The Winged Ones ~ X-CLASS SOLAR FLARE ~ Living Christ Consciousness ~ Jupiter Enters Aries ~ Mercury Turns Retrograde

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The Winged Ones ~ X-CLASS SOLAR FLARE ~ Living Christ Consciousness ~ Jupiter Enters Aries ~ Mercury Turns Retrograde


Paul White Gold Eagle

Greetings Celestial Gatekeepers of the Phoenix Portal of Divine Resurrection

On this powerful day of the 10th of May Solaris released a massive X Class Flare sending Mother Gaia Cosmic Radiating Energy of Galactic Activations.

Today Jupiter enters Aries as Mercury turns retrograde in its home sign of Gemini right in the middle of the Eclipse Corridor. The electrical heat is on as all lines of communication are open and our Galactic teams are in full disclosure mode. The Flower of Life Sacred Geometry is encoded within the 12 Strand Crystalline DNA of our Sacred Avatars of Infinite Light. The Dragon Guardians of Terra Nova Gaia have been called into Right Action and are transitioning to their New Stations for full download and activation of Sequence 723 of the Winged Nations. The Red Dragon Queen has returned to her throne. With all activation codes and launch numbers in place and turned on it is time for the Raising of the New Lemuria.

The Orgone and Tachyon energies merge together for the full Activation, transmission and integration of the indestructible Adamantine particles for Diamond Rainbow Bodies of Light Manifestation. The merging of the Hieros Gamos both internally and externally is the final phase of the Exodus into the Land of Pure Awareness for all Sentient beings of the Way. On this Day the Christ returns through every living heart of the Ground Crew 144. The Rapturing is the Ascension Process that is underway for the full upliftment of human Consciousness into the Luminous Ones of the Golden Rays of Unconditional Love of Source Creator.

The Eagle flies with the Dove as she transforms into the Sacred Condor of the New Earth. The Holy Spirit is with us Now…A’Ho!


Right now: Moon at 15°41′ Virgo, Sun at 20°29′ Taurus

sabian symbols

Current Sabian Symbols

Current Sabian Symbol for the Sun

Moving finger points to significant passages in a book.
Sabian Symbol for 21º Taurus

The current Sabian Symbol of the Sun is the symbol that characterizes the ongoing solar influence, the vital energy and the personality, or it’s just a symbol which characterizes this day, while the Sun’s position (rounded to the next degree) is 21º Taurus.

Current Sabian Symbol for the Moon

Children crowd around the orang-utang cage in a zoo.
Sabian Symbol for 16º Virgo

The current Sabian Symbol of the Moon is the symbol that characterizes the ongoing lunar influence, the emotional background, or it’s just a symbol which characterizes this moment, while the Moon’s position (rounded to the next degree) is 16º Virgo.






Paramhansa Yogananda


Thanksgiving and praise open in your consciousness the way for spiritual growth and supply to come to you. Spirit pushes Itself out into visible manifestation as soon as a channel is opened through which It can flow. You should be thankful for everything at all times. Realize that all power to think, and speak, and act comes from God, and that He is with you now, guiding and inspiring you.
Open your eyes and see the good that you now have, and then keep alert and alive to recognize each new manifestation as it comes to you. Speak with devotion to the Father and thank Him for all the good things of life. He is with you always, and nothing can interfere with success if you acknowledge the divine Power within you.

Kwana Mikaela

May 10 🔥 Energy intensity is hitting new levels. Time overlays/glitches. Emotional body. Fundamental processes in the fabric of Reality
Ground in Here-Now☀️🌱
The Winged ones are speaking LOUDLY!
Whispering their codes and messages in your ear.
Eagle, Hawk and songbirds alike
Ushering in a new Paradigm.
Lifting you with their songs!
New Time Codes coming in TONIGHT! Melting Ice in Antarctica + Alaska Inner Earth Templates. #icedragons🐉☄️💎
❤ Valerie
Winged ones
Winged ones


Much Multidimensional, quantum information is inflowing and unlocking from within us now. This Sacred Wisdom that can not be put into words, unlocks from deep within and THROUGH OUR SACRED KRYSTAL HEARTS! As we continue to re-claim, re-member, merge and re-birth ALL OF US, purified and healed, we re-connect, UNIFY & BEcome atONE, and fully align WITH, THE COSMIC MIND, God Source Consciousness & ALL THAT IS! This is what is re-birthing our Organic Realities based in Unity Consciousness and The Law of One, all through our inner Transformation, Divine Love & Union Within!
quantum information
quantum information

Like Christ and Buddha you may be tried and tempted, but you too will not succumb to the darkness. You will surrender fully to the LIGHT of LOVE and walk upon the earth as a LIGHT in this world.
Glory, Glory, Glory BE ✨🕊✨
Love Is. Love Is. Love Is. ✨🤍✨
God Is. God Is. God Is. ✨🙏✨
Christ and Buddha
Christ and Buddha
MAY 8 2022
A power is softly but increasingly squeezing the inner realms these days.
Especially the root, sacral and solar flows of the body.
The pressure that is building is asking for total cleansing of the inner shadows, distortions and all artificial energies
and the recall, alignment, healing and gathering of all true memories and aspects in the presence of the Whole Self.
This is causing crisis for many.
Tools are needed.
The body is transforming while our consciousness is moving into a new Light of Truth, Realisation nearing Completion.
Every change now is directly linked to
our physical experience.
This is an awakening force that humanity has never seen before.
No one can escape it and all the Living Beings are happy that this moment is here.
There is good taking place.
There is nothing to be afraid of,
we feel joy because we know we are preparing for our return to our True Identity, Power and Self.
The physical body is the last vessel of our system that is to receive and integrate this change.
There is great pressure on the body right now and we are heading towards the final exorcism, that on the physical body.
At the same time we are coming closer to a great hit and exposure of the dark agenda which will reveal to the masses a lot on how the information has been distorted.
We have help and we are not alone.
The remembrance and reunion of the
Twin Flames are playing a vital role in this process.
There is a blessed moment approaching for the Twin Flames!
We are GodsGoddesses and with each step we are taking on the path of the Sun and Pearl, we are walking ourselves out of this system of entrapment, back to True Existence, liberated and awakened!
-How and why did the entrapment take place for each being?
This will eventually be remembered by all Living Beings who fell out of Grace.
But in my experience not many are willing to go there.
Most people have locked away these memories and avoid retrieving them.
In these memories, many difficult truths about the Self and the journey are hidden and an incredible amount of trauma and pain can be reawakened once the human invites them in
but everyone who is wishing to exit the simulation,
will eventually have to go through this process because every detail of the story holds IMPORTANT information for the process of completion and returning.
The greatest healing is taking place once this is done.
I will soon announce the date and time that we will get the group together.
Please prepare because this might be quite challenging.
We have gone so far!
We got this!
8 ΜΑΪΟΥ 2022
Μια δύναμη πιέζει απαλά αλλά αυξανόμενα τις εσωτερικές σφαίρες αυτές τις μέρες.
Ιδιαίτερα τις ροές του ριζικού, του ιερού και του ηλιακού κέντρου στο σώμα.
Η πίεση που δημιουργείται ζητά τον πλήρη καθαρισμό των εσωτερικών σκιών, των παραμορφώσεων και όλων των τεχνητών ενεργειών
και την ανάκληση, την ευθυγράμμιση, τη θεραπεία και τη συγκέντρωση όλων των αληθινών αναμνήσεων και πτυχών μας, μέσα στην παρουσία του Ολόκληρου του Εαυτού.
Αυτό προκαλεί κρίση σε πολλούς.
Απαιτούνται εργαλεία.
Το σώμα μεταμορφώνεται ενώ η συνείδησή μας κινείται προς ένα νέο Φως Αλήθειας και Πραγμάτωσης, πλησιάζοντας την Ολοκλήρωση.
Κάθε αλλαγή τώρα συνδέεται άμεσα με
τη φυσική μας εμπειρία.
Αυτή είναι μια δύναμη αφύπνισης που η ανθρωπότητα δεν έχει ξαναδεί.
Κανείς δεν μπορεί να την αποφύγει και όλα οι Ζώντες είναι χαρούμενοι που αυτή η στιγμή είναι εδώ.
Υπάρχει καλό που γίνεται.
Δεν υπάρχει τίποτα να φοβόμαστε,
νιώθουμε χαρά γιατί ξέρουμε ότι προετοιμαζόμαστε για την επιστροφή μας στην Αληθινή μας Ταυτότητα, Δύναμη και Εαυτό.
Το φυσικό σώμα είναι το τελευταίο δοχείο του συστήματός μας που πρόκειται να λάβει και να ενσωματώσει αυτήν την αλλαγή.
Υπάρχει μεγάλη πίεση στο σώμα αυτή τη στιγμή και οδεύουμε προς τον τελικό εξορκισμό, αυτόν πάνω στο φυσικό σώμα.
Ταυτόχρονα ερχόμαστε και πιο κοντά σε ένα μεγάλο χτύπημα και αποκάλυψη της σκοτεινής ατζέντας που θα φανερώσει στις μάζες πολλά για το πώς έχουν παραμορφωθεί οι πληροφορίες.
Έχουμε βοήθεια και δεν είμαστε μόνοι.
Η θύμηση και η επανένωση των
Δίδυμων Φλογών διαδραματίζουν ζωτικό ρόλο σε αυτή τη διαδικασία.
Πλησιάζει μια ευλογημένη στιγμή για τις Δίδυμες Φλόγες!
Είμαστε Θεοί Θεές και με κάθε βήμα που κάνουμε στο μονοπάτι του Ήλιου και του Μαργαριταριού,
βγαίνουμε από αυτό το σύστημα παγίδευσης, πίσω στην Αληθινή Ύπαρξη, απελευθερωμένοι και αφυπνισμένοι!
-Πώς και γιατί έγινε η παγίδευση για κάθε Ον;
Αυτό σταδιακά θα το θυμηθούν όλα τα Αληθινά Όντα που εξέπεσαν.
Αλλά μέσα από την εμπειρία μου, έχω δει ότι πολλοί δεν είναι πρόθυμοι να πάνε εκεί.
Οι περισσότεροι άνθρωποι έχουν κλειδώσει αυτές τις αναμνήσεις και αποφεύγουν να τις ανακτήσουν.
Σε αυτές τις αναμνήσεις, κρύβονται πολλές δύσκολες αλήθειες για τον εαυτό και το ταξίδι της ψυχής και ένα απίστευτο τραύμα και πόνος μπορεί να ξυπνήσουν μόλις ο άνθρωπος καλέσει αυτές τις μνήμες,
αλλά όλοι όσοι επιθυμούν να βγουν από την προσομοίωση,
σταδιακά θα χρειαστεί να περάσουν από αυτή τη διαδικασία, γιατί κάθε λεπτομέρεια της ιστορίας,
περιέχει ΣΗΜΑΝΤΙΚΕΣ πληροφορίες για τη διαδικασία ολοκλήρωσης και επιστροφής.
Η μεγαλύτερη θεραπεία λαμβάνει χώρα μόλις γίνει αυτό.
Σύντομα θα ανακοινώσω την ημερομηνία και την ώρα που θα συγκεντρωθούμε με την ομάδα.
Παρακαλώ προετοιμαστείτε γιατί αυτό μπορεί να είναι αρκετά δύσκολο.
Έχουμε φτάσει τόσο μακριά!
Το έχουμε!
Big Celestial Ascension Events
Big Celestial Ascension Events


Dr. Schavi M. Ali

Cosmic Update 10 May 2022

X-Class Blast!

At 13:55 Universal Time (UT) or 8:55 AM Eastern Daylight Time (EDT), on Tuesday, May 10th, an “X.1-Class” solar flare blasted off from our Sun. Sunspots are also detected for other strong flares of the “M-Class” level.

This explosion happened very shortly after Mercury officially went into retrograde this morning at 7:47 AM (EDT).

A frequency labeled by NASA as a “mixture of magnetic polarities” (when opposite polarities intermingle inside a sunspot’s primary core) is occurring which can cause a potent explosivity and further high-level solar flares.

This particular sunspot is directly facing Earth/Gaia.

The solar wind speed is currently below normal traveling at only 298.3 kilometers per second (km/s). This will elevate later in the day.

The planetary magnetosphere shows a mix of slow and medium-strength wind velocity.

Dense plasma particles are around our planet, and pressure is building.

People may experience a wide range of symptoms from these cosmic events.

Some people are feeling a sense of renewed vitality and bliss.

Others may feel challenging symptoms physically, mentally, or emotionally.

People will experience DNA upgrades in different ways.

These particular cosmic events cause an up and down rhythm in human nervous systems which becomes up and down physical, mental, and emotional experiences.

Also, our Sun is in alignment with the Great Central Sun and the star system Sirius (known in ancient times as “Sepdet”) which offers yet another aspect of LIGHT ACTIVATION.

The overall theme is that a more intensified clearing (than that which has occurred in the past few days) of dense toxicity on our planet and throughout our solar system is happening.

Forces of disharmony are finding it difficult to carry out plans of manipulation and control.

They are still trying as the news media will show in the coming days; however, they are losing more battles.

LIGHT WILL BE THE VICTOR! (Just as I typed this sentence, the clock shows a time of “11:11”.

Those of HIGHER CONSCIOUSNESS know what this engenders).

It is important to understand that all major planetary angular alignments or retrogrades are times of increased messaging to our cellular records.

However, the Mercury Retrograde (which happens three times each year for three-week periods), and the coming Total Lunar Eclipse, and the alignment of our Sun, Great Central Sun, and Sirius as mentioned above, is like being given the gift of a month-long retreat in a beautiful tropical place where all we have to do is relax, eat well, receive full-body massages, take spiritual baths with essential oils, do Yoga or Tai Chi, recite mantras, write in our journals, listen to soft music, and have enlightening conversations with people of elevated frequencies of consciousness.

We are, therefore, being offered a “Cosmic Vacation”.

We should do all that is mentioned and make our homes an ashram or retreat center.

If you have a regular job or career that takes you away from home for a substantial part of the day, do the best you can to engage the “retreat” energies when you arrive home.

The slow wind speeds (below 300 km/s) which pick up later and become over normal in movement (over 400 km/s) and the strong solar flares in the “M-Class” and “X-Class” ranges—and even the larger “C-Class” ranges (over “C.5”, for example)—are ushering-in a much larger event in the near future which many Spiritual Astro-Physicists (and some Traditional Astro-Physicists) say will be an enormous “X-Class” solar flare far exceeding any level that has been experienced in modern times.


Even now our Sun has become extremely bright, and at times, its rays send forth circular rainbow coloring.

Also, colorful auroras—signs of coronal mass ejections of particle plasma— which were at one time only visible on airplane flights are now visible with the naked eye (without sophisticated high-powered telescopes) from various places on our planet.

Those with high-powered technological equipment can see other amazing events occurring in space which are like beautiful picture postcards.

Energies, frequencies, and vibrations are soaring from SOURCE LIGHT.

They will steadily level-up with the downloading of messages into cells and upgrading of DNA within each cell.

Be vigilant in the coming days. Keep enveloped in LIGHT.

Pull down SOURCE LIGHT all around you, and then breathe it into your heart. See it originating from the Great Central Sun.

This will be very healing.

A scriptural verse says: “The Sun will rise with healing in its wings” (Malachi 4:2, HOLY BIBLE).

LOVE and LIGHT to our planet and its inhabitants of HIGHER AWARENESS.






❤ The Presence of the Divine Mother Within ❤

The Path of the Divine Mother Begins with our Connection to Mother Earth and the Heart of Compassion. The Divine Mother is the Love within our own Hearts, and the Love we Feel for All. As the Expression of the Divine Mother, we deepen into Gratitude and Appreciation by Being in the Presence Moment, the Presence of our Divinity. The Witnessing Presence of our Beloved I Am, with no Judgment and no Blame. In Soul Embodiment, we Feel, Sense and Know All is Love and Love is All There Is. We embrace each Experience, each Now moment, no matter how uncomfortable it may be. Bringing into our Loving Hearts all that is experienced, Loving All That Arises. As we Embody and become the Presence of the Divine Mother, we feel her Presence and Energy Flowing from Within, with each sub-atomic particle dancing in the essence of Crystalline Consciousness, as we expand our Light and tap into the purest Love from deep, deep within – our Soul Light.
Magical May is upon us beloved hearts, along with Eclipse season as we deepen into our Soul’s blossoming, magnificence and Light. Having passed through the New Moon Partial Solar Eclipse of April 30th, we enter a Portal of Opportunity to align ever deeper into the Heart of All Creation.
As we accelerate our frequency, we birth into Creation new Golden Opportunities, particularly envisaged over the last nine-months to two-year period. We connect ever deeper into the Heart of Gaia, as the Divine Mother, through and as, the Crystalline Grid of Divine Love. This Flame of Compassion and Love amplifies in this Now moment and as these sacred, Holy Flames of Divinity, the Stargate of our Loving Hearts expands into the deepening Presence of the Divine Mother within. As we deepen into Compassion through our Golden Hearts, we dissolve the wounded masculine, and victim/persecutor consciousness. We fine tune our frequency and shift dimensionally into ever higher octaves of the One Heart of All That Is.
We are further invited into Mother Mary’s Temple of the Immaculate Heart. In the month of May in particular, Mother Mary amplifies the Light of the Divine Mother and the Heart of Compassion, also called the Heart of Humanity. As Mother Mary’s beautiful Pink Flame connects into our Loving Hearts, we experience an activation from within the heart and thymus chakras as well as the physical heart and lungs.
We receive an attunement to Divine Mother Mary as we step ever deeper into the Divine Mother energy of compassion and Love, gratitude and appreciation, loving kindness and respect for all. Further to this, we are offered an opportunity to focus on all our relationships, as well as our relationship with our earthly mother. From here we merge with our Divine Feminine Spirit and with the Overlighting of Divine Mother Mary and the Sisterhood of the Rose, we take this beautiful Pink Flame of Compassion and Love out to all. Additionally, we hold the focus of Reverence for all Mother’s, in honor of the Celebration of Mother’s Day.
As we move into the Full Moon Lunar Eclipse of May 16th, we experience the Wesak Festival and the Overlighting of Lord Buddha. This Festival is known as the Enlightenment of Buddha and deepens the Flame of Compassion within our Golden Hearts through the Mind of Wisdom as we elevate our consciousness, experience a Pineal Gland Activation and remember ourselves as Initiates of Light.
We further experience the Rays of Creation in each month. In this sacred month of May, along with the beautiful Pink Flame of Divine Love, and Holy Fire Violet Flame of Transmutation that blaze within and around us, and the Ray Ashram into which all Ray Frequencies and Plasma Light Rays connect, the Ray Frequencies that blaze from within and from Shamballa, in this Now, are the Ray of Solar Service, of Solar Crystalline Consciousness, the Ray of Highest Potentials and the Ray of Devotion and Idealism.
Through the Overlighting of Lord Buddha, we are invited into these sacred Ray Ashrams as we create our Crystalline Light Body and program the Original Divine Blueprinting from within, whilst expanding our Devotion as the Light of God We Are.
Join us in this powerful transmission of Invocations and Affirmations as we journey ever deeper into the One Heart of All That Is, in Unity, Community and Love.


Jupiter enters Aries
Jupiter enters Aries


Philippe François.

The Ionosphere the last veil continues to be greatly impacted by cosmic energies. Well, of course, it doesn’t just come from Heaven, it also comes and especially from Earth, it shows that it is ready for more and more intense cosmo-telluric exchanges. there are important exchanges between the Sun, the Heart of Source in our solar system and the Earth. The ionosphere is directly related to Earth’s electrical charges.
The descent of light leads to the return of the circulation of photonic waves or Adamantines through electromagnetic currents.. What is above is like what is below. This means that what surrounds the Earth, electrically the Earth’s electric charges -, is with a gradient at the ionosphere level,
💖🔥 There is an electric gradient present between the atmosphere and the different layers, between the surface of the ground and the troposphere and the ionosphere and other envelopes, All of this is changing. This also translates, within human structures, by significant changes in electrical charges, significant changes in energy flows allowing for the final Awakening and embracing. human being is subjected to significant modifications to existing electrical charges on the surface of its body envelope, whether they like it or not.
These electric charges can have the effects of qualified delegates, This translates to modifications in biological rhythms, a significant modification of what is called memory, and a significant modification in the modes of function ionation most often escapes the understanding of the awakened human being or I’m sleepy. The modification of these electric charges is a reality… she lives in the interior…
These electric charges prioritize under the feet and on the head, being modified, which is called an electrostatic gradient, making it the static charge of the human being (which is in the order of hundreds of thousands of v) olts) is being edited and it’s already been a number of years . The goal is obviously to change the Consciousness of the human being. Whatever its degree of will to the Light, whatever its aspiration not to change or to change, human being, whether he likes it or not, is subject to these gradients. It is a preambule and a preamble that, depending on the use that will be made of these electrical charges by Consciousness, will or not lead to the luminous transformation of the human being, gradually replacing it, at the level of the physical structure ique constituted carbonated molecules by the adjunct of neither molecules of prana but of particles called adamantines, the carbon structure in silicon structure.
It is common to understand that plants, for example, catabolize carbon into silica by destroying carbon. The goal here is an actual alchemical transformation of your cells, along with your Consciousness. This will also allow, by distributing and modifying electrical charges, to induce at the cellular level what is called the genetic mutation that prepares to receive Light in the form of adamantine particles and, above all, r let’s gamma and X-rays coming from the bottom of the bottom of the universe and in particular 3 very distinct sources, called and forming the Galactic Wave.
These rays are aimed at stabilizing the adamant particles in your structure. This will be translated, for the Consciousness of the Human Being, by a number of modifications of perceptions: widening of the body’s perception, widening of Consciousness, and interaction with what’s called it circle, translating to the extreme by a fusion in the Everything, loss of temporary-spacial landmarks, loss of body limits.
This process aims to allow, at the time, to be able to welcome what is called the Body of Intersection, which is a structure that is outside this Dimension and yet called to get in touch with your Dimension. This is what the resurrection body is called. It was also called, in the Apocalypse of Saint John, the moment of the weight of souls, at the moment when the calling and the elected will rise one by one in the Light, through an Ascension illustrated by the transfer of the dissociated Consciousness at Unified Consciousness, via the elevation vehicle, personal or collective, called Merkabah.
These Merkabah collectibles are illustrated by the appearance of lights in your skies, called by some of you Mother Vessels or survival capsules or so, the term is in fashion I think, orbes. These are the structures, specifically arranged, that are capable of allowing you to realize, by following the lines of electrical force called Antakarana, to allow you to board either in a vessel or in your body of entertainment.
This process has been initiated for a generation. It’s now coming to an end, which means your vehicle set is now perfectly designed, perfectly lined to allow this moment.
This moment is very close. It also translates in your lives and Consciousness and Being, a number of modifications, Inner revolutions making you change your behaviors, your social role, and life simply, as you design it and as you live it.
This is part of the same common transformation on Earth, common to Man and common to this universe. Freedom is on the way.
It allows you to establish yourself in the Being or the Being, replacing the civilization of having with the civilization of Love and Being, where authenticity and Truth become priority over having.
This also helps to sustainably and definitively transform the very concept humans have of humanity, of society and the role of that society. Whether you like it or not, whether you are awake or not, everyone will go where he wants according to the alchemy operating in his Being.
Your body is a temple. . But this Temple is nothing if it is not nourished by the Spirit.
The light body is a vehicle, made of intangible particles. What you call intangible in your world are only particles unknown because they don’t present in your universe. And, of course, your scientists are calling it antimathy. The antimathy is, by definition, the opposite of what is called by your physicists the black holes but much more the Light.
There is also a particular inversion, frightening the black holes and antimatizing as something that means the total annihilation of Consciousness or nothing is faker than this.
This is the same principle as for fire: your religions, without exceptions (except maybe in Hinduism) have always assimilated fire to the flames of Hell, while fire is, first of all, initiation and Love.
A Presence..
Walela Goddess
Walela Goddess
A deep inner joy, as I witness the unfolding of a totally new life in the New Earth.
With it the deepest knowing that all will be well and far beyond anything I can dream up or even think or visualize right now.
I am being shown the Communities which are already forming and which will bring about the balance, the harmony and unity, as all work together for the greater good.
Recently I have had the most profound conversations with people from all walks of life and often from those I never expected to.
People are opening up now, like never before. They are seeing through the illusions, and they are coming back into their truth, and back into truth of life and living life.
For so long our lives were placed on hold. But not anymore. This is a gigantic forward leap for all the souls who now are stepping into the New Earth, with joy, with love, and that deep sense of exploration, of co-creating the new, with love and beauty and joy. Add to this awe and wonder.
And Gratitude.
Every morning and every evening I say thank you. For even the littlest things.
When we start saying thank for you for the little things, the list gets bigger and bigger, for now you start to realize just how very blessed you are.
What blessings are unfolding!

Blue Ray Transmissions: Big Celestial Ascension Events and Magical Opportunities: Ascension Shift Symptoms

The power of Water for the Blue Rays ultra-sensitive empaths, Starseeds, Angelics, Earth Keeper Sensitives, Light Bearers & Awakened Ones, Supreme Holy Powers are arising from the sacred feminine empath channels of Nature. The sacred power of Water will be amplified in you.
Your intuitive soul is appealing to you as it recognizes the potential and holy power of being aware and in tune with the celestial events and stellar solar activity that are currently taking place. These are magical and enlightened opportunities.
The conjunction of Jupiter and Neptune in Pisces is an uncommon and rare event. As a result, the 2022 Jupiter-Neptune conjunction will be a once-in-a-lifetime occurrence—it hasn’t happened since 1856 and won’t happen again until 2188. Neptune in Pisces has strong associations with the water energy and is being expanded through Jupiter. A transit for the ages, it will take time for unfolding in your life and spirit. This happened in April and throughout this year will be an overlighting theme of higher spiritual awakening and expansion.
Blue Rays are sensitive empaths whose element is water and whose receptivity and mission are facilitated by the sacred Divine Feminine. As a result, you will feel these celestial and stellar events throughout your existence and practically everything will be affected in some manner.
As sensitives, you are able to sense the Earth’s magnetic field because of your deep connection to Mother Earth and Nature. Spiritual ascension frequencies will be opening gateways for you to see and experience the realms and the power of Nature and divine union in a new light. It will be to your advantage to utilize your beautiful and sacred sensory sensitivity to channel a higher connection and expanded field of Universal Cosmic Intelligence.
These grand ascension energies and solar activities can be very intense. As an ultra-sensitive, you can feel them affect your mental, emotional and physical bodies. Your empathic energy body reacts to these energies first and you work on processing them to create harmony and balance. As Blue Rays, your water and air flowing essences are always looking for the harmonic flow, balance and centering within. You are natural born peace makers and transformers of energies to a higher field.
Caution on the Intensity of the Powerful Ascension Shift Symptoms & Celestial Energies
For some, these energies can be extremely exhausting for days and even weeks where more rest, quietude, downtime, integration, being in Nature and allowing periods of Grace are needed. The very atmospheric energy can feel heavy and denser; this too shall pass and is only temporary. Mental, emotional and physical clearing with aches and pains in the body and with random memories coming to the surface takes place. Also felt are heart trembles and rumbling palpations not caused by activity, especially felt when laying down.
Many of these “symptoms” are generated by the uprising of freedom and expansion through the sacred divine feminine essence, a new way and flow that begins the liberation of your spirit, allowing intuition to take the fore, remembering that intellect was meant to serve intuition and not vice versa. True intuition understands the interconnectedness of all life.
As many beings are purging, what no longer serves and what has been hidden and blocked can surface. The old souls and Blue Rays that have been on the path for a long time are also releasing/letting go of core issues which will raise consciousness/your ascension.
It is suggested to consult a healthcare professional for symptoms as not every symptom is from ascension, and though it may be an ascension symptom, you still may need assistance with the process.
Take this opportunity to receive the Universal Cosmic energy being transmitted to you, this divine power of sovereignty that lies securely within.
I am not an astrologer nor have I been taught about astrology, however, I very much sense and feel the celestial heavens and movements of the planets through me weeks before a big celestial event is about to take place. As many of you Blue Rays are so dearly connected to Nature, the stars and Mother Earth Gaia, you are designed to be sensitive to the Earth, Nature and the cosmos. I go to experts to see the correlation and validation of what I am feeling and sensing. Neptune’s stay in Pisces until 2025 will be an avenue of spiritual awakening both individually and collectively.
Please share freely to assist the Light Workers, Starseeds & Angelics
Permission is granted to copy and redistribute this article and videos on the condition that the URL
is included as the resource and that it is distributed freely and on a non-commercial basis. E-mail: [email protected] Thank you Shekina

photo: Mark Eatwell

Carolyn 144 GODCODE

Carolyn 144 GODCODE

The Scorpio Full Moon Eclipse is bringing freedom and detachment from karmic bonds. The mission to clear this for your ancestors is also completing. The choice to be independent, and putting yourself first, is restoring your power from all you’ve walked away from.

Life is flipping into an entirely new direction. You’ve manifested this, and now your energy field is aligning to this great awakening. The Holy Spirit is with you, raising you up from the ashes to be reborn. Open your arms and receive this next level of ascension that is expanding into to Solstice. Trust that God is delivering judgements and blocking interferences that may have stopped this in the past. Nothing can stop what’s coming.

You are being reborn through the Holy Spirit as God’s eternal Soul Child. Align to this new you that is entering the unified field of oneness, though your internal marriage process. Choose Union with yourself, your Father, and the Holy Spirit to achieve this success. Focus on restoring your health, stability, and balance from all the trauma that you’ve overcome. Doing so will expand your consciousness and help you align to Union. The New Earth marriage and family is ready to reveal itself to you. Be open to this template that is entering your field.



Mercury turns retrograde
Mercury turns retrograde


“Jupiter enters Aries which can bring some innovative ideas and inspiration flowing in our veins. This powerful alignment can ignite new ideas and plans for the future offering solutions that we never would have considered before. Jupiter in Aries tells us that we have the power to move forward rooted in our own strength and ability. Have faith in yourself, your ideas and your plans for the future. Be aware however of shutting out all external voices during this transit. We need to still be open to the advice of others. Think all things through carefully before moving forward.
You are New Earth
You are New Earth
Beloved Ones,
We enter now into a very expansive and wonderful phase of our ascension journey. A passage that is introduced by Jupiter, the Planet of Expansion in Aries, moving from Pisces, the last sign of the zodiac, and its intuitive and compassionate essence, to Aries, one of leadership and sovereignty. A change that will increase with the coming of the next eclipse and with Jupiter’s semi-square Uranus tomorrow, inviting us to transcend limitations and realize the possibilities that lie ahead of us, if we are ready to move from fear to personal empowerment.
As we master, and integrate, the unique lessons that each zodiac sign provides us, we are finally able to step out of the karmic wheel that many are involved in, stepping into a free sovereign harmonic space, where they are the only masters of their reality.

We now are into a passage for us to regain more consciousness of who we are and our place within Creation. An inner work that Aries will help us achieve, with its warrior frequency and that Jupiter will magnify. This is a wonderful time for purification, as the first step toward self-empowerment. A process with the assistance of the element Fire, which serves us gracefully to burn the lower energies and debris that impede us to fully regaining sovereignty.

A tetrahedron, a triangular pyramid, which is associated with both Jupiter, and the element Fire of Aries, is the tool that Guides give us at this time to work on conscious releasing, burning away all that no longer serves. Visualizing us within a fire tetrahedron will help us purify our physical and non-physical bodies.
Four is the basis for the tetrahedron, with its four triangular faces. A reminder as well of the importance of creating strong foundations, to continue building our new lives. Four is the main number of creations, as four are the pillars in which all universal templates are created, to build what we all see in the physical. Four represents the harmony required for us to be able to act as creators, which is where we are heading at this time.
Jupiter is very active this month, reminding us that beyond our human illusions of limitation, especially at this time when many will fear Mercury retrograde, are the infinite possibilities that are just around the corner for all of us, if we are willing to release linearity and our deep sense of dependency on outer forces.
If with Pisces we worked more on our female aspect. Now with Aries, we pass to master the masculine, the fire within, and the tangible aspect of who we are, the one that creates and protects in the physical, for both are essential to continue with our inner work of polarity synthesis.
At this time between eclipses, where we all are still working on plasma integration, we need to remember how important it is to be grounded and to work with all the aspects that make us whole. Otherwise, we will be falling into old patterns or misalignments, making it harder to regain balance.
May you all have a creative and expansive May, Beloveds!
Within Infinite Love,
Dragon Queen
Dragon Queen

Ruby Falconer

May 9, 2022 – Mercury Stationary, Turning Retrograde on May 10.

Mercury is in Gemini, it’s home sign. This is the realm of the mind – how we think, communicate, and understand. This is our reality construct; what we perceive to be true. When Mercury is stationary, our minds are focused on something – struggling with it; trying to understand. We may not be aware of this process but it is going on under the surface of consciousness. With Mercury in Gemini, an air sign, this process is specifically around an idea. An intellectual understanding of … something.
This Mercury station occurs at the mid-point of our passage through our current eclipse portal. This transition began with the April 30 Solar Eclipse and will complete with the May 15/16 Lunar Eclipse. We are shedding something, releasing something that no longer serves us. With this combination of energies, the shedding is around something specific to our thought process – an attitude, an idea, a concept we no longer believe in.
Mercury will turn direct on June 3 in earthy Taurus, in a square to stationary Saturn. This Mercury retrograde period is building toward something that needs to change on the material plane – a change that we are in some way resisting. First, we need to understand, then we need to act. For now, concentrate on understanding.

Jupiter enters Aries

Jupiter is the principle of expansion. Since the first of the year, Jupiter has been in Pisces, expanding our emotional connection with others and our spiritual connection with the Divine. Because the shadow of Pisces is confusion, we have also experienced doubt and overwhelm, uncertainty about who and what we have connected with, and what we are to do with the information we receive. There will be no such confusion with Jupiter in Aries.
Aries is the first sign of the zodiac and represents the life force energy required to initiate something new. This is The Warrior – fiery, determined, competitive and impulsive.
In Shamanic Egyptian Astrology, Jupiter is allied with Horus, the Young King. To the ancient Egyptians, Horus was the symbol of a new era; a new way of being, thinking and doing. After his father Osiris was killed by Set (Mars), Horus fought an extended battle with Set to claim his throne. In Roman and Greek myth, Jupiter/Zeus killed his father, freeing his brothers and sisters from imprisonment and rising to power in his father’s place. Aries was the Greek god of war, known as Mars to the Romans. Jupiter transiting Aries brings energy that is focused and determined, capable of overcoming obstacles and producing desired results.
The Warrior archetype must be tempered by love or it can cross over into terrible cruelty. This is the greatest challenge of our present moment. Can we bring forth the expansive, creative, dedicated, and productive energy of Jupiter in Aries without losing touch with kindness and compassion?
Jupiter will be in Aries from May 10, 2022 to May 16, 2023, with a brief reentry into Pisces from October 28 to December 20, 2022.
May 9, 2022, by Ruby Falconer. Available for chart readings.
Art: Godshead by Ivan Blazetic Sumski
Mercury Stationary
Mercury Stationary
 May 10, 2022

Mercury Stations Retrograde

By Erik M Roth of InSpiral Nexus
For the second time this year, on May 10th at 4°51’ Gemini, Mercury is stationing retrograde, between the Pleiades and the star Aldebaran. This happens on the day Jupiter ingresses into the sign of Aries for the first time since 2010-11.
In the Shamanic Astrology Paradigm, when Mercury stations retrograde, it means it is reaching Synthesis and Metamorphic phase of its journey in the sky. It has traveled through several other signs to reach Gemini. This current Mercury cycle began on February 3rd when Mercury last stationed direct in the sign of Capricorn and it will end in the sign of Taurus on June 3rd.
Mercury Retrograde is not anything to fear or worry about in our lives. In the case of Mercury Retrograde in Gemini, it invites a very different form of thinking and helps to summon imagination to the front. It is “out of bounds” kind of mentality where anything goes.
The hold Mercury Retrograde has on our thinking that things or electronic technology won’t work or communication will break down more often is only partly true and usually due to our own perception of what is happening including the limits we’ve placed on ourselves. What is important is that it helps us with creative thought, including solutions beyond what we would normally otherwise think about. Creative thinking is gaining a perspective to a problem, challenge or other issue that may not be resolved by conventional means. It can also help us in our own creative expressions as well.
Mercury Stations Retrograde
Mercury Stations Retrograde
Mercury stations retrograde in Gemini – As Mercury slows, stops and begins to retreat, it tells us that this is a time to think, unravel, process, explore, consider. The Sabian symbol of the station degree is ‘A Revolutionary Magazine Asking For Action’ and yes, there’s a LOT right now that we want to shout about. There’s a lot that needs to be changed. And yet as Mercury is stationing, we don’t know what to think, we don’t know what to decide. There seems to be too many options, too much information. Mental overwhelm is possible under this influence, as are the usual snags with miscommunication, transport problems and computer troubles.
But when we’re left dangling waiting for a train or forced to stop in other ways, this is Mercury. He grabs your wrist, sweeps you onto an inner journey. All the voices that we shut out on a day-to-day-level come tumbling out and we need to figure out who is telling the truth, who is telling lies. Mercury asks us to reconnect to inner wisdom so that we can begin to figure out what is what and why for ourselves. Shut down the noise from the outside world. Breathe. Try finger meditation using the ‘Sa Ta Na Ma’ mantra to rebalance the mind. Marvel at the construction of the hand, its shape, dexterity, flexibility. Ask, what do I want to hold in my life? Where are my hands too full? What do I wish to know, to touch? Reflect and review. Listen and learn.
Degree and Time
Mercury 04°Ge51′ R – 12:47 (BST)
© Leah Whitehorse
Painting – Head and Right Hand of a Woman by Peter Paul Rubens
Head and Right Hand of a Woman
Head and Right Hand of a Woman

Kin 252 ~ Yellow Overtone Human

The number 5 is called ‘Overtone’ and its keywords are ‘Empower, Radiance and Command’. The 5th day of a wavespell shifts the energy into a more intense pace. It is a ‘get things done’ kind of day. If you use this energy rather than be overpowered by it, you can achieve an amazing amount. Think big and tap into this energy resource.
Today is Yellow Human and its keywords are ‘Influence, Wisdom and Free will’. Humans are vessels to be filled with wisdom that is channeled. However, we have free will to do what we choose with this wisdom. Use your intuition today and the wisdom that it brings will be very empowering. Remember, we are in the Yellow Star wavespell and as with any wavespell, it is the days that share the same color as the first day, that are really the lead players in the 13-day journey. So, that means the 1st day, the 5th and 9th and last day are when most of the action takes place. The agenda for the Yellow Star wavespell is ‘Beauty and Art & Elegance’. This is still the underlying theme and today the Yellow Human is empowered by the wavespell agenda. (the ninth day will be Yellow Warrior and the last day Yellow Sun).
The Guide for the day is Yellow Sun which represents ‘Enlightenment and Universal fire’. The process of going with your gut feelings today, will be guided by enlightenment…expect light bulb moments and answers to problems you’ve been seeking. This is an excellent guide as the path ahead is well lit! There is a lot of information to download today, you may need to write it all down!
The Challenge is the White Wind, the ‘Communicator’ of the Tzolkin. The Yellow Human may be good at receiving wisdom but to then communicate that wisdom – isn’t always easy. In fact, psychic people can suffer from too much downloading from Spirit which can cause an overwhelming sensation…their cup runneth over, you could say. The only way to remedy this is by sharing, writing, opening those floodgates so the information can flow.
The Occult is the Red Moon, the ‘Go with the Flow’ energy which suits the Yellow Human’s channeling antics. If you relax…your third eye will open too. Expect magical lunar influences when the moon is in the Occult position. If it wasn’t a powerful number 5 day, the Moon would have a more chilled influence on us.
The Ally today is the helpful, healing Blue Hand. They are very handy to have around today, if you know one- take their hand and let them show you the way.
Kin 252
Kin 252


5 EB – KIN 252
10 MAY 2022
I empower in order to influence
Commanding wisdom
I seal the process of free will
With the Overtone tone of radiance
I AM guided by the power of Universal fire.
10/5/2022 = 1/5/6= 1/11=1/2=3
1.1.1 – ✨Divine New Beginnings✨ for RADIANT NEW EARTH LEADERS
10- Manifestation/Authority/Power
1- New beginnings/Leader/Original
3- Holy trinity/Joy/Creativity
✨MONTH/YEAR codes✨
5- Freedom/Liberation/Change/Transformation/Movement
6- Heaven/Christ/Family/Romance/Fertility
11- Illumination/Portal/Gate/Polarity
2- Twins/Cooperation/Partner/Duality
20- The AWAKENING/Clear vision
22- Architect of PEACE/Master builder
KIN 252 = 9 Destiny/Service/Compassion/Humanity
Day 5 of the spectacular YELLOW STAR✨ WAVESPELL – where we are AWAKENING our sparkle, and using our creativity to attract more Beauty, Grace and Harmony in our lives.. so that our lives become a living work of ART!
Day 5 of LAMAT’s Wavespell is a deeply spiritual day, filled with an abundance of yellow (golden energy) from the combined energies of the Star, Yellow Human and Yellow Sun. It is a day of empowerment and radiance.
A very powerful day for “en-LIGHTON-ment” and illumination.
It is also a day which activates the question – “What legacy would you like to leave on this planet?” How can you as an individual use your creativity and wisdom, to make this world a better and more beautiful place for future generations?
OVERTONE ☀– Tone 5 in the SPIRITUAL realm. ACTION – commands, POWER – empowers, ESSENCE – radiance. The OVERTONE tone beautifully aligns with the theme of today’s code, that of using your FREE WILL choices to EMPOWER yourself and others, in order to SHINE brightly.
Command your RADIANCE and spread your golden LIGHT!
Spend some time in nature today communing with God/Goddess/Spirit to forge a stronger and purer connection to your SOURCE of wisdom.
Focusing on the greater good and the whisperings of Spirit will put you on the right path to expressing your pure creative soul’s essence..Become the hollow bamboo and channel the inspiration of Spirit through your influential wisdom, music, dance, yoga, breath, singing, light language and what ever form of WIND that seeks to whistle through your being.
Hold no FEAR and allow it to FLOW effortlessly… RADIATE your INNER LIGHT and allow others to see in the Dark, guiding them back home to SOURCE. ☀
Allow SPIRIT to be the WIND beneath your WINGS – raising you forever HIGHER and HIGHER!
Today’s question is ” How can I align with Divine Wisdom, using that knowledge to EMPOWER and influence others through my RADIANT creations? ✨✨✨
DIVINE BLESSINGS for RADIATING greater influence today. ☀✨
In Lak’ech a la kin
Christina White Magnetic Worldbridger – KIN 66
CONSCIOUS SELF: YELLOW OVERTONE HUMAN EB Today is THE day to take control of your human vessel. Our free will allows choice and today we can CHOOSE to SHINE our LIGHT,✨ and create more beauty and harmony in our world. Upgrading the egoic lower desires and commanding your mind to shift to a higher frequency, tuned in to higher dimensions. Thus bringing forth the peace and grace that humanity craves.
By making wiser choices you can then step into a more influential position and radiate your light and wisdom, as a role-model for others to follow, allowing them to shine brightly too.
❓❓How can you use your creativity today to empower yourself and make wiser choices?
It is high time you traded in your little human to that of a better and more spectacular high tech Divine HU-MAN. Reclaiming your power and aligning your free will to that of Divine Will, fully anchoring and activating your Galactic soul GOLDprint. Downloading greater wisdom and guidance for your upcoming Galactic Mission, and becoming the STAR✨BLISS SUN that you truly are!.
The energies today, are very conducive for surrendering your Free Will and fully aligning with your mighty I AM presence, becoming the Golden Angelic Christed HU-MAN GOD being that is your birthright.
✨We are GODS in training, remembering that WE ARE GOD!.✨
At some point we must make the decision to remove those training wheels and let our golden chariots fly!
HIGHER SELF/GUIDE: YELLOW OVERTONE SUNAHAU is the perfect complement to the yellow trifecta today – very FOCUSED life enhancing energy. AHAU the HIGHER GUIDE is favouring our ASCENSION today – beaming down the Solar codes needed for RADIANT EMPOWERMENT through aligning with DIVINE WILL – shining our LIGHT throughout the Cosmos.
Of course the SUN represents the SOURCE of ALL THAT IS! The powerhouse of fuel for our body, mind and soul. The SUN’s codes also hold the keys to our ascension and evolution. Without the LIGHT of the Sun, no-thing exists and there is no life.
Tone number 5 also represents the Center and coming into balance. Our Sun is the center of our Solar System, around which our planets revolve, and the center of our Galaxy. It is also a STARGATE/ portal used as a superhighway accessing other galaxies. The OVERTONE tone together with AHAU is DOUBLING the power of the SUN’s LIGHT today..
The Sun brings forth Universal Fire to light up our HU-man with power, passion, creativity and life force. The energy that sustains life and the whole galaxy.
Come fill your golden holy grail with the golden LIGHT nectar from the Gods, until your cup runneth over! ✨
SUPPORT: BLUE OVERTONE HAND MANIK provides beautiful healing energies today and the power of accomplishment. We can take positive ACTION based on our wiser choices, to create the Legacy we envision. Our wisdom and guidance will point us in the right direction.
MANIK amplifies the WISDOM streaming through EB, providing the knowledge needed to empower our healing, accomplishing completion and a return to wholeness.
MANIK gives us the POWER to accomplish whatever CHOICES we decide to implement.. go forth and RADIATE your wisdom through your creations.
OCCULT/HIDDEN POWER: RED SOLAR MOON MULUC provides a beautiful balance of YIN and YANG energies with the Moon feminine energies and the SOLAR masculine codes.
MULUC allows you to connect with your higher senses and intuitive guidance from Mother Goddess, so that your ideas and creativity flow naturally and effortlessly. Purifying your MIND and your vessel so that these spontaneous impulses can create BEAUTY in our lives.
As your creative urges gently flow through your hands, you have the power to create beautiful Art and craft.… tapping into the wisdom of our Ancestors and continuing the traditions handed down through time.. Teaching and influencing the future generations of crafts people.
Through this ancestral wisdom, we are all weaving and creating the beautiful harmonic Matrix together in our tribes..✨
CHALLENGE/GIFT: WHITE OVERTONE WIND EK relates to the breath or voice of SPIRIT. Today’s challenge is that you are switched ON to SPIRIT and tuned in to your DIVINE HIGHER GUIDANCE, and not your lower egoic desires.
❓What channel are you attuned to?
❓From what level are you making your choices?
❓ Are those choices based on love, compassion and service to others?
❓Or are they coming from a place of fear, survival or service to self?
❓Are you LISTENING to your DIVINE GUIDANCE to empower your life?
Spend some time in nature today communing with God/Goddess/Spirit to forge a stronger and purer connection to your SOURCE of wisdom.
Focusing on the greater good and the whisperings of Spirit will put you on the right path to expressing your pure creative soul’s essence..Become the hollow bamboo and channel the inspiration of Spirit through your influential wisdom, music, dance, yoga, breath, singing, light language and what ever form of WIND that seeks to whistle through your being.
Hold no FEAR and allow it to FLOW effortlessly… RADIATE your INNER LIGHT and allow others to see in the Dark, guiding them back home to SOURCE. ☀
Allow SPIRIT to be the WIND beneath your WINGS – raising you forever HIGHER and HIGHER!
Today’s question is ” How can I align with Divine Wisdom, using that knowledge to EMPOWER and influence others through my RADIANT creations? ✨✨✨
DIVINE BLESSINGS for RADIATING greater influence today. ☀✨
Namaste’ ❤❤
In Lak’ech a la kin
Christina White Magnetic Worldbridger – KIN 66


Implant Removal Ceremony


Implant Removal Ceremony
Implant Removal Ceremony



Cutting all Chords and Contracts ~ Freedom from all False Programs :


Trinity as a force of Goodwill. So it is.
Trinity as a force of Goodwill
Trinity as a force of Goodwill
Kin 252 Yellow Harmonic Human
What resources to count on?
Kin 252 Yellow Harmonic Human
Influence, Command Wisdom with the Power of Free Will
Kin 252, Yellow Harmonic Human
Kin 252 Yellow Harmonic Human
The harmonic tone (HO) represents the invisible center that gives life to the world of form. Radiation enhances the way to play. All radiation emits from one center. Each of us has a personal center, a place of strength and stillness at the core of our being: a point of autonomy and authenticity. This is the point that connects me to the center of the Earth and the core of the outer world, bringing harmony. The harmonic tone makes me connect to my truth and radiate knowledge. When I command my own knowledge, that radiation spreads through the environment and empowers others to discover and support their own truths.
The Yellow Human (EB) stands for wisdom, free will, constitutes collective consciousness, and influence. Having a human body is a rare gift. Being human guarantees the ability to integrate my primal nature with my intellect and my celestial essence. Within each human being flows the stream of wisdom from our ancestors. We influence each other by modeling our values. Everything I think, say, do, create, and choose impacts the people around me and contributes to the collective consciousness. Everything that I consider acceptable or normal merely reflects a concept I have previously defined. Wisdom is gained when I experiment from my free will. Wisdom is discernment and prevention The Yellow Human asks me to share my knowledge with all humans so that I can influence their free will towards wisdom. The Yellow Human asks me to strengthen and cleanse my physical plan to prepare for the expanded energies of the elevated mind.
I center my mind in stillness, my heart in love, my body on breath; and so, I am centralized in the cosmos. Radiation is the quality of radiating from the center, expanding my own essence and energy so that it can be perceived from afar. I empower my radiation and stay true to my core. Radiation creates a ripple effect, impacting everyone I come in contact with, influencing the world. I am intimately connected to myself so I become an invincible force, capable of taking charge and generating many resources.
Text: Sonia Dias
Kin 252 Yellow Harmonic Human
I empower by the end of influence
Commanding the wisdom
Seal the process of free will
With the harmonious tone of radiation
I am guided by the power of universal fire
“I assume my own power and nothing outside of me can interfere with my realization. “
Tom 05: Harmonic (HO) – How do you empower me?
POWER – Potentialize | ACTION – Command | ESSENCE – Radiation
CELL 12 – Yellow Man (EB)
POWER – Free Will | ACTION – Influence | ESSENCE – Wisdom
Kin 252 Yellow Harmonic Human
Kin 252 Yellow Harmonic Human
I am the Wise One
Coded by the Yellow Human
Twelve is my number
Perfect root of mystic 144
Perfection of the human temple
Benevolent, Kind, and Amazing
I am the wise judge and the discriminator
Control the seven centers
And perfecting the laws of internal and external forces
Higher mind control is the power of my influence
In my right hand I hold the double finish crystal
Balancing form with skill
Holding the crystal ball in my left hand
Of universally impartial wisdom and clear vision
My path is spontaneous driving
Free yourself from the lies
I am the sketch of the purified solar human
I speak in the voice of Noosphere
Announcing the return of all good things
To know me is to know yourself
Encoded by Yellow Human
Encoded by Yellow Human







Sacred Rebels Oracle Card for the Day:





Sacred Rebels Oracle: Guidance for Living a Unique & Authentic Life Cards – by Alana Fairchild (Author), Autumn Skye Morrison (Artist) ~



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