Threefold Flame ~ Pleiadian Eclipse Passage of Purification ~ Sekhmet Healing and Hathor Resurrection

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Threefold Flame ~ Pleiadian Eclipse Passage of Purification ~ Sekhmet Healing and Hathor Resurrection

Paul White Gold Eagle

Greetings Star Keepers of the Holy Light of the Great Spirit

As we continue up the spiral of the Sacred vortex we are enlighted with the Pure Gold Light of the Great Mystery.

The Trinity Gate has been fully opened and the threefold flame within every living heart is activated, connected and on line of the Galactic Transmission Channel of the Great Central Sun. All children of the sun are aligned with the new codex of higher dimensional light pulsing through the meridians of the dragon lines of Gaia and all her children organically and holographically.

The One in the many is making Contact in this Now moment with all Starseeds to commence the next phase of Ascension Earth. Our Council of 9 is transmitting the Gnosis of the New Golden Age directly into the Super Conscious Mind of Earth Angelic Ground Crew of the 144. Feel into this energy now and allow it to fill your Sacred Vessel with the Bliss Codes of the New Edenic timeline of Eternal Bliss Consciousness.

We rise in the honor and glory of our Higher Self to never fall from Grace again. We break through and free from all confines, restrictions and limitations into the full Liberation and Freedom of the Totality of our Pure Awareness…A’Ho!

Abundance codes: 344 – 622 ~ 144 – 3587 ~ 276 – 161 ~ 13257

Right now: Moon at 0°43′ Virgo, Sun at 5°07′ Sagittarius

sabian symbols

Current Sabian Symbols

Current Sabian Symbol for the Sun

A game of cricket.
Sabian Symbol for 6º Sagittarius

The current Sabian Symbol of the Sun is the symbol that characterizes the ongoing solar influence, the vital energy and the personality, or it’s just a symbol which characterizes this day, while the Sun’s position (rounded to the next degree) is 6º Sagittarius.


Current Sabian Symbol for the Moon

In a portrait the best of a man’s features and traits are idealized.
Sabian Symbol for 1º Virgo

The current Sabian Symbol of the Moon is the symbol that characterizes the ongoing lunar influence, the emotional background, or it’s just a symbol which characterizes this moment, while the Moon’s position (rounded to the next degree) is 1º Virgo.





Pleiadian Eclipse Passage of :Purification/ Sekhmet+Healing/ Hathor + Resurrection/ Isis

✨We are Now in the middle of the Pleiadian Eclipse Passage (Nov19-Dec4). Pleiades as we know was one of the gatekeeper of the Lunar Eclipse on the 19 ( Medusa being the other) and reached its highest point in the midnight sky on Nov 21 which in ancient times was considered a Portal of Death/ communion with the Ancestors/ Samhain. Pleiades is one of the Gateways of Incarnation on the Earth Realm and the significance of Pleiades can be gauged from the fact that many Greek and Inca temples were aligned with the rising or setting of the Pleiades.
🌀This Pleiadian Passage hence may be considered as a ‘back to the cradle/ womb of Creation “ with specific emphasis on releasing and healing generational / ancestral / past lives trauma and cords (karmic or otherwise). We have just completed a massive ending of some cycles and chances are these endings were the means to be released of ancestral/generational / past lives trauma held within our DNA as many of us are gateways for the release of patterns /distortions / diseases that have been carried down the ages via our ancestral lines/ past lives. Hence is a significant time for the “Chain-Breakers”
⚕️Now with the endings out of the way , the next 9 days are for Purification, Healing ,Integration and Regeneration spearheaded by Hathor and Sekhmet (healing and Integration by Hathor, Purification by Sekhmet) who were shown to me as the 2 Serpents of the Caduses and Goddess Isis as the Central column of the caduses (Resurrection/ regeneration).
🔱Pay special attention to the Root Chakra where cords and trauma of past lives/ generational karma and trauma are stored and the Heart Chakra (abandonment wounds) ,particularly if you know yourself to be a gateway of release for distortions along your genetic lineage/ Chain Breaker. This is a period of rest and renewal and also great initiation so that we may be ready for the new gateways that are to be thrown open with the Solar Eclipse on Dec 4
Art Credits: Sekhmet by Hrana Janto and others Unknown and Thanked, pls tag
EnLight ,InGrace, InJoy
Be The Change You Want To See
Sa Kei Na


You most likely know: STRONG Incoming Energies started approx 11pm (U.K. time). But the vibrational multiple PATTERNS are DIFFERENT. With NEW coding sequences all at once. 💜🌀💚

Ra James

December is going to bring some big astrology, and some big energies.  We can also expect a Comet and one of the best Meteor Showers of the year.  We are in the last bit of Autumn right now.  That means we can expect the days to get shorter.  Dec 6th and 7th are going to be the earliest sunsets of the year.  December will bring a lot of fresh, positive energies.  It will also bring a huge acceleration in our ascension process.  December is kicking off with Neptune about to shift direct in Pisces.  Neptune has spent almost half the year retrograde.  Neptune has been retrograde since June, and shifts direct Dec 1st.  Pisces is Neptune’s element.  Some of you may feel this transit deeply as this God is being received home.  Pisces both reinforces the spiritual and the illusion.  Pay attention to your dreams and guidance coming through during this time.  It’s important to be both looking deeper and feeling out things.  
This transit means all of those manifestations and dreams you have been putting out there are about to materialize.  These energies will be very much opening up new spiritual dimensions.  We have some big solar energies on the way.  The Sagittarius Solar Eclipse is Dec 4th.  Expect this Eclipse to prepare us for the energies of the Solstice.  This Eclipse will go a little smoother then the last.  The Geminid Meteor Shower will become active the 4th too.  Venus shifts retrograde Dec 19th.  That means we are feeling the shadow period creeping up.  All star signs are going to be feeling this one.  The Goddess goes into a storm.  The focus right now is on relationships.  Some people think this causes issues in your love life.  
Venus Retrograde can push you to clear any relationships that are not good for you.  It’s meant to change the flow of energy, taking you into a deeper alignment.  Venus Retrograde tends to bring good things too.  It can bring your Twin Flame into your awareness.  This Sagittarius Season is all about letting go of old limitations.  The light of the Solstice will be making it easier for many of you to find the path home.  You may be feeling that your here for something so much bigger then yourself.  You may even feel like something big is about to happen.  Sagittarius Season is great for sparking that flame, or even in sparking up your inner magic.  We have some powerful alignments coming at us, that are moving us towards a new beginning.   

Diane Canfield

New Timeline

Blessings Everyone,
We are now at the very beginning of a NEW Timeline. This timeline is one of peace, joy and new Earth.
To join this timeline all we need to do is see this in our minds eye, our third eye. Focus on New Earth where everything is at peace and working as one. Harmony and LOVE abound on the entire planet. This is the timeline coming in, this is the new timeline we are creating.
I felt this timeline the night of the Eclipse on November 19th. I felt a huge wave flow through me of love, peace and joy. It’s incredible to be able to feel these shifts in consciousness as I do. The Creator has gifted me with being able to feel these for decades.
As I am one with the Divine Creator, the Creator of all things has destined this new timeline and made me aware of it’s coming in the form of feeling it along with the love that exists inside of it. A portal opened for me to see inside. The Creator communicates with all of us, all we need to do is become one and then listen and feel. The more you are in touch with your feelings, the more you will be able to communicate with the Divine Creation of all things.
With all of the upgrades happening in November and December this year… this catapultes and cements the new reality in place.
This timeline is for everyone, not just a few.
All negativity is removed from this new way of being. Only positive feelings and one with the Creator exist.
The lower timeline we have been on was never going to last. This was a temporary way of being to be able to reach more people and bring more people into higher awareness and the light.
We have had a glimpse of this lower timeline and it is not what we have chosen for ourselves and our loved ones.
The lower timeline is disintegrating right before our eyes.
Picture the disintegration and instead see the new timeline of peace , harmony and love to bring it fully into fruition. The more awakened souls do this technique the faster the timeline can fully come in.
I see the new timeline for myself, it is pure joy and love to behold. Christed Consciousness inhabits every being on the planet.
Two opposing timelines can not exist on the planet for long and this is what has been happening for the last year.
Now it is time to bring the timeline in that is waiting for all of us and is our destiny.
We are now being truly lifted, within the spiral of Creation, into a much higher dimensional tier as we truly step into the New Epoch, as the New Earth fully is unfolding.
In the next few weeks and indeed months, the great divide between the Old Earth and New Earth will be felt intensely.
With this, immensely powerful energies are pouring in as a Cosmic Portal opens over Christmas and New Year, and this is indeed bringing immense powerful shifts in consciousness. The shift is through the Open Heart and fully connected to the Soul.
This morning I was told that from now on, I fully need to create in the New Earth and consciously so. I was told that I now need to anchor in the New with great love and devotion. This affirms what I have felt intensely in the last few weeks, and indeed I will heed this guidance to the Tee.
The Old has served its purpose.
Whatever I have been before – is no more.
I now consciously choose the New and know I cannot create the New with the Old programming, old systems, and whatever else!
As soon as we totally let of the old, the past, a vacuum is created, and the Divine will immediately fill that vacuum, with something much better and more profound than before.
As I truly let consciously go of the old, I received the new Keys and Codes and the immense activations this morning which go way beyond words.
It brings crystal clear clarity, that there is an immense transfiguration, resurrection and rebirth going on, and I was told, that the preparations for this have come over many lifetimes.
I am deeply grateful for what is now unfolding.
Note, what is happening to me, may not be happening to you, for each soul will be given to the measure which they can handle and to measure in which they are ready for this, and in highest alignment with their own unique soul, their purpose and calling.
The exquisite beauty of Creation is that everything part and particle is unique, yet ONE. The One is the All and the All is One.
What a magnificent time to be alive and well and on the stepping into the New Earth, new life and new beginnings, with great love, awe and wonder! Joy!
Judith Kusel
May the people of the World realize that establishing sovereignty in Australia is the precursor to gaining freedom from the atrocities of the reptilian negative aliens and their half-breed Cabal puppets by a way of having free access to the Uluru’s Arc of Covenant Mother’s Arc Stargate.
Uluru as the main battery generator for all the other 11 Mother Arc Gates throughout our planet provides access to the Andromeda Galaxy and its passageway to the Neutron Window and out of this universe contaminated with the parasitic-vampiric aliens’ AI machinery through imposition of the holographic inserts that control us through subjecting us to a ‘Blended (organic-artificial) Reality negating practicing our inherent right of consciousness expansibility and multidimensionality.
To free Australia is to evict negative aliens and putting a stop to their continued atrocious suppressive-oppressive acts with regard to condemning us to imprisonment and unconsciousness enslavement.
How bees see flowers

Our Tribe is ready for our collective ascension. Healing the relationship with ourselves and the inner child is successful. We are all reaching a level of purification needed to fly higher into New Earth together APTTMH. We have all the tools and support needed to complete crossing the Rainbow Bridge and this 1221 Emerald Heart Gateway with success.

You have been taking the lead of your own life, which has been part of the stable foundation needed to expand in consciousness. The subconscious mind is rewriting subliminal belief systems. Truth is setting you free to see more clearly how you may have been controlled and manipulated. This is bringing up more of the past to the awareness to release, forgive, and not repeat.

144000 Beloved Soul Tribe, God says have faith and expect miracles. You are wise and emotionally ready to finish taking down any remaining walls. You’re at the seed point of clearing this through the molecular structure. Therefore it’s already ONE AND DONE. We have to finish this is the material realm, which is so close.

Our Collective rebirth is rising into love, joy, and ONENESS. This includes Divine Counterparts. Together the Beloveds are at the end freeing ourselves and bloodline from the distortions of the piscean age. Our Premordial Consciousness is returning.

Restoration and relaxation is available today to recover from past karmic loops. We are getting centred and balanced to begin our new adventure of the next stage of life as an ascended Starseed LightWorker of the Holy Grail.

In Jesus Christ’s name amen 🙏🏻 God bless you 🕊 Love Carolyn

“Drop your maps and listen to your lostness like a sacred calling into presence. Here, where the old ways are crumbling and you may be tempted to burn down your own house. Ask instead for an introduction to that which endures. This place without a foothold is the province of grace. It is the questing field, most responsive to magic and fluent in myth. Here, where there is nothing left to lose, sing out of necessity that your ragged heart be heard. Send out your holy signal and listen for the echo back.” Toko-Pa Turner.
Today, the Centauric Questing Field opens before you as Mercury the Guide of Souls and the Sun our Light align with the karmic South Node of Fate in Sagittarius. This level of consciousness reveals where and how realities intersect. It is a both a doorway into feelings about events -a revelation of cosmic influences- and also an occult or seeing tool- to help you hold both rational thought (Mind) and intuitive awareness (Soma) of your connection to the unified Field that lies beyond what you perceive – the world behind the world.
Drop into Beginner’s Mind-a state of Not-Knowing- and recognise that Source is an open morphic field and it is alive
Break your habitual trance state by realising your mind is not a camera but a projector
Tune into your tracker skills of sensing, feeling, intuiting and grokking
Send your consciousness out ahead like a scout, remote viewing all the roads that are available and viable
Identify which Random Attractor has the most pull, the most resonance, the most click. Trust it then move forward.
In December, day after day, wave after wave of off -the- scales astrology will accelerate the Great Unveiling that began on November 19th at the Taurus eclipse, escalating at the Sagittarian Solar Eclipse. Frame it as a necessary re-attunement ahead of the incoming Neptunian Tsunami of Dissolution that will define 2022.


The Sun and Mercury are coming together in Sagittarius speaking to SuperNova Souls about the epic journey, us as the heroes of this Earth evolution. Timelines are converging and sorting out during this potent Eclipse Season.

Mercury has just crossed over the South Node of the Moon, representing past karma, at 1 degree Sagittarius. The Sun is about to pass over asteroid Vesta speaking to the sacred flame of spiritual purpose, that, though attacked and ignored, has never gone out.

It’s time for SuperNova Souls to lead the way for humanity by stepping firmly and unapologetically onto their path of purpose. We know we are advanced spiritual beings, having an Earth experience. And it’s time to start acting like it.

For thousands of years, forces have sought to disconnect us from this simple realization. We have been programmed to be overly identified with physical form. We lost a sense of connection to something greater, which is the real truth of who we are. But SNSs, we never gave up, and now we are perfectly poised to guide humanity forward into the New Age.

The Sun and Mercury will stay close into December, with their full conjunction happening at the end of the month.

This time is about taking our rightful place as leaders in the New Age. The planets are supporting us with this Sun, Mercury conjunction, which will also make a sweet sextile to Saturn in Aquarius. Saturn in Aquarius is also in sextile to Chiron in Aries, bringing healing to the deep wounds of light workers that never gave up during the darkest times of persecution during the Piscean Age.

We are also feeling a sextile between Venus in Capricorn and Neptune in Pisces. The feminine is freeing herself from the chains of authoritarian control and stepping back into her rightful throne. These themes will continue to play out for the next three months, as Venus will be taking a retrograde in Capricorn putting her in an extended conjunction with Pluto. The feminine is taking back her power. But she forgot how to play the game. She is regaining inner strength, conviction and confidence through her council with Pluto.

Mars in Scorpio is coming into a harmonious water trine with Neptune in Pisces. Our journey into the darkest dark, is about coming back fully into the light of truth of spiritual service.

SuperNova Souls, this is an incredibly activating and empowering time. We are being asked to rise out of the ashes of past trauma, and take our rightful place in history. You are powerful beyond comprehension, and full of profound spiritual gifts. Enjoy this time of discovery as the planets support us in uncovering the greater presence of who we really are. It’s time to re-awaken our Heart Fire.

Intuitive Healing, Astrology & Training


Earth is home to web of living things that are connected through a kaleidoscope of relationships.
Art by Vladislava Pidlubna
Lunar aspects. Mercury conjunct asteroid Panacea in Sagittarius and semi-square Venus in Capricorn – The Moon is in creative Leo but the run in with Jupiter can bring out attention-seeking behaviour and inflate egos. Alternatively, it’s possible that we simply feel hungry to be seen, heard, loved, praised and any lack feels like someone put the sun out. Mercury’s connection to Venus makes communication scratchy. It’s hard to think beyond what we want and we’re searching for solutions that will cure all ills with a magic word and sweep of the hand. Venus in Capricorn is more realistic but right now, we might not feel like adulting our way through!
The inner child is in need of recognition. If you feel like your dreams are out of reach, reassure your little self that your time will come. The wheel of fortune will eventually turn in your favour. If now is not your time, focus on the small joys that ordinary life brings every day – a coffee with a friend, children playing, a dog barrelling after a ball, your favourite book or movie. Life doesn’t have to be BIG for it to be important and filled with light. Find satisfaction in a job well done and reward yourself with time to play. Realign heart and mind.
Degrees and Times
Mercury 02°Sg21′, Venus 17°Cp21′ – 03:28 (UT)
Mercury, Panacea 02°Sg41′ D – 08:27 (UT)
Moon 24°Le50′, Jupiter 24°Aq50′ – 16:23 (UT)
Panacea asteroid number 2878


Painting – ‘Portrait of Two Children’ by Pierre-Auguste Renoir


Cosmic History Quote for Moon 5, Day 12 – Much of the intelligence that filters to this planet is a function of the highly directed synchrotronic communication beam that is streaming to Earth from the Arcturus galaxy.

Kin 87 ~ Blue Solar Hand

‘Solar’ is name for the number nine and it’s key words are ‘Intention, Pulse and Realize’. The ninth day is a powerful shift in the energy of a wavspell…and oh what a wavespell we are having! The 9th day of the wavespell of the Blue Storm has potential to be explosive or implosive depending on how you deal with. It’s the number of intentions, the storm has gained strength and is peaking. Harness this energy and ride the storm like a cowboy on a bucking bronco or get blown away. It is all about your intention, how much power can you raise, how much do you really want what you desire? You must up your game to achieve your goals.
Today is Blue Hand which represents ‘Healing, Accomplishment and Knowing.’ The hand is about accomplishing things and on this day of ‘intention’, we have a lot of power in our hands, and all within the Blue Storm wavespell. Put your hands to good use today and the results will be very healing. You might find yourself feeling more ambitious than usual!
The Guide today is the Blue Night which represents ‘Dreaming and Abundance.’ This suggests that our dreams guide our intentions today which can lead to abundance. Dream big, add your willpower and intention….it’s an awesome combination.
The Challenge today is the Red Earth which is the symbol of ‘Evolution.’ This provokes us and motivates us to make progression in our life but it is in a challenging position and so not easy. But….sometimes its a galvanizing energy that fuels our fire and makes us more determined to succeed. So have a tantrum, get annoyed and get mad but get going!
The Occult power is the White Wizard! A magically strong energy in this occult position means that we can be wizards and that will help immensely with the powerful day. Use your charms and enchant your way through the day.
The Ally is the Yellow Human, the channel of the Tzolkin. Their great intuitive powers come in very handy today and they can have useful insights to help navigate your way. If you don’t know a Yellow Human that can help you, take a leaf out of their book and channel what you need to know in order to accomplish what you want.

Today is Blue Solar Hand day on the 13 Moon Dreamspell Mayan Calendar.

Blue Hand, (tribe 7 of the 20 tribe solar archetype cycle), knows, healing, accomplishment.
Blue Hand encourages you to work with your hands. Hands create, hands destroy, hands heal. Having allowed necessary deaths to occur during yesterday’s White Worldbridger archetype, you are now ready to heal. What is the first thing you do when incurring an injury to your body? You may well shout out loud, but at the same time, you automatically place your hand or hands atop the injured area. The reason you do this is that it feels better. Rubbing your temples to ease a headache, putting your hands atop your belly when you have a stomachache, etc… Massage therapy, Reiki, and healing touch are all healing modalities that are transferred through hands. Use your hands to create something. It is a good time to work on those handyman projects or to lend someone else a hand.
Your inner knowing is especially prominent today. You know what you know. The tricky part about knowing, is that you likely have know idea how, or why you know these things, you just know, you know? If you try to figure out how or why you know what you know, your mind may well talk you out of what you already knew. Knowing comes from the gut and the heart. Remain mindful of your mind, because unless it is working for your heart, it will play tricks on you. Trust your inner knowing because it is always correct. All of that knowing, handiwork and healing pay off in the form of accomplishments. Acknowledge and celebrate the many accomplishments you achieve throughout the day.
Solar tone of Intention, (step 9 of the 13-step creative energy cycle), pulse, realize, intention.
The number nine is composed of three sets of three. Accordingly, there are three different ways intention can be interpreted. The first way is for you to put out your intentions through your thoughts and words. Writing your intentions down is a great way to solidify this process. Remember to use positive language and ask for what you want as opposed to what you don’t. The world we live in is user friendly. It is designed to give you exactly what you think and speak about. Negative language goes unrecognized in the manifestation process and only serves to help you manifest what you do not want.
The second way you can work with your intentions is to go ahead and take action. When you put your intentions into motion it announces to the universe what you are aiming for. Taking action is the final step needed to trigger and release the manifestations that will arrive during tomorrow’s tenth creative energy tone.
The third way to work with intentions is to go ahead and do the thing you intend intentionally. Having attained a new extra solid foundation of integrity to set your upcoming manifestation upon during yesterday’s tone eight, you can now go ahead and very purposefully set forth your intentions about what you want to manifest.
Intentional knowing, healing, and accomplishment..
Day 9 of the 13-day cycle themed Blue Storm, catalyzes, self-generate, energy.
Written by Roger Grossman
Artwork by Ancient Patagonians, Argentina
9 MANIK – KIN 87
26 NOVEMBER 2021
I PULSE in order to KNOW
Realizing HEALING
I seal the store of Accomplishment
With the Solar tone of intention
I AM guided by the power of ABUNDANCE
26/11/2021 = 8/2/5=8/7=15=6
26- Empowerment through Compassion
8- Infinite Abundant Source Flow
6- Heaven/Christ/Romance/Fertility
✨MONTH/YEAR codes✨
11- Portal/Gate/Polarity
2- Twins/Partner/Cooperation
5- FREEDOM/LIBERATION/Change/Transformation
7- Spiritual/Majik/Mystic/Initiation
KIN 87 = 15 = 6 HEAVEN/CHRIST CODE! 🕊🕊
6.6. ✨✨ A very special HEAVENLY 🕊HEALING 🙌 PORTAL day today.
Today is a PACAL VOTAN day. 👑 KIN 87 Blue Solar Hand 🌞🙌appears as one of the 13 clear signs on the tomb lid of Mayan King 👑 Pacal Votan. These 13 signs were left as a code for uncovering the Harmonic Matrix of the New Time. PV days are very significant milestones in our Planetary evolution. 🌏🎆
This reveals that today has A VERY SPECIAL ENERGY, so tune in and be PULSED by this SOUL-AR 🌞🎆LIGHT for accomplishing the DREAM. Pull in and anchor as MUCH LIGHT as your physical vessel can contain, then PULSE this out to your kin and the planet! ✨🌎✨
Day 9 in the BLUE STORM 🌪🌩 WAVESPELL of purification, cleansing, transformation and evolution. Today we REALIZE THE CHANGE🌀, PULSING through us, as we are guided by our intuition to allow strong HEALING🙌 to occur.
SOLAR 🌞– Tone 9 operates in the SPIRITUAL realm ACTION – realizing, POWER – pulse, ESSENCE – intention The 9th day of BLUE STORM Wavespell is the one that gives the last push prior to manifestation. The SOLAR phase is where we wake up to the fact that our Will affects the reality we experience, so we begin pulsing, extending our intent into realization. Visualizing what we want to manifest and pulsing that intention from our heart. This assists us in making our DREAMS come true. This is POTENT manifestation energy today!
❓❓❓What HEALING are you intending today, and what DREAMS are you pulsing into reality?
Our MOTHER and her CHILDREN are HEALED! 🙌🌎👫🌍👬🌏👭🙌
Today’s question is “How can I accomplish HEALING on the deepest levels of my being, enabling me to PULSE out LIGHT as pure consciousness to all humanity and our PACHAMAMA?”
Thus we are GIFTED once again with a very divinely SPIRITUAL day supporting us to HEAL our bodies and realize our greatest DREAMS as we reAWAKEN our remembrance of who we are, GOLDEN SOUL-AR ☀CHRISTED HU-MANS!! ☺💛💛💛
Divine blessings for miraculous HEALING🙌🎆 on every imaginable (and unimaginable) level of our being. precious hearts.
In Lak’ech a la kin
Christina White Magnetic Worldbridger – KIN 66 🌏🌈
CONSCIOUS SELF: BLUE SOLAR HAND ☀🙌 MANIK Brings forth great HEALING 🙌today, providing the opportunity to close the cycle of dis-ease and discordant states of being. As the SOLAR tone is in the SPIRITUAL realm, the healing can occur on all levels and not just the physical, emotional or mental, but wholly on a soul level.
Together with BLUE STORM this affects very deep core SOUL HEALING 🙌 today.
An opportunity to permanently seal those old core wounds and heal the battle scars, moving forward with a fresh skin suit! In particular catching some SOLAR rays today, and absorbing the light codes and nutrients from the SUN can be tremendously healing on our body and soul today.
✨✨The SOLAR tone of realizing our INTENTION is very potent, combined with MANIK’s healing POWER of accomplishment. So hold the INTENT of whatever needs HEALING today, on any plane of existence and PULSE that intention out to the Universe to accomplish your desires. As we have a 6.6. Christ/Heaven coding today – you are assured that Spirit has your back and there is DIVINE PROVIDENCE🕊 behind today’s HEALING CODES – bringing forth Miracles 💫and Majik!💥
As today is also a PV day take some time to PULSE forth your intent for PLANETARY healing for MAN-KIND and Pachamama too! 🙌🌏👭👬👫
☀🔥💣🌋 🌏🙌❤☀🔥💣🌋 🌏🙌❤
All our collective Planetary wounds have been coming to the surface NOW and our Mother🌏🌎🌍 is tired of weeping for her lost children. 😢😢😢 Pachamama calls on us TODAY to send LOVE❤ and HEALING 🙌through her troubled veins so that she can be FREE of this anguish.
✨Be still today – preferably in Nature – and reflect on the current tragedies (and all the tragedies where mass populations perished) – deeply connect to GAIA through your ❤ connected to her 🌏❤
✨visualize the energy being cleared from the land and the ley lines and our entire PLANET – then
✨PULSE beautiful RAINBOW LIGHT🌈 through her body. 🌏🌈🎆
☀🔥💣🌋 🌏🙌❤☀🔥💣🌋 🌏🙌❤
HIGHER SELF/GUIDE: BLUE SOLAR NIGHT🌃💰 AKBAL is our guide today so we can trust our intuition to reveal where strong HEALING is needed. The deep, deep, core wounding in our cell-ves and our Planetary body. Akbal dives deep into the depths of our collective soul, the unconscious and our global psyche. Allow the codes to penetrate deeply, clearing the depths of the darkness and flushing with this SOLAR☀ FIRE 🔥LIGHT.
TRUST that DEEP HEALING is accomplished today!🙏🙏🙏
What a POWERFUL GIFT to have AKBAL guiding the HEALING energy today! Potent HEALING POWER through this monumental portal day!
AKBAL holds the dreaming code and the keys🔑 to ABUNDANCE,💰💃 so as the HIGHER POWER today, this is Genie Majik 💫 – granting your wishes into realization. 🎆
Today we have the opportunity to allow HEALING to permeate into all areas of our being, setting the intention to accomplish our personal dreams, and those dreams that are held in the collective unconscious as Abundance and happiness for all beings.
The NEW WAY DREAMING codes are being fully activated by Divine Spirit and are flowing into our Reality NOW!🎆💞
SUPPORT: YELLOW SOLAR HUMAN ☺👑 EB provides the Divine wisdom in assisting us to evolve past those old wounds, patterns and the old paradigm. Being open and willing to push past the old boundaries we can co-create and seed the NEW TIME, free to influence others in a positive way towards wholeness and harmony.
The SOLAR HUMAN ☀☺is totally embodying the Divine Solar codes and the intention of Spirit to manifest the New Dream. EB also holds the keys to ABUNDANCE and attaining the Holy Grail – so we have DOUBLE ABUNDANCE realization POWER today! 🏆💰
The DIVINE INTENTION is that collective ABUNDANCE is the birthright of all HU-MANS and WILL BE REALIZED on our PLANET!
So today is a very potent day for purifying and HEALING your scare-city blocks and poverty consciousness, transforming them into realizing ABUNDANCE! Open your arms and your MIND to RECEIVE from the DIVINE today, allow your GOLDEN CHALICE🏆 to overflow with Cosmic SOLAR 🎆energies, providing for all your needs.
OCCULT/HIDDEN POWER: WHITE OVERTONE WIZARD 🎆🔮💫 IX allows us to be receptive to the TRUTH of what presents today. Honestly facing our demons in order to cast them out forever, and transform them into BLESSINGS.
WHITE WIZARD provides great MAJIK as today’s SUPERPOWER giving you the POWER to transcend the OLD TIME, and becoming RECEPTIVE to all the Majik 💫💫💫flowing your way. Allow White Wizard to uplift you into a HIGHER LIGHT through connecting and PULSING the Solar codes through your pure HEART. 💞
The OVERTONE WIZARD has the power of COMMAND, so he can empower you to claim your MAJIK and command your intent into FULL realization. Draw on the POWER and confidence of this Shamanic enchanting Wizard to cast a DIVINE and Holy Dream-Spell 💫for PACHAMAMA and humanity today, as we weave the web of our New Reality together. 🌐
CHALLENGE/GIFT: RED SOLAR EARTH 🌏 CABAN It is absolutely PERFECT that the SOLAR EARTH ☀🌎 is the blessing and gift of KIN 87 today. We are being challenged to LISTEN and connect DEEPLY with our PACHAMAMA today. Hear her PAIN and RESPOND with great respect and LOVE, honouring her cries for HEALING.
CABAN challenges us to surrender fearlessly, by anchoring deeply into the Earth and flowing with her cycles and the synchronicities that occur when we listen deeply to Mother Earth and flow with her messages.
SOLAR CABAN☀🌎 beckons you to receive these Solar☀ codes through your Heart ❤and connect to Mother Gaia’s Heart and the Galactic Heart – PULSING the LOVE and Solar codes through your Magnetized toroidal field, creating one huge Unified field of infinite Creation power. 💞
CABAN also connects us to our Ancestors – the WISE ONES of yesteryear, so today is a great day to heal our DNA and purify our ancestral bloodlines, finally freeing our families and human family, from repeating patterns and cycles. Allow the pure flow of consciousness to PULSE through your being, connecting you to GAIA and the cosmos, through these evolutionary times.
Our MOTHER and her CHILDREN are HEALED! 🙌🌎👫🌍👬🌏👭🙌
Today’s question is “How can I accomplish HEALING on the deepest levels of my being, enabling me to PULSE out LIGHT as pure consciousness to all humanity and our PACHAMAMA?”
Thus we are GIFTED once again with a very divinely SPIRITUAL day supporting us to HEAL our bodies and realize our greatest DREAMS as we reAWAKEN our remembrance of who we are, GOLDEN SOUL-AR ☀CHRISTED HU-MANS!! ☺💛💛💛
Divine blessings for miraculous HEALING🙌🎆 on every imaginable (and unimaginable) level of our being. precious hearts.
Namaste’ 🙏❤🙏❤🙏
In Lak’ech a la kin
Christina White Magnetic Worldbridger – KIN 66 🌏🌈

Sandra Walter

Calling in your DNA

I fully accept these Divine Ascension codes, harmonics, tones, cosmic rays of evolution and Source Light amplifications into my cells and energy fields, fully and amplifying the Christed, Ascended state of consciousness, across all densities and dimensional expressions of Self. (Pause and feel it, let the alignment of Source-Universe-Galactic-Solar-Self-Gaia align.)
I call forth the highest quality Divine HUman DNA within me to fully activate. I call to myself the highest quality Divine crystalline HUman DNA. I reclaim my purified Christed DNA across all timelines, densities and dimensional expressions back to my cellular structure. Activate, etherically reconnect, rebundle, and replicate throughout my body and energy fields.
(Visualize the DNA rebundling, like a giant structure spiraling up within your Ascension column. 12 strand DNA activate, 13th strand of Christ consciousness activate, 14th strand of Source activate, 144 strand DNA activate, 244 strand DNA activate – whatever level is complimentary for your path.)
Beloved DNA, light up and rewrite my form and energy fields into sacred geometric patterns, reflecting my Divine Highest Self. I fully reclaim my Highest expression, and welcome forth my Christed Universal Self. Crystalline DNA, activate to the highest level which compliments my journey.
I command this under all graces and forces of pure Source consciousness, to express as a palpable reality, raising all of my consciousness to resonate with the Primary Christed timelines of the pure and true Ascension. So it is.





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