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KINS 14-26
SEPTEMBER 14-26, 2021
We’re off to see the Wizard………….
on our journey to rediscover our TRUE soul identity and our precious pure HEARTS!
As we venture out of the comfort of Mother Dragon’s🐉 Den we embark on a new adventure of discovery and empowerment.
We commenced the Year of the White Magnetic Wizard 27 months ago on July 26, 2019 and are now in the YEAR of the YELLOW ELECTRIC SEED🌱🌿 – which is the 3rd Majikal year in this 13 year WIZARD cycle.
We therefore have a double layer of Wizardry energy in effect – the 13 day wavespell cycle PLUS the 13 year Wizard cycle.. A DOUBLE DOSE of MAJIK💫💫 at your disposal! Abracadabra! ✨⚛✨
On September 1st, the Gregorian calendar start of SPRING🌸🌿 in the Southern Hemisphere, when we commenced this INCREDIBLE month of September, birthing a NEW TZOLKIN cycle. 💫 The RED DRAGON🐉 – KIN 1 activated a powerful CREATION vortex to enable us to B-EARTH this NEW HARMONIC TIME during the RED DRAGON WAVESPELL..
We are now leaving the depths of the womb and ARISING from the darkness to reclaim our full glorious ✨WHITE LIGHT✨ as divine beings. We are now ready to embark on an ENCHANTED💫 journey of reawakening our Divine gifts and life purpose by aligning with Divine Will in FULL expression through our expanded and pure HEARTS.❤❤❤
The GODDESS👸 HAS FULLY RISEN NOW through the 13.13.13 portal on the Earth plane, as we have transcended the old patriarchal paradigm in this new age of Aquarius. Cosmic Consciousness is now descending into the RECEPTIVE HEARTS❤ of those fully awakened StarBlossoms ready to MAJIKALLY transform their own lives and our entire PLANET!
❓❓❓Are you READY to manifest more ✨MAJIK✨ and ✨ MIRACLES✨ in your life and our world?💥💥💥
WHITE WIZARD – IX – pronounced “ee’sh”
💫COLOURS: Opalescent – translucent robe of many colours – reflects transparency, integrity and multi-dimensional capabilities.
💫THEMES: Majik, Shamanic Wisdom, Magician, Timelessness, Integrity, Receptivity, TRUTH, Heart centredness/knowing, transparency, Alignment with Divine Will, Manifestation, Self Confidence Time traveller, Shamanic wisdom, Interdimensionality, Service to Divine/others/community
💫SHADOW ASPECTS: Ego, Control, Personal Power, Manipulation, Self-Aggrandizement, Integrity, Need for approval, recognition, status, Mind focus, Out of alignment with Divine Will, Service to self.
💫 AFFIRMATION: Through HEART 💟knowing, I AM in natural alignment with Divine Will”
The WHITE WIZARD CYCLE brings forth many gifts🎁 and blessings with the greatest gift of opening us to becoming more RECEPTIVE to the ✨MAJIK of SPIRIT.✨ Aligning our MINDS with our HEARTS❤ which becomes our new filter for our enlightened perspective over the next era.
The WHITE WIZARD is the Shaman, the Magician and the Mayan Jaguar Priest who operates through the power of timelessness, using his stealth powers to transcend space/time in order to access and bring forth the wisdom, energy and resources needed from any dimension throughout the Universe.
IX is the Master Alchemist having the ability to manifest and materialize all that his/her true heart desires seemingly at will. So issues of time travel, jumping timelines and creating new realities will be very prevalent. A brilliant time to ✨QUANTUM JUMP to NEW EARTH✨ and anchor your future reality in the present moment.
✨MAJIK✨ is the “Art of sensing the subtle, unseen forces💫 that flow through the world, awakening levels of consciousness beyond the rational” – Starhawk -author of “The Spiral Dance”.
The power of apparently influencing events by using mysterious or supernatural forces. “Suddenly, as if by magic, the doors start to open”
Majik’s interdimensional doorway OPENS through the act of simply BEING… pure stillness and presence, activating the Majik of the NOW moment. This requires stillness and attunement in order to conduct and flow these energies through your vessel.
✨You cannot CONTROL majik with your EGO/MIND, true Majik can only be accessed through your pure HEART❤ and intentions aligned with Divine Will, with HARM TO NONE!. ✨❤✨
The SHADOW aspects of IX bring to LIGHT the EGO and the power struggles for domination, control and self aggrandizement. As exemplified by the Dark Magi during the fall of Atlantis. Any Ego imbalances on a personal or collective level will be EXPOSED💥 in order to be healed and balanced. Much self-implosion will be witnessed during this WIZARDRY cycle. 💥💥💥
On the world stage, we will be witnessing many leaders/rulers/dictators/gurus and politicians fall from grace as they are dethroned. Only those people who operate through PURE HEART❤ resonance, and whose motives are aligned with Divine Will and unity consciousness, will be able to take positions of power and leadership under this cycle of the White Wizard. Watch for many leaders to be deposed!
A Wizard who is disconnected from SPIRIT and operates purely from his MIND using his powers for personal gain/control/power becomes a puppet for Black Magic. 🌚
Conversely having PURE INTENT🌝 and connecting through the portal in his/her HEART❤ to Divine Source,☀ the White Magician has all the forces of CREATION upon which to draw upon. Thus allowing the wisdom and cosmic forces to flow through his/her physical vessel as a conduit for the greater Omni Consciousness that unites us ALL as ONE PURE HEART. ❤
✨Our FOCUS from now on will be to have ✨PURE INTENT✨ of harmlessness, filtering all information – data, emotions, information through our HEART. ❤❤❤
We no longer have to THINK or analyze what presents, just be STILL and tune into your Heart. ❤
LISTEN👂 and be RECEPTIVE to the impulses, and the knowingness that is forthcoming.
They are confident in their abilities and their connection to perform their role.
✨WIZARDS also require periods of SOLITUDE✨, free from the influence of others, so that they can forge a very strong and DIRECT connection to SOURCE.
They do not ASK the opinions of others, or seek answers EXTERNALLY giving away their power. They instinctively KNOW they have ALL THE ANSWERS within. They just need to BE STILL and LISTEN. 👂
WHITE WIZARDS do not seek to FORCE the Majik💫 they just let it FLOW through them… The greatest form of altruistic White Majik is using this power to LIBERATE others from enslavement… Allowing them to SEE and reclaim their own DIVINITY through connection to SPIRIT.
✨The GREATEST WHITE MAGICIAN ✨that walked upon the Earth plane was YESHUA/JESUS- THE CHRIST ✨✨✨
Master Jesus demonstrated many Miracles – such as walking on Water and raising the dead! Jesus claimed that all Miracles came from our Heavenly Father.. By aligning with Spirit and becoming a Divine Conduit – EVERYTHING IS POSSIBLE.✨✨✨.
Go forth Great Earth Magician’s and use your Creation powers wisely for the benefit of HU- Man-KIND!
Let us all UNITE through LOVE and COMPASSION, weaving a new enchanted and Heart centred Dreamspell..❤💫✨
Aho, Planetary Wizards… enjoy your spell casting!💫⚛✨
NOTE: The DRAGON guardians have powerfully returned to Earth during this transition… particularly the White Dragon clan – they hold very strong and protective powers and also guard the vaults of Cosmic Abundance.
Wizards and the Dragon🐉 kin are very powerful allies so during these White Wizard cycles the DRAGON KINGDOM 🐉will step up and team with the White Wizards 🔮to create powerful MAJIK!! 💥
If you have not united with your personal Dragon companion now is the time to do so!
Namaste’ 🙏❤🙏❤🙏
In Lak’ech a la kin
Christina White Magnetic Worldbridger – KIN 66 🌏🌈

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