83 ~ The Sacred Seals ~ WIZARDRY OF LIGHT ~ 11:11 24 STRAND DNA ACTIVATING ~ Sacred Fire Of Light ~ March Equinox

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83 ~ The Sacred Seals ~ WIZARDRY OF LIGHT ~ 11:11 24 STRAND DNA ACTIVATING ~ Sacred Fire Of Light ~ March Equinox

Right now: Moon at 6°03′ Cancer, Sun at 1°36′ Aries

sabian symbols

Current Sabian Symbols

Current Sabian Symbol for the Moon

Two fairies (nature spirits) dancing on a moonlit night.
Sabian Symbol for 7º Cancer

The current Sabian Symbol of the Moon is the symbol that characterizes the ongoing lunar influence, the emotional background, or it’s just a symbol which characterizes this moment, while the Moon’s position (rounded to the next degree) is 7º Cancer.


Current Sabian Symbol for the Sun

A comedian entertaining the group.
Sabian Symbol for 2º Aries

The current Sabian Symbol of the Sun is the symbol that characterizes the ongoing solar influence, the vital energy and the personality, or it’s just a symbol which characterizes this day, while the Sun’s position (rounded to the next degree) is 2º Aries.


source: www.astrologyweekly.com



You should be experiencing dble density expansion to your form as you enter Planet Huna Space.
Many had a taste of the Living Light Planet a long time ago, thru the Seal of the Living Light Child, through the HUNA SEAL,
This past lemurian new year the light was anchored into Gaia, helping Gaia to ascend to Planet Huna,
The King Krystal came to align her to the divine union through the Lemurian Calendar,
To invite all to the codes of expansion, to receive the consciousness of 24D and thereby accepting the 24 Strand, at the very least,
Stargate 17 provided the confirmation of the double density activating at an altitude above 12000 ft,
revealing the need for double density that supports the form at higher vibrations, a survival mode the cells expand to for the continuum of life,
Welcome to the Age of Lemuria Five,
Welcome to the House of Huna,
Welcome to Planet Huna….

Karen Lithika

As your Activation continues..
As your Ancient wisdom expands..
Know your past lives are not entirely of this world. Many are from distant Galaxies, of many missions.
Just like the Mission you are on……
For your Alliance with the Universe is innate with the planetary upgrade.
Know your wisdom & knowledge is collectively housed in your crystalline DNA, containing complex histories and stories of won battles.
Know your Wisdom is infinite🙏
To look deeply within to reach your
Wizardy of Light💥
To find and connect to the
Ancient aspect of YOU
To know your Timeline is a Window of Expansive Light. To connect to this Light, for it resides in the stillness of your Reality.
For YOU ARE Activating NOW….
Awakening to the Universe..
Aligning Your Light for the Good of Humanity..
Continue each step, each breath to Reach Us..
Know we are aligned and by your side…
Sending waves of unconditional Love xo
The Arcturians & Karen Lithika.
The Sacred Seals
The most sacred Seals containing immense Light Pockets of information for the New Golden Age and the New Earth have just been broken and the Light Pocket information is being released in several stages to those souls on earth who are ready to receive such information and activations.
These go hand in hand, with the most, sacred and hidden teachings of Yeshua and Mary Magdalene, which were indeed burnt at one stage, and some copies were confiscated and never given the light of day, by those who wished to control such information.
The seals now being broken, indeed will be transmitted directly into those souls who are ready to go through immense transfiguration and are in the process of doing so. This will mean that no human will transfer this knowledge, but will be transferred directly, to prevent any outside interference.
What this means is that these Light Pockets of Information, will indeed lift these souls into the higher dimensional state and frequency bands, and into the New Earth Embodiment in the most powerful ways.
The key here is purity and purity and purity of intent, for one’s innate intent will always be read. Will such activations and information be used for the highest good and the greater good of all, or for self-service etc. ?
The Sacred Seals contain the infinite Power Pockets of Divine Love in its purest form, with the ultimate transcendental Pockets of Divine Light Information, which goes beyond description.
It will bring about huge changes in the vibrational frequencies of the physical embodiment and full transition into the new Lightbody which is already forming, as the ethereal spinal column of those who are ready, is already in place, plus the power grids.
With it the Divine Feminine is busy releasing her own Sacred Seals, which is anchoring in the Feminine Christ, and the Magdalene Codes, and this will culminate in the Sacred Book of Love being returned as well, over time.
More than this, Yeshua and Mary Magdalene, the High Orders of the Christedness plus the Magdalene’s, are working in the highest degrees now with the transfiguration and with the intricate transformation, of those souls who wish and are ready to go through the transfiguration, and total rebirth, and the old self behind forever. They work with the Lord Melchizedek, The High Orders of Melchizedek, Enoch, and John.
Immensely powerful transitions are upon us, and especially those souls who are now leading the process.
It is a deep transfiguration into the highest light state and the highest expression of unconditional love, Christedness and indeed fully embracing the Divinity within, as one is AS ONE with the Divine Source and Infinite Whole.
These are indeed most sacred and holy weeks, we are entering now.
It is a time to seek out quietude and a much deeper connection with the Divinity within and thus to seek guidance and clarity in the highest degree.
If you truly seek, you will receive. If you ask, you shall be given to the degree that you are ready to receive and can assimilate such.
Indeed is now the time, to seek the inner sanctuary, the inner sacred space, temple and abide there. Seeking the Sacredness, the Holiness and indeed, the Divine Omnipresence in the highest degrees.
Get ready for intense transformation and intense transfiguration, accelerating now for those souls ready to receive this.
Holy, Holy, Holy.
Sacred, Sacred, Sacred.
All is sacred.
All is holy.
All is Divine.
Judith Kusel
Photo Credit: Daniel Holeman

🔥✨🔥The Sacred Fire Of Light🔥✨🔥

Many people today are beginning to experience the effects of transformation by Sacred Fire in their lives. We connect with Sacred Fire when we contact the Divinity within us, and begin to download these extremely high frequency energies into ourselves from the higher cosmic realms. Our origins, Soul essence spiritually, are from the Great Central Sun, and its energies originate from the Cosmic Central Sun of The Universe, and both send out Cosmic Light to be received by are local Sun of our solar system, which radiates this Spiritual Light to the Earth and all her life.
Hence, we are able to continually absorb this spiritual cosmic radiation directly into our four lower bodies, the physical, etheric or spiritual, the mental, and the emotional levels of who we are. This Light is actually from the Source of Creation or Prime Creator of All Life, on all these levels of ourselves, and we could not live, as a planet or a species without this Light. Of course, it is physical light as well as, spiritual light in the higher dimensional octaves of the spectrum of light, there are the higher Divine frequencies from the Godhead of the Cosmos.
This is our Divine connection to the source of all within our universe and omniverse, and we are continually receiving these frequencies to maintain the integrity of who we are. It is an eternal connection, and the soul forever receives these frequencies – no matter in what dimensional realm we are experiencing ourselves as taking form and the outer manifestations of this Light. To the outer perception of our physical eyes and vision, there is separation between ourselves and the “outer world” – however, in the spiritual perception of reality, there is no separation, as we perceive it to be, based on the seeming disconnection of the many physical manifestations of life. It is all one spectrum of the manifestation of Light and Divine Being. This is the “oneness” which the masters describe to us as their perception of being – and it is a sublime reality indeed!
We can also learn to perceive on these higher levels of being while we are yet here in this physical reality! We do not need to have our spiritual ability to perceive the cosmos dimmed by physical eyesight – instead we can learn to discern the multitude of the levels of manifestation and the continuum of the highest spiritual source levels continually stepped down, level by level, until they reach what we describe as the “physical dimension” of this world. It is the continuum of life, and life’s experience of being which we are having now, on the many levels of ourselves – only a few of these may be contained within our conscious awareness in the present physical embodiment. However, in the continuum of our own energies which transcend from the dense physical realm to the stars and beyond, we are simultaneously experiencing ourselves in many, many dimensional realities in what has often been referred to as “the Eternal Moment of Now.”
In many earlier periods of Earth evolution, this esoteric knowledge of initiation by rites of Sacred Fire was experienced only by those who were the initiates, or the members of the mystery schools or secret societies which existed in ancient Egypt and Greece and Ancient Atlantis to name only Three of these — for they existed across the face of the planet, in many, many earlier civilizations and ages for the enlightenment of mankind.
These secret societies had the dual purposes of enlightening mankind by administering the rites of passage through the use of Sacred Fire, and of preserving the knowledge of man’s innate connection to all of the cosmos. This sacred knowledge is being reborn within mankind in this present age where you are now upon the Earth, through the willingness of many people to consider that you may be related to many other sentient beings throughout the cosmos, who – like you – are the conscious creations of the Creator Gods of the universe, who were instrumental in the creation and development of your genetic lineage. These Creator Gods have shaped mankind, to enhance your knowledge and abilities since ancient times, and have often used these ‘rites of passage of sacred fire’ to enhance the abilities of mankind.
This fact has not gone unnoticed through many civilizations on Earth, both ancient and modern, for you are now beginning to once again reawaken to this fact — so that, as before, this can be used for your benefit. This has always been the cause of sudden advancement, characterized by ‘awakening’ or ‘re-birth,’ within many of your civilizations upon Earth, such as in the case of the Renaissance of Truth and Knowledge upon the Earth prior to the present day, which occurred in the 14th through the 17th centuries. The word ‘renaissance,’ (from the French ‘rinascere’ – ‘to be reborn’) literally means ‘re-birth.’
It is never our intention to interfere in the development or advancement of the human species, but to simply enhance your genetic functioning in order to make this advancement possible, and to therefore stimulate it through the use of Sacred Fire or Cosmic Light. You are, all of you upon the Earth now, being the recipients of this Sacred Fire, whether you are aware of this or not – and, indeed, it truly does not matter whether or not you are ‘consciously’ aware of this process, or not, because it is being given to mankind, as the sun shines upon the Earth, automatically, as a process of nature at this point. Thus we have now the ‘broadcasting’ of this information and the effect of this Sacred Fire throughout the consciousness of mankind – and it is fortunately not being reserved only for the few who are members of the mystery schools.
This is a good thing, because you all desperately need this information at this time! The Sacred Fire is an automatic ‘brightener’ of the soul, as it brings such an upliftment of spirit, through the many layers of esoteric knowledge which is also encoded within this Light. It is multi-layered and multi-dimensional in its effect on mankind, because of this ability which it has, to carry, to bring, and to deliver untold realms of knowledge directly within the human species. So the effect of this is immense! And you are just now learning how to consciously work with this Light, as manifested through Sacred Fire. Hence the symbol and image of the Phoenix Bird now being re-introduced into the consciousness of your species, in many places and in many cultures across the face of Earth, so that many can now begin to consciously have the benefit of what, for a very long time, was reserved for the few within the mystery schools, and other halls of esoteric knowledge. This is a huge movement forward for mankind in your evolutionary progress, and we are delighted to once again be a conscious part of this process with mankind! You are all making great progress with this, and we expect that this will continue!
“We Are The Pleiadian Emissaries of Light”
March Equinox:
The extra-Galactic View.
Earth, during the next couple of days, not only aligns to the 1st deg of tropical Libra on the 21st, Earth also aligns to our Milky Way Galaxy’s North Pole, this north pole then is directly aligned to the Great GrandMother Galaxy (M87), a huge galaxy located at the centre of our Local cluster of Galaxies (VirgoA), M87 is seen as the birthing mother of our entire cluster by Plasma Cosmologists.
The Robert Monroe Institute offers an advanced Out-of-Body *Starlines* Course https://drive.google.com/…/1k5XK7Vg93T0E1TRGGmn…/view… , an exercise where seasoned OBEr’s explore in realtime (physics proves ‘two locations can interact in realtime over any distance) our galaxy and beyond, course participants went through our galaxy centre in their self created ‘Plasma Starship’ and then onwards (Monroe’s Focus 49) exploring intergalactic realms.
Each year for a couple of decades i made conscious attempts to interact with the Inter-
Galactic Council at M87, results are summed up here www.galacticastrologyacademy.com/starship-orb
Fun yet compelling alphanumeric mcross referencing.
when a=1 + z=26
the inter-Galactic Federation=252
superuniverse affairs
the local group of galaxies
from supergalactic centre
centre of the galactic group
greater great central sun
the universal cosmic field
the evolving universe=252
local universe scafolding
cosmic streams of energy
collective enlightenment
high fidelity entanglement
intergalactic astrologer
cosmic laws understood
moving onto a cosmic path=252
the ascension initiation
the initiation of decision
after the fifth initiation=252
Venus enters Aries, First Quarter Moon in Cancer. Mercury in Pisces sextile Uranus in Taurus – The heart is called to adventure but emotionally we may feel concerned that we will be too vulnerable and exposed if we go too far out of our comfort zone. The trick is to use our powerful intuition to guide our actions. Mercury’s connection to Uranus offers us brilliant ideas if we dare to dream.
Self-esteem is boosted when you’re brave. Cheer yourself on at every opportunity. Give yourself permission to go after what you want. It isn’t selfish to put yourself first for a change. State clearly what you like so that you and the Universe are sure of your direction. Practice fierce self-love to propel your life forwards. You can attract what you need by being assertive and confident but don’t allow competitiveness to spoil your enthusiasm. There is no comparison to another’s journey. Live your life true to you. You don’t have to wait to be happy.
Degrees and Times
Venus 00°Ar00′ 14:16 (UT)
Moon 01°Cn12′, Sun 01°Ar12′ – 14:40 (UT)
Mercury 08°Pi30′, Uranus 08°Ta30′ – 23:34 (UT)
source: LeahWhitehorse.com
Painting – ‘Tata in dance costume’ by Zinaida Serebriakova
Kin 97 ~ Red Rhythmic Earth
‘Rhythmic’ is the name for the number six and it’s key words are ‘Organize, Balance and Equality’. The 6th day of a wavespell is about getting your sh*t together. Progress can not be made by day dreaming and twiddling your thumbs, sometimes you have to be practical. Today is about taking matters into your hands and taking care of business.
Today is Red Earth and it’s key words are ‘Evolution, Synchronicity and Navigation’. It’s a great combination of number and day with the practical number 6 providing a great opportunity to re balance and this in turn facilitates evolution. If you have mundane things to take care of today remember you are organizing your own progress. Whether its planting seeds in your garden or renewing your passport or sorting out your home so it is more Feng Shi…you get the picture.
The Guide today is also Red Earth and so a double helping of evolution.
The Challenge is the Blue Hand which represents ‘Healing and Accomplishment.’ Yes it will be difficult today to find healing if your too busy organizing. If you are a Blue Hand this doesn’t mean you can’t ‘accomplish’ anything today, its just that you will have to push a little harder thats all.
The Occult power today is the Yellow Seed which is about ‘Sowing Awareness’. When in this magical position Yellow Seed can teach us about magic and the awareness we gain from that will really help us evolve today.
The Ally today is the White Wind the communicator of the Tzolkin. If you need help evolving today consult a White Wind as they will have words of wisdom for you. If you are a White Wind today’s energy will be very friendly to you.
6 CABAN – KIN 97
21 MARCH 2021
I ORGANIZE in order to Evolve
Balancing Synchronicity
I seal the Matrix of Navigation
With the Rhythmic tone of EQUALITY
I AM guided by the power of MY OWN POWER DOUBLED!!!
21/3/2021 = 3/3/2_3 = 3/3/5= 3/8 = 11=2
21- /Crown of the Magi/Victory/Honours/Rewards
3- Holy Spirit/Joy/Creativity
5 – Liberation/Freedom/Change/Transformation
8- Abundance/Infinity/Source Flow
11- Portal/Gate/Polarity
KIN 97 = 16/7 MAJIK🎆
9 months ago 6 CABAN occurred on 4th July, 2020 – which is of course American INDEPENDENCE DAY!! ✨🎆 Today activates that portal once more and beautifully synchronizes with the Global Freedom March yesterday on OVERTONE WARRIOR day.. These days are very powerful as each successive day builds on the energy of the prior, all working together to ensure our successful PLANETARY LIBERATION!! 🌎🌎🌏💥
The Declaration of Independence features the famous lines: “We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created EQUAL” 🌓 and have “certain unalienable rights” – among them “life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness”
Hallelujah – and how significant are those words today! ✨✨✨
Day 6 and we are HALF-WAY🌓 through our YELLOW HUMAN WAVESPELL of wisdom, influence, intelligence, free will and Abundance. We certainly are attaining more Divine Wisdom and truths in this wavespell. Today we are LISTENING for SIGNS in our physical reality which are guiding our TRUE course in our evolutionary journey, as we navigate a course of EQUALITY🌓 for all humanity…
RHYTHMIC – Tone 6 in the PHYSICAL realm. ACTION – balances, POWER – organizes, ESSENCE – equality. The Rhythmic phase is the one where this all adventuring and radiating miracle that is you, learns to WALK! But consciously! Precisely! With fine organisational instincts. And what superb balance we see! Very soon you have mastered walking, and are up and running! Go forth and explore your territory! Explore the GREAT OUTDOORS and commune with the elementals, invite them home with you to organize your house and garden. They love helping! 🌸🏵🌹🌻🌼🌷.
How perfectly DIVINE that we are organizing our physical environment and our PLANET for greater balance, HARMONY and EQUALITY on the ✨EQUINOX🌓✨ – when the length of our days and nights are of EQUAL🌓 duration on both sides of the planet – Northern🌎 and Southern Hemisphere! 🌏Not only do we have a RHYTHMIC DAY – but we also have a DOUBLE EARTH/CABAN day – so this is a brilliant alignment as GAIA energetically and magnetically RESETS for greater BALANCE throughout her entire body!
✨Hold on Planetary KIN – the global seesaw is about to reach still/zero point! It is time to find your fulcrum and centre of BALANCE🌓 before the momentum hits!🎆
🌓THE EQUINOX 🌓(Vernal & Autumnal)
There are only two times of the year when the Earth’s axis is tilted neither toward nor away from the sun, resulting in a “nearly” equal amount of daylight and darkness at all latitudes (i.e. 12 hours and a few minutes) These events are referred to as Equinoxes.The word equinox is derived from two Latin words – aequus (equal) and nox (night). At the equator, the sun is directly overhead at NOON on these two equinoxes. https://www.weather.gov/cle/seasons
During the days and weeks around equinoxes fissures/CRACKS form in Earth’s magnetosphere – the protective magnetic bubble around the Earth. Solar wind can pour through the gaps to fuel bright displays of Northern Lights. Even a weak stream of solar wind can activate this phenomenon. At this time of year, that’s all it takes. Even a gentle gust can breach our planet’s magnetic defenses. This is called the “Russell-McPherron effect,” named after the researchers who first explained it. The cracks are opened by the solar wind itself. South-pointing magnetic fields inside the solar wind oppose Earth’s north-pointing magnetic field. North and South partially cancel one another, opening a crack. This cancellation can happen at any time of year, but it happens with greatest effect around the equinoxes.
NASA and European spacecraft have been detecting these cracks for years. Small ones are about the size of California, and many are wider than the entire planet!!!. There’s no danger to people on Earth. Our planet’s atmosphere intercepts the rush of incoming particles with no harm done and a beautiful afterglow.
Stay tuned for a wonderful LIGHT show! 🎆🎆🎆
So precious hearts, a gorgeous code today. Take the opportunity to dance and sing your way through the day and allow consciousness to send its rhythms through your body to bring us back into balance and alignment.
Today’s questions are “How can I organize myself to have more balance and flow in my life? What are the SIGNS telling me?”
“How can we as a collective, navigate our successful evolution, through prioritizing EQUALITY, HARMONY and BALANCE for all beings?
Divine blessings for a SUPER DUPER, MAJIKAL, synchronic EQUINOX reset! 🐞🐤🐢🐦
Namaste’ 🙏❤🙏❤🙏
In Lak’ech a la kin
Christina White Magnetic Worldbridger – KIN 66 🌏🌈
PICTURE CREDITS: GAIA – Flower of LIfe DIVINE GRATITUDE to Unknown Artist 🙏❤🙏❤🙏
I ORGANIZE in order to Evolve
Balancing Synchronicity
I seal the Matrix of Navigation
With the Rhythmic tone of EQUALITY
I AM guided by the power of MY OWN POWER DOUBLED!!!
CONSCIOUS SELF: & HIGHER SELF/GUIDE: RED RHYTHMIC EARTH 🌏– CABAN’s energy is DOUBLED today. This means DOUBLE the fun through SIGNS, synchronicity and navigation.
Mother Earth is TALKING today, and she has a lot to say. So do your best to spend some time in reflection, honouring her wisdom. The wisdom of the ages that the ancients held through the power of OBSERVATION and LISTENING. Being silent, and holding the awareness of the interconnectedness of all things. Your environment is a REFLECTION or your inner state, so TUNE IN and absorb what PACHAMAMA is showing you. By observing our physical reality with heightened awareness, we elevate our consciousness. In turn we become more BALANCED and feel the EQUALITY🌓 of all HU-MANS as Earth’s children.
🎶 What gives you the right to put up a fence to keep me out but to keep Mother Nature in?🎶,
SOURCE: SIGNS: Five Man Electric Band:
As the song says we are all EQUALS 👫on this PLANET🌎 and GAIA is our home, so today we can use our WISDOM to QUESTION how humanity has become divided, and segregated? our planetary kin have been put into “boxes”, based on prejudices and non-acceptance of our individual uniqueness! Race, colour, religion, sex, physical appearance, ethnicity all have been labels used to keep us seperated from each other as ONE HUMAN SPECIES soon to become a Galactic family..
✨Reflecting on this wisdom WE CAN CHOOSE a BETTER path for ourselves, our children and our communities with no need for fences or boundaries between people, tribes, or nations.✨
We also need to organize for greater balance in our physical environment which refers to Mother Gaia as a conscious being.. She has EQUAL rights too, as do all the kingdoms that call planet Earth their home – the animals, the plants, the mineral kingdom, the elementals and all the unseen inhabitants.
We need to ensure the 5 elements are balanced too, so that we have HARMONY within our bodies and world – instead of extreme environments such as deserts and arid lands – her lands need to be made FERTILE again. GAIA’S continents, oceans, mountains and forms all need to be respected and honoured through our relationship and interactions. We have inherited a beautiful planet which we must restore to her pristine glory for all the future generations to enjoy.
SUPPORT: WHITE RHYTHMIC WIND🌬🍃– IK joins with CABAN to bring us more much stronger messages today. We have the messages from Mother Earth amplified through the whispering wind. The WHITE WIND is the word of GOD – the DIVINE PLAN and Spirit is talking to all the Earth Angels and Divine Messengers embodied in HU-MAN form.. So LISTEN very carefully to the signs, symbols, songs and voices that surround you today.. Whatever is aired has a special significance for clues to your ✨Destiny path✨ on this potent day.
Allow the breath of Spirit to FLOW through you today, sing, dance, channel, play instruments, write, draw and allow the Divine to animate your being. Feel yourself in synchronic flow with the cycles and timing of the Natural world, particularly during this EQUINOX passage. Allow the breath of Spirit to course through your body becoming Divine conduits, the living reeds and conduits for spiritual evolution.
OCCULT/HIDDEN POWER: YELLOW GALACTIC SEED ✨🌱– KAN assists us in integrating this Divine timing and evolution through focusing our minds wholly on the greatest potential timelines. The GALACTIC SEED ensures that we use the utmost integrity in our plans and ideas.. so that we are totally transparent and congruent with the principles of 5D living on New Earth. Seeding integrity and UNITY consciousness in our being, we become brilliant role models as the Galactic Leaders and Wayshowers that are anchoring Gaia’s BEST timeline. Thus we create the HARMONY that GAIA and her children are striving for.
We collectively hold the vision of ourselves and our world, growing and evolving, connected within the cycles of time. Through our UNITY together co-creating beauty, peace and harmony to seed Nova Gaia.
What a BRILLIANT SUPERPOWER to have as the hidden AGENDA of today’s code! Seeding our HIGHEST EVOLUTIONARY TIMELINE .❤🌈🌎
GAIA 🌍is finding her BALANCE point 🌓 and then RESETTING for her BEST path forwards on this evolutionary Ascension cycle.
CHALLENGE/GIFT: BLUE RHYTHMIC HAND🙌 – MANIK challenges us to HEAL our WORLD today.. to use the BLUE HAND’S POWER to accomplish all that we desire for a peaceful world. To create our ideal reality where “all souls are created equal” and have “certain unalienable rights” – among them “life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness”
MANIK challenges us to FEEL the POWER of Spirit coursing through our veins – whispering in our ear that 🌸LIFE IS GOOD🏵💕 – If we ALLOW it to be GOOD to us all equally.
Enjoy the beauty and the bounty that Spirit gifts to us through the body of Gaia. Allow nature to soothe our soul, and heal our ailing techno. stressed bodies. Open to the flow of chi that meanders majestically through the rivers, mountains and woods of the natural world to accomplish great healing today!
NOTE: The RHYTHMIC HAND🌓🙌 is the FENG SHUI GENIE – so use this blessing today to FENG SHUI your home and environment, creating beautiful PEACE filled and sacred spaces. Fill your home with plants, flowers, lights, candles, aromas and living CHI force to enhance your vitality and create the SPACE for the new to FLOW into your life – setting a new course and direction for HAPPINESS.
Power Up – Moment Now
Heart-Resonance Embrace
Oceanic Wisdom Tones
Body Calibrates – Zero-Point Jump
Cosmic Consciousness Expansion
24 Elders around the Throne of God
Full Harmonic Light-Source
Avatar Telepathic-Intelligence
Planet of Living Light-Sound
Symbiotic-Interface Technology
Universal Language – Cosmic Laws
Migration Frontier Navigators
Cosmic Shift – Planetary Shakes
Celestial Star-gates – Galactic Highways
Data-Streaming Infinite Space
Double-Density Expansion
Driving Fore – Continuum Waveform
Phase-Shift Pillar of Light
Merkabah Star-Body-Vessel
Oceans of Creation Sealed
Embedded One with All
Feel the Frequency
Earth 5 Rising Now
Fractals of Eternal Breath
Living Vibration of Truth
Absolute Love Essence
Celestial Light Overlay
Photo by @edgar_pacific_photography
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Om Ahh Hung Vajra Guru Padma Siddhi Hung

~GBoW Admins

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