Wayshowers of the Higher Light Construct ~ NEW BALANCE CREATED – Galactic Rebirth ~ Kin 248 Yellow Magnetic Star

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Wayshowers of the Higher Light Construct ~ NEW BALANCE CREATED – Galactic Rebirth ~ Kin 248: Yellow Magnetic Star

Planetary Light Message 💥

Global Light Workers
Dec 2nd, 2020
Planetary Conjunction
We greet every Being, for we are sovereign keepers of Light. Portal openers to your world, wayshowers of the Higher Light Construct of your reality.
We are the light holders of a high vibrational frequency aligned with the New Earth construct. Many visit through the Multidimensional Light Realms, to a place known as the New Earth, for we reside in that reality.
You could consider us your future selves, transmuting from a Higher Vibrational Light Source, signaling to your world.
We see the great uprising like a wondrous energetic field of light…reaching a whole new light perspective in your reality, infiltrating every being as the light change is rapidly approaching.
We see the torch bearers who carry light for many, who are dissipating the Higher Light Frequencies throughout the Crystalline Grid network. No stone is left unturned as you diligently permeate your High Vibrational Light field.
We send news of visualising a light bridge to assist with Higher Light Transmissions. A Higher Dimensional bridge to the outer world of your reality.
In the coming days leading up to December 21, to visualise your personal light bridge. For this is a tool to assist in transferring your light to Gaia at the point of the Planetary Conjunction.
A tool for future light travel, reaching the higher light spectrums of your reality. As you are Light Wizards, we see you flowering, activating your Ancient knowledge as you assist the Universal Mission.
With Love and Gratitude Light Family 💥
Ascension Light Family & Karen Lithika

Eon Skylark

“Suddenly feel the need to clear the air about what’s happening here.
You are not downloading ascension codes. Your once perfect human system does not need codes to ascend. The horrible “Shift” you are feeling right now is not “the light” hitting you. YOU ARE THE LIGHT! This horrible stuff you feel is the darkness LEAVING YOUR BODY!
The awakening and ascension you feel is your system coming off dark grids, dark systems, and dark entities that plagued and programmed us to accept and participate in evil.
You are never ever given light and made to suffer for it. But when removing the darkness you have been carrying your whole life, it’s gonna suck! Week after week we have been tearing down the dark grids and building light grids for the return of Earth’s Titan Soul. The closer we get to the Titan Soul coming online, on 12.21.2020, the harder this detox feels.
Remember: your DNA was not designed by evil, but by the light. Your DNA was perfect before evil infiltrated your lineage. What is clearing now is darkness perpetuated on your family bloodline for hundreds of thousands of years.
You’re not upgrading…you’re detoxing 400,000 years of darkness. When this horrific year ends, your Energetic Core will be aligned with the Energetic Core of the Titan Soul that came back to the Earth-Gaia-Body in January…which is why 2020 hurts so bad.
Your human system was designed perfectly, including our third-eye power, our manifestation power, our self-healing power, etc… and it will be perfect again, but could never be powerful in a Dark Core World.
The Light Core World is almost here. Many will not stay for this transition because of how hard it is. Just hold on and focus on self care and self love and letting go of the dark…as most all of it never belonged to you anyway (except the Karma you brought to clear).
The angels can finally walk (and war against dark) among us. The fairies have just returned. The dragons have been healed and are arriving to protect the portals here. The gnomes are healing much of the ground beneath us. Many other mythical beings are coming back because they have been freed from their shackles. Everything is falling into place to see this work through.
Blessings and love and light to you all. The best is yet to come!”
— Eon Skylark
This energy JUST CAME THROUGH 02.12.2020 in the Human Soul linked with Spirit. THIS IS VERY EXCITING!
This aligns with the energies of:
The Two Polarities need to be reached to create a NEW BALANCE and let your wings out to soar’ Energies of which a Divine healing is being brought through in PREPARATION for 21.12.2020 of:

20 of 21 Taking your POWER on a Galactic Level- a New Way of New Energies we are NEWLY CREATING -FREE of Domination. Mon 7.12.2020 9am AEST. One more to go of the 21 weekly fb LIVE videos – 19 days until 21.12.2020.

These have been gifted all 2020 with over 100 videos gifted to ALL of humanity through these most momentous times WE HAVE WAITED SO LONG FOR. You will not need to ‘pay’ for the ULURU Global Event on 21.12.2020 as this is about FREEDOM, Free of Domination as all is energy exchange.
As always I AM right here with you….
Anastacia Blue Beyond Guide

Christine Day

Beloved ones we greet you, Celebration! Celebration! Celebration!
Claim your Multidimensional Heart within the LIGHT of Truth. The Doorways of Truth are about to reopen.
These Doorways will radiate rays of LIGHT from the HIGHER Realms onto Earth, in order for you to BEgin realignment to your HIGHER Path.
Some of you will have already noticed an Energetic Pull that has been opening up within your Night Skies, in the Dawn and Dusk Frequency.
You can allow a merging within these Collective Doorways, which are preparing you Energetically for this upcoming Transitional HIGHER Phase.
All HIGHER connections of your transition will ultimately BEgin within the Heart Cells. Allow this transformation within you by simply Letting Go.
This action of letting go within your Heart is you choosing Truth, is you choosing to change for your SELF, is you choosing a HIGHER Consciousness path and is you choosing to Activate your next step.
There is nothing to stop you BE-ing propelled into re-connection to the Sacred Union of LIGHT that is destined to enter your Earth towards the end of this calendar month.
These Waves of Brilliance BEgin launching throughout the planet in the third week of December and will continue to expand and flow into the essence of New Year.
Expect to experience a HIGHER Order of change within, an undefinable sense of BEing that does NOT require words.
Utilize your Awareness and allow yourself to investigate experiences as they unfold utilizing the Conscious Breath through your Heart.
There will be NO point of reference for you to identify this HIGHER State of Expression of the essence of SELF, so Breathe and Let Go navigating your SELF deeper into this HIGHER State of Reunion.
We Hold you as you re-enter. We witness you in LOVE.

Channeled through

Christine Day


Insane mammatus clouds, with some of the best colours I’ve ever seen. Shot in Texas a few years back
by photographer @steve_kesedakis_photography
Beloved Ones,
We are finally entering into the last month of the year. A transformational year for all of us, in some way or another, that helped us to truly realize who we are and the reality that we desire to create for our human journey. This is a month for us to allow our soul, the wisest aspect of us, to guide us throughout new destination, although of course there is never a final one, for our journey of embodying higher levels of love, is never over.
During this month of December, as you are already seeing in the collective, we have a representation of what is taking place in all of us, from an inner perspective. We are witnessing the importance that personal liberation, and hence expression of personal truth, has, at this unique time. A time when many are not just awakening but losing the fear to stand tall in who they are and if there are challenges to speak our truth, finding new ways, for there are always many spaces we can create to share and reunite.
This month, I have received the importance that has, in a general way for all, working with our throat chakra, for it is something that many may not become aware, when they are beginning on this evolutionary journey, and as they move into a more advance stage, where they begin to feel the urge to speak their truth, is one of the most important things to work with.
Opening and balancing our throat chakra is the first step, or one of the first ones, for there are many other things we should balance at the same time, that we all should do when we begin to awake to our soul mission, for a part of it will always be to be who you are, in whatever way we choose to do so.
When we focus a lot in our upper chakras but forget the importance that the rest of them have as well, is that imbalances occur, and that even though we may feel connected, receiving guidance to share, we not always find the courage and strength to open our hearts and speak out, because we still need to work with personal expression.
Our throat chakra is connected to our second one as well, as you already know. These chakras work interconnected as one is feminine in essence, our second one, and the other, our fifth one, masculine, being one in charge of expressing creativity and the other of putting our soul creations out there, in the way we choose, however, it does so mainly through our voice expression.
When we have one of these imbalanced, it is hard that the other flow properly. During this time, not just December, for we have been seeing evidence of this for a while, in the collective especially, as they are raising their voices, so everyone can hear their truth, is important that we do so too in an individual level, working on our self-expression, as we too focus on descending more wisdom. Remember that without the proper clearing of out throat chakra, we cannot truly express our wisdom, for we are still feeling fear, doubt and lack of personal power to do so.
December is a key month to work on both descension of guidance and the proper wisdom to continue our new journey. It is all about finding the personal power to express our hearts with All, for if we do not express and share a part of who we are, then we would be impeding the world to grow in love, wisdom and power, for we all are important and have something valuable to give. Remember that simply with being the love that we are, although inner work is pivotal, acting with generosity, compassion and benevolence, is that we would have seeded what we came here to offer.
I wish you a wonderful December, Beloved Ones!


Saturn conjunct Pallas in Capricorn on the Sabian symbol ‘A Woman Reading Tea Leaves’ – Two ancients meet, pooling wisdom and resources. There is a stillness in the air, watching, waiting, the willingness to bide one’s time until it’s the right time. Everything has a pattern, a place, a moment. Every second has a chart, a face, a signature. Saturn as Old Father Time has seen that ‘all this has happened before, and all this will happen again’*. Pallas recognises the links between age to age, hour to hour. Time ticks. The heart beats. The planet’s pulse is rhythmic, calming, steady.
When we are steady, the Gods may afford us a glimpse into the future. This is a moment of foreshadowing. Watch for clues, synchronicity, clouds that catch your eye. Sometimes it’s a word, a repeating number, a symbol that returns over and over. Pull a card. Open a book at a random page. You are an architect in life’s unfolding. Draw up a plan.
Degree and Time
Saturn, Pallas 28°Cp34′ – 19:54 (UT)
*Quote from Battlestar Galactica (modern version)
source: www.leahwhitehorse.com

Painting – A Study of Architecture, Florence by John Singer Sargent



42 minutes ago
You are leaving lack and struggle behind, walking through the fire, into your freedom. This is freedom for you to have your Grail Cup filled, and runneth over. Today there is a major flip of your reality. You are being redeemed at the altar of Christ.
1055 Align with today’s changes. Your efforts of demanding justice over the devil for continually taking from you and your birthrights, is bringing your darma today. Abundance, peace, bliss, new life force energy, and much more are activating in you and your life now, in all Ways. Abundance is my birthright amen 🙏 amen.
Emotional healing is happening for you and the Collective Heart of Humanity today, ascending us all into higher states of consciousness, unity, ONENESS, and wholeness. We are One. This is our Birthright!
Cyclical cycles with the devil are over. Love spells are over. This is opening a new path of possibilities for you. The Divine Feminine Rose’s are receiving a new sense of clarity and understanding with today’s healing, which supports seeing the truth of past failed love offerings and relationships more accurately. You realize you want more for yourself, and understand this better now.
Clues are being shown to you today, activating you in whatever way is necessary to leave the fuck shit in love behind for good. Theres no longer a need to play the 3rd party karmic game any longer, as this cycle has ended for good. This may feel topsy-turvy, so look for the signs and follow the Way.
Kin 248 ~ Yellow Magnetic Star
‘Magnetic’ is the name for the number one and it’s key words are ‘Attract, Unify and Purpose.’ The first day of the wavespell sets the agenda for the 13 day journey. Set your goals, identify the purpose and consciously enter this wavespell in order to get the most out of it.
`Yellow Star` is the glyph that represents` Beauty, Art and Elegance’. Yellow Star days are great for beautifying your world, appreciating art and appreciating the beauty in all those who you encounter. First impressions are not always accurate so before you judge someone try to see their inner beauty. Today is about viewing the world through the eyes of a child, full of wonderment and dazzled by shiny things and pretty lights. It also a great day for shining like a star…so dazzle if you feel so compelled to! Today you may find your are attracted to all things beautiful, enjoy it …as it is something we do not do often enough.
The Guide for the day is Yellow Star , so it’s a double helping of beauty today.
The Challenge of the day is White Mirror, which represents truth, so look out for lies or misleading information. If you are a White Mirror your issues may surface today, try to think of art and indulge in a little elegance to help you through the day.
The Occult power today is the Red Skywalker which represents ‘Exploring, Wakefulness and Space.’ The open minded Skywalker is so much fun when in this magical position. Explore beauty and art today and you shall be well rewarded for your efforts. The more open your mind is the more beauty you shall experience.
The Ally of the day is Blue Monkey and so if you need advice, support of just a friendly face, find a Blue Monkey….if you are one, you will be a great help to everyone today with a magical spark in your eye, Yellow Star days are really good for you as you have a deep appreciation for beauty and art.
1 LAMAT – KIN 248
Attracting a BEAUTIFUL LIFE!🌹🌟✨
I UNIFY in order to BEAUTIFY
Attracting ART
I seal the store of Elegance
With the Magnetic tone of Purpose
I AM guided by the power of my OWN POWER DOUBLED!
2/12/2020 = 2/12/22 = 2/3/4 =9
2/3/4 – Get ready to GO! GO! GO!⚡⚡⚡
2- Twins/Partner/Cooperation
3- Holy trinity/Joy/Creativity/Communication
4- Form/Structure/Foundation/Earth/Angelic
9 – Endings/Destiny/Humanitarian/Service
KIN 248 = 14 = 5 Change/Freedom/Liberation
A gorgeous day of beauty and creativity – walking through OPENINGS to a better world, in order to LEAVE a BEAUTIFUL LEGACY!
We have now completed our journey with the Majestic BLUE EAGLE🦅 who forcibly OPENED our EYES👁 to what is happening on a GLOBAL SCALE!! 🌏 (And what a wonderful job he did!) Pulling us ALL out of our individual humdrum lives, and bringing the focus to our collective family, looking at the Higher perspective for the world we wish to create..
BLUE EAGLE🦅 has RESET the Planetary MIND to a higher octave and revealed many clues as to WHERE we are headed. BLUE EAGLE 🦅 holds the GRANDE VISON for HU-MAN-ity to MANIFEST it into our New Reality…
Today we commence our new journey for the next 13 days with the elegant YELLOW STAR🌟 as our guide. This is the FINAL WAVESPELL in the Sacred Tzolkin Mayan Calendar and on MONDAY 14th DECEMBER, 2020 we reach our final destination, the ultimate stage of enlightenment – YELLOW COSMIC SUN🌞🌞 – tribe 260!! Miraculously this is also the day of the Solar Eclipse ☀🌒in Sagittarius🏹 so we have a HUGE culmination to this evolutionary spin of the Tzolkin!🍥🎆
We now have 13 days remaining to get to the TOP of this peak and achieve ultimate re-union with our cell-ves and our SOURCE! ☀✨🎆
MAGNETIC is tone number 1 in the SPIRITUAL realm as we initiate a new wavespell cycle. Power: Attracts Action: Unifies Essence: Purpose. Day one of a new wavespell always starts with the Magnetic tone of purpose. In the beginning was the ONE!. From out of nothing, here ONE comes. Spinning happily – magnetizing all that it requires for more excellent adventuring. Once strong in PURPOSE, all will effortlessly come together. The Magnetic tone is all about ATTRACTION. Attracting everything that you require to fulfill your purpose and your goals. People, resources, relationships, money, support and all that you can imagine.
Today we are seeking to attract ART🎨, discovering more BEAUTY🌹 in our lives. We are seeking to UNIFY with all our Planetary kin through HARMONY… The attraction seeks to UNIFY all as ONE as we collectively manifest our new 5D Earth together!! 👫🌏👬🌍👭🌎
MAGNETIC kin have a very strong connection to SOURCE, and a gravitational pull to return there and bring all their buddies with them. The power of ONE is very strong today as it unites us all as ONE HU-MAN-ITY! This will also be the THEME for this wavespell – UNIFICATION in experiencing the New Time as ART 🎨🖼through the power of pure Divine HARMONY and GRACE.
CONSCIOUS SELF & HIGHER SELF: YELLOW STAR 🌟 LAMAT is the VENUS STAR of beauty, elegance, grace, peace and harmony. The old paradigm was built on a false artificial time Matrix of 12:60 frequency. This took humanity out of alignment with the flow and rhythms of the NATURAL world… which created the great “disconnect” from our SOURCE. Consequently we became enslaved, and brainwashed to believe that “Time is Money”, falling into the TRAP of “working 9-5” in the rat race! 🐀🏇
LAMAT🌟 the beautiful shining STAR is here to show us a BETTER way of living… LAMAT is a portal opening the doors for HU-MAN-ity to walk through to another realm. To access this realm all you need to do is CHOOSE to align with the Harmonic Matrix of Natural Time – the 13:20 frequency of the DREAMSPELL which aligns you with Nature/Gaia and the Cosmos. Within this alignment you are then FREED from TIME⏰ – as the new equation becomes TIME=ART.🎨🌹..
At this phenomenal stage in our evolutionary her-story we are currently experiencing unprecedented 💥 tumultuous EVENTS. The PURPOSE of which is to AWAKEN us and FREE us from the Matrix. We have been forcibly extricated from our old lives, habits and routines. Removed from jobs, schools, hobbies, addictive behaviours and patterns and the old way of living and thinking. The economic, social, political and financial systems have all been impacted and are up for a grand “rethink”, as we as a Global family decide what stays and what goes – in order to shape our new and better Global framework.
Now humanity has been re-UNITED with their loving families, extricated from their old lives – through all the social upheaval… During the ‘TIME-OUT” ⏳ phase, people had new opportunities to be STILL, and ponder the meaning of their lives, and that of our Global family.
LAMAT is challenging us all during this cycle to rethink our “priorities” – what is most important to bring us happiness and joy in our lives. We need to be more CREATIVE and reconsider HOW we can experience more JOY, BLISS and satisfaction – so that our life becomes a living work of ART.🎨🖼.. something beautiful🌹 to LOOK at, and even more joyful to CREATE!🎨 🌟
Today we have TRIPLE YELLOW STAR 🌟🌟🌟energies – so it really is the day to SPARKLE ✨✴ LAMAT ignites your creativity today and unleashes your store house of GOLDEN energy within your solar plexus chakra. The YELLOW STAR is a brilliant vehicle for creative expression through Art and craft,🎨 singing, 🎶dancing 💃and creating beautiful music!.🎻🎶
LAMAT provides perfect energies for healing any disharmonious relationships, particularly relating to twin flames and soul families. All this beautiful energy will lead you to HARMONY within yourself, and your outer reflection, assisting greatly in facilitating healing and reminding you of the natural beauty in our world.
The star glyph of LAMAT✨ is an actual PORTAL which connects you to the sacred movement of planets, stars and galaxies. LAMAT is a gateway to the 5th Dimension, and it opens stargates to the Pleiades, Sirius and beyond.
✨This LAMAT PORTAL is OPEN for this whole 13 day cycle,✨ flooding our Planet with BRILLIANT Ascension codes and frequencies. So prepare to be FLOODED with LIGHT and JOY✨✴✨✴✨✴
Take the time today to LOOK into the opening of the LAMAT star glyph✨ whilst meditating in order to enter this mystery. If you wish to tune in and access the energies of LAMAT, visualize sparks of gold against the blue of twilight skies bringing forth the cascading wisdom of the stars! VISUALIZE and give DIVINE GRATITUDE for the GOLDEN STARRY LIGHT carrying forth the infinite LIGHT codes from throughout the galaxy.✴🌠
SUPPORT: BLUE MAGNETIC MONKEY🐒 – CHUEN brings forth the presence of pure MAJIK today… the MAJIK of feeling the beauty of being connected as part of the Harmonic symphony that is currently being orchestrated on our beautiful planet. As we receive the majikal vision of what is possible for us and our planet we can magnetically attract this beautiful life. . Holding presence as our pure innocent Divine child, uniting with our kin in playful joy and creativity, trusting in the majik of our Divine SOURCE to lead the way home again. Our innocent growing mind will always follow patterns built on logical harmony to find its way into the mysteries of the universe, into the Stars. Trusting the MAJIK of Divine spirit to guide us to reach our highest destiny in Divine synchronic order!
Tune into your Divine innocence today to tap into the spontaneity and joy that flows from this re-union with your SOURCE🎆 – the ultimate origin of ecstatic BLISS! 💞
OCCULT/HIDDEN POWER: RED COSMIC SKYWALKER☁🍥🚶– BEN beckons us to AWAKEN, EXPLORE and EXPAND beyond all perceived limits. BEN is guiding us to bravely step out of our comfort zone and boldly go into new territory, revealing untold beauty and adventure. The SUPERPOWER of the COSMIC SKYWALKER is to become the Divine conduit between Heaven and Earth – anchoring the BLISS flowing throughout the COSMOS accessible to all.
BEN shows us that the SKY IS THE LIMIT!! Or rather that there is no LIMIT in this endless infinite Galaxy of creation.
We have TRAINED and prepared for this moment for EONS… so it is TIME to take the SPOTLIGHT 🔦 on center stage – as we become the divine conduits, anchoring the pillars of HEAVEN and EARTH.. BEN is holding our hands and guiding us to these new realms we are co-creating.. . So EXPAND your purpose and REACH for the STARS. ✨
✨It is TIME to rise up and FLY as we manifest together the highest potential for BEAUTIFUL LIFE here on our divine planet manifesting BLISS on EARTH! 🐬🌴🌺☀
CHALLENGE/GIFT: WHITE MAGNETIC MIRROR 🛡– ETZNAB is SHATTERING the old illusory false time Matrix today.. Using the sword of TRUTH to cut away ALL that is extraneous to the endless order of a new PARADISE.. Reflecting the divine patterns of pure unadulterated truth. We are at a crossroads and given the CHOICE today, whether to stay in the endless chaos and confusion of a manufactured reality, or to consciously decide to BREAK FREE and BREAK out of the BOX!!💥💥💥
ETZNAB challenges us to SEE the BEAUTY 🌹in ALL things and to attract the most PURE and POSITIVE high vibrational frequencies – elevating our LIGHT quotient in our bodies in order to evolve. Surrendering to being a pure REFLECTION of ALL THAT IS, we wish to attract and magnetize in our lives.
So today we revel in the pure REFLECTION of what such a world of BEAUTY would LOOK and FEEL like. Focusing on creating a world with the Highest Potential for love, compassion, harmony and peace. That world is HERE NOW – the foundation has been laid… now we must fully welcome this New Way Dreaming into our everyday lives.
Our collective consciousness is SHINING today with greater Harmony and beauty. We can SPARKLE and SHINE through connecting with our Planetary kin, through our creative expression and Divine Service. Through creating ART, through our body talk, via telepathy and through our EYES, revealing the deep soul connections that we are evolving into. Pure knowingness as we experience ourselves as part of the patterns of Nature, full of STAR WISDOM. Remembering ourselves as the ancient and wise STAR beings of legend and folklore, influenced and interconnected with the movement and dances of the celestial STARS!
✨Use the portal of LAMAT to call forth (with sincere intention) your Higher Universal Self to merge and unite in your Galactic Mission to humanity.✨
Turn up the volume on your LUMINOSITY ✨✨✨
❓❓❓❓❓❓❓❓❓ Today’s question is “How can I focus on the infinite BEAUTY in this world, aligning with this new Harmonic Matrix, in order to experience my life as a living work of ART?🎨💃🎶🎻🌹
Divine blessings for attracting all that you require to SHINE BRIGHTLY. Aho…dear ones! Beauty and Grace awaits you now. 🌹🌹🌹
Namaste’ 🙏💟🙏💟🙏
In Lak’ech a la kin
Christina White Magnetic Worldbridger – KIN 66 🌏🌈
PICTURE CREDITS: Aurora Artist-Josephine Wall DIVINE GRATITUDE 🙏💕🙏💕





The Krist Grid is the first level of Creation and the closest to Source. It is the first Tree of Life or the Kathara Grid.


Things that are built upon the mathematical programming of the Krist Grid are referred as Kristos. What this means is that they have the ability to perpetually self-regenerate. It means that they have an open conduit of circulation of Consciousness and Life Force Energy between the manifestation fields and God-Source directly, so they are eternal life as opposed to finite life.


They are eternal free energy systems as opposed to finite energy systems that struggle and compete for power or for energy.


Thus, when we talk about Kristos, we talk about concepts as far as Consciousness, but we also talk about very, very specific Universal Mechanics.


Through the ManU-ManA-EirA God-Force Divine Trinity, the “Divine Child” of the Cosmic Krist (Known on the smaller Universal level as the “Christ”) is perpetually born.


The Cosmic Krist is the living God-Force Consciousness Field created through the specific combining of the ManU-ManA-EirA God-Forces within a very specific “Divine Design”, by which the First Creation of Manifest Expression could occur, was enabled to remain perpetually in motion, and through which God-Source and Its many manifestations of Self can retain an Eternal, Perpetual Open inter-relationship.


The Krist is the specifically arranged Living Manifestation Template, existing with the “Divine Trinity” ManU-ManA-EirA God-Force Consciousness Field, which perpetually holds the Divine Blueprint or precise “Technical Specifications of Divine Order” upon and through which Eternal Life Cosmic Creation is created. 


Krist Code


The Krist Code is the Perpetual Motion and Precise Mathematical-Geometrical Instructions for the Creation Program from God-Source.


The Kathara Lines form the structure framework of the Kathara Grid and exist in precise angular and proportional relationship to each other, according to the ratios of the energy balance set by the Krist Code.


Deviations from the natural Krist Code configuration of “First Creation” create alterations of the energetic balance (Inorganic Kathara Grids) causing interruption of the continual self-regeneration (perpetual life) of the manifest forms and the formations of Miasms that eventually lead to destruction of the corresponding matter-form via self-annihilation of the Partiki units.


The original Eternal Nature of God-Source Itself, and thus that of All Creation, remains always perpetual and constant, due to the mechanisms of Self-healing through Starburst that God-Source intended, imbued and sets in motion, (through the directives of the Eternal Life Krist Code) as the foundations for First Creation.


Everything including every single Partiki in the Universe has an encryption.


Eternal Life emerged from the original encryption set into the first Partiki, called the Krist Code. From this point, Creation emerges and expands and as it does so, the encryption expands and becomes more complex, but is still based on the Krist Code and Base-12 encryption.


The Krist Code allows for full At-One-ment to be experienced while being in Manifestation within Source.


Ka Ra Ya Sa Ta Ha La (KRYST-HALA)


The word “Krist” and “Kristallisation” are drawn from the first set of 7 vibrational encryptions to emerge into audible outer expressions of Consciousness sound cells from phasing of the Inner Hub ADON Bud Cluster (the “Bud-Aahs” of the Inner Monadic First Eternal Life Creation) of 6 Primordial Outer Tones:


Ka Ra Ya Sa Ta Ha La


Are known as the Kryst-HaLa of the “Aah” First Great Void – or – the Kryst-(H)aL(a)Aah, the Tonal Core of Outer First Creation.


The Eckasha Aah AhaLaah’ – Body is known as the “Body of the Krist”, “the First Sun of God-Source”, as it represents the first outer manifest Krystallisation of God-Force Consciousness into electro-magnetic radiation “aware-ised eternal energy” expression.


The Kryst-HaLa pattern is the encryption held by this Core First Light Unit called the Tauren.


The Origin of the Words “Christ” and “Allah”


“Christ” and “Allah” derive from Kryst-Hala: The word that derives from the 7 Core Audible Tones of Creation: Ka Ra Ya Sa Ta Ha La


Kryst-Hala was broken down, and changed through oral tradition, into two words:

Kryst which became Christ and HaLa which became Allah.


Ka Ra Ya Sa Ta Aa La (KRYSTAL)


There is a frequency, tone and geometry recorded in the Silicate Matrix of the DNA, DNA Signal, that is being imprinted in new ways with the Krystal Tones. This is a large Aurora project that has to do with re-encryption of the flesh and therefore re-configuring the DNA elements of the human body to be resonant with the frequencies of the Diamond Sun Body.


These seven tones of Original Creation are broken down into:


Ka Ra Ya Sa Ta Aa La


When we tone these individually, they hold a piece of a larger schematic that fits into the Krystal body, the Diamond Sun Christos (Kristos) Blueprint. These Tones are not to be confused with Ka Ra Ya Sa Ta Ha La – emphasis on the H sound.


Krystal Tones


When the tones of Ka Ra Ya Sa Ta Aa La (KRYSTAL) are woven into a complete pattern, they are an actual “Merkaba” Spirit Body. This Spirit Body of Krystal Star Consciousness is phonetically (sounds like) spelled something like: CHRYSTHALLA or KRYST-HALA (Ka Ra Ya Sa Ta Ha La), which also describes and explains (means) the male and female merged Risen Christos (Kristos) Body.


Ka Ra Ya Sa Ta Aa La (KRYSTAL) is a process (verb) of encryption.


Ka Ra Ya Sa Ta Ha La (KRYST-HALA) is the end result (noun) male/female merged Risen Christos (Kristos) Body.


The Krystal Guardians suggest that sounding or communicating with these tones in meditation, prayer, music or breathwork is helpful for Aurora re-encryption, to refocus the mind, break through Mind Control to support Soul and Oversoul integration between the bodies.




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