An ECLIPSE in our World Soul Consciousness – COLLECTIVE PLANETARY KUNDALINI AWAKENING  – Kin 98 ~ White Resonant Mirror

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 An ECLIPSE in our World Soul Consciousness – COLLECTIVE PLANETARY KUNDALINI AWAKENING  – Kin 98 ~ White Resonant Mirror

Judith Kusel

It is a time of great transition.
Be patient with yourself.
Have you noticed just how very fragile you are becoming? That is all right. You are merely breaking out of the old 3D shell, like a newly hatched chick and now growing into a whole new life, a new world and new beginnings. Tears are tears of deep healing now, and love..
Allow every day to become an unfolding, a growing, an opening, petal by precious petal of the higher dimensional you, as your own ego starts to disappear and you grow more into Oneness with the Divine and all that is.
It is a process.
Yes, there will be times when the old you will try to pull you back into duality and the 3D world. There will be times when you will feel the old impacts, the old things being churned up. During such times, it is wise to ask why those buttons are getting pushed, why you are allowing yourself to be pulled back in again and then to release and heal whatever still needs to be healed

 and released. You do not need it anymore.
It is wise to remember to clear your energy fields, even twice a day if needed. It is necessary for many souls are still being run by the 3D and all the uncertainties are churning up the old repeated miladies of humankind, and thus they are still in the middle of all the old programming, gripped in the same old fears of survival, and with it all the old traumas, the old wounds and the old stuff.
Instead of buying into all of that – bypass it. Let it go. It is not your stuff any longer. It is not your programming. It is not your karma anymore. (Of course, you have free will and choice – if your wish to go backwards, that is entirely up to you.)
It is through the open heart, and unconditional love of self and others that we rise into the higher dimensions and the deepest experience and knowing of Unity with the Divine and All-that-is. There is no separation. There is no THEY anymore, there are only WE.
There is no need to prove anything! You never need to prove that you are right or wrong, nor do you need to prove anyone else right or wrong. All of that is still steeped in duality beliefs and separation, and often desperation.
It only when the heart is fully open, deeply connected to the soul and our whole Being infused with the Divine and all Divinity, that we can see clearly, and we can truly operate from the higher Dimensional state, and gain the higher perspective.
To be in the world, but not OF it!
We become the living Truth of who and what we are!
One of the greatest joys of life as an ascended master is experiencing the freedom to speak your truth with purity of heart. Pure words bring unconditional love into the lives of all who hear them. They open the heart center of all who hear the words, and energetically read the intent behind the words.
You automatically trust someone whose speaks from the heart and soul and is vibrating truth.
The more we move and grow into the higher dimensional state, the more everyone will be required to speak the truth from their heart and soul. There will be no need for secrets, for cover ups, for lies, as all will be revealed through the vibration of their auras and energy fields. We will all be able to read their energy fields and their thoughts and intent. Pure truth will shine on Earth as we all radiate with Golden Light and live in highest alignment with the Divine Source, and All-That-is!
Judith Kusel


Isis Channelings

Full Moon on July 5 is Guru Purnima in India dedicated to The Guru /Teacher/ Buddha/ Shiva …The Light the dispels the darkness of ignorance. It’s also the last eclipse on the Cancer Capricorn Axis at 13 ° Capricorn.

This Lunar Eclipse also coincides with the Sun Sirius Conjunction , an event that sets in motion events that assist in bringing in a higher consciousness on pillars of Freedom , Sovereignty, Independence and Courage which are further based on The Blue Ray Energies of Divine Will, Power, Protection and Truth ( Link below)

A strong undercurrent that I’ve noticed in my sessions past few weeks is the ReAlignment or reconnection of the umbilical cord to the Ancient Divine Feminine Wisdom of New Foundational Creation ie reconnecting/ remembrance of The Ancient Wisdom before it was distorted/ hidden via vested interests aligned with shadow patriarchal attributes of Power Control and Domination for self serving interests. And ” This” is what I feel this Eclipse is All About….

There is lots to be dismantled on a personal, collective and planetary level that simply is Not Aligned with The Principles of Foundations of Life…The Flower of Life …which supports / upholds the Fundamental interconnectedness of Gaia and ALL her Sentient Expressions of Creative Life Force Energy which hinges on Reverance of ALL Life Forms and their Protection….something All Gurus/ Teachers/ Religions support at their core ( Grace, Tolerance, Kindness, Compassion) before being perforated by distortions and self serving attitudes.

May these Lunar Eclipse Energies assist us in releasing with Ease and Grace that which does not serve the Highest Good to enable a return to The Ancient Wisdom of Foundational Creation and Resurrection.

Link to Sun Sirius Conjunct…/sun-sirius-conjunc…/

Be Light ,InLight ,InGrace

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Gratitude to ElspethMcLean ( Flower of Life + Divine Feminine) and Artists Unknown ( let me the credits if you know the Artists)

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Divine Union Foundation & Speaking Tree of Life

 is celebrating 4th of july with Katherine Parker and 2 others.

22 hrs


Sandra Walter

** Sound Track – A New Vision – Darpan & Temple Step ~…/a-new-vision-invocation-with

“Today’s eclipse has deep esoteric influence, reigniting the Krysted trajectories set in place eons ago. After two very powerful June ECLIPSE ACTIVATIONS of our ancient Star lineage within our DNA/RNA and hearts, this final eclipse unlocks our Sovereign choice to INcend/Ascend, right through the Living Library of Gaia SoPhiA and our DIVINE DNA/RNA.

Thus, our Full Moon Eclipse is all about full surrender. The ability to surrender everything over in the trust in faith of yourself as the birther of your experience and the trust and faith in Source to provide for you all you’ve ever wanted regardless of the physical. We have focused too long on the physical world and reacting based on what we see and not on what we FEEL. Our energetic system is navigated by feeling and our senses. Yet, we’ve for too long allowed our eyes to be the determination in what we experience. This is about trust in the highest degree.

Sexual “Shakti” energy is life force energy- the creator/creatrix energy – the most powerful magnetic energy there is in creation – it is what creates realities, births new energies, and gives way to manifesting all desires. Ancient wisdom referred to the womb or the pelvic region as the Gateway to God SOURCE. You can expect this energy to being the unveiling of the energy portal to the Krysted Creator/Creatrix. This energy connects to our Root Chakra and our Sacral Chakra, which have remained the two biggest vaults to stored and carried ancestral and all-life traumas. The repression of these energy centers have inhibited the collective from fully tapping into the Krysted energies of their incarnation; stagnating the ability to know one’s self in truth, utilize the ancient magick of earth, connect to the intuition, psychic abilities, powerful manifestation, SOURCE, abundance, and prosperity. This repressed energy has caused the collective to be victims to circumstances of the material world instead of the creators; it has caused us to feel shame, unworthy, unsafe, guarded, and undeserving without compensation, effort, and “grinding”. The world and experience of life was never something that requires you to force your way through to make your desires materialize. The masculine energies have remained out of balance, disconnecting and causing shadows in these two energetic centers that have distorted our I AM presence. Unbalanced masculine energy has made society believe that we must push forward, grind, analyze, rationalize, and push our way to the top – it has been a industrial force of building and utilizing the mind to navigate through effort and physical force- we can bring forth what we want. Which has overtaken our beloved Earth. With power struggles, control, and enslavement. It has taken us away from our navigational systems and away from our understanding that the power truly lies in Spirit and our connection with Source. It has distorted our perception of God Source Creation. It has taken us away from KRYSTED nature our incarnations have been blessed with. This Full Moon ECLIPSE will be focusing on a deep clean and purge of the BASE Root Chakra and Sacral Chakra, washing away all that has been to restore the balance of the Divine Feminine Nature. Suppression of ancestral lineages will be purged as well.

This is additionally the marking of the collective’s Kundalini Awakening/Rising (or Vital Shakti reawakening). This is Divine Feminine life-force energy that sits coiled at the lower chakra points at the base of one’s spine. It is the cosmic universal omnipresent power that has been placed for potential rise and awakening within the human and planetary energetic centers. Meaning we were born for this window, to awaken to our highest sense of be-ing. The rising of this sacred Plasma River of energy allows life force energies to activate each chakric center and allow Source energy to rise through all vortexes to embody your highest self. This is activating dormant crystalline codes and awakening the crystalline DNA/RNA in the collective.

Earth has been previously inhibited with the old masculine archetypal templates. The Divine Feminine has predominantly remained hidden in its highest glory. Now we are in the Golden Age of REGENERATIVE CONSCIOUSNESS – where we see the resurrection of the Divine Feminine as the KOSMIC KRYSTAS. This does not mean the woman incarnation but the feminine energies that exist within ALL. This Full Moon Eclipse is igniting the Divine Feminine energies and acting as a full baptism of our beings to return to the SACRED BALANCE of energy within and without. We will be seeing many woman who lead this revolutionary time, and many men who have successfully balanced these energies being called now to rise into their positions as teachers in the Conscious Feminine/Masculine. This celestial alignment is the start of this revolutionary point in which the Awakened Feminine/Masculine is soaking us and bathing us all, returning us from the cold material world to our softened emotions, our highest intuition, our Source-God-Self, the birther of new realities, the gifted mystic and psychic abilities that lay within us ALL.

Our collective has had long standing trust issues – with themselves, with a higher power, and in relationships. Our guards have remained up and society has doubted, especially during the current socio-economic times, that we are taken care of, we have doubted our own instincts far too long and have not trusted our own intuitive guidance. We have not trusted God/Source to provide for us and to take prominence in the pathway of your life.

There are Galactic Brotherhood/Sisterhood IN/Ascension codes anchored in the United States ancient crystal beds. Deep beneath the major crystal vein which runs down the center of North America are Master Crystals encoded for our Ascension. They beam Revelation, Resurrection and Freedom codes for all willing hearts, and hold the records of Lemurian, Atlantean and Celestial trajectories for the IN/Ascension. America holds a significant role in the Ascension because of these Master Crystals and the Gateways anchored throughout the USA.

==> The next layer of Freedom codes are released through crystal beds. This happens one year after the initial release in 2019. It is an all-hearts-on-deck moment, regardless of your physical location. Connect to America before this event. Call these codes forth throughout this eclipse passage: Freedom, Resurrection, Revelation, IN/Ascension. These assist our Divine right to transcend limitation, and maintain a consistent state of Freedom/Bliss regardless of external circumstances.

It is our commission to hold the embodied higher light and embody the higher consciousness. Choose and create your experience wisely”

~ Mystic – Sandra Walter ~

~ Science – RASHA Morphogenetic Engineering ~


Lisa Marie Wright

We are no longer Source energy having a human experience We are dying to the human experience to be reborn as a unique expression of Spirit in Form…New HU-being
We are transforming from a dense carbon based vessel to a
Crystalined Lightbody…Never before has this process occurred in all of creation. Much change is occurring within the physical vessel/DNA
Listen to your body it will tell you what it needs. Sunshine and water provide the most benefits to activating/fueling a Lightbody.
We are not going back to normal What we once considered miraculous is the New Norm
Humanity is going cosmic
Are you ready for the Life of our wildest dreams?
Our Time has Come
Expect Miracles Always

L’Aura Pleiadian

“FULL MOON/Lunar Eclipse, July4/5th, 2020 ~ SHIFTS”

Here we go another monumental frequency shift of the HEART OPENING. On July 5th, 2020 at 1:44 am ADT, we have the Full Moon in Capricorn with a Lunar Eclipse. Coupled with some great fixed stars, this is a profound SHIFT in consciousness/opportunity.

Of course each being has unique opportunities based on their Blueprint/DNA and levels of awareness they are functioning through. That is; what filters are in place through awareness.

As of NOW with Mercury Retrograde also, stay aware of communicating slowly and clearly. Mercury goes direct on July 12th, 2020.

Also as like other Full Moon energy, with the Sun Opposite Moon, we have the increase in potential emotional responses, again based on conditioning and what memories are held in the subconscious mind. Add to this, the Lunar Eclipse then we have a POTENT mix, ultimately for your benefit, to stir up and release any hidden discrepancies of what you say you desire and what really is going on, under the surface.

With the Lunar Eclipse Opposite Mercury, Mercury Square Mars and Mercury Retrograde, there may be the tendency for rushed thinking and rushed communications. So remember SLOW DOWN, enter your heart. Speak through your heart!

The Lunar Eclipse is also Trine Uranus and with Mercury Sextile Uranus, we have the opportunity to enter THE HEART and profound Transformation with greater EASE. Also with a more expanded self awareness (again based on YOUR Blueprint) that is heightened in the sense of the senses. That is, beyond the limited self, into the Higher Self Awareness through the Heart.

Remember if you have struggles through this, it is for your benefit, to relax more deeply into your Heart, to then enter greater and greater SELF LOVE, experiences in moment to moment awareness.

This is all connected to your ASCENSION. That is BEING your eternal DIVINE Self through form. MASTERY of Form. Completed your Earth schooling. Being the Divine Cosmic God Self, that you already are, through the process of the HEART Unification, in the here and now.

In love we ACTIVATE YOU. In joy we celebrate NOW. Blessing all of YOU, through Love.


FULL MOON/Lunar Eclipse, July4/5th, 2020 ~ SHIFTS

L’Aura Pleiadian


Elizabeth Peru

9 hrs

Global energy is peaking right now. The Full Moon ECLIPSE has just taken place, pressure has been released and the build-up has helped you to make some life-enhancing choices. PERSONAL POWER is pivotal now…

You’ve heard me saying (for quite some time now) that when you focus upon what you’re FOR and what you LOVE, rather than channeling your precious energy into what you’re against – that you naturally take back your power. It’s a considered choice to pause before you speak or pause before you choose to engage. That’s the mature and wise path that SO many in our community of light are now creating.

Considered choices have power behind them. And as I tune into the collective right now, I sense that many thousands have finally accepted their self-worth. They are finally VALUING who they are – no excuses, no dulling the light. Just being AUTHENTIC and true 💙

Thank you to your dedication to your life path. I feel honoured to have been with you on the path for the past 20 years and am feeling more aligned than ever in 2020. What a stellar opportunity we have over the next 6 months. I’m here for you, guiding and supporting each day in THE TIP-OFF. Visit my website to learn more and create your subscription today

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Image: “Journey to the Universe” by chipperjay


Full Moon Lunar Eclipse in Capricorn- Taking Personal Responsibility, Completion of Inner Struggles within the Masculine Identity, Authenticity + Hard Work Pays Off

On July 4th/5th, we have the last of 3 eclipses for this Summer season. What a summer it has been already!!! As the Sun, which rules our: ego, life force and vitality comes to the 13th degree of Cancer, the moon, which rules our: emotions, intuition and feminine essence, becomes full in the opposing sign at 13 degrees of Capricorn. This isn’t a regular ol’ full moon, but a powerful and potent, Lunar Eclipse. Lunar eclipses are full moons on steroids and herald massive and unavoidable: endings, completions and manifestations. Eclipse energy is all about: changes, sudden events and curve balls. Capricorn, the 10th zodiac sign, deals with: authority, business, hard work, obligation and the masculine identity.

The Lunar Eclipse in Capricorn is here to bring completions and endings to some aspect of control and authority within our lives. This could have to do with a work or business project, that will finally be bearing fruit around the eclipse. Another side of this Lunar Eclipse in Capricorn will be an emotional release around: a father, boss or our inner masculine template. Capricorn, as mentioned above, rules the 10th house of the father and authority figure. There is a realization with this Eclipse about the distorted masculine society we have all been living inside of, and what shifts and evolution need to occur to create an empowered masculine essence. This is not a knock on my guys out there, as each one of us holds masculine as well as feminine energies. We were born into this distorted dynamic, and with recognition and awareness, we also hold the power to transform it. Major shifts of power and control could happen around this full moon, with little to no warning.

The Lunar Eclipse in Capricorn is making a positive, 120 degree trine to Uranus, who is currently in the sign of Taurus. Uranus, is the planet of: shocks, surprises and enlightenment. The Lunar Eclipse in a harmonious aspect to Uranus, will create lots of freedom and innovation, especially in regards to our emotional states and sense of security. We are willing to go out and try a different way or just think outside the box in regards to how we express our deepest desires.

Another aspect that is occurring at the same time of the Lunar Eclipse will be a tense aspect between retrograde Mercury in Cancer and Mars in Aries. Mercury the planet of: the mind, intellect and reason, is currently retrograde in the emotional and sensitive sign of Cancer. Mars, the planet of: action, willpower and aggression, is now home in the fiery and bold sign of Aries. Retrograde Mercury in Cancer in a square( tense aspect) to Mars in Aries, will have folks all kinds of moody and at times very snippy and ready to go to battle. The issue is with the planet of the mind retrograde will be that our thoughts and expressions could be very emotional and perhaps will not make much sense. Mars, since he is the warrior and home in his ruling sign, will want to plunge forward with little tact and patience to boot. You can see how these two could create a rather” passive aggressive” tone. My best advice with Retrograde Mercury in aspect to Mars will be to hold off on making assumptions or having any serious conversations where emotions and feelings will be involved. Wait, if you can, till Mercury turns direct next week( July 12th) or even better till the end of July.

The Lunar Eclipse in Capricorn is here to bring a finality to how we look at and integrate: control, order and obligations in our lives. With so many unknowns in our world at the moment, this is easier said than done. This lunar eclipse will ask that you find healing and solace with any “daddy” issues that still haunt you. This as described above, is a revision about what true masculinity represents. We are all letting go of some aspect that we cannot hold on to any longer. Past karma is ready to be reaped and this Lunar Eclipse will make that very clear and definite. The Lunar Eclipse in Capricorn is here to bring: manifestations for all of your hard work and efforts, finalize a wound with the inner masculine, and set the path for ultimate personal accountability and responsibility.

***Additional Addendum to my Post***
The US is also of course having a birthday at the time of this Lunar Eclipse and this is a huge deal. This suggests major and unavoidable endings and shifts in power and order. Of course we are already seeing this play out quite a bit. Anytime anyone or a country in this example, has an eclipse on their birthday, this is very rare, perhaps only happening once in a 100 years or so. The last Lunar Eclipse to happen on July 4th was a Total Lunar Eclipse in 1917. As I have mentioned in previous posts, eclipses can have an effect for up to a year after the actual event. This previous Total Lunar Eclipse that happened in 1917 on July 4th, was perhaps a precursor for the Spanish Flu that ravaged the US the following year in 1918. For this current Lunar Eclipse in Capricorn, according to the chart used by many for the US( July 4, 1776), will have the eclipse fall in the USA’s 2nd house. The 2nd house in astrology represents: $, values and resources. Expect massive change and upheaval for the US in regards to these areas of life, which we are already seeing. My goal is to always keep things positive, so again, personal responsibility and accountability are key. Fortunes have been created when folks stood in their power and owned their part in the matrix of our world. Sending my love and blessings to each one of you!!

For this powerful Lunar Eclipse in Capricorn, I am doing an extended sign horoscope on my Astromomma Patreon page:

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Hare in the Moon Astrology

13 hrs

Sunday July 5 2020

“When you focus with soul eyes, you will see home in many, many places.” Clarissa Pinkola Estes

A heads up! Everything Counts, Everything Matters….

The Lord of Time and Karma Saturn retrogrades back into Capricorn to make a wide conjunction with retrograde Pluto and Jupiter from now right through the autumn – the 3 change agents never more than 8 degrees apart from July 1st onwards and all at odds with Disruptor Eris- the engine behind the current social upheaval. Neptune is also retrograde as is Mercury and on July 11th Chiron turns retrograde. On July 19th Eris also turns backwards. The cosmic wheel is in reverse polarity and it will come to a crescendo over the next 10 weeks.

It’s a time for reflection, for unflinchingly reviewing the past. For looking honestly at what has brought us to this crossroads. All of this has enormous personal, private meaning for every one of us. (much more on this to come in my August 2020 5D Report).

July 5 2020 Lunar Eclipse 13 Capricorn:

This is the very last of 9 eclipses across Capricorn/Cancer since 2018. One by one, they have brought home to every single one of us the undeniable reality of the fragility and impermanence of life – as Saturn, Jupiter and Pluto’s transits through Capricorn at the same time have broken apart social frameworks, governments and the economy.

The eclipse falls on the USA Sun, increasing the splits and shifts, revealing truth after truth -a harbinger of the USA’s approaching karmic Pluto Return-the first since the Founding Fathers.

This Capricorn eclipse is a time to be very gentle with yourself – the world will feel harsh and emotions raw. The Capricorn Moon can be hard on those of us who are sensitives. With Sun and Moon square Chiron in Aries and Vesta conjunct the Sun, old childhood wounds and family issues need healing. As this is the very last eclipse across these signs for 9 years, take the time to look back and acknowledge how well you’ve managed to develop an unshakeable inner sense of personal security, even in the midst of relentless harsh reality checks, life shocks and upheavals. You now understand how important creating and offering sanctuary really is.

Take a moment to look back over your life since 2018, noticing where the small and big losses have taken place in your soul then embroider one last symbol on your Scar Coat. Acknowledge that some ways forward were cut off. That some of your hopes and dreams were crushed. Whilst these experiences have deepened your resilience, your individuation, your self-reliance, your awakening, they are also profound losses and need to be grieved as such. Ask yourself: Where are the places that must be remembered, marked and then left behind?

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This freefall through the triple eclipse tunnel doesn’t end until July 20th when the old ways won’t cut it anymore. If you are a Transmitter/Transformer/Current Holder/Creative, you need new strategies, new ways of thinking and a whole new paradigm to survive and thrive -sign up to my new July 5D Report:” High Heart Online”:

“Such cathartic wisdom and revelation in your words! Your Reports are that unwavering flickering light from the lighthouse that confirm my shaky steps on this uncharted path. You were born to do this! Thank you from my cosmic heart! “ Sunny P California

Art by Lori Menna

Ananda Sangha India

Wishing everyone a blessed Guru Purnima! 🌕🙏🙏🙏 Let’s remember the Guru’s eternal promise to all of us, his promise to return again and again for us!

“Yogananda told me one time, “When I have to come back into a body (he doesn’t have to come back; he was one of those great masters who does come back again and again to free others) – and as long as one stray brother is left by the wayside, I will ply my oars again and again across the ocean of delusion to bring him to my father’s home.”

And so he’s that kind of master who comes back again and again. The avatars of the great religions are all like that. They all come again and again because of their great compassion.”

– Excerpt from a talk by Swami Kriyananda

Ananda Sangha Mumbai

Tomorrow we will chant our hearts out to the Gurus, interspersed with guided visualizations and meditations to draw Their presence through Their various manifestations. Jai Guru!


The Tzolkin Times

9 hrs

Kin 98 ~ White Resonant Mirror

‘Resonant’ is the name for the number seven and it’s key words are ‘Attune, Inspire and Channel’. The 7th day of a wavespell falls mid point and at this stage of the journey it is time to attune and receive information using our intuition. We are in the Yellow Human wavespell and its agenda is all about fine tuning intuition, channeling wisdom and expressing our free will. So today is right in the middle of this psychic excursion and it’s on a ‘Resonant’ day. This is a fortuitous alignment. No matter what issues arise today the only solution is to pay attention to your gut feelings.

Today is the White Mirror and it represents ‘Reflection, Order and Endlessness.’ These days are all about having reality checks, and as it is a ‘Resonant’ day… this suggests the we have the opportunity to ‘channel the truth’. Focus on your third eye today and allow intuitions to come to you revealing important truths. Sounds easy I know – but we are all capable of finding answers this way it’s just that too often we forget to be still and listen. Light some incense, relax and trust that the answers will come. The Mirror doesn’t lie and reality checks aren’t always fun but they are essential if you want the truth in your life.

The Guide today is the White Dog and when Dog is in the guiding position he is showing you that the way forward is with love, and loving what you do – plus putting all of your heart in to whatever you do. The White Dog also represents the Heart Chakra and this suggests the heart can lead to the opening of the third eye, symbolizing that with a good heart and intent the truth comes easier. More importantly, any truth channeled today will be full of love… if it is with love you seek a connection to spirit.

The Challenge today is the Yellow Star which represents ‘Beauty and Art.’ People born on Yellow Star days have issues with reality checks. They see the world as such a beautiful place with a child like innocence, they don’t want to spoil things by facing truths that may be unpleasant. If you are a Yellow Star, it is always good practice to face your challenges as over time they become less and less difficult. You too can channel and attune to the day, recognize the beauty of this connection you have access too.

The Occult power is the Blue Night which represents ‘Dreams and Abundance.’ The dreamer has a wonderful imagination and when in this magical position, our dreams are given a magical boost. Think big today don’t be surprised if one of your dreams come true. Regarding all the other aspects of the day, channeling truth can lead to the answers you have been seeking which help with your dream quests.

The Ally is the nurturing Red Dragon which also symbolizes re birth. This is a great Ally for today and so I suggest you nurture yourself, take care of others and watch how this creates new beginnings. Remember too that today’s guide is the White Dog and so a lot of love and nurturing going on here.

Thanks for reading and please remember folks, I’m always ready and willing to answer your questions!



Christina Papageorgiou

5 JULY 2020


Inspiring ORDER
I seal the matrix of Endlessness
With the Resonant tone of Attunement
I AM guided by the power of HEART! 💓

5/7/2020 = 5/7/22 = 12/22 =3/4 =7

5- FREEDOM/Liberation/Change/Transformation
7- Majik/Mystic/Spiritual/Solitude
22- Architect of Peace/Master builder
4- Form/Structure/Foundation/Earth

KIN 98 = 17= 8 Infinity/Abundance/Flow

Another majikal day of SHATTERING ILLUSIONS! 💥💥


Day 7 in the YELLOW HUMAN WAVESPELL of wisdom, influence, intelligence, free will and Abundance. Today the MIRROR assists us in attuning to our distorted reflections in order to transcend through the WISDOM of TRUTH to evolve to the Divine HU-MAN.

RESONANT🔮 – Tone 7 in the EMOTIONAL realm. ACTION – inspires, POWER – channel, ESSENCE – attunement. The RESONANT tone provides the ability to fine tune and CHANNEL the majikal forces today to affect great healing and transformation. Remember that it is our VIBRATION that will energize our creation, and that this is broadcast through our EMOTIONAL body, rather than our mental body. So it is uber important that we are stable, calm and receptive to our feelings and what frequencies we are actually emitting, as a transmitter to the aetheric realm. At tone 7 our vibrating phenomenon, learns to be still and to listen. Mystical 7 understands that EVERYWHERE is majikal but right here is better, once we attune and then channel the majik through this present moment that is available to us all. Number 7 is also the frequency of the Mystic and the Magician which strengthens our ability to affect real change and transformation in our lives. The 7 Majik code is operative all of July so much MAJIK is afoot! 💫💫💫

What are you ATTUNED to today? What is possible for you once you release your emotional attachment to FEAR based responses?


CONSCIOUS SELF: WHITE MIRROR 🔎🔮 ETZNAB represents the Hall of Mirrors, where you can FACE your own reflection today and see the TRUTH about yourself, and your relationships with full CLARITY. WHITE MIRROR merely REFLECTS what IS, whether truth, beauty or ILLUSION, what you SEE depends on your individual filter that has been honed through your past experiences. Here you can face unfinished business, the dissonance of difficulties, or charged issues that would keep you from the full expression of your Divinity. Become aware of any illusions or distortions within yourself; your clarity of perception will transform them. Take a moment to see yourself as you actually are, shadow and all, freed from the miasm of mental illusion. You are being given the gift of IN-SIGHT today! Use the world and other people as mirrors for your discovery process. Experiment with letting go or taking the other’s viewpoint. Step into the other side of the mirror. Use the sword of discernment to cut away judgement of self and others. As you learn to truly SEE yourself, you begin to see your emotional RE-ACTIONS as signs indicating where to focus your awareness for growth.

On a Planetary level there is much F.E.A.R. – False Evidence Appearing REAL – that the dark “controllers” are desperately projecting on the masses, continuing to push their false narrative… Despite their desperate attempts to keep us enslaved, we can refuse to dwell in their Matrix World and their false MIRROR world IS shattering now. 💥

Keep holding your HIGH VIBE 🌈and attune to your desired reality and our UTOPIAN timeline, and it WILL securely take HOLD..

💥We are currently in the eclipse window of the Full Moon 🌒Lunar eclipse in Capricorn🐐.. Capricorn represents authority, the father, and the patriarchal control systems – so this lunar eclipse in the degree of the Goddess, and Cosmic Consciousness 13 degrees 37 minutes. (1+3+3+7=14=5 LIBERATION💥) will help us AWAKEN to Higher LOVE and values, giving humanity a RESET and liberate us from the dominating control puppeteers… NO STRINGS ATTACHED now!!

WHITE MIRROR can represent either the trap in the Hall of Mirrors, or the KEY 🔑that turns the MIRROR into doorways of opportunity into new realms. Take the golden KEY to discover what wonders lie beyond the doors and FREE yourself from your imagined prison. The aspects of self that you consider weaknesses, flaws, and problems are actually allies. Through your desire to be whole, a bright spotlight shines on the very areas that you usually try to hide. Then you can walk through the mirror into a NEW BRIGHTER REALITY and a better World.


HIGHER SELF/GUIDE: WHITE DOG 🐕 OC brings forth the POWER of UNCONDITIONAL LOVE and TRUTH! Beautiful energies to add to our attunement and channelling powers today, as the White kin are the refiners. Purifying us in order to hold a higher LIGHT quotient. OC inspires us through the TRUTH of our HEART. We can attune to what is, and divine guidance through our Heart Chakra. Looking clearly in the MIRROR through the filter of LOVE, forgiveness, kindness and compassion for all that is revealed. As we forgive we inspire others to join us in the act of forgiveness, bestowing compassion and kindness in our actions.
We can BLESS our past and those in it, in order to move forward, bringing perfect alignment in all our relationships.

On a global level White Dog is flooding our planet with the Truth and LOVE of Spirit… DIVINE LOVE is at the helm and DIVINE LOVE reigns supreme.. So TRUST that GOD/GODDESS/SPIRIT has our back. All that is not LOVE and seems a betrayal, only serves to return us to a higher state of Divine Love. Anything lower is but an ILLUSION!


SUPPORT: RED DRAGON 🐉– IMIX inspires us to respond in a caring and compassionate way. Attuning to LOVE, nurturance and protecting our beloveds. We are guided to attune to the responsibility of AWAKENING in order to birth a greater vision of ourselves and our planet, based on DIVINE TRUTH and UNCONDITIONAL LOVE.. Following our Heart’s calling, as we return to our SOURCE through the void of Creation. B-Earth-ing the HIGHEST REALITY beyond the ILLUSION.

OCCULT/HIDDEN POWER: BLUE RESONANT NIGHT 🌃💰– AKBAL dives deep down into the abyss, bringing LIGHT through the HALL OF MIRRORS to all our deep subconscious distortions both on a personal level and a collective level. ALL IS REVEALED through the LIGHT of TRUTH and LOVE today. Use your intuition to attune to the signs that AKBAL is revealing through your DREAMS as today’s SUPERPOWER. Trust your intuition and what you are sensing as the TRUTH, beyond the shadows of illusion. Allow more LIGHT to reveal what has been blocking our personal and collective ABUNDANCE today. CLEAR THE WAY for ABUNDANCE and happiness to FLOW, unlock the FLOODGATES with your GOLDEN KEY! 🔑


CHALLENGE/GIFT: YELLOW STAR – 🌟LAMAT challenges us to attune to BEAUTY, GRACE and HARMONY. Take your focus away from the ugliness, distortions and discordance and witness the vast endlessness of God’s creative wonders. A vast panorama of untold wonder. The majority of Earth’s population are PEACE loving people who wish to live in harmony with each other and our planet, however the distorted projections of the less than 1% of the dark ones have polluted our views, perceptions and reality with their false narrative.

What are you attuning to? Is your world black versus white, or are you seeing the whole rainbow spectrum of creation – a beautiful palate in which to paint your landscape? Our world is BEAUTIFUL indeed. As we unite with Mother Gaia – to shake off the parasitic entities riding on her back, she can now take back her POWER and guide us back to EDEN. 🌴🍇🐬🍒🌈🍍🌴

LAMAT challenges us to attune to our inner BEAUTY of our soul essence. To channel messages directly from Spirit which leads us to greater balance, harmony and divine alignment inspiring others to do the same.. Clear the distortions and remove the dust in order for your DIAMOND💎 CORE to be revealed, the crystal clear CLARITY and BRILLIANCE, SHINING BRIGHT for all to see that you have MASTERED the trap of the HALL OF MIRRORS! Walk through the YELLOW DOOR and you are FREE to become the YELLOW GOLDEN🌟 CHRISTED HU-MAN! 🎆🎆🎆

 The TRUTH now, you SHALL hear! Attune to the pure resonance of your HEART, which shall show you the way forward.

Today’s questions are “How can I ATTUNE to the TRUTH through my PURE HEART and stand in the LIGHT of my full Mystical power?”

As a collective – “How can we ignore the F.E.A.R and attune to the Beautiful World that we are cocreating?”


Divine blessings for your DIVINE ATTUNEMENT to BEAUTY, PEACE and ABUNDANCE today!! 💟💝💓💞

Namaste’ 🙏🙏🙏
In Lak’ech a la kin
Christina White Magnetic Worldbridger – KIN 66 🌏🌈

PICTURE CREDIT: Isaac Newton’s Prism Experiment – Unknown Artist; DIVINE GRATITUDE 🙏🙏🙏
Isaac Newton’s 1666 experiment of bending white light through a prism demonstrated that all the colors already existed in the light,

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