Golden DNA Affirmation ~ GLOBAL SCALE UPGRADE ~ TOTAL ENERGETIC CHANGE ~ Ascension Manifestation

Golden DNA Affirmation ~ GLOBAL SCALE UPGRADE ~ TOTAL ENERGETIC CHANGE ~ Ascension Manifestation



Paul White Gold Eagle

Greetings Galactic Wayshowers of the New Golden Age

As we continue to receive higher dimensional frequencies from the Great Central Sun we navigate through the Waters of Transformation and Transfiguration. With these powerful energies coming in we had two major activations on the Ring of Fire with a magnitude 6.5 and a 7.3 earthquake in Japan. The resonance of 37 into the 73 the Codes of Heaven on Earth.

The Divine Feminine Energies of Rejuvenation and Healing are activating our full Creative Potential as we continue to hold our visions of the New Earth. The Heavenly Qi flows freely through our meridians and channels to assist in our Great Ascension Process. All is coming into alignment for the powerful full moon in Virgo this Friday the 18th and the Equinox Sunday the 20th. Keep anchoring the higher light into the Crystalline core of Pachamama as our DNA and Avatars receive the full upgrades for the final Quantum Leap of Consciousness into homo-luminous…A’Ho!


Right now: Moon at 13°28′ Virgo, Sun at 26°37′ Pisces

sabian symbols

Current Sabian Symbols

Current Sabian Symbol for the Sun

A harvest moon illuminates the sky.
Sabian Symbol for 27º Pisces

The current Sabian Symbol of the Sun is the symbol that characterizes the ongoing solar influence, the vital energy and the personality, or it’s just a symbol which characterizes this day, while the Sun’s position (rounded to the next degree) is 27º Pisces.


Current Sabian Symbol for the Moon

A family tree.
Sabian Symbol for 14º Virgo

The current Sabian Symbol of the Moon is the symbol that characterizes the ongoing lunar influence, the emotional background, or it’s just a symbol which characterizes this moment, while the Moon’s position (rounded to the next degree) is 14º Virgo.




💙 Tuning In to El Morya💙

Ask God each day that, for that day, only the divine plan of your lifestream will manifest; then by turning your attention to him, learn from God how you can easily and quickly fulfill that divine plan.
Just think what an activity of cosmic purpose is expressed each year by the tiny seed in its own setting. Can you not do at least as much, having through the threefold flame anchored right within your beating heart all of God that is required for you to produce this victory as your harvest of the hours and lifetimes spent in his service?
May your own beloved, beautiful I AM Presence illumine you quickly, each one, as to the real meaning of the will of God that I AM in action all ways!
— Excerpt from El Morya’s November 28, 1958 Pearl of Wisdom Vol. 1 No. 16.
🙏💜 Intense Reconfiguration of DNA through the PASSION of the Equinox.
Everything has already been discussed if we listen to the fast internal movement and what is moving in our external reality 💜🙏

Ra James

We are feeling the energies of the Equinox. That means this week the energies are so high. Friday is the Equinox Harvest Moon. This is a Virgo Full Moon. This Moon is Super Charged with the energies of the Equinox. That makes this Moon one of the stronger Moons of the year. It’s also one of the most Magical of the year. The Spring Equinox is when the Earth reawakens from the dead of the Winter. It shifts us from A cycle of Death into a Rebirth. It’s a time to connect with and to celebrate the Egyptian God Osiris.
Isis and Osiris ruled Ancient Egypt. Osiris is Ruler of the Underworld. The Spring Equinox is the time of the resurrection of Osiris. Osiris is connected with Orion and Isis is connected with Sirius. March is a great month to see Sirius, which is our brightest star. During the first few weeks of Spring we can also see Orion. When the Sun is going down we can find Orion in the western part of the sky. The constellation Orion and all of the stars shift west as the seasons pass. Orion is making a journey towards the Sun, and will disappear into the Sun’s light completely in June, for the Summer Solstice.
That means we have the Sun between us and Orion. The energies of Orion are shining down on us a little extra right now. This is powerful for any Orion Starseeds, your for sure receiving more activations. Isis is represented by the Moon, and Osiris the Sun. This is the time where these energies merge the most. The power of Osiris is encoded in Friday’s Equinox Full Moon. The Spring Equinox marks our ascent into the upper half of the year. It’s a release of the Underworld. It’s a shift out the darker dimensions of the year. For some that may mean a shift out of that dark night of the soul. We are now opening up to new dimensions of light. Some are being guided to release and let go of the material dimensions to make a shift into the heavenly realms.
During the Equinox light and dark are equal. It’s a time of Union and balance between the Masculine and Feminine. A lot of powerful healing energies flood the Planet. The days are going to start to get longer. The energies are continuing to rise on the Planet. This week gives you a chance to see how you are handling them. It’s so important that your working on your own energy right now. You are an energetic being that is made of Divine Light. This week is a powerful week for healing, and for doing any clearing or activation work. It’s a great time to get organized, or to do some Spring Cleaning. These energies right now are all about detoxing your life…
📸Cerridwen Greenleaf


Energy Reports/Updates are Real-time occurrences/Data/Information in the Collective, planetary or Quantum fields, related with incoming energies, Ascension, The New Earth. I do NOT do channelings, predictions, insights, wisdom, interpretation.
It can be called like the most living-with Life Force fulfilled Upgrade, – this Solar Energy (March 13 – 16). Right Now, during linear March 16, intensity of the Energy has taken BALANCED constant pace; in other words, volume of strength has been tuned. Balance makes the Energy more soft in a physical sense, although, all this strength came at once. Large Solar Mass from the Great Central Sun, – this is what is still in integration process (fourth day), into the Human physical system and planetary body.
It’s Upgrade, because contains COMPONENTS, activating also the next Raise in Awareness for the entire Collective – Humanity.
It’s the second global scale event in the energy level in 2022. The first one, – end of January/February – Raise of the Unity Consciousness, with the Love Flame in Ottawa, Canada.
It depends on Humanity, WHEN we will receive the next one. Because… there will be the next one.
REFERENCES – global Upgrades
There was a reference about the March 2022, due to overlays – Feb 1/March 1 (look Energy Report from February 1), when already came in – “VIBRATIONS of the MARCH… like a fresh living concentrate. Essence full of Life. Like a fruity apple. Consist from the element of Balance”. Another reference goes to May 2022.
Here is important to take in account these two aspects, – Humanity’s actions and The Source. Source don’t set dates. But, specific “time windows” can be “felt around” in the Quantum field (this is closest description for the Human mind perception). Placement of the Love Flame was coming like a Initiative from the Source, and look How this Event brought attention and partake of the whole world. Like a bright Flash it ignited through any Heart.
Now, the next one, March 13 – 16… so that, we keep going – With LOVE ❤️
Kwana Mikaela
Shafts of LIGHT are radiating from the Sacred Sun onto our Earth plane Right NOW. . . Shifting the illusion and Opening the HIGHER Consciousness Realms on our planet.
This is a Time of the Acceleration of our Transmutation within our Systems and Transformation within the ENERGETIC WEBBING within Earth.
The entire Universal Community are Holding a Platform for the entire ENERGETIC PROFILE of our planet to Transform.
This is a Time of total ENERGETIC CHANGE and simultaneously the 3rd dimensional drama on our planet Expands. . . Explodes.
Do NOT fear the drama. . . this is simply the Necessary Playout of Destiny at this Juncture.
We Stay Focused within our Hearts and Allow the Inner Transformation to Unfold within us.
This is our Mission Right NOW. . . to Focus on developing an Inner Alignment and Open to our Authentic Guidance from our Multi-Dimensional Hearts.
We Allow our Perceptions to SHIFT as We Align within our Hearts.
These understandings will carry us into another experience which exists simultaneously to the drama.
One expression is drama. . . and the other is one Based on TRUTH.
We are BE-ing called to link within our Hearts and allow an Unfolding. . . an Unveiling of our SELVES within our Hearts.
All is in Hand. . . We take the path of our Hearts and live within the Space of Unlimited Expression of the LIGHT which We are!
Within Sacred LOVE of ONE
~ 💜 ~


Aurora Ray

Ascension Manifestation

Dear family of light,
When you’re first exploring ascension or the idea of spiritual enlightenment, it can seem like a big and complicated concept. And to some extent, it is. But if you take a step back and remember that ascension is about your personal journey of discovery, it doesn’t have to be scary or overwhelming.
There are many layers to this journey, and each one takes you deeper into yourself, connecting you with all that is around you. It’s an exciting process that ultimately leads to profound self-discovery and an increased understanding of your place in the universe. That’s why the sacred sciences are so important — they help you expand your consciousness and develop a greater connection with the world around you.
Ascension is a path that leads to a greater understanding of yourself and your relationship with the world around you. It’s a powerful tool that enables you to transform your life in ways you never imagined.
It’s also one of the most underutilized tools on the market today. Most people are unaware that such a thing even exists, much less how it can be used to transform their lives.
Ascension is real; it’s tangible, and you can use it to achieve your goals and desires, no matter how big or small they may be.
Let’s start with a basic definition of ascension:
Ascension is the manifestation of your highest potential, which is your ability to express unconditional love. This is the most basic definition, but it can be expanded to include a number of other concepts that are also important to understand.
The first concept is the physical plane—this is where you’re at right now. Think of this as being at the bottom of a pyramid shape represented by the Great Tree of Life (also known as the Kabbalist Tree of Life). The base of the pyramid has a lot of energy at its base and then tapers off; this represents your state of life on Earth. Every day you spend on Earth, you are being influenced by your environment, genetics, parents, and culture.
The top point of the pyramid represents a higher plane where all things are possible, and everything is in divine order. In other words, life runs smoothly, and there are no limitations. Here you have full access to all information and wisdom because there are no limitations on what you can do or how much you can learn. You get whatever you want just by thinking about it.
There are an infinite number of planes in between these two points that represent different levels of consciousness where life is lived differently. These planes of existence range from the very dense, materialistic 3D plane that we live into the higher, more etheric, and inter-dimensional planes.
How do they differ? Let me break it down in simple terms. The higher frequencies on the ascending scale are more etheric and less physical than those below them. They vibrate at much higher rates and have a much lower density than the denser planes below them. They are also less corrupt, filled with people who are all united in their pursuit of love and light.
How does all this apply to you? It means that your soul, at some point in its evolution, desires to grow beyond this realm and experience life on other planes of existence. It wants to make the transition from a physical being to a spiritual one because it knows that this is the purpose for which it was created. This is what ascension is about!
Ascension is a path of self-discovery, evolving consciousness, and spiritual enlightenment. It’s also a way to connect with your own inner essence, which is a reflection of the Divine. The essence within each of us is what we are striving to connect with, for only then can we understand and transcend the physical world into a state of divinity.
The journey of ascension will take you on a quest to find your true self and develop your soul power. It will take you on an adventure through ancient wisdom, sacred geometry, sacred sciences, and spiritual practices, expanding consciousness and developing connections. It will also shed light on transcendence and help you understand what ascension really is and where the journey leads.
The time is right for you to discover the ancient wisdom that has been lost over the ages. With knowledge comes a deeper understanding of who you are and what it means to be human.
Ascension is a personal journey of enlightenment that takes place within the context of your own life. This is why the great works of spirituality were written down for all to read, not just for initiates.
From a spiritual perspective, it is said that we move through various stages in life as we evolve towards enlightenment. This can be seen through the various stages of life in cyclical models such as Hinduism’s Chakra or Buddhism’s Wheel of Life. It also permeates Kabbalah and other systems of magic as well.
The eternal quest for understanding begins with the question, “Who am I?”
The answer is that you are a unique and sacred being, one worthy of ascension practice. As you pursue this quest, you will discover many answers to questions about your own life, the state of the world, and the universe around us.
There are many ways to accomplish your ascension goals, and all of them are valid because they work for you. You could use prayer, divination, or manifestation instead.
Many people find that chakra meditation helps them stay motivated and focused on their goal while they’re learning how to ascend because it feels good to them. It also has a number of practical applications that can benefit you in many situations throughout your life, which we’ll get into later. The deeper your connection with your chakras, the more effective they are when they’re used for something specific.
Tapping into your chakras will help you develop your ascension abilities.
We love you dearly.
We are here with you.
We are your family of light.
Aurora Ray
Ambassador of the Galactic Federation
Copyright 2022 Aurora Ray. All rights reserved.



Galactic Federation
Galactic Federation


There may be a lot in your mind today, requiring your attention. The fastest way to sort through all these bottle up thoughts and emotions surfacing, is to meditate and process them. Insights are ready to download when you access your higher consciousness that will bring solutions from replaying thoughts. Soon you will know exactly what to do.

As you release and detox your old system, you will feel more confident and prepared for the new. The ego is ready to be replaced with your connection with Spirit. This guidance system is communicating to you on how to stop resistance, and set yourself free to receive.

Blessings are entering bringing more financial stability and exciting opportunities. This includes the happy home and family you have been attaining. All you need to do is put an end to chasing what’s not for you. This will be more clearly understood from your higher self, and guidance from the Holy Spirit. You are being helped to shift your energy and mindset into your bright new beginning of increase, no looking back.

In Jesus Christ’s name amen. God bless you 🕊 Love Carolyn

Moon in Virgo. Mars in Aquarius semi-square Neptune in Pisces. Chiron conjunct Pallas in Aries – The Moon’s entry into Virgo signals that we are approaching the peak of the lunar cycle. We feel a need to get organised and to be of service. But the connection between Mars and Neptune is slippery. Maybe we feel tired, disconnected, unsure of our goals, disorientated. Uncertainty about the future makes it hard to act.
But working in our favour we have a perfect ‘fix-it’ duo. Pallas sees the patterns in our suffering, mediates, creates effective strategies. Chiron sees how to bring everything together, even when it looks like the parts don’t fit. Our inner healer and wise woman have a wealth of experience between them to resolve conflicts and problems. Be patient. Don’t give up. Trust your intuition to guide you to the right action. Holistic thinking is the way forward.
Degrees and Times
Moon 00°Vi00′ – 04:58 (UT)
Chiron and Pallas 11°Ar23′ – 16:03 (UT)
Mars 08°Aq00′, Neptune 23°Pi00′ – 23:04 (UT)
© Leah Whitehorse 2022
Painting – Pallas and Centaur by Sandro Botticelli
Key 🔑 16.1. The Synchronotron is a telepathic language expressed as a visual geometry in which all relations are factored as different whole number ratios and proportions, as well as number squares and interval differences.
-260 Keys To Synchronotron A Guide To The New Mind For People Of The Future

Kin 197 ~ Red Lunar Earth

‘Lunar’ is the name for the number two and its key words are ‘Polarize, Stabilize and Challenge’. Its the second day of the Yellow Warrior wavespell and a Portal day. Before this mission gets on its way, there are issues to contend with. As it is a Portal day, there will be an extra intensity to these issues. There will be no progress on this mission if you don’t analyze your situation, confront your problems and come up with solutions.
Today is Red Earth which represents ‘Evolution, Synchronicity and Navigation.’ The Red Earth is concerned with growth and self-improvement but when it falls on a Lunar day, these things don’t come easy. Be prepared for potential frustration today and for progress to be painfully slow.
The Guide today is the Red Moon which symbolizes ‘Going with the Flow’. When the moon guides us, it is asking us to relinquish control. As it is a Lunar day, it is appropriate that the Moon plays a big role. If you allow yourself to just go with the flow today, the problems and challenges will be easier to navigate.
The Challenge today is the Blue Hand which is the symbol of healing. When in this position healing is harder to come by. Especially with this intense Portal day influence. If you know a Blue Hand, give them a hug…. they will find today harder than everyone else.
The Occult power is the Yellow Seed which represents ‘Sowing Awareness’. This may well be the saving grace of the day. Yellow Seed loves to share wisdom and when in the Occult position, the wisdom it’s attempting to make you aware of… is all about magic and how the magic can help you. Use whatever magic knowledge you have to help you get through this intense day.
The Ally today is the White Wind, the communicator. If you know a White Wind, talk to them and you’ll get some great advice and support today. If you don’t know one, be a communicator. Talk to others about what is going on, this will help immensely.
Hey Folks! The Tzolkin Times just reached a huge milestone….we now have over 3000 followers!!


2 CABAN – KIN 197
16 MARCH 2022
Stabilizing synchronicity
I seal the matrix of navigation
With the Lunar tone of challenge
I AM guided by the power of Universal Water
16/3/2022 = 7/3/6 =7/9 = 16 = 7
16- Tower struck by lightning/unforeseen events
7- Majik/Mystic/Spiritual/Initiation/Solitude
✨MONTH/YEAR codes✨
✨3.6.9 – TESLA CODE✨✨
3- Holy Trinity/Joy/Happiness/Creativity/Communication
6- Heaven/Christ/Family/Romance/Fertility
9- Completion/Destiny/Service/Humanity/Grace
20- The AWAKENING/Clear vision
22- Architect of PEACE/Master builder
KIN 197 = 17 = 8 Infinity/Abundance/Source FLOW
A powerful day for finding and navigating our new FLOW.🌫
Day 2 in the YELLOW WARRIOR 🏹🌈 WAVESPELL of fearlessly QUEST-I-ON-ing everything in our path with a profound intelligence, disabling the old paradigm and fully focused on forging a new path to a brave New World.
In order to fearlessly charge ahead we must answer the challenge of
Today we evolve through listening to the messages of the Earth for all the clues of synchronicity, that point us in the RIGHT direction in order to GO WITH THE NEW FLOW! 🌫🌈🌫
LUNAR🌓– Tone 2 in the PHYSICAL realm. The LUNAR tone represents the sacred twins, cooperation, relationship, polarity of male and female and duality. It’s ACTION – polarizes, POWER – challenges, ESSENCE – stabilizing. Yesterday we MAGNETIZED and attracted spiritual energy and today we anchor that energy in our PHYSICAL bodies and physical environment.
The LUNAR tone may reveal challenges today, in order to recognize and release anything stopping us from finding our true path on our QUEST to realize our Dreams.
The RAINBOW WARRIORS🌈🏹 have the skills, POWER and WISDOM to GET THE JOB DONE! 👍👍
FEEL the POWER of Spirit coursing through your veins and allow nature to soothe your soul, healing your ailing techno. stressed body. Open to the FLOW of chi that meanders majestically through the rivers, mountains and woods of the natural world to accomplish great healing today! 🍃🌿
The DIVINE PLAN for EARTH can and WILL BE ACCOMPLISHED through the dedication of the loyal RAINBOW WARRIORS.
Enjoy this beautiful gentle day beloveds, stop, listen, connect and revel in the✨ Majik ✨of SYNCHRONICITY!🍥🍥🍥
Today’s question is “How can I anchor the synchronic messages of Pachamama, to navigate my correct path on my Quest, and GO WITH THE NEW FLOW?”🌈🌫
🐬🌈 ❤🐬🌈❤🐬🌈❤🐬🌈❤
Divine blessings for a beautiful Divine flowing day on your wonder filled QUEST.
In Lak’ech a la kin
Christina White Magnetic Worldbridger – KIN 66 🌏🌈
CONSCIOUS SELF: RED LUNAR EARTH 🌏-CABAN attunes us to the signs, synchronicities and FLOW of the natural rhythms of Gaia. CABAN beckons us to LISTEN to her RHYTHMS and cycles, to be sensitive to the FLOW of her messages. Today Gaia gives us the signs of synchronicity – RIGHT PERSON, RIGHT TIME, RIGHT PLACE, to point👉 us in the RIGHT direction for our QUEST.
❓❓❓ The QUEST-I-ONS we must ASK today are –
👉“Where am I headed?”
👉“Is this the RIGHT direction to the promised land?”
👉“Do I need to adjust and correct my course, in order to arrive at my desired destination, to fulfill my Mission/Destiny?”
Our sense of DIRECTION is being honed today, so that we are not wasting any time and space on our mission, intuitively knowing we are on the right path. Connecting much deeper to our Pachamama in order to STABILIZE our connection to her Earth body, fully anchoring ourselves in the New Earth plane.
Red Lunar Earth reminds us that we are the Children of Gaia, 👭👬🌎 and through our Earth Mother we are all connected. 🌐 As she feels and senses through us, we too can sense and FEEL through her, as we connect at a much deeper and more empathic level. Talking to the trees, listening to the wind and the chirping crickets, and feeling the pulsing of her heartbeat. As we connect and feel more deeply we develop more love, respect and begin to truly honour this beautiful paradise we call home.
Tune in and be inspired through listening to Gaia’s messages to navigate your path to the beautiful world we are creating. Pachamumma is calling her RAINBOW WARRIORS HOME! ❤🌍🌎🌏❤
HIGHER SELF/GUIDE: RED LUNAR MOON🌜 – MULUC adds more gentle, feminine intuitive energies, and a beautiful sensitivity to this glorious day, polarizing with the more masculine energies of the YELLOW WARRIOR. The power of the Goddess👸 and her Universal waters💧💧 allows us to FLOW🌫 with the signs, messages, thoughts, ideas and opportunities that arise today. Our focus is on PURIFICATION of our physical body and that of our Pachamama – her land, air and her Universal waters.
We are also QUEST-I-ON-ing the ancestral patterns that we have inherited through the familial and ancestral lines, releasing patterns of the past that impede us from attaining our forward momentum. Purifying and releasing all that impedes our FLOW.🌫
Release the PAST and LET GO – in order to GO WITH THE NEW FLOW! 🌫🌫
SUPPORT: WHITE LUNAR WIND 🌬🍃– IK works in unison with CABAN to bring us STRONGER messages today. We have the messages from Mother Earth amplified through the whispering wind. Feel the connection to Spirit, to Mother Gaia and to the natural kingdoms allowing the synchronicities to FLOW through you today.
Take note of which direction the WIND🍃 is blowing in order to navigate your correct path. Open your sails⛵ and anchor the energy through your body using your breath.🌬 Allow pure consciousness to FLOW🌫 through your physical vessel.
Dance, channel, play instruments, write, draw and allow the Divine to animate your being. Feel yourself in synchronic FLOW🌫 with the cycles and timing of the Natural world. Allow the breath of Spirit🌬 to course through your body, becoming a Divine conduit, the living bamboo reeds and conduits of FLOW🌫 for spiritual evolution. 🍥
OCCULT/HIDDEN POWER: YELLOW CRYSTAL SEED💎🌾 – KAN Is the SEED of new potentials which fuels expanded GROWTH. We are all SEED packets with potent LIGHT✨ packets encoded within us. The CRYSTAL SEED contains the codes of its particular species, which connect all plants of that unique origin through their DNA.
We are reminded today that as blessed STAR -SEEDS we are always CONNECTED to our family – be that on EARTH or throughout the galaxy, through our DNA and our GOD FORCE – expressed through our DIVINE SPARK. ✨🌟✨
🌈KAN enables us to expand our focus and fearlessly aim for our highest potential of common-unity with our broThors and siStars. One by one, each sowing our own unique seed through our unique talents and contributions until one day our garden has flourished into the GARDEN OF EDEN!🍇🍍🍓🍒🍉🍋 A haven filled with abundance that we can harvest at will. Collective ABUNDANCE for all beings.
Tune in to the HIGHEST POTENTIAL revealed to you today, through CABAN🌎, MULUC 🌛and IK🌬🍃 to lead you down the path of greatest LIGHT!🌈🌟☀✨
The RAINBOW WARRIORS 🌈🏹 must continue planting these SEEDS, of their VISION of the NEW EARTH, in all the MINDS of those they encounter – especially the UNAWAKENED ONES! Indeed this is our DIVINE QUEST and our greatest CHALLENGE! Sowing SEEDS🌱 in barren soil requires great FAITH and dedication to the cause, trusting that one day the seeds will take root and GROW into a HUGE expansive FOREST! 🌳🌳🌳🌳
CHALLENGE/GIFT: BLUE LUNAR HAND🌛 ✋– MANIK challenges us to TRUST🤞 in the presence of HEALING🙌 that is revealed through following the path of least resistance. Learning to listen to the cues in order to be in right alignment with the Divine Mission that we are embarking on. Overcoming all challenges and obstacles on our path, in order to ACCOMPLISH our Mission. ✨✨✨
The RAINBOW WARRIORS🌈🏹 have the skills, POWER and WISDOM to GET THE JOB DONE! 👍👍
FEEL the POWER of Spirit coursing through your veins and allow nature to soothe your soul, healing your ailing techno. stressed body. Open to the FLOW of chi that meanders majestically through the rivers, mountains and woods of the natural world to accomplish great healing today! 🍃🌿
The DIVINE PLAN for EARTH can and WILL BE ACCOMPLISHED through the dedication of the loyal RAINBOW WARRIORS.
Enjoy this beautiful gentle day beloveds, stop, listen, connect and revel in the✨ Majik ✨of SYNCHRONICITY!🍥🍥🍥
Today’s question is “How can I anchor the synchronic messages of Pachamama, to navigate my correct path on my Quest, and GO WITH THE NEW FLOW?”🌈🌫
🐬🌈 ❤🐬🌈❤🐬🌈❤🐬🌈❤
Divine blessings for a beautiful Divine flowing day on your wonder filled QUEST.
Namaste’ 🙏❤🙏❤🙏
In Lak’ech a la kin
Christina White Magnetic Worldbridger – KIN 66 🌏🌈

Golden DNA Affirmation / Activation for this very powerful week of the Full Moon & Equinox:

“As I journey through each moment, I lovingly align with Infinite Light Intelligence. With deep acceptance I allow the Freedom codes of Expansion to come through me more fully today. From the inner reaches to every particle of external space, I declare that I AM One with the Universal Spirit, aligning w true visions of Unity & manifestation for New Earth. And so it is.”
Peace & Unity Blessings,
Paige 🙏💛🥰
Image credit: Jean-Luc Bozzoli
Golden DNA Affirmation
Golden DNA Affirmation
Kin 197, Red Lunar Earth
What are the obstacles to overcome?
Kin 197, Red Lunar Earth
Evolve, Stabilizing Synchronicity with the Power of Navigation
Kin 197, Red Lunar Earth
Kin 197, Red Lunar Earth
Tom Lunar (CA) represents opposition forces working together, counterbalancing each other in a stability field. Everything is defined by its polar opposite. Tom Lunar helps me see that it is the light that creates the shadow. That winter and summer are just two products of contrasting positions. Polarity is experienced day to day through duality, the destructive illusion of separation, which does not let me see the “contributing” as a good thing to me. Challenges may appear in the form of difficulties and effort, which when seen from another point of view, are blessings to opportunities. I stabilize my challenges by facing opposition as catalysts to strengthen my truth.
As a system in sync, the Red Earth (Caban) is the conscious and conscious being, an integral member of the galactic community. Humanity, as a sole part of this living system, belongs to Earth, and our collective evolution is a journey shared through time. In living in resonance with the Earth, I maintain a mutual connection that feeds my spirit and informs my navigation. I exchange the power of healing and support when I consciously affirm my unity. Synchronicity is born from time. The natural time of life is expressed as a “synchronical order”, which coordinates the discoveries of all events in a cosmic expression of the now. Synchronicity happens all the time, but it takes deep attention and sensitivity to understand it. Red Earth is the access point to my natural alignment with Earth power. It is the zero point of perfect centralization with the eternal present, from which all alignment and all magic manifest. My center and the center of the Earth carry the secret of magnetic force of gravity. Concentrate In The Present Moment! This is where I can better observe synchronicles and revelations regarding my personal standard and my greater purpose.
I stabilize synchronicity by facing opposition as catalysts to strengthen my truth. The challenge of evolving stabilizing synchronicity is something that strengthens and expands my potential and my spirituality. Gotta grow up to overcome obstacles Evolving stabilizing synchronicity is the gift of the universe so that I stabilize the purpose of questioning by attracting courage and strengthening the deepest parts of myself. Learning from polarity. I appreciate the vision and awareness that polarity brings to my life.
Text: Sonia Days
Kin 197, Red Lunar Earth
I polarize with the end of evolution
Stabilizing the synchronicity
Seal of the navigation matrix
With lunar tone challenge
I am guided by the power of universal water
I’m a galaxy activation portal, enter for me
“I use my time to listen to the information I receive through Earth’s energy. “
TOM 02 – Tom Lunar (CA)
POWER – Polarization | ACTION – Stabilization | ESSENCE – Challenge
SEAL 17: Red Earth (CABAN)
POWER – navigation | ACTION – Evolve | ESSENCE – Synchronicity
Galactic Activation Portal




Today is Red Lunar Earth day on the 13 Moon Dreamspell Mayan Calendar.

Red Earth, (tribe 17 of the 20 solar tribe archetype cycle), evolves, navigate, synchronicity.
Red Earth encourages you to evolve yourself by consciously navigating your path. You are the captain of the ship, you are the navigator, you are holding the steering wheel and making all course and direction decisions. As you navigate your way upon your chosen route, take note of synchronicities marking the way as you go. Synchronicities have been mislabeled as coincidences. Coincidence is a word we created to describe the phenomenon of two instances of something happening simultaneously that catch our attention.
The implication is that these occurrences are happening in a seemingly random or unexplained way. Everything and every event that occurs is synchronized and connected. We have all had the experience where we are thinking about someone and the next thing you know the phone rings and it’s them, or moments later you unexpectedly run into them. Let’s assume that you started this synchronized process by thinking about this person first. As you begin thinking about this person, you naturally radiate thoughts and emotions about them. This energy then goes out into the universe and magnetically finds that person. Now this person has your energy swirling about them which then acts as a catalyst causing them to begin thinking about you. The next thing you know, your phone is ringing. It is actually your act of conscious navigation which is creating these synchronicities. Synchronicities are the signposts that come up along your evolving, consciously navigated chosen route acting as reminders that you are on the synchronized path
Lunar tone of Challenge, (step 2 of the 13-step creative energy tone cycle), polarize, stabilize, challenge.
Step two on the creative energy cycle is where we encounter the duality illusions of good/bad, black/white, dark/light, up/down, left/right, hot/cold, and all of the things that we experience as opposites. The two that we are perceiving are the two opposite ends of the one. Both ends of the spectrum are required to be equally present and balanced to make the other one possible. This is one of the laws that govern the world we live in. Left is defined by right, up by down, darkness by light. It is when we fail to see the connectedness of both sides that we wind up blaming one side or the other for being unwanted, unneeded, or wrong. Because of this misunderstanding of the laws governing our duality existence, we have developed backward ways of interpreting and reacting to what is happening in our world. When you are able to reverse the lens that you are perceiving through, you can then understand the true nature of challenges, and work more gracefully to meet them. Seeing through the reversed duality lens removes the emotional attachments and reactions stemming from your previous misunderstanding, and enables you to easily and rapidly find the blessings that the challenges have brought your way. Challenges are blessings in disguise. All challenges that you experience come to you via the law of attraction. Challenges can only come your way when you are fully qualified and prepared to meet them. Meeting your challenges creates the energy that provides all the firepower that fuels the creative energy process. As you meet your challenges, you will find yourself in a position of strength.
Today we encounter the up and down challenges of evolution, navigation, and synchronized.
Day 2 of the 13-day cycle themed Yellow Warrior, questions, intelligence, fearlessness.
Written by Roger Grossman
Photo by Southern Utah Photography





Sacred Condor Knowledge Card for the Day: Wolf






Animal Spirits Knowledge Cards : Paintings by Susan Seddon Boulet




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