Siddhidatri ~ Kali reaches Completion : Day 9 Navratri ~ Trinity of Brahma ~ New Light is COMING IN!!

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Siddhidatri ~ Kali reaches Completion : Day 9 Navratri ~ Trinity of Brahma ~ New Light is COMING IN!!

Paul (White Gold Eagle)

4/21/21 – 433/46/10 ~ 33 Gateway of Mastery – We are in what i call the Rapture Zone. We have reached and transcended the Event Horizon and are now travelling beyond Light Speed into the Singularity which we call Zero Point ( what Walter Russell would call “The Still White Magnetic Light at the Center of All things”) This is the Source of our I Am Presence. We feel our Way through the Heart Gate, through the Void and into Eternal Bliss Consciousness at  God/Goddess Head.

As we achieve Compression Breakthrough at our Singularity, which is our Great Central Sun (Hunab Ku), we become Super Nova Golden Christos Conscious Eternal Beings of Infinite Light! This is not a state we attain but is our Eternal True State of Beingness we call Buddha Consciousness/ Christ Consciousness/ Cosmic Consciousness (many concepts/fingers pointing to the same Enlightenment/Moon.

When our Earth Angelic team of 144,000 reach this Sate of Pure Awareness and hold this consciousness we co-create what is called The Event or Rapture. As we step aside and allow the Holy Spirit to use our Sacred Vessel/ Avatar for the highest good of all sentient beings of pure consciousness, a Massive Wave of Highest Frequency Light expands instantaneously out from all Central Suns of all dimensions, timelines, universes and creates the final Event Wave or what we call the Quantum Leap of Consciousness from homo-sapien to Homo-Luminous.

This has never been done before in the past in any timeline. This is why you are so special and this time is so special and important and all Star Nations across the Universe and multi-verse are here to witness this!!


Right now: Moon at 24°07′ Leo, Sun at 2°12′ Taurus

sabian symbols

Current Sabian Symbols

Current Sabian Symbol for the Moon

A large camel crossing a vast and forbidding desert.
Sabian Symbol for 25º Leo

The current Sabian Symbol of the Moon is the symbol that characterizes the ongoing lunar influence, the emotional background, or it’s just a symbol which characterizes this moment, while the Moon’s position (rounded to the next degree) is 25º Leo.

Current Sabian Symbols

Current Sabian Symbol for the Sun

Steps up to a lawn blooming with clover.
Sabian Symbol for 3º Taurus

The current Sabian Symbol of the Sun is the symbol that characterizes the ongoing solar influence, the vital energy and the personality, or it’s just a symbol which characterizes this day, while the Sun’s position (rounded to the next degree) is 3º Taurus.





Kundalini Rainbow Bridge of Durga/ Sekhmet- Kali reaches Completion ; Day 9 Navratri
Today, April 21 , is the 9th and final day of the navratris , the day when Durga finally defeats the Demon Mahishasura signifying victory of good over evil ie our own victory over shadows aspects , over lower emotions /thought /egotistical desires n projections, karmic redemption and fears that keep us from growing to our highest Potential.
Goddess Durga’s 9th form, Maa Siddhidatri is worshipped on this day and as her name implies She is the Ultimate Giver of Siddhis ie Supreme Powers of Divine Manifestation.
According to Hindu mythology, Lord Shiva got all his Siddhis from worshiping The Maha Shakti / Adi Shakti and thus Goddess Siddhidatri emerged from his right side ,which is why Lord Shiva is also known as “Ardhanarishvara” / half man half Woman/ Complete being.
Maa Siddhidatri is believed to have blessed the Trinity of Brahma, Vishnu and Mahadev with eight of the ultimate divine powers /Siddhis of Godhood, Manifestation of Desires, Ability to Conquer all and emerge Victorious,ability to change state of physical beingness , materialisation and dematerialisation of physical body, teleportation, ability to leave and re-enter a physical body at will by becoming LIGHT etc
At this Stage ,the devotee/ initiate is ready to move into Masterhood ,To Reach God-Goddess Head by Union of Spirit with matter…The Ultimate Union…Union of Physical Self With The Divine Light!!
Today the Earth+Individual Kundalini Energies unite with the Cosmic Kundalini Energies (as explained in previous posts)
The Kundalini Rainbow Bridge is Now complete.
Now over the next few days , till the Kali / Scorpio Full Moon , the Cosmic kundalini Energies will Travel Down This Rainbow Bridge and Re-enter back to Earth/ gaia via our individual Crown Chakra ( and the Sacred sites) and down our Kundalini Pathways (Crown to Root)
On the Scorpio /Kali Full Moon The Final marriage of Cosmic Kundalini +Earth kundalini Via the Pathway of our Individual Kundalini Energy Pathways will Be Completed ie Union of Heaven and Earth, Spirit and Matter, As Above So Below…
Union Energies and the Rerouting of Of Individual Kundalini Energies/ Pathways/ Soul Path which many are/ will be experiencing Now(tower moments) are never a joy ride but essential for the new paradigm that is to come in…of Return Of the GoddessHead so that the balance( God head+ GoddessHead ) is restored for it is from this Union that New Creation of a New Age is to Emerge.
EnLight ,InGrace, InJoy
Be The Change You Want To See
Sa Kei Na
The Plasma Layer is able to be seen with the naked eye NOW for many. For Those NOT seeing it yet, I suggest to be outside in the night and focus with Your eyes to the actual space about 30 to 100 meters directly above You, or even on a heightened angle from You. Give Your eyes a few moments to adjust to the focused area, then You will begin to see the Plasma, which for NOW has mostly 3 colors that You may see individually, or in combination. These three dominant colors of the Plasm, the Creator Activated Energy, for now are green, blue, and violet/pink. Depending upon Your advancement, You may also see the particles of Light sparkle as Your consciousness activates the energy through the focus and conscious thought. When Your mind is free of clutter, You will see and find more of Your abilities in this NOW, and begin to interact with Creation on the quantum physics level and beyond. You have the Command Sequence for the particles of Creation, it is within Your Heart, it is the Grail, the Ark, the Merkaba, the fountain of Youth, immortality, the keys, etc, all in one.
You may also see the meshing, the netting, the Grid layering that will be seen as if it is a fence of black wires above You. This fence is the ceiling of the 4D Grid, and the 5D Higher Grid, lays just above that. As We raise the frequency/vibration of Humanity, and this reality, We breach the ceiling of 4D and arrive in the first echelon of the 5D state of being and reality. The 5D state CANNOT have density and fear in that reality, this is where the remnants of consciousness darkness get left behind, once the breakthrough the meshing occurs.
The remnants of darkness intents were to keep spreading fear scenarios to the Masses, like war, disease, etc. These are dense conscious themes set up by the darkness to retain the lower density state for all, by believing and spreading the word of war, etc, it creates a negative energy which becomes a weight on overall vibration. By unawakened Ones, and even some Awakened Ones, keeping in Their conscious thoughts any of the fear programs, it is energized and created to some degree for the darkness. The darkness CANNOT directly create their own reality, they created it by Ones unbeknownst to Them, being tricked, to keep the old paradigm alive.
There has been a massive disassembly of dark constructs over the last few weeks, and Those Co-Creators of the Highest levels of consciousness NOW are to push the intense enhanced Light being supplied to the surface currently, further purifying the Creational space where the density is dissolving, as a result of more Waking up.
Love and Light
Rick Jewers
The wave of Angelic Sound and Light continues to reverberate in our bodies.
I do feel that it is beginning to settle a little as we begin to vibrate at the frequency of this higher tone.
It is not easy for us as we lift and expand…so much is crashing and crumbling as the world of illusion drops away.
We may be feeling pain in the body as the new frequency makes adjustments to the physical body.
We may be feeling anxious and confused as we adjust to this new soul space and its energies.
We may be feeling out of alignment with what we see in the world.
This wave of Angelic Light is cleansing and preparing us to fully enter the New Earth frequencies.
Release what is dropping away and flow with the Liquid Light of Love and Compassion.
The Old is crumbling but the New is Birthing!
Love to everyone!
English | Spanish
New Light is COMING IN ⚡💎
Bringing more Plasma Waves in our planetary field; dazzling radiance and tones of brightness, new contrasts and Divine harmonies. The Light itself is changing its spectrum; depending on experienced frequencies and ultra high radiation emissions, as we are moving further Up the Spiral of Life (Ascension) – on our Primary Ascension Timeline, and having such a profound month of April .
Heightened pitches – sound waves, and notes are working like containers of information, – it is perceived through ear channels; through calming breathe inhale and exhale into the Christed frequencies, crystalline Data, the New Earth creation/ manifestation basic-key tones.
New strengthening for the Collective MENTAL Body after Solar Expansion started its progress.
New nourishment for our crystalline Light Bodies.
part of the Incoming Energies (April 21) already contains information / Data / Codes for our movement INTO May .
With present energies, you can access to the Bridge (Rainbow Frequency) that leads “above” “worldly nonsense” and to have your own renewed Path further into May.
Important aspects for this Now:
• Light Codes
Abundance of Solar Light Codes and Key Codes, Krystal Codes. Using of Light Language to fulfill and anchor Codes for the New Earth Grid.
• Highest Heart Activations
Ruby Ray presence 🌹💜 Facets of highest Love.
Physical vessel can respond with:
• reactive digestive system, nausea,
• dizziness, slight headache, sensitive top of the head, “bright screen” in the front of eyes (while head absorbs and streams through consistent Light)
• more sharp vision / blurry vission, watery eyes
• vibrations in feet, ankles, legs (electromagnetic field for the legs can feels like substance that consists from infinite numbers of spinning particles)
• powerful UPLIFTING and energie / bliss / also, moments when you can barely keep awake
Brilliant and sparkling ✨✨✨  of our beautiful Spring under Rainbow Solar-Rays ✨✨🌈
With Love and hugs,
Kwana Mikaela
Gracias ~ Thank You for translation Claudia Carral 💛✨
INFORME DE ENERGÍA • 21 de abril
Nueva luz está llegando ⚡💎
Trayendo más ondas de plasma en el campo planetario; resplandor deslumbrante y tonos de brillo, nuevos contrastes y armonías divinas. La Luz misma está cambiando su espectro; depende de las frecuencias presentadas y las emisiones de radiación ultra alta, ya que nos estamos moviendo más en la Espiral de Vida Ascendente (Ascensión) – en la Línea de Tiempo de la Ascensión Primaria, y tenemos un mes de abril lineal tan profundo.
Tono elevado: las ondas sonoras y las notas funcionan como contenedores de información, se percibe a través de los canales auditivos; a través de la respiración calmante, inhale y exhale en frecuencias Crísticas, Datos cristalinos, la construcción / manifestación de la Nueva Tierra en tonos básicos.
Nuevo refrigerio para el Cuerpo MENTAL Colectivo después de que la Expansión Solar comenzara su progreso.
Nuevo alimento para nuestros cuerpos de luz cristalinos.
Como trabajo con datos en tiempo real: ocurrencias en el campo planetario / colectivo (información sobre el momento presente), no puedo decir al 100% cómo será la dinámica de la Luz, inluxes durante el fin de semana o la próxima semana (en un sentido , cuántas ondas entrantes), pero … parte de las Energías entrantes (21 de abril) ya contiene información / Datos / Códigos para nuestro movimiento EN MAYO o … transición a la siguiente escalera de Ritmo.
Con las energías presentes, pueden acceder al Puente (Frecuencia Arcoíris) que conduce “por encima” de los “disparates mundanos” y tener su propio Sendero renovado aún más en mayo lineal.
Aspectos importantes para este ahora:
• Códigos de luz
Abundancia de códigos de luz solar y códigos clave, códigos Krystal. Uso de Light Language para cumplir y anclar Códigos para la Red de la Nueva Tierra.
• Activaciones del corazón más altas
Presencia de Ruby Ray 🌹💜 Facetas del más alto amor.
El recipiente físico puede responder con:
• sistema digestivo reactivo, náuseas,
• mareos, dolor de cabeza leve, parte superior sensible de la cabeza, “pantalla brillante” en la parte delantera de los ojos (mientras la cabeza absorbe y fluye a través de una luz constante)
• visión más nítida / visión borrosa, ojos llorosos
• vibraciones en pies, tobillos, piernas (el campo electromagnético de las piernas puede sentirse como una sustancia formada por un número infinito de partículas giratorias)
• UPLIFT espectacular y energía / felicidad / también, momentos en los que físicamente apenas puede mantenerse despierto (muy individualmente para cada uno)
Brillante y reluciente ✨✨✨ nuestra hermosa Primavera bajo los rayos solares del arco iris ✨✨🌈
Con amor suave y abrazos,
Kwana Mikaela
Photo by hosokawatakuya33 (Instagram) April 21/2021


Judith Kusel

Immensely powerful energies are pouring in and thus, as our new Light-bodies form for the New Earth, we indeed now have two spinal columns, one still in the physical form, and one in the etheric, or rather in the Light body as it gets activated in 7 stages.

When the Light body gets activated all at once, we would not be able to still bridge form between the Old Earth and New Earth. We are in a time still of transition – although many are already operating in the New Earth and thus in that much higher dimensional state, the old physical form takes a bit longer to adjust, although it is there, already adjusting.

I am noticing this constantly within my own body now, as all is being rejuvenated and being reinvented, and others do start to notice this too. When they do, I know this is not my imagination, but very real.

I was called to a place this morning, where I first encountered the Crystal Pyramids (sunk offshore under the sea) and an immensely powerful vortex energy. I often am called there when immense changes are about to occur and then shown what these are.

Indeed, I nearly took off, as the powerful energy of the New Earth surged through me, and I literally welcomed into the New Earth and indeed walked upon her, as she is very much present and accessible within Nature, especially the Waters.

When I came back, I was still so energized that I needed to lie down, and then was shown what was happening. I now clearly saw my second spinal column, stretching way beyond my head, as the physical embodiment in the Light body of the New Earth is much taller. At the same moment I was shown how more chakras are now forming and opening – not just 12, but indeed 24 and these will expand when we fully incorporate the New Earth embodiment, to 36 etc.

The Spinal column acts as a Lightning Rod, an energy conductor, and more than this a Tuning Fork and indeed acts like a Cosmic Antenna which tunes into the Cosmic Spinal column and that of the Earth. In this case, again two, the Old and the New, until the Old then complete dissolves. This is because we are still very much physically involved in the Old Earth, although transitioning.

I have worked with the Spinal Column of the Earth since 2009, and indeed worked intensely with the full opening, as during the different epochs on earth, and the sinking of landmass and reforming of such, especially after the floods, a lot of these centers were shut down. (Read my book “Why I was born in Africa: – the previously unrecorded history of Elysium and the Lion Kingdom.”)

I was therefore overjoyed, to see that the New Spinal Column of the New Earth was in place and indeed, vibrating at immense speed. It was of much higher frequency and vibration (Dimensional) than the old and it was indeed now activating dormant centers in the Giza Pyramids and all pyramids on earth (which still are visible) and the Crystal Pyramids and the Crystalline Pyramid Grids. During the time of Elysium all of the Crystal Pyramids were placed in strategic places and all were tuned in the Spinal Column of the Earth and indeed, these are all power points within a massive power grid, which is literally plugged in, through the spinal column to the Solar Core, the Galactic Core and the Universal Core Spinal Columns. (As above – so below).

I was shown how the whole is tuned into the Orion and Sirius and Cygnus (Horus) and indeed how energy is pouring in the Intergalactic and Universal Cores through these into the spinal column of the New Earth.

In turn, all of you are going to find that there is great movement now within your spinal column. This is because of the second spine becoming more activated in some, and indeed expanding in those whose light bodies are activated in the first stages. (Note there are 7 stages. We are but in the first stages now, as by 2032, the full activations will be active as the Old Earth totally disintegrates).

What this means is that our sacred heart centers are then fully activated, as well as our higher minds (psychic, channeling and transmitting and tuning abilities) and we will be able to access Cosmic Information and Knowledge and Wisdom, which will assist us to co-create the New Golden Age.

We will be going through intense changes in the next few months, as the Old Earth disintegrates more and the old systems and old ways, and transition into the New. Indeed, the more some cling onto the old, the more they will find that it all dissolves. The Old cannot hold form any longer.

Yet, understand that the greatest transition, will come INSIDE of you. You will be stretched into the New You. Within a year from now you will hardly recognize yourself anymore and that is how it should be.

Seek not validation outside yourself – seek this within. Walk in the company of the Divine and your highest guidance and you will find yourself navigating the immense changes easily and rise ever higher into the True You, the new you, the expanded you, the truthful you and the New Earth. You will be assisted through it all.

The New Spinal Column will indeed reveal so much within ourselves which we need now to remember so that we can walk the New Earth. As it gets activated more and more, we will start to reassume our full Universal Mastery and reconnect with the all the parts of our soul and resume our Galactic and Universal citizenship in the highest degrees.

We will now be able to manifest into form and being in much higher ways and degrees and within the Divine Laws. More than this, from the Sacred Heart AS ONE with the Divine and the highest truth within.

We will be able to communicate heart to heart, soul to soul, and telepathically and lies and deceit will exist no more.

The Spinal Columns are tuning us into our Cosmic Self and indeed Mother Earth back into the Cosmic Fray where she truly belongs.





1 hour ago

The Most High is opening His door to His Kingdom. This paradigm shift is taking us away from heartbreak and loss, and ascending us into the light. God is breathing new life into us, restoring our Souls.

We are collectively leaving a reality where the masculine were ruled under lust and temptation. The amount of disharmony and mental over load caused from that beast run system has taken a toll. We’ve had to do it not only for ourselves, but to free the children and animals from the abuse caused from the serpents agenda. Since October 2020 this paradigm shift has been occurring.

Frenemies who tried to keep you off your throne are karmically clearing from your field. You have passed all the initiations, grown your level of discernment , and have protected yourself, family, and union from their wicked ways. You are now ascending into your rightful position on your throne in God’s Kingdom.

Brain rewiring is happening for you and your Counterpart. Mother Earth is supporting your healing, stability, and connection to her in dream time. The enemy can not interfere with this. Sleep paralysis will no longer occur. Your union is protected for your harvest to come to fruition.

The assessment of your own value and worth to accept only the best for yourself is showing results. You are protected to create your family legacy in union. Purification by fire continues for you to enter the Bridal Chamber. Keep going forward knowing this path is bringing results.

All Praises to the Most High 🙌🏻 in Jesus Christ’s Name amen 🙏🏻

🕊 Love Carolyn

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Sun conjunct asteroid Alice in Taurus. Saturn in Aquarius square asteroid Prometheus in Taurus – Curiouser and curiouser. Normally in Taurus kingdom, the terrain is familiar and comfortable but today there’s a rabbit hole in the path and down we fall, tumbling into a strange world where little seems to make sense. But don’t fret. This is just a moment in time offering a different perspective and alternative reality – and maybe we can take something from this dream like place, put it to use in the outer world.
The story of Alice is that of a child growing up – mistakes, wrong turns and misunderstandings are natural. Under this dreamlike influence, there’s so much that we can learn.
With imagination we can fly, build houses and careers, create sculptures and symphonies. The inner light of creativity, the urge to manifest something of ourselves in the world comes from the spark of divinity within. Maybe you’re afraid to bring forth your vision, scared of failure, punishment, ridicule. Give yourself permission to grab the flame and light up the world. A little magic along with hard work creates wonders to behold. Seize the day.
Degrees and Times
Sun, Alice 01°Ta36′ – 13:02 (BST)
Saturn 12°Aq42′, Prometheus 12°Ta42′ – 19:26 (BST)
Alice is asteroid number 291
Prometheus is asteroid number 1809

Painting – Alice by Charles Blackman



Kin 128 ~ Yellow Spectral Star

Spectral’ is the name for the number eleven and its key words are ‘Liberate, Release and Dissolve. We are traveling through the White Mirror wavespell currently and Yellow Star is the challenge of the Mirror. Because of the math involved in the Tzolkin, the 11th day is always the challenge. This means we get respite from whatever agenda was set at the beginning. So, release yourself from truth seeking, liberate yourself from this task.
Today is Yellow Star which represents ‘Beauty, Art and Elegance’. Celebrate beauty today. Indulge in star gazing, wear something that makes you feel beautiful. Spruce up your space and add some sparkle. Pass on a beautiful smile and make being alive an art form. Today is not about being serious, or digging deep into your soul or searching for truth. Appreciating the beautiful world about you and the people in your life is what it is all about. So be a star today and allow yourself to shine bright. You will feel liberated!
The Guide today is also Yellow Star, so follow that guiding starlight.
The Challenge is the White Mirror which represents ‘reflecting truth’. Also, this is the wavespell we are in and so in this challenging position the truth is hard to see today but that’s OK…phew… it’s great to have a break from all that self-reflection.
The Occult power today is the Red Skywalker which represents ‘Exploring, Wakefulness and Space.’ The open-minded Skywalker is so much fun when in this magical position. Explore beauty and art today and you shall be well rewarded for your efforts. The more open your mind is the more beauty you shall experience.
The Ally today is the Blue Monkey and when in this friendly position monkey is a wonderful friend to hang out with. Monkey has a natural gift for appreciating beauty and can offer much enthusiasm and motivation.
Tip of the Day: I just want to remind you that we are still in the ‘Squish’, an intense and powerful time. It’s important to remember this and it will make going through it easier. This is day 3 of the ‘Squish’…another 7 to go. Thanks for Reading!

Christina Papageorgiou

11 LAMAT – KIN 128
21 APRIL 2021
Releasing ART
I seal the store of ELEGANCE
With the Spectral tone of LIBERATION
I AM guided by the power of MY OWN POWER DOUBLED!! 🌟🌟
21/4/2021 = 3/4/5 =3/9 =12=3
21/21 – VICTORY code!!!✨✨
21 – Crown of the Magi/Honours/Rewards
4- Angelic code/Foundation/Structure/Form
5- Liberation/Change/Transformation/Freedom
9- Endings/Destiny/Mission/Service/Humanity
3- Holy Trinity/Joy/Creativity
KIN 128 = 11 = 2
11 Portal/Duality/Doorway
2 – Partnership/Cooperation
The SPECTRAL 💥TONE is tone number 11 and KIN 128 adds up to 11!! So we have an 11:11 code as a doorway to release the past! Coupled with a 21:21 day code – which denotes VICTORY over PAST challenges.🏆 A very POWERFUL day for LIBERATION💥 from disharmonious relationships and toxic emotions!
Day 11 in the WHITE MIRROR WAVESPELL of reflection, truth, illusion, endlessness, and magnification. Today we are focused on LIBERATING💫 our inner BEAUTY,✨ through uncovering and dissolving discordant emotional patterns that WHITE MIRROR is reflecting in the CORE of our being 💎 – particularly in relation to our partnerships and relationships. 💕
SPECTRAL💥 is the 11th tone of creation. It operates in the EMOTIONAL realm and its actions are that of dissolving, releasing and liberating!💫 This is a very powerful opportunity to RELEASE CORE WOUNDING and move forward, FEARLESSLY FREE from obstructions. The SPECTRAL action together with the 2 and 11 codes, focuses on partnerships, putting your relationships under the magnifying glass🔎 for close examination. 🔬These very powerful energies work to create final CLOSURE, dissolving all impediments to you finally claiming your true BEAUTY.🌸🌼.
Tone 11 SYMBOLIZES a gateway and polarity, inviting you to step through into a NEW REALITY where TIME⏳ = ART 🎨.and LIFE IS BEAUTIFUL! 🌸🌼🌺🌹
So precious hearts laugh, dance and sing with your beloved kin 👫💓👭💓👬and enjoy this beautiful STARRY day, imagining a new Harmonic reality in our BEAUTY filled world. 🌼🌺🌹.
Today’s question is “What do I need to RELEASE and dissolve, in order to LIBERATE💥 more BEAUTY 🌹and ART🎨 in the new Harmonic Matrix?✨
I dedicate this post to my beloved soul siSTAR and Earth Angel
Divi Walker – a YELLOW SPECTRAL STAR. 🌟🍥🌟
DIVI is a beautiful diplomatic STAR and peacekeeper who is brilliant at harmonizing emotional dramas. She is an absolute specialist at discovering, dissolving and releasing the root of any discordant emotional patterns and trauma from any dimension or realm in the time space continuum!!! She has been my number ONE, go to healer, counsellor and SAVIOUR for the past decade. I literally would not be here today to write these posts if it was not for her guardianship and protection, giving me the courage to endure my arduous journey. DIVINE GRATITUDE and eternal LOVE my beautiful Earth guardian. 💟💟💟
Divine blessings for a BEAUTY filled day of LIBERATION and CELEBRATION! ✨✨✨
Namaste’ 🙏❤🙏❤🙏
In Lak’ech a la kin
Christina White Magnetic Worldbridger – KIN 66 🌏🌈
PICTURE CREDITS: Above Sea Level Vladimir Kush DIVINE GRATITUDE 🙏❤🙏❤🙏
CONSCIOUS SELF🌟: & HIGHER SELF/GUIDE:🌟 YELLOW SPECTRAL STAR🌟 🌟 – LAMAT is self-guided today so we are DOUBLY blessed with BEAUTY, GRACE and ELEGANCE!✨🌹 LOT’S of HARMONY, BEAUTY and PEACEmaking codes.
LAMAT provides perfect energies for healing any disharmonious relationships with yourself or your kin today. We are able to release all the old energy that has built up, and allow ourselves to FEEL LIGHT and FREE, SHINY and BRIGHT once again.
The YELLOW STAR ignites your creativity today and unleashes your store house of GOLDEN energy within your solar plexus chakra. Your POWER centre also releases your store of ABUNDANCE.. ensuring the flood gates OPEN and are LIBERATING Universal funds for all – G.E.S.A.R.A. is on it’s way NOW. 💰💰💰
LAMAT is a brilliant vehicle for creative expression through Art, 🎨craft, singing, dancing and creating beautiful music 🎻🎶 All this beautiful energy will lead you to greater harmony within yourself and through your outer reflection in your relations with others.
LAMAT is the VENUS STAR✨ of beauty, elegance, grace, harmony and PEACE. YELLOW STAR kin are gifted artisans and Artists, as well as BRILLIANT diplomats and PEACE keepers, which is where they really SHINE. LAMAT kin have undoubtedly held positions as Galactic Ambassadors and Peace Diplomats through the Galaxy and in many life times. Many StarBlossoms who hail from Venusian💓 shores carrying Libran/Lamat codes are the Galactic Peacemakers🕊 who have journeyed to Earth with that grand purpose. Ironically many PEACE loving Librans/Yellow Stars attract dysfunctional relationships as part of their life’s lesson to find the BEAUTY amidst the chaos 🌀. They are very gentle and beautiful souls holding HUGE LIGHT packets within their pure vessels…sadly their partners usually play the shadow role in their midst…holding the balance needed in duality, in order for LAMAT to experience and know themselves as DIVINE LIGHT🎆This paradox is very evident in Twin Flame 💕relationships as identified in the Gemini 👫archetype – one twin is within the LIGHT and the other stands in the SHADOW…
On a global level the SPECTRAL STAR will reveal much chaos and discord in order for us to SEE THE LIGHT in the Hall of Mirrors, categorically rejecting the reflection of this illusion… and choosing to SEE and experience a new Harmonic reality..We are GIFTED with the codes to release and LIBERATE a better world today. Invite the gift of HARMONY into your life by allowing the BEAUTY of Creation to LIBERATE you through higher LOVE, JOY and BLISS.🌈💞
SUPPORT:BLUE SPECTRAL MONKEY -🐒 CHUEN invites us to see beyond the veils of illusion and deception to reveal the purity of TRUTH. Discovering the Divine child in each of us – our PURE INNOCENCE.. As we connect with our inner Divine Child and recognize the divinity within each other – we access the MAJIK of the CREATION within us all. LIBERATING tremendous MAJIK to make our lives BLISSFUL.
Trusting in the divine patterns at play that LIBERATE joy and innocence. Rejoicing and celebrating through PLAYing with our kin. Stepping through the boundaries into deeper and higher levels of FREEDOM from the old paradigm, into B-Earthing a beautiful new utopian world for ourselves, our children, and our future descendants.
OCCULT/HIDDEN POWER: RED ELECTRIC SKYWALKER 🚀- BEN provides DOUBLE the rocket fuel 🚀🚀as today’s SUPERPOWER, to ELECTRICALLY IGNITE your desires, passion and yearning for BLISS. BEN enables us to activate our joy through exploring what it is to express our feelings. Allowing ourselves to DISCOVER our feelings that have long been hidden and lost. BEN can help us to soar to the Heavens and anchor these BLISS codes through our-cellves and our union with others. As we bond with our beloveds in Service to the Divine with the united mission of bridging Heaven and Earth. 💒
BEN shows us that there is no LIMIT in this endless infinite Galaxy of creation to the BEAUTY🌸 we can access and CREATE on this planet.
✨REACH for the STARS✨ and spread your WINGS to fly on the Cosmic Currents, and then bring the pillars of HEAVEN to anchor our BLISS ON EARTH. 🌎💟🌏💟🌍
CHALLENGE/GIFT: WHITE SPECTRAL MIRROR -🔎 ETZNAB as the challenge gives us DOUBLE the power of TRUTH, endlessness and reflection today. Giving us the gift of accessing the endless order of Creation. The DOUBLE MIRROR energy, POTENTLY reveals all that needs to be released and stripped away in ourselves, our connections and our world.
ETZNAB then challenges us to SEE the BEAUTY in all things and to hold LOVE AND COMPASSION in our hearts.💞 Allowing ourselves to release into the beauty, letting go of the endless order and seeing it reflected in nature all around us, the elegant creation that stirs your heart and uplifts you with joy and BLISS! 💓🐬

Pleiades 1 Messages April 21 2021

P1 calling Terrans for origins recognition! Attention for calls in PVSE / SdE !!

Elementals are approaching.

Siriana Forces express themselves.

Centaurians are approaching.

Central are approaching.

*MiD escapes continue to be nullified.

Terrans called to liberations.

Healing Environment is expanded.

New rebirths in life happen.

PAA+AG APPROVED. Sequences of events begin. Attention supporters. Next >>> 69% (non-regressive).

Crystalline aspect increase.

Plastic wars are over.

Plasmic parasites are removed from a specific environment.

Ozone Layers are enlarged.

Air purifications in progress.

Temporarily, end of transmission.




Curved-Space Harmonic
2D Information-Highways
Crystal-Wave Continuum
Magnetic-Dreamtime Ley-Lines
Whales, Dolphins, Elephants, Dragons
Celestial-Stewardship Navigators
Man-kind now Life Matters
Sentient Virus on Earth-Rock
Regressive – Psychotic Entities
Black Sun Satanic Death-Cult
Trading Children Slaves Life
Inverted Images Projection-Reflect
Construct loop-repeat Reality-Spin
Illusion in Linear Time-Memory
Descending Spiral Algorithm-Reversal
D-Wave Quantum-Mirror Simulation
Weaponised the Bio-Dome
Overlaid Body’s Energetic-Circuitry
Planetary-Social Engineering Clampdown
Political-Cabal-Bullies / Military-Might
Corrupt Business-Science-Law-Religion
AI Cube Fascist-Order World-Inc Tyranny
Casino Royale for Planet Earth
Fractured Minds – Imploding Timeline
Entering Deep-Space – Abyss of Sound
Galactic Plane of Plasma Field-Waves
Gravity pulling to Source – Jubilee Year
Merging-Frequency in Consciousness
Elemental Solar-Plexus Transfiguration
Standing in Higher-Dimensions-Order
Space-Vibration lattice Blueprint Tones
Multi-Verse No Limits Krystal-Hologram
Kingdom of Conscience Temple of Light
StarBody Essence @Lyra Egyptian-Serres
Expand Love-Frequency Royal Lines
Guardians Inheritance – Crystalline Grids
Non-duality Not two Nature-Within

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