Wavespell of the Yellow Star

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🌟 Yellow Star Wavespell 🌟






KIN 248-260
6-18 MAY 2022
Attracting a BEAUTIFUL LIFE!🌹🌟✨
The YELLOW STAR WAVESPELL is the 20th and final wavespell in the Tzolkin Calendar – 20 is the number of AWAKENING.
The next 13 days will see a HUGE GLOBAL AWAKENING. MAY is a universal 11 MONTH bringing rapid ILLUMINATION, through the new portals opening to new higher light streaming forth. Our beloved Pachamama GAIA is transforming into a CELESTIAL STAR🌟 – illuminating all her children as she evolves into the next GOLDEN ERA..
During this cycle we are ✨AWAKENING our SPARKLE✨ – polishing our Starry authentic and beautiful self to SHINE even brighter on the global stage!✨🌟✨
This cycle is all about finding our CREATIVE SPARK – what makes our HEART❤ SING.🎤🎶. and expressing that through our ART, our work, our purpose and our Divine Mission. Through becoming more CREATIVE we connect with our divinity and our life becomes more Harmonic and beautiful, filled with JOY and laughter.
The QUESTION we will be exploring in this cycle is:
❓❓“How can I use my creativity🎨🖌 to bring more PEACE🕊, HARMONY✨ and BEAUTY🌹 into this world?
We commence this wavespell on
DAY 1 – FRIDAY 6 MAY 2022 – KIN 248 –✨Yellow Magnetic Star✨ – where we begin attracting more BEAUTY🌹 and ELEGANCE🌟 into our lives, aligning with our renewed purpose through our ART.🎨
DAY 13 – WEDNESDAY 18 MAY 2022 – KIN 260- ✨Yellow Cosmic Sun 🍥🌞 we conclude this wavespell and complete the 260 day/9 month journey through the Tzolkin Calendar. We arrive at the culmination of all 260 planetary kin as we evolve to SHINE our unique and beautiful soul’s LIGHT🌟 throughout the entire Cosmos🍥 becoming a guiding LIGHT for others to follow.✨🌟✨
The PLANETARY STAR-SEEDS 🌟🌱 have evolved to become the brightest BLISS❤ SUNS🌞 of the COSMOS..🌞🍥
🐬🌈 ❤🐬🌈❤🐬🌈❤🐬🌈❤
Namaste’ 🙏❤🙏❤🙏
In Lak’ech a la kin
Christina White Magnetic Worldbridger – KIN 66 🌏🌈
Wavespell of the Yellow Star
Wavespell of the Yellow Star


🌟Yellow Star Wavespell 🌟

Kin 248 – 260
”You are the Artist of your own life”`
“Peace on the Planet starts first with peace in ourselves”
”Time is Art, and You are the Artist of your own Time”
We are starting the last wavespell of the Tzolkin round—
We can go through the storm of emotions, which are there to purify us, heal us, and prepare us for the new spin of Tzolkin.
If you’re feeling down from time to time, immediately find another focus, stay focused on something that inspires you, satisfies you…or the easiest – focus your attention to the stars in the sky!
Have you ever wondered how come since childhood we are all a bit ˝sensitive˝ when it comes to stories about stars. Looking at the stars, watching a falling star and making a wish, wondering where we come from.
˝There is a pure moment of awareness that is always available that connects you to the moment you were born – when you were not a particular nationality or identity, but a pure star child. Can you go beyond your surface identity and contact this child now?˝
We have to remember we are perfect. We are all Stars. Each of us is a unique Star.
Everybody is an artist. An artist of their own life. That’s why the last wavespell of Tzolkin is the wavespell of beauty and art.
After getting all lessons and insights, our eyes are open wide and we are suddenly aware of the beautiful world we live in. And we have to decide – how do we want to live it!
The new cycle usually happens only once or twice in one Solar Year so it’s good to use it.
I am the elegance of enlightenment
Through my art I color your world
I am the rainbow in your day and the
Moon-glow in your night
I am the Artist
Everything I do originates from the stars
Star Being, Star Child, Star Singer is my name
I am the galactic chord
Resounding from the cosmic key
I invent the songs and recite the crystal oath
That travels the infinite zuvuya
The wonders of ever-expanding harmonics
To know me is to ride the endless song
Back to the Master Artist of all Creation



Yellow Star Wavespell
Yellow Star Wavespell




On the Tzolkin count, May 6, 2022 marks the entrance to the 13-DAY cycle of the Yellow Star (KIN 248-260). On the Gregorian calendar this cycle goes from May 6-18, 2022.
This is therefore the 20th cycle of 13 DAYS to complete 49 Tzolkin cycles of 260 DAYS on May 18, 2022 (KIN 260 13Sun) and start a NEW GALACTIC SPIN synchronized with the “Pleiadian alignment” of MAY 19–21 (KIN 1,2,3): This is a 3-DAY window when the Pleiades and the Sun align at the Zenith point (directly overhead) where no shadows are cast at the latitude of the Pyramid of Kukulcan at Chichenitza.
Solar Seal #8
Action: Beautify
Essence: Art
Power: Elegance
Galactic Archetype: The Artist
The Star energy is then inviting us to contemplate ALL CREATION as a WORK of ART… To find BEAUTY in everything, everyone, everywhere… not just in those places that feel loving or that we consider pleasant and beautiful… It asks us to find at least a twinkle spark of LIGHT in the midst of extreme DARKNESS…
At times like these this contemplation requires us to open our heARTs even more… until we can overcome almost ALL judgement and observe the drama of evolution playing out on earth from a higher and more detached perspective..


yellow star
yellow star





I UNIFY in order to BEAUTIFY
Attracting ART
I seal the store of Elegance
With the Magnetic tone of Purpose
I AM guided by the power of my OWN POWER DOUBLED!


Implant Removal Ceremony


Implant Removal Ceremony
Implant Removal Ceremony



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