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Judith Kusel

In the last few hours immense healing has come of the Masculine and Feminine Energies, as immense emotional trauma and pain has been lifted off the Sacral, Base and Solar Plexus Chakras of the planet as well as that of the collective of humanity.
This is a very deep release, of Billions of Years of Trauma and Pain, and it has literally moved deeply into the very bowls of the earth and is going to continue for the next few weeks, until all is released.
I ask you today, to ask for the Releasing of all present past life trauma and pain, all the suffering, not only of yourself, but use this as an opportunity to render highest service with great love.
Release all within you, which is still in bitterness, anger, unforgiveness, etc. and allow yourself to now receive the deepest healing of your Emotional Body.
Simply ask the Divine to bring about a deep healing of the Masculine and Feminine within you, and all your interactions with other souls in this lifetime and all other lifetimes which caused trauma, pain, anger, bitterness, resentments, fears, etc. and then ask for the release of all present and past life trauma with regard to any and all pain, bitterness, anger, resentment, hatred, fears and whatever is lurking there.
Know that the Divine reads your INTENT. Do you really wish to release this with all your heart, and soul and not hang onto anything – and I mean ANYTHING?
More than this, know that you will be put through the Fires of Purification in the highest degrees: – if you are not ready for this, and not ready to forgive and finally let go, then this is not for you! You have free will and choice, and many will choose to rather hang onto the trauma, and pain, etc. because they refuse to let go of the 3D and all the trauma and pain of past and present lives.
All I can say, is that this truly is setting humanity free in ways I cannot even try to put into words.
We are being FREED.
The Divine Masculine and Divine Feminine are moving fully into the wide open heart center, in total balance and harmony, and this is an immense Divine Gifting! We are given the GIFT OF WHOLENESS. UNITY in the HIGHEST SENSE!
It is up to you, to claim this Divine Gifting for yourself – or not.
It literally means to finally being able to move into the Highest State of Loving Grace – where there is Unity, and pure unconditional LOVE!
Pure Love!
No-thing else but LOVE in its highest form and expression!
The Choice is yours!
Judith Kusel


Sophie Bashford

Sirius, the brightest star in the sky, moves closer toward Earth and directly aligns with the pyramids of Giza and the Sphinx, the great Lion.

In Egypt around this time of year, the Nile River usually rises significantly, which is said to have something to do with the Lion’s Gate portal opening and the influx of energy this provides”🌹

Why You Need to Know About The Lion’s Gate Energy Portal?


This spiritual gateway opens on 25 July, peaks on the 8th August and closes on the 12th August.🌹

THE LION’S GATE IS A SIGNIFICANT “HARMONIC ALIGNMENT” that activates light codes and transmissions designed to stimulate spiritual energy within you.

The Sun is in the astrological sign of Leo during this time. The zodiac symbol of the Lion concurs with the astrological alignment of the Sun during this energy gateway.🌹

Many years ago, before I ‘knew’ what the Lion’s Gate was, I couldn’t sleep just before the portal opened.
Having been guided to spend some time in Glastonbury, I was intensely restless one night in early August, and whilst I lay awake I encountered the face of a Sacred Lion.
I did not sleep one wink, and still the Lion stayed with me, hovering just in front of my Third Eye.

The next day I wandered, sleep-deprived, along Glastonbury High Street.

My body suddenly turned and entered a shop. I was ‘pushed’ towards the very back of the room and found myself in front of a beautiful display of Ancient Egyptian iconography and a vast, colourful painting of a lion’s face.🌹

Spirit was speaking. The Lion’s Gate had asserted itself. I did not have a full night’s sleep for over a month (barely managing 2-3 hours). It was intense, to say the least.

I visioned, night after night, my body being taken up into the starry skies and aligning with constellations, galactic waves of Light, pyramids, golden gateways and my Merkabah (vehicle of Ascension) star-structure.🌹

The Lion’s Gate Portal activates extremely powerful sacred geometry and links you with your ancient connections to Egypt and Sirius.🌹

We are not yet in the heightened download period, but the energy is preparing you for it.

Pay attention to your inner messages: what do your body, emotions and spirit need at this intensive time of re-alignment?

All of this guidance is preparing your energetics for the downloads and journey to come.🌹

If you feel to call someone and meditate with them, act on this message.
Many of you are being linked prior to this Gateway with other Souls who need to anchor new vibrations and with whom you share significant past incarnations in Egypt.

The New Light Waves of the Ascension Gateway and THE LION’S GATE STAR-PORTAL are preparing to touch you.
~Sophie Bashford 🌹


~ There is a reason you always felt like you didn’t fit in ~

Like you were a stranger from a distant planet. Like you’d been born into the wrong family, the wrong world. Like your very existence was a cosmic error.

Your feeling of ‘not fitting in’ was not wrong or bad. It was deeply intelligent! It was not a sign of your pathology. It was a sign of your originality, your inability to be conceptualised.
Maladaption to an insane situation is pure intelligence, so of course you felt maladapted!
You were not willing to reduce the vastness of your being, to squash yourself into a mould which was way too small for you, too limiting, too violent, too dishonest.
You wanted to retain your uniqueness, not lose yourself in the madness of the world.

Your family was not your family; your home was not your home.

Perhaps others called you crazy, sick, abnormal, ungrateful, selfish, evil; treated you like an outcast. And of course, from their perspective, they were right. We judge what we fear. We reject what we do not understand. We attack in others what we secretly hate in ourselves. You were a scapegoat for their unconscious misery, their own sense of psychological imprisonment. A cycle of violence as old as humanity itself.

There was never anything wrong with you, of course; you were simply walking a different path from others, that’s all.

Perhaps you lost trust in yourself over the years. But today is a new day.

Don’t leave your path because of guilt, now, because you want to please friends and family, maintain the status quo. Don’t try to adapt anymore, but learn to love your maladaptation to the paths of others. You are adapting to your own original path!

Yes, it’s scary sometimes. Yes, sometimes you are full of doubt and uncertainty and you want to turn back to the ‘comfort’ of the old. But the old comfort was no comfort at all. It came at a price: your spirit. Your joy.

You are no longer a follower. You walk your path without apology. You rejoice when you stumble and fall. You celebrate your weirdness, giggle at your mistakes.

The judgements of others are blossoms falling at your feet.

You have found courage, right where you stand. And that makes all the difference.

~ Jeff Foster



Christy Mantese

Yesterday, we completed the second activation to bring an important grid online. It was a beautiful process held by three Lemurian Portals that exist on Mount Shasta, Wollumbin (Australia) and the Kunlun Mountains (China).
The purpose of this work was to unlock the Lemurian Wisdom held within our Waters, so that it is now accessible to ALL Beings, allowing us to move further forward on this beautiful path we are upon 

I will tell the much broader story about this in the next day or two, when I have a little more time and have managed to process it and see the effects it is having. It is beautiful 

I think it’s important for those of us who have insight to this kind of information, to share it fully with everybody. It’s perfectly fine to share updates such as “Mega diamond light codes incoming” or “Massive pre-wave influx happening now” , but anyone can write those posts. It really doesn’t explain anything or help others to gain understanding of why this is happening, or to connect the dots. It’s time for us to tell the story of the why’s , and the how’s, and what to expect because of it. Time to step up Wisdom Holders and be the guiding lights we intended to be 😉 😆🙏 



“We are Here NOW.

We LOVE you.

We are you, from your future, to assist you on your path.

Dear One, as you are moving through this powerful transition, we invite you to SHIFT Consciously into a Higher Reality – a Higher Dimension.

You can do this by Letting Go of the third dimensional reality with what you are focusing on (positive and pleasant) or not focusing on (negative and unpleasant).

It is as if there are ties that are still connecting you with the third dimension.

When you slowly BEgin to cut one tie after the other, you are able to make NEW Connections to the HIGHER Dimension.

For example, you might feel inspired to make changes in your life:

The way you eat…

The way you drink…

The way you interact with others…

The way you get entertained and so forth…

KNOW, that your impulses to make these changes are a way of your Divine Inner BEing to gently nudge you towards a Higher Dimensional experience.

It is a way to slowly cutting the old ties and Connect to the NEW and HIGHER Reality.

To assist you with this, here is a short visualization for you:

Relax and Breathe deeply…

Turn your Awareness inward…

As you are turning inward and focus on your Heart Center, feel for your inner Knowing of Wellbeing and LOVE of SOURCE.

Sweep aside any illusion that is less than Wellbeing and LOVE…

It is NOT Real…

Only the Wellbeing and LOVE of SOURCE is Real…

Turn further inward and intensify the feeling of Wellbeing and LOVE of SOURCE…

Let it expand into your entire Body…

Let it expand into your entire Aura…

Let it expand into your entire World…

Feel Free to sit this feeling for as long as you wish…

We are holding the vision of the NEW Earth with you and from our vantage point it is Glorious.

We are with you, every step of the way.

You are Loved beyond measure.

We are with you… Always. We LOVE You.

WE are YOU.



Thank you, Pleiadian-Sirian-Arcturian Council of Light!

Channeled through Asara Adams 💜

Crop Circles From Above


Stunning new crop circle at Hackpen Hill, Wiltshire 😍⭕️

The Heart of Buddhism – To be a kind person added a new photo to the album: Sutras, shastras, dammapada…


If there are those who practice meditation and attain divine powers, having heard the Law of Emptiness.

They experience exuberant joy in their hearts and emit innumerable rays of lights so as to save numerous living beings, they are the Large Tree that will grow and develop in their own ways.

~ The Lotus Sutra


The Tzolkin Times


Kin 116 ~ Yellow Crystal Warrior

‘Crystal’ is the name for the number twelve and its key words are ‘Cooperate, Dedicate and Universalize.’ This is the 12th day of the Red Serpent wavespell and finally the ten Portal day column is behind us. Today is great for getting together with other like- minded folk or for working in teams. Traditionally on the 12th day people assemble for a ‘Crystal Court’ where experiences with the calendar are shared. Tonight we shall be having one here and I know everyone will want to discuss the crazy ten day portal day extravaganza!

Today is Yellow Warrior which represents ‘Questioning, Intelligence and Fearlessness.’ Warrior gets things done and is seldom idol. Give him a mission or quest and off he goes. We can all be warriors today and wield our willpower. As it is a ‘Crystal’ day, going on a mission with a group of people will lead to success rather than trying to complete a mission on your own. Join a good cause or a revolution!

The Guide today is the Yellow Star which represents ‘Beauty, Art and Elegance.’ Follow the guiding star today and it will lead to beautiful experiences. May your quest be about discovering art and appreciating the beautiful world that’s around you.

The Challenge today is the White Worldbridger, and so the quest may face obstacles and bridges may be difficult to cross… especially if you are a Worldbridger.

The Occult power is the Red Serpent which happens to be the wavespell we are in too and so that gives the serpent has a lot of power today. Use it wisely and may the quest you take on be strengthened by serpent energy which when in this magical position; can facilitate powerful transformations.

The Ally is the Blue Night, the dreamer of the Tzolkin. People with big imaginations make great companions to take on a mission. They come up with good ideas and know how to dream big. Take one with you on your quest today if you happen to know one.

Did you know that the Tzolkin is based on the length of a human pregnancy? You are quite likely to be born in the same wavespell you were conceived! Thanks for reading.



Christina Papageorgiou

12 CIB- KIN 116
23 JULY 2020


Universalizing Fearlessness
I seal the output of Intelligence
With the Crystal tone of Co-operation
I AM guided by the power of Elegance

23/7/2020 = 23/7/22 = 4/11 = 6

23 – Royal Star of the Lion – Courage/Strength
5 – Freedom/Change/Transformation/Change
11- Portal/Gate/Polarity
4- Form/Structure/Foundation
6 – Heaven/Christ/Harmony/Family

KIN 116 = 8 – Abundance/Infinity/SOURCE Flow

RAINBOW WARRIOR DAY!! 🌈🏹 A very SERIOUS day of stepping up into ACTION.

Our GAP JOURNEY is now completed and we have 30 days respite before entering the next cycle of 10 successive GAP days on the “other SIDE”.


Day 12 in the RED SERPENT WAVESPELL of survival, instinct, kundalini rising, life force, PASSION and rapid transformation through shedding our old skin. Today we come together with others in divine harmonic intelligence to QUEST-I-ON the very fabric of consciousness and how it is all created.

CRYSTAL 💎 Tone 12 in the MENTAL realm. ACTION – universalizes, POWER – dedicates, ESSENCE – cooperation. The CRYSTAL tone 12 is the highest level of the mind (MENTAL realm) The other two MENTAL tones are tone 4 Self-existing and tone 8 Galactic. At the CRYSTAL level of MIND we have the capacity to cooperate, or operate with other minds. Just as a crystal can be programmed, so too can we program our minds on this day. So focus on the CRYSTAL clarity of our minds today through the power of cooperation with others. Thus we create telepathic links in our communication grids allowing for cooperative thoughts, ideas and inspiration to flow. A day of greater CONNECT-I -ON to each other through our pure Universal MINDS!


CONSCIOUS SELF: YELLOW WARRIOR 🌈🏹– CIB is the fearless warrior who leads us on a courageous QUEST-I -ON. We become fearless advocates for JUSTICE, LIBERTY and a HIGHER TRUTH. We ask continuous and bold, highly intelligent questions, then COMMAND answers and solutions. We are on a Divine Mission and are unstoppable. No false “authority” can stand in our way! The RAINBOW WARRIORS of the New Earth will not stop QUESTIONING, as they fearlessly confront HEAD on all obstructions to attaining Nirvana. If it is not for the betterment of ONE and ALL, then it must crumble and yield to a new way of being.

The YELLOW WARRIOR applies focused intention on discovering the best choices and the best road to travel reaching to the desired destination.

The CRYSTAL WARRIOR is a PEACEMAKER and diplomat focused on creating BEAUTY rather than battling enemies. He is a lover not a fighter!. He is a team player who joins with his allies to broadcast through Gaia’s Grid the best way to move forward in our beautiful new common-unities. 💎🌐


HIGHER SELF/GUIDE: YELLOW STAR 🌟– LAMAT is the VENUS STAR of beauty, elegance, grace and harmony. We dedicate today to joining with others on a creative project. This will bring in Universal understanding of our collective role as beings focussed on the mission of re-establishing Harmony on our planet. We use our MINDS to define what such a world of beauty would look like. Focusing on creating a world with the Highest Potential for love, compassion, harmony and peace. A world which allows us to be creative so that every unique soul can IGNITE their inner PASSION and LIFE-force by contributing to this Utopian Vision.

SUPPORT: BLUE NIGHT🌃 – AKBAL holds the keys to the Inner Kingdom of GOD! AKBAL reveals any unconscious FEARS that we hold and teams with CIB so that we can FEARLESSLY face any resistance to this new way of being. Cutting away and transcending our limitations and restrictive patterns inhibiting our ability to grow, shine and radiate. Through facing and overcoming our FEARS we become EMPOWERED and can then take up our leadership positions, influencing others to follow in our footsteps, or walk beside us in our collective journey to the promised land.

AKBAL holds the dreaming code for the collective, that the WARRIOR will fearlessly defend until it is made manifest in all its RAINBOW 🌈splendour. That is our unified QUEST as the shining ones – the RADIANT CHRISTED, STARBLOSSOMS leading the way to the NEW PARADIGM.🌈🌏

OCCULT/HIDDEN POWER: RED LUNAR SERPENT🐍 – CHICCHAN gives us the power to FEARLESSLY face our FEARS in order to grow. The LUNAR SERPENT will uncover any polarized components that have caused friction and discordance. The aim of this is to create HARMONY through UNIFICATION – seeking the middle ground which brings in stability, and PEACE of MIND.

We can instinctively know which are the best CHOICES to make in order to be more EM-POWERed. To ground our life force into our Mother Earth, and allow our roots to be deep, in order that our potential will grow its strongest branches into the Heavens so that we are propelled forward towards our greatest potential ever!! RED SERPENT provides the much needed vitality and life force that the WARRIOR channels into his QUEST of stamina and endurance, to come home VICTORIOUS!


CHALLENGE/GIFT: WHITE CRYSTAL WORLDBRIDGER💎🌈 🌉– CIMI’s challenge today is to LET GO and SURRENDER, all that does not “feel right” anymore. In your intelligent questioning, tune in to your instincts to facilitate this process. To be open minded enough to bridge worlds and reflect the planetary mind at its most creative. Joining with others to reflect the creative potential that we are capable of as we envision the New Time, and the New World. Allow CIMI to build the bridge from the old world to the new, revealing the true path to travel in order to reach the promised land – GOD’S KINGDOM.

Enjoy this divine mission we share, to align in the greatest creation ever, indeed our survival as a species depends upon it!

NOTE: Be AWARE of any battles, conflicts or confrontations arising today! Step back and use your CRYSTAL CLEAR MIND to diffuse all disharmony in name of UNITY!

Today’s question is ” How collectively can we work together, to co-create a more HARMONIOUS and PEACE filled world?”


Divine blessings for the connection to your new cooperative alliances.

Namaste’ 🙏🙏🙏
In Lak’ech a la kin
Christina White Magnetic Worldbridger – KIN 66 🌏🌈

PICTURE CREDITS: Rest in the Lord – Dolores Delvede





Crop Circles From Above


New Circle at Bishop’s Sutton, Hampshire reported 22/07/2020 ⭕️⭐️


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