Tao Te Ecuador

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I have a Vision of creating a Healing retreat center in Ecuador. this will combine the healing arts of Taoism mixed with some of the latest technologies and working with the Shamans of South America. this will be an Oasis for all beings to be able to come for healing Body, Mind, Spirit and to aid in the process of releasing all negative emotions.Ecuador-beauty


We are currently looking for property and land to be donated for the purpose of creating this healing center. We are in the process of creating a non-profit organization so people or business entities can write off donations if they would like.


An Elder in South America had the vision of The Eagle flying with the Condor. We would like to be a prt of this vision and help see that the two pwers come together and help usher in this new era of peace and prosperity for ALL.


We are looking for land in the area of Vilcabamba but we are open to all possible locations in Ecuador.

All donations will go toward this cause and will be used for investing in the process of creating this place of healing and teaching.


Thank you for your thoughts prayers and all that you do. Peace be with you….Paul