Mother Earth’s Spinal Column is NOW BEing tuned into the Galactic Core Spinal Column – Kin 54: White Lunar Wizard

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Mother Earth’s Spinal Column is NOW BEing tuned into the Galactic Core Spinal Column ~ Kin 54: White Lunar Wizard

Judith Kusel

We are going through intense Upgrades as the Pineal and Pituitary Glands, linking to the Spinal Column Lightning Rod and Tuning Fork are NOW BEing Activated to the 5th and 7th Dimensional Frequency Band.

It is bringing immense Cellular Changes on All levels, as our Lighter Crystalline bodies are getting more Activated, and we NOW are BEing tuned into the Galactic Frequencies.

The Paradise Keys and Codes are being downloaded and are thus changing our whole bodies, and this is a tuning in to the Highest Degrees.

We literally come from the Stars and we are BEing tuned into the Star Frequencies at Galactic Levels.

Mother Earth’s Spinal Column is NOW BEing tuned into the Galactic Core Spinal Column, and through her, we are BEing tuned into the Galactic Core.

When Atlantis fell our Pineal and Pituitary Glands Huge capacity to access cosmic information was closed down. This happened because the Atlantean implanted control boxes into the Cranium area, which literally blocked us from accessing the Universal Knowledge and Universal Frequencies.

These implants are NOW Disintegrating and CANNOT hold frequency anymore.

As the 3D is NOW Disintegrating, and Mother Earth Ascending very rapidly into the 5th Dimensional State, the 9th and 12th Dimensional States are making themselves felt.

Many of the Galactic Masters are NOW working with Humanity and working with us from the 9th to 12 Dimensional States.

They are working with those LightWorkers who are ready to Ascend on all levels, and lead Humanity Home into the 5th and very rapidly, the 7th.

Note that you will need to allow this immense Upgrading to assimilate in your physical body.

The Upgrades Will increase NOW, and We need to keep up with planet Earth.

So much of the old will be churning up NOW which needs to BE Released.

This is a Deep Alchemical Transfusion, Transmutation and Transcendence in the Highest sense.

We are BEing Transformed in the Golden Sun Race, we once were in the very BEginning at the time of Elysium and the Lion Kingdom.

We are Rising!



We are NOW on a Positive, HIGH Vibrating Space.

The Clearer and Cleaner We make our Energies, Intentions, and Actions, the more We Affect, on a Moment by Moment basis, the Lifting Vibration of Humanity and Gaia and the Healing Waves of LIGHT.

There is NO Space in this process for fear…

It is the Expansion of Healing LOVE.

It is the Healing and Perfect Acceptance offered by the Christ Energy… and We are All HERE and NOW Endowed with this Energy.

It is our Birth Right as HUmans and it is NOW BEginning to increase Within us as the Vibrations increase.

So, We may use our inner Christ Energy and Divine Spark to Heal our SELVES and Forgive our SELVES and Others.

We NOW need to connect to our SOULs on a daily basis…

Release our dependency from Digital Media…

BE Honest and Sincere with our SELVES…

Connect to what is Beautiful, Pure and True…

Develop Nobility of Character and Release Judgement and Denial.

The “Quantum Leap” has already occurred ❣️

And it is Unstoppable ❣️❣️❣️

with Sacred LOVE of ONE,
Pars Kutay


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Photo: Incoming Divine Source Energy of HIGH-Frequency Gamma Photon Light Codes captured today May 21, 2020 by Jenna Susan Ballantyne

Unity Grace is with Shane Shema-Sheniy Froio and 2 others.

calling in the ancestors

the ancient future selves

truly angels, truly

the lifting of the veils

Comet Atlas Comet swan


are wi ready to release the roles wi have been playing?

Swan song Signus = the final performance

ready for retirement ?


If you order any product on Amazon through the following links the proceeds will go towards the Ecuador healing retreat center.

New Moon in Gemini, May 22nd, 2020 ~ Heart AWAKENING

This NEW MOON on Friday May 22nd, 2020 at 2:38 pm ADT in Gemini, is a profound NEW 28 Day Beginning.  NOW we have VENUS Retrograde which started May 13th, 2020 and lasts till June 25th, 2020.

During this Venus Retrograde we enter a FATED period and experience potentials related to karma, past life memories and either the return of people into your life or possibly someone new.

Your CURRENT state of conscious AWARENESS is designed for you to experience WHAT comes up for you. That which is hidden within the subconscious as memory TO BE cleared may come up. If you live in the now in the present MOMENT through your heart then the limitless potentials are available for you through your blueprint and unique LIFE PLAN design. All of this either way is for your benefit and is based on the frequencies your REALITY awareness plays THROUGH.

The NEW MOON always represents a new beginning and with that greater energy to begin anew.  This is the LAST Moon cycle of an ECLIPSE cycle and ends with the June 5th,  2020 lunar eclipse.

This New Moon is trine Saturn and offers a slow and steady FLOW for the energies to flow through YOU. As nothing happens to YOU ONLY through YOU.

Mercury and Venus are both square Neptune, which will bring up confusion, paranoia and insecurities. NOW remember if that is WITHIN YOU, potentially it will ARISE. Nothing is experienced unless it is within your OWN CONSCIOUSNESS. There is no OUT THERE.  THE out there of experience is the RESULT of the cause (your frequency) within you.

This NEW Moon is Conjunct Alcyone in the Pleiades. Which again will impact you based on your OWN unique blueprint. Potentially can bring increased pain, suffering and sickness. If you are ALIGNED AUSPICIOUSLY  and your unique chart is one in harmony with Alcyone, then this may increase the feeling of the FATED experiences that flow through you with relationships. Specifically with Soul Mates and Twin Flames.

Again always DEVELOP your awareness level. This includes knowing when you are in your heart or not. As well be aware of the thoughts in all moments that you are experiencing. THIS IS MASTERY. Mastery is AWARENESS. The Heart is the HEAVEN on Earth.

When you are living through your heart you LIVE ONLY in the Moment as FLOW.

When you are not living through your heart you are living in worry and a TIME based reality. Always wanting to change THAT WHICH IS NOW.


Wake UP to that which flows NOW as the Heaven on EARTH and the magic beyond your wildest imagination. NOW. In this the eternal love, we ACTIVATE YOU.



New Moon in Gemini- Chatty Chatty Baby, Re-Invention is a Slow Process, Playful Masterpieces

On May 22nd, the Moon, which rules our: emotions, gut instinct and intuition, becomes new at 2 degrees of Gemini. New moons are all about: fresh starts, new beginnings and new creations. Gemini, the 3rd zodiac sign is known to be: intellectual, communicative, playful, curious and whimsical.

The New Moon in Gemini will bring in a fresh air of intellectual prowess and communication. We are ready to speak our truths and create a new dawn of existence. The New Moon’s ruling planet, Mercury, the planet of: communication, contracts and news, is also in his home sign of Gemini at the time of the new moon. This makes for a DOUBLE dose of verbal expressions and masterpieces to be created. This is an excellent time to create that blog, book or any other project that deals with communication. We will be feeling lighter and more curious. Gemini, being a mutable sign, is very flexible and will provide a child like imagination to all of these new plans and projects.

The New Moon in Gemini will be forming a beautiful and beneficial 120 degree trine to retrograde Saturn in Aquarius. Saturn, is the planet of: structures, obligations, hard work and lessons. Aquarius, the 11th zodiac sign, is all about: invention, originality, genius invention and independence. The New Moon in Gemini in harmony with Saturn in Aquarius, will allow for slow but steady progress to our creations. The systems and plans we put in place with this aspect might take a while and patience to develop but they will be long lasting and sustainable. Being that both the New Moon and Saturn are in air signs, a lot of this invention and mad hatter creations will come to us perhaps through the airwaves and could be sudden and perhaps unexpected. The intellectual channels of expression will be strong with this aspect and our little brains will be hard at work conjuring up these new en devours.

The New Moon in Gemini is here to awaken your mind to infinite possibilities around communication and curiosity. This airy and cerebral moon wants to allow your mind to roam with imagination and child like wonder. What could you create if you didn’t have any boundaries? The Gemini new moon wants you to stay sharp and present within the moment. In reality, that’s all there really is.

The Gemini new moon is here to: shine brilliance to your intellectual side, help you speak up and speak loud, and allow your dreams and plans to be created from a solid and firm foundation.

Those who have early degree Gemini placements( between 0-4 degrees of Gemini) as their: Sun, Moon, AC/DC, IC/MC, will be most affected by La Luna a new in Gemini. We will be under the effects of this New Moon in Gemini until the Full Moon in Sagittarius on June 5th, which will also be a Partial Lunar Eclipse.

For this New Moon in Gemini, I am doing an extended sign horoscope on my Astromomma Patreon page:

These horoscopes, which are channeled from spirit, give you: practical, tangible and enlightening advice on how best to navigate this transit according to your individual sign.

Patreon, is a huge supporter of mine, and is a subscription based model of a $4 or $6 USD monthly contribution, that gives you access to all my special extended horoscopes and articles. In addition, you receive discounts on my astrology and tarot readings. Your support is always appreciated but even more so now with all that is going on. Thank you for your trust and love, be well my loves!

© Astromomma, 2020

Image: Emma Fane

Intuitive Astrology: Gemini New Moon May 2020

by Tanaaz

The Gemini New Moon on May 22, 2020 is a busy one. It strengthens the Pleiadean Portal and involves energy from Venus, Mercury, Neptune, and Saturn.

All of this cosmic activity may feel a little overwhelming, but there is a way we can use it to our advantage.

The New Moon represents the start of new lunar cycle. It is a time to plant seeds, set intentions, and to think about what we wish to create. But it is also a time of turning inward.

Think of the New Moon like a seed that has been planted. The seed is programmed with a certain code but there is lies, buried in the dark soil, uncertain of what’s to come or what it will turn out to be.

The New Moon is really the Dark Moon, when the night sky is dark and there is no Moon visible in the sky.

This is a time of magic, of darkness – not the darkness that keeps you up at night, but the darkness of transformation, of unknowing.
There is magic in the unknowing. There is magic in being that seed that is waiting to sprout. It is how all creation begins and the New Moon is a time to honor and tune in to those creative powers.

As the New Moon falls in Gemini, the sign of the twins, we may feel pulled in two directions. We may feel our heart wanting to go one way, and our mind wanting to go the other.

Or, we may simply feel a sense of confusion, a sense of loss or even hopelessness. The dark night of the New Moon can seem endless, but the light will always return.

The Gemini twins also represent being connected to earth and connected to heaven. Being the bridge between these two states is what life is all about and we may be reminded of this on the New Moon.

How do we live connected to the physical reality we see and the spirit reality we feel?
Retrograde Saturn is active on this New Moon too and provides some grounded energy. It supports us in setting goals and thinking about things in a more practical and methodical way.

Saturn wants us to use our powers of creation on this New Moon to make wise choices that will stand the test of time.

Saturn calls for us get real with what is happening in our lives. It wants us to think about the long term and put plans in place as best we can.

What steps and actions can you take on this New Moon that will support and nourish your future and where you wish to head?
While Saturn adds some practicality and earthiness, we also have strong water and air energy floating in from Mercury, Venus, and Neptune.

Mercury and Retrograde Venus will be at the exact same degree of the zodiac- 20 degrees of Gemini, at the time of this New Moon.

This cosmic duo teaming up are a beautiful match, but they both make alignments to Neptune and this is where the clouds roll in.

Neptune is the planet of spirituality and dreams, but also illusions. Neptune can color our reality, allowing us to see new potentials but also, fogginess.

With Venus Retrograde and Neptune’s presence here, we may feel a little confused about which way to turn. This energy may enhance that feeling of being pulled in two directions or create a feeling of disconnect between our heart and mind.

In order to navigate this energy, go within to the place of your own inner knowing.
We have so much energy in the cosmos right now supporting us to dive in deep and to trust the process that is unfolding around us.

Rather than getting lost indecision, we are asked to wait and trust that we will be guided to the right answers.

The right answers are always there, and with a gentle patience, we will break free of the fog and find our way to where we need to be.

The Gemini New Moon may make us feel that we have been buried in the darkness, but that only means we are on a journey of finding our way to a new light.
This is a powerful time for ritual work, for setting intentions, and for thinking about our long term plans.

While we don’t have to map out our entire lives, these planets come together to help us figure out what we want and what we are willing to do to make it happen.

Trust your inner wisdom, and if you feel confused, retreat within. Give yourself permission to wait until the right answer floats up and you are met with knowing.

Copyright 2020 Forever Conscious

Paul Dobree-Carey

Comet Swan is now closer to the Sun than the Earth is, having travelled past the Earth at 111,000 mph. The Sun has been heralding its arrival like harmonic trumpets by releasing streams of solar winds that paves the way like cosmic palm leaves strewn along its chosen path.

Had a large celestial ship arrived from a distant star system and landed on Earth, the impact of the reaction would have been tremendous and life changing, many ready but many more not, with countless implications that would be created. What better way than a humble comet, built from the same star-seeded material as vulnerable human bodies, to deliver the latest and greatest ascension energies thus received so far – the Gift of Sovereignty.

As with all gifts, we can gratefully receive them or we can put them to one side, not understanding their significance or true purpose. For this gift has greater implications than any other experienced by Gaia’s offspring since the mighty days of Atlantis.

The Gift of Sovereignty unlocks and releases the direct frequencies within the Fifth Dimensional Diamond Core Heart Centre for full power and unrestricted control of creative manifestation within the Earthly plane. This is something that many of the other star nations have been extremely cautious about consenting to the populous by those who deemed readiness for those on Earth.

Since the harmonic convergence of 1987, many star-seeds, light workers, shamans, spiritual teachers, walk-ins and incarnated entities have worked tirelessly to establish the crystalline matrix, clear major node points, sacred sites, water / land purifications and blessings in preparation for this time.

Just as the Swan represents the Bird of Royalty, many who have previously claimed Sovereignty under Divine BirthRight and Royal bloodlines using false platforms of power that has risen them to rule above the echelons of society, will crumble and fall. It is not material wealth that will carry one into the higher frequencies of Fifth Dimensional existence. Hearts of darkness do not shine and no man or woman should be considered superior to others solely due to undeserved positions of power and dominance over others. The Blazing Comet Swan transmutes into becoming the fiery Phoenix of Transformation as its journey takes it closer and closer to the Sun, just as Comet Atlas represented the crumbling of world order and structured systems breaking apart around us before it.

Sovereignty requires the knowledge that an individual vessel of Source is fully and unequivocally responsible for all that happens as a direct result of their existence. Each action taken, each thought and deed has a direct impact on every other individual aligned to the resonances of the collective consciousness. As each Soul has created multiple emanations of third dimensional colour ray-encoded archetypes, each incarnated life has contributed a wealth of experience and knowledge over the eons of time given to the development of Earth.

As every Soul NOW creates One to become worthy of achieving Sovereignty, know that it in this lifetime that YOU will finally achieve this. The Eye of the Needle sits on the very peak of your personal Pyramid of Light built from countless lifetimes across every civilization of existence. Its true nature becomes known rather than the distorted and misrepresented image it had become.

Leading into the Soulstice period, the full impact of Unity Consciousness will be felt by all and those prepared and ready will begin to show their true colours to those who are not. Prepare to receive your gifts for you are deserved and worthy of all that this Universe has to offer. The place is Here and the time is Now.

Changes will take place in this world once everyone recognizes their Sovereignty and adopts Self-Responsibility for the energies that they carry, react and project onto Others. Until such time, be nice, be kind, be thought full rather than thought less, for each thought carries weight to the object of focus charged with intention.

And so in word and thought and deed, be kind to those in most of need,
Within these gifts you give to Others, is Love for all Sisters and Brothers.

With Loving Blessings 
Paul Dobree-Carey

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The Tzolkin Times

13 hrs

Kin 54 ~ White Lunar Wizard

‘Lunar’ is the name for the number two and it’s key words are ‘Polarize, Challenge and Stabilize.’ Lunar days can be tough no doubt but any journey worth taking has it’s obstacles and on number two days, we can practice the art of problem solving. We have just embarked on a 13 day journey of the Red Skywalker which invites us to do things out of the ordinary, to be explorers and to partake in adventures. This being the second day, we must identify what challenges we face so me may progress.

Today is White Wizard and keys words associated with it are ‘Enchantment, Receptivity and Timelessness’. The Wizard of the Tzolkin is a charming character who can mesmerize all that encounters him. If you are a Wizard you are always charming but when it’s your day, you have even more power over others so be careful how you use your charms. We can all take a leaf out of Wizard’s ‘book of spells’ and be wizards ourselves today and enchant others. As it is a ‘Lunar’ day and that represents challenges, beware that you do not fall under the spell of some who misuses their charm.

The Guide for the day is White Worldbridger. The Wizard and the Worldbridger are both very Shamanic and go well together. This suggests that today could be a little trippy. An invitation to go down the rabbit hole may come your way. The bridge you cross may well be enchanted.

The Challenge for the day is Yellow Seed and so if you were born a Yellow Seed, you will find it hard to be enchanting which can cause frustration as all you want to do is ‘sow awareness’. People are more likely to listen to you if you try harder to be charming.

The Occult power is the Blue Hand which represents ‘Healing and Accomplishment’. This helpful energy in the position of magic means some very magical healing can take place today. This is very ‘handy’ as Lunar days can be tough.

The Ally is the Red Serpent and so if you know one they can be very supportive today. Red Serpents won’t be affected by the Lunar challenge as much because they are in this position of Ally. They are everyone’s invaluable friend and if you are one, make it your mission today to help out others.

Christina Papageorgiou

2 IX – KIN 54
22 MAY 2020


I polarize in order to Enchant
Stabilizing receptivity
I seal the output of timelessness
With the Lunar tone of Challenge
I AM guided by the power of Death.

22/5/2020 = 22/5/22 = 4/5/4 = 13 = 4
22/22 – Architect of PEACE – foundation of NEW EARTH
22 – Master Builder
4 – Form/Structure/Foundation/Earth
5 – Liberation/Change/Transformation
2 – Twins/Partner/Cooperation
13 – The GODDESS/Cosmic Consciousness/Natural Lore

KIN 54 = 9 Destiny/Service/Compassion/Humanity/Endings

Revolutionary duality 🌓challenges may arise to be STABILIZED, heralding wondrous transformation!💫


Day 2 in the RED SKYWALKER WAVESPELL of awakening, exploration and EXPANSION. Today we become AWARE of the opposing physical forces at play on the Earth plane which have limited our GROWTH and EXPANSION, thwarting our adventures. We realize that we are needing to anchor deeply into the EARTH, in order to allow our EXPANSION into the stars!!

LUNAR🌓– Tone 2 in the PHYSICAL realm. The LUNAR tone represents the sacred twins, cooperation, relationship, polarity of male and female and duality. It’s ACTION – polarizes, POWER – challenges, ESSENCE – stabilizing. Today’s code very strongly emphasizes the DUALITY GAME here on Earth, and the constant battle between opposing forces – LIGHT vs DARK, GOOD vs EVIL, YIN vs YANG, Masculine vs FEMININE.. These duelling forces create FRICTION and resistance to keep each other in check, so that no one force becomes too dominant. This constant flux can be quite challenging (and draining) for those being buffeted by this push/pull dynamic.. The solution is to STABILIZE these forces by acknowledging BOTH forces and coming to a point of NEUTRALITY or UNITY… As two OPPOSING forces – join together to become ONE – both different and EQUAL expressions of the ONE – two sides of the one coin. STABILIZING the POLARITY then creates the SPACE for EXPLORATION, EXPANSION and ADVENTURE.

Today we have a 22/5/22 portal code – seeking to LIBERATE this POLARITY battle and build a NEW FOUNDATION of PEACE…The SUN is in GEMINI👫 – and we also have a DARK MOON or VOID leading into the GEMINI NEW MOON. The SUN and MOON are conjunct at 2 degrees… and we also have the 20 degree – AWAKENING code emphasized throughout by Mercury (communication), Neptune (higher spiritual love) and also Venus (the GODDESS of LOVE) conjunct Mercury at 20 degress… So with this abundance of 2 codes – harmonizing relationships, and polarity conflict, is very much the order of the day!

GEMINI represents the TWINS – both LIGHT and DARK aspects – having one foot in each – so this is VERY POTENT creation energy for NEW BEGINNINGS in relationships, harmonizing the polarity battles and building a bridge of PEACE between the masculine and feminine aspects at play.

A day filled with questioning how you can transcend the old paradigm of conflict, resistance and challenge using your inner Magician with the power of accomplishment. It is TIME to step out of the duality game and all it’s possible challenges in order to resolve FEARS leading you back to wholeness. Become more RECEPTIVE to the MAJIK💫 that surrounds you and SHOOT for the STARS! A NEW WORLD AWAITS! 🌈💞🌍


CONSCIOUS SELF: WHITE WIZARD 🔮 Ix brings forth the power of Majik, enchantment, benefic spell casting and manifesting through our true HEARTS. The WHITE WIZARD enables us to bypass the polarity battles and focus our energy elsewhere. By connecting to Spirit through our HEART chakra we can bring through great ENCHANTMENT that melts all friction and conflict. As this PURE loving energy is directed at UNITY and stabilizing PEACEful outcomes it can then LIBERATE our SKYWALKER to experience more exciting ADVENTURES.

IX has endless power to tap into all realms in the multi-Universe through his receptivity and ability to channel these forces through his physical body. WHITE WIZARD works beautifully with his buddy BEN, the RED SKYWALKER as together they can indeed access infinite information, codes and territories. So allow IX and BEN to take you to places and spaces and show you wondrous NEW WORLDS to anchor in your own physical realm. Be like a child who loves to explore and allow the enchantment to LIFT you upwards to New Horizons, new opportunities and new chapters!

HIGHER SELF/GUIDE: WHITE WORLDBRIDGER 🌈🌉🌍– CIMI seals the store of Death! The DEATH of POLARITY BATTLES and the END of the war between the sexes. CIMI is building NEW BRIDGES 🌉which create CONNECTIONS – one END of the bridge on each side, bringing the two sides together onto COMMON GROUND. CIMI beautifully closes the old cycle of the patriarchal control Matrix, which has suppressed our sense of adventure and joie de vivre! CIMI is the gatekeeper opening the prison cell and ensuring your Majikal LIBERATION is accomplished.

Together with the 5 and 9 codes, emphasizing endings and Divine destiny, shows us that your old life is OVER! We may encounter difficulties being RECEPTIVE to anchoring multi-dimensional planes, yet it is the anchoring of these different worlds through our capacity to SURRENDER that enables us to build the necessary bridges to wondrous new worlds and dimensions. This in turn grounds are awakening process!


SUPPORT: RED SERPENT 🐍– CHICCHAN carries the power of life force, kundalini, instinct, survival, wisdom and awakening. It can also hold the store of FEAR. RED SERPENT challenges you today to release your old fears.

What FEAR has been stopping you from experiencing more ADVENTURE in your life? What has restricted your ability to jump in, being more spontaneous and taking RISKS in order to truly LIVE – an exhilarating and emPASSIONed life?
All those old blocks, patterns and programs that are rooted in surivival and defence mechanisms must go!! Most of your core wounding relates to your base chakra issues so draw on your awakening kundalini power to raise and release these energies funneling it into majikal creation power! Allow your kundalini to rise up and out of your crown and soul star chakras EXPANDING and exploding into the stars above! Today we must follow our instincts as guided by the synchronicities that lead us to anchoring the NEW TIME, the potential of our co-creation of HEAVEN on EARTH!

OCCULT:SUPERPOWER! BLUE CRYSTAL HAND 💎🙌-MANIK provides the gift of finally healing from those very ancient and core wounds today! HALLELUJAH!!!. BLUE HAND brings forth the power of accomplishment. You are able to apply your majik solutions, erasing those old triggers and strongholds, finally freeing you from the push/pull game of duality consciousness which has restricted your EXPANSION!

The actual KIN SUPERPOWER today is BLUE CRYSTAL HAND and this KIN ruled the energy on the SOLSTICE DAY of DEC 21st, 2012!!! This is an incredible GIFT and blessing in the transformative healing of the PLANETARY FEAR, into the TRUST, SURRENDER and capacity to KNOW that we ARE INDEED changing. We are currently catalysing THE GREATEST CHANGE in our PLANET’s her-story, that we have EVER experienced.

The BLESSING of MANIK affords us a deeper understanding of the meaning of what it is to live in the times of the 2012 r-evolution!!! As we close these transition times the bridge to 2012 prophecy and TIME LINE has been LINKED and we are reliving this monumental PLANETARY ASCENSION passage! What we commenced on that day will be concluded NOW! Final closure of the cycle and building the bridge to NEW TIME, and NEW 5D NOVA GAIA! 🌈🌍💎🌈💫💞


CHALLENGE/GIFT: YELLOW LUNAR SEED🌱– KAN forms a team with CIMI. CIMI symbolizes THE END, and then passes the baton to KAN who denotes a new beginning. Today we are challenged to put down solid roots, and then overcome any resistance or challenges to our growth and expansion as we reach for the LIGHT. Whatever challenges we encounter we must not stagnate in the dark void, we must keep S-T-R-E-T-C-H-I-N-G and growing as we seek NEW GROUND, new adventures and new realms in which to EXPAND. We are planting NEW SEEDS each day, in order to co-create the NEW DREAMING and thus create our own Garden of Eden, brimming with the bounty of abundance anchoring HEAVEN on EARTH. 💞

Today’s question is “What challenges have stopped your expansion, and exploring new horizons? How can you use your MAJIK to overcome them to get to your destination?”

Divine blessings for your transcendance of Polarity challenges and resistance as you REACH for the STARS! 

Namaste’ 🙏🙏🙏

In Lak’ech a la kin
Christina White Magnetic Worldbridger – KIN 66 🌏🌈

PHOTO CREDITS: Earth explorers YuumeiArt DIVINE GRATITUDE🙏🙏🙏


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