LIGHT WAVES Of Disclosure ~ PROFOUND SHIFTS – Original Human Angelic Template 



Paul White Gold Eagle

Greetings Celestial Soul Bridgers of the New Golden Age of Divine Dispensation

In these final days of the false 3d projection we are being redeemed and the Gates of Heaven are open and activated for the Transformation of this Realm into the Pure Land of Paradise for all living souls of the Clear Light of Bliss.

As i sit here Now in this Stillness all that remains is the Unconditional Love of the Eternal Truth. God Source Creator emanates and resonates within the Hearts and Minds of the Real Ones of the Way. There is a Power in Silence, in the Essence of the Void all is Sacred Space as the Infinite Canvas to create within and upon. As conscious co-creators we have the choice to assist in the manifestation of the Paradise timeline for all to cherish and benefit from the fruits of our labor.

By taking full responsibility for our reality and guiding the energy to the Divine Will of our Holy Charity we come in service to Gaia and all Huemanity with our Passion and compassion for the Sanctity of our Rainbow Tribe of the New earth. All are welcome but many choose not to step through. All Universal Law resonates with the free will of every living being of the True Light.

There are cycles, within cycles, within cycles that are being fulfilled and brought to completion as the Totality of the Sacred Self is made manifest. It is time to guide the Power of the Creative Potential of our All-mighty I Am Presence and hold the vision with our Clear and Direct Thought patterns and Divine Imagination, for all we experience in this realm are the images and imaginings of the Infinite Source Creator. We all hold the Genius within our DNA Codes that when activated we become unlimited in all Possibilities of Future Timeline Outcomes. Where our Mind goes our Chi flows. Our thoughts hold the key to our manifestation potential. We experience and perceive what we focus upon.

We all hold within us the 3 Heavens or the 3 Hells. The Heavens are the energies of Love, Bliss and Peace and the 3 emotional Hells are Fear, Anger and the Hungry Ghost, or in other words not appreciating what one has and always desiring more; that is never being satisfied.  In our Ascended Mastery we remove expectations and practice appreciation. Even if it is the simple little things such as the Sun on our face, the breeze on our skin, the Pure Presence of a child; whatever brings you joy. This connects us with the Infinite Light of the Unborn Eternal Mind of Buddha.

In other words be the Peace, The Joy, The Love you wish to see in the World, for in the Heavens and upon the Earth I Am the World Honored one. In this we end picking and choosing and live in the Direct Experience of the Eternal Now…A’Ho!!



Right now: Moon at 16°43′ Leo, Sun at 24°33′ Pisces

sabian symbols

Current Sabian Symbols

Current Sabian Symbol for the Sun

The purging of the priesthood.
Sabian Symbol for 25º Pisces

The current Sabian Symbol of the Sun is the symbol that characterizes the ongoing solar influence, the vital energy and the personality, or it’s just a symbol which characterizes this day, while the Sun’s position (rounded to the next degree) is 25º Pisces.

Current Sabian Symbol for the Moon

Volunteer church choir makes social event of rehearsal.
Sabian Symbol for 17º Leo

The current Sabian Symbol of the Moon is the symbol that characterizes the ongoing lunar influence, the emotional background, or it’s just a symbol which characterizes this moment, while the Moon’s position (rounded to the next degree) is 17º Leo.








There will be extremely STRONG and SIGNIFICANT Incoming Waves of energy, holding light codes and strong vibrations, within the next 8-10 hours. So approximately 6-8pm UK time, tonight on 14 March 2022.
I’m getting the Pre-Wave affects this morning that I get before Major energies. Major energies usually mean a SHIFT of some sort will ALSO occur. But I just know for now this will be a MORE significant set of incoming energies that will start in approximately 8-10 hours.
INCOMING ENERGIES have been steadily increasing all day. NOW it has HEIGHTENED and will continue to INTENSIFY and become stronger as ENERGY, over the next many hours. Possibly into tomorrow…we will see…
It holds various vibrational patterns, to root, throat, heart chakras. Multiple vibrational patterns occuring simultaneously to the head, including the INFINITY LOOP. Plus, what I feel is ‘the’ difference with THIS particular Incoming Energy of 14 March 2022 is it has in last half hour (since 5.30pm UK time) activated KUNDALINI ENERGIES within and through SPINE.
Remember to drink lots of water to help your body system integrate more easily these energies. And just to remind it takes normally, 3 days to integrate any incoming energy into our physical cells. That said, if this particular incoming energies incorporates a SHIFT, as I am sure it will, we will probably know this within next 24-48 hours. It won’t be THE SHIFT, but a step ‘up’ in your consciousness. You’ll feel it (a change within your awareness) if my sense of a SHIFT is correct. We will see…
Big hug and know you are so loved.
God Bless.
With so much Love to all,
Amanda Lorence
14 March 2022
the great shift
the great shift

~Kwana Mikaela~ ❤


❤ Energy Update • March 13 – 15 ❤

This is the latest powerful Solar Light Energy to the planetary field and Human physical body system, – from the skin level, into the inner organs and cellular sub-levels, going directly into the crystalline Light Body. It can “hit” everyone differently ; common symptoms for the Collective includes: Vertigo, slight dizziness, ‘pause moments’, uplifts/tiredness, changing body temperature, Heart palpitations, eruptions of emotions/spinning thinking etc. Take more liquids, soups, juices, water…
Remember that physicality need linear time to ABSORB / PROCESS the Light. Like in similar strong energies, it is good to release present emotions, Mental patterns, programs, or take a step in direction of the bigger changes, leading to higher / aligned states of being, living.  The Loving Leader within is waiting to be activated. ✨ golden Light Codes, coming with the Solar Energy, are bringing the NEW; many upgrades to the Light Languages we use. Possible reaction from the corrupt Timeline due to mass of higher vibrations. May the Heart lead you / us 💛🌎☀️✨
The solar activations continue and whilst the sun sits on the 29th degree of Aquarius (Sidereal) we spark the power of the genius within.
The 29th degree of all signs is a powerful alignment to hold as your awareness and give your full throttle passion to the possibilities available at this point in space and time.
With a M2 solar flare we ignite our passion for peace through being the example of that. Dissolving the narratives that connect us to the Maya and our addiction to drama.
The light will awaken
The light will show exactly where your next link is to be uncoupled from the chains of our forgetting.
And never forget beloved, the pain IS your invitation to freedom and all the pleasure that offers once you enter it’s portal.


The level of GLORY through the New Way of Being is filled with the Eternal Presence of The HOLY DIVINE.
Feel this even now, as miracles unfold through the NOW MOMENT of the Heart; through the eternal love and grace of the DIVINE.
In Profound bliss and joy, All DIVINE BEINGS are PRESENT.
Open your ETERNAL HEART TO receive now, as your subconscious understands fully the eternal Presence.
In Divine Love,




Art Marcelo Germana
Energy is just pouring in.
I feel distinctly weird/wired and my ears are hurting.
We can expect this to continue for most of the week as we head into equinox shifting on the week-end.
So soft and gentle, yet so powerful and packing such a wollop!
We are moving back into our connection with the Divine Mother and with our multi-dimensional self.
Our DNA is activating, our Original Human Angelic Template is buzzing and our New Human Light Body Template is vibrating powerfully.
Such a powerful Integration that is happening now as we head towards Equinox where we will balance all these energies.
For myself ( and my cat) we are sleeping a lot at the moment. Lots of rest required and lots of self care.
Go gently.
This is not the time for pushing forward.
Just gently flow with the energies.
You are loved and supported by your Angelic and Galactic families and you are never alone!
Feminine Heart energies
Feminine Heart energies
Open the sacredness of your hearts in the presence of the Trinity which is the Masculine and Feminine Principles when combined form a third. You are balanced. The Male and Female principles are working hand in hand in your energetic field creating Unity in sacredness.
Now you are bringing in the sacred sparkles of your heart. With these sacred sparkles, most of you will start seeing things as they really are in God’s world, not as they are shown to us by the 3D world which is trying to pretend or persuade us.
These sacred sparkles will be a beam of Light or light house beam that will guide you on how to move between truth and fallacy. This will be shown to you in the month of March. With the Trinity in your heart and with these sacred sparkles, you will be able to pass through March by seeing the Truth in the most optimal way without losing energy on unnecessary emotions and actions.
Hugs and love to all of you,
You have many bodies existing simultaneously in many realities, and you must constantly work to integrate them. They are like a sheath of light or an energy web that can draw forth and integrate into your present physical reality. All of you exist simultaneously in many realities. Your chakras exist in many realities.
You can develop the sense of these higher realities by working with your light bodies. You also have many layers of DNA. We talk about the twelve layers of DNA, but there are more layers underneath the twelve, and then underneath those are twelve more, and so forth. Your light bodies are the key.
When you work with your light bodies and anchor them you will activate deeper levels of your twelve strand DNA. The twelve strands have many substrands. Do you think the Creator created you with only twelve strands? You are an evolving being; there is much more to you than anyone can conceive.
DNA of the Spirit ~
DNA of the Spirit
DNA of the Spirit

LIGHT WAVES Of Disclosure

Like the Waves of Starseeds birthed in your World
The Light Harmonics of our transmissions, and the encouragement for you to reach this Level of Higher Light Assimilation…
We introduce the Light Dynamics of disclosure, to visualise Waves of Light Streams, awakening, reaching your world.
To Attune to this Light Frequency Wave Length…
To Reach this Level of Light Frequency is the Task Before You.
For Our Committment to Humanity is simply the true Light Evolution of your species 🙏
For our Mission is of pure intent, as Light Custodians of your world.
For many can be mesmerized by the exopolitics of your planet. Know this is just a narrative, not the solution to assist your personal light progression.
Stay in Tuned with the Focus of Light 💥
Awaken to the Cosmic Light Signals you are receiving.
Be the Teacher you Seek 🙏
For the PURITY of Your Light Role is Here ❤
Fill your heart with great joy knowing the collective consiousness of YOU is aligned to the Mission of Light 💥
The Arcturians & Karen Lithika

Expansion of enlightenment is occurring as you heal from the past. You are a successfully entering 5D New Earth. Cellular upgrades from the Quantum Field are downloading the Andromedan Rose Feminine frequencies for your new incarnation as a Galactic Star Human on Earth. This includes direction through symbols, omens, songs, and messages on the action steps to take. Know that you are protected, guided, and have spirit guardians beside you in this new cycle that has begun. Limitless expansion is here, and now is the opportunity to go for it.

The karmic balance and lessons that were needed to release the past is happening now through the Aries Season. The Masculine and Feminine team are releasing all the cords keeping you bound to the matrix, including all the pain endured within it. Focus on healing the feelings of abandonment and emotional suffering from how others have treated you since childhood. Take back your power from those that played with your emotions and used your core wounds to manipulate you. It is up to you to set yourself free. You hold the key to do so.

We are flipping out of those entrapments, and into our destiny. Prepare for the Spiritual transformation that giving us the Quantum Leap forward into stability, loyalty, and God’s Kingdom reality.

In Jesus Christ’s name amen. God bless you 🕊 Love Carolyn




The Sun is still close to Neptune in Pisces, bringing feelings of confusion about our identity and role in these strange times. Is our everyday life a reflection of our spiritual truth, or are we still going along with the external programs? If nothing feels right, it’s because it isn’t. We are living in an upside down world in which the structures do not support human life and spiritual development.

Friday’s Full Moon in Virgo happens opposite of Neptune and the Sun in Pisces. Our spiritual reality is being reflected back to us. We are looking at who we have been, and who we are now, and how far away our reality is from the bigger truth that we know to be true. This bloom of Pisces energy is pulling us into griefs and stories of the past.

The Virgo Full Moon will be in a harmonious trine with Pluto in Capricorn, inviting us to purify and break free from the shame of where we have given our power away. It’s a time to clean up our life from whatever is not in alignment with our greater spiritual truth.

This Full Moon, happening at 27 degrees Virgo, is at the end of the Sun’s time in Pisces, making it an opportunity for a spiritual re-birth. This Full Moon happens just a few days before the Spring Equinox, and the beginning of the Zodiacal year. The movement of the Sun over the Aries point of rebirth will bring a spark of fire into our lives, starting next weekend. We are still in shock and sorting through what has happened over the last two years, but this Equinox brings much needed motivation and direction for positive change.

This week leading up to the Full Moon is a bit of a confusing watery mess with four planets in Pisces. We are swimming in the primordial waters, preparing for rebirth, sorting through all the unresolved griefs of the past. It’s a great time to cleanse away what is no longer resonates, as we begin to birth into a new, more true, version of who we really are.

HER Great Awakening
HER Great Awakening
Mercury in Pisces square Ceres in Gemini. Venus in Aquarius trine Ceres in Gemini and semi-square Neptune in Pisces – There is tension between heart and mind. Ceres in Gemini wants to cultivate good relationships, nurture through education. Ceres mothers with a light touch here, leaves us to figure things out, volleys encouraging words instead of hugs when we struggle for answers. Venus is on board with this approach as she passes through cerebral Aquarius. Here she’s invested in making good connections, values progressive thinking and scientific method. It’s all very intellectual, wordy, theoretical.
But the influence of Mercury and Neptune in Pisces is like a slow drip in the background, constantly tugging at our attention. Unconscious material seeps through, makes us question what we read or hear, wonder whether we are moving in the right direction. Ideals and fantasies vie with reality. We feel disappointed, listless, unsettled. Pisces is concerned with the meaning of experience rather than hard data. Maybe it isn’t the day for major decisions, conclusions or pronouncements. Place one hand on your brow and one on your chest to reconnect heart and mind. Sit with your thoughts and feelings as they untangle. Whisper words of comfort to yourself. The heart knows what the soul needs.
Degrees and Times
Mercury 07°Aq47′, Ceres 07°Ge47′ – 19:39 (UT)
Mercury 07°Pi48′, Ceres 07°Ge48′ – 21:50 (UT)
Venus 07°Aq55′, Neptune 22°Pi55′ – 23:15 (UT)
© Leah Whitehorse 2022
Painting – Profile of a seated young woman by Berthe Morisot
The jaguar is representative of power, ferocity, and valor; he is the embodiment of aggressiveness. For some, the jaguar represents the power to face one’s fears, or to confront one’s enemies. However, they are also associated with vision, which means both their ability to see during the night and to look into the dark parts of the human heart. The jaguar often warns of disaster, he does not offer any reassurance. Along with physical vision, jaguars are also associated with prescience and the foreknowledge of things to come. Cats have binocular vision, meaning each eye can work by itself, which provides them with better depth perception. This gives more evidence to their connection with vision and foresight.
The jaguar, specifically panther, is linked to the Roman god Bacchus (Greek Dionysus). Bacchus was supposedly nursed by panthers, and in some depictions he is riding a chariot pulled by the large cats. Bacchus is often thought of as the god of wine and mirth, but he is strongly linked to the unleashing of desires. So, the panther, too, is a symbol of subconscious urges and abilities. This is something the Aztecs and Mayans also had a notion of. Both peoples spoke and taught about the power of becoming half-jaguar and half-human, because a person who can do this can be rid of all of his cultural restrictions and inhibitions. In other words, he can finally act upon his hidden desires.

Sean Caulfield


TEZCATLIPOCA, Lord of the Night Sky…

112th NIGHT, 7-Dog, 14 March 2022

The collapsing pull of Divine Time…

From what can be understood in the Aztec calendar that aligns to the Mayan calendar Tezcatlipoca is actually associated with the 10th Uinal of the God of Darkness, and CHALLENGE. I brought the CONSCIOUSNESS of Tezcatlipoca in to this writing to give context to the light and dark forces at play.

At present in the consciousness of the Mayan calendar time is in the NIGHT on all 9 levels and in the middle of the NIGHT on the 7th, 8th and 9th Level.

6 Sept 2021 was the middle of the 19.7 year long 7th NIGHT of the 7th Level, we have recently on 5 March 2022 gone through the middle of the 12th NIGHT of the 8th Level, and now on 14th March it’s the middle of the 112th NIGHT of the 9th Level. So it’s the closest to a combined midpoint of the NIGHTS in the 7th, 8th and 9th Waves. The middle of the NIGHT is the deepest part of the trough of the sine-wave movement of Creation, it could be seen to be the place that the pull of the energies to collapse time is the strongest, the resistance to change is thus heaviest.

On the 7th Wave level of Planetary consciousness TIME HAS BEEN COLLAPSING IN ON ITSELF in the 7th NIGHT, this is purposefully happening SO THAT IT CAN EXPAND AND GROW CREATION ANEW.


Hence, a shift is happening, the CHALLENGE that Tezcatlipoca brings is loosing its grip on our mind, the collapse is ending for an imminent heart centered expansion and rejuvenation to begin, in other words the LIGHT of Quetzalcoatl will now begin to overshadow the DARK of Tezcatlipoca, this process assists a transcending of the limiting immature imprints of duality. The illusion of separation is dissolving to create a state of ONENESS for a NEW EARTH of Peacefulness to be born.
Image –

TEZCATLIPOCA, Lord of the Night Sky
TEZCATLIPOCA, Lord of the Night Sky
Cosmic History Quote for Moon 9 Day 8
Mantra focuses on primordial sound vibration, the primary dimension of universal coordination.

Kin 195 ~ Blue Cosmic Eagle

‘Cosmic’ is the name for the number thirteen and its key words are ‘Transcend, Endure and Presence’. It’s the last day of the Blue Night wavespell and today we evaluate the journey and try to understand its lessons before moving on to the next.
Today is Blue Eagle which represents ‘Creativity, Vision and Mind’. Blue Eagle days are all about seeing the big picture. Step back and look at your life. What do you see? Consider all angles and vantage points before making any decisions today and if you see any problems, use creative solutions to solve them. As today is the ‘Cosmic Eagle’, bare in mind that you may have to endure to see things from a higher perspective.
The Guide today is the Blue Storm which symbolizes ‘sweeping changes’. When Storm guides expect some chaos and disruption. It’s not always a bad thing. When storm comes along it can refresh the air and blow away the cobwebs in your brain. Accept it rather than fight it.
The Challenge today is the Red Serpent and when in this position the snake can bite. Be prepared to transmute any poison you have inside and spit it out.
The Occult power is the White Worldbridger which represents ‘Death’. This scares the heebee jeebbies out of some folk but really it means that you must give something up or let something in your life die. This can be a bad attitude or habit, or a person who doesn’t make your life better but causes you suffering. When in this magical position, giving something up can have powerful, magical consequences.
The Ally is the Yellow Seed who loves to share wisdom and spread awareness. If you need some good advice on this enduring day, consult a Yellow Seed. They will be of great help.


13 MEN – KIN 195
14 MARCH 2022
I endure in order to CREATE
Transcending MIND
I seal the output of VISION
With the Cosmic tone of PRESENCE
I AM guided by the power of SELF-GENERATION
✨✨✨CREATING💫 the GREATEST 🗻🏔VISION 👁👁 of them all!!🌏🌈
14/3/2022 = 5/3/6 = 5/9 =14=5
14- Media/Publicity/Promotion/Recognition
5- Freedom/Liberation/Change/Movement/Transformation
✨MONTH/YEAR codes✨
✨3.6.9 – TESLA CODE✨✨
3- Holy Trinity/Joy/Happiness/Creativity/Communication
6- Heaven/Christ/Family/Romance/Fertility
9- Completion/Destiny/Service/Humanity/Grace
20- The AWAKENING/Clear vision
22- Architect of PEACE/Master builder
TODAY IS A MONUMENTAL 🎇 DAY — On a COSMIC EAGLE DAY🍥 – we have incredibly CLEAR VISION👁👁 in all directions…We can SEE for MILES and MILES, 360 degrees in SEEN and UNSEEN realms throughout the COSMOS – all is revealed!!
Today is the ONE EXPANSIVE 💥 day of transcendental 🎇VISIONS👁 of our glorious NEW WORLD.
A H–U–G–E WAKE UP ✨ CALL FOR HUMANITY – the bells are ringing! 🔔🔔🔔
Be (A) ware – today is the prelude to the IDES OF MARCH which is upon us tomorrow!!! 👀
And so we arrive at Day 13 the final day in the BLUE NIGHT WAVESPELL🌃 of dreams, intuition and ABUNDANCE. Where we are collectively DREAMING the NEW WORLD into reality!
Today as we close this 13 day journey with AKBAL our intuitive and sensitive BLUE NIGHT, we have arrived at the point of pure PRESENCE of Cosmic AWARENESS. As we arrive at the PEAK 🗻of the HIGHEST MOUNTAIN 🏔 we look around 360 degrees, and from our lofty platform we can SEE through the eyes 👁 of the ENLIGHTENED ones seeing the NEW WORLD 🌈🌏 before us. Embracing the Cosmic ABUNDANCE and pure presence(presents)🎁 of Pachamama. 🌏
ADSUM! We have ARRIVED and can SEE the BIGGER PICTURE , ENVISIONING a brighter future for our NEW WORLD and all of Earth’s inhabitants. 🌏🌎🌍🖼🌈
COSMIC 🍥 is the last and final tone of creation. The highest octave. Tone 13 operates in the SPIRITUAL realm. 13 is the mystical number of the Cosmic order, the Goddess and synchronic Natural time. COSMIC ACTION – transcends POWER – endures ESSENCE – presence
Today we have incredible SPIRITUAL POWER at our disposal to TRANSCEND all the LIES and ILLUSIONS.. releasing the scare-city patterns and limited poverty consciousness and suffering, where the old world and all its trappings dissolve into the Cosmic mists! We can transform them by our pure presence, translating into pure BLISS!.
We have arrived – ADSUM I AM HERE!. This is the stage of having transcended the physical, emotional and mental realms and arriving at COSMIC 🍥 CONSCIOUSNESS.
Today we can be STILL and realize the connectedness of all things through the realm of the DREAMTIME😴💤.. Transcending all but the power of pure consciousness, through the frequency of pure internal presence in our united DREAMING!🌈🌏🌈💫
The great COSMIC SERPENT🍥🐍 is ACTIVATING the GREAT SERPENT in the SKY to fuel our Planetary GRIDS and DREAMING VISION. Look up into the Starry Milky Way SKIES and know that INFINITE CREATION exists through the miracle of your PRESENCE!✨✨✨
Today’s question is “How can I fully AWAKEN the DREAM within me, and CREATE the HIGHEST VISION of PEACE, JOY and ABUNDANCE for all beings on our beautiful PLANET, through COSMIC embodiment?”. 🐬🌴🌼🌈
🐬🌈 ❤🐬🌈❤🐬🌈❤🐬
And so we bid adieu to AKBAL – the AWAKENED DREAMER who has guided our journey through the abyss of our collective unconscious, uncovering the path to our greatest Dreaming over the last 13 days. Transcending limitations to claiming our COSMIC ABUNDANCE🍥🌟 that has always been available as our birthright, and waiting for us to claim, bringing it forth into our new reality.
Tomorrow we commence a brand new Wavespell with CIB – the fearless RAINBOW WARRIOR🌈🏹 who will guide us to forge a new path to a beautiful New World. 🌏🌎🌍 aligning with the IDES OF MARCH – striking out to achieve our collective QUEST.
And so our journey through the DREAMSPELL continues…….
Divine blessings for your transcendance into pure Cosmic Abundance! Aho!💫✨💝🌈
In Lak’ech a la kin
Christina White Magnetic Worldbridger – KIN 66 🌏🌈
CONSCIOUS SELF: BLUE COSMIC EAGLE🍥👁 – MEN is said to hold the coding for PLANETARY MIND 🌎☺– the MIND of the collective of our entire incarnated human family.
✨✨Today is a very FORTUITOUS BLESSING🌹 from Spirit with all the STARS 🌟🌟🌟ALIGNING in HUMANITY’S FAVOUR! This COSMIC VISIONARY EAGLE day – affords the OPPORTUNITY for a mass REVEAL and MASS AWAKENING. THE 14/5 coding affords media attention and publicity resulting in transformation for the collective.
Today marks an ENDING – the ability to TRANSCEND PLANETARY MIND – AWAKENING to the TRUTH of COSMIC CONSCIOUSNESS 🍥🎇– Having the CLARITY and VISION to SEE the BIG PICTURE and DISMISS the smokescreen and false narrative that has being programmed into the PLANETARY consciousness for millenia!
Today is the day that the curtain is DRAWN and the little man (WIZARD) operating the Planetary projector is REVEALED.. BOOM 💥 💥
We have the ability to SEE CLEARLY – what we desire as a human collective, and we have the POWER to CREATE IT…
The COSMIC EAGLE provides us with a beautiful gift today. The gift of panoramic VISION! Holding the most divine VISION of common-unity👭👬👫 and how to live in the New Time, that we are collectively creating with our unified VISION.
🌈A VISION that is all inclusive and encompassing, where everybody feels loved, safe and supported by each other.
🌈A VISION where ALL our children are cherished and protected, where there is no poverty or hunger.
🌈 A VISION of World LIBERATION, FREE from dis-ease, violence, oppression and control.
🌈A world where we are all FREE to express our SOUL’S desires to our highest potential.
🌈A VISION where GAIA attains her HIGHEST POTENTIAL through her evolutionary journey in partnership with man-KIND!
🌈An EXPANSIVE VISION of EQUALITY and inclusiveness where all needs are met.
🌈A NEW WORLD filled with RAINBOWS 🌈🌈where all beings can SHINE ☀brightly.
HIGHER SELF/GUIDE: BLUE COSMIC STORM🍥🌀 🌪– CAUAC is very fittingly the GUIDING FORCE behind today’s codes.. Today’s FOCUS is on TRANSFORMATION of COSMIC proportions…AMPLIFYING the 14/5 planetary transformation codes.
On MONDAY at 1 am UT a Solar plasma cloud is likely to arrive on EARTH upgrading our DNA and lightbodies. The C2 Solar Flare launched an asymmetrical FULL HALO C.M.E. Coronal Mass Ejection into space.
We have a CRESCENDO of planetary transformation occurring to complete CAUAC’s Mission and allow the REBUILDING to begin. .. After the STORM 🌧 the SUN SHINES🌞 and brings out the RAINBOWS 🌈– GOD’S promise of a new day. The RAINBOW is the symbol of the NEW TIME. 🌈✨
BLUE STORM enables us to UNLEASH ABUNDANCE🌻 FOR ALL BEINGS through great planetary transformation and transcendence of the old matrix. ✨✨✨
Fearlessly LETTING GO of the old paradigm, as we PURIFY and REFRESH the Planetary MIND, in order to hold on to the NEW VISION.
We can tune into the great cosmic ocean of Planetary Abundance that has been denied to us. Using BLUE EAGLE’s EYES and our intuition we can uncover our deepest dreaming, our soul’s longings and desires which have not yet been met, or materialized into form, waiting for the right moment to be seeded. Uncovering and freeing our greatest dreams, the dreams that empower our creative minds to envision the greatest majik! 💫💫
WE have the POWER to ACTIVATE and MANIFEST this DREAM collectively today!
SUPPORT: YELLOW COSMIC SEED🍥 🌾 – KAN forms a team with CIMI the Worldbridger. . CIMI symbolizes THE END, and then passes the baton to KAN who denotes a new beginning. KAN guides us to heal any part of the VISION that inhibits a growing and blossoming AWARENESS, of our greatest potential flowering. 🌼
KAN empowers through the capacity to SHINE through ALL DARKNESS, choosing to co-create a collective highest potential that empowers all. SEEING far into the future in order to SEED the BEST timelines with the greatest potential.
❓❓❓How can you plant these visions into the ground NOW, in order for them to bear fruit and nourish all?
❓❓❓What is it that you wish to ENVISION into creation?
OCCULT/HIDDEN POWER: WHITE MAGNETIC WORLDBRIDGER –🌈 CIMI asks us to SURRENDER to our dreams, trusting that the darkness has passed. The MAGNETIC WORLDBRIDGER gives us the power to ATTRACT all that we are DREAMING of.. encouraging us to UNITE as ONE family through EQUALITY and OPPORTUNITY. We are bonded through UNITY CONSCIOUSNESS as ONE GLOBAL FAMILY all striving to CREATE the SAME DREAM!
Now is the era of greater LIGHT ✨🌞✨ when DREAMS RAPIDLYcome true, if we UNITE together as ONE through our networks and planetary grids, finally releasing the collective dreaming VISION of natural ABUNDANCE for us all.
CHALLENGE/GIFT: RED COSMIC SERPENT🍥 🐍– CHICCAN carries the power of life force, kundalini, instinct, PASSION, wisdom and awakening. It can also hold the store of FEAR and deep rooted survival issues.
RED SERPENT challenges you today to ERASE those limiting MENTAL thoughtforms and beliefs that have arisen during this 13 day ABUNDANCE cycle.. bringing to your attention matters that need to be addressed in order to THRIVE.
Instead of RE-ACTING through FEAR instinct, use your MIND positively to co-create through LOVE and JOY. Draw up your kundalini power to fuel your greatest VISIONS! This energy allows the power and radiance of full vital energy to be expressed with no resistance. We can hold an ABUNDANCE of creativity, ideas and energy to manifest our greatest DREAMS.
Focus and share this new energy and PASSION ❤ with your common-unities to accelerate our evolution into the New Time, manifesting into the physical realm, our greatest Dreaming.
The great COSMIC SERPENT🍥🐍 is ACTIVATING the GREAT SERPENT in the SKY to fuel our Planetary GRIDS and DREAMING VISION. Look up into the Starry Milky Way SKIES and know that INFINITE CREATION exists through the miracle of your PRESENCE!✨✨✨
Today’s question is “How can I fully AWAKEN the DREAM within me, and CREATE the HIGHEST VISION of PEACE, JOY and ABUNDANCE for all beings on our beautiful PLANET, through COSMIC embodiment?”. 🐬🌴🌼🌈
🐬🌈 ❤🐬🌈❤🐬🌈❤🐬
And so we bid adieu to AKBAL – the AWAKENED DREAMER who has guided our journey through the abyss of our collective unconscious, uncovering the path to our greatest Dreaming over the last 13 days. Transcending limitations to claiming our COSMIC ABUNDANCE🍥🌟 that has always been available as our birthright, and waiting for us to claim, bringing it forth into our new reality.
Tomorrow we commence a brand new Wavespell with CIB – the fearless RAINBOW WARRIOR🌈🏹 who will guide us to forge a new path to a beautiful New World. 🌏🌎🌍 aligning with the IDES OF MARCH – striking out to achieve our collective QUEST.
And so our journey through the DREAMSPELL continues…….
Divine blessings for your transcendance into pure Cosmic Abundance! Aho!💫✨💝🌈
Namaste’ 🙏❤🙏❤🙏
In Lak’ech a la kin
Christina White Magnetic Worldbridger – KIN 66 🌏🌈
First Matter Principles
Sacred Union Flame
ReBirth Dark to Light
Quantum Engineering
Lights Redox Power
Electrical Signalling
Cosmic Metronome
Light Creates Time
Information and Energy
MorphoGenetic Codes
BioElectrical Layers
Programmable Matter
Rewriting Outcomes
Electrical Map Structure
Waters Nuclear Footprint
Harmonic Coherent Minds
Protein-Plasma Body
Electronically Induced
Photoelectric Power
Stimuli / Inputs Variation
Ion Channel Proteins
Cellular Regeneration
No Genomic Editing
Exogenous Steroids
Redox Power is Crown
Energy / Information
Shapes & Sculpts Biology
Cells Memory-Reality
Lights-Redox Source
Trumps Genetic Power
Electrical Field Potentiality
Creates More Space-Time
Body Intelligence-Blueprint
Applications / Sub-Routines
Inbuilt Med-Bed Technology
Health TransMutate Alchemy
Golden Child Light-Activation
Emerald-Ruby Heart / BlueRay
StarBody / Dragon Rider
Time Continuum Creators
Eternal Light in Action
Limitless Potentiality
Who Controls Light
Controls Life – Time
Mass Equivalence Exchange
TransHuman / Construct Mask
Frequency Collapse Redox
Deep Fake Hollywood CGI
War Simulation / End Game
Blood Sacrifice / Eugenics
Soul Battle / Losing Time

How to Connect with Your Loved Ones on the Other Side,

The Higher Realms and Connect with our Spirit Guides



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I am the Seer
Coded by Blue Eagle
Fifteen is my number three portals of five
They are open to my mind
My home is an endless sky
Cause am a born of heaven
The galaxy is pumping
With my bright thoughts
By the power of vision I slip easily through dimensions
And I prophesy the coming of changing seasons
Flying through the parallel universes
On the unique trail of Zuvuya
Vision is the source of my intelligence
That holds the entire planetary universe
All those who seek to know the mind and create
According to the universal plan, they will come to me and summer
Inside my mind lies the power of the universal mind
In your infinite creativity
To know me is to know the astral plan of infinity
May it cover everything from which the higher mind comes from



Today is Blue Cosmic Eagle day on the 13 Moon Dreamspell Mayan Calendar.
Blue Eagle, (tribe 15 of the 20 solar tribe archetype cycle), creates, vision, mind.
Eagles are well known for their incredible eyesight. Eagles are also noted for their ability to fly very high up in the sky. From the towering heights, with that powerful vision, the eagle sees the big picture. Fly high over the landscape of your life. When you are able to take a few steps back and perceive the broader scope of what is unfolding, new perspectives come into view, and new ways of understanding come into focus. Eagle encourages you to tap into your creative abilities. Make the time to do something creative today. The process of creation is how the vibration of love becomes manifest into the world. Follow your creative impulses and make the world a better place for having done so.
Eagle represents the element of air and the mind. Tap into the planetary mind, the collective consciousness that we are all connected to. You may find that during blue eagle days and time periods, you will be having a conversation, when in the moment without any prior thought, the most profound words and messages come out of your mouth. Sometimes the information coming through may be new to you, yet at the same time, has an obvious ring of truth to it. This information is coming through from the collective mind that is shared by all beings.
Cosmic tone of Presence, (step 13 of the 13-step creative energy tone cycle), endure, transcend, presence.
The highest creative energy aspect you can aspire to is to remain present in the moment, experiencing life as it unfolds in the now. The concept of the timeline which includes past and future is an illusion. The only time that truly exists is the ever-present now. When you project out of the now into the illusions of past or future through craving and aversion, (I want this, I don’t want that, what am I going to do, etc…), you take yourself out of the present moment, the place where life is truly happening. The act of remaining present in the moment is what enables you to reconnect with the one.
The Cosmic tone represents a spiral that moves from the outermost point of the spiral back inward toward the center. Through the act of remaining present in the moment, you are gradually making your way back to the center point of the spiral that represents the one, to begin again. Due to this dynamic, as you travel along the spiraling pathway of today’s Cosmic tone, you will find yourself moving closer and closer to the center of the spiral to begin a new 13-day cycle with a new archetype theme beginning tomorrow. As you move closer to the center of the spiral, you will notice the energies and themes of the next 13-day cycle begin to merge into your consciousness and thoughts. The 13-day cycle beginning tomorrow is Yellow Warrior, questions, intelligence, fearlessness.
Remain present in the moment with creativity, vision, and mind, traveling the spiraling pathway back to the one.
Day 13 of the 13-day cycle themed Blue Night, dreams, abundance, intuition.
Written by Roger Grossman
Artwork by Edward Spera
Kin 195 Blue Cosmic Eagle
How to perpetuate?
Kin 195 Blue Cosmic Eagle
Creating, Transcending the Mind with the Power of Vision
Kin 195 Blue Cosmic Eagle
Kin 195 Blue Cosmic Eagle
The Cosmic tone (OXLAHUN) leads me to transcend the logic of linear time, which limits my life, until I expand to radial time. It’s the key to time and presence, it’s acceptance to what’s really happening, while it’s happening. The state of presence grants a depth of sensations – intimate and directed information, which lies within the living intelligence of the moment.
The Blue Eagle (MEN) represents vision, collective higher consciousness, visionary creativity and planetary consciousness. Often seen with a globe in my eyes, the Eagle carries an expanding volume, a great planetary perspective. The Eagle reminds me to forcefully step on my commitment as a planetary inhabitant. My job is to do anything that advances my personal growth and the evolution of the global mind. I’m an awakening, a transformer, a visionary. I wonder how I can experience compassion for being, for the Earth and others. I am guided towards the types of jobs, relationships and places to be experienced and projects that can benefit the Earth and its creatures. I’m a member of a global family, a planetary server. I allow my spirit to expand. It is up to each of us to maintain a positive vision to collaborate with the collective mind. Imagine the profound impact of my positive thoughts on the planetary mind. I make a difference ! When I connect individually to the network, my power is multiplied exponentially. The greatest gift I can give to the planet is simply being love. I believe in myself, my dreams and my visions! I remember my special gifts, my way on Earth, my promise to serve in the light. Today I am more sensitive to collective consciousness and the needs of humanity.
Presence is the wire that connects everything in life. The presence of life is what we all share, the Vital Universal Force that unites all things. The presence of the Spirit. The presence of love. The presence of my cosmic self. I’m present in every moment. I rejoice in the possibility of transcending all limitations and persevere through the waves of life – being fully present throughout my lifetime. Every moment I have the opportunity to transcend supposed limitations and lift my thoughts beyond conditional behaviors. Being present, exploring and feeling my relationships with life, and I step into understanding suffering as the beauty of human evolution, looking at life as an eternal journey.
Text: Sonia Days
Kin 195 Blue Cosmic Eagle
I persevere with the end of creation
Transcending the mind
Only the exit of vision
With the cosmic tone of presence
I am guided by the power of self-generation
“I have the energy and power to cross the earth to remember and awaken all that I am. “
TOM13: Cosmic (OXLAHUN) – How to Perpetuate?
POWER – Perseverance | ACTION – Transcend | ESSENCE – Presence
BELL 15: Blue Eagle (MEN)
POWER – Vision ACTION – Create ESSENCE – Mind





Sacred Condor Knowledge Card for the Day: Peacock






Animal Spirits Knowledge Cards : Paintings by Susan Seddon Boulet




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