE AGENTS that catalyzed great Planetary reformation through their tireless diligence and PASSION for their cause. They dared to take a STAND independently to make a difference based on their own wisdom. By claiming our sovereignty we increase our capacity to SHINE our LIGHT for the benefit of all, easing the path for those who follow.


SUPPORT: BLUE STORM 🌀🌪– CAUAC Is the supporting energy as well as the wavespell energy today, continuing the surge of catalytic power. We are asked to TRUST that these transformative energies arising are for our benefit and the betterment of our planet. After the STORM has passed and the debris has been cleared, the SUN can SHINE again, and the RAINBOWS appear! 🌦🌂🌈

OCCULT/HIDDEN POWER: RED CRYSTAL DRAGON💎🐉 – IMIX provides a beautiful sense of nurturing, compassion and co-operation, caring for each other in our communities. The CRYSTALLINE energy helps us to connect with other MINDS to raise each other to a higher collective Consciousness of caring and compassion. With the STORM creating chaos the strong protective Mothers and nurturers step forward to provide the SAFE HAVEN and comfort needed by those caught in the confusion and turbulence.


CHALLENGE/GIFT: WHITE DOG 🐕💕 OC our trusty companion teaches us that these transformative STORMS are for our Highest Good sweeping away all that is the opposite polarity to DIVINE UNCONDITIONAL LOVE. OC challenges us to communicate from a place of trust and honour. To show compassion and unconditional love to all beings who are following our LIGHT. Open your HEART and use the POWER of your LOVE to calm the stormy seas and FEAR filled HEARTS. Embrace your neighbours as Planetary kin and FEEL the LOVE that is true that comes with catalysing great change. Through this LOVE people can feel safe through the chaos, knowing they have support and protection which stabilizes the uncertainty, creating a safe foundation on which to rebuild our New SOLAR based communities.

Today’s question is “How can I anchor my LIGHT despite the challenges and chaos that surrounds me, becoming a BEACON for others?”

Namaste’ 🙏🙏🙏
In Lak’ech a la kin
Christina White Magnetic Worldbridger – KIN 66 🌏🌈



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