The Abyss of Possibility

The Abyss of Possibility ~ COMMUNITY OF LIGHT ~ Messages on Mother Earth ~ Your Soul’s Unique DNA Light-codes



Paul White Gold Eagle




Paramhansa Yogananda

“Techniques of Tuning Out Fear”

Whatever it is that you fear, take your mind away from it and leave it to God. Have faith in Him. Much suffering is due simply to worry. Why suffer now when the malady has not yet come? Since most of our ills come through fear, if you give up fear you will be free at once. The healing will be instant. Every night, before you sleep, affirm: “The Heavenly Father is with me; I am protected.” Mentally surround yourself with Spirit and His cosmic energy and think: “Any germ that attacks me will be electrocuted.” Chant “Aum” three times, or the word “God.” This will shield you. You will feel His wonderful protection. Be fearless. It is the only way to be healthy. If you commune with God His truth will flow to you. You will know that you are the imperishable soul.
Whenever you feel afraid, put your hand over your heart, next to the skin; rub from left to right, and say, “Father, I am free. Tune out this fear from my heart-radio.” Just as you tune out static on an ordinary radio, so if you continuously rub the heart from left to right, and continuously concentrate on the thought that you want to tune out fear from your heart, it will go; and the joy of God will be perceived.”
Paramhansa Yogananda,
95, Man’s Eternal Quest
Felt some updated union architecture drop in last night. Twin Flame Templates for a DEEPER understanding of the Connection.🤍
Twin Flame Templates
Twin Flame Templates
Much balancing harmonizing and unification of masculine and feminine energies within
Love is in the air
As wholeness is embodied many powerful Divine compliment coming into union….taking this freedom ride to a whole new level
Heaven on earth…. the eternal dance of Love and Light
Let’s Dance
harmonizing and unification of masculine and feminine energies within
harmonizing and unification of masculine and feminine energies within



Coordinates 35 degrees 19 minutes North, 108 degrees 44 minutes East. China.
There are 7 main Pyramids to be activated in this area that has a radius of 52.41 kilometres. Also within this area are hundreds of smaller pyramids that are used as capacitors to store and regulate the energy.
The Activation is to consciously and remotely anchor in the White Light and other attributed Divine Rays given to the individual to do so, of which includes the Rainbow Spectrum.
This center point is ALSO a new 5D Grid Primary Node and subsequently, 5D Ley Lines will be attached.
This Activation in the least, enhances Twin Flame ability and gifts.
Upon seeing this request, We ask that You contribute no matter if it is a few linear days later, for linear time does not restrict You and Your energetic contribution is oriented to be timed with All.
Here is a screenshot of a visual area, if required for some to remotely access.
Thank You
Love and Light
Rick Jewers
5D Grid Primary Node
5D Grid Primary Node
Ua ola loko i ke aloha – (Love gives life within.)
Sending my utmost LOVE to ALL precious hearts! May you FEEL my LOVE, my JOY, and my GRATITUDE for your very BEing!!
Beneath a lei of flowers, my HEART is singing an eternal song of LOVE for ALL THAT IS and for each and every precious heart- who IS but part of the ONE.
For you… for you… for YOU…
I so love you beloveds!!
Love Is. Love Is. Love Is. ✨🤍✨
God Is. God Is. God Is. ✨🙏✨
Ally Raye 
Ally Raye
We’re setting precedent – this advancement of soul growth and expansion has never been attempted, let alone succeeded. No other species has ascended in the physical body before – there are so many beings watching us now – our every move. How to be human. We are setting the example…the blueprint…for the ascension of a species in a physical body.
I have been giving instructions of late – very aware of my dialogue I have running with the Universal Energy Collective that I am contracted to. How we talk to ourselves. The challenges, the obstacles, the emotions and how to remain neutral. We are always in communication. Even down to the tying of a shoelace – washing the dishes. Every movement done with precision. We are showing other beings what it’s like to be human. The line-up to experience this process – just to be a part of it – even at the tail end – is beyond around the block. This is how breathtakingly amazing we are, and we are so loved.
Just a gentle reminder.
Peace x
Universal Energy
Universal Energy
Energy Update • June 15


“start time”: ~ 11:00am, Europe
UK 9:00am /Germany, Spain, France 10:00am
USA night on June 15 – 1:00am/4:00am
Purification of the planetary field from the outdated energy debris (Collective 3D Mental programs; lunar distortions; cellular level releases-stored memories; cycles energy and more). Cosmic Winds are like a powerful cleaners, rotating through the field, absorbing and transmuting.
Common for the Collective:
❗Vertigo❗Different Vertigo degrees; difficulties to navigate physical balance while walking; sensitive points or neural points in the head; possible headache; spasms in muscles (not controlled muscles contractions/coming&going).
🙏🏻💛 Kwana Mikaela
Diamond light
Diamond light
2nd 6.6.6 portal today 💎🔥
Diamond clarity, truth cuts through deception like a precision laser. Prisms in the dark mire 🙏💎
Diamond light is a deep penetration to the core essence of All. Nothing escapes this, so it can definitely trigger or magnetize shadow elements to rise up. That’s the point though, see it, love it, it dissolves.
Lightworker are also shadow workers, seen in the yin yang ☯️ transmissions. We pull the Christed light in and through by shining ✨ truth on all we see. Not for the faint or bypassers. Evil does exist in the lower realms, and each has to own their power and pull it away from these systems as an individual part of the awakening journey. This is how we access “higher,” by seeing and pulling out to disempower “lower.”
While we don’t feed/give energy/give power away to what is dissolving, witnessing distortion is an important process to clear it out from within. So crucial to distinguish conscious witnessing from bypassing or parasitic addiction to negativity without presenting solution. These are all separate streams of consciousness being. Many look down upon others who do shadow work, professing to be above that “low vibe” or “3d” work. To them I say Hi, your ego is showing, now let’s get into solution rather than projection or persecution of others which is a refraction of self. Fragility is an illusion too, you are Diamantine not twigs. Narcissism doesn’t want to see itself but thats too bad. We are here to resolve and evolve. Hierarchy is another trap.
Pro tip: if you haven’t processed it then its a necessary part of the journey. Denial is bypassing self and evolution. If you have already processed alllllllllllll the distortion from every timeline (highly unlikely save for a few individuals, and saints etc on Earth at this time) then carry on in 12d, 13d level plasma pre form creating.
Welcome the Diamond Christed dialog into your reality to perceive all clearly with a pure, penetrating power. To create consciously instead of unconsciously. Diamond light doesn’t BS, and neither will we. Rise and shine ✨ 💎
In loving service,
Rev. Merissa Indigo Miracles
Mesmerizing sprites
Mesmerizing sprites


Mesmerizing sprites beyond the storm cloud, driven by powerful positive lightning by Alexis Maillard. Taken in Roswell, New Mexico on June 4, 2022

Messages on Mother Earth🌏

There are so many spiritual messages, and symbolisms, with deeper meaning that are shown to us, as we venture outside in nature. At times, we may not notice what a precious bird, mammal, or animal are telling us when they cross our path. They have a consciousness and a life purpose on Mother Earth, just like humanity. When we move away from the monotonous routine of our life; we can expand our conscious mind. The essence of evolution for our soul’s are to learn, grow, and to fulfill our mission.
It is crucial we assist Gaia, the soul of Mother Earth at this time, as she rebuilds new Earth for all of us. We can help animals, and birds in need of attention, or call a professional for help. Bestow unconditional love, compassion, respect for each other and for our creatures big and small. We are creating Heaven on Earth to be the best and highest good for all.
Linda Zimmerman
Spiritual Teacher/Author
All Rights Reserved
May share in its entirety
Mother Earth
Mother Earth

Floating Above the Abyss of Possibility.

DEEP PRIMAL, unconscious and unsubstantiated FEAR is being scrapped and purged from the deepest abyss of our primal selves. We are fully in a global fight or flight phase of our ascension. And it is OK! It is coming up for all of us in various and unique ways. It will make us want to run for our lives, or escape and hide from things that we don’t understand, or things we don’t want to face. There is no turning back to our old lives. It will no longer support us now. The air is heavy with purging, yet we can also feel the ever so slight edge of light coming to us from the end of this very long torturous gaunt we have been navigating. The new world is arriving.
We are letting go of outdated primal programing and foundations of creation that has served us for eons and served us well all through our ancestral past. We honor this past as it has brought us here to this moment. But we are just beginning to anchor our striped bare soul into the new frequencies now. It is time to surrender ourselves to creator because we are in white water rapids now, and we are no longer in control. You will not feel safe during this process. It will not feel right to you on many levels. This will trigger a lot of physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual symptoms that we are all very aware of at this point. These survival issues will be SUPER HUGE for some. But this it OK. This is the leap of faith, the leap where we let go of who we thought we were, and land into the new reality and a new soul purpose that we could have never imagined.
YOU are SUPPORTED by the creator and the universe!
Keep saying it! Keep saying it! Keep saying it!
We are now past the tipping point and the momentum is unstoppable. All that is meant to fall away WILL FALL, without any more effort from you. All that is meant to stay WILL STAY, without any more effort from you.
Your only job now is to KNOW in your core that … you are safe, strong, healthy and supported. Just breathe and BE in this journey floating above the abyss of the unknown and this monumental potential and change. This process is driven by the momentum of our own collective creation that we manifested in lifetimes of work anchoring our positive intent and vision for humanity. All this intent is based in universal truth, unconditional love, unity in diversity, balance among all humanity, authentic integrity, respect, honor and self responsibility.
We came here to create a new world, not to fight a world that is crumbling away. We came here to build a new reality, not to change the old paradigm. We came here to enter a new era together, not to stay in the past. We came here to bring Love, not to judge all those that do not feel see it like we do. We came here to bring unity in the diversity, not to make everyone think or believe like us. We came here to honor life in all its forms, and not destroy those who we do not understand.
Simply we came here to evolve in this shift of an age. We came here to evolve past the primal knee jerk reactions of our bodies and our programmed minds. We came to create from actions based in our evolved consciousness, higher awareness and fine tuned personal responsibility. We are landing into a higher frequency that is from our original stary based lineages that is laced throughout with our new cosmic orientation point for this birthing age. (More about the cosmic orientation point . . . We are coming home to who we have always been through out all time, space and dimension!
The job now is to do what is best and right for you right now in each moment. Manifest your souls piece in the grand puzzle we are creating together. We were never meant to be the whole picture, the savior, the guru, the prophet, the healer, as these are old paradigm ego/power games and all is fading quickly now.
But for now, we are neither here or there. The abyss, the void, we feel lost in right now, is nothing but pure unqualified unlimited potential that we created together. It is vast, unmeasurable and infinite. We can begin to fill it with our intent. This is the time where we will either sink or swim as a human race. We are about to fall into all the choices we have all made along with the motive that fueled them. We are about manifest what is it our hearts, and what is our driving motivation. We are floating precariously over this great chasm of the limitless potential of creation. We can use our energy to anchor a much higher vision, or we can sink to the bottom of the abyss to begin again.
So where are you putting your energy today?
Aluna Joy Yaxkin with Star Elder influences
6.14.22 – FULL MOON
Knowledge is BEing Poured Out, Increasing in the Age of Aquarius, the Two Stars of the Right Wing of the Dragon are
Merging Glow-ingSuper-Nova,
Upon the Right Aspect of the
V, Vav, Connection of the Two Fish, The Two Witnesses.
The Lamb Ram’s Horn is Blown as the Sun sits on the Mercy Seat BE-Tween the Two Horns of the Bull, OX, Aleph, First -Power, the Two Cherubim Inside the
Holy of Hollies!
When the Two Arc Sparks Ignite The Mighty I AM Presence Shin
I AM That and That I AM !
Glow Rae BE!
The Two Witnesses
The Two Witnesses


Know we stand in the billions – aligned to Mother Gaia.
Our DNA is interconnected to every being in our Dimension.
Aligning billions across the Galaxy who intuitively connect to the ancestral origins of Gaia.
Multi-Dimensional Light Community 💥
Of Expansion, Support and UNITY
Your role Now…is to….
Trust the path
Trust the unfoldment
YOUR inner knowing
Trust 🙏
Karen Lithika

We are being asked be super honest with ourselves today. Final lessons from the matrix are delivering some hard truths and realizations. What parts of you are clinging onto 3D relationships? It is important to be present with what is fact and what is fantasy.

To help overcome those paradigm lessons, set boundaries with yourself from falling back into old patterns. Don’t let triggers or feeling lonely cause you to self sooth by focusing on someone else. Instead focus on yourself through self care and recovering your energy.

Now is time to move away from third party karmics and the temptation timeline that kept you spelled in illusions and traps with your time and life force energy. Protect your chi, as it is your most powerful tool. There is no need to sacrifice this to someone you hope may reciprocate it back to you one day.

There is a new flavour that is a much more suitable match for you. Use your intellect and ask the Divine for guidance through this major transformation into 5D relationships and Divine Union. This is your destined union ordained by the Most High. Take a leap of faith into the exciting new opportunity and embrace true unconditional love.

In Jesus Christ’s name amen. God bless you 🕊 Love Carolyn



Daniel Giamario

Extreme Out-of-Bounds Moon Alert and Mars Conjunct Chiron

All through 2022, ever increasing each month, and leading up to 2024, the Moon is becoming increasingly out-of-bounds (OOB) every time the Moon is near the Solstice degrees: Gemini/Cancer and Sagittarius/Capricorn.  These situations happen twice every lunation.  Great examples of this happen this Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday, with the Moon in late Sagittarius and Capricorn.

Tuesday: Full Moon in Sagittarius     -25S58    South declination      Sun +23N28 North declination

Wednesday: Moon in Capricorn       -26S55    South declination      Sun +23N19 North declination

Thursday: Moon in Capricorn            -25nS49   South declination     Sun +23N21 North declination

The ecliptic has a maximum declination of 23.26degrees at this present time.  I consider that anytime the OOB Moon is more than two degrees beyond 23.26, we can become aware of the OOB Moon phenomena.  When 3 degrees beyond or more, taking notice is essential.  This is true on this Wednesday.  The next extreme OOB Moon, which will be near the Cancer Solstice zone, will be June 27-29.

An interesting side note for these three days, beyond the OOB phenomena, is that there is a nearly 50 degree difference between Moon and Sun at sunrise and sunset, from an observational perspective.  This is indeed an unusual situation.  For example, the Sun will rise more than 23 degrees north of due east, and the Moon will rise almost 27 degrees south of due east.

What meaning can be proposed?  Think of Mercury retrograde on steroids for 2-3 days.  Relative to the signs of Sagittarius and Capricorn, be prepared for totally beyond the bounds of normalcy circumstances.  Expect unexpected, and even un-thought of possibilities.  Maverick and even bizarre events can be expected.  It’s best to be at the front of the wave, not at the effect.  Those with prominent planetary placements in Sagittarius and Capricorn are on the front lines now.  Be one who either anticipates, or even creates out of the box experiences.  This situation is even more powerful, if you have the Moon in these signs.  Most profound of all would be for those of you with these Moon positions born near the years of 1931, 1950, 1969, 1987 and 2006.  This includes those with Moons in Gemini or Cancer (the other Solstice).  You will have been born with an extreme OOB Moon.  Your basic nature usually implies a character that is unique and not capable of being assimilated into the mainstream of consensus reality.

There is another factor to be aware of in these coming days:  Mars conjuncts Chiron at 7:17AM PDT on Wednesday, at 15Aries56.  Let’s intend that these OOB Moons aid Chiron for the necessary healing of patriarchal Aries, so that an elder wisdom can be discovered.



Extreme Out-of-Bounds Moon
Extreme Out-of-Bounds Moon



The Moon has now moved into Earthy Capricorn, but we will still be reeling from the intensity of the Supermoon vibes that happened earlier today. Interestingly, the Moon is still squared off with Neptune, Jupiter, and Lilith, all in different signs. The Moon is also still opposed to the Sun. A lot of standoffs are happening in the cosmos, and this is creating an undercurrent with Pluto Retrograde in Capricorn, although they are not currently aspected to each other.
We don’t always get what we want, but we can still aim high for it. We may feel we are walking an uphill journey, but sometimes that is exactly what we need in order to better condition our body and push our endurance levels.
Money is on the table. We have to be careful what we offer up for ante, and what we are willing to sacrifice or surrender that is of importance to us in order to get what we want, especially if we are facing a closed door. Some doors are not meant to open before us. It’s not always because it’s not our door. Sometimes we haven’t evolved enough to walk through it, or that the timing is off. Sometimes we are simply too early to access what’s on the other side. We have to earn entry and be ready for what happens next. But then again, sometimes we underestimate ourselves and have been ready for so long, that it is only our comfort levels, recurring fears, and comfort zones, that keep us from even trying to turn the doorknob. Sometimes we convince ourselves that the life we have established is the best we can do. Sometimes we lie to ourselves because we are afraid of the unknown.
There is no room for fear right now.
Whatever you plan to do over the next couple of days, make it count.
We have to ask ourselves what our plans are worth, and determine our priorities based on the people, places, and things we value most. This is what brings our attention to things money cannot buy like time, love, and forgiveness.
Not all things are as they seem, so it’s essential we learn to recognize things at a core level, and reassess our markers of trust. Between Pluto and Saturn both Retrograde right now, all our foundations are crumbling around us in huge unexpected ways so that the truths we have been seeking can be revealed. This is what leads to us finally being free and realizing the best is yet to come.
This is our journey of leveling up towards Boss Mode.
Debbie Edwards
Artist Credit: artxman
Mars conjunct Chiron in Aries – We may be feeling battle weary and war wounded. Perhaps it’s time to take a rest from fighting to speed up recovery. Unconscious anger can undermine progress if we continuously flog ourselves to keep going when all we want to do is stop. Whether conflicts are external or internal, they take a toll on the spirit as well as the body. Energy depletion is a sign to sit up and take notice of what we’re doing and why.
If your goals are hurting you, reassessment is required. Note that everything is magnified right now. Don’t let the enormity of perceived problems scare you. Activate your inner mentor to take charge of your healing process. Initiate plans for your wellbeing. Relight your spark with experiences that inspire you. Chronic problems can’t always be fixed quickly. Giving yourself the time you need is not a sign of weakness. Save your strength.
Degrees and Times
Mars, Chiron 15°Ar56′ – 15:16 (BST)
Painting – Relaxing Lady by Mihaly Munkacsy
Relaxing Lady
Relaxing Lady

Kin 28 ~ Yellow Lunar Star

The number two is called ‘Lunar’ and its keywords are ‘Polarize, Challenge and Stabilize’. Shying away from our problems and procrastinating about resolving them only adds more stress into our lives. When we have a ‘Lunar’ day every 13 days, we can practice the art of problem solving and removing obstacles. There is always a solution but you have to strive to find it… hence the challenging aspect of this number but the process leads to stabilization. So, turn things around in your favor today because this is an opportunity to Polarize.
Yellow Star is the glyph that represents ‘Beauty, Art and Elegance’. A Yellow Star day certainly gets us looking upwards at the heavens and mesmerized by all things shiny and sparkly. But as it is a challenging day you may have to work for your bling. I wouldn’t book a hair appointment or re-decorate your space, it may not turn out the way you expect. No worries, focus on removing those obstacles that stand in your way and may you find by the end of the day you’ve had a beautiful experience. Think of removing obstacles as an elegant way to make your life better. Whether it’s a zit that needs popping or a blemish on your soul, strive for beauty but don’t expect it to be easy. Experience can be a beautiful thing and the more we face these tricky situations, the more skilled we become at the art of problem solving.
Today’s Guide is Yellow Sun which represents ‘Universal fire and Enlightenment’. This is a helpful guide on a tricky day like today. Expect revelations and they will help you deal with the challenges. If you are a Yellow Sun, lead the way today and you’ll be a big help to others by shining a light on our paths.
The Challenge of the day is White Mirror, which represents truth, so look out for lies or misleading information. When Yellow Stars look in the mirror, they are blinded by their own light shining back at them, making it hard to see their reflection. This symbolizes their dislike of the truth. If it isn’t pretty or sugar coated, they don’t want to know. If you are a White Mirror your day may be more challenging than everyone else’s but hey – make it your challenge to have a beautiful day too.
The Occult power is Red Skywalker, the brave adventurer. This suggests that ‘thinking outside of the box’ could have magical consequences, so don’t be afraid to expand your mind. This is my favorite characteristic of the Yellow Star personality; they have a lot of original ideas that come from their open-mindedness which of course is great for art! They are also quite brave and daring and so, we too can feel bold today because of Skywalker’s influence. This will help you summon up some courage when tackling today’s challenging aspect.
The Ally is the cheeky Blue Monkey. If you are lucky enough to know one, they can be very helpful today in dealing with the challenges. The monkey loves shiny sparkly Yellow Star day and this means he is better behaved.
Kin 28
Kin 28





2 LAMAT – KIN 28
15 JUNE 2022
✨666 PORTAL✨ – 2nd HEAVEN’s GATE ✨
I polarize in order to Beautify
Stabilizing Art
I seal the store of Elegance
With the Lunar tone of Challenge
I AM guided by the power of Universal Fire.
15/6/2022 = 6/6/6 = 6/12=6/3=9
✨6.6.6. PORTAL✨
✨3.6.9. TESLA CODE 💫💫
15- Spiritual Alchemy/Magnetism/Charisma
6- Heaven/Christ/Family/Romance/Fertility
9- Endings/Destiny/Service/Humanity/Grace
✨MONTH/YEAR codes✨
6- Heaven/Christ/Family/Romance/Fertility
12- Acquiring strength/wisdom
3- Holy triad/Joy/Creativity/Divine
20- The AWAKENING/Clear vision
22- Architect of PEACE/Master builder
KIN 28 = 10 Manifestation/Leadership/Authority/New Beginnings
Through this DIVINE GATEWAY we are harmonizing the polarity, so that more BEAUTY, PROSPERITY and SOURCE energy can FLOW through and support us. HALLELUJAH!
Day 2 of BLUE HAND WAVESPELL 🙌 where we are accessing more knowledge to accomplish great HEALING. 🌿🌿🌿
Today MANIK🖐 is living up to his promise of helping us accomplish our HEALING🌿🙌 goals. We are able to apply Majikal solutions, erasing those old triggers and strongholds. Finally LIBERATING us from the push/pull game of duality consciousness in order to find our balance.
LUNAR 🌓 Tone 2 in the PHYSICAL realm. The LUNAR tone represents the sacred twins, cooperation, relationship, polarity of male and female and duality. It’s ACTION – polarizes, POWER – challenges, ESSENCE – stabilizing. A day filled with questioning how WE can transcend duality using our inner Magician💫⚛ through the power of ILLUMINATION. 🌞
It is TIME to step out of the duality game and all its possible challenges, in order to resolve our FEARS, leading us back to wholeness. Polarity reveals our conflicts, struggles, and the apparent separation created by our beliefs in duality. Polarized positions actually work in cooperative alliances. In cooperation, all polarities serve as backgrounds for full appreciation of one another and the whole. Examine the opposites and polarity within yourself. Explore your divine feminine and masculine aspects.
❓ Has your feminine aspect been repressed, from being receptive to all the MAJIK that surrounds you?
It is time others become more enchanted by your true beauty and raw vulnerability.
It is real to express your true inner being, and allow more RECEPTIVITY to flow into your life.
Do not hide parts of yourself, compartmentalizing fragments of your soul. No longer can we wear the MASKS of duality. It is time to take off our masks, that the masses have been hiding behind and be whole again.
It is TIME to show our true FACE again and SMILE! 😄
The authentic YOU, is BEAUTIFUL and radiant in your raw essence. A spark of the divine. Step out and SHINE! ✨✨✨
The YELLOW STAR 🌟is tribe number 8 which relates to ABUNDANCE and infinite FLOW from SOURCE… This PROSPERITY frequency is amplified through the benefic SAGITTARIUS FULL SUPERMOON – ruled by Father Jupiter – the bringer of ABUNDANCE in all its forms.
LAMAT is a STARGATE✨ or PORTAL within itself, bringing forth a greater INFLUX of new prosperity, joy and creativity 💰🌻🎨 If your FLOW has been lopsided the LUNAR STAR affords the opportunity to HEAL your financial situation and bring greater stability.
The YELLOW STAR 🌟 ignites your creativity today and unleashes your store house of GOLDEN energy within your solar plexus chakra. The YELLOW STAR 🌟is a brilliant vehicle for creative expression through Art and craft, singing, dancing and creating beautiful music!.
❓Is there any blocked or repressed CREATIVITY within your being that is needing to surface and be expressed as Art? 🎨
LAMAT 🌟holds the codes for the New Harmonic Matrix✨ that we are anchoring as STAR 🌟 BLISS🐬 SUNS🌞 being the pillars of LIGHT💡 upon this EARTH PLANE… 🌏🌎🌍
This NEW TIME is expressed through CREATIVITY🖼 and ART🎨 – where our soul can sing through EXPANSION.💥
The old time was expressed through TIME⌚=MONEY💸 and therefore ENSLAVEMENT and CONTROL… Whoever CONTROLS the MONEY enslaves the people! These themes are coming to a HEAD today on a collective level… so HOLD STRONG and keep shining your LIGHT through creative expression, as HE-ART. 🎨❤🐬🌟
The BLUE HAND🖐 provides the power of accomplishment to see your creative pursuits and enterprises through to completion. LAMAT provides perfect energies for HEALING🌿❤ any disharmonious relationships, particularly relating to twin flames especially relevant in these romantic JUNE/GEMINI energies..
The LUNAR STAR✨✨ will reveal any discord and bring it to ✨LIGHT✨ in order to be healed.
Many “LIGHT” workers are being challenged at the moment as darkness and shadow arises. Instead of blaming others we need to heal our own shadow aspects… When you are WHOLE you can focus on just RADIATING🌞 your LIGHT 🌞instead of playing the polarity game.
LAMAT🌟 seeks to UNLEASH this beautiful PEACE filled energy into our world and our lives, leading us to greater HARMONY within ourselves and the outer reflection in our world – assisting in facilitating great HEALING..
✨✨✨The star glyph of LAMAT🌟 is a portal which connects you to the sacred movement of planets, stars and galaxies. LAMAT is a gateway to the 5th Dimension, and it opens stargates to the Pleiades, Sirius and beyond.
This LAMAT PORTAL aligns with the MANIK PORTAL of BLUE HAND. Day 1 of the BLUE HAND🙌 Wavespell linked us back to the 8/8 LION’S 🦁GATE portal on August 8th, 2019. The SIRIAN’s are MASTER HEALERS – particularly using SOUND🎶 and LIGHT frequencies SO CALL in the SIRIAN HEALING TEAMS to fast track these technologies giving you additional support.
Look into the opening of the LAMAT✨ star glyph whilst meditating in order to enter this mystery. If you wish to tune in and access the energies of LAMAT, visualize sparks of gold against the blue of twilight skies bringing forth the cascading wisdom of the stars! VISUALIZE and give DIVINE GRATITUDE for the GOLDEN star light carrying forth the infinite HEALING and ABUNDANCE codes from throughout the galaxy. ✨✨✨
HIGHER SELF: YELLOW LUNAR SUN 🌓 🌞 AHAU is illuminating💡 any disharmony and density that may be dimming your true LIGHT. Many souls are playing small and not fully embracing their FULL LUM-IN-ESSENCE.🌟. Other souls are wearing Dark cloaks and masks hiding from their true identity.
Whatever REFLECTIONS souls have been casting, will be fully revealed in the LIGHT of the LUNAR SUN today – which highlights the DARKEST of SHADOW and the BRIGHTEST of LIGHT…
✨✨ALL the Dark Magicians’ WILL be decloaked by the DIVINE LIGHT!✨🌞✨ There is nowhere to HIDE!!🌞🌞🌞
In the 3D world we are all being challenged to “CHOOSE a SIDE” at the moment! Which costume will you wear as your robe? A dark cloak or a rainbow robe 🌈 of many colours?
Beneath all the masks, cloaks and games each of us has a VERY PURE SOUL essence – our GOD self🌞, that is our TRUE NATURE and we are all on a collective journey to rediscover this TRUTH.
AHAU 🌞provides the Universal Fire 🔥which purifies any lower density, thus elevating our frequency into the GOLDEN LIGHT! AHAU🌞 reminds us that the ultimate SOURCE of abundance, creativity and BEAUTY already exists within our core, as we are ALL CREATOR BEINGS.
✨✨I AM THAT, I AM! 🌞🌞🌞 EXPAND your crown chakra to the HEAVEN’S ABOVE and allow the golden streams of LIGHT through this MAGNIFICENT 6.6.6. LAMAT gateway to fill up your golden chalice.
SUPPORT: BLUE LUNAR MONKEY🌓 🐒 CHUEN is the great Magician 🎩 who is a MASTER of ILLUSION💫💫💫The LUNAR MONKEY will reveal the tricks, betrayal and deception that have all been part of this GREAT ✨Magic Show 💫. This has created the ILLUSORY WORLD in which our soul’s have chosen to PLAY the GAME of LIFE.
TODAY we get to SEE👁 HOW the Majik tricks are done!! 💥 Sneak a peek👁 behind the curtains and look inside that majik box, that saws the beautiful assistant in two parts! The GAME is revealed before your EYES.. so have a LAUGH and realize that it was all necessary for our GRAND EXPERIMENT on this EARTHLY plane..
CHUEN 🐒brings forth MAJIK💫, Alchemy ⚛and the playfulness of your divine child. 👶 Tap into these qualities in order to become the great DIVINE MAGICIAN🎩💫 of your LIFE. Laughter, joy and merriment expressed through your creative self opens the gateways to ultimate abundance and wellness.
Step through the curtain and enter the STAGE of your new Majikal and wondrous LIFE. 💫✨💫
Make a WISH upon a STAR 🌟– and the STRAWBERRY 🍓 SUPERMOON! 🌝
✨The natural inclination of a soul is to GROW through experience, and the FRICTION of polarity, challenges us to do just that. ✨
This SKYWALKER has a CRYSTAL tone, so he is providing much CLARITY to SEE beyond the ILLUSION and polarity challenges.. He is seeking to cooperate, and trailblazing the way forward to HARMONY with our kin and our world through unification and teamwork.🌐
✨In order to bring PEACE 🕊to EARTH 🌏 we must first COOPERATE with one another as ONE EARTH family.👫🌎👬🌍👭 As the division melds, conflict dissolves and we can create HARMONY. Great prosperity can FLOW once again to all continents on EARTH.
BEN is the Angelic Messenger that allows you to freely access all these OPEN portals today. Flow on the Cosmic winds wherever Spirit directs you, stepping back into this reality with a new more expanded and harmonious experience of SELF, and the infinite sources of HEALING available to all.
Allow BEN to be the bridge🌈 anchoring all the gifts of HEAVEN onto this EARTH plane. 💒
CHALLENGE/GIFT: WHITE LUNAR MIRROR 🌓🔎 ETZNAB is a LUNAR MIRROR – The 2 sides of the coin will be CLEARLY REFLECTED today in the Hall of Mirrors..
We have portals opened through MANIK🖐, LAMAT🌟 the 6.6.6. HEAVEN’S GATE, AND the SUPERMOON – WOWEEE….. leading to many dimensions and worlds.
We get to CHOOSE – which world we seek to inhabit. The MIRROR WORLD is reflecting the disharmony of the Old Matrix and revealing a new PATH beyond the GATE full of HOPE and PROMISE. LAMAT and the 6.6.6. HEAVEN’S GATE leads to NIRVANA, the land of milk and honey – beyond the greener pastures. You can ESCAPE the duality challenges of 3D Earth through QUANTUM jumping to a better reality……
The WHITE MIRROR provides the sword🗡 of TRUTH cutting through all ILLUSIONS, DECEPTIONS and falsities that have fooled us in the past.
✨This is a GREAT AWAKENING 👁💥 code as the MIRROR SHATTERS into 1000 shards revealing what was previously hidden. You will be CHALLENGED to SEE and ACCEPT the TRUTH of what is revealed in the shadows.
The LUNAR MIRROR is a great GIFT revealing any CHALLENGES that are obstructing our COSMIC ABUNDANCE!🍥💰🌻
WHITE MIRROR will REFLECT to you any blocks or limitations to RECEIVING abundance, healing or love in your life. Once the truth has been exposed you can SHINE the LIGHT✨ provided by AHAU🌞 and the portal of LAMAT🌟 to finally clear any disharmony and discordant energies.
🚫 Do not get distracted and fall to the challenges, thank them for revealing themselves and then burn them in the Universal Fire🔥 of AHAU🌞 to clear your way to receiving Cosmic Abundance and HARMONY!💰💲🌻🍎🍇
Today’s question is “What challenges have been BLOCKING the FULL expression of my LIGHT, creativity and ABUNDANCE?
How can this be HARMONIZED to enjoy more peace, wellness, beauty and prosperity in our world, so that we can experience HEAVEN ON EARTH ?” 🍓🌟🐬💒
AMEN 🙏🙏🙏
Namaste’ 🙏❤🙏❤🙏
In Lak’ech a la kin
Christina White Magnetic Worldbridger – KIN 66 🌈🌏🌉




Implant Removal Ceremony


Implant Removal Ceremony
Implant Removal Ceremony



Cutting all Chords and Contracts ~ Freedom from all False Programs :




Prayer for Fifth Ray Healing 🙏💚

Invocation to the Flame of Healing💕
Beloved I AM Presence, Beloved Angels of the Healing Flame, Beloved Mother Mary and Archangel Raphael, beloved Hilarion and all Beings of Light serving on the Ray of Healing.
I come now before Thy flame to request healing in God’s name. I stand with my God Presence to be liberated and healed from all physical burdens through Thy Healing Light and Love.
I also ask to be healed from all etheric scars, mental and emotional traumas from this life and from the past.
Flame of Healing of purest green,
bless my form and make me whole! Pour comfort into my soul and enlightenment for my mind.
I AM God’s Perfection manifest in body, mind and soul. I AM God’s Healing Light flowing to make me whole.
I AM the Master Presence charging all my bodies with Love.
Beloved God Presence, as I transform my consciousness, Let heaven’s perfection manifest in my daily life, Send thy Ray of Healing upon my soul!
I AM Christ Presence charging me with Thy Radiant Healing Light until I become the full manifestation of that Light.
Beloved I AM! Beloved I AM! Beloved I AM!





Kin 28 Yellow Moon Star
What are the obstacles to overcome?
Kin 28 Yellow Moon Star
Beautifying, Stabilizing Art with the Power of Elegance
Kin 28 Yellow Moon Star
Kin 28 Yellow Moon Star
Tom Lunar (CA) represents opposing forces working together, counterbalancing each other in a field of stability. Everything is defined by its polar opposite. Lunar Tom helps me see that it is the light that creates the shadow. That winter and summer are just two products of contrasting positions. Polarity is experienced in everyday life through duality, the destructive illusion of separation, which keeps me from seeing the “offbalance” as something good for me. Challenges can appear in the form of difficulties and efforts, which when viewed from another perspective, are blessings for opportunities. I stabilize my challenges by facing opposition as catalysts to strengthen my truth.
The Yellow Star (LAMAT) is the agent of harmony, declares art as the omnipresent gift of the Creator. Art is how I greet the day, how I respond and interact with the elements in my life. Art exists as a universal opportunity for creativity, innovation and expression; it represents the language of the soul. Art, like the army of beauty, is naturally happening, and when highlighted with intention, it becomes a tool of unlimited manifestation, transcends definitions and is measured by feelings and inspiration. In essence, art, beauty and elegance are vibrational emanations produced by beneficial combinations, emerging from my conscious synthesis. The Yellow Star conveys pleasure in the beauty of its expression. Exploring my creative tendencies I allow the aesthetics of my nature to inspire my artistic senses and visions; I allow grace and harmony to guide my way.
I stabilize my challenges by facing opposition as catalysts to strengthen my truth. Challenge is something that strengthens and expands my potential and my spirituality. It’s not a problem. Must grow to beat the odds The challenge is a gift from the universe to stabilize the knowledge that leads me to healing and strengthening the deep parts of myself. I learn from polarity I appreciate the vision and awareness that polarity brings to my life.
Text: Sonia Dias
Kin 28 Yellow Moon Star
Settle a Life of Elegance
I polarize with the intent to embellish
Stabilizing the art
Seal the warehouse of elegance
With the lunar tone challenge
I am guided by the power of universal fire
“I harmonize; I am energy; I overcome challenges and achieve understanding. “
Phrase : Mirta Blassia
TOM 02 – Tom Lunar (CA)
POWER – Polarize | ACTION – Stabilize | ESSENCE – Challenge
SEAL 08 – Yellow Star (LAMAT)
POWER – Elegance | ACTION – Beautification | ESSENCE – Art
Kin 28 Yellow Moon Star
Kin 28 Yellow Moon Star


The Blue Hand wave has just started and the Maya synchronist immediately shows us what is the challenge to be faced to achieve its goals.
One of the invitations of this Wave, focused on the themes of healing, creativity and concrete acting (with which we can finally complete any pending! ), is to become aware of the conditioning, prohibitions and judgments absorbed during childhood and to reconcile first with the parent who passed them on to us and then with ourselves who repeated them with self-judgment and self-limitations one in the following decades.
Healing is therefore also understood as the restoration of family dynamics that prevent us from flying, realizing or, sometimes, even seeing the dreams of our incarnate Soul.
The Lunar Yellow Star helps us today through all of this, showing us how healing can happen by reconciling relationships with others and ourselves (learning to forgive, welcome and love ourselves first) and steps through the Beauty that ab We need to bring, to our and others’ lives, right through The Hands. Let’s feel up to this task, because we are capable of it as ALL bearers of Light and Beauty in quantity!
The Yellow Star also helps us in this challenge, because it too symbolizes creativity (in a broad sense, in a Life made of Art in every little gesture and moment) and can therefore boost the momentum of manual creativity of Mano Blu.
Not only a challenge today, but also a lot of imagination, experimentation and craftsmanship to lighten us up, reminding us that in a day Stella it is important to feed on laughter and joy, to lighten any difficulty and to remind us that they are only opportunities. to evolve faster.
That Beauty emanates from all of us and allows us to reconstruct the duality and separation of the Lunar day, to “flow” then literally, tomorrow, in the service that the Red Moon waiting to shine will show us.
The Yellow Star that resonates with the Lunar Tone expresses ways in which we can come into contact telepathically to understand which area of our existence needs healing the most.
Since yesterday we have been inside the Blue Hand Wave: a new teaching has opened to be absorbed by the Human Consciousness.
The Blue Hand is healing through feeling able to shape reality based on the spontaneous flow of love we feel within.
To carry out any new project it is necessary to have clear the problems that would prevent its development. The Yellow Star answers this question, which is Beauty, Elegance and Harmony. So the mood of the day will lead us to the discovery of every situation that does not resonate with those flows, because we know that discomforts arise where harmony has dissolved somehow. And if this has happened, it probably means that there was a prevarication we have suffered, in the name of which we betrayed ourselves and the love of ourselves. It is also true that having suffered it, that prevarication was put in place by someone external to us, but we also know that the souls that love us the most are the ones that test us the most. So be careful in understanding why we had the need to make ourselves small and hand over power to someone else.
It’s always a matter of loving ourselves regardless, and Life constantly challenges us to make choices that sooner or later lead us to giving ourselves the right value.
Thus it becomes obvious what the framework together to achieve to achieve the right balance.
What’s that place you feel you need but can’t reach?
Is that so impossible?
What crippling fear separates you from your realization?
How strong do you think you have to achieve it?
The Lunar Yellow Star helps us focus on what would be the best possible degree of expressiveness and slowly brings us closer to it, making us discover that in the end it is absolutely not that difficult to achieve, especially because you want it we were with all our might.
Especially because obstacles are necessary to arrive at a certain point in time, to respect the synchronicity that we have given life to ourselves. So in the end everything is one big game and everything is perfect.
The Lunar Star represents the Archetype of Harmony that reclaims itself when we activate Healing in our Lives.
Healing is Harmony is putting together the initial puzzle of the Stellar Fabric that carried us here, or better yet, the Light Plot that inspired our descent onto this dense plane.
Taking a body we underwent ourselves to the experience of touching healing with our hands, we volunteered to bring inside a container of matter the Ray of Light that we are.
Having a body is a wonderful opportunity to experience love. We can caress and receive caresses, we can hug and receive hugs, we can cry and laugh and physically love.
Lunar Star Healing is overcoming the fear of giving and receiving. It’s breathing in the fear of making a mistake and allowing yourself to stretch out a hand to donate, whatever the outcome is.
It is activating the love of the Magical Woman who is born as a container of Pure Love.
The Blue Hand polarized the magnetic field of Healing yesterday.
During the next few days we’ll live through this theme and the events that cross our path will illustrate aspects of ourselves that need to be rebalanced.
The Yellow Lunar Star is showing us today the challenge we must face to bring Healing into our lives.
The Yellow Star for the Mayans is Lamat, the planet Venus is the reference star in the cosmology of this people, whose cycles are based on the number 8 (Venus transits in front of the Sun in a double cycle of 8 years, the last transit took place gua Rda case in 2012, at the end of a journey started in 2004).
Lamat Yellow Star is Solar Glyph No. 8 out of 20 of what I call Mayan Astrology.
The meaning of this planet is tied to Art, creative expression, Elegance.
Obviously if it was a zodiac sign it would be Libra, ruled by Venus.
Because the Blue Hand sometimes identifies very much with doing, and it is a type of action that does not allow you to look around, but makes you go straight to the finish line with your head down, in order to reach the goal.
The Yellow Star intervenes to dampen the atmosphere, lightening it with its ethereity, adding in the magnetic field of the Blue Hand a touch of Heaven, looking upwards, so that we can be more aware and detached in approach Here with our part to heal.
Therefore, this will be a day led by a Celestial Force that will allow us to warn of great flashes of clarity compared to the current state of our existence.
Let’s trust our hearing Not at all, today’s kin Guide is the Yellow Lunar Sun, kin 80, that breaks into us with its Light. Today’s Galactic Forces speak about INTUITIVITY, CLARITY and VISION.
Make the best of it, so that tonight you will be satisfied with the results.
Let’s go right into the course analysis.
Do we feel that we have a wound inside of us connected to self-esteem, to our place in the world, to the feeling of being seen and recognized?
The first step to face is to connect deeply with ourselves to FEEL the inner state of integrity.
Within us shines the Inner Star, which is the highest nature of a being, the point of essence from which everything is possible. Are we aware it exists?
It represents the Golden Thread that connects us to the Hunab Ku, the center of the Galaxy, the umbilical cord from which we receive the Love of One.
Are we aware of this?
We tune our contact with this divine part by visualizing the Inner Light that shines in us, possibly at night before we fall asleep, so its brightness can nourish us during sleep.
The Kin Guide today is the Yellow Lunar Sun, kin 80, of the Enchanted Wave of the Blue Magnetic Storm, which allows us to understand how much clarity lives within us.
Worlds laceser in the process of upgrading, integrating shadows to shine more powerfully, throwing rainbow bridges without any fear of mistake, yet conscious of the love to give and receive, in full connection with other souls.
In the name of God 🙏
The Artist
I am the Artist
Coded by the yellow star
Eight is my number, that opens my portal
Resonant frequencies are my palette
To match it accordingly
With the deepest drives of the universe
Dare to be beautiful!
I am the elegance of lighting
Through my art I color your world
I am the rainbow in your day
And the moon shine in your night
I am the artist
Everything I do comes from the stars
Stellar being, stellar child, stellar singer, those are my names
I am the galactic chord
resonating from the cosmic key
I make up songs and recite the crystal oath
Who travels the infinity Zuvuya
The marvelous harmonics in eternal expansion
To know me is to walk the endless song
Returning to the Master Artist of all Creation.
Coded by the Yellow Star
Coded by the Yellow Star
Today is Yellow Lunar Star day on the 13 Moon Dreamspell Mayan Calendar.
Yellow Star, (tribe 8 of the 20 solar tribe archetype cycle), beautifies, elegance, art.
Rise and shine! Yellow Star encourages you to do, wear, embody, and inspire art. Life is art. Many people think of art as having solely to do with traditionally thought of modalities like drawing, painting, sculpting, acting, singing, poetry, dancing, etc… In actuality, any way that your creativity is able to manifest can be done with an artistic flair. It could be something you do while at work, or even something as seemingly mundane as solving a math problem, packing a suitcase, or choosing an outfit to wear. The ability to perceive art qualifies you as an artist. We are all artists, and life itself is our canvas. What are your art modalities? What are some of the ways you can add a touch of elegance and style to your surroundings or any task you are tending to? Explore new ways of allowing your creativity to come forth into the world? Strive to add an element of refined simplicity and grace to all that you create. Beautify the world and your surroundings in an elegant way.
Lunar tone of Challenge, (step 2 of the 13-step creative energy tone cycle), polarize, stabilize, challenge.
Step two on the creative energy cycle is where you encounter the duality illusions of good/bad, black/white, dark/light, up/down, left/right, hot/cold, and all of the things that you experience as opposites. The two that you are perceiving are the two opposite ends of the one. Both ends of the spectrum are required to be equally present and balanced to make the other one possible. This is one of the laws that govern the world we live in. Left is defined by right, up by down, darkness by light. It is when you fail to see the connectedness of both sides that you wind up blaming one side or the other for being unwanted, unneeded, or wrong. Because of this misunderstanding of the laws governing our duality existence, we have developed backward ways of interpreting and reacting to what is happening in our world. When you are able to reverse the lens that you are perceiving through, you can then understand the true nature of challenges, and work more gracefully to meet them. Seeing through the reversed duality lens removes the emotional attachments and reactions stemming from your previous misunderstanding, and enables you to more easily and rapidly find the blessings that the challenges have brought your way. Challenges are blessings in disguise. All challenges that you experience come to you via the law of attraction. Challenges can only come your way when you are fully qualified and prepared to meet them. Meeting your challenges creates the energy that provides all the firepower that fuels the creative energy process. As you meet your challenges, you will find yourself in a position of strength.
Today you encounter the up and down challenges of beautifying, elegance, and art.
Day 2 of the 13-day cycle themed Blue Hand, knows, healing, accomplishment.
Written by Roger Grossman
Artwork by
Andrew C. Strickland
Mike Fulton
Roger Grossman
Muttley Mutt
Photo by Brendan Jaffer
Yellow Lunar Star day
Yellow Lunar Star day



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