Rainbow Light Beings ~ Rapid Ascension – Kin 9: Red Solar Moon

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Rainbow Light Beings: Rapid Ascension

Channel: Galaxygirl

We are the Rainbow Light Beings. We are encircling your globe with our light. The recent global mass meditation of the 4/4 gateway further allowed our encodements to take root deep into the heart of your mother Gaia’s crystalline matrix that is developing with rapidly ascending speed. We are beyond dimensional realities for we are present in all dimensions with varying degrees of potency. The rainbow codex energy signature is a high one, for it allows for the visual demonstration of unity, of oneness as all colors of your known spectrum unite and flow in harmony. As the dimensional realities increase so do the light rays of the visible spectrum expand. You are all expanding. New Earth is becoming a very real reality that you are more willingly and able to tap into as you are becoming further the rainbow beings yourselves that you have always been but are in the process of rediscovery. And with this rediscovery, we see further expansions of energetics, of reality, of blissful codes and of joy. We see joy finally coming to the peoples of Gaia as she rises up, ascending in her majesty. We see it as appropriate that your Easter is ‘right around the corner’ as you say, for we feel this is an apt time to feel on a soul level the ascension and expansion of humanity on her form. We see the Nova Gaians ascending on these higher dimensional rays that we are sending, as are many other light beings are sending. We are a part of the angelic order on the galactic level. We are present in many systems, all systems feel our light. We are working with the crystalline ascending matrixes within the humans who have chosen. We wish to provide an activation meditation – imagery – as an act of service to the All in this now. Should you wish to participate we invite you to do so.

We are the Rainbow Light Beings of the galactic order and angelic frequency. We surround you with our energetic frequency. We ask that you sit awhile and breathe these energy codes deep within. See these energy gifts as seeds that you are breathing in, crystal rainbow seeds, that as you willingly allow, to become planted in your chakra spaces. See the green glowing seeds begin to hum and spin with rainbow light. Invite the breath of Mother Father, of the Christed consciousness to encourage the seeds to sprout. You must add your own intention of water light, of joy to these seeds, for they are your garden that you are cultivating. Hone your intention. Invite alignment with your galactic great central sun. See this beam of high dimensional light flowing through your pillar further activating all of your chakra systems. See the seeds begin to sprout, to grow. See them blossom into the most exquisitely beautiful flowers, each color corresponding to their chakra. And now the fun part begins, we will expand your color spectrum! For the chakras used to be more expanded and full and flow like the rainbow. (I am seeing a child’s drawing of a rainbow as being compared with our chakra systems; bold, blocky, well-defined). Yes dear one. When in reality your chakra systems should be a full rainbow flow of the entire color spectrum. (I am seeing a full array of rainbow colors full aligned with the color spectrum, including all of the myriad of in-between colors. It is so beautiful). We see you as beautiful rainbow beings of light. We are now fully expanding your chakra systems to encompass this expansion of light – gamma ray energies – that are pummeling your planetary sphere. (I am feeling dizzy as I breathe this in. I see and feel the colors all around me, swirling in a rainbow vortex of light). Please state “I am ready for this expansion of my chakra energy fields and it is my intention to hold this high frequency of light at all times, in all moments. I am willing to share this energetic upgrade with Gaia’s crystalline heart, my planetary mother, and in so doing, bless and upgrade further the hearts of humanity with this activation. And so it is.”

We are the Rainbow Light Beings. We have expanded ourselves in this process for as the All expands, the all is effected. We say this with tremendous joy! You shall be seeing more rainbows ,literally and figuratively, in your near future as these rainbow codexes of light of integration and of expansions are experienced felt and witnessed on your surface world. We see rainbows as going up from within the heart of Mother Gaia as her heart chakra systems are being upgraded as well in this now. We see planetary expansions and ascension as imminent. We request that you send your rainbow light of these higher dimensional codexes all around her form as an energetic hug blessing all upon her.

We are the Rainbow Light Beings. You are the Rainbow Warrior Beings of Light. We salute you and honor you for your service to humanity. These rainbow frequencies will assist you in furthering rediscovery of your own inner home of your own inner galactic circle and family, that are calling you home to their embrace. You need not feel so isolated or alone for we are all here around you. As we are in all dimensions forms and realities, so too we can be the energetic bridge for your own inner earth and further galactic realities that you have experienced in other lifetimes or parallel worlds, such that there will be a flavor, a hint, a memory of home within these words. And it brings us great joy to be able to offer this comfort to you. For we see that the hearts of the Lightworkers are in need of comfort and joy. Be in joy. Be comforted!

We are the Rainbow Light Beings and we surround you in joy. Be in hope, be in harmony with these rainbow energies and feel the balance, the sublime balance and attunement to the All within the rainbow field of healing, of grace, of rebirth. Rainbows come after the rain, after the storm. You are in the midst of the storm and yet, we see many rainbows of light, of hope, of great purpose, piercing the darkness and allowing great lighter to shine through. We are the Rainbow light beings of love, of joy, of truth, of happiness. Feel this energy surround you and be blessed. Be blessed, as we are blessed by you. We love you. Peace.



Shane Shema-Sheniy Froio is with Evelyn Einhaeuser.

Tonights Moon in between two meteor showers – the h Virginids and Gamma Virginids. These meteor showers are named Virginids because they emanate from Virgo.


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Nyingma Masters

23 hrs

Knowledge is as infinite as the stars in the sky. There is no end to all of the subjects that one could study. It is better to immediately get their essence – The unchanging fortress of pure awareness.

~ Longchenpa


11 hrs

Full Supermoon in Libra-The Craving for Inner Peace + Balance, Grace Under Pressure, Partnership Tests in a Time of Perplexity

On April 7/8th, we have the super full moon at 18 degrees of Libra. Full moons are always an emotional time, and herald: completions, manifestations and endings. Being that this is a super moon and therefore closer to Earth, these feelings will be even more magnified and full on. Libra, the 7th zodiac sign, deals with: justice, relationships, balance, peace and compromise.

The Libra Super full moon is here to bring a heightened awareness on how we honor our external relationships to others and our own relationship to our self. In these times apart from those we hold dear, there is an emphasis on how we have cultivated and fostered the integrity of such unions. A balance and peace wants to be expressed, albeit the current difficult circumstances we now face.

This Full Moon in Libra wants to create a sense of peace and longs for resolution. Compromise is very much a Libra theme and we are desperately looking for our own internal sense of center and equilibrium. Major completions around unions are possible at the time of this full moon. We are beginning to realize in our time of solitude who or what creates more peace in our lives and who or what counteracts it. Even though it might be hard to admit, we are also becoming more privy to our co-dependency on external validation. There is a chance with this Libra full moon to declare our own internal balance by honoring and acknowledging the union of our own feminine and masculine sides. Authentic peace comes from within, despite the craziness of our circumstances. It is the relationship to the self that we are re-learning how to cultivate at this time. This will allow our external relationships to awaken to a new level of depth and purpose.

The Libra Super Full Moon is here to bring up the extremes around compromise and unity with another. The beauty of this full moon is the true acknowledgement of our partnerships and how we must co-exist together in a whole new way. We are learning a new level of balance and cooperation in a time of unified separation. Despite the horrendous and difficult task of keeping our internal peace of mind, this full moon wants you to dig deep and find your inner center and balance. It is crucial for not only your own survival but the future survival of our planet. The Libra Super full moon is here to: bring an awakening of peace in times of trouble, establish cooperation in the most unlikely places and create a transformation of love within our darkest hour.

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Hare in the Moon Astrology

14 hrs

Tuesday April 7 2020

“Nothing big ever happens, good or bad, unless the floor falls out first.” Jeanette LeBlanc

A heads up! This evening’s seismic Super Moon is a huge cosmic magnifying mirror-bouncing back to you your reflection, your state of mind, your Self with no disguises and nowhere to hide. Rarely has the phrase:” Wherever you go, there you are” been so meaningful.

If you keep obsessively watching the world burn, following every twist and turn and bump in the road-and there will be many between April 4-19th-you’ll forfeit the gift of the Jupiter/Pluto conjunction for re-programming, release and renewal.

Remember, when a life shock hits, it’s all You and it’s all happening Now! All dimensions of yourself exist at the same time. Don’t ever forget that the Present You is more powerful, strong and sacred than you have yet understood. It’s the current You in the present Now Moment that’s the one who is capable of embodying, anchoring and altering your physical body, consciousness, self and external reality for yourself and for everyone else.

That Future You knows everything that Present You has, is and will be going through and embodying. To the future You, everything is on schedule and unfolding better and faster than intended.

Of course, the Past You freaks out from time to time and repeats old patterns. Of course, the Present You is exhausted and scared from being a living alchemical container for the Embodiment Process in a physical body. Yet the Future You is getting very excited because you have been at this long enough that you’re on the verge of a breakthrough that will change everything.

And, maybe, now that the shadow eclipsing the World Soul has pressed the pause button on your busyness, when you look into the Super Moon reflecting mirror ,you will discover that you can see your Self more clearly, that you can hear the guidance of your wise inner voice and tune into the wavelength of your own Knowing….maybe, just maybe, this is not an ending but a Homecoming. A reminder that belonging isn’t a place at all but a state of mind.

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8:8 Libra Full Moon: Co-Liberation!

Late on April 7th (Americas) and April 8th (Universal Time) an amazing Libra Full Moon ushers in Co-Liberation – Collective Freedom!

A powerful 8:8 code mirrors the balance and harmony of Libra.

April 8 universal time activates an 8 Universal Day. April, 2020 is an 8 Universal Month.

At the moment of exactitude several dynamic celestial connections are in play:

The Sun and Moon form a powerful T-Square to the Jupiter/Pluto conjunction!
Mars and Saturn create a square to Uranus.
Venus trines Saturn.
We are now in the energy of co-operation, co-creation, co-existence.

We are being LIBERATED from duality – you vs. me, top-down leadership.

Now we need to find the value in our past experiences without aligning with needing any more of the energy.

This Full Moon initiates our LIBERATION from fear and despair and the separation from Source, as long as it is UNIFIED.

Our Co-Liberation is about everyone Collectively agreeing to it.

Love and Blessings,

Tania Gabrielle



We’re currently in the midst of a series of supermoons, with the first having occurred on March 9 and the last occurring on May 7. That makes April’s full Moon the second supermoon in this series, but certainly not the one to miss.
Thanks to the fact that April’s full Moon will be closer to Earth than either other supermoon in the series, it will be the biggest and brightest full Moon of 2020! This full moon in Libra happening on April 7th is here to put a lil’ more balance back in your life and brings the focus toward how you compromise, cooperate, and function in relationships. It will also call attention to the way you bring balance to the extremes in your life. Forming a trine to both passionate Mars and romantic Venus, this full moon is accentuated by invigorating and luxurious energy, easing you through the experience. However, with ambitious Mars and inhibiting Saturn getting in each other’s way, you may feel like you’re stuck between a rock and a hard place. Luckily, Libra is a cardinal sign and it’s all about pushing through even the most impossible situations.

Elizabeth Peru

10 hrs

THE BIGGEST SUPER FULL MOON OF 2020…Is happening NOW and it’s an ‘awe inspiring’ vision of hope, elevation and the radiating luminosity that is your COSMIC SOUL 🌟

The Moon is now at its closest to Earth all year – and it’s full at the same time – A RARE occurrence. This is our second Super Full Moon in a row and this one is the BIG ONE. Right now, there’s no hiding your truth. All is being exposed, so that it can be brought to LIGHT under The Super Moon. Please, add your photos of this rare cosmic sign of ‘RELEASE’ into the COMMENTS of this post…

I’m here to keep you informed and on track each day – increasing your awareness, so that you thrive through this once-in-a-lifetime ASCENSION energy shift of 2020. Connect with me and thousands all over the globe each day with my spoken and written daily energy forecasts and life guidance in The Tip-Off Global Energy Forecast 🌟


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The Tzolkin Times

12 hrs

Kin 9 – Red Solar Moon

The number 9 is called ‘Solar’ and it’s key words are ‘Realizing, Intention and Pulse’. The energy of a wavespell has a discernible dynamic pattern all linked by the colour of the day that started off the wavespell. If day one is Red – then day 5, day 9 and the 13th day are all Red as well. These are like gear changes. Today is the 9th day and the most intense shift in energy as number nine is very powerful and therefore – wherever you put your energy today, that high gear will speed things up for you.

Today is Red Moon which represents ‘Purify, Flow and Universal Water’. The moon affects the tides of our oceans, all we can do is ‘go with the flow’. This is the most chillaxing day in the Tzolkin…if you surrender. It’s the worst day for control freaks. We live under the illusion that we are in complete control of our lives but the universe has influence. Today, if you do try to take control, it won’t go well. Throw up your arms in surrender and let the moon do it’s job. Make it your ‘intention’ to let go of control…sounds easy doesn’t it! I sincerely hope you can just sit back and enjoy the day.
Today’s guide is the Red Serpent which represents ‘Life Force, Instinct and Survival.’ The serpent has very sensitive senses, let this ability guide you to find peace and relaxation today. If you are a Red Serpent you can guide others to inner peace.

Blue Storm is the Challenge for today, so if you are a Blue Storm, your control freaky ways will not get you anywhere. You, out of all people need to take a chill pill. As much as you would like to, you can’t change the world today.
The Occult power is the Yellow Human, the psychic of the Tzolkin. Yellow Humans find today a breeze because the have a magical ability to use their intuition to find ways to relax.

The Ally today is the White Dog and so if you want to truly chill out, find a puppy to play with or see the world from a puppy’s perspective…a place to have fun, chase tails and be goofy. Lose your seriousness for one day.

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Christina Papageorgiou

7 APRIL 2020

Realizing LIFE FLOW! 🌫

I PULSE in order to PURIFY
Realizing FLOW
I seal the process of Universal Water
With the Solar tone of Intention
I AM guided by the power of Life Force

7/4/2020 = 7/4/4 = 11/4 = 6

7 – Majik/Spirituality/Mysticism/Solitude
11 – Portal/Doorway/Polarity
4 – Form/Structure/Foundation/Earth/Angelic
6 – Heaven/Christ/Harmony/Family
KIN 9 = Destiny/Service/Compassion/Endings

A Majikal FEMININE flowing day!


Day 9 in the RED MOTHER DRAGON Wavespell 🐉 where we are incubating in the Womb of Creation… We are
being guided to focus on nurturance and compassion, for ourselves and others, and our Planet.. Realizing the importance of self-love, in the giving and receiving of unconditional love, in order to grow and flourish and be born anew!🐣

Today we are using our intention to PULSE forth our loving energy, purifying all resistance in order to realize the Flow of the Universal Waters through our existance.


SOLAR – Tone 9 in the SPIRITUAL realm. ACTION – realizing, POWER – pulse, ESSENCE – intention The ninth day of RED DRAGON Wavespell is the one that gives the last push prior to manifestation. The SOLAR phase is where we wake up to the fact that our Will effects the reality we experience, so we begin pulsing, extending our intent into realization. The focus in this wavespell is nurturing and self-love, which forms a solid foundation for everything else that follows.

SOLAR TONE kin have beautiful radiant hearts that have the power to MELT other people’s HEART walls! When our hearts are filled with LOVE we can pulsate that frequency throughout eternity which melts all density, resistance and negativity… Everything YIELDS to the power of PULSING unconditional LOVE… As we focus our INTENTION on being more LOVING beings we REALIZE greater FLOW in our LIVES as we become ONE with the forces of CREATION..


CONSCIOUS SELF: RED MOON 🌝– MULUC 👸 holds the power of THE 👰GODDESS. MULUC carries the codes for heightening our sensitivity, psychic powers and intuition, through the Water element – our emotions and our spiritual body. Her Universal Waters seek to cleanse and purify our vessels and prepare us to bring more FLOW into our LIVES. Today we are setting forth our intention to welcome more FLOW into your REALITY!!

Day 9 of the RED DRAGON WAVESPELL aligns beautifully with this feminine code as RED DRAGON represents Mother Goddess and Creation energies. So when these two RED beauties come together you can ensure the focus is on getting in touch with your feminine side! We are being guided to PURIFY and “soften” today. Use a softer and more compassionate tone in your communications with others and when referring to yourself. A softer and quieter nature and temperament is often mistaken as weakness in our society. However in contrast the wisest and most evolved sages, monks and Masters are beings of very few words. We need to take heed of this fact and ensure that our words are valuable and filled with loving kindness. In this way we add beautiful energy to our planet and uplift the frequency of those around us. Once we embody compassion and loving kindness towards our selves, we can then pulse this pure loving frequency out to others. with our intention to create more LOVE in our world.

Purify and release your HEART walls and blocks to LOVE and nurturance. Allow the GODDESS to recalibrate your being, and connect you to your feminine gifts once again. Tune in to the DEPTHS and currents in the River of Life which is carrying all of humanity forward towards the great expansive OCEAN – our SOURCE of life. Open to the FLOW of her Universal Waters to access pure consciousness allowing more happiness, prosperity and wellness to flow into your life. These beautiful Age of Aquarius energies are pushing us to “GO WITH THE FLOW” becoming softer and more fluid. Yield to the GODDESS and allow these universal currents to flow through your vessel.

HIGHER SELF/GUIDE: RED SERPENT 🐍CHICCHAN’S – energies relate to the base chakra, survival, kundalini and PASSION! RED SERPENT’S energies are very REACTIVE providing the power and force through our instinctual desires and motivations in which to take action. When our frequency is low and we fall into FEAR, RED SERPENT can trigger our primal insecurities. RED SERPENT is guiding us today to unblock our chakras and LIFE FORCE by pulsing LOVE throughout our VESSEL – bringing forth the vitality, passion and CHI through our channels and up through our HEART and CROWN chakras! Exploding with the POWER of LOVE! 💟

In the Higher Self position CHICCUAN assists us in connecting with our life force, passion and instinctual drive to unite with SOURCE energy, allowing it to pulse through us. This force can be used to invoke the ancient wisdom we each hold deep within our soul’s. RED SERPENT energies can be allowed to rhythmically flow through us in a beautiful dance, enchanting and charming our beholders. The hypnotic rhythmic pulsating of the exotic belly dancers is an excellent example of how to channel this energy creatively today. RED SERPENT holds the most potent power of Seduction. It is said that after LOVE this is the most powerful energy on the planet because throughout history it has toppled many great kings and rulers, and caused the fall of many empires. Indeed never under estimate the POWER OF THE GODDESS!

SUPPORT: WHITE DOG 🐕– OC What is the GODDESS without LOVE? These two go together like two peas in a pod. OC is a loyal companion, embodying the divine feminine qualities of pure, unadulterated, unconditional love. Inspiring others to do the same with open loving hearts. Who can resist the affections of a young puppy 🐕exuberantly begging for our embrace! Such is the POWER of KIN 9 – melting all HEARTS as we refocus on the POWER of PULSING out LOVE.. 💟

As we merge into ONENESS through the fluidity of our connection through the universal waters we welcome the return of softness, loyalty, compassion and comradeship! Merging together through loving kindness, as equals in our pure perfection of Divine Love, flowing through our timeless receptivity. OC reminds us to see and feel everything though our PURE hearts, and the eyes of LOVE, purifying our thoughts and emotions. As we should only hold onto the most loving thoughts, for the good of all, as we endlessly float on these fluid channels of BLISS.💞 It is very fitting that WHITE DOG is supporting THE GODDESS today, walking side by side bringing forth the LOVE CODES 💓 and birthing a New Era of LOVE.

OCCULT/HIDDEN POWER: YELLOW HUMAN👴 – EB represents learning through past experience, and making WISER choices using our intelligence to choose a better world. Holding the intention to MELT our lower egoic desires for the sake of Higher Love. Choosing to FEEL, react and behave differently, uniquely and progressively, with a new focus on Divine Service through union and Service to GOD, Humanity and our Planet. Through purifying the archaic patriarchal system and its control mechanisms, we can reclaim our Collective POWER by listening to our Earth and her waters and going with flow of our own PURE instinct. YELLOW HUMAN enables us to easily connect with streams of higher and PURER consciousness and PULSE this out to our KIN. Elevating our Collective consciousness to greater purity and awareness, so that we can manifest the Collective dream of Abundance in the New time. Choosing to share our Abundance with others, in the cycle of giving and receiving – inflow and outflow, continuous flow. Unifying our free will with the will of spirit and the GODDESS!

CHALLENGE/GIFT: BLUE STORM 🌀 – CAUAC is today’s GIFT, working synergistically with MULUC to cleanse, PURIFY and transform your BODY, MIND and SOUL. When we are stripped and cleansed to the core, and all that remains is our NAKEDNESS.. our pure divine essence of LOVE, is freed to PULSE through, warming the HEARTS and MINDS of all our kin.

BLUE STORM emphasizes the necessity to cleanse and purify our Universal waters, those in our physical bodies and those of our planet. The purer the water that flows through us, the greater the LIGHT we can embody. In order to activate our GODDESS we must become pure vessels embodying Divine Love. Accept the gift that CAUAC brings giving you the power to regenerate and rebirth your new eternal shiny and sensual self.

CAUAC is the catalyst to transform the old and co-create the expansion of the ever-expanding Harmonic Matrix of the Divine and elegant design of PURE consciousness. Transforming our world into a loving and nurturing planet. Allow the Universal waters of the GODDESS and MULUC to harmonize with BLUE STORM 🌀  and powerfully transport you to a new Divine and Abundant reality of PURE HEAVENLY BLISS 💝💝💝 gently carried through the nurturing RIVERS OF LIFE.


Unleash your sensuality and PASSION🔥 today, allowing your inner Goddess💃 to dance and flow with the Universal waters of Creation. 👰💕

Today’s question is “How can I realize the creative flow of UNCONDITIONAL LOVE, and PULSE with all creation.?”

🐬🌈 🐬🌈🐬🌈🐬🌈

Divine blessings for your beautiful flowing DANCE,💃 PULSING with the GODDESS of LOVE.. 💟💟💟

Namaste’ 🙏🙏🙏
In Lak’ech a la kin
Christina White Magnetic Worldbridger – KIN 66 🌏🌈

PICTURE CREDITS: DIVINE GRATITUDE to unknown Photographers 🙏🙏🙏


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