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DAY SIX of NEW EARTH Anchoring


Right now: Moon at 8°00′ Leo, Sun at 11°12′ Capricorn

sabian symbols

Current Sabian Symbols

Current Sabian Symbol for the Sun

A student of nature lecturing revealing little-known aspects of life.
Sabian Symbol for 12º Capricorn

The current Sabian Symbol of the Sun is the symbol that characterizes the ongoing solar influence, the vital energy and the personality, or it’s just a symbol which characterizes this day, while the Sun’s position (rounded to the next degree) is 12º Capricorn.


Right now: Moon at 8°00′ Leo, Sun at 11°12′ Capricorn

sabian symbols

Current Sabian Symbols

Current Sabian Symbol for the Moon

A communist activist spreading his revolutionary ideals.
Sabian Symbol for 9º Leo

The current Sabian Symbol of the Moon is the symbol that characterizes the ongoing lunar influence, the emotional background, or it’s just a symbol which characterizes this moment, while the Moon’s position (rounded to the next degree) is 9º Leo.






3 hours ago
The full moon has given you freedom from the struggle. Karma cleared that freed deep cellular emotional trauma, that had trapped and suppressed our feminine alchemical creative birthrights. Now the Divine Feminine Christ has attained greater access to the Land of Milk and Honey.
You’ve chosen to leave drama, relationships, and dynamics that continue cause stress in your mind. The great divide is separating old earth and new earth wider each moment since 1221. You chose the path of New Earth, while many around you didn’t. The light of the Full Moon has shown you the way forward. This is all part to your choice to seek the Beloved, the Rod and staff that comforts you 212.
The key has been found that opens the treasure chest, containing the blessing and Birthrights of the Holy Grail. This is connected to the womb chakra of Hawaii. She has been safely protecting our treasure chest for us, since our Lumerian timeline. Big change is here today, aligning our Tribe, our Covenant Family, access the treasures of the Holy Grail.
As you continue forward, in New Earth, your mind is expanding in greater understanding of the bigger picture of your life. Decisions and changes you made in 2020 are making more sense, now that we are in New Earth. Clean and pure, your sins have been washed away through 2020. Oh happy day 🕊
On Jan 8, a flash of light will come from the NorthStar as it purges distorted frequencies into the Lions Gate.
The Lions Gate will shunt this energy over to the HEA MOTU Lemurian Bearthsign of the 8th month of the Lemurian Calendar in January.
In turn the energy will get raised up into the Stargate KAHU to be carried into the Northern Cross Constellation.
This distorted light energy will get transformed under the watchful guidance of the Lemurian Light beings in alignment with the New Earth Lemurian Bearthing Grid.
This light energy takes the form of wisdom and knowledge from life times of lesson and is placed into the Krystal of the Light of days.
It will be available for the child of light to receive upon inception through the womb to Planet Huna / Earth.
Goodbye 2020 & Welcome 2021. . .
I am feeling a deep sense of Gratefulness (intermingled with relief) that 2020 is coming to an end and that 2021 is BE-ing birthed with a Celestial Bang!
Under this powerful flood of Galactic LIGHT CODES we can release all that was 2020 and prepare to BEgin a Powerful Spiral of Manifestation and Creation in the NEW EARTH Frequencies in 2021.
5D Heaven Energy is NOW here, and to experience it fully We Must simply start BEing in it. So, it is Time to start BE-ing the 5D BEing that We are and start living from our Hearts.
In this year 2021 there will be Massive NEW ENERGY. . . filled with NEW CODES of Information, Discoveries, Revelations, Compassion, Benevolence, Beauty, Magic, and New Inventions.
In January 2021, there will BE very Powerful Energy… very Powerful LIGHT WAVE will BE entering our Atmosphere and it will BE fully felt around the 6th of January and will be moving through until January 22nd.
In the Spring of 2021, a Major Celestial Event is going to transpire on this planet making way for the long-awaited NEW EARTH.
At that time, our Cells will be instantly Re-Coded to a HIGHER Order and our layered bodies will be able to process a much more Advanced level of Cosmic Data causing our outward matrix reality to Morph into the NEW Earth / Heaven Frequency.
Things will NOT go on as they always have on Earth and the Change is Finally Here where the LIGHT is starting to Win over darkness. . . where the fog of duality is starting to lift as part of the COSMIC LAW.
Year 2021 is a Time of Grand Re-Union and Freedom Celebrations will break out all across this planet as it is Liberated after eons of BE-ing in the dark.
This is a Great Movement NOW for Humanity. . .
We are All Waking Up from our dreams. . .
There is New HIGHER Consciousness emerging. . . there is something Great Happening where people are latching on to their own Empowerment, latching on to their own Unlimited-ness. . . and it is BEcoming very contagious.
It’s Time to get this Party Started!
2021 is going to BE one Magical year! As the clock strikes midnight on this New Year’s Eve, is when the Energetic Pulse SHIFTS entirely to instant Manifestation.
BE Aware of how you are creating. Ask your SELF, am I creating from a distorted vibrational frequency from a fragmented past lifetime, or am I creating from the DIVINE Template of Christ Consciousness?
So Enjoy your NEW Reality of 5D Heaven Energy in 2021. . . This is a Critical Year of Change.
A Magical Happy New Year to All!
Pars Kutay
~ 💜 ~
Photo: Aurora Borealis captured over Birch Tree Forest in Fairbanks, Alaska by Patrick J. Endres
On a Higher Divine Level, so many energetics are playing out and affecting both countries, Croatia and Italy, the Balkan, as well as other connected countries like Greece and Turkey, in this general area. This is resulting in earthquakes, power outages, sky phenomenon, particle accelerator shutdown, nuclear fusion, and more.
The Roman and Vatican energetic imprint is being removed, especially in Croatia. Croatia, and immediately, all of former Yugoslavia, has been prepared for this time, for the New.
The energetic White Dragon of Croatia has been powered up and is crushing the energetic Head of the black snake,Milano, Italy, as well as other areas of Italy, except the “heel”, for now. The first strike against Christ around 2000 years ago, involved a bruise on the “heel”, at this time Now, it was written, that the Christ, which is also the Heart, would crush the head of the Serpent, which is the black snake of Italy, which is why the earthquake activity in Italy is mostly in the symbolic head area, representing the battle that was occurring.
Last year, I and 3 Others were called to Venice, when I arrived, I received the Divine Message that a decision had to be made upon whether Venice went completely under water or not, and also a connected devastation to most of Italy. To assure ONLY the dark/evil would be taken with the destruction of Italy, a two week Divine notice would have been given to anyone needing to vacate the area, to keep things simple, the Divine decision was made to give it another year, and two weeks later, Venice only partially submerged.
This is to inform You, Those that have eyes to see, that the Heart area, Croatia, of the New Gaia, has been totally secured and Activated, and is being further empowered through the energetics of the People here and in surrounding countries as We speak. On a High Level, in this area, Croatia, there are MANY that are Children of God, meaning a very direct and strong connection to Prime Creator and the Higher Angelic Realms, incarnated and placed here, for this very important time. This is also connected with Fems and my Mission, and is ALSO why We are here NOW.
We are very near, the total end of Revelations, and there is NO apocalypse, rather the upliftment of Humanity into the NEW, the Rapture. There may possibly be a hyder flare, which Creates a great flash from the Sun/Son, at anytime, this flash still has the capacity to instantly separate the remnants of evil, from the Ascending Souls, and resetting a different good reality, with many being oblivious to what even occurred, thinking the New reality, is what it always was. You WILL retain Your memory, regardless if it is a total reset or not, for this is the last incarnation here for You and Your physical vessels have been prepared for multi-dimensional travel.
Divinely, the desperate trivial interjections from the remnants of darkness/evil, will NOT be tolerated, and their prior negotiated deal of remaining on an approximate 63 year lower density timeline, may also be revoked, and an instant obliteration for them occur. This Ascension is the dominant Divine Timeline, it is Ascertained and assured, with nothing interfering with its progress and relative Divine Timing. We have accelerated the Ascension by about 9 linear years, whereas the Ground Crew became tired of the game and made a Divine Decree that was approved, that We could speed things up.
This phase NOW of the Liberation for Humanity and the Human experience, is to implement and fully integrate the New open ended monetary system owned by the People, and to integrate simplified law, to transition them out of the requirement for money, to advance them, and subsequently prepare them for first contact. We ALREADY have first contact, for Those with eyes to see, however, that is not for all yet, and Their experience must remain intact, and they advance into it later.
Also, as mentioned over the last several linear years, We are opening up and revealing more of the ancient secrets contained and hidden in Antarctica, as indicated by recent events there, so this is ALSO well underway. We have also aligned the tilt and spin of Gaia, to open more of the Northern Hemisphere in preparation of Human migration, and spreading out. Many underwater hydrothermal vents have been opened, circulating through the oceans to also bring warmer water currents to cooler areas, as they open up to more inhabitable areas as well. The air mass circulation, the jet streams have also been altered to fit an emergence of great geographical conditioning and environmental good change, to accommodate further global Human dispersement. We have induced the air/oxygen to a higher energized state, by adding another hydrogen atom at times, and reversing the spin, when required to continuously advance the carbon based organic bodies of the rest of Humanity, when it is Their time, to a more crystalline state.
I suggest for ALL to energize and empower the Highest Timeline so that We steadily take this forward, shaking of the pests of density.
That is enough for NOW, I may have a few days off the internet, ALL is going well.
Love and Light
Sydney, Australia

photographer by

Brent Shavnore

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The New Light Age
We ask you to see the expansion of your true self – the Great Union, the inter-dimensional expansion of YOU, to reach this pivotal point in your soul development.
To realise the stepping stones of experiences, the following of your intuition, to this next stage of evolution.
To visualise a Light Bridge – connecting you to a great assemblage of Ancient Beings. A grand place of Solace and Deep Connection to your Soul Team and extended Light Family.
To realise your world is infintely expanding, as your interdimensional world expands into your physical world.
To prepare your connection, create a wonderful space of protection and a unified field of love. Invite only beings of the Highest unconditional Love❤🌿
We ask you to open your heart to this connection, for your personal advancement, to be the wayshower of Light. To Believe and Know this is occurring.
See the Union of Many, the many aspects of you as you learn about your mission, integrate and sync aspects of yourself, align the complexities of your lightbody.
Know we are collectively expanding in a stream of Rainbow Light 🌈
Sending waves of LOVE Global Family of Light xo
By Karen Lithika xo
Blessings to the Artist❤
Access Your Spiritual Gifts, Skills & Abilities ∞The 9D Arcturian Council, Channeled by Daniel Scranton
“Greetings. We are the Arcturian Council. We are pleased to connect with all of you.
We are very pleased to announce that humanity has taken another giant leap forward in the evolution of your consciousness, as you have granted yourselves greater access to the skills, gifts, and abilities that have been lying dormant within you and that are ready to be revealed to the world. If there is something that you have always wanted to access, but have been unable to access up until now, you would do well to put your focus on that particular gift that you want to develop.
The reason humankind has granted itself greater access to those abilities to tap into other consciousness is because of how confused and dismayed many of you have become with what you are being told by others. The failure for others to come through for you generated a gigantic collective desire for better direct access, and now is the time for you all to open up and receive those skills that you have always wanted to have yourselves.
Perhaps you thought that certain people were just born with a predisposition towards having channeling, healing, or psychic abilities. Perhaps you just had your confidence drained out of you by the programming that you received from others throughout your life. Whatever the reason has been for you to not grant yourself access to what you want to do spiritually, now is the time to set all of those reasons aside and open up to the possibility that you are different today than you were the last time you sat to receive something, anything, on your own.
Everyone is playing their part in your story, so when someone tells you that the shift will be completed on a certain date, and then that date comes and goes, and you feel disappointed, that disappointment is the fuel that you use to ignite the desire within you for your own personal contact with higher consciousness, with streams of information and energy. And when you get sick, and people around you are getting sick, there is a desire that is birthed within you for natural healing and for you to access healing abilities that will serve you and others.
We understand why you have relied upon others to give you bits and pieces of information that would supply you with the hope that was necessary for you to continue on in this journey, but now that you have been let down by others you can rely more heavily on yourselves. And the energies are very supportive of you making the connections that you have always wanted to make, so that you can have your own direct lines of communication with higher frequency beings and collectives that exist in the higher realms.
We are the Arcturian Council, and we have enjoyed connecting with you.”

Asara Adams

“Greetings, Beloved Ones.
We are most joyous to connect with you Here, today, and we send you our utmost LOVE from the Heart of Telos.
Dear Ones, you’ve come a long way…
The year 2020 made you stronger.
The year 2021 will enable you to BE-come a Higher vibrational and Higher dimensional version of yourself and step into your Divinity.
You are on the threshold to the New Year and the energies are very finely attuned to your intent and thoughts.
It is very helpful to ground your intent and thoughts for the New Year.
You might already have a ritual for the New Year.
Perhaps, you might already be doing this…
If not, here is a recommendation for your New Year’s Eve celebration:
1. Create a meditative state.
2. On a piece of paper, write down everything you are grateful for in the year 2020. (Yes, the good things are just as available as the unpleasant things. You’ll find things to be grateful for.) 🙂
Begin your sentences with “I AM so Blessed with…”
3. On another piece of paper, write down everything you wish to create in the New Year in regards to different areas of your life.
For example:
Your spiritual life
Your ascension
Your relationships with others and with yourself
Your health
Your abundance
Your Divine purpose
Your contribution to the greater good
4. Hold both pieces to your Heart and really feel everything you wrote down.
5. Burn both pieces in a safe and secured place.
6. Watch the smoke go up in the Heavens to be received by the Universe.
We are all celebrating the beginning of a New Earth Year with you!
This is a NEW BEginning!
Happy New Year!
We champion your Victory in the LIGHT!
Welcome Home!
We send you all so much LOVE…
You are carried on the wings of Angels, to bring forth The New Earth.
KNOW in your Heart, that you are always surrounded by your Angels, Ascended Masters, Guides, Galactic Families of Light and yes, also by your Family and Friends in Telos – and always will be.
Dear Ones, we are walking with you on this journey and you are Loved beyond measure – Always.
I AM your brother ADAMA of Telos.”
Thank You, Adama! 🙂

Channelled through

Asara Adams


Painting – The road up by Paul Gauguin
Venus conjunct the South Node and asteroid Cybele in Sagittarius – We are finally here, at the end of a long and difficult year. Now is the time to take the best of the past and put it towards the future. Consider what you have learned about yourself and the world these past twelve months. Compared to this time last year, what values and priorities have changed if any? What old beliefs and relationships fell by the wayside? What new calling stirred your heart?
Cybele is Magna Mater ‘Great Mother’, and she is here to help us tell our story but first, we must be prepared to leave the comfort zone. Let go of old attachments that keep you stuck. Release and mourn all that has passed. Find your inner balance. Trust that Life will catch you if you fall. Get curious about the road ahead. Make space in your heart for new experiences. As one journey ends, a new one begins.
Thank you all for your likes, shares, comments, follows and appreciation of my work.
Wishing you all health and happiness for 2021
Degrees and Times
Venus, South Node 19°Sg54′ R – 14:15 (UT)
Asteroid Cybele is at 20°Sg30′ at the time of the conjunction
Kin 17 ~ Red Self-Existing Earth
The number 4 is called ‘Self-Existing’ and it’s key words are ‘Define, Measure and Form’. I find the fourth day can make you feel a little introspective. The desire to search for details can lead to focusing on yourself and not really relating to others so much. This is perfectly fine as long as you make use of this inward contemplation and remember too that we are in the Wizard wavespell… and we can cast spells on ourselves….don’t get too lost in your own thoughts.
Today is Red Earth which represents ‘Evolution, Synchronicity and Navigation’. Today has great potential for synchronicity…be in the right place at the right time and you will get what you need to evolve. That is the message of Red Earth but when it falls on a number four day, the synchronicity requires that you look at the details. To navigate your way through this day make sure you have gathered all the facts and are well informed. Signposts are ready to guide you to the right path.
Today’s Guide is Red Skywalker which represents ‘Wakefulness & Exploring’. This guiding energy today will encourage you to be braver, to think outside of the box and to go on an adventure. The Skywalker makes a great guide but its not for the faint hearted. It takes courage to follow the adventurer of the Tzolkin cause you’ll never know where he will lead you.
The Challenge for the day is the Blue Hand and so if you were born on a Blue Hand day, your attempts to evolve may prove to be more difficult. Just look at the details and you too will find the answers. Tap into your need to accomplish, and this true grit you possess will help you ‘Evolve’ too.
The Occult Power is Yellow Seed which represents ‘sowing awareness’. People born on Yellow Seed have a magical ability to provide valuable information. Their need to share knowledge – especially about magic, is very strong today and very, very helpful to others.
The Ally is the White Wind, the communicator. People born on these days are a friend to everyone today as they communicate so well and information is what we all need. If you do not know one, remember to keep the lines of communication open today and expect a friendly message.
4 CABAN – KIN 17
31 DECEMBER 2020
I define in order to EVOLVE
Measuring synchronicity
I seal the matrix of navigation
With the Self-existing tone of form
I AM guided by the power of space.
31/12/2020 = 31/12/22 = 4/3/4 = 11=2
31 – Genius number-think OUTSIDE the BOX!!
4- Angelic/Form/Structure/Foundation
12- Acquiring wisdom/strength
3- Holy trinity/Joy/Creativity
11- Portal/Gate/Polarity
2- Twins/Partner/Cooperation
Kin 17 – is the immortality number! Leaving a LEGACY to remember!
17 = 8 Infinity/Abundance/Source flow
The LAST DAY of 2020 👁👁 HOO-RAY!! 🎉🎊🎆🎉🎊🎆
Very aptly the 31 code relates to thinking outside of the box and 2020 was a 4 year – where we were BREAKING OUT OF THE BOX – the old Matrix and reconstructing a NEW BOX – new paradigm through our collective choices.
Kin 17 is the immortality/legacy number and so we finish the year with a BAM!💥 Reflecting on the LEGACY that 2020 has left on human consciousness.
2020 will count as the year that humanity UNANIMOUSLY wished for it to END a.s.a.p.- no other time in history can compare to this global struggle, except for the two world wars – and indeed we have been in a WAR like no other WAR. The unseen and invisible Spiritual War playing out in the shadows.
Although we are all very eager for this year to pass – it will be forever embedded in our consciousness as
And so today as one YEAR closes and we slam the door shut on the horrors and pain, we OPEN new doors to FREEDOM and LIBERATION as we collectively embark on our new beginning…..2021 – which holds the 5🌸 code, which will assure our PLANETARY LIBERATION into HIGHER LIGHT! 🎆
Today is the 4th day (Triple the 4 coding today!) of the White Wizard🧙‍♂️ Wavespell where we are focused on aligning our MINDS with our HEARTS in order to access our ENCHANTING powers of White Majik through the endless realms of creation.
Day 4 is the day your White Majik begins to take FORM… we are creating a NEW MAJIK BOX!💫📦
SELF-EXISTING 📦– Tone 4 in the MENTAL realm. ACTION – measures, POWER – defines, ESSENCE – form.
SELF-EXISTING number 4 takes FORM and we have ourselves a square shape.📦 Self-existing, measuring and defining, very intelligent, fascinated by self. We now have built a sturdy platform upon which further growth takes place.
RED EARTH in the Mental plane increases our capacity to OPEN OUR MINDS to explore EVOLUTION and the cycles of time (endlessness). Recognizing what came before this present moment, in order to be fully OPEN to what is coming next. An absolutely PERFECT coding synchronizing with the CLOSING of this Year and dark cycle.
Our mind needs to AWAKEN to the synchronicity of NATURAL TIME. ⏳ Today we are defining our SPACE and evolving through following the Majikal SIGNS – leading to constructing a new solid foundation on the basis of fun, creativity and majikal manifestation. It is time to build and accomplish your Dreams!
CONSCIOUS SELF: RED EARTH 🌎CABAN relates to signs, synchronicities, the pulsating rhythm of life and creative beginnings. CABAN is your GPS – the evolutionary compass that shows you which path to take and how to navigate through your life’s journey. Today is a day of REFLECTION – to witness the passing of cycles in these evolutionary times as we spiral higher and higher in our Planetary Ascension process.
Today the WHITE WIZARD🧙‍♂️ is asking us to sit in STILLNESS and LISTEN to the pulsating rhythyms of Mother EARTH.
❓Do you RESPECT and HONOUR Mother nature?
❓Is your role in harmonious flow with her rhythyms?
Humanity’s arrogance in defining human existence in isolation to our Natural world and Universal Law, was creating the evolutionary downfall of our species and the destruction of our environment. . The only way forward as a HU-man species, is to redefine our existence through symbiotic relationship with our Earth Mother and her kingdoms. It is ironic that the global lockdowns and confinement of humans in their home “cages” has revealed to us, who the real wild animals and parasitic beings are, upon this planet. As our global population was contained and isolated, Mother Nature was finally able to BREATH again, given the SPACE and time to self heal and regenerate without human “interference”.
Our Australian indigenous people have lived continuously on our land for over 60,000 years without leaving a detectable footprint – quite an achievement! The early colonists deemed them as “primitive savages” because they had not carved up or industrialized the land. In contrast, in a few hundred years “White Man”, who defines his race as evolved and “civilized”, has managed to nearly destroy our entire planet through degradation and reckless profiteering of her natural resources.
So which people would you define as more “evolved”?
If the human species has been the “problem” then we must REDEFINE ourselves as the new SOLUTION giving back and contributing to the POSITIVE evolution of our planet and our human species.
The Shamanic White Wizard🧙‍♂️ respects all realms and draws his Majik through his pure devoted HEART💖 in connection with ALL THAT IS.🎆.
When we define ourselves as a part of the whole we develop a deep reverence for all of Creation. We are not separate from Mother Gaia – we are ONE body❤ and ONE global family💞 – woven together in the Web of all Creation.🕸🌐
CABAN is also Quaking Earth so ensure that you are centred and well grounded today. RED EARTH has a softer, more feminine and flowing energy today, compared to yesterday’s masculine Warrior challenges! The Warrior questioned and thus rejected the status quo, now CABAN is bringing forth the era of PEACE! Time to build the foundation for these new peaceful societies. Changing the combative and competitive culture to one of PEACE and UNITY, in HARMONY with Mother Gaia and the natural synchronic flows. The time is NOW, in this present moment! Stop pushing everything into some future time! Bring forth your ideas into the NOW in order for them to be made manifest. Stop stalling and start creating your MAJIK! 💫💫💫
The following is a beautiful excerpt from The Mayan Oracle by Ariel Spilsbury & Michael Bryner 🙏🙏🙏
RED EARTH is the access point to your natural alignment with Earth force. It is the unis mundi, the point of perfect centeredness in the eternal present from which all alignment and magic manifest. Your center, the Earth center, is the secret of gravity’s magnetizing force. Red Earth is the channel of harmonic synchronization that is aligned with the galactic heart.❤ From the center point within self, you align with this galactic center and connect through your own crystalline structure to the larger crystal grid network.💎🌐 To keep this channel of synchronization open, connect to the elemental energies of earth, air, fire and water, and the seven directional guardians.
Cosmic consciousness is not just ‘out there’; it is also resonating within you. Be sacramentally rooted where you are. You are made of the Earth! Look through the ‘eyes’ in your feet. Your body is the present focus of your consciousness – through it all gifts are received. Remember, too, that your environment is alive and reacts to your awareness of it; therefore, the way you perceive the Earth and your physical form affects the information you receive.
Red Earth is the Earth keeper, the keeper of the garden, the shaman/healer who, through reverence for all life, heals and sanctifies the Earth. Earth keepers preserve the harmonic relationship with nature by connecting to the wisdom held in matter. In Latin, mater means “mother”. As you bring light into yourself, you bring light into matter. You and the Earth both contain the holographic seed of the new consciousness emerging. 🎆
Center yourself in the present moment! This is where you can most beneficially observe the synchronicities and revelations about your personal pattern and larger purpose. From here your mind can learn to be keenly observant, allowing the larger pattern to take shape as naturally as the small brushstrokes that eventually complete a beautiful painting.
Sit in simple relationship to the Earth, like a poet enraptured in a forest.🌲🌲🌲 Be rooted where you are now. Out of synergistic centeredness, you will receive your greatest desires and open to the full flowering of the mystic power of the universe. This synchronization can be seen as the alignment of your personal myth with the greater myth of our times. Myth is the framework or “story” in which the truth of the cosmos🍥 is revealed in symbolic form. Utilize it to catalyze your unfolding alignment.
By accepting your physical form and your growth process in this world, you access the hub of centeredness out of which all the truth and magic of the universe unfold. Take off your shoes. Touch the one Earth. Find a place to dance with the sacred hoop of life. Contribute your vision as an awakened member of the global rainbow family!
The question to ponder today is ❓❓❓Do your ideas support Peace on Earth? Are they sustainable, renewable and sympathetic to all of nature’s kingdoms? If you are in the natural flow, then your constructs will be supported by spirit flowing naturally into form. Watch for synchronicities today guiding you into this natural flow.
HIGHER SELF/GUIDE: RED SKYWALKER 🚶BEN is the Galactic Shaman who takes our hand today and guides us to new adventures, exploring our multi-dimensional forms. RED SKYWALKER is the time/space traveller who can jump dimensions to assist you in realizing HEAVEN ON EARTH. 💒 RED SKYWALKER’S energy is expansive and totally unlimited in form. BEN can travel anywhere through space time to retrieve wisdom, information and energy codes bringing them through as the Angelic Messenger.
BEN is asking us today to define how we use the SPACE that we have been granted guardianship over. ❓❓❓How do we use it or abuse it?
❓❓❓Have we created our own little patch of 🌴PARADISE 🌴 or have we constructed an environmental eye sore?
As we AWAKEN as a species we are redefining what is important to us, for our continued survival and enjoyment of our Planet.. The industrial experiment went awry and we really did take the wrong track. It is time to get back on track as a species and choose differently this TIME. Choosing to ditch the discord and opt for Harmonic synchronicity, moving to restore our beautiful Planet to the Eden we originally inherited..
✨It is TIME to create the NEW HEAVEN💒 and the NEW EARTH.🌈🌍
SUPPORT: WHITE WIND 🌬🍃IK brings forth the WINDS of spirit. The IN breath and the OUT breath, flowing through you and all living things. Ik and CABAN dance in symphonic harmony through the corridors of time⏳as the White wind whistles through the trees, and flows through the valleys and cleanses the land with the purity of FRESH AIR..
The WHITE WIND⛵ is the refinement and purity of Spirit which enhances the powers of the WHITE WIZARD🧙‍♂️.. amplifying his reception to the incoming messages.
Spirit is the WIND beneath your WINGS and has your back. You are fully supported and held in a protective shield by spirit today. Trust and listen to the whisperings and communication through the majikal synchronicities dancing around you and within you.
✨LET GO and LET GOD be your guide!✨
OCCULT/HIDDEN ENERGY: YELLOW PLANETARY SEED 🌾KAN holds the codes for our highest potential Planetary flowering today. As we REFLECT on the old year that was, we can now AIM HIGHER – knowing we are all much older but much wiser having journeyed long together through this collective rite of passage. Humanity has evolved and Gaia has evolved to a much higher frequency. As we have unpacked greater wisdom and codes we now have the seed packets to manifest our highest potential and witness the beautiful flowering of the harmonic New time. ✨
KAN is bringing forth the dawn of a NEW DAY! 🌅The seeds of the Rainbow Warriors and Dreamers have sprouted and it is time for a
Your brilliant new ideas, projects and creations will finally take root and emerge from the depths of your mind, able to Majikally take FORM in our new world and grow. 🌸🌺🌼🌹
CHALLENGE/GIFT: BLUE HAND 🙌 MANIK brings forth healing, assistance, support and accomplishment as GIFTS and BLESSINGS from spirit. Our CHALLENGE is to listen and interpret the healing knowledge we bring forth through observing the SIGNS that we are shown.
MANIK gives us the power to accomplish great Majik, through applying the wisdom and recognition of the patterns that create form. Our Creator is giving us a miraculous gift of healing,🙌 from all that ails us, healing all the trauma from this past year and bringing CLOSURE on the pain and suffering.
✨Today we can WIPE THE SLATE CLEAN getting ready to start afresh for this new cycle.✨
Be open to receive this gift by fully embracing the LOVE❤ that surrounds you and enfolds your being. ❤LOVE heals all wounds! ❤
Together as ONE global family we can accomplish GREAT THINGS and redefine our World as a new Paradise. 🌴🐬🌈🌍
Today’s QUESTION is “How can WE navigate to a higher state of evolution, through measuring the SIGNS and synchronicities – aligning with the natural world, to create a sustainable and Harmonic world?
Divine blessings for NAVIGATING your path to New Eden! 🐬🌴🌼🌸🌺🌻
Namaste’ 🙏❤🙏❤🙏
In Lak’ech a la kin
Christina White Magnetic Worldbridger
PICTURE CREDITS: On the shores of Time Lost Artist Micha Arkhipoff DIVINE GRATITUDE. 🙏❤🙏❤🙏

Cold Full Moon Puja (Prayer, Blessing, Intention, Incantation, etc.)

Instructions are in between the (((( )))), and the words to speak are in the”, “feel free to change this as your instincts tell you; allow your inner self to be the administrator.

We use the earth as a rhythmic reminder, a friend, an ally, and an inspiration. Luna is much like you and me, “Infinitely Expanding Creator Source” in disguise. Everything said and done can be done in a “divine light” if we keep this underlying tone. The following words hail from many different traditions.

“I face my mind, body, and essence to the east and summon forth the rising sun of peace. I allow myself to feel the beauty of the sun’s light in its entirety.”

(((Envision a bright clear light coming in from the sun, through the top of your head; illuminating your heart chakra. ))

“I face my mind, body, and essence to the south to link into my infinite, unlimited self. I am allowing my divine self to show more and more with each passing moment.”

((( Envision all your fears, doubts, and insecurities as bubbles surrounding you, break them all. )))

“I face my mind, body, and essence to the west and summon an abundance of solutions for the advancement of a new peaceful earth. This command is by the highest aspects of the infinite self.”

((( Envision an Ideal World, be sure to include yourself. )))

“I face my mind, body, and essence to the north and connect myself to all streams of existence. I bring forth the wisdom, talents, and expansions of divine connection.”

((( Envision yourself with all the virtues one can hold; how does it feel? Bask in this feeling. )))

“I face my mind, body, and essence to all the unnamed directions and ground my infinite self deep into the earth. I bless and protect the earth with my every thought and action.”

((( Envision Rainbow roots coming out of your root chakra and grounding themselves deep within the ground; feel the connection. Then envision all that no longer serves you being recycled deep into the earth. Followed by replenishment of helpful energy. )))

“I face my mind, body, and essence to all the unnamed directions and connect with my star origins. I accept all the loving warmth and light of my paternal stars.”

((( Envision rainbow roots coming out of your “Crown Chakra” and connecting itself to all of the Stars in the cosmos, feel the connection. )))

“I face my mind, body, and essence to all the unnamed directions, and summon rapid spiritual expansion for the betterment of all things above and below my consciousness.”

((( Envision yourself expanding and rising at the same time; hold this notion )))

“I face my mind, body, and essence to all the unnamed directions and bring them within. The universe exists within me, and I am the one observing its existence.”

((( Meditate )))

“Mitakuye Oyasin, AHO!”




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  1. Cant wait for the Vatican to finally release the Gospel of Jesus and Gospel of Mary M., and the reason why Vatican commissioned to write the “Bible” in order to hide the Divine books. Truth being revealed about the Vatican begins this year as the guardians of Evil will not be the only ones running every media, spiritual, religious and news outlet. God is great. Truth shall prevail.

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