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Right now: Moon at 21°14′ Taurus, Sun at 0°29′ Pisces

sabian symbols

Current Sabian Symbols

Current Sabian Symbol for the Moon

White dove flying over troubled waters.
Sabian Symbol for 22º Taurus

The current Sabian Symbol of the Moon is the symbol that characterizes the ongoing lunar influence, the emotional background, or it’s just a symbol which characterizes this moment, while the Moon’s position (rounded to the next degree) is 22º Taurus.


Current Sabian Symbol for the Sun

A crowded public market place.
Sabian Symbol for 1º Pisces

The current Sabian Symbol of the Sun is the symbol that characterizes the ongoing solar influence, the vital energy and the personality, or it’s just a symbol which characterizes this day, while the Sun’s position (rounded to the next degree) is 1º Pisces.


source: www.astrologyweekly.com

Schumann Resonance is Whiting Out as the incoming energies hit.
Sound of Space is ringing through our ears as these energies roll through.
Nausea is back, along with cramping in the root chakra area.
Diarrhea, and body shakes are also a part of these.
These are BIG energies with big upgrades. 💫
You may not be sleeping tonight but new knowings, understandings and intuitive powers will be in your field three days after you transmute these energies. 🗝
Listen to your inner knowings, Hydrate and allow them to flow through you.
I AM presence on HIGH.

Christina Papageorgiou

18 FEBRUARY – 2 MARCH 2021
KINS 66 – 78
DEATH of the OLD WORLD!!!🚪🚪
TODAY we are kicking off a brand new 13 day wavespell🎆 and FINALLY bringing closure to this old chaotic cycle of separation, lockdowns, and challenge, merging back into ONENESS through UNITY CONSCIOUSNESS!
CIMI assists us in attracting a deep SURRENDERING from one world into another, completely LETTING GO of all attachments to any identification to anything. Thus allowing us to EXPAND into a whole new world and New Time.
CIMI seals the store of DEATH on our old world as we knew it! This allows our Collective family to UNITE as we radically SURRENDER and release this discordant and chaotic Artificial Time Matrix.. This is a much needed GIFT from Spirit at this juncture in our Planetary evolution to have the energies of CIMI supporting this separation and REUNION into the new era.
WHITE WORLDBRIDGER seals the store of DEATH through endings and closure of the old cycles and ways of being in order to BUILD A BRIDGE to the NEW. 🌈🌉🌍
THEMES for this WAVESPELL: Death/Rebirth, endings, change, transformation, surrender, release, multi-dimensional consciousness, revelation, transmutation, forgiveness, humility, equality, communication, networking, forming new alliances, cocreating and building bridges.
WORLDBRIDGER is here to LIBERATE us💥 and assist us in BRIDGING worlds, making the leap from one old world to a new better world. But the only way forward is through SURRENDER. It is time to fully SURRENDER, ALL that does not serve you and has held you in density. In SURRENDERING we are asked to RELEASE and LET GO. Often this means accepting what is and what has passed, and being in a state of FORGIVENESS, and HUMILITY. CIMI (kee mee) asks you to LET GO of the need to be in control and FREE yourself from this desire.
Through SURRENDER we can then begin to flow, releasing you from bondage and preconceived actions. Letting everything just “BE” as it is, allowing and accepting the natural cycles and order of life as an observer going with the flow and rhythm of life.
WORLDBRIDGER’S often have a hard time “letting go” as their natural tendency is to keep building bridges🌈 and new connections, never wanting to burn or collapse the old bridge.🌉 However in times of peril it is essential that the old bridge🌉 is burned,🔥 so that your enemies cannot follow you, and you do not have the temptation to turn back and revisit the past.
CIMI’S life lesson is to accept the cycles🌀 of LIFE and know that everything has its season… people come into your life for a reason, a season or for a lifetime – but whatever time period it is, we need to accept the cycle and move on with no regrets or remorse, fully focused on the present with our EYES on the future path.
✨✨✨Remember dear RAINBOW WARRIORS – ENDINGS ARE HARD, but everything is CYCLICAL. 🌀 A culmination always occurs on the edge of a new beginning. As one door closes, another OPENS, so look for the NEW DOORS that are OPENING now.
✨✨✨“Today is a good day to die!”** 🍁🍁🍁
Your old LIFE filled with pain and suffering must be extinguished! You are requested to die a symbolic death over this 13 day cycle. Release the OLD in order to create a vacuum for the NEW to enter!
The Art of Surrendering your limiting beliefs, patterns, toxic relationships, old ways of thinking and being, and even your whole world as you knew it! In such death, ego structures fall away to reveal the pure GOLD of your true self. Look for new ways of being, new people, new ideas, and new directions that will move into the vacuum created through surrender and release. Surrender enlivens and empowers you to experience more of life’s fullness and joy. Forgive yourself. Forgive others. Let go. Surrender whatever limits you. Declutter your home, your body, your cellular memory and your MIND. Face whatever you are resisting.
In the experience of any loss, it is never too late to complete. Through your willingness to walk in the dark forest*, insights and revelations will naturally emerge.
* NOTE: The symbolic color of the WORLDBRIDGER tribe is forest green, so frequent walks in the woods or being near trees will serve you well in this cycle. 🌲🌳🌲🌳🌲🌳
** Many souls choose to depart this world during this wavespell as their transition is much easier. The bridge to the other realms is easily found! 🌈🌉🕊
CIMI also provides the opportunity to build and strengthen your personal rainbow bridge🌈🚶 – ANTAKARANA 🙇 during this cycle. The Antakarana is your connection to your soul, 🙇oversoul and Monadic Soul. As you strengthen and fortify your connection to your greatest soul aspects you weave the rainbow loom making it easier for your fellow kin, following this Ascension pathway. Uniting with your group and monadic soul family is also highlighted. 👫👬👭👫👬👭
CIMI carries the gift of wisdom and knowledge being able to travel multidimensionally to any realm gathering required information – data, codes, sound and light frequencies and imparting them to those who can benefit from these gifts – thus WORLDBRIDGER is a great Teacher and scholar. 🎓
✨This is a great time for learning📚 and expanding your knowledge 📖base, your gifts and your skills so EXPLORE the information SUPERHIGHWAY and AKASHIC library to boost your knowledge base.
CIMI will attract new knowledge, skills, people, resources and valued connections throughout this 13 day cycle so make use of these gifts. We will be jet propelled along on our Divine Mission through Service to others in our soul’s purpose, finally feeling a sense of fulfillment through this forward momentum..
As Worldbridger (like the Raven/Crow) is the harbinger of DEATH we will be witnessing the rapid decay, crumbling and dismantling of the old Artificial Matrix control systems – financial, banking, political, economic and legal….particularly an END to the LOCKDOWNS, hoax plandemic and false narrative.
Get ready for BIG endings.💥..in time for the next Wavespell – the BLUE STORM🌀🌩🌪which MAGNIFIES the energies of the current Dreamspell Year of the BLUE LUNAR STORM 🌩🌪🌀🌩🌪🌀
So we are in the midst of very tumultuous and transformational times indeed. As the old world decays, seek to UNIFY and cocreate with your KIN.. . Witness the crumbling of the old world in a detached manner – from the safety of your bridge, but ENERGIZE the vision of the New world coming and materializing within our current reality…an overlap of worlds is happening now..🌍🌎 Start CREATING the NEW! 🌈🌸🎨🖼
These are the lessons of CIMI (Kee-mee) the WHITE WORLDBRIDGER that offer tremendous rewards at the other end of the RAINBOW BRIDGE, for those prepared to shed their old skins and renounce their old reality.. Once across the bridge🌈🌉 you are FREE to rejoice and connect with your kin, forming new tribes, alliances, co-operatives and wonderful new communities. The rewards are indeed great for those brave souls willing to be reborn anew.
Let us all MAGNETICALLY UNITE together as ONE beautiful RAINBOW 🌈nation and welcome the birth of beautiful and wise NOVA GAIA. 🌈🌎💞
✨✨✨SEE you on the OTHER SIDE! 🌉🌴🐬🌼🌈
Namaste’ Planetary kin 🙏❤🙏❤
In Lak’ech a la kin
Christina – White Magnetic Worldbridger – KIN 66 🌈🌉🌏
21:09 – 99, SEAL THE FRONT LINE.
They came here long ago, and arrived again in to the modern world of the industrial age,
They lived through the atomic age and the information age,
Now in this Age of Lemuria Five, they awaken to the great Seal of the Living Light,
For these Light Beings of the 70 plus age group, they have found a renewed sense of excitement and joy,
They have shared with me that they are ready for the next 44years to witness this new earth,
They who were on the frontlines of the old earth, who helped pull us through into the Age of Lemuria Five,
and they remember when they first came to earth 600million years ago, to the Lemuria One, they know who they are,
I am honoured to help re engage their light essence, to realign them to their bearth rights and inheritance, to their
HUNA- Light in Action.
So i welcome them home to earth
TARA – Earth #1 – Age of Lemuria One.
MAIA – Earth #2 – Age of Lemuria Two
SOPHIA – Earth #3 – Age of Lemuria Three
GAIA – Earth #4 – Age of Lemuria Four
HUNA – Earth #5 – Age of Lemuria Five,
PLANET HUNA- Planet of Light in Action.
Grateful for those who have received their
Lemurian Calendar, you who are also on the frontline from the Age of Lemuria Five.
Marty Snitkin


So many upgrades to the flesh and energy body are happening. 3rd party interference Holy Grail Unions have exploded 💥. Just like that, Creator is quickly removing temptation from the flesh, mind, body, heart and Spirit. Purification by smoke is removing the debris from the flesh, land, and bloodline of the Holy Grail.

This is forcing change, putting a final end to what was, including relationship cycles with the devil. This will complete through the upcoming Virgo Full Moon. We are all releasing the past for final closure. The past will no longer exist soon. The Land is ready Beloveds.

The Sisterhood of the Rose are being taken away from relationship drama, into our new roles as leaders and Wayshowers of New Earth. This is God’s Kingdom. He has commanded the Bride’s of Christ are restored and remunerated back onto their thrones now. This means purging and detoxing of anything that is not pure and Holy must complete, for you to rise to your position.

We are receiving our co-created manifestations of ascended Holy Grail Unions. The Aries New Moon brings a very new beginning of King / Queen Counterparts, ready to offer their chalice of love, free of 3rd party karmic interference. Pure and Holy, these are mature evolved Unions, that are masters in love, emotions, and logic. The Divine Feminine Christ are being offered this new opportunity of the Rod and Staff, for Divine Holy Grail Union… say YES!

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source: https://www.youtube.com/c/CarolynKundaliniTwinFlames/community

Lynne Rondell

February 15, 2021


Hello beloveds, it is i Lord Ashtar coming through this channeler with a message for all of you today along with the entire Angelic High Kingdom as well.
We’re going to talk to you today about the road that you are on, we’re going to talk to you today about what we see that is very exciting coming up for you in the future and we’re going to talk about the energy that is coming to the planet now to assist you.
So first we’re going to talk about the road that you’re on. You are on a road that has been a slippery slope, we’re going to say. You are going through a lot of bumps in the road as you clear your chakras, as you purge what isn’t needed anymore.
It’s very been a very emotional past, probably this last six months to a year but this road that you’ve been on is coming to an end, this road that you have been pushing yourself forward on is going to shift.
A huge shift is coming up very soon for all of you, a lot of you that are lightworkers, a lot of you that are the starseeds, a lot of you that are the wayshowers and the ones who are really lifting the collective up in light.
You are seeing a shift in humanity, you are seeing a lot of people pull back, not be so angry about speaking their peace and forcing it on everyone else, you are seeing people are taking more of a quiet position now, going a bit more within, that is because a lot of you that are come down to hold the light.
You have been able to hold enough light as the light workers, starseeds, wayshowers you have been able to hold enough light that then in turn holds the space for these people the collective of humanity to shift.
So the collective is shifting, the collective is going through a lot of purging as well but the collective of humanity, from all the work that all of you have done, shining so much light, walking the walk with them, doing what is needed, knowing that it is best at times to go back into your heart, let that be out there and know that the journey  is within as well.
You have been holding the light, you’ve been carrying a torch we’re going to say for those to start to wake up and it may not look like it but they are.
You’ve been holding the light for them as well. It is working, they are shifting the vibrations up with the energies coming onto the planet. A lot of what we see is a collective that was so angry now settling back into more peace, is now not taking the media and the news so serious.
A lot of people are now realizing that a lot of what they’re hearing and seeing on the news is not the truth and they’re now looking for their truth.
They’re not believing everything they hear, they’re deciphering it. They’re having and using discernment, they’re seeing what resonates with them what they’re going to believe and what they’re not going to believe and on top of that they’re not being as judgmental about it as they were before .
So although a lot of you probably don’t see what we see in the high councils and the high collectives of light, from the higher realms. We see shifts, we see you shifting, we see enough of you that have come down to hold the light to send peace out, to be more in your hearts, to really heal and help humanity. It’s working, a lot of humanity is waking up, they’re shifting their consciousness to higher vibration, they’re shifting how they navigate and that is what is so important. they’re navigating differently they’re not letting the external lead them.
They’re stepping back a little bit and saying i’m not sure i believe that, i think this may be the way they’re taking more control of their lives so again you may not see it but this is huge.
So there has been two different ways, we’re going to say, huge timelines, walks, paths, and there’s been a dichotomy :
1. there’s been one path all of you that are awakened are on, all of you that are the healers and helping are on and holding the light
2. and there’s been the other path of those that are sleeping that are still unconscious to the fact that they have their own choices they can be making ; they’re still letting others make them for them
but you’re both moving forward on a road, two separate roads and we see coming up an intersection.
You’re going to intersect. They’re waking up , you’re holding the light, you’re shifting your vibration higher, they’re grasping that they have their own minds and they can make up their minds for themselves they’re actually waking up becoming more conscious and really thinking about what they want, the two paths are about to intersect and when they intersect you’re going to have a huge unification.
You’re going to have a unifying of the collective of light, you’re going to have a unifying of the entire, we’re going to say « ball »of humanity that is on this planet.
This is huge. You’re going to merge into one, you’re going to learn to operate more together and thinking what is best from the greatest good of all, not the greater good of one. This is still a way for this kind of thinking to really take hold on the planet but you’re going to start holding more compassion, you’re going to start holding less judgment.
The road over here is merging with  that road, this road all of you are holding so much light.  you’re shining your light on these people so that they can start to feel that they have their own rights and mind, that they have their own freedom, that they can take back the power that they’ve always had it but they’ve lost it out here somewhere.
So both these roads intersecting is huge. You’re going to be joined as one big body of light. There’s a lot of work to do after the joining but you’re going to become a more compassionate society, you’re going to become a society bathed in more light, operating from your heart more and learning to journey with others, learning to hold compassion for animals, plants, Mother Earth, sea creatures all that’s on the planet as well and holding that in your heart.
For if you value all that’s on the planet, all life on the planet, as you value your own, you will start to see you’re not only all one but you are then living in your heart ; you are just as compassionate towards the sea creatures, the animals, the plant kingdom, Mother Earth and caring about her, as you’re going to be caring about yourself and you’re also going to be caring about humanity as well, so these are huge steps.
I Lord Ashtar along with the entire Angelic High Kingdom are very excited to be bringing through this message through this channeler. Your two paths are intersecting, those that are waking up, those that are holding so much light. You’re doing your work starseeds, you’re doing your work lightworkers, you’re doing your work all those that are holding the light and living in their heart and holding space for those to wake up. It’s done in another now moment it’s done.
So i Lord Ashtar look forward to bringing through many more messages for all of you. I’m sending you such love, i’m sending you such light and blessings.
Humanity approaching in space-time to cross through the universal energy portal towards the next cosmic era, was like Humanity being a derailed train approaching at high speed towards a closed tunnel travelling on a damaged railway and all the carriages disconnected, heading in different directions, upside down inverted, crossed and not in sequential order.
The Human train had to be stopped, repaired, got on the rails in the right direction, connecting the carriages in sequential order, towards the open tunnel to the next era, with the locomotive engine powered by the natural fuel of the Souls and the universal Spirit of the machinists operators engineers of the Cosmos.

Soul Contract

by Judith Kusel

As this is a time of awakening for you, and many other souls your soul memory banks are busy triggering and this reading will trigger some more as keys and codes within you are awakened.

Before you were born, you sat with your higher guides and the intergalactic counsel and those that oversee the incarnations of souls onto this planet, and you drew up a soul contract.

Within this contract, there is a masterplan incorporated. For you came in to serve first and foremost, and you came in to work through certain negative karmic patterns you created with other souls during other lifetimes on planet earth.

However, some souls work cosmically together, and galactically, and they will often incarnate together, to do SPECIFIC work. In your case, this is true. The souls will then agree to meet at certain times during the lifetime, and there will be a sense of familiarity, indeed, recognition, when they meet.

They know each other via the EYES, which are the windows to the soul. Sometimes there will be a sense of déjà vu – we have been here before, or we were working on this before or we loved before, or we were together before.

That is natural. Such souls will meet – there is no way that they not meet. It is all ordained. Some call it destiny. Whatever, if they are meant to meet and work together, they will always be pulled back together, even if one is unawake and the other awake. They will normally trigger something in the other and help them to remember.

The planet earth in truth is an EXPERIMENT and the souls coming here asked that they will experience free will and choice.

In the beginning they remembered who and what they were, at soul level and why they came in, but when Atlantis willfully destroyed itself, and humankind fell into the Seas of Forgetfulness and the Veils of Amnesia came down, they forgot all of this. Even now many souls never wake up, even though repeated wake up calls will be sounded through such a lifetime.

When souls who are contracted to meet, meet, the free will choice, and the way they chose to live their lives, will determine the outcome.

Some will choose not to be together, some will choose to ignore this.

Sometimes they got themselves involved with other soul they were not contracted to meet and get into relationships because of the animal nature and not their higher mind and souls. This often leads to them getting married to souls who are not ordained to be with them.

Yet all serves in the end. If two souls are truly meant to be together, as said before, they will always be pulled back together.

Remember the soul is not attached to the physical form.

Souls can merge without needing the physical body. Indeed, the sexual energy is not attached to the physical form either. It is human beings who have forgotten this truth.

You can choose to be with someone. Or can choose not to.

The Divine Laws however are exact. You sow what you reap. Whatever you choose to do or not do, has repercussions. In comes the Law of Responsibility – taking responsibility for the choices you make, knowing that every choice has a ripple effect.

source: judithkusel.com

Sun in Pisces- Let Yourself Feel + Heal, Unconditional Love Around Your Trauma, Divine’s Call for Compassion + Empathy
On February 18th, the Sun, which represents: our ego, life force and vitality shifts from the airy sign of Aquarius over to the watery sign of Pisces. Pisces, the final zodiac sign, is all about: surrender, spiritual mastery, compassion, creativity and sensitivity.
The Sun’s entry into the deep and mysterious sign of Pisces is asking you to find a healing balm of unconditional love and acceptance. After an action packed Aquarius season, it is time to rest and rejuvenate your soul. While we still have a plethora of Aquarius energy in the astrological sky, we are being asked to now soften and to embrace our tender and fragile heart. Spirit asked me to write a haiku to describe the coming season’s energy…..I hope you enjoy it. Sending you so much love my Astromomma fam. Happy Birthday to all my dear Pisces folks!
Astromomma’s Haiku on Pisces Season
As we enter the last season of the zodiac, may you be gentle with yourself and each other.
May you temper your weary heart with a sweet embrace of understanding and grace.
Let your emotions rise to the surface to be cleansed and purified, you are a masterpiece that needs no correction.
Feel your depth and express it to the world. Find the sacred balance of your divine feminine and masculine natures.
Spirit hears your cries and worries; release their grip and wrap yourself up in a cloak of compassion and sympathy.
You are doing your best and this is a noble act of the heart. Learning to let go is difficult but it is not the end my child but meerly another beginning within.
As you enter this new season, it is time to wash away the sorrow and to embrace the unity of your heart, mind and spirit.
You are safe. You are protected. You are divine. I am here with you every step of the way. You are never alone.
© Astromomma, 2021
source: astromamma.com
Image: Sea Oracul by Incantata via DeviantArt
Sun enters Pisces – Although the Saturn-Uranus square continues to sing in the background, the Sun’s ingress into Pisces signals a subtle change of focus. It’s time to withdraw and retreat. Tune into your feelings and make note of your dreams. Spend time in prayer, contemplation, meditation. Open yourself up to the world of the unseen. See if you can sense the subtle energetic body. Practice self-healing. Draw oracle or tarot cards, runes or use other divination tools to connect. Take a long bath and reflect upon the fact you were once in the womb. Bless the water you drink.
Images from the collective unconscious may bubble up in your mind. Try your hand at painting or drawing or take photographs to document your experience. Feed your imagination with art, music, poetry. Find your inner peace. Show compassion. Remember you are part of the source; connected to the most distant galaxy, the deepest ocean creature, the wolf and the owl. Send up a prayer for the world. Let go and let God.
Degree and Time
Sun 00°Pi00′ – 10:43 (UT)
source: LeahWhiteHorse.com
Painting – ‘Water Lilies, The Clouds’ by Claude Monet
Kin 66 ~ White Magnetic Worldbridger
The number 1 is called ‘Magnetic’ and its key words are ‘Unify, Purpose and Attract’. The 1st day of a wavespell is about identifying the 13-day journey ahead and setting off on that journey with ‘purpose’. So, what is the purpose of this wavespell?
Today is White Worldbridger and so, the Worldbridger sets the tone for the 13 days. It’s key words are ‘Death, Opportunity and Equality’. In Shaman’s term the ‘death’ aspect of Worldbridger represents the need to allow something to die. Your old life, a bad habit, a unbalanced ego etc. Before setting off on this journey you must decide which bridge do you want to cross? Where do you want to go to? Be prepared to travel light as your baggage will weigh you down. Beware of the trolls under the bridge, they always require payment. This symbolizes sacrifices….what are you prepared to give up in order to be lighter? Remember the Worldbridger offers ‘opportunities’ so don’t miss out on your chance to take things to another level.
Today is Guided by Worldbridger as well and so a double helping of that energy today.
The Challenge of the day is Yellow Warrior so if you are a warrior, this whole 13-day episode may test your patience. Sometimes you must relinquish your will power and lay down your arms, Warrior. You can still cross bridges, contemplate what weighs you down.
The Occult power is the Blue Eagle who loves to soar high and see the bigger picture. This will be a great wavespell for Eagles, you can easily see the bridges that need crossing and you are already journeying. You provide magic today for everyone else so do fly down to us who are grounded and share a little of your magical visions.
The Ally is the Red Skywalker whose energy is very similar to Worldbridger and we just had the
Skywalker wavespell. These buddies are allies and if you need help crossing bridges, a Skywalker can show you how to do it.
1 CIMI – KIN 66
18 FEBRUARY 2021
I UNIFY in order to equalize
Attracting opportunity
I seal the store of death
With the Magnetic tone of purpose
I AM guided by the power of MY OWN POWER DOUBLED
18/2/2021 = 9/2/5 = 9/7 = 16=7
18- Social upheaval/unrest
9- Endings/Destiny/Mission/Divinity/Humanity
7- Mystic/Majik/Spiritual/Initiation/Test/Solitude
KIN 66 = Christ Consciousness = 12 = 3 = Holy Trinity
Very strong spiritual, HEAVEN and christ consciousness energies today with a MAGNETIC tone unifying us as ONE family.
The 18/9 code signifies ENDINGS/CLOSURE and DEATH of the old cycle/world/paradigm!! 💥🎆
TRIPLE WHITE WORLDBRIDGER🌍🌎🌏 energy TODAY kicking off a brand new 13 day wavespell and FINALLY bringing closure to this old chaotic cycle of separation, challenge and LOCKDOWNS, as we UNITE in joy, merging back into ONENESS!
The themes of CIMI are surrendering, letting go of the past and preparing for a full RESET ready to LAUNCH into the future with more plans, connections and social activity.. All this aligns with the URANUS /SATURN square which is bringing about the total DESTRUCTION of the old outmoded systems! Mercury is finally going DIRECT again on February 22nd, which aligns with the WORLDBRIDGER Wavespell accentuating communication, connections, technology, innovation and creativity.. So all the codes are aligning for the FINAL DEATH and NEW BEGINNINGS that the Worldbridger brings.
Day ONE in the WHITE WORLDBRIDGER WAVESPELL of surrender, letting go, forgiveness, networking and building bridges. Today is the day to contemplate our renewed PURPOSE for this 13 day cycle..
❓❓How can we Magnetically ATTRACT all that we require to UNIFY with our KIN through EQUALITY, sharing our wisdom to build the bridge to our new world?🌈🌉🌎
MAGNETIC 🅾 is tone number 1 in the SPIRITUAL realm as we initiate a new wavespell cycle. Power: Attracts Action: Unifies Essence: Purpose. Day one of a new wavespell always starts with the Magnetic tone of purpose. In the beginning was the ONE!. From out of nothing, here ONE comes. Spinning happily – magnetising all that it requires for more excellent adventuring. Once strong in purpose, all will effortlessly come together.
The Magnetic tone is all about ATTRACTION. Attracting everything that you require to fulfill your purpose and your goals. People, resources, relationships, money, support and all that you can imagine. The attraction seeks to unify all as one! Thus MAGNETIC kin have a very strong connection to SOURCE, and a gravitational pull to return there and bring all their buddies with them. The power of ONE is very strong today as it unites us all as ONE HU-MAN-ITY!
CONSCIOUS SELF & HIGHER SELF/GUIDE: WHITE WORLDBRIDGER 🌈🌉🌉 CIMI assists us in attracting a deep surrendering from one world into another, completely LETTING GO of all attachments to any identification to anything. Thus allowing us to EXPAND into a whole new world and New Time. CIMI seals the store of DEATH on our old world as we knew it! This is very appropriate in this strong AQUARIAN energy and new lunar year of the OX. These revolutionary energies allow our Collective family to UNITE as we radically SURRENDER and release this discordant and chaotic Artificial Time Matrix.. This is a much needed GIFT from Spirit at this juncture in our Planetary evolution to have the energies of CIMI supporting this separation and REUNION into the new era.
After we have finally released the old way of being and put it to rest, then we can set about our new task. CIMI will help you to access the wisdom from the great AKASHIC library, everything you need to know can be accessed in all realms and dimensions. All the wonderful new building blocks that are needed to establish our new way of living, being and communing with our kin. You can then SHARE this wisdom with others to educate, inform and empower others to come together, unified in equality as Sovereign Global Hu-mans in our joyous new rainbow common-unities.🌈👫👬👭🌈
SUPPORT: RED SKYWALKER ☁ 🚶 BEN has just completed his 13 day wavespell as our leading guide, and yet here he is BACK again today lending support to his best friend CIMI. 👬Much like the faithful and loyal Samwise Gamgee in Lord of The Rings. He stayed by the side of Frodo on his QUEST to Mt Doom in Mordor to cast the ONE RING of POWER into the depths of the volcanic fire. 🔥🌋 BEN is back again as the BRAVE adventurer , ready to assist in the FINAL CLOSURE of this OLD CYCLE.
THE END OF EVIL on this planet. 💥🎆✨🎉🎊🎈🎉🎊🎈🎆
BEN’S mission as the Angelic Messenger is to anchor the Divine Plan here on Earth – the desire of our Creator to recreate HEAVEN ON EARTH.💒.. In order for this Mission to be accomplished BEN must first guide us to New Realms so that we can discover new possibilities and new ways of seeing, doing and living. With this broader perspective we can then anchor the new foundation we require for creating our new found BLISS ON EARTH! ❤🌏💞
BEN and CIMI👬 will work together crossing through doorways to other realms and dimensions. BEN the SKYWALKER adds the element of multi-dimensionality, astral travel and exploration to CIMI’s profile. These buddies can help you build your rainbow bridge🌈 and connections through networking and joining together in cooperative projects forming new alliances. 🌐 Through UNITING together with our buddies we have greater forward momentum to rocket fuel our Divine Mission and establish PEACE ON EARTH. 🕊🌎.
OCCULT/HIDDEN POWER: BLUE COSMIC EAGLE 🍥👁🔮 MEN the all seeing EYE brings forth the power of VISION. 👁👁 All that was hidden can now be fully SEEN, coming into full CLEAR view. KIN 66 possesses the SUPERPOWER of COSMIC VISION 🍥👁 meaning this Worldbridger is indeed a pioneer, prophet and futurist, having the ability to SEE very far and wide throughout the TIME/SPACE continuum accessed through his multi-dimensional aspects. Using his LOOKING GLASS🔎 to SEE the highest future timeline for our collective family and our Planet, the COSMIC EAGLE is able to activate this future VISION of creating BLISS ON EARTH, and anchoring it into the Planetary MIND in the PRESENT TIME… the POWER of bending REALITY!
The PLANETARY MIND has just been recalibrated and is now operating through the programming of the DIVINE LOVE💕 QUANTUM 💻SUPERCOMPUTER which is transmitting the DIVINE PLAN for our Planet through every human MIND. The COSMIC EAGLE is transmitting these new codes through the SUPERPOWER today! It is TIME to fully instigate the DIVINE PLAN for humanity.
As we begin to SEE the motivations stored in the collective unconscious we are able to transform these into serving a much greater VISION of change for all. BLUE EAGLE gives you clarity and easy access to wisdom needed to form these new tribes, unions and alliances. You have the SUPERPOWER of prophecy and foresight today, being able to gaze into the future timelines and anchor those that suit your Divine purpose of creating unity and equality through ONENESS in this Utopian world we are cocreating.
CHALLENGE/GIFT: YELLOW MAGNETIC WARRIOR 🌈🏹 CIB gives you the capacity to QUESTION the old paradigm and old rules, using your intelligence to discern what is true Divine Wisdom. This reveals the path to take leading to the highest good.
The MAGNETIC WARRIOR is seeking to attract people to UNIFY for this common cause and treats everyone as EQUALS, defending the vulnerable members of the tribe. Often the STRONG commitment to his QUEST may cause divisiveness among people due to the WARRIORS resolve to bring forth this greater VISION. Sometimes this necessitates walking away and releasing those souls who are not aligned with his grand Mission.
YELLOW WARRIOR challenges you to fearlessly SURRENDER the battles and the old paradigm. RELEASE and LET GO of your heavy burdens, anyone and anything that is not in alignment with your soul’s journey. Remember, Divine Rainbow Warriors, endings are hard, but everything is cyclical: ✨A culmination always occurs on the edge of a new beginning.✨
CIB will provide the gift of your new RAINBOW LIGHT BODY instead of that heavy armour that has been weighing you down. It is time to FLY HIGH, so RELEASE all your worries and arise again REBORN and fearlessly moving forward in your new Divine Mission.
TRUST in the guidance of our dedicated team -CIMI,🌉 BEN,🚶 MEN 👁and CIB🏹 – all strong VISIONARY LEADERS to show us the path over the RAINBOW BRIDGE🌈🌉 to our wondrous New World. 🌈🌎💕🕊🌈
Today’s question is “Am I willing to totally SURRENDER and release the old world and old ways, in order to attract the new.
❓❓Am I READY to build the new communities based on UNITY and EQUALITY?”
Divine blessings for the CLOSURE of the old cycle, and your REBIRTH, over the RAINBOW BRIDGE to a beautiful NEW WORLD of fabulous opportunities!
Namaste’ 🙏❤🙏❤
In Lak’ech a la kin
Christina – White Magnetic Worldbridger – KIN 66 🌈🌉🌏
PICTURE CREDIT: Rainbow Fountain Banpo Bridge Seoul South Korea DIVINE GRATITUDE to Unknown Artist 🙏❤🙏❤
We Call Forth Our Beloved ‘I AM’ Presence, We Call Forth Father Mother Source and the Violet Transmuting Flame through St. Germain, Lady Kuan Shi Yin, Master Omri-Tas and Lord Oromasis.
We call Forth Alpha and Omega, Our Godparents Helios and Vesta, Beloved Saint Germain, Christ Jesus, Lord Melchizedek, Lord Michael, Lord Metatron, Gautama Buddha, Djwhal Khul, Lord Maitreya, Sanat Kumara, Lord Hilarion, El Morya, Lord Serapis Bey, Elohim Cyclopea and K-17.
We Call Forth All Divine Goddesses of All Faiths, The Seven Mighty Elohim and 5 Secret Elohim, The Seven Archangels and 5 Secret Archangels, The Cherubim and Seraphim, ALL Angelic Hosts, The Elemental Directors, Great Powers of the Mountains of the World, Dragon Kingdoms, the Company of Heaven from All Seven Spheres, the Galactics and Inter-Galactics from All Dimensions.
We Call Forth Pallas Athena as We Claim our Birthright to Anchor the 12th Ray as One Unity Consciousness through the Human Representative Groups in this Invocation.
We ask that you ALL Join Us in ‘Love in Action’ for the Human Eternal Unification in Oneness, Honoring Divine Service to All Life Here on Planet Earth. We ask for your Divine Service and Maximum Power of the Light of a Thousand Suns. We call the Mighty Blue Lightning Sword of Beloved Astrea, plung into All discordant human vortices to sweep these lands, exploding, cutting free, removing all outer human discord, clear the way for the Highest Outcome Possible to Serve the People of America and the Nation. In the Name of the Mighty I AM Presence of the American people, for the sanity of mankind, take out of humanity’s, every fragment of the human, cause, effect, record, habit, and everything of the human; blast the last fragment until it can never act again; so each one can serve to the maximum of their own Mighty I AM Presence, what can and need to be done for America and the World and ten times more than We hope to do!
Beloved I AM, Charge the mental and emotional world of humanity with Your Eternal, Active Presence of Divine Cosmic Christ Love, manifest it everywhere in the Hearts and Minds of mankind. In the Name, in the Power, in the Love of that Eternal Light and Perfection of the Universe – With All of the Love of my I AM Being, send Forth Your Consuming, Purifying Flame throughout the Earth and all Satellites, Freeing mankind, Controlling the feeling of mankind and Holding them in the Governing Presence and Perfection of Divine Love, Now and Forever.
We Herewith Make these Calls in All Its’ Force, in Accordance with Divine Will and Cosmic Law to the Maximum Power of the ‘I AM’ Presence, to Bring Forth the Sacred Cosmic Christ White Fire Light Substance to Shine Upon, Within, Through and all Around the Territories of the United States of America USA, the World, All Galaxies and Dimensions, Clearing the Way for the Highest Outcome possible to Serve the People of America and All Life in Oneness.
We Ask that During and After the Transition of the political power in the USA that We stand United as One “I AM” World Nation as we move Forward in Perfect Divine Order with Hearts Full of Grace, Divine Love, Wisdom and Power Always Holding True to ‘The True Constitution’. May Our Hearts be filled with the Eternal Presence of Christ Love. May We become so charged with Its Active Presence that its very Radiance becomes an Eternal, Consuming Activity, keeping out everything but the Eternal Light of Perfection.
We Stand Together As One in the Knowing that We Bring Forth the Sacred Cosmic Christ White Fire Light Substance from the Great Central Sun for All Members of Shamballa, Hierarchy, the Ascended Masters, Archangels and All Other God Intelligence use the Sacred Cosmic Christ Light on behalf of Humanity through this most auspicious occasion!
We are thankful for the Mighty, Magic Electronic Tube of Ascended Master Light Substance that is our protection while Creating a Heaven on Earth and New ‘I AM’ One World Nation. We Thank the Presence of the Cosmic Christ Legions of Blue Lightning for the Protection of our Mighty Land and for all the Constructive God Work provided throughout this land; we are grateful to All Whom We have Called forth today; their Guidance and Protection of the United States of America and the World. We, as the Universal Alchemist in Full Authority, give Thanks!
We Call Forth Beloved ELOHIM PEACE and Blessed ELOHA ALOHA to Seal these Decrees, Actions and Intentions Accepting that this Activity of Light Will be God Victoriously Accomplished.
As Above, So Below! As Within, So Without!
As the Soul, So the Universe!
Holy, Holy, Holy, is the Lord God of Hosts.
I AM Grateful! 3X
I AM The Keys, Patterns and Codes of the Creator’s Love.
I AM Divine Light, I AM Divine Love, I AM Divine Will
I Magnify and Charge the Love For This Earth and Its People.
We Are One I AM World Nation!
And so, it is ! Beloved I AM, Beloved I AM, Beloved I AM.

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