“Being an ASCENDED MASTER ~ NOW” ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️ Kin 89: Red Spectral Moon

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“Being an ASCENDED MASTER ~ NOW” ❤️ Kin 89: Red Spectral Moon

L’Aura Pleiadian

Are you living as if each moment may be your last?

Are you letting go of incessant thoughts that plague your mind and emotions, that question the how and when of your future? To what gain?

Are you ABLE to settle down and live through a meditative state moment to moment through each breath? Are YOU? This way of BEING is the DIVINE way, through your heart.

How long have you attempted to stay focused on this, EACH breath? One minute? Hours? Days? Have you even attempted this?

Self responsibility is taking a deep look at yourself and your response to life. The ability to respond.

The heightened ability to exist multidimensionally is exactly this. Are you? Or are you just rambling the words of ASCENSION ~ without the RESPONSE ~ ABILITY???

IF YOU desire with all of your heart this ASCENSION then take responsibility. Now is the only moment, and each breath is forever and yet only now.

The ASCENDED MASTERS Live through this awareness. Are you an ASCENDED MASTER?

Have you mastered self awareness through responsibility?

Have you mastered form through responsibility?

Are you even paying attention now?

Will YOU pay attention?

As you do so, and for some of you reading these FREQUENCIES as they activate your DNA a new level will awaken of your own responsibility for YOU, your consciousness. For each breath ~ awareness. THESE are not just some random words repeated through someone unaware.

This is NOW and this is a DIVINE DNA activation for those who SEE and know, through their heart. Awakening more of YOU now!!! With The Divine Council of Overseers. Ever present. Ever Now. Forever Heart. Forever LOVE.


L’Aura Pleiadian

HUGE Incoming energies now (2030 UK time). Multiple Light codings, yes, but with a higher vibration.

Sandra Walter

4 hrs

Decrees are an honored Mystery School technique for #Ascension. ⁠

Our out-loud commands, decrees, invocations and prayers have a direct effect on our #DNA, which produces our experience in the physical. Decrees affect our realities.⁠

Use Mastery Decrees every morning, or anytime for alignment. ⁠

Like any spiritual practice, it’s like training a muscle. Heart-powered Creator-in-Carnate muscles and neural pathways in the brain are reprogrammed with consistent reinforcement, and produce the Embodiment experience through your DNA.⁠

Prepare: Connect with your heart center; the Pure Source-spark of Diamond Light within. Take a moment to feel your Heart intent.⁠

Say aloud:: In the name of the Divine HUman, Creator-In-Carnate that I AM. I welcome in and forth my Higher Self, Christed Self, Almighty I AM Presence, Angelic levels, Master levels, Galactic levels, and all of my Divine aspects across all parallel realities seen and unseen. Unify in this now moment. Let us activate and transform this outward projection and experience to reflect my Divine Infinite Self, the pure essence of Source (God) I AM.⁠

<Say your Decrees: One or many >⁠

I ordain this under all graces and forces of the Infinite Creator Source.⁠

I call this forth to the highest level allowed by Cosmic Law, in Divine alignment with the Divine plan and templates for my pure and true organic Ascension.⁠

I Love You, I Bless You, I Thank You. So it is.⁠

Refocus on the heart center. Take a moment to feel your Heart and integrate.⁠

Explore Mastery Classes https://www.ascensionpath.com

Because #Ascension


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Implications of the Fall of the False Matrix

Kerry K

There is a massive implication that comes with the ending of the false matrix.

That is that everything inside of you that was once wired to perceive things in the inverse reality, no longer work how they used to. For some, the energetic wiring still exists but there’s nothing to plug into. For others there is some confusion around who they are now and what they’re meant to be doing. Hang on, your new coding is coming on line, support yourself by being in stillness or reaching out to someone who can support you in stillness, that is where the recoding occurs.

To those who feel like they’re losing their mind, it’s ok, you’re not really, you’re just losing the old connections to a reality that was inverted (insane) and made no sense to begin with.

Your world has been flipped the right way up (energetically) so enjoy the new found alignments that this brings, and release the old wiring that has nowhere left to fit. That’s a celebration. You are no longer plugged into a reality that drains you, that depletes you, that ages you, that makes no sense, that enslaves you. whew!

Many don’t recognize that this has even occurred.

There are still those who see the external chaos, and assume that it is an accurate reflection of where society is. It is not. That’s what it looks like when an old reality crumbles. Kind of wild!

You are now the birthplace of your new earth, you are the place in which the initiation of new light occurs, behold, you are what you never imagined, you are the universe birthing itself.

If I were to “bring this home” to the human I would say that you are about to enter a new reality, one of your choosing, so align yourself to your deepest peace, your most flowing harmony, your most present presence and be all that, because in so doing you are literally changing the world.

Take a moment to thank the ones who are called to be present in the crumbling chaos, the front line witnesses so to speak.

You occupy a different space and are called to a different task, you are the peace that emerges after a storm has passed.

As the old completes its crumbling process, you are the sacred vessel through which new life is brought to being. Be the peace that you are, be all you were born to be. Your time is now.

with love
from my heart to yours
Kerry K

source: kerryk.net/implications-of-the-fall-of-the-false-matrix


Mother Earth is becoming the 33rd member of the Federation of Planets


Today 6/24/2020 is DAY #333 of the 13-MOON YEAR and in 33 DAYS we start New Sirius Cycle #33.

Judith Kusel

Let us stand united, as one heart, one mind, one soul, one Being.
Let us stand in the Fullness of the Divine Source Light and Love, fully embodied and in our highest Soul Selves.
Let Divine Light and Love shine through us, as we guide humanity through this time!
Nothing is impossible!
All is possible, to those who stay firmly anchored in the Divine.
No-thing can touch you!
No-thing can move you when you stay anchored and still!
Let the rest of humanity do what they like, when they like – let us stand in the fullness of the Divine Power and Wisdom and Love and stay firmly anchored and centered there!
Even if the earth shakes, and volcanoes erupt, and the waters flood as the earth revamps herself as she assumes a totally new body and form, let us not be shaken from the Fullness of the Divine within us!
Let our heart open to ever greater levels of love and being loved!
Let our whole being be flooded with Divine Light in amplification, so that we radiate forth like the Great Central Suns.
Let our minds be crystal clear and let all that is negative dissipate as be assume our higher God-minds, and step into the fullness of our Being.
Let our whole Being, welcome the Blessings of this Time, for indeed it is a great blessing for it allows us stand fully empowered, in Divine Light, Divine Love and Divine Wisdom and Divine Power!
In Unity there is strength!
Judith Kusel


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Elizabeth Peru

12 hrs

Right now, you could feel as though you’re experiencing a profound LIFE transformation. A transformation that began back in May and still isn’t quite complete. And indeed, you are. For it’s now almost 3 WEEKS into ‘The Eclipse Doorway’ (the period in-between eclipses). DESTINY is strong and soul is calling for your utmost attention…

You see, if you’re being drawn back to your past and can sense that you’re MORPHING, integrating the old with the new and wonder when it will be complete, be patient. In FRIDAY’S all-new Tip-Off Forecast (online now) listen to me speaking with you about CHALLENGING YOUR OWN STATUS QUO, diving in deep and deflecting negativity. https://elizabethperu.com/the-tip-off

Increase your discernment and make wise choices, by aligning with the cosmic energy shifts each day in THE TIP-OFF. Join us and receive ALL-NEW ‘JULY BONUSES’ for assistance along for your precious life path 

Hare in the Moon Astrology

Thursday June 25 2020

“Sometimes I go about pitying myself. And all the while I am being carried on great winds across the sky.” The Lakota Sioux

A heads up! Glorious Venus turns direct rising as a Morning Star in Gemini after being in the underworld since May 23rd. She is now an incarnation of Lucifer -literally a Light Bringer.

Time to get those vision boards out – remember them? Not for childishly demanding shiny things as in The Secret but for creating your own Desire Map. Btw, if you haven’t yet got a copy of Danielle Laporte’s “Desire Map”, it’s a wonderful tool for creating change via your gut instincts, intuitions and Big Yes/Big No that’s right in line with 5D Inside Out Thinking.

Check in with your heart today …..you might be experiencing a strange or intriguing shift in what or who you care about and what and who matters compared to what seemed important back in January. This is your High Heart updating your neurology to re-set your trajectory……to actually live your life around what you value instead of just paying it lip service.

This triple eclipse tunnel is a rare opportunity to wipe the slate clean :

Know what you want to change. Make two lists: what you want to resolve or eliminate and what you are compelled to create. Weed out old entanglements. You are now in a moment where you get to review, rethink and recreate just about anything you want. This may involve any facet of your life. You have the opportunity to work from the roots of your existence upwards and outward. For now, stay close to the ground and work from your core reality. You can’t so easily relate to your past anymore. Your soul sees it all as just experience. There is less and less emotional attachment to it. It’s a blessing because it is making room for new memories. It is freeing you up.

Without judgment and with curiosity, ask yourself:

what’s heavy, weighing me down?
what am I tolerating, putting up with or settling for?
what do I fantasise about leaving or radically changing?
what would I love to never do again?
what is chronically inflamed?
what am I tired of feeling, and what makes me feel that way?
what is dead in the water?
what no longer has traction?

New! In July, your trajectory is going to be re-set and re-booted all over again as the 3rd Eclipse brings a reprise of the epochal January 12 Saturn /Pluto Conjunction:

sign up to my July 2020 5D Report: “High Heart Online” ,your essential Guide through the emerging pathways: www.hareinthemoonastrology.co.uk

Art “Wishes” by Paula Bella Flores



· Yesterday

The Hampshire Flyer takes us into the heart of this formation with his aerial video exploration of this dazzling crop circle reported today the 25th June, 2020 at Smeathe’s Plantation, near Ogbourne St George, Wiltshire, UK. (4 freeze frames from the video). Video link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qnXc7fneaus&feature=youtu.be

Nyingma Masters

15 hrs

The mind itself, and the thoughts, emotions, and sensations that arise, abide, and disappear in the mind are equal expressions of emptiness – that is, the possibility for anything to occur.

~ Mipham Rinpoche

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The Tzolkin Times

11 hrs

Kin 89 ~ Red Spectral Moon

‘Spectral’ is the name for the number 11 and it’s key words are ‘Liberation, Release and Dissolve.’ The 11th day is always in opposition to the wavespell energy. So, as we are in the Blue Storm wavespell and Red Moon is the challenge of Blue Storm..in a sense we are liberated from that wavespell energy for one day. The number 11 releases and frees us and liberation feels pretty good.

Today as I said, is Red Moon which represents ‘Purify, Flow and Universal Water.’ The Red Moon has huge influence on the tides of the oceans and the tides of time. We are undeniably affected by the moon. It is foolish to try like King Canute, to stop the tide ..no one has such power and so our only option is to surrender and ‘go with the flow’. This fits perfectly with the number 11 energy. In complete contrast to the crazy Blue Storm wavespell agenda, today is the calmness in the eye of the storm. Be still, chillax and let go. There is nothing you can do about it anyway.

Today’s guide is Red Moon too and so a double dose of chilling out is the order of the day.

The Challenge is the Blue Storm as I mentioned and so today is opposing or very different, a break if you like from the stormy weather for today but its not over yet! No big changes are expected today but a relief from the upheaval of late.

The Occult is the Yellow Human which happens to be the next wavespell too and so everything seems very connected. The Human is the vessel, divinely designed to channel wisdom. They are the psychics of the Tzolkin and when in this magical position, the wisdom they channel can be quite magical. We all can do this today, especially if we succeed in releasing and relaxing…that opens up the third eye nicely.

The Ally is the White Dog and everyone knows how good dogs are at living in the moment and relaxing too. Find a Dog to chill out with today…they are buddies with the Red Moon clan for a reason, their laid back attitude is very similar to Moon’s energy. Go to a beach if you can, take the dog and watch the waves hit the shore. If you can’t physically do that, imagine it…this really sums up the energy of ‘Spectral Moon’.

source: www.facebook.com/TheTzolkinTimes

Christina Papageorgiou

11 MULUC – KIN 89
26 JUNE 2020


Releasing flow
I seal the process of Universal water
With the Spectral tone of Liberation
I AM guided by the power of MY OWN POWER DOUBLED!

26/6/2020 = 26/6/22 = 666 = 8/6/4 = 18= 9

26- Empowerment/Compassion
8- Infinity/Abundance/Source Flow
9- Destiny/Closure/Humanity/Service
6- Heaven/Christ/Harmony/Family
4- Form/Structure/Foundation/Earth/Angelic

KIN 89 = 17/8 Infinity/Abundance


A day of further cleansing and purifIcation in order to build a new solid foundation of PEACE, and ABUNDANCE!



Today is a very special day – RED SPECTRAL MOON🌀🌜 – KIN 89, as it marks the final passing and ASCENSION date of Jose’ Arguelles.

SPECTRAL day’s generate – RELEASE🌀 and LIBERATION,💥 and indeed he was totally FREED and released from his human vessel on that destined day – on 23 March 2011. It is divinely perfect that on this day of our PLANETARY LIBERATION 🎉 from the control of the CABAL forces, we align with the celebration of Jose’s Ascension. Jose was born on 24th January, 1939 on BLUE SPECTRAL MONKEY -KIN 11 day. So his purpose was to DISSOLVE, release and LIBERATE us on a PLANETARY level from illusions. Jose’ campaigned tirelessly for PLANETARY LIBERATION and release from the GREGORIAN calendar and the Artificial matrix we were all trapped in. So today we witness Jose’s MISSION ACCOMPLISHED! 💥💥

KIN 89 reduces to the number 17 which is the code of immortality and leaving a LEGACY, and fittingly Jose did just that. He orchestrated the FIRST GLOBAL synchronized meditations and activations for Planetary PEACE and Harmony through his organization of the GLOBAL HARMONIC CONVERGENCE in 1987 which paved the way for our LIBERATION today! He left an incredible LEGACY on this PLANET – the DREAMSPELL CALENDAR and the RINRI PROJECT (the circumpolar rainbow bridge} which is a GALACTIC CODEX navigating our Ascension journey through the LIGHT encodements contained therein. An incredible MASTER who was subjected to disdain and ridicule (as most change agents are) and for the most part did not receive the honourable recognition he deserved as the true TIMELORD and GENIUS that he is!💫💫

Please take a moment to touch your HEART and give gratitude and love to this remarkable Divine soul. We are truly blessed that he walked this Earth to guide us in this R-evolutionary time.


Day 11 in the BLUE STORM WAVESPELL of purification, cleansing, transformation and evolution. This is the day we CELEBRATE our PLANETARY LIBERATION,💥 from the past. All the energies collectively were built up and released in a wondrous EXPLOSION of LIGHT, 🎆self-generated by the STARBLOSSOMS, anchoring, grounding and radiating this LIGHT in the HU-MAN global grid.🌐 Today we can RELEASE the necessity to generate any more energy for transformation.

We can simply LET GO, and choose to GO WITH THE FLOW.🌫🌫🌫

SPECTRAL🌀 is the 11th tone of creation. It operates in the EMOTIONAL realm and its actions are that of dissolving, releasing and liberating! This is a very powerful opportunity to RELEASE the PAST and move forward FEARLESSLY FREE from obstructions. The SPECTRAL action together with the 9 and 8 codes will dissolve all impediments to you finally claiming your true POWER and abundance. Wiping the slate clean you can now build a new foundation of solid abundance! . Tone 11 SYMBOLIZES a gateway and polarity, inviting you to step through into a NEW WORLD filled with joy and unlimited prosperity. What are you waiting for? HOP TO IT! 🐇🐇🐇


CONSCIOUS SELF: & HIGHER SELF/GUIDE: RED MOON👸👸 – MULUC. Following on from yesterday’s Yellow Planetary Star, where GAIA was the RISING STAR,🌟 today La Luna 🌙 continues to be in the SPOTLIGHT giving us a DOUBLE dose of RED MOON energy! MULUC represents THE GODDESS, and now she is claiming her POWER and has now unleashed a DOUBLE dose of her energies, revealing to us that THE SPECTRAL GODDESS, means business!🌀🌀🌫🌫

It is TIME to be released and LIBERATED from the old Patriarchal control Matrix – BRING ON THE GODDESS! 👸🌹 Our world definitely needs a HUGE dose of unconditional LOVE, compassion and nurturance.

The GODDESS brings forth greater intuition, psychic power, sensitivity and gentle feminine flow through the action of her Universal waters. 🌫Bathe in her gentle waters today and dissolve any remnants of the old energies, allow your feelings to FLOW and be purified with the currents of change and transformation.🌀🌫 Allow these Waves🌊🌊 of Change to LIBERATE and free you from the chains that bound you. THANK GODDESS, WE ARE NOW FREE!!!💥 Allow your INNER GODDESS to surface and FLOW.

SUPPORT: WHITE DOG 🐕– OC -the SPECTRAL DOG is LIBERATING LOVE! 💕 OC brings forth the energies of UNCONDITIONAL LOVE, the favourite current-sea of the GODDESS! OC releases a huge planetary wave of LOVE,🌊💕 for us all to ride home on, accessed through our pure, cleansed Hearts. Today we can SURRENDER to the power of LOVE, be that self-love, from our beloveds (or betrothed), our planet, and our CREATOR! TAP into the Universal power of the endless LOVE flowing throughout the Cosmos!


OCCULT/HIDDEN POWER: YELLOW ELECTRIC HUMAN – EB enables us to look back from where we have come with greater wisdom, honouring our path and our experiences as part of our soul’s journey. Now older and much wiser, we are FREED from the karma and lessons, we can fearlessly choose to align with unconditional love and the emotional wisdom of our prophetic ancestors. The ELECTRIC HUMAN is beckoning us to release our Emotional wounding,and seek solace and soul fulfillment, through bonding together with our kin, in order to serve the GODDESS. Aligning with DIVINE WILL in order to LIBERATE the ABUNDANCE for all that EB is providing.. Flowing ABUNDANCE and the gift of WISDOM – wonderful qualities for our New World communities.

CHALLENGE/GIFT: BLUE STORM 🌀🌩🌪– CAUAC – the SPECTRAL STORM is catalyzing tremendous POWER today, amplifying the influence of the BLUE STORM WAVESPELL.. we really have reached a CRESCENDO today! 🌀🌪🌩🌀

CAUAC provides more catalyzing transformational energies giving us a DOUBLE dose of the STORM. So together with DOUBLE RED MOON, we have QUADRUPLE cleansing energies 🌀🌀🌀🌀– DOUBLE, BUBBLE, RELEASE the RUBBLE!!!🌩🌨 Purifying our vessel through our thoughts and emotions in order to LIBERATE ourselves and become purer conduits for the GODDESS to FLOW through us!

We are now FREE to be the MAGNIFICENT GALACTIC CHANGE AGENTS that we came here to be, FREE to assist others in their AWAKENING process, catalyzing greater Planetary transformation. AND SO MOTE IT BE! X3🌀🌀💥💥🌐🌫


Today’s question is “What do I need to DISSOLVE, in order to feel totally LIBERATED and FLOW with the LOVE of THE GODDESS?”

Divine blessings for your final LIBERATION💥 and finding your Goddess flow! 🌫

Namaste’ 🙏🙏🙏
In Lak’ech a la kin
Christina White Magnetic Worldbridger – KIN 66 🌏🌈

PICTURE CREDITS: Danu, Celtic Mother Goddess – Artist – Radmer


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