Violet Flame for World Peace

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Violet Flame for World Peace


The advances of the Light Forces continue, but so do the resistances of the negatives who try to survive and continue their agendas. The negatives have been using climate control technology, causing floods and other “natural disasters” around the globe. All this affects the consciousness of the elementals of our planet, and so the elementals need our help, love, compassion, and gratitude as we invoke the Violet Flame.

In addition, tomorrow Saturday, July 24th, several global manifestations against the measures taken because of the “pandemic” are scheduled. We need to unite our hearts, show our love and compassion, asking for peace and restoration of truth and freedom for all of us and the planet.

Therefore, the Light Forces appeal to all beings (who feel the call) to, tomorrow July 24th, at noon (local time), make your invocation with the Violet Flame. Begin by visualizing it first in yourselves, then in your homes, localities, countries, our planet, and the entire Solar System. TOGETHER WE ARE STRONGER!!! 🙂

When visualizing it in yourself, you can strengthen your protection and cleansing by using the following and powerful DECREE OF THE VIOLET FLAME:

I AM a being of Violet Fire, I AM the purity God desires. My heart is a chakra of Violet Fire, my heart is the purity God desires. Violet fire, thou love divine, blaze within this heart of mine! Thou art mercy forever true, keep me always in tune with you. And so it is!

 from the book “Alchemy of the Heart” by Elizabeth Clare Prophet



When you feel guided to do so, you can use the following meditation with the Violet Flame:

  • You can light violet, pink, or white candles, and play soft and relaxing music in the background if you feel guided to do so.
  • Take a deep breath and connect with your heart, your Higher Self, and decree the following:

In the name of the I AM WHAT I AM, from the Lord God of my Being, I invite all my particles of life, all my subtle bodies, and states of consciousness, to receive the wonderful energies of the violet flame, of love, of compassion and freedom. I now ask that the violet flame floods all my Being, continuously, every day of my life. And so it is!

 from the book “The Seven Sacred Flames” by Aurelia Louise Jones

  • Breathe deeply, feeling the Violet Flame purifying your energy, dissipating all unbalanced energies. Express gratitude for the received blessings.
  • Then, visualize the Violet Flame around the Planet and decree:

In the name of the I AM WHAT I AM, from the Lord God of my Being, I invoke the masters Saint-Germain and Kwan Yin, to saturate the world with waves upon waves of Violet Fire, to infuse every particle of life, of each man, woman, and child of this planet, in an auric field of Violet Flame to protect and awaken them. I also ask for the protection of animals, nature, and its elementals. I ask that this action be sustained until perfection is restored. And so be it!

from the book “The Seven Sacred Flames” by Aurelia Louise Jones

  • Every day, give a little attention to the Violet Flame, both in yourself and around the Planet.

On a daily basis, whenever we have a negative thought or emotion, we can immediately ask for its neutralization with the Violet Flame, with humility and gratitude.


Share with your contacts, the more we meditate, the greater this transmuting force will become. Because yes, we are ONE!

With Gratitude, Love, and Light,

~ Anabela & Interdimensional Association of Free Worlds


~ Seeking the Union:



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