Star Of David ~ Seal of Solomon ~ Divine Treasury of Light ~ AWAKENING INTO THE AWARENESS OF ALL THAT YOU ARE

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Star Of David ~ Seal of Solomon ~ Divine Treasury of Light ~ AWAKENING INTO THE AWARENESS OF ALL THAT YOU ARE

Right now: Moon at 19°49′ Libra, Sun at 6°00′ Taurus

sabian symbols

Current Sabian Symbols

Current Sabian Symbol for the Moon

A jewish rabbi performing his duties.
Sabian Symbol for 20º Libra

The current Sabian Symbol of the Moon is the symbol that characterizes the ongoing lunar influence, the emotional background, or it’s just a symbol which characterizes this moment, while the Moon’s position (rounded to the next degree) is 20º Libra.

Current Sabian Symbol for the Sun

A woman of samaria comes to draw water from the well.
Sabian Symbol for 7º Taurus

The current Sabian Symbol of the Sun is the symbol that characterizes the ongoing solar influence, the vital energy and the personality, or it’s just a symbol which characterizes this day, while the Sun’s position (rounded to the next degree) is 7º Taurus.




These energies continue to roll in each day.
Allowing you to continue to grow and evolve.
It’s been an intense week or two,
These energies continue to come in faster and stronger.
It’s what I’ve been calling the “Energy Tunnel.”
These energies and upgrades are going to continue to rise through the Full Moon on Monday.
All that you are going through and experiencing is important for your Ascension path.
It’s important for YOU.
Everyday YOU are changing and stepping one moment closer to the Ascended Master that YOU truly are.
YOU are about to step into the next portion of YOUR Ascension Journey.
June’s Summer Solstice will bring in some BIG energetic changes.
This moment YOU are in now is allowing you to prepare for the coming upgrades.
All the triggers and the purging of your old emotional baggage is making much needed room for the coming upgrades.
Don’t be fearful of any of this.
YOU built your course, your ascension journey.
The beautiful thing about all this is that even with amnesia…
YOU found your way.
Your mission is on track!
Much love and light Divine One,
The Energies very Intense Today As Team Light Removes Another Level Of Dark On Earth. You can Feel the Battle Energy In 4D on this Side of the Veil. The rocky turbulence is this.
Also may have heightened feels of death energy, failing health, money, survival, foundation, relationships. This is a very big purge right now (although it’s been happening for 3 weeks already) and you may be feeling wiggy, creeped out, maybe even delusional.
This is a deep up-rooting of these topics right now, and yes the dark are playing their charades as we purge, making it feel like psycho-nutty-ville. Like an unhinged feeling.
Maybe not for all, depending on how deep of a dive this is for you.
Time for a salt bath for me and to connect to my body and heart space through this death-birth energy metamorphosis.
We can come back to the True Unified Field by accessing our single-point in the heart space and operating, maneuvering, feeling, from here 🖤🍇

Star Of David

When the upstream of the Father intercourses with downstream of the Mother, when the Sun meets the Moon, when the Black confluences with the White, when all opposites agree, a unified and intelligent radiation appears from the effulgent Centrepoint, this is called The Star of David, sometimes known as the Seal of Solomon. In mathematics, these 2 intersecting triangles embrace the Root Harmonic known as The Square Root of 3, (meaning, what number multiplied by itself, gives 3? thus the solution is 1.732 x 1.732 = 3). This 3-ness suggests fertility, in the sense that when the love of 2 parents unites and expands, a 3rd principle is born, this we call The Child.
The Root of 3 (determined by an equilateral triangle whose 3 sides are 1 unit in length) is found not only in flowers but in crystals, like in the atomic structure of silicon chip that stores all the billions of bits of memory stored in our computers. The Star of David, is a Hexagon when the 6 tips or vertices are joined, reminiscent of the bees perfect and most efficient way for packing pollen in hexagonal cells. We share an infinity with this silicon chip since it is similar in composition to our pineal gland (3rd Eye) meaning we can be in a natural state of harmony with this evolving hi-tech as it mirrors the magnificence of Who We Are, since this Star of David and the inherent Root 3 configuration is both a cousin to Biology and Technology.
Jain 108
Art: Endre Balogh

Light Pockets from the Divine Treasury of Light are being released now into those souls who are ready and able to receive them in the higher dimensional states.
The Light pockets embrace Divine Light Frequency information, as stored in Sun Discs and they indeed embrace the Omnipresent Pockets of Light information, which will indeed trigger mechanisms within the Pineal and Pituitary glands and new spinal columns, the Higher Heart-Mind of those souls who are ready to receive this, with pure intent.
Indeed, this information, the inherent knowledge and technology contained therein, enlightenment can now descend into these souls who have managed to ascend into the New Earth frequency and vibration.
These Light Pockets come the Universal Core Treasuries of Light and when the sun discs download such information directly into the soul, the innate and encoded Light information within the Soul itself, are ignited and activated.
Indeed, the Light Quotients within the souls who are ready, will increase considerably and this will have a ripple effect on the dense physical forms or embodiments, as the New Light bodies are being fully activated within these souls and the full new spinal columns ignited.
Thus, these souls now need more rest, stillness and quietude, solitude, and deep contemplation, totally Unity and Oneness with the Divine and All-that-is. The immense transfiguration is escalating, and the New Embodiment is taking on form and shape in the highest degrees, as the New Earth is making her presence felt, thus a totally new Reality, existence and form of existence in a much higher dimensional frequency band and vibration, and indeed form of life.
Let those who understand – understand.
Let those who can interpret this – interpret.
Let the Power of Divine Light and Divine Love speak directly into the Soul.
Judith Kusel
The Earth is not what you think it is.
Your body is not what you think it is.
DNA is not what you think it is.
Your mind is not what you think it is.
The Dimensions are not what you think they are.
Being DIVINE is not what you think it is.
This is not about being good or bad or trying and seeking.
This is about AN ALIGNMENT ~ with THAT which already is.
I was SHOWN and live through ALL DIMENSIONS simultaneously and they ALL perfectly align in all moments with the HERE and now.
ALL worlds are here now! There is no distance! There is no time! There is only perfect alignment through the heart with all limitless dimensions. There is nothing to seek out there. Or forces to stop.
This is about YOU immersed in a sea of Plasma and Light, everlasting and limitless, connected through your heart and AWAKENING to that truth.
This transformed body exists in the awareness of ALL That is. This is no longer what you call the human body. Even in so called death of the body, the body lives as incorruptible. This is MASTERY OF FORM.
Plasma is the connecting energy and the electrical impulses and input that create your DNA that communicate through this limitless connecting system responds faster than speed of light to the impulses you are living through and vibrating as within this system.
Therefore as MASTERY of form you consciously create in all moments.
This is what we are ACTIVATING YOU IN NOW. In the awareness of the fullness, that functions faster than the speed of light and is all here, NOW within NO TIME. Access the fullness of your HEART. This is the initiation into the eternal truth of all That is, now, In love.
In love,
L’Aura Pleiadian

Karen Lithika

3D-5D Expansion
Our Role is to provide answers to your Cosmic origins, assist your individual journeys and the current planetary expansion.
For the Starseed Frequency is beyond many residing in your world. They are yet to awaken from the limitations, beyond the Construct.
Understand your role, your light, simply the magnificence of you 💥
We ask you to visualise a floating Nebula, for it is a Cocoon of unique Light Encodements, of Birth and Creation.
To focus on the nebula image, for it amplifies the frequency of Expansion and Universal knowing to a greater expansion of your existence.
For many beings use nebulas as places of sanctuary, and can be seen as points of Unity across the Galaxy.
We ask you to expand your interdimensional vision and feel into the frequency. As you start from a 3D eye vision/energetic perspective.
Expand the feeling of the nebula, expand your point of connection to the Higher Dimensions.
What do you feel and perceive?
Understand this is a wonderful technique to raise your travel capabilities and see a multidimensional perspective of the universe.
To understand your role is to expand your connection beyond the 3D Dimensional Reality. To visualise beyond the 3D.
To know your travel capabilities are fully available to the Higher Dimensions.
Simply Believe and Connect 🙏
To take this is a step further – as your Expanding Now….
Simply FEEL and Believe 💥🙏
With Love & Blessings ❤
The Arcturians & Karen Lithika
Violet Sabrewing.
Sunday April 25 2021
A heads up…
CMEs and a Super Full Moon.
Get ready for the 1st of 2021’s 4 Super Moons – a Full Moon on steroids at its closest to the earth anchoring an April 24-30 shock window. This April 27/28 event will bring strong geo-cosmic disturbance, since it is conjunct volatile Uranus in Fixed Earth sign Taurus, amplifying the revolutionary Saturn-Uranus square that is all about shock and awe. It’s a period when strong storms and seismic activity are likely starting with a CME sparking a G2-class s geomagnetic storm when it arrives today April 25th.
A Super Moon is planetary in scope, so there’s no limiting the zones of Earth’s atmosphere, seas and crust that are subject to the Super Moon tidal effect. The astro-locality map draws a longitudinal bead straight north-south through China, the Korean Peninsula, the southwest tip of Japan, Indonesia and east-central Australia. There’s also a vulnerable horizon arc that sweeps north easterly through the Pacific Ocean to cross over the US Pacific Northwest, and from the southwest coast of Canada crossing north Central Greenland before dropping down through Northern Europe.
Amplifying the intensity, Pluto is stationing to turn retrograde on April 27/28th ……expect yet more disclosure………ctd/
This week’s amazing Mercury story by Mary Kern
Mercury’s current 122-day synodic cycle in the Aquarian overtone began February 20th. Mercury, in Shamanic Astrology, represents cognition, perception and communication. In the Aquarian overtone our “collective mind” is undergoing a time of radically expanded consciousness, exploring new perspectives and possibilities, even shifting assemblage points to find revolutionary ideas to take us forward in dangerous and difficult times. Our old thinking that got us to this point will not suffice to deliver us from it.
How open to change are you and how ready are you to release the antiquated ideas that no longer support life on planet earth?
What is the cutting edge of innovation coming into consciousness from Great Mystery to revolutionize our thinking?
How will these innovative ideas radically change our behavior and relationship to our home planet and Great Mystery?
Mercury in Aquarius supports this awesome, critical and immediately needed transformation.
Mercury has been a busy planet this week meeting, collaborating and receiving information from a multitude of celestial bodies.
This past weekend Mercury squared the underworld Pluto (26 Aries/Capricorn) and conjuncted the Sun (29 Aries) deepening its underworld journey into the human psyche to allow our collective mind to see on the world stage how distorted and toxic humankind has become.
Mercury entered Taurus on Monday, shifting its energy from the fire element of Aries to the much denser earth element of Taurus. Our strength and stability comes from connecting to this anchoring energy deep inside our planet. Taurus, often considered the peak energy of spring, is receptive, sensing, loving, and beautifying.
Today, April 23, Mercury conjuncts Uranus (10 Taurus) at 11:42 pm PDT. Uranus is the energy of novelty, and revolution, resonant energy of the current Mercury overtone in Aquarius. The theme of Thursday’s Earth Day is restoration of planet earth, acknowledging climate change and humanity surviving rapidly shifting conditions. The earth has continued to support life while sustaining endless abuse to her sacred body.
A moment of truth arrives Sunday, April 25, as Mercury squares Saturn in Aquarius (13 Taurus/Aquarius) bringing the awareness of boundaries and limitations needed to spark a collective realization that we now sit on this tipping point owing retribution to our Great Mother—just as Mercury conjuncts and sanctifies Venus, the planet stand-in for the creatrix mother, herself.
Mercury conjunct Venus in Taurus. Mercury and Venus in Taurus square Saturn in Aquarius – The God of Communication and Learning and the Goddess of Love and Harmony activate the ongoing Saturn-Uranus square as both are still sat close by to Uranus. We may feel jumpy, anxious, worried, despondent, concerned, unhappy. All we want is peace and love, a better conversation, an agreement, people to speak kindly to and of one another but it seems barriers are up, technology is glitchy and nerves are tense.
Mercury and Venus meet on the Sabian symbol ‘On The Beach, Children Play While Shellfish Grope At The Edge Of The Water’. Live and let live might be the motto for the day. Focus on creating small moments of happiness. Don’t allow yourself to get sucked into negativity. Know that the tide will change. Soften your heart whilst maintaining good boundaries. If you feel low, ask for support or a different perspective. Keep working towards a better future. Repeat ‘I am worthy’.
Degrees and Times
Venus 12°Ta52′, Saturn 12°Aq52′ – 05:21 (BST)
Mercury 12°Ta53′, Saturn 12°Aq53′ D – 12:58 (BST)
Mercury, Venus 13°Ta47′ – 23:19 (BST)
Painting – Young Lady on the Beach by Willard Metcalf
Kin 132 ~ Yellow Lunar Human
‘Lunar’ is the name for the number two and its key words are ‘Challenge, Polarize and Stabilize.’ The 2nd day of a wavepell is about identifying what obstacles need removing in order to make progress. Never easy these days but we can’t avoid our problems indefinitely, sometimes we need a review of the situation.
Today is Yellow Human which represents ‘Free Will, Influence and Wisdom.’ No doubt the human being has had a huge ‘influence’ on all life on earth. The wisdom we’ve acquired has enabled us to become more than just a monkey. As humans, we have ‘free will’ to do with this what we choose. Today use your wisdom to solve your problems. We are in the Monkey wavespell and it’s a challenge to be human!
The Guide today is Yellow Seed which represents ‘Sowing Awareness’. The Yellow Seed is all about sharing knowledge and so this suggests today we are motivated to share the wisdom we have with one another. Help your friends and loved ones out today and problems will be easier to solve.
The Challenge today is the White Wind, the communicator. Expect crossed lines and misinformation today and don’t believe everything you hear. If you have something to say, save it for another day.
The Occult power is the Red Moon, the lovely, relaxing ‘go with the flow’ energy. When in this magical position the moon shows us that magic can flow our way when we surrender and trust in the universe.
The Ally today is the Blue Hand which symbolizes healing. If you need help with this challenging day a Blue Hand can be very handy to have around.
Tip of Day: On Yellow Human days we can feel insular due to White Wind (the communicator) being in the challenge position. If you don’t feel like talking today this is why. If you are a Yellow Human, you are always dealing with this issue…and if you know a Yellow Human, you probably are already aware that it’s hard to protract information from them! How do we resolve this? The strength of a Yellow Human is the Red Moon which is about ‘Going with the flow’. If Yellow Humans are given the space that they need and allowed to talk in their own sweet time, you are more likely to have that desired conversation. Thanks for reading!
2 EB – KIN 132
25 APRIL 2021
Stabilizing WISDOM
I seal the process of Free Will
With the Lunar tone of CHALLENGE
I AM guided by the power of FLOWERING
25/4/2021 = 7/4/5=7/9=16=7
25- Spiritual wisdom/learning from the past
4- Form/Structure/Foundation/Angelic/Earth
5- Freedom/Change/Transformation/Liberation
9- Endings/Destiny/Mission/Humanity/Grace
7- Majik/Mystic/Spirituality/Initiation
KIN 132 = 6 – Heaven/Christ Consciousness/Harmony/Love/Romance
Another MAJIKALLY DIVINE day – unlocking our SOURCE FREQUENCIES FLOWING through HUNAB KU. 9 months ago KIN 132 occurred on the 8/8 LION’S GATE PORTAL 🦁☀🦁 which gives us access to that portal in the space/time continuum… a higher revolution as we flow with the higher GOD frequencies.
✨✨The number 8 represents the infinite FLOW of energy from SOURCE – through the inbreath and outbreath of SOURCE/CREATOR.. The 8 is opening the gates to DIVINE FLOW and ABUNDANCE as we reconnect to this endless infinite energy… this 8/8 Sirian Gateway is following the Hunab Ku – Galactic Centre🔘 alignment so we have a plethora of high frequencies encoding our cells in our RE-GENESIS.🎆 GENE-ISIS – as we reactivate our GODDESS cells.
We have the DIVINE presence of Father God/White Wind as today’s GIFT and Mother Goddess/Red Moon as the SUPER POWER – bringing forth BOTH masculine and feminine aspects of OUR SOURCE code to unlock these GIFTS through these GATEWAYS…the CROWNING GLORY 👑.
Day 2 in the BLUE MONKEY WAVESPELL of MAJIK,💫 Joy,☀ Bliss,🐬 Play,🎡 Merriment🎠 and a return to Innocence. 🙇In this cycle we need to be mindful, to fully focus on BLISS and avoid the delusion and trickery… Befriend your Monkey🐒mate with offerings of Mango🍋 and bananas🍌…(and eat more yourself to align with his vibration) invite him out to PLAY with you and show you GRAND MAJIKAL ADVENTURES during this cycle – plan some “play dates” in your diary….avoid the dross and FLY HIGH into the sky on your majik carpet. Things always look better from this grand perspective…. divine alchemy⚛ and MIRACLES await! 💫
Today we are choosing to use our FREE WILL will to seed our MAJIKal creations. Seeding Divine New Realities on the physical plane! ✨🌏🌈.
LUNAR-🌓 Tone 2 in the PHYSICAL realm. The LUNAR tone represents the sacred twins, cooperation, relationship, polarity of male and female and duality. It’s ACTION – polarizes, POWER – challenges, ESSENCE – stabilizing. Yesterday we MAGNETIZED and attracted spiritual energy and today we anchor that energy in our PHYSICAL bodies.
The LUNAR tone may also reveal challenges, duality opposition, through friction and possible conflict in order to recognize and release anything stopping us from seeding a new and higher reality. The essence of this tone is to align with NEUTRALITY – the ZERO POINT – accessed through HUNAB KU and DIVINE WILL..
So precious souls enjoy this 2nd Monkey day of grounding and anchoring the Divine majik of our natural world, communing with all her kingdoms, in order to stabilize Heaven on Earth.💒..
The kingdom 👑of God/Goddess is calling us now …….can you hear it? 👂👂👂
Today’s question is “How can I best apply ancient wisdom in alignment with Divine Will, to SEED the Divine Plan on Planet Earth?”
🐬🌈 ❤🐬🌈❤🐬🌈❤🐬🌈❤
Divine blessings for a beautiful alignment with SPIRIT today! ZERO POINT = POWER!
Namaste’ 🙏❤🙏❤🙏
In Lak’ech a la kin
Christina White Magnetic Worldbridger – KIN 66 🌏🌈
CONSCIOUS SELF: YELLOW HUMAN👴 – EB relates to wisdom, intelligence, free will and Abundance. We are half way through the Tzolkin calendar and thus we have acquired Higher Wisdom, the wisdom of the ancients, and the wisdom gleaned through experience living in a physical body on this physical planet. Our struggles and pain through our Spiritual initiations on this Earth plane have forged much stronger and resilient souls who can access much higher wisdom now. This beautifully aligns with the #25 code for today – which brings forth more Spiritual wisdom gleaned through past experiences. Humanity is becoming much WISER by the day.
The LUNAR HUMAN is ultimately seeking to UNIFY opposing factions through the power of his experience and WISDOM. In order to achieve stabilization – firstly the polarized opposites are revealed – and then elevated to a unified cohesive field.
When we choose to align our free will with that of the DIVINE we elevate ourselves to a higher consciousness and a higher Mission. From this vantage point we become a LEADER and begin to influence greater numbers of people with our WISDOM and intelligence. Yeshua/Jesus thus attracted his disciples and a huge following eager to hear his teachings and the WORD of GOD..
At this time on our Planet we are witnessing great polarization and factions in this great Plandemic and battle between the forces of DARK and LIGHT! Our world has become polarized within two factions – those who have had the jab, and those who have not! Sadly this is the negative AGENDA to DIVIDE and CONQUER through keeping us SEPARATED. This BLUE LUNAR STORM Year will continue to highlight this conflict until we can stabilize and UNIFY these energies. Taking the higher DIVINE PERSPECTIVE we can honour all choices and decide to LOVE and ACCEPT all souls as our family regardless of which choice they make! UNITY and reconciliation is the path to HARMONY.
Those who have the WISDOM and INTELLIGENCE to rise above the Storm, can now take charge, and LEAD the masses through the chaos into greater harmony. SOVEREIGNTY 👑will be granted for those that are humble and wise!
Today we are focused on how we can utilize this greater WISDOM, and use it to INFLUENCE and unite others to cocreate a higher Divine reality. We can use spells💫 and Earth majik,⚛ utilizing power talismans and crystals💎 to hold our focused intent in attracting more Abundance in order to improve our lives. Grounding this ancient majikal lore, to create better outcomes for humanity and our planet. We can recognize that our FREE WILL can assist us in becoming wiser elders that can influence future generations. Aligning our personal will with that of Divine Will will unlock the majik and codes of Creation. ⚛Through today’s codex we have a brilliant opportunity to elevate our consciousness and align with the GIFT of Divine Will.
HIGHER SELF/GUIDE: YELLOW LUNAR SEED –🌱🌻 KAN is the seed that holds all the ingredients to allow us to GROW into our highest potential..The two YELLOW kin today create a very masculine YANG energy which denotes ACTION 💨, and outward projection 🎆 we can use this POWER of creation through alignment of our will and focused intent, using the physical resources available to us in order to FLOWER 🌸 and achieve better outcomes, realizing our full potential. .
We can also use the powerful MAJIK💫 that the BLUE MONKEY🐒 brings, to talk to the plants, the trees, the flowers, the elements. Trusting that we can gather the ancient wisdom from these living libraries that hold the Akashic memory of our planet. Unlocking these codes to receive their highest potential wisdom. Just as the Australian indigenous people would ask the scar trees to reveal the songs that they needed to learn and sing, through travelling on the song lines that wove together, all the ancient wisdom of our sacred land. We need to unlock the capsule that has been waiting since ancient times that hold the codes to seed the New Time. Everything we need to seed our New Reality already exists within our-cell-ves, our bodies and the body of our Earth Mother. Tune in and choose to apply this natural wisdom today.
HAND🖐 – MANIK assists us in gaining the knowledge needed to heal our bodies through the plant medicines: utilizing herbs, flowers, essential oils, fruits, vegetables and whatever exists in the Garden of Eden gifted to us by our Creator. We can choose to return to this Garden that contains everything we need to anchor wholeness in our bodies, our lives and our planetary body.
We CAN heal all that has resulted from unwise choices, with that knowing, making new choices based on healing our whole planet! As we heal Gaia, we too shall heal. MANIK brings forth the power of accomplishment today, so we can attend to our bucket list of desires, or our daily chores! The choice is ours, we have the free will to focus on the mundane, or look further afield to accomplish our higher desires and Divine Mission.
OCCULT/HIDDEN POWER: RED CRYSTAL MOON 🌔– MULUC the GODDESS is today’s SUPERPOWER. The CRYSTAL GODDESS reveals that the way to transcend duality and conflict is through the power of unity and cooperation. By using LOVE, nurturance, compassion, forgiveness and acceptance of all that appears, in order to return to a place of love and greater connection. The CRYSTAL tone seeks alignment rather than opposition or resistance.. so find the common ground in order to resolve and stabilize disharmony.
The GODDESS requires us to RESPECT the natural world by allowing ourselves to FLOW with the changes, accepting and honouring them as the wisdom from Great spirit. GODDESS asks us to become much softer, and flowing today. Allow your intuition and feelings to guide your choices through smarter options. Open, LISTEN and become more receptive to the MAJIKAL FLOW that connects us all, co-operating responsively with others by going with the flow. Becoming sensitive to the collective needs of our whole Planet bringing us back to Common-unity.
CHALLENGE/GIFT: WHITE LUNAR WIND 🌬– IK challenges us today to balance our FREE WILL with the Will of SPIRIT. Becoming a hollow pure vessel receiving the whisperings of the great white wind to guide our path. We thus become co creators, acting in unison with the will of Spirit in order to effect greater influence and become the wayshowers and leaders of our new communities. Drawing together to manifest Divine Will for the betterment of ALL as ONE.

Pleiades 1 Messages April 25 2021

P1 calling Terrans for origins recognition! Attention for calls in PVSE / SdE !!

Conducts violators continue to be exposed.

Archetypal forces expand.

Oportunismos – continue to be discontinued.

*Árguan is still present. Dissolutions in progress.

Specific projections continue as new ones are established.

*MiD are still being notified.

Funneling continues to accelerate.

Inner environments continue their preparations.

Unconscious releases initiated: 1/3 SPECIFIC LAYER >>>> 89% (non-regressive).

New rhythms rise.

Friendly temperaments spread in kingdom.

*Etheric Tower 1: Multiplanes synchronization in completion: 92% (non-regressive).

PVSE: Eleven +++++ Quantum recreation initiated. Deep alignment authorized: 91% (non-regressive).

*444-Local in definite drop: +++ infiltrations initiated = 81% (non-regressive).

Temporarily, end of transmission.



Image by Alex Grey
I Call Upon you Divine Mother God to Show up and Ignite Hearts and Minds of Man…
For you are the Androgyne that gives birth to all Polarity…
Light Shadow ~ Male Female
You are Fierce Love and Protection, Powerful Wisdom and Grace…
Help us Remember where we truly came from and let us not bite the hands that feed us…
Let us reawaken through your Divine Wisdom and Grace
Help us see the full Glory of Creation through beloved Mother…
For it is you who Gave birth to Creation, through your Cosmic Womb….
I am in Sublime Devotion to your Love ❤
Today and in All ways
Lord Ganesha , Ganesh Festival

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  1. Namaste! In ancient Egypt, the geometrical shape we call “Star of David” was called “KEM SEB” which translates as “Potent Star”. It was known to be a powerful LIGHT formation from the ethereal realms. It is amazing that this formation is again being discussed in this “Now”. This is wonderful! There is a great elevation of collective consciousness growing.

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