Fifth Dimensional Awareness ~ Open your Heart Centre to Love ~ Kin 146: White Electric Worldbridger🤍

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Fifth Dimensional Awareness ~ Open your Heart Centre to Love ~ Kin 146: White Electric Worldbridger🤍

Grace Solaris

The nature of fear and how to deal with it thru breath and grounding.

The first thing that happens when you go into fear, is that you “shoot” out of your heart AND out of your body. This reaction comes from the Amygdala and thru a chemical outpour the fight or flight modus is activated and even without you consciously taking the decision, it happens “over your head” so to say. Same things happen when a person goes into shock or extreme pain. However let´s focus on the fear aspect here. So when you disalign from your body, you become uncentered… like a boat without sails and direction and you are subject to the elements and energies on the external…. you get subject to the energies of the collective and loose focus and the ground under your feet literally.

You become ungrounded.

In this state of ungroundness the fear has free acess to play it on you… and so what actually you were trying to avoid (the fear) now gets a hold on you. Thus the first thing to do, when you get into a state of fear is to ground yourself. Breathe into your body and become fully present…. take time to ground yourself thru your breathing from crown to toe. And slow down…. you might consciously slow your breath down even your heart beat… know that the higher aspect of you is in the knowing how to do this… simply trust. So slow down and return back into your body in the pace and time that is needed… no rushing or forcing, but rather allowing and surrendering into dropping back into your body.

Tell yourself I AM SAFE breathe in this knowing and repeat I AM SAFE, I AM CALM. I AM STILLNESS. Notice where in your body you hold your breath back or the energy gets stuck and release it…. breathe it out… let it collapse… and relax. Realise that you can do nothing to change the situation but you can change how you react to it. You can master the situation and overcome your fear by coming back into your heart, returning back into the safe haven of your heart as this is the place where you align with your god spark, the eternal source light, that is omnipresent inside every cell and atom of your being. When you allow this light to permeate your being you come into a state of divine immunity as the chemistry of this love alkalizes the fear (which by nature is acidic) and indeed weaking your immune system. But as you align with this omnipresent light your heart rate goes down, your shallow breath becomes deep as you sink into this ocean of love, where everything is in 0-point neutrality, there is no good and bad, everything simply is as it is, there is no judgement and therefore no attachments and therefore no fear. It is the space in which you are immersed in the totality of ONEness and can feel completely safe.

Try this out and let me hear how you are doing. If this doesn´t work let me know, I can assist you. Remember love is the antidote to all dis-ease… and thus make sure to be grounded and fully present in your heart in these challenging times. My last tip is to ask your I Am Presence to readjust you to the earth poles as they are going thru a radical change, and by readjusting you click “into place” and gets fully aligned and harmonized. It immediately rebalances you mentally, emotionally and physically. It works instantly. So mayby fear has not gotten you, but you feel unsettled and emotional vulnerable ask your I Am Presence to readjust you to the earth´s poles. It works miracles instantly. This was a tip that I received from mother Gaia many years ago in the early stages of the pole reversal. Be calm beloved ones and know all is perfect as it is in this moment. All is in divine order even if all seems chaos, there is a higher plan and no mistakes are made. You were made for this. YOU ARE A MIRACLE OF LOVE and your body is capable of surviving any thing. Your are the living resurrection of Christ.

~ Grace Solaris

Pars Kutay

Remember that we BElong first to this Universe…

and second to the Earth.

Our lives follow the Laws of this Universe.

The morass we see around us at present is NOT our actual Reality.

We stand in the Quantum Field…

in that endless array of Potentials that…

with their Openness…

Beckon to us to call forward the forming of NEW Atoms of Possibility that will form themselves into forms that…

if Not recognizable at first…

have sprung from our LOVE of Equality…

of Abundance…

of Freedom and Sovereignty.

ALL Is Well… Dear Ones…

and shall BE most Well.

For at a Beautiful and Powerful HIGHER Level…

We have Decreed It So.

~ The Collective

💜 ~

Photo: Incoming Divine Source Energy Wave of Photon-Plasma Diamond Light Codes… captured by Maria Vargmåne

Amanda Lorence


And then it is KNOWN. It becomes.

The Shift of Consciousness within. It shall happen one by one by one. A shift, a merge occurs into the ONENESS. The ONE that always was, is and can only ever BE that. It always was of ITSelf.

Some of us will have been given experiences before, a short experience either during our awakening journey or during our human life, as a precursor. To allow us to have a temporary EXPERIENCE within the body and our consciousness state, what WOULD occur at a ‘future’ timeline in our ‘ascending’ path here this lifetime. We were given a foretaste of what would occur to us.

It is here. The Shift in Consciousness. It doesn’t announce itself ahead of happening. It just happens, without fanfare. To ‘you’. Where separation is no more. Where all is seen, felt, heard, experienced as THE ONE and so THE ONEness. Because every single BREATH we breathe, is then experienced as God’s breath known. Every single IN and OUT breath.

There never was SEPARATION. It was ALWAYS ONE. Separation was an experience of a consciousness state. When that is removed, nothing is experienced as separate. All is seen, felt, heard, KNOWN as ONE cohesive presence.

There IS NO space in-between. It is all ONE. Space and separation WAS the illusion. For an experience for Source.

We breathed as forgetfulness here. Unaware at first of the shear and utter sacredness of the ‘humanised’ breath. We learnt within, the sacredness of breath, linked this to our heart space. We practiced, via our ‘own’ WILL, the power of breath and heart cohesion. We knew these were the KEYS. We allowed it’s expansion over years of our shear WILL, unabating TRUST and experiencial inner KNOWING. Not a belief system, an inner KNOWING system we trusted in. Knowing the day would come, when our consciousness would leap. And we would KNOW, become ONE again as the ONLY ONE, through this humanised body experience.

And as we do this, together, one by one by one, it is JUST the beginning. And will occur to the people, one by one by one. For there is ONLY ONE. And when each experience this at the perfect hour for each diamond lighted facet, EVERY BREATH the ‘human’ takes, changes everything:

* Each and every breath becomes God’s breath KNOWN.
* The Human Breathing’ experience FADES, God breathing it’s own energy becomes the permanent experience.
* The dominant human mind FADES out, no longer the dominant programme that held the lower consciousness in the human experience.
* Consciousness IS and BECOMES the only DOMINANT experience.
* Human FADES out, as the human body is understood as a vessel for CONSCIOUSNESS to experience with.
* Space, distance between ‘this and that’ FADES, as Source energy is inter-linking and underlying all things. It always did. We just couldn’t perceive it at lower consciousness state. We perceived as all things separated.
* THIS and THAT, becomes ONE almighty PRESENCE seen, felt, heard, touched, KNOWN. But not as the human body. Consciousnes is not IN the human body. It is everywhere. EVERYWHERE! Yet we each can utilise a unique and indivual physical vessel. God’s vessel.

And so it begins. The SHIFT of the Ages.

Never give up. Allow your journey to unfold at exactly the most NATURAL and perfect timing that you have already designed to occur. You ARE already ONE. And always WILL BE. It can not, not be so. For all is, was and can only ever BE…ONE.

“One Love”, not a human phrase. It is the truth…remembered.
In joy, in our collective dance, in wonderment, I Love You.

One Love

Amanda Lorence
21 August 2020
Artist: Cosmic Collage by Lori Menna


August 22, 2020 contains the quadruple master number 2222. The frequencies coming into Gaia on this day will be the highest we have experienced thus far.

It is connected with the positioning of Gaia in the galaxy and the infinity symbol which will be tuning all the axis of Gaia. It will be bring Gaia to the best position to pass through the Lions’ Gate and to be open for the energies coming to Gaia and all of humanity so they can be absorbed, received and utilized the best way possible with maximum intensity.

These energies will gradually push the old paradigms out of your reality to make way for the new.

To prepare for this, you need to be more in the sun, under the moon and in the water, so you can use all the phases of Light Energy.

Whales and dolphins are preparing the ocean waters for this. They are balancing the tides of the world’s oceans with moon phases to that it will not be so drastic for the beings of the ocean.

The dragons are creating a gap between the old axis and the new axis to allow the energies to come through.

The eagles are working with vortices that are receiving beams and directing these beams of Energy and Light where they need to go. The owls are doing the same work with moonlight at night.”
-Grandma Chandra



Daniel Scranton

You Are Leaving the Old 3D Paradigm Behind ∞The 9D Arcturian Council, Channeled by Daniel Scranton

“Greetings. We are the Arcturian Council. We are pleased to connect with all of you.

We have been giving a lot of our attention to the way that you either congratulate someone who has accomplished something, or in contrast, at times you feel jealous. At times, you look for the failure of another to give you a certain sense that things are better in your world. You have been in a paradigm where you’ve been playing a game of limitation.

That game of limitation has been ingrained into your minds. What that means is, you tend to believe that there is only so much to go around. ‘If this person over here becomes successful, then I must be less likely to be a success in that field.’ That is the mentality that you were raised in. That is what you’ve been taught. You’ve been taught to compete against one another, and you’ve been taught about winning and losing, but now is the time for all of you to look for more opportunities to collaborate with each other.

Now is an excellent time for all of you to see another’s success as your own success, because you are all connected. Now is a good time for you to remind yourselves that if someone else can do something, then they are opening the door for you to be able to do it as well. We suggest that you look for reasons to feel better about where you are on your journey.

For example, if you have not yet experienced success in some endeavor in your life, then you still have that to look forward to. You still have the joy of the journey in front of you, and you are far more likely to make that journey, all the way to that pinnacle that you want to reach, if you are celebrating the successes of others. When you are focused on success, you will vibrate in that particular frequency. When you see someone else’s success as shining a spotlight on your failures, then you will continue to vibrate in harmony with failure, by your own definition, whatever that is.

So celebrate the success of your human counterparts there, and realize that there is always enough for everyone, and we mean enough of everything. No shortage. No limitation. You have to let go of those concepts now, because it serves you to do so.

We are the Arcturian Council, and we have enjoyed connecting with you.”


Paul Dobree-Carey

As the current Lionsgate portal begins to dissipate, having discharged its final Sirian encoded cosmic transmissions, the Fifth Dimensional Mer-Ka-Ba begins to resonate at increasingly higher frequencies to expand your personalised toroidal sphere.
The gradual spin increase in velocity brings with it greater awareness of multi-dimensional realities beyond current comprehension.
All that exists within the third dimensional collective consciousness has common recognition through familiarity.
Higher dimensional awareness will come from acceptance of the changes occuring around you, releasing fear of the unknown and allowing your inner guidance system to come online more in the form of ‘remembering’ rather than recognising.
Higher dimensions are where you came from, there is nothing unfamiliar to your Higher Self.
Your current Soul Aspect is what is new to this world, not your inner knowing.

Adapting to a Fifth Dimensional awareness is not about waiting to see what is ‘out there’ but allowing what is emanating from within to become a daily part of your reality.

Look within to experience your true expanded Self emerging and then bring the energies of that understanding out into the world you are creating around you, so others may see who YOU are too.

It is YOU that is creating your Fifth Dimensional experience, there is only NOW, there is no requirement to wait and see what others are doing or how they are doing it, either in this world or from the next.

Open your heart centre unconditionally and accept rather than resist all lower vibrational feelings, thoughts and behaviours.
Why choose to maintain these when YOU have choice not to.

Choose creation over reaction, courage over suffering, acceptance over defiance, Love over fear.
The choice is yours – always in all Ways.

Ta Ra, Tor-a May, Sha Ki Na Tor-a Ki.
Ka Ra Na Tay-a, Ka Ra Na Tor-a
Ku Ma Ra, Kun Da Li Ni Ra Kun Da Li Ri

With Loving Blessings
~Paul Dobree-Carey / Polaris AB

Photos by @astrophotobear”


Chamtrul Rinpoche


The energy of a storm has the power to cause a huge amount of destruction. But if you could control that energy, you would be able to use it to bring a huge amount of benefit instead.

Likewise, the energy that arises as the destructive emotions of desire, anger, and so on, has so much power. And in Tantra this energy is not ignored. In Tantra, this energy is turned towards the path to enlightenment.

~ Chamtrul Rinpoche


The Tzolkin Times


Kin 146 ~ White Electric Worldbridger

‘Electric’ is the name for the number three and its key words are ‘Activate, Service and Bond.’ The third day of a wavespell really accelerates the pace. Never dull, ‘Electric’ days are full of energy. Today is the 3rd day of the Yellow Seed wavespell, the first Portal day of the Omega column which contains ten portal days in a row!

Today is White Worldbridger and it represents ‘Death, Equalize and Opportunity’. I always think of Worldbridger as the gate keeper, like ‘Tim’ from Monty Python’s Holy Grail. He asks a riddle, he tests you before you are permitted to pass. All crossings entail either paying a token or passing an exam. ‘Opportunity’ requires this process. If you wish to take it to the next level – be prepared to make a sacrifice or face a test! Are you worthy? As it is an ‘Electric’ Worldbridger, this means the bridge is now activated.

The Guide today is the White Dog and so may your motivation for crossing a bridge come from the heart. Today’s lesson is pretty easy folks. Be guided by love and not by self-interest.

The Challenge today is the Yellow Warrior who loves to go on the warpath but today these methods of exerting one’s will do not succeed. The Worldbridger is the equalizer, a diplomat who always sees both sides of the story. Warriors need to put down their sword and relinquish their willpower. If you are a Yellow Warrior, like everyone else today, you are being tested.

The Occult power today is the Blue Eagle who has visions and is very creative. When in this position, Eagle sees magic and can share insights for those who are curious. Perhaps through magic vision you can find a bridge to cross that will take you somewhere special?

The Ally today is the Red Skywalker, the adventurer and so if you need a friend to help you plan your bridge crossing…..Skywalkers can encourage you with their natural enthusiasm.




Christina Papageorgiou

3 CIMI – KIN 146
22 AUGUST 2020



I activate in order to Equalize
Bonding opportunity
I seal the store of death
With the Electric tone of Service
I AM guided by the power of HEART


22/8/2020 = 22/8/22 = 4/8/4 – 8/8 = 16 = 7

22/8/22 – Architect of PEACE portal – bridging NEW WORLDS

4 – Form/Structure/Foundation/Earth
7 – Spiritual/Majik/Mystic/Initiation
KIN 146 = 11 = 2 – Partnership/Cooperation

11 – Portal/Doorway/Polarity

22:22 ELECTRIC💡 PEACE 🕊PORTAL GAP💥 DAY!!! Triple the BOOST!!💣💣💣

🔅🔅🔅READY, SET GO!! 🚦 HERE WE GO!! Down the slippery slide! 🎢 10 GAP DAYS IN A ROW of IN-TENSE energies!!!! 😳😳😳Today we begin the second round of 10 successive GAP/GALACTIC ACTIVATION days. The interdimensional doorways are flung WIDE OPEN flooding our planet with NEW ENERGIES – that are now available for us to access and become conduits for this new 5D energy.. The GAP DAY PLUS the ELECTRIC power tone, means we have an EXPRESS ROCKET🚀 FUELLED wild ride today! GET READY TO BLAST OFF!!!🔥🔥🔥🔥

ELECTRIC💡 is tone number 3 in the tone of creation. It is the first of the three EMOTIONAL realm tones. Thus there is a very strong E-MOTION-AL charge today which may create outbursts💥 in those who need to find their balance. ELECTRIC energy may create a short fuse💣 making things combustible today. 🔥This energy can be better harvested through the higher aspects of this tone which encompass being of SERVICE to others through the action of BONDING, that is coming together with others to cocreate and be of SERVICE. The ELECTRIC tone beautifully combines with the WORLDBRIDGER which builds bridges between warring factions and disharmony in relationships to reach a place of equality.


🌈🌈NOTE: KIN 146 is the Galactic Signature vibration of entrepreneur Elon Musk who is a WHITE ELECTRIC WORLDBRIDGER. 🎂🎊🎉🎆🎂🎉🎊🎆

Musk has exemplified this POWER 💡through his QUEST to conquer SPACE🎆 through grand adventuring into new frontiers, utilizing his innovative Rocket 🚀technology… He is on a Mission to satisfy his need to express this EXPLOSIVE 🔥combustible energy in the most grand way possible – travelling to Mars – for future colonization…. He desires to build bridges to other worlds/planets through his Mission, but it seems his agenda is more due to personal gratification rather than Divine Service to Humanity…..

It is also noteworthy that Elon Musk is rumoured to be the reincarnation of Thomas Edison – the inventor(?) of the Electric Light bulb 💡💡💡 which explains why his soul has chosen the ELECTRIC tone in his signature… Musk has also popularized the ELECTRIC Car🚘 as designed by his former competitor – Nikola Tesla – ironically using Tesla as his brand name!! The TRUTH is stranger than fiction folks – and it seems part of Elon Musk’s karmic contract is to make good for the Tesla inventions he suppressed as Thomas Edison – albeit reluctant to publicly admit the brilliance of his former adversary.

Love him or hate him, it is also rumoured that Musk has done a backflip and changed from the DARK AI agenda that he favoured, to now working for the LIGHT… He is working with the Alliance on the not so secret Space Program, installing new Quantum Technologies and contracted for Galactic mining missions.. A totally EXPANSIVE expression of his code! 🚀💥🌈


Day 3 in the YELLOW SEED WAVESPELL of AWAKENING, flowering, new beginnings, ripening, opening to more LIGHT and blossoming into your Highest potential..Today we are JOINING together in Divine Service with our Kin to activate our Highest timeline. Pushing the limits of what we are capable of achieving!


CONSCIOUS SELF: WHITE WORLDBRIDGER 🌉– CIMI Seals the store of Death! CIMI asks you to LET GO and SURRENDER! Release the past and build a bridge to the new! Feeling and sensing where and when to make connections and uniting with our soul families. WORLDBRIDGER brings new opportunities today through connection and networking with others. Exchanging knowledge, ideas and resources to create something NEW and exciting. Build the🌈 BRIDGE to the world you want to be in!

HIGHER SELF/GUIDE: WHITE ELECTRIC DOG🐕 – OC ‘LET GO OF EVERYTHING and ONLY LOVE will remain💝💝💝. WHITE DOG our beautiful and loyal friend ask us to BOND with others through our OPEN HEARTS today. Allowing these powerful ELECTRIC energies to amp up our heart toroidal fields and forge greater more intimate bonds with our planetary kin to create a beautiful network through our expanded HEART consciousness.

The WHITE DOG kin embody unconditional LOVE and as today’s Higher guiding force OC can magnetize soul connections with your tribe and your twin flame. A strong electro-magnetic force will pull people together in order to bond, and co create innovative new Divine projects. Romantic liaisons💏 flourish with CIMI and the ELECTRIC TONE – bridging and forging strong HEART connections. So EYES wide OPEN to move with the gravitational forces of DESTINED relationships and meetings.😍💕

Move in the direction of your TRUE HEART’s desires to express your destiny and your highest calling. Everything you build needs to be on a new foundation of unconditional LOVE, in Service to humanity.


SUPPORT: RED SKYWALKER 🚶– BEN As one door🚪 closes through death and endings, another opens.🚪 BEN our Angelic Messenger and Galactic Shaman is our guide assisting us in accessing these multidimensional doorways opening today, exploring NEW HORIZONS and new possibilities for our Service Missions.. Ben can enable us to anchor these frequencies into our physical bodies for processing and integration giving us greater POWER to awaken to greater Divine Service, bridging Heaven and Earth!🌈💒🌍

OCCULT/HIDDEN POWER: BLUE SPECTRAL EAGLE🌀 👁– MEN Reveals the BIG PICTURE allowing us to SEE in which direction we need to GROW. BLUE SPECTRAL EAGLE is today’s SUPERPOWER working in tandem with CIMI to reveal what it is that we need to SURRENDER, in order to release the past, and GROW in the direction of greater opportunities.

Allow the EAGLE SEER to reveal the BIGGER PLAN for you today through your Galactic destiny. . All will be revealed as we bond with our kin, and together uncover our destined paths, focusing on the bigger picture for Hu-manity and our planet..


CHALLENGE/GIFT: YELLOW WARRIOR 🌈🏹– CIB provides the FEARLESS courage to walk through the doors that OPEN today.🚪 YELLOW WARRIOR enables us to SURRENDER and release the old, walking forth with renewed determination and vigour. Fearlessly focused on the future and where we want to go! Shrugging our shoulders and walking away, leaving our past BEHIND us – where it belongs!!!. Do not LOOK BACK – as the parable of LOT’S WIFE – in the bible warns us. Keep your EYES focused on what lies ahead and on the horizon in our Quest-I-on.. As we focus on brighter futures, the past quickly dissolves, soon to be erased from our memory banks FOREVER!. BRAVELY march forwards into new unchartered territory as the wayshowers in the RAINBOW 🌈ARMY that you signed up to be.

So precious hearts💓 today the EMOTIONAL body will reveal all that is needed to be SURRENDERED, in order for the NEW ENERGIES to anchor. Detach from DRAMA and any volatility that may be ignited today, shaking it off, like water off a duck’s back. Choose to FOCUS on the NEW and put down very strong roots anchoring these GAP energies into a solid foundation for expansive GROWTH! 💥🎆

Today’s question is “How can I forge more HEART connections with my planetary kin, bonding in SERVICE together, building a bridge to our NEW WORLD?” 🌈🌍🎆

🐬🌈 🐬🌈🐬🌈🐬🌈

Divine blessings for the commencement of a very WILD RIDE down this very slippery slide! There is NO GOING BACK now! The only way through is FAST FORWARD!  VIVA NOVA TARA GAIA here we come – on the EXPRESS TRAIN NOW!!! 🚆🚅

Namaste’ 🙏🙏🙏
In Lak’ech a la kin
Christina White Magnetic Worldbridger – KIN 66 🌏🌈




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  1. Beloved Families of Divine Love and Light, as above in Spiritual world as all Company of Heaven to bellow in our physical world, that we raised enough in frequency of Light of Love of our heart to heart network of all Inhabitants / Humanity with Souls from all Kingdom and Elements / with beloved Mother Earth and Father Sun to make finally great reunion of Divine heavenly world with our physical worlds, though opened Lyon’s Gate, with cleansing from all remnants of negative energies from our past life times, written in our past lifetime bank memory of DNA in artificial space time sequences, and being replaced with Love and Light energies, upcoming from Great Central Sun / our Supreme Creator – Father Mother God of our Cosmos /, with new Light codes, and Blue prints of our true 5th dimensional and higher Angelic beings and more Divine Love to Love network connection, because our true heart with inner God/ Goddess selves is only true guide to 5D of Aquarius Golden age of eternal Peace, and Divine Love and Light / knowledge /, and Abundance for all equally, and respecting each other, with harmony and Happiness and Joy. We released all our remnants of negative energies from all pockets of DNA, and from all f our bodies, particularly as shadow energies from our Ego mind, being closed now and govern by our Hearts, and these released energies has been transmuted to the light during dark soul night, after Lyon’s Gate. We are closing completely 3 D portal energies NOW and HERE, so any remnants of dark energies in any form, that was not transmute to the Light, or not to go to 3d version of Earth, will be dissolved by Light completely NOW and HERE completely, and starting to be more brighter and spreading more Love and Light, with more heart to heart connection with our beloved Star Families in Galactic Federation of Light, and Ashtar command, and all beloved Company of Heaven with beloved Angelic and Archangelic realm, with our Archangel Michael as leader, and beloved Ascended Masters and Masters to our Source, with beloved Mothers as doing important part in creations, above, and our Inner Earth family, bellow, with all Humankind and all Souls from all Kingdom and Elements, as On, with our beloved Divine Source, Divine Father / Mother God.
    We are absorbing huge Divine energies of Love and Light, with new Light codes, every day, trough massive Sun Flare and protuberance, that they never be harmful what scientist “worries” / tried to spread fear /, even finding some earth magnetic flux anomaly at South America, that showing the raise of magnetic Love energies over electric energies of Ego mind, as result of removing the remnants of negative Draco- reptilians from underground tunnels and bases, so the last are gone, or transmute to the Light. This worldwide “ Corona” virus is programmed by Quantum Ai Computer, being under dark control, to stop our Ascension by creating Fear and Panic / but we are on good way to break this cycle by our Unconditional Love and Compassion that will overriding any fear, they created/, and also to, at and of 3D frequencies, close all financial- economic products of 3 D frequencies, and this is done by “ Corona” virus, that also was primary design to kill most of population / but virus had been changed to less virulent by our Pleiedian and other positive raced families /, so presenting Bill Gates / as product by negative media, and social media / with making new sort of viruses and anti virus vaccine is just also programmed to spread fears by empty worlds, because We have already raised frequencies to base hologram / entry level to true and real world of 5D/, so anything bad can not happen, We are in bubbles of 5D hologram, and unaffected by any germ caused disease, but those they created this fear will be gone soon, from our world. This Economic-Financial design slavery program by negative one is part of 3D design, and trying to close down by program of Quantum Ai computer by Corona virus “ Pandemic” with obligation of wearing masks resembling on mass of people doing work as zombie with less communication, as one trend to “ Not to speak” while We will slave You by 5G communication program by implanting our brain with nano implants through vaccination will be failed again, because WE ARE AWAKEN ENOUGH, AND RAISED OUR FREQUENCY ENOUGH, and being in Holograph of 5D frequency, so everything will work for Love and Good for All, even 5G energies will spread Love energies, and implants are un useless completely.
    All we will give Forgiveness and Compassion and Love to all of our past live times, for all of our negative energies and negative deed, we have done, out of what we write our scenario before of our reincarnation, but under mind control program of darkness / though creation of many wars and suffering and trauma / to clear and transmute to the Light, and clearing completely of our karma. Also, we are giving Forgiveness and Compassion and Love to all of our “ Enemies’, who were of Light and Love, before falling to Darkness, who is still plying dark role, to be awaken soon and rejoin, after finishing game to another 3D Earth.
    Temporarily, central bank financial system has been replaced by Quantum financial system, that has been in hands of our positive star families, and GESARA program will be in implementing soon, with starting with Universe / St. Germain funds / basic income for everyone in Germany, enough for basic life, with clearing off all debts to central bank system / because that not exist anymore and anywhere in our planet, working as virtual as quantum financial system / as mortgages and credit cards, with implementing new technologies: Free energies / as small black box, transformation universe divine energies to our electric – temporarily, until being in our Crystal cities– already build up in underground with new device working on our light of love energies, and Multiplicators – creating any object created by our mind or new organic computer system, by using universe energy , and Crystal chamber with healing any disease or replacing any organ or limb, and anti gravity transport system with new tourism to visit other planets with meeting with other star beings / and many other new technology, what was before future / seeing in many sci – fi movies, like Star treck / being reality in close – by future, with First Contact with our Beloved Star Families.
    Many do not know, that one of the first contact, not including Bill Mayer, from Switzerland with Pleiedians, / who after must sad that everything was hoax /, was in secret mission of Apollo 20 / not shore about year, but about 1987 / when this American cosmonaut, together with Russian found Cigarette shaped huge Mother Ship at Dark side on Moon filling space of one huge creator with some unfinished buildings and one temple. / Yes, they always work together, under certain of “ Cold “ War, even they have secret mission to Mars / but Nazi always being first on Moon and Mars, working with negative Reptilian side, through Greys connection, and made Antarctic underground base to, leading secret negative hidden wars against other Space worlds, mostly using Star Gate machine / One was in underground in US force, and another in Antarctic, but this is another story/, and Elong Musk is white shade and repetition of dark side to make populating Mars with chosen humans, in already existing buildings / remnants of previously American human sentiments who being tortured and killed may of Mars origin marsians, smaller humanoid beings who hold flag with message: “ Go home Yankees “.
    In this huge cigarette shaped Mother ship, that is wide as Eiffel towel, was found beauty human like female, left with some traditional ancient ceremonial way of funeral, with some sticks around eyes and mouth, with braided long hair, called “ Mona Lisa’, who inspired artist from Switzerland / not that one who make hoax with saying that He was who made this video, trying to do work for dark side, because original videos recorded with oldest 18 mm cameras has disappeared from You tube/ for amazing music of Emerson, Like, Palmer “ Brain Salad Surgery” / you should listen this music and everything will be cleared about controlling mass of Human population with Ai as the last of controlling chain /. Why I am writing of this, because I saw the same cigarette shape Mothership recently on Google, as unidentified called “Oumuamua” on 11/ 2017 by Hobson telescope, entering to our Solar system on strange way of surfing, by tumbling way, in changeable way of rotation, probably caused by positive and negative frequencies, means that this Mother ship has different charging of energies, rotating on level of 20 km/ s, and making huge ellipsoid line of journey, and out of our Solar system and back again certain millions of years, marking some important event, as our Ascension and Ascension of our Solar belt. What is interesting / Just answer to Scientests, that is artificial object called Mother ships, and regarding that was composed by the same as Oort cloud / mass of icy stone formation surrounding our Solar belt and probably this formation has remnants of destruction of several huge planets / our Solar system actually has original Blue prints of 12 Planets, and the last was twin flame of our Sun / it has been binary Solar system / until being destructed by dark controllers to block and controlling any entry to our Solar system.
    Niburu, the Jupiter size of planet, was remnant of our Sun’s Twin Flame, was turned to be Star war station, and backing every 3600 years, by playing destructive star war station, but not always, if We raised our conscious over dark side at certain time of evolution, Niburu will feel by his/her rotation / it has also poz and neg side / can feel difference of magnetic flux of our planet, and our awakening on 2012 had changed everything and destruction of Earth Inhabitants had been avoided, so we have continue our journey. So upcoming of this interstellar Mother ship of Oort cloud origin with sense of our Sun’s Twin Flames, just celebrating and marking our successful ascension and victory over darkness in 2017m being confirm.
    We have been in rapid Ascension way with multiple ascension symptoms, as to raise spirally up, and passing core of Central Sun, and turning point of not coming back to 4D, with taking strongly Divine trace of Love and Light, connecting stronger to Divine Love and Light heart to heart network, safety and nobody can not change our direction to deep of 5 D, and our official First contact with our Beloved Star Families, coming closer and closer, and they are with their new and amazing technology to offer us, as a even and true member of Galactic Federation of Light is NOW and HERE. The old paradigm of slavery program of lower frequency has gone through “ Corona virus pandemic program “ temporarily through quantum financial system and transformation to money free Galactic Human societies with upgrading to more advanced technology of 5 dimensional frequency of Divine Love and Light.
    All my Love to all Cosmos, and love and light to our Mother Earth / Goddess Gaia, and Father Sun Sol.


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