Emergence from Hollow Earth ~ New Era of Peace 💛 Golden Proportion ~ Kin 62: White Rhythmic Wind 🤍

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Emergence from Hollow Earth ~ New Era of Peace 💛 Golden Proportion ~ Kin 62: White Rhythmic Wind 🤍


Gaia’s new age has begun
September 5, 2020
Linda Li
Dear angels on earth, I am your Mother God. I come today with important news. The Divine has just announced the beginning of Gaia’s new existence, a brand new era. Yes. Gaia has entered her Golden Age which is the design for this time.
The new Golden Age has long been prophesied in various cultures throughout the planet. The design was that when Gaia has ascended, the planet would start a new era. A new human race will be introduced. And that has been designed from the beginning of the time when Gaia created this planet and humanity. Now that prophecy is realized. The planet has ascended and humanity is now being upgraded to the platform of the new human race. Some may even consider the planet as well above this new platform.
This brand new Era has been Divinely orchestrated. Gaia too, has played a central role in the entire process. Gaia has sacrificed a great deal for the development of the planet and humanity. From the very beginning, this planet was a field of potentials. Angels would line up to come to the planet and learn to be a human. The planet offers Endless kinds of ways for my angels to learn and gain wisdom. Gaia’s planet is indeed a rare learning ground for the Divine light beings and angels.
Now, since the planet is officially a 5th dimensional planet, Humanity, too, has officially anchored in this new realm. What that means is that the planet is done being the learning ground and she has graduated. From now on, the planet is a 5th dimensional star for all to see and visit. The planet earth has become one of the advanced civilizations and she is now an open field to all star systems. And all the other civilizations can pay a visit to the planet earth. And citizens of the planet earth also can travel to other civilizations and star systems. That is to say that the planet has grown up and now she has joined the big leagues. And that is the news.
I love you dear angels. The planet earth is now a shining star for the great Cosmos to see. Mother Gaia has been crowned as the proud Mother of this beautiful planet and the advanced civilization that earthlings have become. The entire Divine is overwhelmed by Gaia’s achievement and humanity’s development. The Human race has advanced to a degree which was designed eons ago. Humanity now has achieved the design and that is a miracle. Gaia and the Divine are indeed so proud of the achievement and the progress that the planet and humanity have made.
Now the brand new Era has begun. Gaia is indeed proud. In the next few weeks or so, the Divine is going to start the process. The new Era has its own structure and new organization. The new structure may take some time to be realized in your reality. However, we, the Divine have the structure ready. Once the process starts, the installation will begin. Spiritual laws and roles of the new Era will be able to start in your reality Soon. The organization of the entire planet will also start once the Divine finishes the installation process. Then the entire planet and humanity will have a totally different way of life and structure. That is what is to come dear ones. A new civilization has been born. Gaia is now in her brand new Era, an Era of a new human race. Gaia is indeed so content about it.
I love you dear angels. I am your Mother Divine. Go celebrate dear ones. So it is.


We are Entering a New Era!
An Era of Peace, Prosperity and Abundance!
Where Love and Joy Exists for all!
Each Soul is Blessed with Light From Heaven!
The New Golden Age is Approaching!
Are you ready to shift over dear ones!
The moment is approaching. ✨✨✨💛🌹
Bless your Heart with Heavens Light and Stay Magical! 💕💕💖
I Love you
Maria Nesa


Christine Day

Beloved Ones we greet you,
The Energy on the Network GRID within your Earth plane is undergoing rapid Change.
These Changes reflect the Internal Changes that are taking place within your own Energetic Field and Heart Cells.
Your Heart Cells can be likened to receptors; the Cells are BE-ing Transformed to play another role to accommodate the Growing LIGHT Vibrations that are flowing onto the planet.
They are like WAVES coming in on an Ocean, flooding your Systems, preparing you for the Powerful Upswing of Transforming LIGHT, which is about to create another level of Transformation within the Environment of Earth.
You are BE-ing asked to prepare your Physical Systems to support your Cellular SHIFTS through Consciously Letting Go.
BE-ing willing to allow Change, opening your Awareness Consciously to Embrace the coming Changes.
You play an essential role at this juncture through Consciously Letting Go, even if you are unaware of what you are Letting Go.
Your Letting Go supports this motion of Changing Vibration and allows HIGHER Realities to Anchor within the planet.
This entire Unfolding has always been about you, Humanity participating by setting in motion the Changing Profile on Earth.
You Hold the Profile within your Energetic LIGHT to BE the Creators of this Change NOW.
We witness you and work in conjunction with you by Stabilizing the Frequency of the GRIDS during this Unfolding.

Channeled through

Christine Day


Blue Beyond Guide

Anastacia Kompos

The last place a shift is felt is on the physical and right now there are many physical body pains releasing, especially on the right side.
Be careful-aware of the anger-rage that the body, the physical body is holding in right now-allow time for nurturing, release and self care.
The last place we feel a shift and release is on the physical and we do need to honour as growing into our Mastership is tough on the body for those who FEEL THEIR EMOTIONS DEEPLY to release – as dis-ease is through emotions held within deeply.
There is much to this for each person. The right is the masculine and the future. The left is the past and the feminine. I have shared more in the Below the Iceberg update by email.
As always I AM right here with you – Keeping it Raw and Real
Anastacia Kompos
Blue Beyond Guide
Galactic Goddess
I AM a Mirror of a Mirror of the Divine
144 New Light Paradigm Ascension Pioneer
Grand Master-Emotional Trailblazer-WaySEER
888 Humonic Convergence-Spirit and Soul Facilitator
‘If you react to my energy, you are welcome to the trigger of a healing for you’

Points of Emergence~ Questions and Answers From “The Hollow Earth”

By Dianne Robbins ❤

Q: How many locations will you be emerging from?
A: Know that there are many, many locations on the planet that are designated as Points for our Emergence. We will not elaborate on them all, as there are just too many. Points of emergence, of course, are entrance ways that open up onto the surface from below, from where we will emerge. They are all camouflaged at this time, and some of them have not as yet been designated. Some entrance points will change in time. We are still in the process of clearing tunnels that havent been used, and clearing entrance ways of piled up debris. Our points of Emergence will not be finalized until the day we emerge, to accommodate the swiftly changing mass consciousness on the surface, and to accommodate last moment contactees.
Q: Can you tell us where some of those entrance points are located?
A: There will be points of entry in every country on the Globe. We dont as yet know the exact locations until we know who the contactees are. Yes, Austria, Australia, Switzerland, Greece and Germany are most definitely included; as is Mt. Shasta in California, Pacifica in California, Rochester, NY, Hawaii, Washington State, Illinois and Texas. As we have spoken before, the locations are just too numerous to name them all. But rest assured that we will be emerging around the Globe, and you can picture these points by imagining the Globe dotted with sparkling diamonds, and wherever you cast your gaze, you will see sparkling lights dotting the landscape. These lights are our entrance points on the surface, camouflaged until the very moment of our appearance.
Q: How can one sign-up to be a contactee in these locations?
A: Just ask, and you are chosen. It is that simple. Know that nobody is ever chosen for anything. Everybody chooses themselves for whatever it is that they want to participate in. This is Universal Law. So when someone asks to be a contactee, that person already has been chosen, by the very act of asking the question.
Q: How do I know if there is a Point of Emergence where I live?
A: Know that if you ask to be a contactee, your locality is then designated as one of our Points.
Q: What will be the signs of your Emergence?
A: When the time for our emergence is ripe, there will be many signs for you to heed. You will feel our presence surrounding you, and your sense of feeling that you are about to be contacted will heighten. You may even hear our thoughts as we try to reach you telepathically. But rest assured that you will clearly know that we are about to embark on our trip up to the surface.
Q: After one has signed-up to be a contactee, what would be the duties prior to and after the physical contact with your people?
A: After one has signed-up to be a contactee, all the information and responsibilities that this person will need, will be given in the dream state, and ready to access when we begin our emergence. They are like codes that will fire off at the precise time, so that each person, in each locality, will know exactly what to do, how to do it, and when to do it. You will know everything you need to know, and the information will reside within your etheric body, where it will be safely kept until the exact time of our emergence. You dont have to do any thinking about what your tasks or responsibilities will be, for you will be inner-directed and inner guided, and you will feel our presence, and feel our guidance, coupled with your inner codes firing the information to your outer mind at the exact moment necessary. All that you need to accomplish your task as one of our contactees will be already within you.
So rest assured that you have nothing outwardly to do to prepare for this time, when you will be helping us by serving as one of our contactees. But you do have something inwardly to do to prepare for this time, and that is to open your heart and feel our love streaming to you; merge your heart with this current of love, and connect with it in your heart space. We ask all who read these messages to do the same, whether or not they have volunteered to be one of our contactees.
Q: Where will you live when you come to the surface?
A: I AM ADAMA speaking to you on behalf of our people from the SUBTERRANEAN CITY OF TELOS, located beneath MT. SHASTA in CALIFORNIA, USA. Mikos suggested that I answer this question.
We greet you on the dawn of our emergence unto the surface of Earth. We have waited long for this day, and now it is here. We from below are fully ready for this momentous and grand emergence unto your surface lands and into your houses, where we hope to be welcomed by all. We know your love and light will make us feel right at home. Now we have some business to take care of. Know that there will be many thousands of us emerging from below, and we will all need homes to stay in. So we are asking those Lightworkers from above, who would like to volunteer and open up their homes to us, to please let us know. You can do this by calling on Mikos in the Hollow Earth or myself in Telos, and sending your thoughts stating that you wish to open your homes to us when we appear on the surface in the very near future. This will help us greatly in formulating our individual plans and preparing for our trip to our new homes upstairs. We thank you for taking this communiqué.
We Hope You Will Hasten To Our Call
Our hearts are lit up with the joy of our connection with you this day, and the joy of knowing that all our words will go out to the masses on the surface so that they will know that their condition is reversible and can be changed in a moment into beauty and Light. The health of all life on Earth is dependent upon this connection into your inner beings, into the connection with the Spiritual Hierarchy of Earth, the Subterranean Cities of Light, and We, in the Hollow Globe.
Your mental and emotional health is dependent upon this connection, and your survival is dependent upon your connection with all life forms; especially the trees, who beckon and call to you and yearn to speak with you. Flow yourselves into us, as we flow ourselves into you, and this mighty ocean will flow this whole Earth into the fifth dimension of Light.
We bid you adieu, our brothers and sisters on Earth,
and hope you will hasten to Our Call,
for Our Call is also Your Call from Within.
It is all the same Call.
It is the ONE CALL from the Mighty Creator
calling us all home.
All planets,
In all Universes,
Will only evolve now~ Forever for Eternity!
source: diannerobbins.com
Photo: Koronadal City PHILIPPINES September 3, 2020
Become aware that your thoughts instantly are creating.
Whatever you think – you attract.
Become aware that you are co-creator.
Your thoughts and feelings combine to co-create.
Do you wish to co-create more of the illusions, the fear, the negativity of the 3D?
Or do you wish to step into the Fullness of the Truth of who and what you are at soul level, as a fully empowered Source Being? In truth you embrace the whole of the Divine Source energy within yourself!
If you walk in joy and with joy, with gratitude and a deep appreciation, then you are stepping into the highest vibration of the I AM THAT I AM within.
You choose your thoughts wisely.
You choose to feel feelings of love and appreciation.
You indeed choose to embrace the ALL THAT IS, AS ONE within you and this brings inner balance, harmony and joy.
You are now co-creating the new life experience for yourself in the highest vibrational form. You fully step into the I AM THAT I AM, and taking full responsibility for what you are choosing to create.
What a gift!
I am choosing Joy.
I am choosing Love.
I am choosing Wisdom.
I am Joy.
I am Love.
I am Wisdom.
In truth all is there within you and what is there within you, is there outside of you.
Judith Kusel

Premium ideas are recognized by humanity


Premium ideas are recognized by humanity.

Stellar contacts promote themselves.

Highest alignments are encouraged.

Freedom comes.


source: gaiaportal.wordpress.com


The Golden Proportion is an elegant mathematical principle operating as the subtle INTELLIGENCE behind the fabric of TIME and SPACE. We can describe this principle as the “LOVE INTELLIGENCE” reflecting the perfect balance between ART and NUMBER (HEART and MIND) that engenders the organic processes of growth in Nature…In the words of John Major Jenkins:
“In my books on the tzolkin I have put forward the notion that the principle at the core of the 260-day cycle is none other than the Golden Proportion. I argue this by looking at the mathematics and the philosophy of the Golden Proportion, and compare it to what we know, and the Maya themselves offer, about the tzolkin. The Golden Proportion is a unique principle in nature. It determines the spirals in pine-cones, seashells, the geometry of the human body and appears in many other organic processes. In the words of Jose Arguelles, it is the principle of “self-same similarity.” So, it’s not strictly about spirals.”
KIN 160 and 161 mark the Golden Mean section of the Tzolkin Matrix (260/160= 1.625). Therefore KIN 160+161+162 as close numerical approximations to PHI(1.618), are highlighting this window of time as a KEY harmonic TIME node to focus our attention and intentions. On the Gregorian calendar this 3-DAY window corresponds to September 5, 6 and 7 and serve as preparation for the completion of 2600 DAYS from crossing the Galactic Synchronization Portal of July 26, 2013 KIN 164 Yellow Galactic Seed, next 09.09.2020. Please note that:
★ 2600 is a PERFECT FRACTAL of the sacred count of 260 days, the 260 Katuns comprised within the 13-Baktun cycle.
★ 2600 is also a PERFECT fractal of the Pleiadian Year comprised by 26,000 Earth-Years also known as the precession of the equinoxes.
Let’s examine in depth the profound significance of this point in TIME and its mathematical, cosmological, chronological and historical relevance:
φ • KIN 160 as 4Ahau corresponds to the ALPHA + OMEGA Points of the Mayan Long Count:
ALPHA: 4Ahaw 8Kumk’u
OMEGA: 4Ahaw 3K’ank’in
φ • KIN 160 ALSO corresponds to the YEAR 0 marker within the 13-Baktun Map Wave Harmonic of recorded History that José Arguelles introduced in for the first time in 1987 in The Mayan Factor.
On this fractal count each Unit of the Tzolkin corresponds to 1 katun (7200 days). Therefore there are 20 katuns of 7200 days per harmonic run. (20×7200=144.000 days = 1 Baktun)
As we can appreciate on the map, KIN 160 corresponds to the birth of Christ marking GROUND ZERO of the current calendrical system. This is of paramount importance considering the following facts:
φ • The Gregorian calendar is a program encoded with the belief system of the Christian faith. How is this? We are currently transiting the 20th year of the 3rd millenium… But the third millennium of what? The third millennium since the birth of Christ.
φ • This means that the belief system that has prevailed on Earth for the last 2020 years is correlated with the birth of Christ.
José wrote about this point:
“Let us now turn our attention to the arbitrary dating system, deemed as unquestionable truth by the human species. This arbitrary dating system that dominates the mindset of the world is actually the institutionalization of something called the “religion of Christ,” though it has nothing to do with Jesus Christ, the messenger about whom this religion is based.”
φ • Let’s remember that it was at the end of the 12th Baktun and the start of the 13th Baktun [LC] in the year A.D. 1618 when the Gregorian calendar took root as the institutionalization of false time and spread through the entire world.
φ • Please note that 1618 is a fractal of 1,618 or PHI. As a fractal numerical expression of the Golden Mean this year is therefore a MAJOR INTERSECTION POINT between the irregular Gregorian timeline and the perfect harmony of the Mayan count based on their advanced vigesimal mathematical system.
φ • The Gregorian year 1618 marks then the moment when we reach a PERFECT GOLDEN MEAN harmonic from the YEAR 0 and the YEAR 1000: (1000 + 618 ~ 1+0.618=1.618=PHI)
φ • As you can see on the diagram of the 13-Baktun Timeline of Recorded History, the year 1618 marks the PHI/Golden Mean point in time when the 13th baktun of 144.000 days meets the 12th Baktun, marking the completion of a CUBE composed of 1728.000 days (12 Baktuns = 12x12x12x1000 days).
φ • KIN 160 4Ahaw Christ codes the Golden Proportion of the Loom of Maya and the ALPHA and OMEGA of Time as the start and end dates of the 13-Baktun count.
In Lak’ech
To learn more please visit the report “Phinding PHI in Time” (2018) now banned from the web:
Please visit also:
Kin 162 ~ White Rhythmic Wind
‘Rhythmic’ is the name for the number six and its key words are ‘Balance, Organize and Equality’. This is the 6th day of the Red Earth wavespell. Day 6 is all about getting organized and sorting out your life. Take care of bills, housework, shopping etc; To be balanced one must walk the talk AND take care of business at the same time. We are spiritual beings of course but with a body and a life that needs to be taken care of. Being practical is an important grounding ritual that frees up your mind for more interesting things…so get it done.
Today is White Wind and its key words are ‘Communication, Spirit and Breath’. Today is the perfect day for organizing communication. Send a letter, organize a protest, hold a meeting or facilitate a workshop. Think about how your life could be better organized and think about how better you could express your needs. Connecting to spirit is another aspect of the White Wind….write a message on a piece of paper and put it under your pillow or say it out loud… spirit hears your messages but sometimes you have to speak up!
The Guide today is also White Wind and so a double helping.
The Challenge today is the Yellow Human. The human has much wisdom to share but on White Wind days they struggle to be heard. Yellow Humans need to be pushed sometimes to communicate, so if you are one, try harder today to get your message across, it’ll be worth the effort.
The Occult power today is the Blue Storm. Whenever in this position expect magical changes to occur. Some folk fear the storm but it often changes our lives in incredible ways. If you are a Blue Storm take advantage of being in the power spot today.
The Ally is the Red Earth which is also the wavespell we are in. It is always helpful when this occurs as the Ally and wavespell agenda – align positively. And if you know a Red Earth, even better…they can be a great help today offering support and friendship.
Here’s a great communication tool. If you have an android phone you can download this wonderful app….you can keep track of what day it is and convert any date. So much fun and thanks to David who developed it! Check out www.another-world.net
Thanks for reading.
6 IK – KIN 162
I organize in order to communicate
Balancing breath
I seal the input of SPIRIT
With the Rhythmic tone of equality
I AM guided by the power of MY OWN POWER DOUBLED
7/9/2020 = 7/9/22 =7/9/4 = 7/13=7/4 = 11=2
7 – Majik/Mystic/Spiritual/Initiation/Solitude
11 – Portal/Gate/Duality
2 – Partnership/Twins/Cooperation
9 – Destiny/Service/Humanity/Endings
4 – Form/Structure/Foundation/Earth
KIN 162 = 9 Divine Destiny
✨✨✨ Today’s code is a SUPER POWERFUL double dose of guidance from Spirit✨🌬🍃 seeking to bring more BALANCE into our world.
KIN 162 occurred 9 months ago on Solstice🌞 – December 21st, 2019 linking to that portal… so we have a very potent influence blowing through the PEARLY GATES today.
Day 6 in the RED EARTH WAVESPELL🌎 of evolution, through navigating our way through the signs, synchronicity and Earth Majik. Flowing and aligning with the rhythms and cycles of Nova Gaia.
Today we are LISTENING, communicating, and breathing life and Spirit into our physical bodies in order to organize for greater balance in our physical realities.
RHYTHMIC 🏋– Tone 6 in the PHYSICAL realm. ACTION – balances, POWER – organizes, ESSENCE – equality. The Rhythmic phase is the one where this all adventuring and radiating miracle that is you, learns to WALK! But consciously! Precisely! With fine organisational instincts. And what superb balance we see! Very soon you have mastered walking, and are up and running! Go forth and explore your territory!
Today is a great day to find BALANCE in your physical reality/body by using your BREATH to clear and balance any energetic blocks in your body, or your world, in order to come into greater ALIGNMENT with SPIRIT. A great day for Yoga, walking, dancing and singing!
Today we are organizing our physical reality for greater BALANCE and EQUALITY. A FANTASTIC DAY – for SPRING CLEANING, decluttering your house/space, organizing your office, channeling ideas, journaling or reflecting on your desires and DREAMS. It is time to allow your DREAMS to surface and FLOW through you, bringing them forth into your PHYSICAL REALITY!
CONSCIOUS SELF: & HIGHER SELF/GUIDE: WHITE WIND 🌬🍃🌬🍃-IK DOUBLE WIND POWER today, coupled with RED EARTH, so lots of signs and messages appearing to guide your path. Stop, be STILL and LISTEN to the whisperings of the Great White Wind. 🍃Great SPIRIT is communicating LOUD and CLEAR through the crystalline grid of consciousness. 🌐Each person is a hollow vessel to channel and universalize this FORCE, through their being.
The force of SPIRIT through the DIVINE PLAN for humanity WILL be amplified today as Divine Will is communicated and broadcast on the Earth plane.🌬🌎 Spirit will make it very CLEAR as to the true path to follow for the highest good of all. Any “voices” from sources “other than God/Goddess/Source” will fall on “deaf EARS” I am hearing – so that the people of Earth can finally attune to the ONE and only CHANNEL required to guide our evolutionary path out of this dark cycle and into the LIGHT! 🎆
So tune in and LISTEN to this station of PURE LOVE❤ & LIGHT🎆 for your instructions – as there are many messages queued to come through – to those willing to be STILL and LISTEN. Many ideas, projects, inventions, systems and solutions – waiting to be received and ACTIONED upon.. GET READY for GREAT THINGS!! ✨✨✨🎆🎆🎆
It is a brilliant day for planetary kin to come together, to network, to communicate, to create, to laugh, dance, sing, channel and meditate. Open your EARS,👂 your MIND👴 and HEART ❤to the voice🌬 of spirit.
SUPPORT: RED EARTH 🌏– CABAN works in unison with WHITE WIND, to facilitate greater connection to Pachamama and this grand Ascension cycle, that Spirit is guiding us through. Stand barefoot on the EARTH today and LISTEN to her rhythm as we breathe and dance, and begin to sing her song as we feel her heartbeat beneath our feet coursing up through our bodies.
As we channel Spirit’s messages we need to communicate these ideas to others in order to facilitate much needed change and anchor the new social systems upon our planet. First we must LISTEN to the signs and look for the synchronicities navigating our way forward to our BRILLIANT new fun filled and BLISSful future. Discerning the cycles and awakening to Gaia’s rumblings in our collective evolution.
The RHYTHMIC EARTH and WIND are brilliant allies in communicating HOW we can return to equilibrium… so LISTEN and organize for this to happen.
OCCULT/HIDDEN POWER: BLUE GALACTIC STORM 🌀– CAUAC Today we can receive revolutionary ideas from Spirit that serve to activate change. These ideas will be based on the principles of TRUTH, honesty, integrity, authenticity and EQUALITY – ensuring ALL people receive EQUAL benefit. All INCLUSIVE from now on
WWG1 WGA 👬👫👭
Allowing the change we experience through breathing the dance of LIFE in our physical bodies. As the STORM generates tremendous energy we can catalyze this in order to surge forwards, purified and cleansed partaking in much merriment. Accepting our roles in these transformational times as the ‘Agents of Change” – leading the way for others to follow, trusting in the Divine Plan and the process of transformation.🌀🌀
CHALLENGE/GIFT: YELLOW RHYTHMIC HUMAN 👴– EB challenges us today to ALIGN with Divine Will, allowing our will to dance with spirit. To surrender the will of our bodies to the call of Spirit. In doing so, we become strengthened. Releasing the need to plan and force a path with your limited MIND, not knowing the greater picture that Spirit has in store for us all.
We use our intelligence to make better choices and communicate our wisdom to our planetary kin, to manifest the brightest outcome for our PLANET.
YELLOW HUMAN enables us to look to the wisdom of the ancient ones, the wise ones and the prophets who knew the best ways to seed a beautiful new consciousness based on cooperative living in our Common-unities.
Surrender to the Will of the Divine to uncover your roadmap for your next evolutionary chapter.
Today’s question is “How can I allow the breath of Spirit to FLOW through me to bring more balance and equality into my LIFE and WORLD?”
“Am I willing and able to become a Divine conduit for Spirit?”
🐬🌈 ❤🐬🌈❤🐬🌈❤
Divine blessings for brilliant revelations today through channeling Spirit’s messages.
Namaste’ 🙏❤🙏❤🙏
In Lak’ech a la kin
Christina White Magnetic Worldbridger – KIN 66 🌏🌈
PICTURE CREDITS: Ascent of Spirit- Vladimir Kush DIVINE GRATITUDE 🙏❤🙏❤🙏

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